Diabetes Health in the News Podcast: Fast Food Linked to Industrial Chemical Consumption


Hello I'm not out Sami with diabetes. How you're listening to diabetes. Hell in the news today. Story preclinical signs of diabetic retinopathy. Your eyes might be the window to your souls. But what did they say about your diabetes? According to recent research your eyes say quite a bit about your health and the extent to which diabetes is impacting your vision. Researchers BELIEVE DIABETIC. Patients might be more susceptible to early. Capillary dropout then patients without that means that even before you're diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy. You might experience significant difficulty with contrast sensitivity and visual acuity. You may find it harder to do things like drive at dusk or read in dim lights before being officially diagnosed with retinopathy visual impairment might be considered an early manifestation of neo vascular damage with diabetes patients. More research in this area is forthcoming. If you'd like to follow our weekly podcast. He can sign up to receive the Diabetes Health weekly newsletter. Or sign up with your itunes Google. Play or spotify count. You can also follow us on twitter facebook and instagram from these health. I'm not yell Samri.

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