Trumps Secret Weapon (Ep 1176)


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan Bongino on Gino. Some of the people here have been incredible. Warriors the warriors and there's nothing from a legal standpoint. This is a political political thing and every time. I'd say this is unfair. Let's go to court. They say so. You can't go to court. This is politics and we were treated unbelievably unfairly unfairly. And you have to understand we. I went through Russia Russia Russia it was all Bush both okay. The verdict is in. It was all listen folks up you know. I have a friend of mine. WHO's a former police detective? He is a no. Bs kind of guy. He texted me yesterday. He's like this may be the greatest press conference ever. Do you understand like this is where the Democrats keep blowing it in the media like this is what everybody loves about President Trump. He talks like we talk and he gets upset when we get upset and he doesn't sit back and take the BS that the Democrats have lobbed at us with the media for what fifty or sixty years now while we casually casually sat back and took it said no no no let everybody take the high road we need to be the better people. I'm done with the hardest more high road when the Democrats want to take the high road in the medium. AMP civil again. It stop accusing the president states of being a traitor and a Russian asset. Then maybe we'll join him on the hybrid tool venue. Capanna Bay wet one on my caboose. Welcome to the Dan Bongino show. Joe How are you today. It's Friday it is Friday. Thank you for that open. I need that because it is Friday eh reporting so far ladies and Gentlemen I WanNa get to this. I've got a loaded show free today. Everyone who emailed me yesterday fascinated by all the shady connections now between the clean it ends this Russian Intel project and that new story. 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It's backed by signs. Don't let muscle soreness continue to be an excuse for living an active lifestyle going to Max. Health Dot Com Promo Bongino and feel relief. Best all right Joe. Let's let's go all right. Joe Sharp on the trigger finger there with the button. You'll get the inside joke there so as we said this is what people love about President trump ladies and gentleman. He is a fighter. The left pokes fun at us. Because we say that you guys think president trump is a fighter. Well you guys can continue to lose elections to them because that's exactly why people supportive support. That's who he is. Yeah he's a brawler. He's a street brawler and he always has been and it's interesting because Peggy Noonan had a piece up at the Wall Street Journal this morning. And listen I like I peggy a lot She's been around a long time. She was a speech writer Ronald Reagan and she's been she writes. Very pieces are very very eloquent. Awkward there well done. I don't really agree with her a lot on things I mean. She really dislikes the president. She sees the president as being unpresidential and she's into kind of the pageantry intrigue the office so she wrote this piece at the Wall Street Journal which is designed to take a shot at the Democrats. Peggy Noonan Wall Street Journal. Today Headline the Democrats Unserious Week now how to take shots at the Democrats for their absolute disaster meltdown. At the caucuses. Ladies and Gentlemen Joe Show we're going to have a result in the presidential. Is it election before we have an actual result of the Iowa caucus which is quite hilarious. That's not funny. No it is. It's HILARIOUS DEMOCRATS WHO WANNA plan our economy. It's crazy and our healthcare system can't even count votes in the Iowa Caucus. We could said big bird from sesame street out there to help them. We Jay's advocates. Send them an advocate. Aj Go send an abacus out to the Democrats in Iowa. They want to figure that out. You're right what do you do here. So so the gist of the article is this. She's taking shots at the Democrats for two things. They're complete collapse in the Iowa caucus to show any elements of serious at all. They can't even count votes seconded by Nancy. Pelosi's abominable performance at the State of the Union. where she completely collapses and melts down starts making faces rips rips the state of the Union speech now she takes a shot at trump there too and she says well you know trump's not presidential basically either and again with all due respect to Peggy Ladies and gentlemen? I'm not buying this argument at all. I think the gift of Donald Trump. And what's really going on here. It's been a profound dismantling of the myth of the competent Super Scientific Ryan typic- planning based government can figure out your life. I thanked trump for that. You may call them unpresidential. I don't buy that routine at all. President trump talks like one of us because he is one of us and the idea that we're supposed to treat the president with Barack Obama. George W Bush Bill Clinton or anyone else soon as these superhumans not subject into gluttony rage anger envy and the seven deadly sins. We're all subjected to and that we should then because they are these superhumans give them power to Lord over our lives our economy our kids education. Our business do red tape our our healthcare system to keep us alive the idea that these hooper competent people that we should trust them with our lives. It's been entirely dismantled and I I'm not kidding. And I- credit the President President for assisting in dismantling the myth and exposing who the wizard really is. As Jordan Peterson. A really terrific writer writes in one one of his books. Ladies Gentlemen the powers with us. Clean your own room. I A good friend of mine. Thomas once said we're the leaders we've been waiting for we. We asked US where conservatives we believe in the power of the individual and the family these small units that God is empowered with strong bodies and strong minds. I gotta we. We don't try to wax philosophical today. Just here to tell you that I think Peggy's article taking a shot at trump for being unpresidential and then taking a shot at the Democrats to. I think they both did us a favor. Nancy Pelosi exposed this exposed to the Democrats. How small petulant and tiny they really are and president trump talks like a normal person showing you that the president is just a normal? I like everyone else. Stop entrusting these people with the power to Lord over your lives. The gift that trump is he gives you back a lot of your own money. Do Tax cuts the gift. The trump is that he's giving back families the power to school choice which you made a focus of his State of the Union address to pick for the rookie. Pick for you. He doesn't want to spend your money for you now if we could get them to sign onto the big cuts in this government budget everything would be peachy creep all right moving on so you got a lot to get through to want to go anywhere. Peggy Noonan asks in the piece which is important Joe Question I wanNA post you. Do you think this we we could get any worse for the Democrats well the Iowa Caucus meltdowns been a total joke yeah. Nancy Pelosi humiliated herself in our Party. And listen I don't care what the radical left tells you. Nancy Super Nancy there on twitter. Hashtag Nancy's the past. We Love Nancy script. She looked ridiculous. President trump gave a tour to four speech and she sat there pouting outing like a child. She looked outrageously ridiculous. I don't care what anybody tells you. So can this week at any worse. Well before we came on the air this morning can it this week got a lot worse. Now I've got practices. Look at yes I had some practice again. Joe Snows the inside joke. Verdy down this okay. They'll tell you that story another time practice. What am I looking at right here? YouTube dot com slash bungee. If you WANNA watch this show but don't worry audio listeners. What I have up on the screen right now is the jobs? Report came out this morning piece by the Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal Central Banking. US Economy Ed's two hundred twenty five thousand jobs the hand ury wages and the labor force participation rate is up. Joe This is an explosive number folks I never get hyperbolic about the economy. The government spending too much. I'm worried about a lot of things. But this is an explosive number. This is indications of a flourishing job market job market so good the unemployment rate went up. Well Dan appointment. What do you mean did you screw that up? No it's not a screw up. The unemployment rate went up to three point six percent because so many people who were not looking for work who weren't counted in the unemployment rate in the past because they're not looking are are now piling back into this explosive job market at are now being counted as job seekers so many of them that they're even overpowering the massive number of people people who got jobs in January. So this is a tumor. More people are getting jobs. Two hundred twenty five thousand jobs in January and because they're neighbors are getting jobs house people who are like I'm not working anymore who are probably on government benefits or some social program are now saying you know what maybe I should start looking for work to which is actually taking the unemployment rate up. Pull little bit because now they're being counted in the fraction. So the answer to the question I ask Joe which was not a trick. Can this week at any worse for the Democrats is a resounding. Oh Yes oh Yes dan yeah now I am. Listening to new cycles. Goes quick and I want to get bollock. When it comes to prediction? The new cycle could change next week and people could forget about. I'm just telling you what this data point in time. The the Democrats are in a world of trouble. There's no way around it. Ladies and gentlemen not all right lot more to get to today folks. Please stay tuned. I want you to miss anything in the show today. So one of the things I covered yesterday were these absolutely frightening. Connections between the Clintons. Spy Gate plotters but I want to put it under the banner. That's easy to understand that I've been using this line repeatedly at a starter resonate with a lot of you out there. Some of you posted on my facebook who've been emailing me and it's this headline they all know each other these deep stairs. All of them. They're all connected again. I know that's not surprising to you. But it's part two with that matters they all know each other and they are all hiding something and by hiding something I mean. They did things that they don't. Don't want the trump administration God forbid and a first or second term where you just have to worry about reelection to uncover because when the American people see what they're hiding it's it's going to be disturbing now. What I mentioned yesterday is they are desperate to shut up anybody who touched this skoko project in Russia it it was a very simply a Russian technology project? They tried to emulate Silicon Valley over in Russia and our own intelligence officials which walked again slowly. Because I've got another cherry on top of this thing for you. Today I wrote intelligence officials discovered later that this technology project in Russia was really an effort to to steal our technology by the Russians to create weapons using that technology. Yes to kill us now. If you say well that sounds really bad. That's because it is. Yeah that's really big Joe. Now let's walk through the solely because I want a pile on a little bit hat tip to a source of mine. Who gave this to me yesterday? which kind of adding to this yesterday? So showing you. How deeply tied the Democrats? That's some deep state. Republicans and others are to this Costco Project and these deep status. Don't want any of this to get out. I WANNA walk through what we went to yesterday. First piece from Salon Dot Com. This is important because it's going to set up just how bad the ties between these people and as I always say follow the money from Salon. John Dot Com. They had this piece of exposes the Panama Papers and we find out from this piece that Michael isikoff reported. Note that two of Clinton's biggest lobbyists blunders the Clinton Lipton family. They had these two lobbyists and bond who are raising money for the Clinton guys. By the name of Richard Sullivan David Jones our principles and affirm that until late last year represented presented the Russian Direct Investment Fund a sovereign fund founded by Vladimir Putin. Everybody clear to Clinton Michaelides fundraisers money people Sullivan Donovan. Jones were also involved with this firm that represented Russia's sovereign wealth fund co founded by Vladimir Putin. Kinda strange page nine trump was guilty of Russian. Collusion oh I told you I'd tell you what they're hiding moving on so now. We know these people raising money with the Clintons these lobbyists bond and there's no them are working with this Russian direct investment fund managed by Putin. Here's the Russian direct investment funds own website. Where we find out that they were partnered up with skulk of Oh oh sounds kind of like I have the power you need that you need castle grace skull in this so the Russian direct investment fund is partnered up with Skoko talk about this technology project in Russia this technology quarter which has been alleged stealing our technology to create weapons to kill us so Clinton lobbyists others are associated with a firm represented this direct investment fund associated with the skulk of all projects? The owner of technology. Yet crazy. How this all happened? They all know each other. And they're all hiding something weird crazy Diana West. I put it this piece up yesterday from the daily caller. Go through this quick. Come up repeating yesterday's show for no reason. I just WANNA make sure. We're all grounded because this is a complicated story but not when we lay it out simply so the Russian direct investment firm Rep by these Clinton Lobbyist butlers is is associated with Skoko and Skoko is what well if you read Diana West piece. It's in yesterday's show notes Bongino Dot com slash newsletter. If you WANNA get the show delivered to your email box Hillary's hypersonic missile gap by analysts. Let's go to screen shot one from that piece where we find out that Skoko did what no way this. This is an army intelligence brief from twenty twelve. US Army not rushing are US United States for the Liberals listening so they found out. That skoko isn't Skolko. VAM vicious enterprise aiming to promote technology transfer generally by inbound direct investment and occasionally selected acquisitions. Wow that sounds nice ask such skoko is arguably way we let me read this rate. My getting bad as such skoko is arguably an overt alternative to clandestine stood industrial espionage with the additional distinction that it can achieve such a transfer on a much larger scale and more efficiently. Wow so the US armie you died as dot the US army was worried that the scope of our project associated with Russian Investment Fund tied to these Clinton bundlers could be stealing our technology and creating really bad stuff. That could kill us no way as Diana West goes on at her piece. Strange that Bill Clinton wanted to go meet on a trip over to Russia paid for by this Russian bank which was associated with the uranium. One Deal Hillary Clinton approved steel. Our uranium. Yeah that's kind of crazy. Clinton wanted to meet with this Guy Victor Berg when he went over to take that five hundred thousand dollars a speech in Russia. Bill Clinton and who's vexed Berg crazy but he's an executive at Skulk Oval. WHOA ooh that's just nuts? So Clinton Lobbyists Bundlers Rep this direct investment fund in Russia which is partnered up with skolko run by Berg and others. Clinton wants to meet with Vicksburg Bill Clinton in Moscow and he goes to Moscow because a Moscow bank renaissance capital title. Pushing the uranium. One is paying bill five hundred thousand dollars to speak there while his wife State Department. Hillary Clinton is looking over the uranium one deal last part of the Dan Westby skiing. We went through this yesterday but this is important so the examiner has easy meals that are shocking about Skoko and they show that the Russian technology projects spoke of always championed and driven. By Mrs Clinton she seemed to love. SKOLKO COCO. And what are you know. Seventeen of the twenty eight tech companies that hitched up with Skoko also contributed to the the Clinton Foundation. My Gosh what are the chances that could happen to follow the money folks. I'm seriously considering writing another book. I know I said I wouldn't because I have so many projects going on but seriously I'm seriously considering writing another book about this stuff because connections are so incredible edible. You'RE GONNA need it in a manifesto. This gets better. Let me show you a facebook book. Post from Skulk Abo- Yes the Russian technology project designed to steal our technology to create weapons to kill us is an actual facebook post the SKOKO Skoko Foundation facebook former Intel the US company Intel former Intel President Craig Barrett Craig Barrett the need for Skolko and Skoko Institute of Science. Technology is more important now than ever with the world economy slowing down. Innovation and entrepreneurship are more important than they have ever been. So this guy crazy which is funny by the way at the bottom of the facebook post you see an article from Skoko again. Vex Oberg we're ready for skulk Vo two Max Berg The guy who was going to meet with Bill Clinton on the trip to Moscow paid for by the bank pushing the uranium one deal while Hillary was the State Department that this secretary. I think this is crazy. This is great this is club. We didn't move diagrams so Craig Barrett Intel from the they. They make the chips and stuff. What was he doing over there? Remember Ladies Gentlemen these elites and these these these folks out there in the swamp. They're they're all the smart ones and we're all idiots. Surely this Guy Craig. Bear wasn't involved with a Russian technology project at the FBI and others were warning about smart for that definitely. Yeah come on definitely John. Let's go to Washington free beacon piece from two thousand sixteen which will be in the show notes. Oh today again Bongino dot com slash newsletter. I'll email this right theory mailbox. You need to read this article from two thousand sixteen by Natalie. Johnson awesome at the Washington Free Beacon. You need to read this report. Russian government initiative gave millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Obviously it's about Skoko now. Let's look at this clearly. This Guy Craig. Barrett wasn't involved with this project. That could have been stealing on our stuff right. Well let's go to the Washington. Free Beacon piece. Wow apparently it wasn't only a- Craig Barrett but John Chambers of Cisco and a member of the skoko foundation donated between one and five million to the Clinton Foundation. Oh my gosh. What are the chances that Intel formerly headed by Craig Barrett who served on on the border Skoko and the Clinton Global Initiative has given between two hundred fifty and five hundred thousand of the Clinton Foundation? Really the piece goes on. Oh does it go on quote the FBI and the US Army determined that Skoko had transformed into into a quote dangerous pathway for Russian technial technological espionage this is unbelievable and boosted the military's technological of capabilities. Many SKOKO research project used dual use technologies meaning. The operations have both civilian and military uses. The reports sent final paragraph paragraph. Quick amongst coca those technological. Innovations were Russian hypersonic cruise missile engines radar surveillance equipment equipment and vehicles built to deliver airborne. Russian troops. Peter Schweitzer wrote in The Wall Street Journal at Peter Schweitzer so Craig Barrett from Intel. And this other guy from Cisco are involved with the Clintons are heavy donors also involved solve with this Skoko vote project that the FBI has repeatedly warned is a front to steal our technology to create weapons to kill us. While it's partnered with the Russian Direct Investment Fund Rep by people involved in a company who were Clinton Lobbyists bundlers while Hillary Hillary Clinton was pushing companies to join Skoko Hillary Clinton she was supposed to re read representing American interests. While some of those companies seventeen out of the twenty eight that went over there donated to the Clinton Foundation. Now folks to be fair here. I don't know Craig Barrett's motives but you think this would have been a red flag the FBI and US army warnings. This isn't just Democrats. I don't know the party affiliation. I'm not interested but you are never going to believe who Craig Barrett is married to get ready for this one. Put up this article from there. What is it easy central? If this doesn't Piss you off I don't know what will Senate Confirms Arizona's Barbara Barrett as the next Air Force secretary. Aw Come on come on nothing. That's his wife Airf- therefore aren't we starting to way just so we're clear on this. Yeah Disa- were clear on this Craig Barrett who was involved with the SKOKO project who the FBI in US army have worn the government. They're stealing our technology to create missiles that can evade our missile defense system which are air forces now probably probably trying to develop technologies to counter the Russian hypersonic missiles using technology. They stole for us. The effort is being led by these guys wife was involved with Skoko. Go to hell. I Yeah I have no explanation ladies and gentlemen for why anybody would. Did you miss this. Do you think the Dan Bongino show fat. This stuff we're giving to you. Ladies and gentlemen is all out on the open Internet. Why do you think we put together the Youtube Channel again YouTube dot com slash? Bongino if you WANNA watch. Why do you think we did this? We did this so I could show you. Visually soundbites soundbites and snapshots could show you that. This stuff is all on the Internet you can find. Nobody knew this a SNOB. It's all a conspiracy Baresi theory. Yeah sure folks he gets better. I want you to purchase this better. It gets worse. Just hang for a second because on the other end of this I'm going to show you. Who Else was associated with skoko including the Clintons? These spouse of our Air Force secretary who else was associated with Skoko and how skoko ties to spy gate and everything. You're seeing now cookie today. Show also brought to you by our good friends. I WANNA welcome aboard to the show. Our friends at blue by pieters easy get blue vine dot com slash Bongino Blue Vine. Ladies and gentlemen. You want to check them out today. Running businesses is enough of a challenge. Securing extra cash flow doesn't have to be through Blue Vine. 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It's easy and it will provide meaningful help your business in as little as twenty four hours very easy to use this promotional offers subject to terms and conditions and that can be found at get blue vine dot com slash. Bongino go today. Don't be left behind in your business. Okay so getting back this. I think we've reasonably established here and folks to be clear I want it. I want you to understand what I'm doing because I'm not a Democrat and please don't ever call me a journalist because that would be insult we actually do news here in facts. I don't know these people's motives I'm not by any stretch accusing them of breaking any criminal. Laws I WANNA be clear and then it's not some disclaimer. It's just the fact you'd be responsible. I'm simply suggesting to you that what's out there. If you're willing to to see it is a network of people all seemingly aligned against president trump's interest who all know each other are financially connected to each other and and are clearly hiding something whether that's something is criminal investigators. I hope we'll find out one day or if it's not but the unethical unethical. Swampy elicit kind of nature of this is definitely worth taking an extremely hard look at. So now we know. Clinton bundlers Clintonistas Clinton companies that donated the Clinton Foundation all associated with this Russian project. And SKOKO where they're for stealing technology to invent weapons to kill us which I find fascinating. Who else was involved in this? Check this out. Here's a Russia beyond article. This is going to. I mean if it can't get any worse all out there for anyone to see Russia beyond Skoko Foundation switches hands quote the former minister of Education. Concurrent presidential aide for Shinco has been appointed to replace Deputy Prime Minister of Laddis Vladislav Circa as supervisors at Sococo so. This is from twenty thirteen. who was running skoko disguise? Surkov Surkov Radislav Circle Wherever you heard this name before. Well he's President Putin's architect that was his nickname Putin's various campaigns remember. Yeah I remember that name Surkov so now we know Surkov was involved involved in skulk of Ot. You may say Dan. You said you were going to connect this to the whole spy gate trauma. How did that happen? skoko spy gate. Uranium one banks paying Clinton involving what uranium one while Clinton goes over to meet with expert running the skulk of old project. Well let's look at this little note pad here. What is assist notepad? What is that? That's all I know. Pets not even my handwriting. That is the notepad of one Kathleen Cavaliers at the State Department. Yes the State Department run formerly by Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of State. He's handwritten notes you looking at and in those handwritten notes. She's taking notes based on an interview. She's having with coup. Oh Christopher Christopher Steele Christopher Steele. You mean the guy who allegedly wrote the fake dossier use the target president trump. Yes that Christopher Steele not the man of steel not Clark. Kent can't Christopher Steele and in those handwritten note she has this. Just Kinda nutty. Wow this is what those mind-blowing won't with where Christopher Steele tells her who were you who is sources are for the whole takedown trump fake Russian collusion narrative. That's been exposed as a legendary very hoax. And who does he say. Well if you notice right below that circle there you see it's two sources are Russian Intel Guy yes one of the head of the Russian Russian Intel Agencies Start Your mic off and right below that in really awful penmanship you see the name Cirque off can possibly be yes sid can. Because that's who steal saying sources were so you're telling me Vladislav Surkov the guy involved in the Skoko project stealing feeling our technology that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton promoted tied to Craig Barrett who was a donor to the Clinton Foundation. Shen whose wife is out of the Air Force secretary that that project was being run by a guy named Surkov that Mrs Clinton's paid political hatchet man Christopher Steele Jio who put together the fake dossier used to spy on trump that that Surkov that guy running scope vote was allegedly steal sources. I'm just telling you what Steele said at Para fate. They're really steals lying because where you can't have it both ways either your Christopher Steele source. What's that Hillary Clinton paid for to SPY ON DONALD TRUMP is entirely full of crap and you weaponize the FBI the CIA to spy on Donald Trump and his campaign to pay both here and overseas based on a source you knew was crap as just lying about circle or number two? He's not lying and Christopher or steal is now admitting that he used the Russians to collude to create a fake dossier. You can't have. There's no option C.. Either Christopher Steele is telling the truth Earth and the what Vladimir Putin's architects and a guy involved with a Russian technology project he was colluding with him to create a fake dossier to spy on a presidential oh campaign in the United States or Christopher feels completely lying about his Russian sources and they use the fake documents to spy on the United States Senate campaign. There's no option C.. Makes you kinda wonder if Surkov was whether do a third party or directly WANNA steal sources meaning meaning that he talked directly to steal it. He talked to someone who talked to steal. Did he talk to Trubnikov. talked to steal because you know Trubnikov new halpern helper they were buddies halpern whose helper helper the guy who spied for the FBI and the trump team member that the guy who was emailing Carter page tried up Popadopoulos and page remember that. Remember that guy. He's TRIPTYCH TRIPTYCH offices buddied. You know that makes you wonder. If Surkov wasn't fact the source for steel. What was he up to? Skoko guy got moved out of skoko supposedly Putin was a little mad atom stories. A little deeper than you thought as my grandmother used to say God rest or soul. Eileen Sadler greatest woman I ever met. That was my other grandmother. Not The one recently passed but she used to say I says as I says everybody's got something to to hide. They all know each other. They all claim to know each other if they don't know each other they're lying which is even worse. Money has exchanged hands here. And they're hiding the the fact that if Christopher Steele story is true they in fact colluded with the Russians probably to hide what was going on and Skulk Abo- to get rid of Donald Trump knowing donald trump will become president. One day I find this out. It gets better folks as always so the whole basis for the fake Russian collusion narrative was the steele dossier. Ah Christopher Steele claiming he used cirque off the former Skoko had is a source. The steele dossier is a hoax. It's fake none of the information is accurate. It it's garbage. It's not even worthy to be used as the basis for the trump team collude with Ukrainian scam was not the steele dossier. Folks many pieces of John Salman a great report out so so the Russian collusion scam was based on the steele dossier. The basis for their argument the left that Oh trump with the Ukrainians quid pro quo with the census. All all the stuff started with the passing of a Black Black Ledger to our government through Democrat operatives. What was the Black Ledger? The Black Ledger was allegedly. A copy of a series of cash payments made the trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort who's now obviously subject to This massive criminal investigation. Where he's been? I mean it's unbelievable. What's happening happen in a matter? For but you understand that investigators Gatien started because Ukrainians notably Sir Hey Lukashenko and others associated with him are alleged to pass that Black Ledger Edgier to people in the United States saying hey look at these illegal cash payments may demand for it. Everybody track that Joe. You got your idea. That was the whole basis of the trump and his team or engage in this stuff in Ukraine. The Black Ledger Black Ledger. John Solomon has an explosive new piece in the show notes that you have to read set his new website just the news check it out again. Bongino DOT com slash newsletter. If you want to read it key witness told t muller that. The Russian collusion evidence found in Ukraine was fabricated. Aided folks this is this is incredible so now now do we. We don't only know that the steele dossier was a total hoax a complete fabrication. We know the whole basis to look into Manafort for Ukraine which was based on these blackledge. Look at this ledger. That cash payments meet the MANAFORT. Get a load of this muller knew from the start this crap to according to Rick Gates in an interview. He gave them the Black Ledger document which suddenly appeared in Kiev during the two thousand. Sixteen scene election. Wow convenient timing. There showed alleged cash payments from russian-backed politicians in Ukraine to X. Trump campaign manager Paul manafort. The ledger was completely Lee. Made up cooperating witness metaphor business partner Rick Gates told prosecutors and FBI agents completely made up in a brief interview with just the news gates. Confirm the information in the summary. The Black Ledger was a fabrication gates. said it was never real and this fact has been proven true. It was not in the account handwriting. They they had no records of these cash payments. At all ladies and gentlemen it was a hoax so you may say. How does this tie into the everybody knows each other? And everybody's hiding something. Well I told you what they're hiding with the Russian collusion steele dossier the steele dossier. It was a hoax designed to switcher attention from what the Democrats are hiding. which is there collusion with Russia on the SKOKO project the Democrats are hiding with the impeachment? Scam which is now over. And the trump did devolved into a quid pro quo. With Ukrainian to investigate him is if the Democrats collusion with Ukrainians to create a fake piece of evidence submitted into the US justice system which was later uses is a predicate to target Paul Manafort who has now been convicted of a crime initiated on an investigation based on another hoax. The Democrats colluded with the Ukrainians and everybody serious people know it clowns in the media. Continue to ignore it now folks. I've asked you before I'll ask you again. If you don't mind humbly requests you pick up my second book on this exonerated available on Amazon and Barnes and noble because we go into this in detail and it's important. My book exonerated talks about how they tried all this before especially on McCain and other campaigns. It's going to be important if I decide to write a trilogy and a third book on this because that's going to be the theme of this follow the money and they've tried this before you pick up exonerated. 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Then you keep talking about some of your top before because it just keeps getting better this red state article article which you can see in yesterday's show knows and it is about the fake whistle blower colluding with this guy. Sean Moscow in January of twenty seventeen and over her talking about a plan to remove president trump from office bred st colleagues overheard. We have to youtube censor this of course fake whistle blower and Sean Miss go discussing passing how to remove trump from office. It's a great piece so follow me here. I'm not fake whistleblower. Who made the complaint? To the Inspector General Michael Atkinson who conveniently worked in the Justice Department that spied on President Trump. which was run? Division by Giancarlo was Bob Schieffer said but we leave that for yesterday's show the fake aac whistleblower who made the complaint about President Trump about a quid pro quo. When this call that never happened by the way so it was a fake whistle blower? Because there's nothing to blow the whistle on. It's crazy that January twenty seventeen. He was overheard by colleagues talk. January twenty remember that January twenty. He was overheard by collies. Talking with this. This Guy Sean. Moscow on the national security. Who now is working for Adam? Schiff again I'm sure it's just the big winky dink right there about how to get rid of this president. You know what's really bogs here. I'm GONNA hat tip one of our listeners. Do this up on my facebook page. Here's a tweet from this attorney. Of course Joe totally unrelated to tweet this attorney Mark Zaid's in January of twenty seventeen right as these two guys involved in the fake whistleblower complaint are talking about basically a coup to get president trump out of office so right around the same time this guy mark responding to a tweet by Jake. Tapper says quote the coup has started the first of many steps Joe Hashtag rebellion saints such vote. He's such wusses. They think they're in a movie. Hashtag impeachment will follow ultimately Hashtag lawyers such frauds. Listen I hang around my entire life life around genuine tough guys. I'm serious. I'm not telling you I'm a tough guy. I'm not interested. I'm not there's always someone tougher. I'm just saying like legit. Spent a lot of my time around people who really fight for a living and her super tough. Yeah these guys are not in the empire strikes back or something valley and whatevs dude. Now Joe let me just ask him and oppose us in the form of a question again. Yeah Dude wouldn't it be insane like bugs bunny looney Ludi tunes time if the same lawyer who tweeted in January two thousand seventeen that many steps were to follow. The coup has begun. There's a rebellion. Impeachment is going to happen in January of two zero one seven yeah right as the fake whistleblower and Moscow working for Adam Schiff now are plotting to Overthrow the president. Wouldn't it be absolutely bonkers. If that guy was their lawyer be will really weird ago. Yes Yeah Elmer Tanks Helmer. There's no way that could be accepted is of course. Here's a Fox News hat tip. Greg read this. Great reporting coup is started Jordan. The whistle blowers attorney said 2017 posts calling for impeachment. I am not kidding. Look at the screen shot from this piece. I am not messing with you. Convenient timing no this is the lawyer. Mark Zayd what are the attorneys representing me intelligence community. I'm GONNA throw in fake fake whistle blower our at the center of the Democrats impeachment inquiry tweeted conspicuously in January of two thousand. Seventeen Fatty Koo has started at impeachment will follow ultimately folks folks again. If we had a media even remotely interested in facts they would be digging through this like modern day. A A Watergate the Woodward and Bernstein folks that's right but they're not they're not if you're not watching this show you're not watching Hannity. You're not following Sarah Carter and John Solomon Jeff Carlson and Chuck Ross and Mollie. Hemingway and Sean Davis I mean the list is extensive extensive in too long decide on the show. You missing everything so a lawyer. Who represents the fake whistleblower blower tweets January of two thousand seventeen that a coup was started and that many steps will follow while at the same time? A colleague over. Here's the fake whistle blower and a guy now working for Adam Schiff talking about a coup. This is three years ago. Three years ago this was happening. Those tweets from January two thousand seventeen that conversation about the coup by the fake whistleblower is three years ago in January of two thousand seventeen. Please folks tell me again. How would the deep state isn't real deal? It's all a big conspiracy theory the swamp it's a talking point. They all know each other. They they are all hiding something. The fake whistle blower was Joe. Biden's point man on Ukraine. Yeah the same Ukraine Joe. Biden's kid got got a job with no experience paying eighty three thousand dollars a month. The same year in two thousand fourteen Biden was out in public openly. Talking about it we was going broke. Wasn't going broke after that. The Biden family so sad. You know just quickly because I do have a lot to get through still even now to all all of you out. There sanitation workers correction officers architects truck drivers electricity. I say steam team fitters and ten knockers. Because my brother a union electrician and the always love those names for the unions. They're all you people. Work for a living is a serious question. I'm messing with you here. Are you not embarrassed that these complete losers these greedy envious gluttonous slobs swamp Brat Junkies who are addicted to fix of being empowering cash in their big checks. Aren't you embarrassed that they have power over our lives they are and you know. I hate the word literally because it is literally the most overused word in the English language and used inappropriately. They are literally the worst of us. They are greedy gluttonous Matz. Who will do anything to stay in power and cash a check at our expense spence while we go out there and make this country actually run the medicine keeping you alive the food keeping can you sustain the clean water out of your pipes making sure you don't die of thirst? The teacher's teaching your kids. They're the people people that make this country run and yet in government. That's supposed to work for us. We worked for these idiots. The coup is started. How do we overthrow the president? We pick a fake whistle blower this fake whistleblower. This guy guy gets to decide but his buddy and Adam Schiff office and a two bit lawyer while they're protecting a two bit vice president who's clearly covering up for his Kid who leveraged his dad's name to engage in a bunch of a elicit nonsense overseas to cash in at the tax payer expense. Because now we have to investigate this garbage embarrassed embarrassed you know. My the grandfather was a great man. Frank Bongino greatest man. I ever met. I`Ma Kidding about messing with I sat there when he died at Saint. John's Hospital on Queens Boulevard. Right across the street from Queens Center Mall One of the saddest days of my life and he was a proud man and look me in the eye and you know what he said to me. He said I need you to leave. I can't have you. You see me like this. And he died hours later. This guy fought in the battle of the bulge. What he never bragged about it one day in his life matter of fact he asked him about? He said I WANNA talk about. He owned a fish store in Harlem filleted fish whole life. We got to work for these Matz disgrace but a disgrace messing with you man. I'm serious really total freaking BS. This is greedy slobs. And I'm supposed to be clear so we can tie this up and you get emotional on your but right. I'm supposed to be upset. Joe Just to be clear on this. I'm supposed to be upset according to Peggy Noonan because Donald Trump said bolt yesterday. I'm supposed to be upset about that just to be clear that in my triage of needs trump. Who's draining this fetid stinking Sofer dominated swamp? It smells Dell's like rotten eggs. I'm supposed to be pissed because trump's calling bs on them hard pass again peggy. With all due respect seriously hard pass which abro which I know you are. That's the reason we work. So altogether sky works for a living to got the battle scars to prove it worked around real people doing real stuff getting up in the morning and going to work and it sucks and nobody likes getting up in the morning and putting on their damn works using going to work but we do it working for these matzos will be dude. Freakin this grace. It is so much stuff. I get two pages today all right quick. I want to wrap up the show but I had this the bunk section yesterday and get you but I do want to get to it today because Paula didn't I think I get through all this and I'm going to because I'm committed just three quick debunks I need for you. The bunking liberal is. It's always been one of the things we do on the show. So you're hearing now now that the trump economy is flourishing again that it's not due to the tax cuts because the tax cuts are only for the rich. I'm tired of this. It's a dump talking point but again in the interest of giving you the ammunition initiative you need to argue with some of your silly liberal friends. Don't know what they're talking about. Here's a piece for Americans for tax reform little snapshot from them showing that the tax cuts were in fact working for for the middle class but numbers do matter facts and data matter. I know not to liberals but they put up some interesting data here about how the tax cuts largely benefited the middle class. Ladies and gentlemen that the people who are making in the income bands from roughly forty to sixty thousand dollars are the ones benefiting largely from the tax cuts. That's not hard to figure out ladies and gentlemen the average American family making incomes and again forty two eight hundred forty two ninety looked. I'll just go. I'll quote the data point directly a family of four with an annual income. Seventy three thousand dollars median family income. We'll see a tax cut more than two thousand fifty eight dollars. That's a fifty percent reduction in federal taxes again. If you believe in data then the middle class got a significant tax if you believe in liberalism. I'm sorry look in the mirror and just kind of wonder what you're doing because you're getting bs by a single co parent with one child. We'll see significant tax cut as well so complicated folks. The data's right in front of you all you gotTa do is look at it. Secondly so first myth median family. Tax Cuts Thanksgiving for the rich so BS garbage. The second talking point during the election in race relations got so much trump's and racist race relations are often with the president trump. PJ media piece just the poll race relations have improved dramatically since president trump took office again. Ladies Jemma but don't let any of this getting away bad ideas and you're stupid narratives. They just took a poll and the Polish that this is by the way is in the show notes. You can read the articles yourself race. Relations have gotten better by the way. It's a Gallup poll case. You think it was a pole at Bongino dot com or something where we just like randomly put it on twitter satisfaction with race. Relations has increased fourteen percents. President Trump's inauguration again. Let's flush another liberal stupid narrative down the toilet bowl. Here's the last one interesting article from National Review. Of course you're going to hear during the campaign is you always especially with Bloomberg running now are as most powerful lobby in the world. They spent so much money to influence elections show. How many times have we? I heard that one probably for the last fifty sixty years. Yeah well. Here's David Harsanyi. WHO's really terrific National Review Mike Bloomberg versus the imaginary all powerful gun lobby numbers matter so of course if you're a liberal and you don't understand facts data and say well clearly the NRA spent so much money they by politicians thousands and everything? It's their money that really matters. Well let's do a quick comparison between the NRA and Michael Bloomberg quote David Harsanyi National Review. Let's put this listen perspective. Bloomberg has in just a few months of running for presidency paid attention Joe. This is really this even blew my mind. A messing with you. Blooberg is spent around two hundred million a few months in the Democratic primary now clearly the NRA spent more jobs are always telling you the truth very well if government. Well you'd be wrong because Bloomberg spent approximately one hundred ninety four million dollars more spent on it average near and lobbying one hundred seventy million more than the. NRA Spent Ali entire sixteen election. Just if he could hear the gravity of these numbers. Should he hit you like my gavel Michael Bloomberg in just thank you and the Democrat noted anti-gun grabber hater of sugary drinks met former mayor of New York City now. left-wing Democrat radical. Tom Has spent in a few months. Thirty million more dollars the NRA spent in the entire twenty sixteen election but again Democrats lecture me again about big money and politics. Oh you're getting the double-barreled Barreled Index Ranger. Because I'm trying to keep it. Family friendly nothing. Do you understand nothing. These people tell you it was true to what you want registers Democrat. I don't care it's not my thing. I'm a conservative. I will register as a Republican for the rest of my life. Do your thing. I'm simply suggesting that liberals was are telling you is. Bs just like trump told you when we opened the show. And if you believe in shame on you for not doing your homework voters you like. It's a free country. I am not a monarch I. I am not an olive garden. I am not a dictatorial tyrant trying to tell you what to do. I'm simply telling you the facts whether you believe them or not. It's up to you. You are being lied to the tax cut. Significantly benefited the middle class race relations have gotten better under Donald Trump wjr and finally guns. You're going to hear more about this. The gun lobby. He's been overwhelmed by just one candidate running for office in just a couple months months man. Big Money Yeah. Yeah your big money in the Democrat your the problem okay. Proving bring everybody in this room wrong. I got through the show today. Well let's see. I don't want to count my chickens here before they hatch Tucker Carlson if you watch and I believe this was last night did a segment on something. The man your antenna thanking better be going off you heard about this new way forward. Act Now folks you you who either at I I you take the green new deal or as how did he calls it which I love and I think he doesn't hurt the new green deal which he does that on purpose. sub-delegation Burgas you take. The Green. New Deal is bad where former campaign staffer and he was running her office. Sag Sagar his name wrong. I'm sorry forgive me. I don't WanNa purpose but he actually admitted the green new deal was a way to quote transform from the economy. Well now joe they want to transform the nation they WANNA basically decriminalize illegal immigration completely. And even if you're caught here illegally having committed a serious crime like being a child Predator they don't even want to support you anymore. I am not not messing with you. Listen to Tucker. Carlson explain this on his show last night. Check this out at this moment. There's a bill pending in the Congress called the New Way Forward Act. It's received almost all snow publicity. And that's unfortunate as well as revealing. The legislation has sponsored by forty four house. Democrats including Ilhan Omar and Alexandria causing Cortez is roughly four thousand. Four hundred words long. That means it's almost exactly as long as the. US Constitution like the Constitution. It's designed to create a whole new country. The bill would entirely tiredly re might make our immigration system with the explicit purpose of ensuring that criminals are able to move to the United States and settle here permanently with immunity. May think we're exaggerating for effect. But we're not exaggerating. Not even a little bit. The New Way Forward Act is the single most radical piece of legislation. We've ever seen proposed in this country ever ever makes the green new deal of like status quo document proves by Democrats promote the bill. Says this and we're quoting it verbatim. Convictions should not lead to deportation station. End Quote now. Do you see why when I get these emails from some of the listeners. Dan Don't pay any attention to. AFC giving her attention. She doesn't need. What did you think she was going to go away? You think her and the squad that are now pushing a bill to literally wipe out our borders. We will not be able to deport people. People who not only enter the country illegally by committing a crime. But come here to commit crimes. Were not even allowed to get rid of them anymore. You you ignore them at your own peril. They tried that same stuff in Venezuela with Madero and Chavez ignore them they'll go away good luck. This stuff is really really getting bad. Get ready for the fight ahead. All right folks. Thanks again for tuning in. I really appreciate it and please pick up. My Book. Exonerated on Amazon is going to be really important if I write this next one. You're going to need to know what happened in there. A lot of big reveals also subscribed YouTube Channel YouTube dot com slash Bongino. Thanks a lot. I'll see you all on Monday. Good Day sir. You just heard the Dan Dan Bongino show. You can also get Dan's podcasts on I tunes or soundcloud and followed in on twitter. Twenty four seven at Dbongino.

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