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Whoa. I know. We do have his face sitting in the same almost the same. This is kind of like that picture was taken pre Pinkai. Yeah. We need to get like a pink marker. Leftovers is left. I'm sure it eventually made its way to the other side, you think? Yeah. Controllable. Once you got one you touch one side and the other. Hey, you know, he is on Mexico. He should get some antibiotics. What do you think? Well, I mean, sure steroids, cheap security only forty six bucks when right out. So fares has got half the votes. How many votes does mine have Ron is third man. Just wasn't that great, man. I liked pretty Pinkus last place. Oh, isn't he didn't work at all breakfast? Jon Cryer, you saying that like I'm supposed to be impressed. You are damning junk cars had a good run. What's that chill? There's been on for four hundred years two and a half men on for forty years. So fifty one percent still for ferris day off the breakfast club. Twenty seven percent. I get that. If someone likes that. It's it's weird time getting seventeen fifteen percent now pretty only five percent of the vote. What's the guys for the poll was your favorite John Hughes movie from the eighties obviously with today being thirty five years ago? The breakfast club came out we decided to take a look at his other movies and Rogers poll always made possible by Buffalo Wild Wings. Wings, beer, sports. We should do. What's his name's Ingley? What's his name? Hang and lee-ing. Top-five Dingley angrily and life of pi. Tiger Brokeback mountain that's getting dicey. After that. I've seen one zero those because he did the hulk Barton which one the real bad when? That was the first time I've ever left a movie, I really it was so bad now to other one was pretty good. Actually, the second time. They did it right? Mark Ruffalo, no doesn't Hayden. Doesn't Hayden towards Ed Norton's talk. But he's the hulk right at Mark Ruffalo. Yeah, he is. But he hasn't had a standalone movie, I gotta get on. But you know, what has state loan what rush Raj dotty on me? But I was there. He's headline this morning with l z sitting in or somebody is presented by sprint. You don't know Kaku gentlemen, cockatiel duels, e so as you know, the Dallas Cowboys America's team. Yes. Most. Sizes and sporting one of his three D most in the NFL. I just said in sporting TV history. You just back the hell up and the Rams are facing August seventeenth Aloha stadium white in Hawaii. Now, I would've thought Hawaii Ida so far, blah, blah, blah, blah, apparently night tickets sold out in less than a day starting at thirty dollars each and into the secondary market had you gone and TicketMaster dot com. You could have gotten to see his lowest one forty six and the highest was thirty five hundred doesn't matter Rams fans are so passionate. We bought a bother. And now regard to Hawaii to watch them play. That was great. Thank you. Chris the Cowboys. Would you have thunk it? Yeah. Very preseason game would have sold out like that. If that's true. Then why the hell they move the Pro Bowl. Yes. Because it has nothing to do with the Pro Bowl. The reason I believe those numbers the reason I'm not the least bit surprised that that game got sold out as quickly as it did for the prices that it did is because when the Rams game back LA three seasons ago. Yeah. Three seasons ago. Yes. The cowboys. And the Rams the first game they had back. Here was preseason game. Number one at the Coliseum against the Dallas Cowboys, and there were ninety five thousand people in the Coliseum and most of them were there to see the Cowboys. But that's a that's a drive. Maybe short flight from Texas this Hawaii don't think it's from Texas. I think that they're here. I don't think that the Cowboys that most of the people at that calcium were not coming in from Dallas or from Texas. They were here in LA. I think the cowboy fans art in a white the Cowboys for I'm not a cowboy guy. Rodgers there. They're everywhere. Maybe we can go out there guys. We can get a lake or something like that. Let's get a lay or two. We think Travis I'd love to see the Rams and the couch wanna lay. Do you wanna lay the flower? Yeah. They're talking about what he's talking about. Just clarifying get off the plane. They're more listening made at work is right. He's in my ear telling me to be smart, and he didn't know how to. Five minutes before go. You need to talk about the ticket prices. And I'm like here. Did you know what I've discovered too busy writing? My lay joke, you write those jokes. Uh-huh. He was delayed. He needs a new staff there. With the staff, we didn't write that one dump it my job to edgy. You went too far and to get cut. I think the Cowboys if the Cowboys show up anywhere that's not an NFL regular city. Like just as a one off the Hawaii being the perfect example, the cowboy fans are everywhere, and they're gonna come out because it's why is there one chance to see it. You know, the Pro Bowl is gone to your point. I don't know why. Because the prob- the Pro Bowl, I know that they were trying to revitalize it trying to give it a little juice or whatever. And maybe if people didn't have to go maybe more guys would play. It's just you can't play football. If you're not going to tackle employees. It's it's it's silly to have a football game. You can have it in Honolulu. You could have an Orlando, Los Angeles Timbuktu. It doesn't matter if you can't tackle and block there's no football game. But this preseason football for better for worse. Israel, real football. They're hitting each other. It's football. So I if you wanna see it and your cowboy fan, this is your one shot. I'm not surprised at all. This is your one shot. He just happened to be in. Hawaii. Guess how many Cowboys are in the top one hundred most famous athletes right now. Yup. Zero Gazza's lie. They're in the top two million. Detroit. Now, it's getting personal like it. Like when it turns makes a turn like this. Affects him. Cowboy thing this sprint people's hotline. Again, this time it's Kyle Kyle. You're on the morning show. What's up? Hey. Hey, what's going on? I'm good, man. What's going on? Hey, you guys missed out sixteen candles is better than all those movies put together all those moves put together. Just because a number sixteen. Doesn't mean sixteen times better. You got some smart to say Grover. Wow. Grover cookie monster. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And so right. The best John used movie, sixty candles. Great. John Hughes movie. What was it about? And everybody forgot about it. Because their system was getting married and only remember was what's his name, Jake. Ryan take Ryan. Yeah. Your knowledge since I just the things you're so. I don't know why remember certain things, but there are certain things. Right. Just nailed the plot. By the way, do you know what fares Bela day office about? No, I watched it the other day. Actually, did you watch paint. I hate them. Move me too. We should go to the morning. Did you hit that movie? This is why because she was getting put down because he was poor. But she lived in a house. He had a car. He the school every day when I was in high school I lived in a motel I had to walk to school. I was broke. I was brokered in joke, man. But I mean, she had all this other stuff, but he's crying 'cause he's poor come on, man. You ain't poor. If you living in the house and driving a car, you ain't poor. Zone segment reviewing movies. He's spot on this. And there's different kinds of poor. That's right. I guess she was poor for rich. My girl. Wasn't her dad can like a bomb didn't need to lay around the house to handle nothing. But I mean at the time I mean, do she work at the record store with Duckie death? Death. She had a job she had on. What you crying about quick crying? Well, that's all John Hughes movie. You look and you go, wait a minute. Now, you're living a pretty good life. But there's always angst. There's always a reason why the teenagers anger is not realize always reasons by not really I mean first day off. Girl. Someone forgot my birthday that's upsetting. Okay. Because you're not upset about it. Well, I mean, it's different for girl. You know, but I'm saying breakfast club. I mean that was a whole different setting. That was a whole different thing. That was great movie to Kyle. You're you're plugged into the John seen. What was your favorite breakfast club character reference? I like the nerd do. 'cause he's kinda funny. Anthony, Michael hall. Yeah. They start crying and all that stuff. I don't like the fact that the the the one do that the girl hated Molly ringwald Haiti jet Nelson. But then they end up getting together. That's that was confusing. But I kinda put that to the side because I thought it was great movie the great acting and all that other stuff down. And she secretly like. Got movie takes like it. Thank you, sir. Her. Rack up on love is John Hughes knowledge. Why did we want to recognize Chris? Shellman fit a minute. It's going on ten years still can shake the pastor. I guess I guess not Kyle was as plugged in. John Hughes movies is as. Remember that was impressive. The teenage thing though, that is really to be the funny part of all of his movies. It's like their lives are, you know, pretty decent. And like. Grew up. Who are? I'm like. Yeah. Girl. I don't really know what you have said about our dad was kind of a bump to like why was he laying around the house not doing anything and she had a job and she was upset and he was just kinda she's trying to lineup interviews for him. He wouldn't go kind of kind of a loser. Kind of. Definitely a loser. All right. So Steve Kerr saying that the warriors health is more important than making sure that they get that number one seed, and I that's always one of those things that when you hear that. It's like, oh when you start talking about things like that. I think the warriors might be the exception to the rule. I think that the warriors they did last year. They went on the road in the Houston in one game seven when they had to do it. I the warriors are not going to lose a series because they gotta play game seven on the road somewhere. They might lose a series. I wouldn't be shocked if they lost. But I don't feel like they're gonna lose because oh, you know, what they had to go to Denver to win that last game. They won the series because a health. Healthier and Houston Rockets laws Chris Paul. So let's just keep one hundred health is a big factor. Either way goes I just don't think what they wanna do is what happened in their semi three win season, which is had the tank it empty. Yeah. Or not even empty just realize where the regular season fits in terms of what your overall plans are. And the way they see there's no semaphore eight see that China avoid. So what does it matter? And when you look at Denver Denver is affect simile of them. And while Yokich is a nice player. Once that machine really gets going Denver doesn't have enough. They have enough to do well in a regular season. Just Milwaukee does just like a number of those other teams in the east dead had enough to win the regular season. But then when it come down to it, and you gotta face that, dude. Or in this case, you gotta face squad in then is it just is what it is. They're the best team and the best team can go on the road and win a game. I just. It just doesn't seem to me as long as their health. Yeah. Sure. Sure. That that's the great wildcard. If all of a sudden, Kevin Durant are Steph curry something happens to one of those guys. They're they're believe it or not they're fine without Katie. It is actually Steph that is proven season in season out as the player that they can't play without. Fine without Katie. Yes. No. Did he win? I hear you L three. With one of my buddies, we go back and forth about Steph and Katy all the time. And I always take Steph side in this. But Kevin Durant. They would be alive. They're not cooked. But they can't if they lose. Kevin durant? It changes everything. Kevin durant? Their best player. Steph might be their most important player which. Value. But Kevin Durant their best plan and those things are not one in the same. Right. Listen, the numbers the numbers when Steph doesn't play whether it's this season last season the season for that was stuff isn't healthy. Whether it this season last season. They're just not as good Katie can be healthy. They got Blute it out by thirty five points tonight Alice by Dallas. Yeah. There's your Luca Raj. Luke your guy year right there. Did he they they might not be trying to get the number one seed, but they have it right now. They're still the top seed in the Western Conference. All right. Whoa, jr. Says that the Lakers have a coach that they are interested in. We'll get into that next. Just because Chris. Grad just because Gregory Abbott. Yes. Shake you down Z. You know, this hit number one. I don't think I've ever heard the song. What I'm not surprised actually really don't never mind. I'm not surprised Kurbanov heterosexual. This. What did it? My girl watching you dangling, a carrot. Greg Abbott, Gregory, Gregory Addis? I Cohen, Greg. You can call them. I don't know why I have used this music knowledge, my hair like that. I just do. I knew the love interest in sixteen candles off the top my head thirty years later. So don't judge me? Don't I won't do. But at least. At least, oh, I've heard this. I know this part. Yeah. Beautiful. Is you wanna see him? He did have the pretty boy Hazel green. Yeah. Context. I think there there's video. It is. Oh, pretty nice like her. What does he mean by shake you down? I don't know. But what about the shakedown a you? And some guy on Twitter Elsie. What did you do? I do. I'm just trying to live my life. He probably had something in my boy. Let's see this his name here team underscore mats, or you might be British or something does the lot over the as no matches primarily who's the see his his avatar is not a picture of his face. But just as hands looking real strong. So I'm not gonna say anything offensive. Okay. Just be me up. Apparently, he seems to think that I say LeBron James quit. You didn't say that. I didn't think I said even fortunately though, Raj. So we have receipts we have the receipts. So team underscore Matt's. We're going to play what I said. And then we'll see whether or not you're right or I am. So you got to set up we're talking. This is not how we're talking. We're talking to practice in the break. I said if you didn't do it quit if LeBron quit, right? What's? And then a. Turn his mic off. I said that. So that was if he quit, right? We were talking because LeBron the jump off was the Brennan triple double last night. He had a quote, we're saying I owe to the fans I to the game. I always play the game hard. I always come out and do the best that I can to the basketball gods are always watching that was the quote, and we were having a conversation about how easy would have been for him to shut it down for the last part of the season because the Lakers are having a season where they're not gonna make the playoffs on and on and on and on and it would have been easy for him to shut it down. And that's where you said if he had done that you would have looked at it like quitting. And I said that it wasn't if he had done that which he did not take you Travis. Someone knows how to set something Travis Cajal set up that was the entire story Elsie and Trudeau need to have a setup show where they set up. I'm sitting here. Glass didn't set up. He gave you an entire recap. There's a difference when he said that set up any recap. Difference shut up laboratory. This is coming apart. You woke up. I never said anything. Day nada. How are you doing with your how you doing with your brackets? I'm down to three final four teams like yourself. I have let's see Sweet Sixteen one two three four five six seven eight. Nine ten eleven. I've eleven of the sixteen. How many do you have Elsie? I don't know. I don't even know who's in a speech sixteen makes it harder. Does make a hurt. Just give you a normal list. It didn't work like that. Just give me a list. There's no list the list for the Lakers, l z might be done to a single name. According to Adrian, whoa, generosity, if the Lakers make a coaching change that Jason Kidd might be at the top of the list, Jason Kidd for the next coach of the Lakers, potentially and it checks box number one for sure which is will the new head coach get along with LeBron. Do they have a relationship? Will there be some respect going from the player to the head coach and the answer? There is an unequivocal. Yes, that he's spoken very highly of Jason Kidd in the past. They were teammates on a dream team at one point. So that part certainly works. He has experiences is not his first job in the NBA two time NBA head coach who's met with you know. I wanna say some success or no success. He's a little bit under five hundred playoffs both teams. He's coach. So that's more than Lakers have done over the last five or six years. So Jason Kidd. It checks couple of the boxes right out of the gate. Lonzo that seems like he'd be the right guy to kind of get Lonzo on track it fits well there. Couple of question marks. Of course, number one being wise he available because he was fired some time ago, and he's still available. Why to if you talk to some of his former players, which I have the. Remarks regardless Xs and os on glowing as you would like them to be if you are to replace someone like Luke Walton who in my opinion is fairly decent exit. Does his problem was communicators matches to get guys the back? She by intensity for him to just as forgiveness guys to play their guts out every single night, they do periodically. But it wasn't night in a night. That's that was that's really my only criticism with him. Yeah. He didn't find a way to coach guys. Yeah. Basically, and Jason Kidd some to former players are spoken to said, he's not necessarily the best exit knows. But there's something about the fact that has Jay kit that just gives gravitas to what he says. And if he has a he has good supporting staff who are good exit knows, you can sure up where you're deficient at that is another I guess element of the Luke Walton demise. If he is to be gone, his assistant coaches didn't necessarily while anyone they didn't cover up his and fish deficiencies if anything supporting group for. For him as opposed to supporting group for the team success. If that makes eight mixing it does. And I think you're right. I think that the Xs and os. We've seen other guys that come into head coaching roles. And it's usually more guys that are little greener than Jason Kidd, Jason Kidd has some experience. But if you have an assistant coach that can be your ex that's fine. That's not unprecedented. The the part that I wonder about that great players. Oftentimes, do not make great coaches. And because they they get it on a level. That's almost just it's incredibly intuitive. That this is what this is how you're supposed to play. Just do it the right way. Well, Jason Kidd knows what the right way is a great example of this Ted Williams greatest hitter of all time. Arguably was arguably the worst manager in the history of major league base- players hated him. Nobody knew what he wanted from him. Because he just well, you know, I used to like do we're not Ted Williams. I don't know how to do it like that. I can't do it like that. And I'm always I don't wanna say skeptical, but whenever you have a player that comes in is just an extraordinarily talented player a transcendent player Jason kit is that it. Don't care that you can do it. I need to know that you can teach it that teaching it is more important than doing it. And I don't know if Jason Kip Kanter can I don't know why I think when when it comes to someone like Jason Kidd whose entire career has been defined with helping others. I think there's something there that tells me he knows how to coach guy that he won't be critical of the offense in terms of passing because as the Rossa standards right now, he's got a guy in a top ten insists on his squad. And he's got a young budding point guard. Lonzo ball who sees to the floor fairly well convincing guys to pass the ball. Make smart passes. Probably won't be the issue. The issue will likely be when it comes to Zo anyway, the motor no into kospi be on the attack. And I think that is something that he can encourage Zota do and doesn't necessarily as something. That's so far to reach that he won't be able to get him to play up to that level. Rob gronkowski is calling. It an NFL career retiring. What does it mean for the patriots offense? We'll tell you next. G O P P N. Do do you know this? I've heard it his Dan Ross. I'm coming out. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I knew that. But this is like a remix something like it is. It is. Twenty two years ago today. Life after death tain? Twenty two years. Math. Can't be right. Nineteen ninety-seven. That's twenty two years. Hey, you know, what I like we can note. What did you not see Johnny dockings kid in the tournament yesterday? Doc, helix to while he's in college not that old. Not that old. We did some math during the break. I have twelve Sweet Sixteen teams you have ten. Yes. So it's close. Close. I'm I'm gonna concern about my my road to the final four though. Will you have Kentucky plan Kentucky in the next round? That's a problem, I fix that. Didn't. Yeah. I did their picked Houston doesn't. It's not what that says. Well, as you know, we need copy editing and have our copy editors notice that when I thought out the first time, they wanna notice had give you the east selection that you left blank that you just filled just feel because you had the two right teams in the Sweet Sixteen. So that one I'm all right with but you can't just retroactively ratio Kentucky versus Kentucky pick. All right, fine. I don't need it on a seven. Then how about that? Without kentucky. Get the actual Kentucky Kentucky. So you get ten. All right, fine. Rob gronkowski is retired twenty nine years old. He's done nine NFL seasons. Three championships for all pros, five pro bowls. Those are all the accolades they're gonna make him a hall of Famer he's a deadlock cinch NFL hall of Famer he's arguably the greatest tight end in NFL history. You can argue Tony Gonzales Tonio gates or other guys you can pick and you won't be wrong. But gronk one of those guys you can pick and make a compelling argument as well. The number though that kind of jumps out at me he missed twenty nine games in nine seasons. Can you beat the best? If you missed a mini game. Yeah. And that's that's the council of number counter for sure for sure. But when he played there was nobody that did it any better. But I'm just talking about his body has to be just a wreck. I mean, he of his nineties missed two full seasons just three games shy of two full seasons because he had injuries and not just little nagging little things that make. I mean, he had a broken arm that got. Terribly infected. He's had a bunch of really significant injuries in his career. Yeah. But for some reason, not a no maybe because Jason Witten may because I've been around enough athlete. So that caliber to know the mentality when he reached the particular point he knows he's not done. He knows they priced to have something left in the tank. It's just that he's beaten up as you said he's tired, and he just doesn't feel it right now. But something happens when you smell that wet grass something happens when there's a slight chill in the air and your body because it's so used to this climatic sort of indicator then it's time for football that win a kicks in. I just wonder if he smells the grass he feels a crisp in the air, if he sees a slight change in colors and some northeastern lease that he doesn't go. I wanna come back put it this way. I I'm not taking it off the board. If he came back. I would not be surprised at all. But unlike Jason Witten, Jason Whittingham, even though he walked right in the Monday night football booth in had a not just a job and something to do, but incredibly high profile job on top of that Jason Witten seems to me a guy and I've never spoken to the guy. So I'm just talking from a distance here. But Jason Witten seems to me that guy that is about football football football football and being away from football was what you just described and even being in the booth on Monday nights did not scratch that each of playing football for Jason win. Rob gronkowski seems to me a guy that has other things that he's interested in doing that has other things that are going to stimulate him away from football, whether it's being goofball. Whether it's being a wrestler, whatever it is that I think rob gronkowski's persona is part put on I think it's very manufactured and created and curated I don't know. I think he'll. Miss football. He did it at such a high level for such a high such a long time. But I wouldn't be surprised if he's one of those guys that does have other things that stimulate him enough to where I don't have to go back and do that. Yeah. I don't think it is a half too. I just think you would be I think at twenty nine thirty is different than retiring at thirty three that he's not even thirty. Yeah. And when your body's allowed to just kinda wrestle at a bit longer, even if you decide to come back in the middle of the season, he'll be fresher, and it just have a different sort of approach. I agree with you. He certainly have other things going on the caricature of himself is one that he can monetize an variety ways be at films. Be you know, WWE beat a pitch man, depending upon the product like a man state dot com. For instance, you can probably do that and do really well because he'd get that sort of personality. Right. But I just feel my gut tells me. That if you're a hall of Famer in an all time, great, and you're forced to retire twenty nine if you're healthy, you may get that scratch, again, here's another item that tilted more back towards what you are saying his agent to Rosenhaus says that he wouldn't be surprised if he comes back, so they're already planning that seed, then the odds are he might be coming back. Maybe he just wants a break from old Bill for minute that he knows he can walk back in in the middle of the season. And he knows the playbook. He knows this games. He knows how to deal with Bill when he does come back, but I just need a minute away from this. I don't need to go through a camp with your deal. I don't need to go through this thing where I'm not allowed to talk to anybody for four months or five months or over long. They're on lockdown. Once the season starts that. Maybe he wants to live his life. And once they get into double digits in the season, or whatever he's allowed to come back or whatever it is come back and help you guys make another run to the Super Bowl. Maybe you know. I mean, I don't know how he feels about bills sort of impact on team coaching. What he allows what he doesn't allow whatever it is gronkowski seems to find a good balance where he. Can still make Bill happy while still having this larger than life personality away from the football. So whatever balance these struck seem to be satisfactory. I don't know what more gronk could do away from -bility hasn't already accomplished with Bill. No Clayton Kershaw. No Walker bueller for opening day. But the dodgers do know who's going to be on the bump. We'll tell you next. Happy birthday angrily. Man out. We never talked about with Al Chris. Yes, is that was very well. Not exactly ended four seasons twenty nine years ago. I don't really remember. But I remember being we've talked about this is the oddest flashback, by the way Alf deal like the joke an show was that Alf kept trying to eat the cat. Well, I mean that was the bit that was the bit like everytime. They house cat would go through alpha tried to give her a lot of bit. So that was the that was like Allsteel though, trying to catch the cat. A lot of us are trying to catch the we while you. Remember when he called Reagan? Don't remember that don't that was a good episode was the president at the time. Crazy good show. Now, even though I just hope Chris like because he referenced Lila shows kind kinda bad. It wasn't good. It was a good bit. But why is it remembered that's weird thing because I think it was classic making us. Remember, no, it was weird. I mean think about all the different things they've done on network television sitcoms and whatnot. This is one of the only shows that ever had like a rubber puppet. It was the star of the show. There was the Muppets. Yeah. But those prime time this is a primetime NBC. Right before. And the Muppets were its own thing where they were all puppets with this was like just a normal family that had a rubber puppet alien that tried to eat the cat. Yeah. It was an alien alien A L F Ilian life on of Jeff Katz came up with this. I don't know. Maybe God bless eighty six to ninety not not yet winning awards. That's where you went. We just told you a great show. There was a rubber alien. Did it went any awards guys? I'm pretty sure friends when it wards, and I wasn't a great show either in like that show. The dodgers have announced their opening day starter ELS e and we knew it wasn't going to be Clayton Kershaw. We knew wasn't going to be Walker. Bueller? What we now know is that it's going to be done. Jin Ryu is going to be their opening day starter, and he's a really good. He he's one of those guys because Kershaw has a hall of Famer because Walker Buehler's the next big thing. And Julio is a guy that was the next big thing before Walker. Buehler was the next big thing. Rich Hill's been around the block a million times when he's right. He's a really really good. You almost forget that review has been awesome. Now, he doesn't he's not healthy ton. But when he pitches, I mean, his career he's forty and twenty eight with an era of three point two. That's legit. No is a perfect choice from a baseball perspective to start because you you wrote a not a guy who's probably going to win. He's a pitcher who was on fire to second half of last season. For sure. Personally, though, just some the narrative perspective storyteller in me just thought an opportunity for us to come in and announced I'm back, and I'm healthy. And I'm still part of the future. And just feels better to me, not the real isn't part of future. He signed a two year deal. I think he was one of those guys that sign one of those qualifying offer which almost never ever never had in by the way in retrospect, probably pretty smart. We've seen the glass Dallas kaikal if he would have liked to qualifying offer seriously, still free. I unless I missed it this weekend. I don't think I did. Yes. Dear. Mr. dodgers kick that tire. Kimbrell to he still. Well, I'm okay with him being free is. Kyko. I mean, pretty good pitcher damn good pitcher. I'm not sure what he's asking for. But anyway, just my narrative perspective I just wanted to see him start to season. And I mean, it's not like he's not a be still. It's not like he's not listed as one of our starting pitchers. But you know, what it is? I haven't given. I haven't gone through all thirty major league baseball teams. But off the top of my head. I that you if you are on any of the thirty teams in major league baseball. He's the opening day starter for at least eighteen or Twenty-one. He's that good. Of course. Of course, he is. And as I said, I have no problem from baseball perspective with him being opening day pitcher at all I just wanted to be able to congratulate the young man from coming back from injury. Because last season we kinda snuck him in the playoffs and because well he pitched well, but because we were in the play trying to get a World Series. That was the story all the time as opposed to. Oh my God. He's back, and he's still got really good stuff. We'll remember when they brought him up the first time two years ago, and he was nineteen and he was eating. He was. The next big thing. Like, okay. This is the guys left handed. He throws one hundred miles an hour filthy. He's got great makeup for a kid this, and he came in with massive expectations huge expectations. And he was good. Not great. And it was kinda one of those. Okay. Needs a little more season. They sent him back down. And then he got that. He was able to come back last year in the environment that you just described with more less no expectations. Just the only thing is hoping for him at that point was let's just hope he's healthy. Right. Any was. And then he's really good. I and I wonder if this doesn't fall into the same category of, you know, we're not putting the expectation of your the opening day guy. He's still a young kid. It's just you're gonna pitch you're gonna pitch a lot for us. But we'll get you games. Two through whatever we're going to give this reuse been around the block a bunch of times he's been in moments like this. I don't know if this isn't the best of both worlds that you still get a frontline guy, which were you is depict that first game and aureus doesn't have to carry the water of being. Oh, you're the first guy that starting an opener since Kershaw a million years. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you're you're absolutely. About that is just you know, just a storyteller. I mean, that's all and the speaking of storytelling, one of the reasons why were you is pitching is. Because the other guys hurt not Kershaw hill. Yeah. I mean that it's just like that's par for the course gets hurt a lot. He does does get turtle lot. That's just that's when you ever chilling team. You know that when he pitches he's going to be really really good, and he's not gonna pitch as much as you might like because you're gonna be that's just the reality of having him on your roster. Now, the good news is that the dodgers are one of the few teams that can weather something like this. I mean Clayton Kershaw who they're paying thirty three million dollars to is unavailable. Start the opener in its that's fine. Right. Walker? Buehler. Who is their number one guy and is been pushed back sprinters like. Yeah. Whatever. It's okay. Because you got stripling you have hill when he's ready to go. You have you have you have Majeida? You have all these guys that. I mean, you when everybody's right. You could arguably have eight guys that you could put in a must win situation. Feel pretty damn good about it. Yeah. Most teams don't have three. We had fantastic pitching the last couple of seasons. A story line that gives overshadow for a couple reasons. One the first run to the playoffs to the World Series. We had unexpected joy of Kalita, and we're like going holy cow. Where did he come from, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And so it's all about him all about him out about him pitching overshadow in the way, we talked about the dodgers last season. It was all about oh Matt Kemp at the beginning season. He's still got stuff Levin, then who's this mex- Muncie guy? And now channel my God. We got Machado. And once again, the narrative of the pitching was overshadow. Hopefully this year is even not us fact that our pitching's outstanding. It's deep and deep. Yeah. It it's the depth of it. That is is really sure you know, what the story is going to be this year. And it's not gonna be the pitching, Cory Seager. It's they lost Manny Machado loss teams. Like a exactly the this is not a they pursued him in Manny Machado opted to go to San Diego. This was a World Series ends shake hands. Look them in the is it many. Thank you for everything. Thank you. We wouldn't be here. Without you. Really? Appreciate everything you've done. Good luck. Have fun Petco. Right. Right. That that's not a good. That's going to be. Corsi? If Cory Seager when the MVP only it'd be shocked. He's that good of a player. No, no. We wouldn't be shocked. We make it back to third straight World Series, though. Even with a healthy pitching rotation. Even with Seger teams still making the three World Series in around. It's very very rare. And I forced to pick. I think I would agree with you. But then a hairs what I'll flow who's better in the National League than them. I don't I don't know if there's a team that's better just on paper. And that doesn't mean a whole bunch, but at the jump I don't know if there's anybody maybe the cubs are on equal footing a threat to our through good the Phillies should be better with Bryce Harper. They seem to be on the ascent at the end of last season. But the dodgers are certainly no worse than any other team in the National League at least on paper. I would agree with that. All right, Lonzo he cut ties with the big baller brand. This mean first career, we'll tell you next.

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