How Buffalo Bill Became a Water Tycoon


In eighteen sixty seven a call went out for rifleman to hunt. Buffalo for meat to feed the customers cruise the railroad bringing into the west. Bill, Cody a twenty one year old frontier scout pony express rider prospector a union soldier. The civil war was one of the many answered the call. Over the next eighteen months the sharp shooting Cody killed over forty two hundred buffalo for the railroad. One of the largest shares a legendary slaughter, but almost brought the buffalo to an end. But started William Cody on a surprising journey to worldwide fame as buffalo Bill. Dime, novelist. Fear in buffalo. Bill into the hero of the series of highly fictionalized stories and plays based on his exploits spent the rest of his life playing buffalo Bill and plays wild west shows. But it wasn't all make believe. Cody spent years guiding everyone from east coast millionaires to Russian czars around some of oil Ming's most scenic and dry spots. The trains brought in even more curious sightseers along with permanent. Settlers many of them came without knowing that much of Wyoming was desert dry. Cody saw his chance to make a fortune by supplying the water. They would need to survive water from the schone river. Eighteen ninety five he and two partners established Bush only land and irrigation company on the river's banks. The town that grew up nearby became known as Cody it's dual role as both a center for locals at stop off for tourists as give it a bit of a split personality ever since. In eighteen ninety five he and his partner started building dam here with a schone river once tumbled through this narrow pass. When it was finished in nineteen ten it was the highest dam in the world. The wide canyon behind it allowed cody's. Irrigation company to capture and store. The water it needed more than five hundred thousand acre feet and all water Wyoming's new farms and communities needed to grow. After cody's death in nineteen seventeen the dam and reservoir were renamed in his honor. Cody built his own home along the shores of this nearby mountain lake, but he named after his daughter Irma. It's now a sprawling retreat for the family of billionaire. Bill Gates also made his fortune in the west as a pioneer.

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