What Are You Practicing For?


You're listening to the mindful minute meditations created for everyday joy. I'm Merrill are net. Mama meditators and co owner of sacred show west this podcast is reported from live Monday night meditation class, where we have a brief discussion followed by twenty minute guided meditation. Happy monday. We are going to. Explore the the reason for our practice tonight. And this talk came about thanks to our yoga teacher training, which many of you are here. And in our Friday nights, sort of philosophy discussion one of the questions that came up was why are you practicing? And it really struck me in that moment. Like I had. So my first memory was like, okay. Why did I start practicing and some of you might have heard this before? But the true reason I started practicing as I signed up for yoga and Ploteus bootcamp before I got married to get fit. That's the real. I was like I wanna look good into wedding dress. That's why I started not why I continued. But it made me sort of ponder what that reason was. And then Sunday, I was driving to the studio early. It was really pretty outside. I had my coffee and as I'm driving. My like absolute favorite song comes on the radio. And I had this moment where I realized. Women present and actually listening to that song every single time. I cry like, happy tears, joyful tears. It's beautiful song every single time. And there have been countless times that I have been in the car driving and writing my grocery list of my brain and telling my kid to stop doing the thing in the back seat and the songs been playing and I've missed the whole song and not cried and not even really noticed. It was on. So as I was driving Sunday morning and the sun is coming up, and it was like, cruel and beautiful out. And I'm crying, happy tears. I thought this is why I practice for that experience of Sunday morning in the car by myself catching what I felt to be a really beautiful moment. And I say over and over again is I teach I teach meditation for everyday joy that is my sole purpose as a teacher is I want people including myself to be as. As joyful as possible in daily life with nothing about your life changing. And for me that moment happened on Sunday. So as we practiced together today, I wanna take time for each of us just to maybe tap into what that is for you. What drew you onto the cushion the very first time or the second time or keeps you coming back. And it's okay. Maybe not to know. It's okay. To like, sometimes there's a feeling to it. And we don't know exactly why we keep showing up at something says keep showing up. And our exploration that question and inquiry is one of the things I think that keeps this practice really sacred because there are days when it feels boring or challenging or frustrating. And if we have that reason in our back pocket, we get through those days when we forget the reason when we forget the intention, that's when we wake up three months later, and we're like, oh, I was supposed to be meditating all this time. So we'll start our practice tonight. And then as we move forward, I hope you'll hold onto it. So that the practice feels sacred in the difficult moments and also in the really beautiful moments. Whatever those little pockets of joy are for you. So we will start our practice this evening tonight with me is Mia who's one of our yoga, teacher trainings. She's going to guide us into the posture for our meditation, and then you'll hear me take back over for the remainder of the meditation. Let us come to the most comfortable seat possible. If your legs crossed consider adjusting emplacing the opposite shin on top or you can extend one or both legs straight. Perhaps using the wall behind or any other props afforded blanket, Ulster or blocks to support the spine an Ed additional comfort. If at any time, you need to shift or find yourself in pain you can quietly adjust as needed. Your hands may be placed in your lap. Or on your knees palms down? I invite you to sit with your eyes closed or soft gaze down. As you relaxed into your seat straighten and lengthen your spine. Roll your shoulders off. Back and down. With the long neck fuel your head rest directly atop your spine. Relax your face. Close your lips slightly tuck in your chin. Soften your stomach muscles. Relax your body. Relax your mind. If you can't relax today note that it is. Okay. It is okay. To simply. Be and set the intention to relax. And trust whatever happens. And with that invitation. We settle in. Part of my personal practices always to start with the invitation. And I offer it to you this evening as well. Silently say to yourself now is my time to meditate. Now is my time to meditate. You might feel subtle softening or deepening chest with that invitation. There is nothing for us to do or achieve in this moment. This practice asks of us to simply soften into our body. To let the breath move freely. Before we journey to deep. Take a moment here. Just to quietly ask yourself. What drew me to the cushion in the first place? What do you practice for? And if the answer arrives for you today, you might just lightly hold that. And if you're not quite sure yet, it's okay to simply stay with the question. Without altering your breasts. Can you begin to simply feel that breath? As you breathe in as you breath out where do you most feel your breath? For me. Most of the time. It's just inside the knows that I feel the most sensation. For others. It can be the throat. The chest. With every breath. You might feel yourself letting go of any were. Any description or discussion of your breath? And instead feel. This. We move towards a period of silence. The brass will be our anchor. Gently holding our awareness on that feeling of breath. That's what keeps us here. In the present moment. And whatever else arises thoughts. Memories distractions. As distractions arise simply notice them with a bit of a smile. No argument. No fight. Noticing and letting it drift on by as you come back to the breath. To the reason for your practice. In these last two. Remind yourself. Why are you practicing? Fuelling your breath start to deepen once again. Noticing that sensation as your practice comes to an end. That last little letting go and softening. You ready gently wiggle your fingers toes? Just connecting in tier edging. Draw palms together in front of the heart like a prayer bowel your chin down taking the second to honor yourself. For carving out the time to be still. For connecting into whatever reason drought. Drew you to your practice. Honoring that in holding its sacred for the good days the difficult days every day in between. Finished with breath together deepen Helen. Nice big out. Thank you guys so much for sharing your practice today with myself with NIA NAMA, stay. Thank you. Next Monday starts the may meditation series. It's called nourish your practice. And so we'll be sort of delving into this idea of holding the practice sacred in what it takes to. Make a practice something that has long jetty to stay with it after the newness wears off after that first little amazing discovery. And then you kinda plateau into this is my new normal. How do we keep a practice going? So that'll be what we talk about. In may. Thanks. Thanks for listening to the mindful minute. You can learn more about me by visiting Meryl are dot com for bonus meditations tips and a little bit of baby spam, follow me on Instagram at Merrill.

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