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196. TWE Survival Kit Series | Another Guided Mediation with Matty K


Hello friends and welcome to another episode of the working experience a very warm open arm audio embrace and a squeeze. We have a new series of sorts for you're listening pleasure. We are calling the series the work inexperience survival kit the series will consist of guided meditations guided naps and Solis affirmations and whatever else we can think of to ease the mind numbing soul deadening experience of the modern in workplace and some day in the near future. We will have an APP because your entire life should revolve around your phone and be on the lookout for Brandon pills. Lotions ointments crystals in prayer rocks. Thanks everyone and I hope you you enjoy this episode of the working experience. The working experience ninety three north is almost at a standstill he had so rough one out there the scorn eggs in sleep. There is no service on unclear the closing doors to be a few minutes traffic shortly down either report S._A._T.. SHARLA meeting and worked makes the dream work at after the meeting. We'll have a breakout session. Where am I microwave that now in everybody's Medi Care with working for his podcast and it's time to sh I just wish ill workday can get pretty stressful on pretty overwhelming? Am I right. Tell me am I right. We know this. We know how stressed out. Overworked tired we can get from our everyday trials and tribulations. Sometimes we don't even we're not even able to sleep that well the night before we have to get up and do all of this which you know what we're not gonNa let this bring us down and that's what this guided meditation is all about. We're not gonNa let all the stuff over wellness. Okay we're not going to pressure ourselves with deadlines and projects copies staples and paper clips and documents and INC toner those things will all sort themselves out. We're not gonNA listen to the negative nancy's and the deadline Dave's and the powerpoint Pete's and the did you get your work. Done Doug's eggs okay. We're going to listen to ourselves. We're GONNA listen to that inner voice that says shish. Let's picture our minds that it's ten o'clock. You've been at work for about an hour. You've answered a couple of emails. You've checked your calendar. You chatted with a few co workers curse about your weekend or net flicks or football. You've made yourself a cup of coffee from the cure again the break room you've wondered if anyone is going to bring a new box of cured cups and if anyone can replace place the half and half because it is getting a little funky and he shirt shit don't WanNa do you've checked out the snacks situation. You've been working hard. You've been getting it done and you've been fulfilling the wool that you have been asked to fill but now it's time to fill another role. It's time to fill yourself. Now it's time to kick back at the old desk and Sh- I want to say it again now. It's time to kick back doc at the old desk and shoot just kick those lights out kick them out. Will you feed around a little bit in your ankles is rolling around not too much. Don't cause yourself any strasser pain or anything like that. Just roam around. Maybe bend your knees a little bit work. The kinks out sit back and relax lacks right. Make sure the small your back feels okay. Make sure it's not in a stress position. Make sure that you slide your rerun down so you can straighten your body out as much as possible. Make sure you have a comfortable chair if you're chairs not comfortable make sure you get into H._r.. You complain right away. If the situation isn't rectified you threaten a lawsuit but that's for later right now. We're just stretch stretch out feel-good and don't worry about anything remember most issues if given enough time and neglect will work themselves out you don't need to get involved solved and stress yourself out. Someone else will take care of it. Just breathe just breathe breathe in breath out breed in breathe out into the nose news out through the mouth in through the nose through the mouth. You are a living reading sentient sexy human being and you deserve arrest. Sh shh in oasis an island in the Bahamas sitting by the pool on the cruise ship with a Tequila Sunrise Shish Dunkin donuts driving large coffee two sugars cream egging bacon on an English muffin. Sh the piece of cake. You're gonNA steal from the fridge the break room just remember. No one else wants to be here either so it doesn't matter hello. Thanks for listening everybody. I hope you're feeling refreshed. I hope you're feeling good about yourself and confident remember to take care of you. Because of you. Don't take care of you. You no one else will right. I'll be back out you relax. Take it easy and sh- thank you everyone for listening to this episode road of the work inexperience we'd like to think our sponsors one circle media and the still believe APP the only APP that delivers video proof of the tooth fairy and Santa by simply taking a picture download the APP at still believe.

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