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167: Winnipeg wins the Grey Cup; Duclair meets Tortorella; Bortuzzo Suspension is a Joke


Sports and whatever everybody welcome to the show. It's Daily podcast. We talk about sports. And whatever ever I'm your host Steve Worn along with my pow. Jim Jerome and coming up. Today we're talking. Grey Cup Winnipeg ends there long. Drought sends taking on on Columbus in their next action on Monday night. That'll be an interesting one for Anthony Clare who probably doesn't Doesn't have a lot of good feelings about Columbus head head coach for what he said a few weeks before they ended up trading him to the sands teeing off on Mike. Babcock seems to be a cottage industry. Since his firing wiring Robert Cortisone his suspension Colin Kaepernick. So loads to get over the course of the show. Thank you for being with us and we hope you enjoy the show. How has weekend James? I can see over there staring at you. Drink watching that I think all alone and chances are you sitting here in this bar. Because he ain't going to treat you well. It's probably in my place but I'm GonNa see it anyway. 'cause you look lie you haven't felt if I had a little fun hadn't had a smile in a little a turban Stevie that Keith urban are you kidding me because blue looks good on this guy. He's my man crush Keith. Urban best halftime show ever at the C. F. L.. I said that too. I got a bit of pushback on tragically hip back in the mid two thousands but that was that was absolutely fantastic. I thought I love that guy. I love that guy. He's cool. He's like the coolest guy ever and I thought it was great. Well probably not my place but I'm going to sing anyway. I don't even know that song and I've been to Keith urban concerts it's A. It's an old standard it. It's an obstacle blue eight your color but the way he doesn't see just really cool. I like it all the time. I saw the boxer uh with with Carrie underwood. He brought brought video of her out there and he she had the Keith Urban t-shirt going that's that's an excellent song I was wondering how Oh he was gonna handle that when he started into it tonight but the medley that he chose was I thought pretty decent and and he's just a kind of gregarious guy smile through the whole thing just looks it's like he's having a better time than anyone in the building is cool and super cool very cool and it was a good choice and and it was the pyrotechnics that were going on as well I was thinking to myself I mean even if you don't like urban or his music I mean the presentation was totally big-league across the board I thought yeah I had some friends The only thing that didn't work and it's not Keith urban fault the halftime show spectacular was great. And then we'll we'll talk about the game at length of course. But so the Chris Cuthbert and his partner I like the guy. They've been together forever doing the CFL Glen suitor. Yeah Glen suitor the end up bringing Keith up into the booth truth and it's probably it's probably you know plan spontaneity. It's like we don't know if Keith will come up but if we can you know what I mean. We've we've done that radio right. I don't know if we get him on but he might be ready for it and they bring them on and he's really cool like Keith Good Avenue and he's like Hey Chris how are you man. Yeah Hey hey thank suits things shaking hands of them but it just turned into be terrible segment tone. They they don't ask. They did it last night on a hockey game too. Don't bring these guys and he's a musician. The chick they had on last night on the hockey game was a girl. WHO's now a Canadian who is a wwe commentator or something like that must've been watching and they asked them to to break the play down? Do you remember. Did you watch. Did you see that all I did and it was just it was it was totally cringe-worthy hours just said you guys are wrecking taking all the good. You did at halftime here. Yeah Yeah like they just get them up there. He's cool. He's like he's obviously game for anything you don't you don't get the sense. I get the guys. He's probably more humble than other. Entertainers you know. I don't know why I I've never heard a bad thing about the and I'd agree you know and they get them. There's like a how about how about the fact that you're like the number one country starting your from Australia. You know you have a couple of questions stevie okay you know somebody. A million things and in Glen suitor spent the first half of the interview talking about. He's a massive fan. And who's the better guitarist your Brad Paisley and is like to interview about anything or maybe you don't have the interview at all if you've got nothin' because like you say when he was really cringe-worthy because the guy's obviously fagin is we doesn't know anything about the CFL. I would question whether even knows much about football at all because a lot of Nashville predators games. We know that but you know I'm sure he's just there for the fun of it all and to put them on the spot like that was just very awkward and he and he gave he filled in for them. You know like he said of the energy is Great. The fans are good. I Love Calgary. I've been here before coming back again. And then the two of them are sort of looking at each other. Great I get it. It can be a little nerve wracking. But I don't think he he pops up there without them knowing knowing ahead of time. You know what I mean. Yeah I'd agree. I think that the sheer length of that and the the lack of questions they had almost like I got thinking that maybe this was part of the contract when Keith urban signed onto this thing that he wanted to try and get an opportunity to connect with a new audience in Canada and all that and that may be one of his. Pr People said. Well we're in the back and forth negotiation the even willing to do like a ten minute interview during the game great. Let's do it. I just think that it almost had almost a contractual contractual commitment to it. Well maybe so but he was certainly workable. You know like you could have worked with this guy and they say okay. What do you see? We're here now. call the play. And he's like what. What am I coach? What do you mean what do I see? You know. And he wasn't saying anything. I think that they've sort of left them up to dry but anyway that's small speed bump the game was I'll tell you what Steve I bet. Hamilton so I lose and just to reset the winner was the Winnipeg blue bombers. They win thirty three to twelve and their drought of twenty nine. Years comes to a close. So Nice to see Winnipeg egg win something. Yeah it was. Well tell you what Steve. They only scored two touchdowns Winnipeg. Okay medlock kicks luck in six expelled goals. Okay and that thing I mean I I never understood other guy did not make it in the NFL right. He's he's automatic attic. He's automatic man. Yeah so only touchdown. They held Hamilton. That was you know it wasn't it wasn't as one-sided there's a there's a bunch much of stats always that come out of these things but I don't think Winnipeg ever turned the ball over in the playoffs if I'm not the entire playoffs this year in the entire playoffs I I don't think they ever turn the ball over which is like crazy unusual. Winning a game by only may only get in two touchdowns I think is pretty rare. Especially against the team did get another touchdown. Hamilton got a touchdown. So there's only three altogether. Someone's getting to one for Winnipeg in the touchdowns Johnson Hamilton ends up turning the ball over twice. I think on downs which you never see in the CF L. right like they got they got third and one third of inches and shit and you get a yard of course and they do that twice. They throw an interception and the quarterback fumbles you know so those those you know. That was a huge difference in that football game huge difference. Oh no doubt I mean that's always talk about any analyst. He's doing the keys to victory right. It's one of the first things they always talk about taking care of the ball and win the turnover battle. I mean that's it right there. I mean that's almost more telling than the scoreboard aboard itself obviously scoreboard his end of the day. The thing but you tell me one team had six turnovers. The other team had none. Who won that ballgame? Yeah right right yeah true and you know they see you know games are one. I saw Chris Collingsworth. Say This I was watching the Green Bay game a little bit after Games are one. Lost at the line of scrimmage and I sort of get that a Lotta Shit went on to that game man to Hamilton. Anyway it was kind of weird. Yeah I mean there's this guy kicked them to death medlock absolutely kicked them to death And it was never Harris was great as well he was just one big run after another and He had a couple touchdowns in the game he was he was Mr everything. Does it bug you at all or does it concern you. What all is taking anything away from? I'm the win all that. This guy was busted for performance enhancing drugs this year. Eric sit out for a minute. Yeah oh I didn't know that I didn't know that yet. Well you're talking to a guy who thinks everyone deserves a break when it comes to that shit you know. Does it bother for me. Not An addiction scenario though it's Illinois you know trying to get an edge thing right well they test for it you know. That's that's the best thing that's as ever come along in sports. I think it takes a little bit away. But not a ton. He did his time Did the crowd at the time and and then came back and Carried on until the rules change where they take it a little more seriously than than will go down that road then but in whatever the laws are of the CFL he paid his price and came back and help the team and was probably the you know. If you're looking for a star yet you're right medlock would be one. And Andrew Harris would be the other and that whole defense winnipeg defense was just terrific like when you get in the trenches. How many times did you see guys run past? Hamilton Tiger cat offensive linemen. And that's a team by the way the one fifty times this year. Hamilton is no slouch and Winnipeg which had to win three times. All on the road just got they seem to be able to turn it up exactly the right time this season in the NFL different than the NFL the CFO. It was such a huge huge dimension. Difference right in the field right. Everyone knows that it's it's it's just giant and the one yard. You know the one yard restraining deal right in the NFL you seldom. It's not very often. You see great defense for the whole frigging game you. You know like like eventually. They're going to look at this thing and go what's happening. There's all sorts of remote here man you know but but I think it was the they made them look like they're in high school that that defensive line and the way they were crazy crazy. Good crazy good. I thought it was a good game. They've enjoyed oh yeah. It was a great game for sure. Yeah other than losing worked. How much did you lose by the way? That's two hundred bucks. ooh This is my big. My Bet Steve of the year would like when did you get the same kind of rush. You know even the twenty or fifty dollar range per well. I'll tell you what I'm up money. I got some house money. That's why through it on the Upgrade Cup. Okay I got a little bit of Doan because they worry about you. You've got that addictive personality Z.. I Bet I bet I bet about once or twice a week fifty or a hundred bucks but I put the water on the big game. If you're ever going to bed in a game it'd be a game like that. Raise our the national championship. And I gotta say I'm watching that thing going. I do not care who wins this football game. It's Hamilton and Winnipeg. I got no emotion. I mean Hamilton. A Little Ottawa's taken them on in the playoffs in recent seasons. I just I still didn't feel anything for either side in that game and and to have a little bit of action on it probably would have made a little difference for me to throw shackles on their yeah. Hamilton was favored but they they just like it was kind of weird. 'cause Winnipeg only got a couple of touchdown wasn't you know there was some good pass receptions but it wasn't no one really stood out. You know receiving wise. I hope that none of the Calera didn't win the MVP. I mean he was good but they got to give it a medlock or or or Harris Harris. Yeah let me double check on that because it was Did Not come in when we started the show in Harris Harris is Graham VP. He's the first Canadian to be named the Grey Cup. MVP Says Russ. Jackson did it in nineteen sixty nine. No kidding wow Nicole well yeah. They're Nice Story to Ritchie Hall. Richie is one of the off field coaches. I think Richie whole is that his name With Winnipeg pretty good story to He I think he lost his brother this year or something and so he became one of this sort of feel good thing at the end of the game. When we're talking about what what does it mean to a lot of guys? And the head the head coach Chez Chez or Shea. What's OCE oce? I saw a little vignette there where the interview and he was talking about. How much the game means the people in Manitoba and Winnipeg talking about? You know there's relatives of people now who are coming along same. This means so much because my old man was a fan you know or or we always. Where they're you? You know there were all these jerseys around the house and stuff it was pretty good good Canadian football stevie absolutely and then that guy can our pants put some pants on. For God's sakes that bomber Fan has gone eighteen years wearing long pants valley. Eighteen years ago when Winnipeg had had lost the Grey Cup that year said. I'm GONNA go shorts until they win it again in eighteen years later. They finally do so. That guy is going to be a little warmer this winter than he's been in quite some time and by the way portage and main fifty below. It's not exactly the best place in the world that we wearing shorts all year round. Have you ever been to Winnipeg. I've never been to Winnipeg you. Yeah Lots I've been there. Lots yeah and so that intersex intersection portage and main okay. Call it. The windiest intersection in the world. Okay and I thought whatever how can how can doesn't that make the whole city the Wendy's place in the world okay. You're you know what I mean. What are they going to big walls up for blocks around eight or what that the can't anyway stay down downtown? I was there for a couple of great cups and and And some briars and downtown and a you know what they are absolutely bang on. It's like you walk walkout side Steve. And you're like what the fuck is this a tornado here. And you go four blocks later. It's the weirdest thing thing I've ever seen ever felt so I wonder if it's as cold as walking into a sense game in January like that actually build this massive long tunnel coming out of the thing going right back into the parking lot to protect fans from the wind for some reason that place out in Kanada in that parking lot it just the windiest coldest coldest place on earth. It's probably not as bad as portage and main bought. It's still pretty damn bed. Which is why did that whole thing about his his sweater? Scheduler it's four sweater night or something. Yeah that was stupid anyway. The coldest the coldest I've ever been and as the cold place on earth I was Edmonton years ago. do I was doing a Gig was a curling event either Briar Olympic trials. Or something. And excuse me the one thing I've always said about curling like you know with the Great Cup I went with the spirit of Edmonton for years. They got they got a huge room. That goes for three nights. And it's it's giant. One one of the best games in town when the breakup on they travel all the cities but the difficult with the Great Cup. You get a lot of people travel there right. Steve going on the Wednesday and they have a Helluva time Is there's it's really not totally confusing. But there's a bunch of in different events going on every night during that week at the Great Cup. So you'll have a winnipeg. We'll have their room. Hamilton will be there somewhere with their that. They set up their hospitality. Bunch other cities some some some cities do it some. Don't you know in the CFL. And then you've got the Calgary city of Calgary. Are we doing but your stuff. So it's like where we're GONNA go tonight. You know you're always at fuck that's supposed to be good but that's way out of town that's to the brier. Is One beer garden. Okay that's it. That's the only game in town. And it's always attached to the rink or just across the yard somewhere say a little overrated the Briar Patch after all the discussion about it. It's like yeah. It's a big beer garden. Well Steve Wynn emceeing it was not overrated But it was for a while big Beer Garden but now the huge acts. Now it's five six million dollar event that they put on anyway back back to the coldest day so the beer garden was across the street from at that time northlands coliseum. Where we're the curling was going on so it's about it's about a two block walk okay from the arena to the beer garden and it's over a bridge? That goes over the main avenue. You okay so ago you walk out of the Beer Garden and then you've got a hike over this arching bridge that is fully exposed. Okay so it's cold. Oh man it's called. It's a cold snap that week and I'm sitting in the office Before I gotta go over to the rink and there's an announcement there's a there's a cold warning there. Steve that it's minus fifty two degrees Steve. Okay minus fifty two two okay and do cold. It's too cold but it happens to literally be the coldest place on earth that day and I'm happy happy that bad and whip out through my coat on no hat no gloves. No nothing and the wind is howling. I'm walking over this bridge right. There's there's no one there and I've gone to myself I'm going. Oh my God this fucking crying okay. Ball Damn mm-hmm by forehead is frozen solid and I come across a guy who's like sort of pulling himself along. This Ridge. Older guy like well into his seventies and he's looking back to see if you can get back to the garden or looking ahead and he's like a halfway in between rate and come on pal he goes. No No. It's fine have had a good life. uh-huh minus fifty two grade. Okay let's wrap up our discussion with a little trivia and it's not really anything necessarily expect you to get you either know what you want won't but it's more of a is this an interesting stats or money figure in this case. Do you really expect me to get anything really. It is brought to you by silk web solutions if you need a website website maintenance or help with your online presence visit Silkworm Solutions Dot com or call or text. Six one three eight five nine four thousand spin your web with silk and I thought that was an interesting Money figure 'cause you know it's the NFL after all and we all know minimum wages Well it's a lot of money for the amount of abuse you take so our question is how much money does each player on the Grey Cup winning team get. Do you think now give you like I. Don't know what kind of swing do you want. Five ten thousand dollars Well if it's ten thousand dollar swing swing. It's already way more money than I thought. Or could be a red herring by me. I would say each player gets twenty. Five grand twenty. Five grand is not bad. Sixteen thousand dollars is the number so if ten is our swing than you are correct sir. Well done all right Here's your Swat heads up your Monday. November twenty fifth sports schedule be sends that Columbus Columbus and talk about that in a sec. Your NFL motivated Baltimore. Winners of six straight will be at the rams and that your sports scheduled for November Twenty Fifth Your December number twenty fifth weather for the Ottawa area. Sorry for those of you listening in Edmonton or really anywhere else in the world. You're Ottawa weather. Though is cloudy. Maybe some showers Surrey's but mild at plus five and that's Today's heads up for all Insurance Ontario. Don't waste time shopping around for insurance on your own. Just text all Insurance Ontario at six six one. Three eight six zero six zero zero eight. They'll hook you up with the best insurance rates every time they've got your back visit all ends dot ca or text them at six one three eight six zero six zero zero eight all insurance Ontario. Your modern boutique broker. Jim Cave. Ford has an outstanding game plan to help. Keep you safe on the roads this winter right now their entire lineup of SUV's come with a winter performance package at no extra charge that includes tires rims and sensors with the purchaser lease a new two thousand nineteen four. Suv remodels feel extra confident. This winter with Jim k four d'youville drive in Orleans and buying or selling your home. We recommend the Glenn Walton Real Estate Team. When you list your home with Glenn? He sets aside a budget toward things. Your home may need to get ready to hit the market things like staging decluttering painting cleaning and professional photography. All all at no cost to you. That goes a long way to getting you the price you want for your home. Contact Glenn today at Glen Walton Dot Com going to be an interesting evening on I guess it'd be Monday. November twenty fifth as ascends play Columbus In the Anthony Declare will probably have a bit of a Bernie sadly taken the high road. Everybody's he's been asking about a about it over the course of the weekend. Oh you taken on John Tortorella again back. In February when Columbus Traded Anthony declared the sends ends John Tortorella absolutely buried. Anthony declare saying things like I don't think he can play. He's off the rails What else did he say? Few let me play the clip for you here. This is John Tortorella just a few weeks before Columbus traded declared of the sands. I don't think he knows how to play. I don't I I it seems to me. He's like a player that just feels. Does he get the PUCK. 'cause he's tremendously skilled can skate. He has all those things you guys know. I just think he thinks he can go. Do whatever the hell he wants on the ice. You can't do it in the national hockey. We spent a lot of time trying to teach them trying to teach Situational play Away from the pock all the stuff we do with players sometimes. It looks like he's understanding Sonar roundabout to answer your question. I don't know I I don't know. Oh if if you just can't comprehend it or just stubborn but he's running out of time. Challenge Presley Challenge for goats to make sure that might make him learn i. I love that part of the game. The teaching part of the game And I said right along here. I think it's worth it with him because I think there's a tremendous mundus upside but here we are again. The fourth team in another coach pissing a Moan about them scratching them benching him some somewhere along the line. I I think he has to understand. I have to be more attentive and I have to start being more consistent so in a roundabout way. I don't know what he is. I thought I was learning them but I don't know what he's what. He is. Gone now member of the Ottawa senators and what he probably is for the game on Monday. Night is pissed off at John Tortorella right first of all stevie are the sense not about five hundred now. What's what Yup? They're eleven eleven in one almost like Attributd Alfredsson. Yeah I mean for all the ship. We've we've been talking about the sense particularly me your bigger supporter of them than I am. what's going on Steve. What's supposed to be losing their plane? Okay they're winning games absolutely and they they don't they had this. They had this thing the other night where they like. Everybody's banged up on the Blue Line. Insights have had to go back to Russia for personal reasons. It's mother guys dinged up and they're bringing up all these guys in the minors Gyros and Lejoie and was like Oh my God. That's going going to be going to be a kind of a tough one. And they just absolutely abused the New York Rangers a nice four one win very tidy and I know there's some sense fans who were like this isn't really tank nation. We're in right now but I'm really enjoying watching the team. Play like it's I think there are a lot better than people. Give them credit for. I didn't think they'd be you know. As far as points percentage of five hundred club at this stage. But everybody's playing a lot better than we thought they would would like individually guys are better than I thought they'd be you know. Declare would be a great example as he takes his old team tonight in his old coach. This sky's got like in the last fifteen games. Scott Fourteen points. The whole team is just over achieving. Maybe the not over achieving. Maybe they just doing something that we didn't expect it's not that they didn't have it in them. Maybe there's something to save for this guy. Send a guys down so fast that everyone's going. What's what's going on here that there maybe a little desperation you know maybe gotta fight for your job? I don't know well. One of the strengths of a new coach is always that he's not the old guy. You're seeing it in Toronto auto right now you know. They win their first game. Everybody's talking in the news about Babcock was this and Babcock did that. And what Jerky was not. Just my commodore. In Mark Fraser came came forward former leaf. Ottawa Guy This the Toronto Sun at a couple of really scathing things to say about him and And I think there's a little of that going on in Ottawa's well Dj. Smith's done a great job and I love the way he communicates with the players. But I think one of the other strengths he has is that he's not Kibo. Shay that staff with with Jack Capuano and Davis Pain Razz. Not The former staff remember. They had the Uber Cab Ride Complaining About The coaching. Last year. Mardi Raimondo owned and said Mark Crawford in that is like I think that whole coaching staff is Is doing a good job but again. They're not the old guys in so I think that's a big part of it. The Levy that comes with a new voice back there. Yeah you know I was saying this past week that I just don't I just don't like Babcock thank you know. He's not a very likable guy. You know what I'm saying. Steve Get much from him. He's he's sort of a little standoffish. No it doesn't I. I never see the guy laugh. Never smile ever and then I got so that was on one of those shows we did. And then I got some tweets from people say oh. I've heard this about the guy to. I heard that the a lot of it was above the players not liking him and playing for ever. Yeah this year. Here's a couple of things from the Toronto Selling Mark Fraser. As I mentioned he said on twitter he saying because he came to commodores. I defense to some degree. Fraser said that based on his conversations and stories related to him ninety five percents of Babcock's players can't see a good thing about him. Fraser also tweeted. We did the babcock quote used his power to turn teammates against one another in the story. What which was? The story was written by Terry Koshien of the Toronto or Ottawa. Center the trauma. Sonic he's in Toronto Jane yet but he he had something he reported eating. Say who exactly said this but this I wrote at one tale that was related to us in the past few days that said to have occurred in the twenty sixteen seventeen season during the annual father's trip by the way back Babcock was alleged to avast one of the leafs rookies to make the list of the players on the team and go from hardest working to those who don't have a strong work ethic and the rookie did so because he didn't want upset upset the coach but then the rookie was taken aback. When Babcock came forward and told all the players who had been listed at the bottom and I don't know if he added the kid or not didn't say here in the story but that's the VIBE I get from and the whole thing with Jason Spencer here Spencer signing on with the leaves of free agent for a million dollars near the end of his career? Here this season they take on his old team. The Ottawa senators on opening night. Mike Babcock doc scratches them. Yeah right I there's no. There's no shortage of stories. Yeah I thought AH first of all that reaction to the thing I thought was look. This isn't great school here so I didn't really give a shit scratching the ninety brought. It's a little bit of a D. Bag. Move a little bit. But it's the big bad world sport. What really really is got my interest here is? Is that comment. The Guy said that babcock were trying trying to make other players turn on the other ones to piss them off. What was that like to motivate just to be an ASS? Just I think he wants you know He. He tries to get the most he can at of each player and doesn't care who he buries in the process of doing that right. There's two sides you know. It's not the way you want to go out of your babcock right. It's not I I would hate to be characterized that way you know that I'm a coach in the NHL. I got a huge ticket and players don't like to play for me that's brutal right. That'd be a brutal brutal thing to have on your epitaph take. No one liked to play for them. I'd also argue that. The there's a scenario here where commodore cut by him. And you know reference commodores commodores being overweight and that was part of why wasn't in there and he didn't like how things went with his time of the red wings. Mark phrases not a guy that stay with the least very long like if if I start hearing from some star players who got all the ice time and made all the teams under Babcock then I might take this stuff a little more seriously seriously. Right Deuba Scott. A shot from Nazem Kadri the other day because he got traded and cadre basically said I got a forty five the second phone call from cal dubious. I wasn't very happy with that after ten years as a Toronto Maple Leaf like it's usually the guys who've been scorned who come back and and pylon when something like this happens but dube is made a good point okay in fairness to do this because cagey did say that. I saw that every. He's with Colorado. Now right he the Do wait up wait a minute here. Okay with with social media okay. Now that everything is done in an instant is as soon as we make the trade trait. We're we're obligated to speak to the player. I and right away okay. So unless that guys in the office or sitting in the waiting room the only way we can do it and we have to do it we have other is going to hear it from someone else right soon as the people leave the room so the hang up the phones so the understand and what. I'm saying yeah yeah so there's no time this isn't it. You look for a parade with what we call up to tell you what's happened. Yeah exactly so. That's that's easy pal or get fucking plane and drive down tell you know so. That was a stupid comment from catchy but the other thing is though players I yeah. I don't sports. Stephen General right is always talk about the fraternity of it right than in the end in the end. You know we get to play in. The greatest is game on Earth we get to play at the highest level. We get to eat the greatest food we get. The greatest friendships got the greatest experiences. We make them fucking most money of anybody. Hey Buddy I'm not sure that you WANNA begin to it becomes a little cheesy a little a little bad when when a guy does get fired or moved and people start with a bunch of negative a bunch of negative comments. It's a small world man. You better be careful you better be careful if you're a player you know it's not like it's not like Babcock is fading away man right. This guy may end up in management somewhere. I bet he'll he'll stay in hockey for for sure. According to his comments coach as long as I can and I'll coach his heart as I can and I believe him I believe he's probably probably totally uncomfortable away from the rank. Mike Babcock but so I I would. I would go easy on my comments after a week after the guy gets turfed. Well he not. That says you know. That's that's his penance. He got fired and so I find it. I don't know a piling on to have all these media reports suddenly come out me. Commodore had had said what he said. But all of a sudden this is becoming. You know I'll take a grab a stone. Start to throw them. Well he got fired. What else do you want like? He got fired. He's paid the price he's moving on and You know unless he's gotten into something illegal I I don't know why the media India is all of a sudden now. It's almost like okay. He's no longer around now. We can really bury him. Why were you burying him for the last four years right right and I would think Steve? Yeah I don't know the stat but but there's not too. Many guises stayed their whole career on one team right. It's it's completely rare and so when this Guy Mike Babcock not going anywhere and I might have had a little better exit exit strategy advise the player instead of commenting commenting negatively. When I BURP Steve? That's why I say negatively negatively Jeff. Good Luli that he may end up being a place if when he left that team is I was like I go look at. I got nothing but great things to say about Mike. I'm sorry it didn't work out for them but I think it was wonderful guy and I think he tried his ass off. That might serve you. Well Steve Human Nature that might serve you well down the road when Babcock is on a team making some decisions about who stays. And who doesn't doubt. Now I totally agree Yeah I just think burning bridges is always a bad idea. You know I think professionally when you know you part company. Yeah there's emotions obviously but it doesn't serve anybody well to either pile on somebody else or pile on the person who fired you You take the high road road every single time and right better off for everybody will be happier you'll be better off four professionally I just don't think there's any point in it One last thought though before we move away from them And hit break are competing weapons today the NHL Trade deadline as we record. This is exactly three months from today. So decisions must be made and of WanNa be pure dory on right now because he's got a lot of decisions to make he's got fourteen guys who were on the NHL Roster or on the injured list. I that are free. Agents some are FA summer UFA's so which of the free agents should be resigned and on the Sun Sends Roster next season Anderson Barbie Eski Brown slapping mellow declare. Ns hanes ems off Pasha. Paul Tyrrhenian Sabrin. That is quite a month for twenty more games before he asked that question. Yeah Yeah I hate all automated deals. You know before some of these guys like you. Look at Posh for example. He's he's on a hot streak right now right and declare as well to some degree Brown so in the case of joie meticulous. That's easy. Ufa You can if you're thinking about a resigning him well then get it done. Because he's his stock is going up and up and up is price tag is gonNA keep going up if he keeps scoring like this. I guess he's got like ten goals goals in the last eleven games And maybe trade them. If that's the plan a trade him then maybe you want to trade them right now while the stock is high before he cools off somewhat or wait the deadline it just as there's a lot of variables figuring out what these guys are. The hot streak is they are anyway. But you're you know there's a million ways to go about it. That's the anything about being a manager. Is that lots of paths to success lots of paths to failure. And what you're saying. There is not unreasonable. Wait twenty more games in Seattle. Seok goes well look at Toronto. We just talked about look at Toronto. You know this is going to be there year. We've done the rebuilding further coach twenty. Yep so here's some feedback on the poll wreck rights. Big Rick Pozo declare. If short term. I WOULD WANNA sign Melania Mess Niqab because if they're reasonable and Nick Paul. If he's consistent likely few this at some point though the rebuild should have some signings behind it right. Avoid the forever rebuild please and by the way down with Melnik. Lt writes another good member. I believe the sans. We'll get a what's that poor Melnik. Jesus even when they're going well it's still there. I believe the sans. We'll get a slightly lesser mark stone kind of return for J. G. Pozo if he keeps this up. Josh rights borough and Eugene are tight so boroughs GONNA STAG S. I Bet Hanes moves into assistant coach next year. Andy is Gonzo. I want Potpie show and declare locked up up. The rest. May whatever we got so many picks nipping at their mediocre. Bottom six and finally Anderson according to Paulo has to go and the thought of resigning should never come up tyranny and Paul and get you another goal and keep the rest hanes. He's stable the and good to be with the youth. Two Cups says something so thanks to everybody for all their your feedback on that poll which is twenty games too early debt according to Jimmy Webb holes brought to you by rb computing storms and power. tyrod just can wreak havoc on your computers electronics. You'RE GONNA call our be competing today and they're gonNA make sure you're protected and for a limited time. Steve Get a twenty percent discount. Discount on all services for listeners. Come in and say hey I heard this ad on the project twenty percents that's rb computing DOT COM one. Oh six six dash two three five men place in bells corners. Did you see this cross. Check that everybody's talking about from the weekend. It happened in a a Saint Louis Nashville game was Robert Bore twos Zo on Viktor. Arvidsson Arvidsson lingering in the crease for Tuesday doesn't like it lays he's right beside the golden like he's right in there and so as defenseman do the little. Here's a little cross check for you. And Arvidsson goes flying into the net. I think I think and I got a bit of pushback on this other garbage and embellished it a little. And he's got a history of that by the way but let's leave that aside or twos realizes is is that the rest going to call a two minute minor for the initial cross-check. He's yelling at the referee. Let come on. What are you doing? And he's furious and then at this stage Arvidsson collected himself. He's out of the net but he's still on all fours as he's trying to get out and bore two-zone hits him. With one of the most vicious crosschecks you'll ever see like a pile piledrive crosscheck that is now knocked Arvidsson out for the next four to six weeks. Meanwhile or Twos oh just gets a four-game suspension. I'm for it. I got a question for you Steve. Okay I want your thoughts on this and it has everything to do with what you're talking about if you triple Guy Okay Eh. It's a penalty okay tripping penalty but but when the guy falls he breaks his leg okay. It's still real to me to me. Still just a two minute penalty right okay to me it is. It wasn't intended to injury treat. You know even if it wasn't intended to trip you know it's not like you try to happens all the time. So injuries happened to hockey. All the time. This thing to me is if we go backwards from the end of it. Okay hitting a guy when he's down and has his back to you and he's crouched on his knees and and you got the fucking stick above him and you are full on the place first of all the plays blown debt and this guy that cross check through on them after the first one for me. He is like a ten Gamer man. I thought that was a terrible terrible play. I really did for all those reasons down and out play blown dead guy. Can't see you got his back to you. And he's halfway down the ice now and you cross check him that Hart. CEO Hardy Cross. Check them in the back. You're you're trying to hurt the guy there. You are trying to hurt the guy so add all those things up. You know there's there's like a tick all six boxes. There should this guy get a big suspension hundred percent. The other one is he crosschecks guy when I think he can seize at the crossbar the net. You know right like he he obviously you know the right at the net and he crosschecks into the crossbar which is kind of gross is Kinda it gross. That guy ends up getting injured because he goes smashing into the crossbar which the guy knew he would. Oh that's not the injury that's not. What the injury? The injury occurred on the second one but that should be. I thought that was almost the spendable to cross-checking guy into his face is right near that crossbar. You know I'd have to. I'd have to look at it again. I saw I watched it a couple times last night. But but throw that aside then that fucking cross-check where he had him when he was down. I thought you thirty dirty pig. Yeah and it's not the first time he's done it. It was who was it exactly as a member of the New York islanders anyway and it was a couple years ago l.? And he did almost the exact same thing did it twice. It was actually worse. If you look up. More two zero islander crosscheck. You'll see him do it twice to a guy who's down Out this I I think I can't remember which was but he collided with one of your toes teammates and berthus. I didn't like it and gave them two of those deals. Because the guy was like kind of I st knocks him down and then gives them two of those. And you've got a three thousand dollar fine no suspension whatsoever Anyway I agree with you. I mean it's their cross-checking checking is I think referees or too liberal with the amount of cross-checking they allow in front of the net to start with but it does seem to be part of the game. But that's the the thing it's compete situations if you're competing and you're battling for position. That's you know that that unfortunately is a hockey play. This had nothing to do with that. This guy was pissed off. He believed Arvidsson dove on the first one and he was just enraged. They said you know what I'm GonNa get my money's worth here. I'm going for cross-checking here's a real crosscheck. Back to get a guy like that when he is super vulnerable he has no idea. That's common as opposed to standing in front of the net like Brady Ca. Chuck does casinos is going to get cross-checked in the back so yeah four games. Probably not even enough for that play. Yeah I agree I agree like like you. You add something else there too. So let's look at this thing repeat offender okay. The guy's got his back turned. He's down on the ice tick Plays blown did tick. He can't defend themselves. Tick you know Anger you got an anger problem here right and you and you took it out. Uh on someone to try and hurt them you know. That's all that shipment that thing had all that all over it and I think it I I got a bit of feedback from people saying thing so Arvidsson had four to six weeks now so why wouldn't bore twos Obio until he's back in the lineup. I like the intent behind that but you can see where the pitfalls would lie with something like that in Abruzzo is a fringe. NHL Player. What if it's the other way around and it's a star player who takes out a fringe player right and say it's a playoff series or something like that? The fringe player coming back anytime soon. Right that would have the scenario of it could be abused if you start along suspensions to go down like you have to be suspended for as long as that guys out of the lineup. But Steve There's there's discretion okay there's discretion from the guys who make this suspension. Okay that they're gonNA look I just I just did it all. I just wrapped all the ship that they look at. Okay right. That's what that's what they take into account when they are deciding. What sort of suspension are we gonNA lay down here? Okay yes you know when well is when is the NHL. This argument about a player should miss as much game as many games as the guy who's injured. I think it's a great idea. I think it's people have been talking about that for years and in this case when it is so blatant and so sold home malice you know what this guy did the lease gotta go. Yeah you know what it normally would be ten games. But you're going to have wait till this guy comes back and it's you'd have to you'd have to have a maximum on it and case it was career ending but but I don't know I don't know if what what if he ended the guy's career it's going down the road. I just think that it has the potential for abuse Again and if it happens in game one of best seven Stanley Cup. Final and star player does something to really bad player that that team doesn't care about one way or the other guy's not gonNA play again in the series and that may not be affair thing right right but I like the idea. I like the intent of it. Because it doesn't seem fair to Nashville or Viktor Arvidsson I've always found Arvidsson to be a bit weasley player to start with so I don't mind me. I guess I have less sympathy for that particular player than most but setting that aside and assessing the situation and the incident as it played out like he's going to be gone for six weeks and he'd really do anything Leading up to that. I think there's a bitterness about that player with the Saint Louis Blues because he has he's been a diver against them in the past but that said it's just not fair. That Arvidsson is going to be gone for six weeks and board is going to be gone for a week and a half and the fact. That guy's a diver has nothing to do with this. Nothing nothing to do with it all. He wasn't dive in there. He was down in perception. That didn't hit him very hard and that he that he embellished. I have no idea only Arvidsson. I can answer that question. I don't know the answer that but I think the diving thing in the past might it might color the whole situation a little bit. And they're sick of his act and that may be part of why he snapped. But I don't know I it just it's stupid it's You know four games a message. The Guy Sky Spitting incident that we talked about last week right and he got three games for that. No one's getting injured there. That's right I think I think the League has do stop before they Maybe they did. I don't I don't know but to see what's going to be the result of this injury that the guy incurred if it's if it's four weeks or two weeks for sure Then they can look at that and go okay. Look we're not going to get kicked out of the League. We're not gonNA Blah Blah Blah. Give them wait around of this guy's three months out but he's going to get a soon as we find out that's four weeks while he's get in two weeks two weeks out if that's four or five or six games and that's what it is anyway. The guy should have got more than four games that we are in agreement for for sure on that When we come back on the show talk about The latest on Colin Kapernick and what the results were after that workout he had last week for several NFL scouts. I remind everybody that we have some great sponsors and and we would love it if you could Support them because they support us and keep this podcast Roland for example Jim Kaye Ford the winter driving his here. 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If you're trying to lose a little bit of weight you've probably heard about Kito as die. Switches your body's main energy source from carbs herbs too fat and effectively. Turn your body into a fat-burning machine will popeye supplements now as Kito friendly shakes and snacks. They'll help you reach your goals. Some great advice I says well Popeye supplements six Ottawa. Locations or Popeye's Canada dot com to close at the call and capture Nick's story and of course last week. You probably saw the workout that he had a bunch of media there. Apparently a bunch of scouts were there. Well according to the chicken throw it. Did you see foia Roya Grazie. There was some concerns about his accuracy. Don when he gets beyond those twenty five yard throws but he moved well L. Strength. was there the arm strength all that. And according to Adam schefter though there was there was not one bit of interest. There has been no calls from anybody the in the NFL for Colin Kaepernick. And if you're a fantasy football player he see guys go down to injury like there's lots of quarterback been hurt this year the steelers without about Donald take guys back there There are some real no names who played in the NFL this year. And even if you don't like Cabernet anymore as a starting quarterback from from a compete standpoint and measuring as a backup. He's well within you. Know the top fifty or sixty quarterbacks alive right now and it's just a case so I think that most people don't want all the distractions that go with Colin Kaepernick. You do you think. Do you think it's you know what he might be good enough. But he's a goof. OOF or shouldn't say is a goof. The Guy stood up for what he believed in. I think that's another story but how he did that the way he we went about. It is arguable arguable. But do you think. That's why Steve or is he just not good enough. I think he's got the talent for sure you're to be a backup quarterback in the NFL however so much of what a coach tries to do with any given team is to to build them to get chemistry To just have a real smooth thing happening in the in the locker room right his massive this massive media that would be following following this backup quarterback or third string quarterback. Whatever it ended up being would be probably more nuisance than it's worth? And honestly I thought he came across belligerent. After his work at last week he sounded like he was more of a social activist than An. NFL quarterback the way he was talking to everybody. I've been ready for three years. I've been denied for three years. We all know why I came out here a show today in front of everybody. We have nothing to hide. So we're waiting for the thirty. Two owners thirty two teams Roger. Goodell all of them to stop running. Stop running from the truth. Stop running from the people. That's why I'm I'm not signing him right there. I hear that and I'm like Sewri. If I had any kind of inkling that maybe you can help my football team. I'm not bringing that in particular the NFL. Steve Okay that personalities manner so freaking fragile right. I mean we hear it all the time. Look this year Antonio Brown do right this guy food would. You would've just shut his mouth. He may have gotten into some trouble with some stuff off the the field but if he would have shut his mouth he would have been able to play anywhere right until it'd be a good teammate. You know he'd like he he. He basically alienated himself from the steelers Co Star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and he just burned every bridge that came along after that but but a lot of players man they got. You gotTa step gingerly around him right. You're good player Malone fucking goalies. You know don't talk to movement and you've got a loud mouth like this in your locker are saying we're gonNA bring that into the locker true. It's all I can do to keep the peace amongst the overpaid superstar and the the fragile running back and the temperamental freaking. QB All right. That's that Shit Dude you're you. That is the dumbest thing you could have ever done is got on your high horse for the big speech like you're the poll. Yeah you you know. And then there's the wondering about okay. We're going to just renew this whole thing about the taking a knee during the anthem and whether or not that's appropriate or not as lots of people blunt both sides of it of course right thinking person would appreciate and support would kapernick is trying to draw spotlight on but I also appreciate okay. If an you know if the policy of a team that everybody to honor the flag is that they stand during the anthem. Well that that's not totally unreasonable. Either anyway and you want to get all political. Show something fun you got anymore Keith. Urban to close it out I absolutely. Do you want some Isam boxer. I'll play the Carrie underwood boxer. I Dunno the boxer. Oh no no no back to sing. That used to sing that McGraw Song. Eight seconds on a bull shit used to sing was brutal Tim McGraw. Aw that song I went sky diving. I live like you were dying a great song. No when I was dying you know when I was dying the star of the show when you were talking. You're you're singing Keith. Urban that's an his dying. No no no no no no no no no. It's good I can see you over there staring at you. Drink watching the sink alone tonight out and chances are you sitting here in. Because he ain't gonNA treat you right. Well it's probably not my place but I'm GonNa see it anyway. 'cause you look good like okay. That's a good place to call them. I Love Keith. He's my man. Crush heath herb. We sell it all right. It's time to go good night. Everybody that was my Australian. Okay Thurber good. Try we'll see.

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