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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Korva Coleman Defense. Secretary Mark Asper tells. NPR The US has the constitutional authority to strike Iran or its proxies axes if US forces are attacked. NPR's Bobby Allen reports officials say the chance of this has diminished and as per says the region is being monitored esperer comments MPR come as both Iranian and American officials indicate that the confrontation between the countries appears to have settled down however Espera says a military response could still still be triggered as spur. Also double down the basis for killing running general Qassam Sulamani saying the kids force leader had large-scale plans that would have caused open hostilities. NPR's NPR's Bobby Allen. Britain France and Germany saved their triggering a dispute mechanism that is part of the Iranian nuclear accord officials say Ron is not meeting eating its commitments. President trump withdrew the US from the nuclear accord and imposed sanctions on Iran. It's possible that European nations could also impose sanctions Shin's on the country house. Democrats are meeting today to discuss which members will represent them in an upcoming Senate impeachment trial. NPR's Kelsey he's no reports. The House is expected to vote this week to officially appoint managers and transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi locie is ending a weeks. Long delay in wrapping up the House Impeachment Proceedings Republicans have criticized Pelosi for refusing to hold the votes necessary to start the Senate trial L. Pelosi told. ABC's this week that she feels the delay was necessary to try to highlight or expectation that the Senate process will not be fair. We wanted the public to see the need for witnesses witnesses with firsthand knowledge of what happened documentation which the president has prevented from coming up to the Congress as we review this once. The House votes and managers are appointed. The Senate can begin preparations for a trial Kelsey Snell. NPR News Washington Santon. Oklahoma is suing some of the nation's largest pharmaceutical drug distributors from Member Station K. G. O. U. Jackie forty-eight reports the state it alleges the companies failed to report suspiciously large opioid orders to authorities Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter contends. That some of the industry's these titans. mckesson Cardinal Health and Amirah source burgeon helped fuel the state's OPIOID crisis by ignoring red flags. Hunter said at a press conference that the companies are liable for an unspecified amount of damages. Because they should have known big orders of hills were being diverted and abused. This companies may billions of dollars spy supplying massive and unjustified quantities of opium woods leading to oversupply diversion addiction and overdose deaths. The drug distributors have already paid hundreds of millions in settlements so far for NPR news. I'm Jacky Forty in Norman. Oklahoma you're listening to NPR news from Washington in Puerto Rico. The power has been restored to most of the island following a series of powerful earthquakes. Strong tremors that shook the island last week killed a person and collapsed. Buildings Puerto Rico is still experiencing them. There have been hundreds of earthquakes in the past few weeks and some today officials in the Philippines pins have evacuated about thirty thousand people as the tall volcano near the capital Manila continues to spew gas and heavy ash. NPR's Julie McCarthy earthy has more the stark warning from Philippine scientific authorities remains in effect a hazardous explosion. Tall volcano is possible within hours or days as there's been continuous eruption of the main crater and it has generated a five hundred meter tall fountain of lava. The volcano is emitting tons of sulfur. All for dioxide since Sunday the number of all Canada quakes exceeds two hundred authorities say the intensity of seismic activity probably means magma is continuously continuously pushing to the surface and could lead to further eruptions. Authorities reiterated the call to evacuate with a nine mile radius of tall residents have heeded heeded the warning and cities in the shadow of volcano. Are Now virtual ghost towns Julie McCarthy. NPR News Manila American film director Spike Lee. Ed has been named the president of the prestigious jury for the Twenty Twenty Cannes Film Festival. He's the first black person to hold the position and says he is shocked. Happy surprised is an proud Lee. We'll succeed Mexican director Alejandro Injury to I'm Korva Coleman N._p._R.. News in Washington.

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