W25: Breaking down the 72 players eligible for the 25th All-WNBA Anniversary Team


On podcast network team every day all the sports news. You need every day in under twenty minutes. Follow locked on today today on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast thursdays on the lockdown. Mba podcast jackson. Gatland and matt moore have game recaps an analysis of the biggest nba headlines. Follow the lockdown. Nba podcast today. Wherever you get podcasts you are locked. On women's gleaming fastball van der podcasts on women's basketball block on women's basketball to follow me on social media that today's show. I am going to introduce you to the w twenty five official ballot now for those who may be new to the wnba every anniversary year So ten. I guess. I don't know if they did one for five year but ten years fifteen year the wnba has media members. Vote on the top ten top fifteen top twenty top now twenty five players in league history and on today's show. I'm going to break down the ballot. The players that were eligible. And then i'm going to give you the preliminary thought process that i went through to cast my ballot. Now the w twenty five will be unveiled sunday. September fifth so also next week this week. I'm going to introduce you to the process. We're going to go over the names on the list and some of the criteria that they meet and how many people ranked in all seven criteria. I think you'll be surprised to find that out. So that's coming up on the show. And then i'm going to explain to you how i took my next steps on tuesday show next week. I'm going to break down my process. I thought i had a pretty cut and dry process. It got a little funky. So i'll let you know. Why what i thought i was going to do and what i ended up doing was a little bit different and then on next thursday's show so a week from today i will unveil my top twenty five players in wnba history just before the unveil of the selection from this year. I think there are definitely some names that will be on the ultimate list. That are not on my list. I think that there will be names on the ultimate list that in the context of twenty five seasons. Maybe don't make as much sense. But i had an internal struggle so i'm usually pretty critical when it comes to voting. This was difficult. I'm going to be honest but let's get into what we are asked to do. And i don't think i can get into super specific details here but i definitely want to give you a little bit of background but first let's go into the history books. Let me let you know some of the players that have been honored before in the wnba top players. All right so we'll start with the wnba all decade team. This is a team that was chosen in two thousand. Six to signify the tenth anniversary of the w nba. Thirty nominees were available and there was media fan coach and player voting. So the all decade team consisted of sue bird to make a catching 's cynthia cooper dyke yolanda griffith lauren. Jackson lisa leslie. Katie smith don staley cheryl soups and tina thomsen honorable mentions included. Ruthie bolton shamikh holds claw teasha penetration diana to rossi and teresa weatherspoon and for the fifteenth anniversary. This is the list shubert to make a catching cynthia cooper. Dyke yolanda griffith becky hammon warren jackson. Lisa leslie teasha. Pennant charro cappon dexter. Katie smith don dailey cheryl swoops diana teresi. Tina thomsen teresa weatherspoon So we see that there's a decent amount of overlap from the top ten list that we went over from the all decade team the standouts and vat have been consistent throughout suber to make a catching cynthia. Cooper yolanda griffith lauren jackson lisa leslie and katie smith shirl soups as well as tina thomsen be wnba. Top twenty at twenty was the catch freeze for this year. You had simone augusta's sue bird. Swin cash to make a catching cynthia. Cooper dyke yolanda griffith becky hammon lauren jackson. Lisa leslie maya more. Deanna nolan candace parker teasha pennant shero cappon dexter katie smith shirl swoops diana terachi tina thomsen teresa weatherspoon and lindsay whalen. And in this case the twenty members were chosen by a fifteen member committee that included an meyers drysdale. Carol blazed hausky cheryl relieve michael cooper. that's a throwback van chancellor and and donovan who has since passed and fourteen of the fifteen players who were honored. Twenty eleven for the fifteenth anniversary. Were on the list Dawn staley was not on that list. As i just went through So interesting that's twenty at twenty and now we're going to have the w twenty five for the top fifteen again we have. The top is basically the same. A becky hammon joins the fray. Which i really like. I'm a huge becky. Hammon fan diana tracy makes the team outright teresa weatherspoon as well going into the twenty at twenty we see simone augusta's added to the list As well as swin cash. I liked the addition of swin cash. For sure my more on that twenty at twenty deanna nolan another addition. Now capi pun. Dexter made the fifteen at fifteen and is also a carryover for the twentieth twenty lindsay whalen joins the top twenty but sue bird. Really up there. Obviously it's alpha order but Bird is someone that we have seen throughout okay coming up next on the show as promised. I'm going to walk you through. This selection process what i was asked to do. I'm not really sure. If i'm supposed to share all of this but you know what i i feel like the rules have been kind of put out there so i'm just going to give you a little bit of the criteria and break that down. That's coming up next on locked on women's basketball all right so i'm going to be honest. This selection of my top twenty five players. All time was extremely stressful. I legitimately was sweating thinking of this. But thankfully i recently received my sweat block samples including the wipes talked about that on lockdown creggan on. 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Candidates had to meet seven at least four of the seven criteria. That are as follows have been the winner of at least one major individual postseason basketball related award or honor so that doesn't include like the dawn staley community awards things like that but it does include the kim perrot senior but it does include the sportsmanship award it also includes peak performers as a league leader in either points rebounds assists per game in an entire season rookie of the year counts six woman of the year council most improved defensive player. Mvp for the regular season or finals. Mvp that is the first criteria. The second criteria is that they have been selected to the all wnba first or second team at some point in their career that they had been selected to the all defensive first or second team is the third criteria fourth criteria have been selected to the wnba all-star game starter reserve or replacement player. All of it counts the fifth criteria. Been a member of a wnba championship. Winning team number six ranked as of july thirty first twenty twenty one among the top thirty career leaders in at least one major statistical category points rebounds assists steals etc and the seventh and final criteria been selected as the winner of the season long. Wnba community assist award. The wnba cares community. Assist award is ordered to one player. Each month of the season traditionally recognizes an individual who best reflects the wnba passion for making a difference in the community last year the entire league when the community assist award. So there we go. The community assist award does count so now i told you that they were seventy two players. I'm gonna read some of the names that we haven't already heard so genetic. Arcane oh janette. Arcane used to love watching genetic arcane play for the houston comets just electric and obviously won four titles with houston was. Most improved. Player was ranked. This episode is brought to you by disney plus disney plus hulu. Espn plus stream all your favorites. The disney bundle. Disney plus has low key and luca on hulu watch originals like american horror story and nine perfect strangers and espn plus has every match of spain's thrilling. Lalita get the disney bundled. Today for only thirteen. Ninety nine includes hulu ad-supported plan access content from each service separately terms apply. See the disney bundle. Dot com for details is ranked. Excuse me in the top forty all time in Shots per game was a first team. selection and was an all star ariel adkins new to the list. Oh excuse me. Genetic arcane meets four or excuse me genetic arcane meets five of the seven criteria aerial atkins meets four of the criteria currently ranked top forty all-time shots per game has wnba championship with washington has been an all star selection and has three total first or second team honors. All defensive that is and then we have shimon augusta's but we named her before elena beard meets six of the seven criteria. We know it's it's defense right. Four-time all-star selection has a wnba championship with la. Also on the list. Totally vella has a wnba championship with seattle. Won the sportsmanship award twelfth overall in total steals all time and defensive six time all defensive first or second rounder. Four of the six categories sue bird. We mentioned sue meets five of the six category criteria. Do wanna bonner meet. Six of the seven criteria has two championships of course with phoenix has been a second team. All defensive has been a four-time all-star two-time either first or second team all wnba. Rebecca brunson meets four of the seven criteria all-star current top forty ranking and w nba championship. Along with an all defensive selection. Liz can beige also meets for the seven criteria all-star all nba all wnba team currently top forty and major end of year season award. That was the peak performer scoring leader. Swin cash. they come swin cash. We've talked about twins. She meets six of the seven criteria to make a catching also with six of the seven criteria. Tina chow with five of seven. All defensive all star all wnba team current top forty ranking and a major individual end of season award. Mvp baby eight-time all-star. I could go on about tina. But we don't have time for all that nafisa collier meets four of the seven criteria all defensive all star team all wnba and major end of year award. Rookie of the year was in All wnba second team selection. Two time all-star excetera big coupe raise the roof for coupe meets five of the seven criteria. Elena delon also with five of the seven criteria has a championship has been an mvp two times over. Also rookie of the year can't forget that. So really racking up there erica. The cells up love that erika desouza wnba championship with la currently all time. Top forty rebounds per game total blocks fourteen. Let's go schuyler digging. Smith i got to see scarlett digging smith last night in new york and yes she was putting on a show and yes she now. I tweeted something. I tweeted that. She was kind of trolling the new york liberty bench. She definitely was trolling. The new york liberty bench but She didn't say anything. She just was holding her three ball stance and just mean mugging grilling grilling the sideline just so happens. That jasmine jones is injured. Unable to play against phoenix. Anyway sips team moving on to. Mika dixon meets four of the seven criteria katie douglas. Five of the seven criteria cheryl ford six of seven criteria including three championships with the g. Detroit shock loved to see it. Sylvia fowles sylvia fowles. I saw tweet saying we need to put sylvia thousand. Mvp conversation sweet. Sil is a silent assassin. But she put on for minnesota the other night sylvia fowles six of the seven criteria met jennifer gillam. Love this four of the seven criteria met including the parole sportsmanship award chelsea gray. The point god has four of the seven criteria obviously won a championship with los. Angeles is a four-time all-star selection and is thirty fourth overall in total assists and thirteenth overall in assists per game yolanda griffith six of the seven criteria. I'm gonna move a little bit quicker through these brittany. Griner six of the seven criteria becky hammon four of the seven criteria. Remember becky has already made one of these all. wnba teams tiffany hayes. Also with four of the seven you love to see it. Currently ranks top forty among all players points per game at thirty one holds cloth four of the seven criteria natasha howard. Six of seven criteria. Lauren jackson six of seven criteria. I loved this one. Brienne january four of seven criteria asia jones for seven cri- criteria. John quincy jones five of seven criteria. Crystal langhorne also five of seven kara lawson for of seven including a championship with a sacramento monarchs. Betty lennox four of seven criteria on a championship with seattle. Lisa leslie noar. You'll ever to time. Wnba champion with the los angeles sparks also is a three time. Mvp two-time final mvp two-time events player of the year and a peak performer. In rebounding three seasons dirt. Okay lisa you better go off or she did go off. Jewell loyd meets five of the seven criteria to titles of course with the seattle storm and rookie of the year. A a rookie of the year award angel mcconnachie meets five of the seven criteria like tina charles. She's missing out on that championship though. We'll see who can get there. I unfortunately mccaw tree out again. With injury taj mcwilliams franklin six of seven criteria including two wnba titles one with the shock one with the minnesota lynx. Ama- envy meese amon who will not return this season to the washington mystics but meets four of the seven criteria a finals. Mvp a championship. Obviously with washington blocks per game is top forty at number thirty three deletion milton jones. Four seven criteria meant. Let's gow renee. Montgomery let's go for of seven criteria met including two championships with minnesota speaking of the minnesota lynx. Yet can't say minnesota without maya moore. She meets six of the seven criteria including four total championships with minnesota. That's fantastic deanna nolan. Six of the seven criteria including three championships with the detroit shock gay album while a four of the seven criteria is a scoring leader or has been the scoring leader was all wnba. First team has been all star was in the race for rookie of the year. But that's a whole nother story. I'm gonna skip around here wendy palmer. For of seven candace parker six of seven teasha penetrate through six of seven. Jia perkins for seven criteria. Met planet pearson. Four of seven criteria met cappon pond. Dexter we've talked about her before six of the seven criteria nicole powell who wanna title with sacramento. Most improved player is top forty in total steals at thirty eight for of seven criteria met epiphany prince for of seven criteria men including getting that chip with seattle where she's back ruth riley four of seven criteria met including two titles with the detroit shock with bad boy bill and beer on the bench danielle robinson five of seven criteria met katie smith. Six of seven criteria meant brianna stewart. Six of seven criteria met sarah cheryl soups also six of seven criteria. Meant we already know for titles with houston defensive player of the year my goodness two times fantastic diana rossi. Five seven criteria met penny taylor. Four of seven criteria nikki teasingly five of seven criteria met tina thomsen. Four of seven criteria met christie tall over five of seven criteria. Met courtney vander sloot teresa weatherspoon for of seven criterium at each lindsay. Whalen already been on one of these lists so has teaspoon. Five seven criteria met elizabeth williams love to see it for seven criteria. Meant along with natalie williams. Now that's going back. Asia wilson five of seven criteria. Already meant and so fia young malcolm for of seven criteria. Meant i said. I skipped one. I skipped a name because this is the name of the only person who has met. Every single criteria on the list is a a seven of seven in. The categories has all defensive. Team honors is an all-star all wnba team currently top forty and is top forty in. Let me just break this down for you. Tonal points at thirty points per game at eighteen. Total rebounds twenty three rebounds per game fifteen total steals tied for thirty fifth and steals per game. Twenty one has been a community. Assist award winner is a wnba champion. Six time all star five time all defensive five-time all wnba and an mvp two-time rot sportsmanship winner and a rookie of the year. That is the one the only neka ag- mckay let that breathe for dramatic effect. There are gold medalists. There are two five time gold medalists on this list. One that's been on every all wnba selection team ten year fifteen year twenty year and for some reason usa basketball couldn't find a place for the only person in wnba history to meet all of the criteria for the all wnba team. Well coming up next on locked on women's basketball. I will break down my process to try and get to my twenty-five and as i said thought it was going to be straightforward turned out. Not so much. 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Two names out of seventy two fifty two players. That i was like i just gotta have. I will say though out of that fifty two let me see one too so nine out of fifty two were question marks people that i was like you know maybe maybe from there. I was like okay. These are the players. That i gotta have that. I gotta have him. I came up with another. I came up with thirty two names. So i went from fifty two ish two to thirty two so i brought it down to thirty two. Must have names then from there. I started looking at the athletes that only had four of seven criteria. Men and i started to decide whether i felt that some of those four or four of seven onlys deserve to be bumped and it was tough. It was really really tough But then i caught. I caught a snag. You know. Because i just. I wasn't sure that i liked that as my personal criteria. So i'm going to give you the twenty or excuse me the thirty two names and then on next week's show Will break down those thirty two a little bit more closely. Neka goumas mccain. More cynthia cooper cheryl soups teasha. Peniche swin cash. Sue bird brianna stewart asia wilson sylvia fowles taj mcwilliams franklin Deletion milton jones planet pearson. Honda griffith becky hammon. Jewell loyd lauren jackson to meet you catching tina charles. Cappon dexter teresa weatherspoon brittany griner. Dying to rossi. Katie smith. brian january candace parker christie. Tolliver cara lawson cheryl ford doina bonner angel country and john quayle jones. Now i thought long and hard about some of the new names on the list and it's hard to put them up against someone who's career is done. But ultimately i believe in the promise and the trajectory of players like john kwan jones in particular dewana bonner has had a fantastic career brand january. Gosh i love brand. January's style of play thinks she's criminally underrated in the wmba. And then from here. I had to make some determinations the criteria set by the wnba and by the ballot. Was i going to go by my eye test which i strongly and firmly believe in also tried to consider players. Honestly like doina monir is able to get Six of that criteria in part because as far as the championships. Anyway i mean playing with diana's rossi penny taylor bringing greiner You know. I had to take that into consideration for me. I think an individual can have a fantastic career and not necessarily be a champion i think. Mvp voting is definitely skewed for post players. So i thought about that when picking guards but this was hard. This was super hard. And if anyone tells you otherwise they our ally. This was difficult folks. I'm gonna break it down even more next week on locked on women's basketball. Let me know how you like this. I know it's basically me just reading a bunch of names But this is kind of important how people go about this top twenty. Five i think is super important So that's the show. It's a little bit of a different show. And it's going to be like this for the next two episodes i did. I had to do a lot of work kind of explaining how things work. What we've seen in the past so the next two shows that i will host here unlocked on women's basketball. I'll get to a little bit more of the news that we're seeing current and then give you my analysis and right breakdown. I mean we have britney griner went down with an injury. I alluded to this schuyler. Digging smith given some sas to new york city we've got partnerships that have announced. We've got a big playoff push including that. I'll give this to you before we leave. But we've got three teams. That have already clinched a playoff berth. That's connecticut son. Who's at the top of the table. Eighteen and six the las vegas aces seventeen and seven and the seattle storm at eighteen and eight. With new york's loss yesterday. They are hanging on by a thread to that. Seven spot dallas on their heels. New york is eleven and fifteen. We see minnesota in the mix. Again sweet still had such a great game. Minnesota on a two game win streak but again phoenix mercury. You can't contain it and it's lethal. That's that team. They're fourteen and ten and they are currently on a five game win streak. The only team that is hotter right now is the connecticut sun coming off of that. Really rough commissioner's cup game. They are six and to start the second half of the season. So we're gonna get into that. We'll have more time. But i hope you enjoyed me breaking down and giving some transparency behind the voting for w twenty-five next week. I'm going to tell you and talk through and i don't know maybe try to justify how i made some selections. It was difficult. I left off some people that i felt very strongly about. I left off some people that i know people are going to give me slack for not including but you know what at the end of the day. It's my ballot. It's my list. And who knows i might be wrong. There's probably a few names that i have. That won't be on the finalist and vice versa. So you know what we're just gonna have to all tune in on september fifth to find out how it goes and you know what let's do a green room. I haven't done spotify green room in a while show. Let's go on spotify green room and we can check on ballot versus the final selections in real time as always. I appreciate you listening to lockdown women's basketball and not just my show but everyone else that we have on locked on women's basketball podcast. Tomorrow you'll hear from the greek howard mendel for now this is signing out the do dopp teams in baseball battle. It out for ten in a row. Here's what our local experts are locked on today. The new york yankees won their tenth straight game knocking off the red hot atlanta braves. Five to one on monday. The yankees are still second to the raise in the al east but for how long subscribe to lock on yankees on youtube today to get stacy got saulius is take on one of the most competitive division races in the mlb. New england. Patriots quarterback cam newton. We'll miss at least three days of practice after traveling to a team approved out of town. Medical appointment due to what the team is calling quote. Misunderstanding about tests conducted away from nfl facilities. Could this open the door for rookie quarterback mack jones to get the starting job on week. One listened to the locked on patriots. Podcast today to find out on lockdown. Nhl ranking the top fifty players heading into the nhl twenty twenty one twenty twenty two season. Subscribe to lock on nhl on youtube to watch or wherever you get podcast to listen. Local experts on the big stories. It's the lockdown podcast network. Your team every day.

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