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Maren Morris sounds off on her love of Bravo and landing "The Middle" + Teddi Mellencamp expands on the BH dog drama backstory!


Welcome to the Bravo. Clubhouse for the podcast division of watch. What happens live with me? Andy cohen. Her music makes me wanna dance in my chair. And I doubt LV still calls her teddy bear, it's watch. What happens I with teddy Mellencamp and mayor and Morris now. Her body walk on to watch it on your host. Andy Cohen in the Bravo. Clubhouse on Beverly Hills night with the country singer who's got a southern drawl and a woman who was super close to being named baby doll. Please welcome real outside Beverly Hills. Teddy mellencamp. Country music artist. I am so obsessed with her song the middle. I said why don't you just meet me in the clubhouse? New album girl is out now say Cy say hi to house, ride super van meert and more. By the way. This is the new album, you're an OG Beverly Hills superfan, right? Yeah. Yeah. Love it. Good. Thank you. I am also a use super fans. So this is like a very surreal place to. I feel like you two are cardboard cutouts. We're we like to be touched. As the host of the popular Martinez and murder podcast. They talk about true crime while getting truly turned on booze say hi to my assistant, Darren carp. Enter carlos. Oh my God. View to have you to delved into the losing Lucy, apple juicy gays forgiving it today on let's get started mayor and one of your first Instagram posts from twenty twelve was of Taylor Armstrong with the caption what the app this. Did you? I love it. So you right. You were really. Oh my gosh. You're yeah. Sorry taylor. And so you all's oh, we're gonna show later, but you did a little audition for the outsides of Beverly Hills which. Your therapist Val is very unique in the fact that she's the therapist who comes to you. How amazing is that? Because there's always that excuse I don't wanna go. I don't wanna drive that. I don't want to do that. She comes to you. So you like take a hike or he's like the concierge of therapist in this. She had good, therapists amazing. Wow. Yeah. And you see her once a week, sometimes more sometimes less. It depends housewives we'll Camille did a classic Beverly Hills house. So I was moved tonight. Some harsh opinions about jewelry behind her back. And then when she arrived at the birthday party things were a little different watch. There's something about that. Just gets me. There's a little bit of phoniness. I don't know if she has all the money, she has or is it a show fake accent all of it? She'd makes the back of the little hairs and actress stand up, which is going what is real. Bars. I live for it. Right. Camille. Yeah. Yes. Your questions for teddy Mirren or coming in. But before we get to those. Here's what three things I am obsessed with tonight. I on tonight's Beverly Hills teddy became her own accountability. Coach and owned her part in the dog drama, which led to hurt or read having a Lucy Lucy. Apple truce, take a look I was involved. None of it would have ever happens as Lisa van pump wouldn't have given them direct orders to constantly contacting her whole point is that she had nothing to do with it. And then it was entirely jump listening. You they've sought me out because of urine is past relationship. And because of the information Lisa Vander pump fed me, I was in on the scheme. This is somebody. I can't look at any. I was set up and I took the bait, but I could not go through with the teddy was caught in the line. But at least she's taking ownership of that you've got own up. I gotta choice for the. I was I couldn't believe that you read forgave you. So quickly. Were you surprised? I think she knew it was the truth. I mean, and it's even worse feeling when you know, it's the truth, and it sucks, but also that you had said in the Bahamas. You were like I don't lie. What I'm saying is the truth. So it seemed like I was a little cagey in the Bahamas because the original story, I was told about the dog was gnarly. And so my response was gnarly because I was told a very different story that ends up. Not being the trip told you that story. Well, the I I get a call from John blizzard. And he's like, hey, Lee deletes not calling Lisa back. So she's going to text her teddy knows. And then it just all spiraled from there. What do you think there? I kind of feel like Denise Richards, needs a gif of her the table and. I'm law. Are you? I myself. Here's what when LV joined the group. She antennae played a villa blame game watch. I know you're not gonna take any ownership for your part. I've taken ownership. I have told the truth if you can live with yourself doing this then go for it's been working for you for a long time. I'm fine. Then let's all just coexist. So you don't feel any kind of deal. No feel betrayed by trade by you because I couldn't carry out your plan. All right. Well, I guess just a breed to coexist. Nothing. Should be lucky. I don't think teddy Mellencamp is somebody I would ever really trust again. Well. Touche? Okay, second there and Morris is so obsessed with housewife drama that she wants tried to force herself into the drama vice I'm here it is. It's the real addition. Okay. Inviting us here Bris what you said to me four months ago was not okay. I thought my hair looked good have a great night. Barron while I can't give you a diamond hold yet. I can give you the floor. We're gonna put forty five seconds on the clock. You can ask teddy and me any Bravo. Burning question you want ready set? Bravo, okay. At your baby shower. What was who gave you the best gift? That's a really good question. You gave me so many close the gift of the baby shower itself. I will say it was the best gift of all. And that came from the OJ Kyle Meany Ramona, Theresa and Vicky, okay teddy. I know that your business has grown a lot in the last year. But I would like to know if you've ever accountability coach me, well, you would have to I as you can see from that drunk video. I'm very. And I'm gonna kill you Shane for floating that I work with anybody who wants to make a change on becoming healthier. Okay. Very good my answer. All right. They're amazing the hit song the middle. But tonight, I'm forcing her to pick sides. Here's what Marins since Bravo is music to your ears. Let's play one. You just meet me in the man. Punk rules in Beverly Hills. You tell me who you think needs to meet the other person in the middle who do you think these to meet the other in the middle with the teddy LV VPN Dory dog situation. I'm a huge L VP fan. But I think she needs to meet you both in the middle. I think you guys have patched up your. So I would say she needs to bring you to coffee or drinks or something in patch needed to meet the other in the middle. When L VP was upset at Erica for sending her a written condolence. No, I haven't been in a similar situation to this. So I think everyone processes grief in a different way. I would say that you can't fault anyone for reaching out in their own way to to give condolences. Okay. Who do you? Seek needed to meet the other in the middle. When it came to Ren and Kim Richards ongoing regarding buddy gates. Definitely kim. That would be weirdest thing I've ever seen. And there is the bunny right over there. No since you're you're you're in the middle of it. So to speak who do you think needs to meet the other in the middle and rules. When it comes to LVN or beef with Kristin. Oh, man. I love you Lisa so much, but I'm just like trying to be a fan and be like if you're gonna keep employed you got to stop giving. Thank you very much. Okay. Let's go to the phones. Laurie from New Jersey. Hey, laurie. What your question for teddy? Hey, love you. Congratulations. Always be my favourite top gay. Thanks. Teddy. I have a question for you. Yup. Given how close your with Kyle? Does it bother you to see her laughing apps off with L E P since into two of your at such odds, of course, not my relationship with L VP is my relationship. I'm not it's not like a group mentality. Like, it's one on one. So my relationship isn't good doesn't mean that. I won't Kyle to have a poor relationship. She has to do what's right for her. Barney be texted mayor, and how did you and your friend Casey must graves, initially Mead. And does she know how much she looks like Kyle Richards? It could be twins. They really do Casey. And I were both in Texas. And we started going to the same auditions aubrey's and talent shows, and we were kids, and that's how we met. And that's how long it's been. Yeah. She loves a wig. Okay. Over the bar from the oxygen podcast Martinez, a murder it's Darren and John you can see arrive at the today as the death becomes us festival in New York City. Get your tickets oxygen dot com. Teddy Logan S wants to know. What exactly did you leave out that you said would hurt Dorri? Well, because when I was originally told the story that dramatic story. I I called her in our Cest. You you call Georiga Narcisse. Oh, well, I mean, I was feeling. Well, that was when like that was in my mind that was the biggest obviously, I'm gonna say the dog. They're not going to bring it up at a thin air of trysted L emailed mirror. And there were so many pop stars who almost landed the middle before it got to you did you ever chat with the other girls who originally recording it so did like Camila Cabello and Demi Levato did they all record it and not release it. Yeah. And I came in very late in the game. So I don't know all the singers auditioned to be on it. But I do know that demean Camille like they chose other songs to do at that time. So it wasn't like said rejected them. Isn't that wild? Because what a gift is for your life. Yeah. I come from the country world. And I just I'm a songwriter. But on this song, I just knew it was such a hit. I didn't care that. I wasn't a writer on it. I just got I made the. Speech exit teddy. Do you think the beef with Vander palm Doritos actually about the dog? Now, what do I think it's about wanting to make your friends look bad? Okay. Kentucky head Carolyn what your question. Hey on on a question from Aaron I wanted to do what was the timid ironing part about performing with Sali, pardon and Molly SARS Grammy's. And what did y'all talk about back stage? That was also inquest you killed it. Thank you, really good. I mean, it's. I was really nervous. Because obviously, it's Dolly Parton. And I was singing trio song with her and Miley, and I know Miley as Dolly's goddaughter. So I'm kinda coming into their familiar world. But Dolly just immediately made me feel so welcome to be there. And she and I joked about how short we are. That's kind of what the thing was backstage. But yeah, I was nervous. I it's a lot of talent up there. It's not some piddly old awards show. It's the words, and it's Dolly, and it's her music. So you want to be respectful? Thank you. It's a list from Philadelphia on the line for teddy which question Eliza. Hi, andy. All right teddy. Have you spoken to John blizzard since he met with Lisa and told her he put words in L VP mouth when he texted you that he wanted you to know about the dog. I haven't talked to John blizzard since the he he texts still like random things like have you birthday to slay? He'll see it on my Instagram. But I I haven't responded. Okay. Rachel from Boston for Merrin. Gretz on your baby. And Andy if you could bring one ex house back to the show who would it be? Oh, that's a good question. Good question. I'm excited to get further into the season to see the brandy Glenville scene. But oh my gosh. That's you know, I really love Eileen. I thought she was such a great voice of reason. I really really liked. Laureus Facebook teddy will your dad ever make an appearance on the show. I mean, he's an avid watcher. He like the amount of texts that I got really. He knows God. How long until you're good. How? God. That's so funny. That's that's funny. Let's go to Emily Rhode Island. Emily what your question, Andy? My question is prepared petty. How exactly did you Erica move pasture? Admit nesia issues from last year. Also, give shady of her a picture of her condolence note to LV. No, I think I think she did what she I mean, she knew it was coming. That's incredible. But I you know, when we were at the reunion. We both said we're going to move on. I mean, we may we may have been white knuckling it when we set it. Right. We are. We are of our words. So we said we're gonna move on. So we did. And we started to get to know one. Another only got okay, it's gametime everybody. Grammy award. But if I make her hit the mute button, we'll she's still turn out a winning performance. We're gonna find out with mouthing musicians you to face each other. Okay. Okay. Various music industry. Giants are going to appear in the monitor behind teddy bear in is going to try to get teddy who just happens to be related music royalty to guess each one by silently mouthing their names if teddy gets seven in forty five seconds you've both win. Okay. So you just now their names. Okay. Go. Carrie underwood. Bruno mars. Reba mcintire. Arianna guerande? Salim dion. More. John. Elton, john. Yes. And John over the bar guys. Do you actually drink martinis on the podcast? Okay. Martinez. Murder. Do you know that I just got that? I'm such a moron. Brendan see Email teddy. What do you say to people who think you weren't practicing? What you preach by not being accountable for your part in this right away. I was still working out and eating healthy. That's what I. That's funny. Okay. Let's go to my from New York came. I oh what your question? Hi, andy. Oh my God. I love you so much to say quickly Mazda Tobon Benny, thanks so much for sharing so much pay on your grants yawn, high Maron and my question is for teddy teddy. Do you think that Lisa Renna? It's coming at the Lucy Lucy apple juicy drama with a personal vendetta of her own since she isn't that close with your yet. No. I think she's just narrating what she's seen. She's eating it up. So why I mean, she's she's a little she's Lisa running yet. But I mean, she esta he's telling the story, and she's lived it. Right. Right. So mayor and your husband your husband. Namedrop the housewives during your wedding, vows, right? Yeah. What did he say? Like a like minded people. It's all good. No. And it really was in defense. He said, I promise to love you through everything the, blah, blah this, and then watching real housewives to this that sound watch with you. He likes to pretend he doesn't. And then he somehow knows all of the information the inner workings of what's going on. He's like Louis Beverly oser you. Yeah. That's kind of like, I thought your home. That's my home base. So I think if you're going to commit and watch this mini seasons. Over many have been on. I can only really be loyal to. It's too many stories to keep straight even on this one. Yeah. That's true. Actually. Yes. I mean, this this dog has not been the easiest now me, and I kind of him supposed to know. What's going? I mean, the good thing is there's going to be like new stuff. Yes. Okay. And it's kind of like a little mystery. It's like, you know, thank God. There's no murder. Yeah. Muslim of the day. And it goes to Denise Richards for being well, blessed when you may was that like instant attraction, very big penis. Now that explains why their wedding vows were for bigger or or in thickness and in. Tonight's jackal. I know I can only look at him high. Tonight's Jack goes to the fun fact that teddy revealed about herself a few weeks ago on Beverly Hills. My name is supposed to be baby. Okay. Thank god. Your parents went for with Saudi because I don't know if I would ever be able to watch this with a straight face. I'm not afraid of hard work. But I'll never do your dirty work. There now. So. I wanna take Taty barren. Hey, everybody. We're back with teddy Mellon from the outside. Mayor Morris is new album is. Darren and John or from Martinez and murder. The oxygen true crime podcast. You can see them live at the Gramercy theatre March twenty third tickets on sale at oxygen dot com. Let's go back to the phones Maggie from North Carolina. Hey, maggie. Hey, Andy, Lau view. My question is for Mirren. How crazy is it that you rejected by both American idol and the voice, but both show tag contestants covering your songs. Doer rejected from both of those shows. Oh, yeah. That's not even the I was rejected from America's got talent. There were ton that I didn't make it to. Thank god. Sorry, right. Someone else would own your eye, and then now people cover my songs for their audition those show. So it's like not only is it really nice to have my song on national television show gets a collect the check and have some sweet revenge. He's from Michigan. Lisa. What's your question? Hi, how are you? Right. Hi, I love you. Thanks for Mirren mirror. And I'm from Kalamazoo Ryan from town. Oh, cure mitten. Love it. Yes in. So my question is why is it so important for you to speak about your beliefs in politics, and what do you think about country musician to remain a-political? Ooh. Get me with the the heavy stuff. You know, I think to each their own at this point. I have chosen to be political because I don't even think it's political. I think it's just really personal beliefs. I believe that all walks of life, all shades of color, all gay straight. Whatever you are. I think that you deserve to be love and to love, and I think that for fans of country music like these children that are growing up in like Alabama Georgia like they aren't hearing themselves are Jonah right now. And I want them to. And so I think that's why on certain things I am just really impassioned too. Talk about it. Because you know, these are people's realize, and I want to write music for them. Darren John for more. Wait before you go. Here's a sneak peek. There's an article that just came out these and pump feels betrayed by her longtime powdery Kemp who adopted a dog from Vanda pump. It's only to drop the in will often local animal shelter, it people think that mistreat animals caught from bid. People's perception is what they read pick shoes. Just by using. This is Lisa. Thanks for listening to the podcast everybody. Hope you enjoyed the show. Remember, new episodes? Go live Monday through Friday at four PM eastern time. 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