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They're out dressed like that. We don't care how you're dressed because we cannot see you. Give us a call. The number is one triple eight wait. That's one eight eight eight nine two four eight nine two four. Let's welcome our first listener contestant. Hi you're on wait wait. Don't tell me Hi Joshua from Greenville South Carolina Joshua from Greenville how are you. I'm doing quite well. I'm glad to hear it. What do you do there in south South Carolina? I'm a college student and I am interning at T._D.. Bank your interning at T._d.. Bank do you want to be a banker well. I'm majoring in English and history so you tell me you'd better hope you can be a banker. I guess well welcome to the a show Joshua. Let me introduce you to our panel. This week. I up a comedian performing at Hyenas in Dallas August eighth through the tenth and her Netflix Special Drops August thirteenth. Ah Ida Rodriguez a comedian you can see it the Robin Theater in Lansing Michigan on August twenty fifth. It's Mr Adam Burke and finally a comedian you can see August Sixteenth Osteen Hyannis Massachusetts at the Cape Cod Melody Tent and here every week on her very own podcast. Nobody listens to Paula poundstone. It's Paula poundstone welcome to our show. Of course they're gonNA play. WHO's bill this time? That's how we start this show. Bill Curtis is going to reach the three quotations from the week's news. Guess what he's talking about or who is imitating two times out of three you will win our prize the voice of anyone you might choose on your voicemail ready to play. I am quite ready. I'm glad glad to hear it because here is your first quote. Go easy on kid. That was somebody speaking to Camera Harris. Just as the democratic debate started this week. She did not listen to him. who was it that will be uncle? Joe Uncle Joe Biden the second rounded the democratic debates this week and despite the efforts of many people doing a lot of work after the first round. We weren't able to get rid of any of those people at the Wednesday debate. There were two Tuesday Wednesday at the Wednesday debate. Everybody went after Biden and his main response was hey but Obama liked me come on on that was years ago. It's like the old guy who won't stop talking about high school right. Hey I was vice quarterback with the football team. You guys enjoy the debates. I take it you did there. I just I feel bad for Marianne Williamson yeah because everybody kept tweeting her like affirmation. They were asking her she'd had like stones and candles. Yeah they make it sound like Harry Potter just feel bad for her. You know I didn't watch these ones but I will say I was shocked shocked to see her on the debate stage for the Democrats and then very impressed in the first debate when she said her first couple answers into which were pretty good here and then by the thirty answer her meds had worn off it will happen like that. She doesn't go for MED rubs herself against an old oak or something conventional wisdom coming out of the tonight affair was that Joe Biden who is leading by a long way the democratic polls all he had to do was not screw up and he didn't don't screw up so the idea was like oh he's doing great except at the very end of it. He screwed up his own website right. He said go to Joe Three Zero three three zero zero when he meant text that I mean it was such a grandfatherly thing to do. Also although Joe does look like the Joe Thirty thirty two. He looks like he'll be running in a thousand years. You're next quote is from some public service that N._p._R.. Did sending a message to to a specific group of men this week children think you're really really unattractive. That was N._p._R.'s nell Greenfieldboyce talking about a new study that finds men with what facial feature actually scares young children mustaches oh bigger than that go for the whole face beard beard. Yes this wait a minute. You said that the tone of resignation and sadness do you have a beard. I definitely do not okay yes but the answer is beard's a new study finds adults perceived people with beards as stronger and more mature but that young children find them terrifying. AH SINGLE MOM thinks they're stronger and more mature most adults according to psychological surveys yeah well I wasn't they didn't serve me is what they did is part of the study. This was part of it they were trying to find out how kids related to people with beards and not so what they did was they took some young kids and they gave them a specially created picture book. It's about a mysterious island where the kids were instructed to complete quests and they could pick helpers right so they tended to pick clean shaven men for tasks involving cooperation and bearded men for tasks that called for strength and men SPLAINE. This is already to copy. This is already to figuring out the kids. Don't like it's terrifying are bearded people in the you'd shoot. They annoyed by the findings of this. I don't know are you know. First of all children. Children should find band terrified. You see men. Should everyone should have a beer also who wants to be attractive to children. That's <music>. I'm so like not a detective look. I wasn't even thinking about the fact that you have the beard and I think that they seem mature but that wasn't directly so you don't see particularly mature here. Joshua is your last quote. I got the horses in the back. Horse tack is attached. Those were some some of the lyrics to the song that has now broken the record for longest run ever at the top of the billboard charts. What is that song that horrible Song Old Town road? Oh you may think it's horrible serve within the nation disagrees. The song by a little nauseous has been number one on the billboard charts for seventeen consecutive weeks that breaks a record record at this rate it will last longer than human civilization allows X. keeps it on the charts. This is true by constantly churning out new versions with different collaborators including shooting billy ray Cyrus and Lil Wayne Song keeps getting updates were now version thirteen point eight so it doesn't work with the old versions fussell will not not ever be on a remix of Old Town Road Mayor Pete Buttigieg the presidential candidate. This is true he and a little nauseous were supposed to do an event together and Mary Pizza well. Hey we're GONNA be on stage together. Can I do the song with you and they'll GNAWS. X. Said no he had already done a mix with the twelve year old Mason Ramsey from Nashville so we didn't want another with a yodeling child. According to campaign rules he would have had to do a remix with all nineteen. Oh my God ah I should say that even though he put a judge was turned down there is in fact a growing trend presidential candidates collaborating with popstars Bernie Sanders didn't event with Cardi B. This week she he's actually he and she'd been talking for a while. She has lyric about bloody shoes and you know he heard that and was like I had that. Dushi should meet my podiatrists. She did a video on instagram endorsing him yeah and if it would have been on N._B._C. it would have been one solid beep. Yeah I would say oh my goodness it was it was interesting. Elizabeth Warren also also did something with her with Cardi. B. Wasn't aware of that. What Elizabeth Warren do with I don't know she she also spoke about it? She was she's GonNa use her platform to talk about politics and other all the things that people don't want her to talk about and she was like if I end up dead y'all know who did it. We don't know so how do we do in our quiz did okay and three and all is okay. Congratulations right panel time for you to answer some questions about this week's News Adam if you have an apple device you know that the Automated Assistant Austin Siri wakes up when it here's the phrase Hey Siri but according to a company whistle blower Siri also wakes up and starts listening when it here's what someone someone in a factory complaining about the no I'll give you a hint. If you want to avoid this everybody he needs to go out and get pants with the button flies way the sound like a zipper. Yes the sound of Zipper wakes up Siri. Wow that's mcsherry. Yes I told you that series starts listening when it hears pants zipped and your first thought was they've heard Oh and then you think a little more and you're like wait. They've also heard ohno apple sends recordings made by Siri out to contractors whose job it is to make sure it's recording what it's supposed to be recording and according to an anonymous whistleblower what they hear is quote discussions between doctors and patients business yeah this deal's criminal dealings sexual encounters and so on unquote and all that is bad but what business the deals begin with people taking their pants all thanks for taking the the meeting gentlemen. Let's drop trowel and talk numbers applause. How many people are going Coming up it's an open and shut case. It's Listener Game Cohen AAA wait wait. We'll be back in a minute with more wait. Wait don't tell me from N._p._R.. Support for wait wait. Don't tell me comes from simplisafe home. Security simplisafe protects your whole home every window room door with sensors designed to blend into your home decor. You can set up up your simplisafe system yourself usually and under an hour they offer video verification and around the clock professional monitoring with simplisafe there are no contracts six or hidden fees learn more about simply safe and get free shipping on your order at simplisafe dot com slash wait a good book can transform. There's a fair amount of evidence now that the more fiction that people read the more empathic that they become novel exercises to enhance onto your empathy this week on hidden brain from N._p._R.. It's the first episode of our Summer Series You two point Oh from N._p._R.. W._B._Z. Chicago this is wait. Wait don't tell me the N._p._R.. News Quiz. I'm Bill Curtis. We are playing this week with IDA. Rodriguez Adam Burke Paula poundstone case the the wait wait. Don't tell me bluff listener game. Call one triple eight. Wait wait to play her game in the air. Hi you're on wait. Wait don't tell me Dalton. I'm from UTAH. Hey where in Utah Provo I love Provo Utah. That's great. What do you do there? I work at an electric cardiogram technician hospitals. Oh really so you're the guys who like finding out how people's hearts are doing but one right. Do you ever root for like really interesting heartbeats to break up the the monotony no well welcome to the show. Don't you're here to play the game in which you must read to tell truth from fiction bill what has Dalton's pins topic. It's elementary my dear Sago. Everybody loves a mystery who murdered whom what happened to the lost city of Atlantis. Why was John Delaney at the the debate this week? A mystery solved our panelists are gonna tell you about it. Pick the one who's telling the truth and you'll win our prize waiter of your choice choice on your voicemail. Are you ready to play first mystery and it solution comes from IDA Rodriguez. The small town of Kashmir Washington was turned upside down by missing kid store. Komai sixteen passed his driver's license tests took off for his first joy Reid and disappeared when he didn't come at home I I didn't worry much because I just assumed he was enjoying our new chevy spark. His mother Claire told the local News Mrs Komai finally called the police when he didn't show up for dinner because it was chicken pot Pie Knight and Stewart never misses that the people of Kashmir mobilized to find Stewart looking through woods and fields putting up posters and delivering baked goods to the word family but it was Jeremiah since in a local co farmer on his way to pick up some supplies from a store in the neighboring town of Coles Corner who found the boy he pulled up in front of a newly installed roundabout. Oh and the intersection of highway to highway two and notice the small Red Chevy going around around in with an agitated young driver apparently stored had driven in to the roundabout realized he didn't learn about anything like that and Driving School Ooh and got stuck going round and round in it for six hours. Mrs Komai was so happy to have her son bag. She made an exception exception and had pop pied night. All over again. Boy found trapped around about how to get out of it. The story of a mystery demystified comes from Adam Burke. We can all agree the only thing worse than a mcchicken. Sandwich is a mcchicken sandwich at someone's woman's already taken a bite out of that was the situation facing an Indianapolis police officer who went to reheat a McDonalds meal at the beginning of his shift only to find someone woman had pre nibbled it. I know I didn't eat it said the officer who identified himself to local press as D._J.. Officer D._J.. Immediately went into the McDonald's from whence the sandwich originated and demanded to know which cop hating malefactor had sabotaged his sandwich a joint investigation was immediately launched. Thanks bye both the Golden Arches and boys in blue just in case anyone in Indianapolis was wondering why it was taken so long to find your stolen car and or deliver your mcmuffin eventually. The perpetrator of the mass decatur misdeed was brought to light none other than Officer D._J.. Himself the the employees took a bite out of the SAM upon starting his shift police said in a statement he returned nearly seven hours later having forgotten that he had previously bitten the Sammer. The discovery has helped to clear up a number of other investigations that D._J.. Has Been Working on including the curious case of who left the front door open the mystery of the missing TV remote and the baffling riddle who used up all the toilet paper the investigation to see what prankster took a bite out of his own sandwich only discover that it was himself your last story of an enigma my answer to comes from Paula poundstone when coral springs Florida residents Nina and Fred Russilloshow returned home to their sixteen year old son after dinner out on Tuesday Tuesday night. They were shocked to find a gaping hole in the front door chairs. Were flipped furniture was in disarray. The couch persons were wet and hemorrhaging foam home. The refrigerator door was swung wide open exposing its collapsed shelves and empty containers. I was so angry Nina Russo said Romeo Romeo her son was sitting at the computer when we left and there was an Eggplant lasagna a seven layer dip and a poppy seed bundt cake in the refrigerator two and a half half hours later he was sitting there playing fort nut or whatever it is the apartment was a war zone and there were empty food containers even under the couch however young Romeo insisted he had done nothing wrong and had no idea what had happened feeling unjustly accused Romeo's stormed out of the apartment slamming what was left after the front door and saw an eleven foot alligator being wrangled into a Florida Fish and wildlife commission vehicles when their neighbors saw the alligator coming out of the front door they immediately called the nuisance alligator hotline authorities are not sure why the mammoth Predator broke through the Rubio's door and ravaged their apartment but Romeo's parents were <unk> only mildly surprised that there's never noticed all right choices to one of these. He's a real mystery. That got solved this week. Was it from IDA. What happened to a lost boy in Washington? Well it turns out he was just stuck in a roundabout for hours from Adam Burke who took a bite out of a cops hamburger. Well it turns out it was the cop himself or from Paula poundstone who trashed this house while a teenager was there supposedly posed playing video games well. It was a large alligator which of these is the real mystery and solution. We found out about this week with my man Adam all right well. You've chosen Adam story of the COP and the mysterious biting his sandwich well to bring you the real story we spoke to someone who had covered the police department and the MacDonald investigated. The cause of the bitten sandwich turns out that that was Dosso Boca who covered the hamburger mystery in Indianapolis for U._S._A.. Today congratulations congratulations dolphin. You got it right well the point of just by telling the truth then you've won a prize the voice of your choice on your voicemail. Thank you so much for plan. Thank you so much. Take Care Bye bye and now the game where we ask somebody who was better things to do to do something worse. It's called not my job there. There are dance dance and great dads but the greatest ads are the Sitcom Dad's the ones with crazy loving families who argue but always end up loving each other more in the end America's Raining Sitcom Dad Right now is Anthony Anderson of the show black ish. She's also the host of to tell the truth in A._B._C.'s veteran actor comedian can stand up. He's everything Anthony Anderson. Welcome to wait. Wait don't tell them so. Blackish is like you've done so many things but let's just focus on blackish because there's a huge tradition of like family sitcoms right goes back to God. I don't know father knows best and is it like a burden to be right now. America's favorite TV dad now I just want to get out there where we just want to get out there and tell our stories and and have fun doing it and hopefully it resonates with an audience the way that it has for the past six years and do you do people like assume you're wise because you play a T._v.. Dad No one would ever assume but I'm why that all right that's fine about black because I wanted to talk to you about the much more challenging and important thing that you do which is hosting a game show not only hosting a game show but hoping a game show with my mother as my sidekick what nobody he told me this your mother is your sidekick yeah. My mother is Mama door at that. That's my that's my real mother. The woman that birth me right it and it's funny how it came about I was doing an episode of celebrity. Family feud me my mother and my sister in law my brother and my aunt at on this show Jesus and the first question is posed to my mother where would a naked magician pull a rabbit out of uh-huh and without hesitation my mother scream to the heavens and I did Steve Harvey. Give her one of those five minute long burning look like burning lack production shutdown literally four about five minute ride. Just you're dealing with that and after the show <hes> the producers came over to me and said Hey can we talked to you about your mother and as a hey guys I told you she was alive wire. I do apologize what they were like. No that's just it. We want your mother to be on your your game. Show with you to tell the truth and I was like really and they were like yeah. What do you think about it? I think it's great because it gets her off my payroll and put your onto your so. Can you tell me how this works on to tell the truth. She's like sitting next to you and my mother is basically the voice of the people she asked. The question that people who were we're at home are thinking a lot of the celebrity ads this woman this. I WanNa know like one episode. We have the woman that woman on the show with the longest fingernails you know one of her fingernails with a little more than four five feet long and my mother asked the question well how do you I'm going to say here. I don't Till the magician the naked magician. I don't see any other answer same thing. Go disrespect your mother's cleverness into was on the board. Now we heard that you are pretty enthusiastic. Golfer and in fact you've golfed with President Obama. What was that like bat was? One of the best rounds of golf ever played is Obama chatty golfers he one of those serious golfers. I just want to hit the ball and get down the course he quit you. He talks trash which you <hes> and I'll tell you this. He took all of our money <music>. He's a golfer. It was Chris Paul Myself Michael Phelps and President Obama President Obama a dozen hit the ball off the tee hit about two hundred and twenty two hundred thirty yards but he hits it straight as an Arrow right down the middle of the fairway and he ended up taking money any from all three of us. I was about to say you say he took all of your money. You Chris Paul and Michael Phelps have a lot of money we do with President Obama getting have a problem taking any of it no he was was he like in how we're GONNA. We're GONNA make this interesting that was gonNA play into how so because we didn't know if tweet could approach presente like that with the bet so we bet amongst ourselves and on the third hole while we were teeing off Alabama was like so you guys aren't GonNa include me into the back and we were like Oh sure Barack won't get onboard. Let's plan for us all right and he commenced to whip the what is the right to talk to you anthony but we have invited you here and I hope he were warned about this to play a game. This time we're calling you've been sent down to Aa your initials are of course which made us think of double a baseball. That is the minor league so we're GONNA ask you three questions about Minor League ball correctly you want our price one of our listeners the voice of anyone they might like on their answering machine bill who is Anthony Anderson playing for Eric Christianson of Anaheim California the local all all right you ready here ready all right. Here's a question minor league teams are famous for their promotions right won promotion thought up by the West Virginia power with was stopped before it could happen what was it hey animal sacrifice night which they were to recreate with a live goat an ancient pagan ritual be salute to indoor plumbing night in which they would close the bathrooms and ask everyone to use porta-pottys instead or see wife swap night in which everybody had the chance to go home with somebody else wow West Virginia. That's definitely why floppy very certain yet you went for the wrong stereotype. It's indoor plumbing plumbing night that one of the do this because the idea it. was you really appreciate indoor plumbing when you don't have access to it but the health authority shut them down so they weren't able to really appreciate someone else's wife if you've been married as long as some other people here's your next year so two chances you can still win this something. That's never happened before happened at an Atlantic Atlantic League minor league game just two weeks ago what was it a player swung his bat so hard to came around and hit him in the head so he knocked himself out. Be a coach was ejected from a game for arguing with a robot umpire or see a pop fly was caught and carried away by a seagull resulting in the first ever bird assisted homerun baseball player swung the bat so hard that it sort right him something hit and knocked himself out. The audience doesn't doesn't like that. I don't know if you can hear Anthony but they're all saying it's B.. I admire you sir but they were right. I was in fact the trying out this thing where a robot calls balls and strikes a coach did not like the calls argued and was thrown out by the human umpire who was monitoring monitoring all right. You have one more chance to get one right here. We go minor. League Games are known for their shenanigans but one catcher tried something the cost him his job. What did he do? He carved up potato tatum to look like a baseball and threw it to trick a runner while holding onto the real ball to tag him out be he used poison ivy to turn to the opposing pitcher into an actual belly pitcher or see tired of squatting behind the plate he dragged a barker laundry out there and just sat there and challenge them to make a move. Oh my God I am going to have to go with carved potato and dig it. Birkin out in Hawaii held onto the ball. That's exactly right. I just want to say he did this. It worked he got the guy out but he was immediately thrown out of the game and his baseball career was over but the potato ball is now preserved in baseball museum. It was such an amazing thing love it. I I do too bill. How did Anthony Anderson are out of three? That's okay Ish Anthony Today. Anderson is the nominated for an emmy for best actor in a comedy again for his lead role in A._B._C.'s blackish the new season premieres in September Anthony Anderson. What a joy to talk to you? Thanks thanks for joining us on. Wait wait. Don't tell me in just a minute week golf like a God in our listener limerick challenge game call triple eight to join us on the air. We'll be back in a minute with more. Wait wait. Don't tell me from N._p._R.. Well her support for this podcast and the following message come from the American Jewish World Service working together for more than thirty years to build a more just and equitable world learn more at age A._W._S. Dot O._R._G.. Going on a big group trip always sounds good in theory but it can get tricky when when you get there and have a totally different expectations checkout N._p._R.. Life kits new guide on navigating group travel or subscribe to life can all guys for all our episodes. It's all in one place from N._P._R.. W._B._Z. Chicago this is where we don't tell me the N._p._R.. News game. I'm Bill Curtis playing this week with Paula poundstone. I Rodriguez and that Burke and here again is your host at not Chase Bank auditorium in downtown Chicago Teeter Seagull. Thank you bill in just a minute bill remembers Germany's Arriva Republic in our Listener Limerick challenge game. If you'd like to play give us a call at one triple eight wait wait. That's one eight eight eight nine two four eight nine two four right now panel some more questions for you you from the week's News Paula Fast Company magazine looked into one of the persistent mysteries of office life why no matter what we can't control ourselves and the presence of what ooh white out. That's not right but you're just forcing me to ask you. Is this a problem that you have that you cannot control yourself in the presence of white waiting out everything. No I mean just when I know it's there comes out of I have is that what you do instead of pressing the home button on your phone. You just wipe out the screen. If you're it does not white. How can you give me a hint Peter Well? Let's see marines birthday was just last week so it's probably still good bringing bringing in their cakes or eating the cake eating the free food in the office. Give it just seems why is it that all of us are helpless the food in the office and if and if you've worked in an office you know that anything edible no matter how old or go slicking will be devoured from geico birthday cake to that Caribou carcass the vultures are finished according to a psychologist from the Cleveland Clinic the reason we just can't resist this. This food is in part because office food is free and thus it appeals to our nate desire to get a good deal. It's like yeah that's single. EMINEM has been stepped on so much. It's now all part of the carpet but it's free pride how much this study cost that gave us this world discovery yeah people like free food and cake and got it solve yeah we're getting this was not a study. This is Fast Company magazine wondering about this question calling up a psychologist. Listen getting guesses as to why it's true true. If you've ever worked in an office I mean the stuff you would never eat even at home. You're like Oh my God that bagels been out sitting out all day. I'm I can eat that like Oh. Bagel no usually cut it in half and then you know everybody that they like to cut the thing in half and then later stroll by the other came out here we just theory to describe that as the theory of the plausibly segmented demented donut and the ideas like you can't eat a whole doughnuts turbo for you gain weight but if you cut the doughnut enough parts and eat them with enough time between them it doesn't count as eating a whole donor by the way the theory of the positivity segmented Dona is Marianne Williamson that sounds Ida Jimmy Johns Sonic and the cheesecake factory all have foods topping this year's list of what carcinogens you're you're close. I'm going to give it to you anyway. Basically medically inadvisable food. I've never heard that medically advisable inadvisable every year but a restaurant named the lines around the block well every year a large need mytalk the center for Science and the public interest does this every year they announced list of the worst things you can get at popular restaurants. They call it the extreme eating awards. It's the the list highlights the worst things you can order for example including the cheesecake factory's cinnamon roll pancakes which they say are have the equivalent equivalent of two and a half days worth of saturated fat or or the same of eating eleven crispy cream donuts also featured Melissa's Jimmy Johns Sixteen sixteen inch giant Gargantuan Sandwich Chilli's five meet big boss Burger and Taco bells big ass meat. Sack misprint made that last one but if you started salivating seek help did make wake up. I am sure give him a year man yeah right. You Might WanNa trademark that now coming up. It's lightning fill in the blank but I Message one triple eight wait wait. That's one eighty eight nine two four eight nine two four or quickly contact us link on our website. That's wait wait that N._p._R.. Dot Org there you can find out about attending our weekly live shows right here at the Chase Bank Auditorium in Chicago and her upcoming shows August twenty nine hundred thirtieth wolf trap just outside Washington D._C.. In Northern Virginia and September twelfth that the New Jersey Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark Hi you're on wait wait. Don't tell me hi it's the Beker Ruben calling. How are things in new haven there good it? Just then what do you do there. I work at the Yale Center emotional intelligence or really well. What do you do at the Yale Center for emotional intelligence I work with educators haters who want to implement social emotional learning mostly k twelve school really trying to make kids more emotionally sort of capable and open and aware yes well well good for you and welcome to the show ecobill? Curtis is going to read you three news related limericks with the last word or phrase missing each have you could fill in that last word or phrase correctly and two of the lyrics will be a winner you ready the Plat. Yeah all right here is your first limerick. Avocado toast will not controlled me but demand is up it shocks me holy now tacos and chips resort to fo- dips they have to use fake Guacamole guacamole avocado getting more and more expensive and millennials have already taken out second mortgages to afford them as it is so restaurants have started making guacamole without avocado true. This mock GUAC is made often with the Mexican squash called Caliber Sita's fun to say but it's just not the same chefs say the flavors almost identical the only difference is in the texture can the tend to be thinner and run here because he has a looked at a bowl of guacamole and thought you know. I wish this was damper. That's why you gotta come over the make it right at your table. You can go let me look at AH. Here's your next limerick. Grab your clubs to the Church we will strut strengths pray for par with no eff and or but but across the turns slowly the water traps holy. We're going to church to play Putt PUTT. Yes in Rochester Cathedral outside London is almost a thousand years old and it has the distinction of being one of the holiest places in England not only is it at a church but it is now a church with an indoor mini golf course the course only opened recently and clergy around the world too quick to condemn it describing it as an act of desecration and but some religious scholars believe the course has a place in the church for example Jesus would be a great golfer he never loses ball and a water hazard or if he's in a fun mood a wine hazard hazard. Here's your here is your last limerick. When I work out get anxious or fret I get stains funky smells and regret so I wear a new fabric? That's woven of magic. It smells really good. When I ah yes indeed scientists created fabrics turns your body odor into a fresh lemony aroma instead of smelling like an old wet shoe? You'll smell like some new just drowned in lemonade two weeks ago special cotton fibers in the close bind with the proteins in your sweat release a pleasant scent so essentially the grocery you are the better you smell. If you think about this this technology could lead to total chaos suddenly tons of B o's a sexy thing to listen. You're dating profile that idea. Actually I do someone who's constantly conscious of how much I might be smelling because I'm a big sweater. I think that'd be nice. I think that Ah you know sometimes what other people like for example car air freshener which I would rather be in the car with vomit and dog waste Venice smell of a car air freshener so maybe it depends what you think is a pleasant smell but on the off chance that it really is a pleasant a lemony pleasant isn't lemony smell. I think I might look into such a guard dog ways to plan that Lollapalooza because we might even get more flavor options pumpkin spice sports bras chocolate mint undershirts banana sentence sweatpants always be the one Weirdo who chooses beef stew Yoga Pants Bill. How did Rebecca do in our quiz? She's emotionally perfect at three right congratulations eh support for this podcast and the following message come from K. Buxbaum in support of the David Gilkey and Zaba ULITSA Monta Memorial Fund established to strengthen N._P._R.'s commitment to training and protecting journalists in high risk environments now onto our final game aim lightning fill in the blank. Each of our players will have sixty seconds in which to answer as many questions as he or she. Can you answer now worth two points bill. Can you give us the scores. Eh each have three Paula has to write a need more than sixty seconds. Well Paula. You are in third place. You're up first o'clock will starving go to your first question. Fill in the blank on Wednesday. Ben Carson defended President Trump's attacks on representative Elijah Cummings end of the city of buying yes on Tuesday. The White House claimed that blank was stalling a trade deal with the U._S.. Until after the twenty twenty election China yes for the first time in a decade the Federal Reserve cut blanks borrowing rate yeah interest rate on Wednesday American officials confirmed that the son of al-Qaeda leader blank had been killed Osama bin Laden right an eighty four year old woman lost for four today's in the Canadian wilderness demanded blank upon being rescued beef yogurt no cold beer and a hot tub this week disneyworld competitor blank thank announced they're opening a new theme park in Orlando Universal say homeowner in Florida declined to press charges after the owner of a Tesla blanked a like Tesla drove into their living room. No one owner of the Tesla parked in his long took out a charging cord and stole the guy's power for twelve hours. ooh Boy man said he had no idea how long the Tesla is sitting in his long before we finally noticed it but after calling the police to make sure the car wasn't stolen you decided you just wait for the owners to return when they did. They didn't apologize so they did offer to make them in dinner to make up for the inconvenience and then went inside his house and cooked all the food in his bill. How did politics quits quits five right Kenmore points twelve? We flipped a coin. Adam is elected to go second that means that either you're up next film the blank on Thursday the Senate passed bipartisan blank doc deal sending it to trump to sign budget on Wednesday ends of the trump administration announced it would set up a system to allow Americans to legally import some drugs from blank Mexico Canada for a second time in a week blank reportedly launched two more short range ballistic missiles North Korea right after he was bitten by a shark or surfer and Florida immediately got out of the water and went to blank the bathroom the Bar ars new blood test for blanket show signs of the disease decades before the first symptoms arise cancer no Alzheimer's less than a month after winning her second consecutive World Cup. Jill Ellis the coach of the the U._S.. Women's blank team announced. She was stepping down soccer. Yes this week a truck driver in Colorado avoid getting tickets for a broken tail light by replacing it with blank. I duNno I dunno a gatorade bottle read gatorade the officer who pulled the truck over says he was impressed with the drivers temporary fix which you've just a red gatorade bottle duct tape over the broken tail light basically electrolyte the man was let off with a warning after agreeing to replace place the Tail Light Soon while the Marketing Department gatorade were given a great idea for their new ad campaign gatorade drink and drive. How did I do on our quiz three right six more points total of nine? You're in second place out here. Nude five to win only five away on that out and you can do this for the game fill in the blank on Tuesday. The Governor of California signed a law mandating that presidential candidates released their blanks before appearing in the primary ballot right on Monday the departing governor of blank selected his proposed successor Puerto Rico yes in Florida arrested for driving under the influence told the arresting officers that he wasn't drinking while driving he was blanking doing classic okay. No said he wasn't drinking while driving he was only only drinking at stop signs Florida on Monday. Blank announced that over one hundred million customers had their data breached facebook no capital one. Oh that's what's in your wallet on Wednesday the organizers of the embattled fiftieth anniversary of the blank music festival bull announced it was canceled woodstock right South Carolina thief who stole a Fedex package off a woman's front porch. It was probably surprised when they opened it and found blank <hes> one of those weird fake babies nine tarantulas on Friday. The women got notification that her package containing nine tarantula arrived but when she got home the box was missing yet another victim of the porch pirates who've been stealing deliveries from houses throughout the neighborhood she notify police say they're on the lookout for a suspect who's five nine is Brown and desiccated and entombed in Webb's bill did Adam Emma do well enough to win. We have a tie at him and that means. Paula is the winner I I'm surprised but happy I'm shocked just minute. We'll ask our panel correct now. The little knob broke the record with Old Town road. What will be his next big hit? Thanks to stock in Ledger restaurant here in Chicago for feeding us. Wait wait. Don't tell me is the production action of N._P._R.. On W._B._Z. Chicago Association with Urgent Haircut Productions Doug Berman Benevolent overlord limericks are public address. Announcer is Paul Freedman our house managers Tyler Green assisted assisted by Simon Tran are in terms of Abbey and Lila Francis. Our web grew is Beth Novi B.. J. Liederman composed are FEMA program is produced by Jennifer. Mills Miles adorned Boston Billion Kiner this week writing residents are Ron Mattel's and Kate Villa Technical Direction Wider Business ops manager is Colin Miller production managers Robert Newhouse our senior producers Ian Chill log in executive producer. Wait wait. Don't tell me is Michael Dan for now panel Wallaby Little Mas XS next big hit after Old Town Road Adam Burke <hes> election be a response song from the horse that he rode to the old town road entitled. It's all very well to say you're going to ride til you can't no oh but try with a frigging soundcloud wrapper on your back. I'd Rodriguez <hes> I said Birkenstock crocks and Avocado toast so that he can reach all the other people that

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