(Episode 100) "A Beautiful Mind" Actor and Director: Austin Pendleton.


Motion-picture just can't get enough center. Found be lever in big movie buff talking the actors directors and avait us at least two right as real Trail, Blazers gear originate anada to cater so honest. Our ways are dinning tune-in trust me. You don't wanna miss it? This is the Monday morning critic amazing journeys great in abuse. What's analysts even reports to captivating always top content bringing quality? Everybody's talking gear. Originate anada implicate so passionate is so how Dinnie tune-in trust me? You don't wanna miss? This is the Monday morning critic. To the Monday morning critic podcast. I'm so happy are listening. Whether it's through download or streaming. It's a very special episode. It's my one hundred fifty view, and I am so honored in blast. And just I don't even deserve the person that I'm interviewing and somehow he agreed to come on the show in his name is Austin Pendleton. He is a legend of theater of the big and the small screen, and I'm almost positively. Sure, anybody that's come across his path has absolutely fallen in love with who this man is. And what kind of sweet soul there is behind the man. I do want to say a few things before I get into the interview with Austin. I'm very proud not to Pat myself on the back, but I'm very proud that I've gotten to this point. In a time. When there's so many podcasts in there's so many people that just have a podcast simply say, they have it and they do so without pride and effort in in just in passion. It's a sad way to not only go through podcasting. But to go through life. I don't know. I always felt that if nothing else I've brought forth. Unbelievably awesome, guests that have the most phenomenal journeys to tell you. And that's the one thing. I will always be proud of that. And the fact that I'm very passionate about this. And I've done it through just not people that are popular or people that stand out. I just got people throughout my life. That have moved me their workers inspired me every single guest. I have is a result of that. I have not paid one guest. I have not paid people to give me reviews. I have not paid people to inflate my podcast a true good podcast stands on the final. Quality product. It does not stand on fake and bogus numbers that you paid people to put their all that being said, I'm very proud to get to this point one hundred wonderful people that have come into my life and giving passion behind this passion, making podcast behind putting things like this together. I just I'm so very grateful. And I know it's so generic because everybody over uses that word I sincerely like so humbled by everybody. That's come on my show. Believe me there's been it's been very difficult because to get people that you love it admire. It's not always easy. So I want to thank all those people. I want to thank the wonderful Austin Pendleton the in shows a little bit long. I want you to hear Austin and Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind. What a wonderful setup seen to this wonderful interview. I thank you for downloading. I think you for streaming. I thank you for coming back. I have. So much more ahead. You have no idea. And I just I have guests booked through this spring. There are going to knock your socks off before. I let you go. I did want to say a quick story Austin's going to tell this better than I can you know, we assume we and I'll say accurate because Austin is an actor is also a director. We assume we watch these movies so Austin's in many movies, one of which is my cousin Vinny, which is everybody's favorite. But I have to tell you. What I never knew. And what part of the blessing of getting to meet somebody, right? Because that's what you're doing. You're the equivalent of of having a beer or a Cup of coffee and just talking with this person. I never knew how much Austin early on in his life struggled with a stammer struggled with a speech a deficit. And that's the exact part that he he they wanted him to play in my cousin Vinny. And I can't I can't even imagine how I mean to eat you're asking somebody who's gotten not got over. But continuously struggles with that issue to now go back into what they've spend most of their life trying to overcome. I had no idea. So now, I kind of I don't feel guilty watching the sea by any means. But I guess I have much much more appreciation for Austin as a human being in more. So as a professional to do that. And he goes on to tell with much more detail had do the rest of that. But I don't know. I just it just one of the things that fascinates me. When you get people that you love on this show, and they tell you things in my guess, I would say for the most part. No what I think of them. It's not fraudulent. It's not you know, forced on them. They could see and that and that really strikes beautiful chord within me. So I won't waste anymore. Your time. Thank you for everything is I'm to leave you with a scene from youthful mind, and the awesome Austin Pendleton after that talks who. So now that I know the jewelry. Them do Floyd. Thomas king? And I'm here to tell you it should be considered for the Nobel prize. But I'm just a little over the past few years. Your equilibrium is become a cornerstone of water, Nick. Suddenly I liked that one. What about my mom another from such on that manifold embedded the application of your arguing problem to FCC and with auctions or to any trust cases. Yes. Offensive that. Well. Some of honesty. I wouldn't thought about. We have. I don't go in and just take my sandwich in the in the library. Attention to day. Most of. Available gravity. How? All the Indian dancing partner. Joy the flavor that they have had. But I wonder why. Changed about us on that aid. Thought the. Nation. Only one on that is Jim McKay. She has these are special circumstances. The awards substantial. Buyer private funding as such. The image of the Nobel. Camden. Student good squawk chicken, this nature, something like that. She. Yes. It is possible. Medications. Just. Diamond. Imagine. Professional. Good. Honors. Privilege prevents. Most. My next guest is Yale graduate. He's a playwright. He's a stage actor, he's a theatrical director some of his film credits in doing some I hand picked these. These are some of my all time favorites, finding nemo Beautiful Mind, honest, odd searching for Bobby Fischer. My cousin Vinny short circuit, the muppet movie in my all time favorite one of Gardy tests. His name is Austin Pendleton Austin, you do the man on this side of the microphone such honored by coming on my show today. So I don't know where to start with you. This is my one hundred episodes. So I'm like so thrilled that my one hundred interviews with somebody of your caliber, your kindness, and I don't know what to say. And I almost feel overwhelmed Austin because I know theater. Well, I don't know nearly as much as I should. And that is your background. I was watching a documentary on you. Something along the lines of being Austin Pendleton something along those lines. And the impact you've had on the world of theater is is remarkable. I mean, it almost seems like I've had many wonderful actors on my show. I don't know that anyone has been like you as far as the love, and you can't draw the line between, you know, theater and something else, you are all about being an actor being in the theaters that is partially correct. At least I go up. Than a professional. She. Title. And Lord, Ohio, which that's how much. Young. Like that. And what I was going up. You could see the Blast Furnace. This guy was orange. Was. Calls brace blue-collar couldn't enter the other reps fall clap their I'll. I'll. Quiets? Anyway. So after World War Two people childcare to because usually. Because. As they were starving community seems so she joined it, and she helps get it started mental. She worked there for. Forty years. He direct almost annually choirs. The early years of the scene. Personals what the night and they were living. Swish hyun. And so after dinner only went clear, the oral, you know. You know, we're all all the way. And people would come all out to worse Jill catalog yet. I was I would take out supposed to me dead. I would say. Ow. Transformative to me to watch. And then the first two points where actually present. Was knoll town play and play called hotel. You very. After that. They will other news then. And they lay Oakland ac-. They have constructed Caesar. All at once show. Is there still doing plays? So I just to route it all this also got I associated with all kinds of of good things. You know? Yeah. All that. Excitement at everything. So so. I can't remember I get a lot more. What? Rome is to say that you think that thought the world of your mother? Oh, yeah. She shoes she was real community got involved. A lot of things that relate primarily yards. But but was very. Very agree. I very demanding thoughtful Terry gifted, so then then when she guide died about club, you stop to moved to the Boston After father died and. Of. So she most to because to they're still when she died. The ones will get a goal as to'real about. The last paragraphs was saying. It will be missed. That was when she left how sure sure when she left. Yeah. I mean my goodness. It's almost like how much of your success today in your drive in love and your your supreme talent. How much of it is kind of. I know how you started. And it's certainly ingrained in you. I mean, how much of it is just the love of what your mother taught you just moving on for that reason. I mean, yes, you love almost one hundred percent, right. Right. So yeah. I mean, that's that's the ultimate inspiration. I would think Austin. Tweeting straightforward. So you've acted for fifty years you've taught for forty years. I mean through just so much. I mean, I heard that the most popular of actors in the most wonderful things of you Meryl Streep Olympia Dukakis just on and on and heart. I did want to ask you. I mean, one of the things that, you know, people say about you, as you know, he flies under the radar. He's just he's the most famous actor. You've you've never heard of. I just don't agree with that stuff. I just feel like people don't know who you are there be ignorant, and they're not paying attention. Like, you've snap establishing yourself as not been an issue for you. Austin? I'm never. I mean that it's come close to. But I've never. Particularly wanted to be sort of afraid of being a star will that ever to happen. Right. I used to run fleeing TV series. And I mean, some of the best work in America in the last fifty years has to be. Shirts. It's out. I'm looking down on it. But I'm just not remotely. I mean, I spy or two it artistically the feeling of being in the spotlight has always for somehow reason, I don't know. I have no idea what that's about. And I'm I'm not saying if only I added drive, I expect school. Sure. So. Rush are. So so strange. The three people. You just mentioned the best actors Erica, absolutely, absolutely. One of the things I wanted to ask you before I transitioned off of theater, you got a chance to direct Liz Taylor, which I don't think many people I'll ever interview moving forward can say I mean, how pretty? Event people ever directed hurt. Although actually, I think it was call directors Giles all over but. She only did two plays. Fox's lives. How's that? How's that? Austin that whole experience of just just the played cell. She was heaven. First of all she never been in a play should never been in a school play should never been a summer camp. Latian been to subject cap. She started acting. She was movie sandwiches like nine and something like that. And she was. But she was very she had. I what I was offered. I have no qualms about her being applied because some of her best film work had been in a cheerio adapted from place than Perry. Dramatic lays know. You know, who's afraid of junior walls, Kevin Hart. Ted will someday less so forth. And I knew. There's thing. When Ned Beatty was in ten world. He talked about how accuracy can this Anna Broadway revival of giving actors in the sink the law arc of the part. And they have to do the whole arc of the part. And we performance whereas in helmets. I mean, Bill magazine is demanding all others other set reasons lacking the easy. But but it's. But if you're at all serious about it. But they they the. Even if you're not serious about it. It's not easy. But the, but the, but there's a particular event, and because Elizabeth had handle world was such a long time plex ARC's during four times at least obese too I mean taken to reckless from plays by major American playwrights. I thought Bush you'll be able to think that role in the talks is which is a challenging lull. But but not like who's afraid of Jinya walls. Just in terms of sheer, endurance. Just in terms of the amount of language just. Sunday last summer, toefl it. So I am. Always in the movies. It was always kind of bigness in her acting. I mean, she knew it wasn't too big for the screen, but it it had to it. You know, all of these. I just said plus parts were written especially for the screen all career place in this. Reflections in a golden on things like that. She. So I I didn't think it was gonna be a big leap for. And it was not. I mean. Yeah. That's well said in when I look at the people in theater that have worked with you. Or that you've or that have been directed by you, they call you the soul of Americans eater unrecognized appreciated always reinventing yourself, which is one of the biggest companies you can get going with the work is genuine and offense. I mean, those words have to be I mean, I hate me. I hate when I speak from the heart on because almost sounds like patronizing. But if there's anybody deserves a lifetime achievement award. It's you my friend. I I don't know. Like you've done this. I've had I've I've had to three of those probably deserves two or three more. I mean, my house. I always think that always I remember once you know of it Williamstown. Where we work a lot from years of Peter one time they put on a tribute to Iliad Kazan who came out for it and all kinds of people spoke school because I had not been taught by but I was in a training program that he oversaw. For years, but a whole lot of brilliant people talked and then hen got up. This is lovely. I really appreciate this. And thank you so much, but but but lifetime achievement makes it sounds like it's over. That was so so funny. And so I mean, he was very it was genuinely appreciative Coors. But I sort of like let something, but I mean, I mean, let them and she'd been awards are are very. I don't feel a need for anymore. We'll have to Hank's go one recently. So that over there you go. Deserves it as. Sure, he's he's piling on. He is as are you? I mean, you're planning on as well. One of the people want to ask you about who said the nicest things, you know, obviously from the outside Austin. I don't know these people I can make a guess on who's sincerely nice person. And I I was taken back by a few deaths. When I 'cause I love the movies, Robin Williams was one Bill. Paxton is one and Philip Seymour. Hoffman was probably the third, and I know you knew him rather. Well, and. Yes. I did know him I sort him. Well, he used to say I discovered started a make anybody would have anybody's district. Ready? Have got started. I mean, he was a no brainer. Right. He has he was astonishing. He those auditioned for me for the non-equity company leaves? I think it it's one of the two or three most exciting Titians I've ever seen this person walks out of I'd never heard of him. And there he goes, you know, and so so it it was not. Finding the diamond in the rough that the diamond was right there. Yeah. But he seemed to have such it appreciated for you. You know what I'm saying? Like, it wasn't like, yeah. I'm great. And you know, this ability is like he never forgot you in where he started. So I think maybe heave use it or viewed it a little bit differently because I think he I think he amount. Obviously trying to speak for anybody. But I the way he spoke about the world of you. Well, I think that the the the moment of that audition was the critical moment is life. Right. I mean, he spoke about it that way spoke of to me that I saw in the documentary. He. There are moments when we're very vulnerable we walk into and it goes, well, and we're pushy eight it comes just the right time. Right. But trust me, anybody anybody in that room. I happen to be the only what if somebody else they would have done this. They would have hired him. There's no question that he has, you know, the that wonderful that you know, you see his films that he did. It's just remarkable. I know you're very successful director, you know, onstage and so forth. Do you find it difficult, and you don't strike me as difficult person? Anyway, she perform it is it challenging to work for someone else in that capacity as an actor when you've done so much directing yourself in actually it's actually easier. Okay. Because you because you know, what the director's going through right, right? Okay. So you so, you know, you you I think I mean before I started directing was that? It was a little hard on directors. But as soon as I started to write it. I had a different perspective. Right, right. I was acting. I thought of this bitch. This poor per cent. What they're trying to manage. You know? So I been so I I sort of relaxed as an actor thought anything we're having a real edge with probably deserved it as amick, it lessens your paranoia as an actor. If you if you have directed it in the past, I usually ask that question reverse because I don't usually have directors that are I've had a few. But not that have that have been wonderful actors. I think I asked that question reverse, you know, I've got a few people that have worked for Ron Howard as you have. And usually, you know, people who have directors with acting experience. So it's just it's always an interesting question to ask, you know. I always fascinated by the answers. Yeah. That's that's that's spent Mike's grants. Now, there are a lot of people go who transition magnets, directing. They don't look back. Right, right. They an and I think acting has a special significance for me because when I was a kid and into my g well all through my teens and even invite twenty so I had a terrible speech problem. Which would what the acceptance of the world call for could go more or less go away when I was acting. So I still after all these years equate acting with having saved my life. So it's hard for me to to not keep going back to it. Right. Right. Right. You just took my next question on my mouth. So like, there's three movies if you don't mind I'd like to ask you about. Okay. Sure. Sure. So my cousin Vinny is one of my most favorite performances of yours. It's not favor because I'm in the second. You have stunt so many wonderful performances. I was gonna ask you because I know I read that you have stammer when you're younger, and it was very difficult for you. Obviously as it as it probably should have been for many people. But they wanted you to play a part that you had been. I know the right words that you just mentioned that was very difficult for you. John gibson. They want to play a part. Feature which was the very thing. I went into acting to get away. Yes. I mean, how does that is gonna take euless? Well, it was very hard. And it had and Johnson land directed who has been a friend of mine since late nineteen sixties and I love him. And and. Been anyone other than he? And even that I'd tried to get out of it. Took me to a Greek restaurant it over to bottles of red Sinoe. Agreed to do. After that. I was in three or four other movies his soup. Is it? I mean, it's it's beyond funny. So I almost feel deal these thing it's funny because I laughing at something that's very near and dear to you. But well, that's what that's what comedy is the, you know, the Oakley say that comedians, very unhappy people. I I'm I'm not that. But I certainly was I was thinking that movie was that was that was a tough time for you. Or is that just, you know wanna? I was just making the movie, right, right? And I enjoy it seemed when you had that club of a Stallard, and you work and work. And you you you you largely find your way out of it. You don't ever completely find your way out of it? But you, but you get on top of it your framed that if you go back into it completely even like in a role that you're never gonna get out of it. It's sort of now that's not that's not logical because you develop the tools to get out of it. But still primal feeling. So it's on top of being a top of it being embarrassing on top of that. Putting you back in some of the most painful moments of your life. You actually feel ever to get back out of it. And so do we do we have to do so many takes just? Just to feel like that, you know. And I wouldn't do it again. Right. I mean, the pack. I can't imagine. How breathtaking the role would have to be amazing go into that kind of territory, and then people say people's people have replaced people I respected in the industry set after it came out. You'll never been this. Good, and you will ever be this good again. Well, can I use an expletive on your son -solutely? I to myself said to them fuck, you you're saying if I'm fluid you won't believe me. That is ridiculous. Terrible thing to say somebody awful things is somebody awful. Yeah. Yeah. And indeed the offers stopped. I would go up for an interview for a movie in the and say really love you Mike has been which became codes for. I'm not gonna hire you. And so that after that, I met a cluster of movies over creative. But. Two years in the middle of the nineties years after and they were all like friends, I made three more Jonathan Lynch Phelps. Right. And that I made one with Barbara Streisand again. And what was he go rhino and things like that? I felt I I don't think it was this, you know contract. But I, but they but they saw beyond by cousin because we'd already working at all those people. And then it kind of stopped. But you'd never know it after that if might stopped anyway. You know? I mean, it'd been to allies the cost of movies. And then years we go by be the be another cluster. And there was that was no rhyme or reason to it. So maybe I'm reading too much into this. But I do know that for a couple of except for guarding tests will think thank you on. I at that was the next year and that was. I was obscene. My mom in Boston and called said get down right away. We got to audition for you for guarding. I said what's guarding Tess? She said, it's the movie we've been trying to get us scene for for like, something like six months, they wouldn't see you. But now, they're desperate. So I said, well, if if this out of desperate, your why should I even come down to the bus? She said come down. And then they were surprised that I got the part. So that was trying to fluke. But they had she been I didn't have I heard about this. I did know that she trying to get me. I did as I didn't even know the movie existed, and she'd been trying for months now, I think my cousin Vinny must've had something to do with that. That's not a part of wrong for. But there there was a real for a while after that was except if it was your old friends it was hard to get hired. And that's is a thing. They do. You know? Was he would seem to me though loss to even by then can't insight? The hint you never want to have. I have to say though, I never knew that much like kind of my cousin Vinny was that impactful than both, you know. That much impact. But I have to say, and you touched on this. I mean garner. Yes, guarding Tess is not only one of my most favorite movies. It is one of the most under appreciated snowy. I totally agree with that and get some brilliant movie. But like I did so much research on your life. Like, I know about you. I knew I know you, I know, but I just really want to go above and beyond. What you my research? I have to say I have never seen a movie that I mean, you interview, I think with the club, and they were going through some of your, you know, movies, no one ever guarding tense like such a phenomenal performance all around. I'd love to see it. It's are selling reason forgot movie, whereas on the other hand my cousin Vinny the whole movie of that is a classic room like having been in gone with the wind. You know? I mean, that's so many people's favorite movie. I mean it literally. So if they haven't so you have a performance in that the people if you happen to have a supporting role in it. And then people think you do well that their enthusiasm for the performance goes with the fact that they love the movie there people who watch that movie all the time. And except for what's up. Doc. I'm not sure there's any other movie. I mean a couple of movies for kids. I mean kids watch them a lot like the mother Malir short-circuit, but the, but that kind of thing does not attach itself to carding for whatever reason. It certainly incident is equally good moving absolute vetting. But like I was one that I love that. I was in than when before he came out. It was going to be this big hit. And then it was was one with what be called oh associate. I love I love that McGrew good move angry, and we were all so excited when I was about to come out. And I even said to myself, this is gonna turn around station with cousin Bennett. Ted. Nobody went to see it. So that so that's the way that these things work. I'm not complaining. No. I'm playing it. I'm just done that nobody talks about how wonderful I've seen. I've seen just about everything guarding Tess remains one of the sweetest heartfelt. Just a great story being told and I just for the life. Everybody in. It is good. Yes. Everybody movie, you believe that that cast could have actually been those people like there's plenty out. Yeah. Totally about people. You know, Nick cage catches a lot of grief for this or for that. He really is kind of award winner. But he's I don't know. I think a lot of it's undeserved. Because I tell you people want to see a movie with nNcholas cage. That's just an here's one right here. Yeah. Right. That's one of the things that comes with saying bright. I mean, it's it's like Dede's it. He's bringing it actor. He's great to work with. I mean what what is anybody's problem? Yeah. But I've been waiting forever to tell you how special guarding Tess was so fake for your sense of humor pups in that movie. It's so funny. You'll there's a seaman you're in the hospital. You call you know. Nncholas character Dougie. It's just it's just such a funny. Your your sense of humor comes out during that movie. I love it. Once seen that seen as written. That's very unusual scene from because it is funny. It's also disturbing. All these things at once. You can. No. And where my cousin Binny's just outright funny. Right. Right. And and and I mean and really funny all of Kuzma kuzminsky everything about it is great comedy. And and and garden test is partly comic, partly harrowing. I mean, everybody's nightmare. You know, and it is and it and I think particularly with the world away. It is today that kind of. Subject is disturbing run. It's it's could happen to add not just an ex first lady. Sure happen to anybody. Sure. Sure. And so that and and the film makes you deal with it. When you watch it. So. And so it and the and the very fact that one of the participants in this terrible thing happened as eccentric guy who's a chauffeur. Just I mean, it it complicates the way. You look at everybody. Sure. Sure. Yeah. And so that's why it's not it's not as beloved. It's some of these. It's weird to us saying that as a compliment. No, absolutely. That's the way. It's part of the reason it's not as beloved some of these is that is so good. Did you see a relationship or a love or a bun? That's this pure between Shirley MacLean in Nikkei's. It's just like never never ever never these two. Sincerely, that would be finally a couple. They love each other. But not a husband wife or husband husband, or whatever we love each other. They're just they're completely just they think the wurley where do you ever see that ever? Don't ever hardly ever seen in life. No, you do see it in life. But you never see it in a moving money. You know, what you're seeing it like in such movies, right? Some of the great French movies. Have that? I can't think which ones, but I know I've seen it ruin. Ruin it has a European feeling that movie. Yes. Yes. And you know, my last thing about this is when I swear I probably see this. It's when I want a treadmill is one of the two or three movies. I always watch every time they call back the helicopter to put the own my God Austin. I swear I hear crazy. I just I'm in love with this movie. I'm in love with it. And you work. I'm quite amazing. Thank you. Yeah. Speaking of amazing. I have one more for you here. I mean, you're mazing so many A Beautiful Mind. So I yes. Doesn't matter to an actor. Right. So you're partners movie comes at the most dramatic time. Possible. Right. So. That when you go through it as an actor. Does it make a difference to you? I mean, this is one of the most this character. Russell Crowe's character has been suffering. He's gone through hell and continues to go through hell. But here's the one redeeming moment. Here's one little bit of the Ray of sunshine in your huge part of that. Visit matter to see like that does it change the effectiveness for you. Well, first of all when you're in the movie, you're you haven't seen the rest of move, ROY. And so he stopped being a play where you sit and you're aware of the whole thing. And you're so I mean, I read the script this not me out that that device that that the writer uses in that skip is astonishing. What what is feels like to be schizophrenic is is is dramatized and that movie and to the point where you have his experience, it's incr- in the audience. So anyway, but when on shooting, I was on that movie. So one day. And it was a very incredible day as I've been three scenes first of all I was acting out of I was acting outed Steppenwolf in as Anya in Colonia, and we had our big twelve hours all weekend and the day off is Monday. So they flew me late Sunday night some Chicago to to to Philadelphia. And then the that the seams, of course, we're shy Princeton. This was in June. So then I got into the hotel in Princeton at one in the morning, and I I was supposed to be in the lobby of the hotel to start shooting like at six AM. So the first thing was the scene where we need to two minutes seem and I was so tired of calling him by by Mike characters name. They issue. Russell west. Never met thought. This was funny. I mean, I mean a all out of people he was also getting out, and he had to be his old man makeup, which so they had to have made earlier. And then there's the scene. So we quit. We finally take of that was usable. If I've been in better shape, we could have gotten up Thursday. Anyway, I mean, it's not a big challenge. The actually say the correct name, but the character you're talking to but. I kept calling him by other names. And the then thank God, you thought that was funny because he would have been well within his rights to not be news at all that. And then then came the nightmare seeing where we're walking across the campus. And again, it's in June. He's all man makeup, and I'm in a suit and everything and it's hot and Hewlett. And that is one of the hardest things to play I've ever playground telling him everything already knows all his awards and everything he discovered as petition, and it just I would say, I couldn't do it. And I kept saying you're on. How why do we have to have this e king gino's at leaving? He's Chieveley telling you, right. And and and and lung said the simple truth. He said, they there's this thing called the mathematical society of America or something that they insisted on the scene. So the audience would know exactly what kill everything. So five that we gotta take on that. It's not very good about. So then we went to. Then in the late afternoon. We went into the in into the dining seat. But first of all was cool. It was hot air condition. And and and by this by both and a source so tired that we do not to do. And I got now is the big seat. Now is the scene, which is the reason what will play the part. And and for me, and so they did a close up of him. And he was breathtaking. Now, they're going to turn the camera out and do a close up of may. But instead because of the logistics thing that had to spend six hours shooting them every angle all those professors coming putting pens on tape. Closeups of each of them. 'cause those of of me Russell overhead shot of the whole thing. It took six hours. Finally, it's about eleven thirty at night. And this has been going since six in the morning, and now the it was my close up. And I thought I literally can't do it. I should have never done this movie. Because now, I'm I'm not gonna be any good at all in this. Just can't. I'm too tired to even think level on talk. And and and I'm not good in that out door saying, we just shot, not particular. And it just how this is a disaster. And and they told Russell you can go back to your hotel on these had a long day will have someone else said off camera and say your lines, and Russell Crowe said now, I gotta be here for Oeste. I said you don't have to you know, what I'm gonna do. Not only. Did he said off camera say his lines case played the scene and you've seen where he breaks down about illness. He played it as early as he played it six hours before. First of all superhuman and Secondly, the generosity, and they got my performance in one take just have. So people say that I think it's like one of my two or three favorite scenes in any movie that I've been and people come as Russell Crowe's performance. It was like I haven't seen Mr. MRs Bridgewater Joab Woodward. It's her performance. All you do is look at them. And then you talk. I mean, they're giving you so much even when they're off Cam. And that that separates the the giants from you know, they it's. Is courtesy to remain and to be off gamut. But to give as full of performance off camera. That's just stunning Annan added. So both of those performs those are my two favorite performances are that scene A Beautiful Mind and the one with Joanna in Mr. missile in both cases, it's because of the offs of camera. Artist who's playing so fully? Yeah. It seems like you've been hard on yourself though. I know you said, you know, it wasn't your best performance. You're talking about after after he watched the movie completed these change your mind about your performance DC. You know, what maybe it was little bit hard to myself because I'm going to tell you on you bring out. I mean, he'd rates down to you and says, he's crazy, you know? And I don't buy them in this conversation. I don't I don't think having this affliction is being crazy. I think it's you heloc any other diseases. You have it. It's no gets eldest. But, but but he lives to time where that was guarded as crazy absolutely absolutely through an uninvited enlightened time all his life. You know? So so once you see this beautiful performance. I mean, both his in yours. Process. You say, you know, what meals a little bit hard on myself. No, no, no. I thought I could see in what I was doing. I could see that. I was I was taking him in. But put to take somebody in. There's got to be something for you to take. You assume. And and. There's sure was in it literally would have been impossible without that. I think that's the scene that just people have been watching this men, go through pure hell. And then the is this like, I've mentioned earlier this one Ray of sunshine that just I mean, if you're not crying that you have to wonder if you're a human being, I just, you know, that's the brings up the tears the most to me. It certainly I mean, it's it's it's a wonderful seem just in itself. The placement in the script and again, the quality of the writing. Let's all the way through the holy is extraordinarily, you know, you are so great so many things I wish I so more of your character and searching for Bobby Fischer. All I had a big seen that they cut right at the last minute. And I ran into Scott was who could use about a week before it was open. And he said, we're we're fighting to keep that scene, which was very devil saying. Caring me that it might not be in the movie. I mean, it was like a ten minute seeing right? And I would kill to have the footage of that scene. But I think somehow it got lost. I'm so glad he told me that because I because I would have been. Yeah. That would and I remember on the plane reading I was reading the draft of it while I was going to do it. Wait. This new draft is long may be my scene will be a casualty. But then I put it out of my mind. But as Scott said they they've struggled right up two days before it opened to keep seeing movie. It happens. It's happened to like everybody right now is the ultimate for. I've heard some accuracy. This is the ultimate. I guess. Opportunity. Is it you'll voice what we're doing voices like yours supremely awesome. You know, finding nemo do is that a judge coveted by many actors. What the agent that's hard. Right. Because you're not playing opposite. Anybody right? You're in a room, and there's a screen with the animation on it at you have to say your lines, you'd say your lines align at a time. And then you take each line Saito over and over until they're happy heavily, the people that are more than charming. I mean, they're so supportive, and at the end of a long afternoon of this to this wonderful, centrist, fried Berkeley. So I mean, all of that was that the actual doing of apart. Like that is. I mean, the rewarding thing about acting is acting with other people. Right. And you don't get to do that. And in the situation like that. It's it's just the logistics of it. You know, you have to envision a scenario because you have to be not only on with your mind. You have to be in many cases, very animated. You have yours to something that is not in the room. So you have to like invented when you're acting with with any good actor, but you're acting. Liz, Russell Crowe Jilin Lillard Barbara's Drizin when she's off camera. She's electric, right? If you can't if he can't act with her you should hang up here. By people like that are people nowhere near as well known as any of those people that act as where boy, you the pleasure of acting is acting with people who are good. Sure. Sure. Yeah. Back with some you mentioned some amazing people. I mean, I mean, even though you're -ccomplish, then you've done some marvelous things is there more pressure with Barbara Streisand. Or no, no there isn't. She's so she's so good at actually takes the pressure off. See a really good accurate takes the pressure off. Right because the moment start to happen. Whether and that's true. Whether an Acura is has is a celebrity or whether they're not some actors take the pressure off, you just buy stuff starts to happen. Right. And you hear nightmares? Three some other actors on the reverse where there's actors trying to show up the other actor or put them in a position to succeed. And I never understood that. I've never understood why. That's very rare. Right. That you hear about that more often than it's actually true ruined. Yeah. Once in a while that happens, frankly, they'll say shocking thing. Of sometimes it's true because the Jews being outshone. How could this isn't very good? And then you hear all I was, you know, every once in a while bigly performances compromise by another actor it as. It's happened. So rarely in anything I've ever been into over either. When I haven't been in the scene or something is happened. So rarely in anything. I've I've I mean, it's just it's one of those things that has much there are problems. But that's usually not one of right? Right. Right. Right. And you know, you've done as I mentioned forty years plus teaching which is amazing. What's the question field, quite often? Austin? I imagine you're teaching people that are well along I think they're everything from experienced actors to beginning smoking. Okay. What's the question that you feel most often or is it just variety of questions depending on you know, we're the their their acting careers. It's funny. It doesn't depend on where they are. Everybody hasn't basic questions. Like if they're confused in seen. They say why am I doing this? Why why would I be doing this at this moment? I do to this play that open less Westport playhouse in Connecticut called thousand times, which is a breathtaking, and they were six actors, and and and they. It's one of the best casts have ever worked with ever. And and the and the materialists highly demanding they asked the same question any other actor. Okay, why why doing this right now? And then you you. Well, you either come up with an answer for them that hopefully helps them or you and cigarette actually, I don't know. But do it anyway. And then they find they find something. But the questions are always valid. I mean, it's perfectly valid question for the heart of acting by doing what I'm doing right now. Or as I say, what's my motivation, and all old jokes about the directors. You say give invasion as your page. That's bullshit. I mean, it's it's no that's a perfectly valid question. And at and. So if you want the birdie to sing you give them a reason to stay. If you know sometimes often, they find themselves, but sometimes they on that to me is that. I've seen that be true of the best actors in the world. Did you ever find actors that you know, like you said, you're you deal with with people of all different parts of their acting career for rages doer find the people are in acting for the wrong reasons when you when you're teaching them. Very rarely if they are they they get out pretty quickly. They it's it's they're into the same. And the fame a law, and the same is the reason they they quickly learned that it's harder than that. Yes. Yes. And beside Spain is the most unpredictable thing in the world. It. It is like is like. How many movies if I made two hundred or something, I don't know. Actually more than that. Okay. If you took away five of those movies, I would be much less. Well known. Is that capricious ruin when I met with Barbara about being as said, I think she said you'll remember out we thought that other one by which what's while we will making it. We thought it was going to be hopeless. It was a very hard shoot. It was it was a very it's such demanding such demanding that year because you have to talk so fast. It's Howard hots thing that that Peter garbage. What? Now, he carried it off Greeley. So when you saw them, I got it works. But she reminded me we all thought this was this huge flop law will making it we all got along very well with each other. It was a very great communal experience. But it was so saying that had been a flop has come and gone was early Barbara Streisand to Sastre it would have been a first one. And she's hardly ever had one. You know? But but that's what she thought. And that's what I think doubt say an those and say that had happened that that had been the floppy will say that say my cousin Vinny had either had never happened or heading to work or. And and A Beautiful Mind sad and say that. That seemed didn't spark to life that as I say nice things quite because of Russell did. At eleven thirty at night, and it just sat there and been flab. Take take about five instances like that. Right. And we wouldn't be having this conversation. Probably I mean, I graduated a little bit. But but but the, but the it's that. Capricious? Very thin line. Yeah. Anybody getting active? We'll tell you that ruin that. Thank thank God. If you the of the movies worked or thank God the TV series work for every TV series that works. There are many others that come and go like they never happened. And and see it or we won't discuss. I mean, some of my best work in the theater what I'm told is my best. But I I don't I don't want that this is who. The actor does they know what they think is best work. But. But some of it has been done in attics and showcases for sixteen performances. Yeah. Is so. If if if you if you're in it for the fame, you are risking your sanity almost literally. Yes. And that's the opposite of who you are because say sills things in happen. Like, you said, I still know from your experiences with your mother early on in loving ho. No, I'd still be doing yet. You would you mind? That's not the question. Right. I would certainly be doing, but they, but but the, but because it's built into my TNA at my early struggles and all of that. But but I wouldn't be anywhere near as well known which I don't on me. I think somebody told me early on the great movement keeps her and coil for Anna. Sokolof? Yeah. I was in the Lincoln center training program in the early sixties. And she was the movement teacher. And she would and I to I came in. She said you're off today and your exercise the matter with you choose make new women. I said I got fired last night from the play was she said, so. And that was. Was clarifying moments. He's about the work Austin. It's not about the ups and downs. Yes. Yes. I think that that winter Li like a bolt of lightning. Yes. Yes. When I mentioned like your lover Liana, you're at the opposite end of that question. You're somebody who's into acting because they are hook line, and sinker. It's ingrained in you love it. But you know, and that's the see. And that's I've had other actresses to you, even if you don't get to where you'd like to be if you loving if you enjoy being an actor if you enjoy doing that you're never gonna you're never gonna lose your you're never going to because it's something you love doing. Yeah. That's right. And so the important part of that equation. You just said is there shouldn't be a place where you would like to be. Simply simply simply working rights, right wills. That's it's is that I've got to be to this point. By this point. I've seen that drives people crazy, right? And you try to say them, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter and because of something in their history or something they that they felt the need to set a certain kind of kind of goal and see see I I have a something that I have had the piece of Bach that many actors don't have. My parents totally supported supported my desire to be an actor. Right. I mean, they were behind it. They didn't they didn't resist it. They didn't question. And in my case is the young person. There was all kinds of reasons to say you can't go into this. You can't like talk. But they were always emotionally totally supportive. There was never a moment. But they were not even when there were moments in my life when my career kind of fell apart, and I couldn't get work for years and so forth. They didn't. Now, a lot of actors even when their parents love them. They. Get worried and sometimes even disapproving of that pursuit. And. And then I know actress whose parents have have been supportive away that mine were all say are we lucky ruin? See if you if you have the pressure, I've got a pool to my parents this is ballot. Then you start to set those goals for yourself the industry last in your face run, ROY never even thought of asking you this question. You just brought it up. How did mom react to your stem early? She help you get through it that she'd like. Listen to as you go to school and speak up. Five minutes. She was like share that wonderful movie. Peter Donald made I think it's called the mass. Yes. Yes. One of his best movies in every us made a lot of great movies. That's one of them. And share the way she says that kid you go to school. I don't care how you look. You know that that was accurate. Green. Good Collins on that. Yes. And she shoot inch. She was like that. And and then and then when I was really started to get into it professionally. She said you got to work on this. You don't want to just play the stuttering parts. Right. Right. And so I worked quite hard. I got some great speech teachers boys, teachers took singing lessons and all that. And but sees it was like. This is not an obstacle unless you make it one was essentially, and let's say by bad. And and so. You can't take that kind of thing for granted. And and I've also known actors as I say parents have really been supportive. And it helps them. Ruin it helps them when they're famous helps them when they don't become famous, but they but they continue. Yeah. It's amazing to hear your story your stories about Trump Cruz dyslexia. It's amazing. How many people -ssume that people? Just walk on centers. No work to be done. They just kind of locked into acting never mind how to be an actor in general, but to battle gifts to battle. Dyslexia battle learning disabilities. My guy. I think people know. Yeah. And some people just have terrible states, right or or fried of being in via the camera. I mean, I I used to have that. I was it was it was because of the stammer, but other people have equals one of the things that really. Open the app was I would've serve at 'cause being frightens. I wasn't. I didn't have the stamina. All. That made it all much more manageable as lots of leases to be scared of acting. You're not a freak if you're scared. True. You know? So that was very liberating just to be aware of that. Awesome. Tell my actor guest, and they stop seeing you. But if I was an actor, I think made a pull off a line in a movie or TV I've been a not going to tell you going up in front of people in the live audience where I to me staint would scare me today. I couldn't I would be frozen with fear. Oh incident. You're totally right. You're totally right. Of course. He was with this go you were so wonderful in have to tell you that favorites. Yes. Honey, you do it. How do you go from being this this loving guy? This to this copying is like how did you do it? It's amazing. Well in one word. This is a big acting teacher word circumstances. You just say, you try to imagine you you make an exhaustive sense of the circumstances of the person's life and particularly their life at the moment, these events take place, and you say what if I were in those circumstances. And then you extended to other other things of the characters to me if I were if if I were born in such a place. How would I behave unil- you just say it's all in the circumstances? It's all it's it's the bedrock of all the teaching Huda, hog Robert Louis and her off at least. I just mentioned that aims of three acting teachers I had and you was there others too. I mean, there's. Lee Strasberg instill Atla, also they they are at war about how to teach in the basics. They're all the same. Circumstances. In is the basic principle acting is what is your objective? What is your need is the character? And what are the obstacles to that need? So you deal with everything as your character that that is obstacle to what you want and that to use triggers you into behavior. It's a it's that absolute a structure. There's no mystery to it. I've heard people mention this is my last question. Thank you so much for giving you all this time. It means Jill to me on my last question. I heard what I ask people about their mentors actors, especially I've heard everything from high school teachers to the three unbelievable names. You just mentioned there's an actor to have a mentor. To have a mint or do you think it it's crucial in the process of of homing that pedagogy of really getting into, you know, acting one of the greatest actors I will act with was George C Scott. Yes. Who never had an acting teacher. So I mean, he was dressed taking the end there. And he was also very generous. You know, there are no rules in this thing. Right. It doesn't hurt to have a great mentor. But is it a completeness as an e there's no way of proving that right, right? No, you're right. It seems like you know, everyone has their own path. But before I before I go on I want you one more time in you mentioned this to promote your the thousand pies play in where it is. And how people can go. Ten thousand times. I you green. It's Westport country. Playhouse? It was in previous last week. It opens last night it's but taking and it's at the at the Westport playhouse in Westport, Connecticut for two more weeks, November seventeen. You've you're a hero of mine and love you as an actor love you as a person you just a good human being. Thank you so much for coming on the show today. Thank you. This was a bless.

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