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Promo code ATH for up to seventy percent off an incredible deal for a made to measure suit. Once you go custom. You don't go rack Indochino dot com. Promo code ATH. On Rams, none in one eighth is that good enough for you all in thirty one point that wasn't good enough for the saints and the one arm attached to one Khalil Mack. That was good enough the law to three hundred pound lineman McMullen, I fill westie go. Back. Give me out of your packing. Get you out of your wealth left. You wanna go? Texan twenty three Washington, Twenty-one belief acknowledged fitting game winning streak in NFL history has to be the Houston, Texas. The most from outing day in Washington quarterback history as member eighteen thousand thirty three years ago to the day Alex Smith yesterday, the broken leg as Washington golden forward with Colt McCoy and today signing Mark Sanchez all while the Dallas Cowboys are on a two game fair and one game back. Look at Clinton gave fill just the mere mention of the NFC east, and they all this division is opposed to be come on. I'm going to start with you because this is Washington, and this is your division here. Do we see a shift in the way things to go with the injury the Smith and how this look yesterday? I don't think there's going to be that big of a shift because I always thought this division was up for grabs because Washington is just not that good. I mean, we look at how they execute. They want a very odd game against the buccaneers. They lost this. It sounds sort of crass to say, but Alex Smith ceiling was always in question. He had two picks when that lead breaking happen. And that's unfortunate. But I never really thought they were going to be in the top as it were. So gals getting back into it. I think it's just a matter of the season playing out over time. This best player on Washington's team is the punter tells you everything right guy Sola I wasn't too long ago and back two weeks to be exact that we were talking about the head coach of Dallas maybe being out since then they go on the road. They win and Philadelphia. They went on the road in Atlanta. And then. They got a team coming into their building on thanksgiving that's going to be playing Colt McCoy at quarterback doesn't make an impossible for Washington. But right now with that running back and the way Dak Prescott played on that final drive. Drove them down the field for the winning field goal. I liked the way down. Now that we've heard from the guys who are in towns of NFC east teams. Jackie mac. What are we looking at here with Washington? What are we looking at here with Dallas? Is this interesting in any way or just two very mediocre teams? And then also the defending champs struggling. I mean, it's interesting because Frank I saw it looks like a young Alpa chino today, doesn't he write the godfather? On the road. Philadelphia. Didn't they went on the road and one in Atlanta? Neither one of those do a whole lot for me because still Elfi is not very good Atlanta's worse. But it makes it interesting because they're going to play each other this week and Zeki Elliot can continue. I would just give him the ball all day every day. Then I liked Alice's chances. I don't know if it will save as save his job though. Garrett's job Willett Frank. I'm not sure I'll go plash gate. You want to weigh in left to you. I think it's a dramatic shift Redskins loss of quarterback. And the Cowboys found the running back in the middle linebacker Vander ash. I mean, they've, you know, they've completely turned everything around to my mind last couple of games Garrett has gotten in his mind giving the ball Elliott caught the most passes he's ever caught on Sunday and runs between the tackles gained seven yards per carry between the tackles that's been his best. The last two games. I think the Cowboys are in the driver's seat. Sunlen Yates, Colt McCoy going forward or this. Mark Sanchez signing a right before thanksgi-. Giving which is timing out. Very well for Mark standards. I would say, yeah. I mean Sanchez with a lot of coaches on the staff, I don't hate the Colt McCoy situation showed a little spunk. Last game you want as a QB was in Dallas, Texas guy. So I've got a little bit of confidence in him. But again that he's a huge dropoff. I think that the comments is really more in in Gruden. He likes to run a ball control offense that limits turnovers. So that doesn't so fill in the blank with your quarterback. If you follow that particular fossil. When you talk about high pressure jobs in the NFL being the coach and the quarterback of the Cowboys is way up there and two weeks ago, we were killing both of them. Let's give them a little bit of credit right now, everything is in their hands that game for them on Thursday is set up and planning. Jackie talking about Gruden into running backs the running back so hurt though. I mean in Peterson's hobbled, I'm not so sure this. They can save the day for the Redskins will move on saints. Forty eight eagles seven biggest laws by the fending champion ever. Thirty one and drew Brees still in the game. That's the first of all then it was fourth and seven and they went for it. That's the next. And of course, they get a touch in the forty eighth spot and the world's pacing have just about the best offensive season ever Bill. This ask until you more about the saints or the defending not really depending chance we knew the saints for a great. We finally realized this is all about the eagles. They're done. They're the Super Bowl hangover has completely wiped them out there injury. They're tired. They're distracted at one point. They played three Cornerbacks on the field. The same time who won't even with the team a month ago. So the books hit him Carson Winston snapping the same. He's still recovering. They don't have the same Mojo. It goes back. Remember when Malcolm Jenkins warned everybody back in training camp? Don't rest on our laurels there. Restaurant our laurels. Now. There's interesting to me though, because you called it a hangover then you mentioned that their entire defensive backfield is new and different. I mean, I'm not sure if a hangover applies if you're so. By injuries. And you've got such a new union but injuries happen to teams that are wiped out injuries eagles last year. They were injured team, and they were able to overcome Clinton Yates more about New Orleans yesterday more about Philadelphia. I think it was more about Philadelphia. But I agree with you. Tony there's not as much of a hangover they lost their offense coordinator and their quarterbacks coats. There is a brain trust issue that has changed with the eagles. And it's affected the way that they've played. They've been blanks in eight of ten I quarters this season or not out of the gate. Well at all, and they just don't look good. So to me this is much more about the eagles. We know what the saints can do. And they put the pressure on. I'm still trying to figure out how the saints lost to Tampa Bay that in week one thing about the eagles this season. They've only scored twenty one points a total of twenty one points in the first course, so the constantly playing from behind and we all love Carson Wentz. But a lot of you know, pressure in blame has to go to him. He's not all the way back like Bill said and remember this. They won the Super Bowl without him last year. He's yet to win a playoff game. So he still has a lot to prove Jacky when you look at it that way, maybe you could focus in on what Frank was just thinking about Carson Wentz. And also what gates is saying about the brain trust guys have left. Doug Peterson still there that was the face and name of the brain trust last year. Right. But not necessarily the offensive brain trust. Then thank you talk about Wentz. He's had some issues. And I think a lot of it has to do with the lack of protection he's getting this season. I think I have the stats in front of me. But he got a lot better protection last season. Honestly, Tony, I don't know why we're not talking about the saints. I'm gonna talk about the saints. Drew Brees is on Kapar for. I don't care make a face MVP season. Never been in only forty years old like we should be talking about drew Brees all the time. You know? What's so interesting about him? We know Tom Brady's polarizing and Aaron Rodgers is polarizing is there any other quarterback in the league that everybody agrees. They absolutely love. That's right, everybody. Let's talk about drew Brees. Jackie has the creative. It's drew Brees day. Bill plash, Keith go ahead. Breezes, the MVP unbelievable bitches about say that Jackie now, everybody's. They are the best team in the NFL right with the news. Yeah. I mean, it's a fun story. I like drew Brees in the saints or just. Is the best. We could serve a fun store. Let me ask you this Frank. Yeah. You're on fourth and seven up thirty one going for it. There's there's fourteen minutes left in the game. It's the NFL. We would want him to kick a long field goal. That's gonna make you feel better one quick. And since Jackie through complimented me. I'm gonna throw in England. It just goes to show you how great the patriots have been whether they win the Super Bowl loses Super Bowl. They always come back the next year. And they're just as tough that tells you something about becky's like, well, that's not a compliment my way. Young out Pacino it. She's. We're gonna move this next story Condoleeza, right, right? If you I saw the report from Adam Schefter on Twitter, you checked like three times Steve was at darn Schefter. If you heard him seeing on TV you ask for a birth certificate to make sure it wasn't Frank Kellyanne though, I mean, that's how four of left field. This came Cleveland Browns statements, saying they're still in the process of composing the list of head coaching as it is. And former secretary of state rice has not been this has got to go down one of the most bizarre. The full statements of all time that you never thought you would ever see Rice's statement did advocate for women coaches. But also, essentially sit let's be serious here. I'm not ready to coach and I love to call play next year. The Browns need new ideas, Frank it, certainly was a new idea. What are you doing with all the information, and what should Browns fans be doing with it? The permission. Well, I can't imagine that she was never going to be the coach. I mean, that's something that you need experience. I will say this about her being in the front office. Go back to win Boesch Mbeka went from being the coach. In Michigan to being the president of the Detroit. Tigers I remember thinking years ago in the Knicks. We're looking for a president higher. Bill Parcells that's a good organizational guy that knows how to run things if you wanna put her in a position like president in a position of leadership where you know, she could run it organization. I think that makes sense coaching a little bit different. You really have to work at a much lower level, build your way up and of all the sports more. So than any other Jackie MacMullan. What did you think? When you first heard report. I was like, wow. I mean, I knew Condoleeza Rice was a college basketball fan. I didn't know about this love affair with the Cleveland Browns. She's the only person left on earth just about. Route. So that didn't make a lot of sense to me. I would say this. I think there is a place for women coaches in football. Just like, I think there's a place for female coaches in every sport. But it should be Catherine Smith who worked with the bills or Katie sours who's been part of the forty Niners who has that background and Condoleeza made that point yourself. I like Frank's idea get Condoleeza Rice rice in the front office in some capacity, because she's a brilliant woman who knows football. I'm also if it were to run, the organization CEO style rice would be an attractive candidates that you Jackie Frank. It seems like you're saying yes to that. Absolutely. Will what do I be a great candidate? Anybody who watched hard knocks could say leaves rice could come in there and really get that go into shape. She'd be perfect any probably what happened was they probably mentioned her as a candidate just for the organization and somehow got more to the coaching candidate. I I would seriously consider our pursue her bring her in your to run the show. I think she'd do great job. I'm still shocked to hear all this because this is so far at a left field. I have to say. Clinton. When you first heard the report he had to think is there something that I'm missing here. And then when you heard the denials from the team and from rice itself, what are you doing with all that information? Basically, I think as everything you said, Tony, this is kind of embarrassing. Listen, it's not about Condoleeza Rice. She's a smart person that you would want in your fun offices. Everybody else's stated, but it makes the Browns look like they have no idea what they're doing. When it comes to potentially finding someone to lead that team. They've had a decent around in my opinion in terms of Baker Mayfield. And with the teams look like and now you have this. It's not about rice. It's about just the general left field of it. I don't like it at OPEL ask your back in. No, I just opposite Clinton the Browns browser thinking outside the box. They're not gonna hire is the head coach. But to bring it in your organization, I wanna organization to do some thinking what did you do in the past has not worked Frank? Why not? But I I agree with with Clinton sane in terms of coaching. It makes a mockery of the whole process. Even of the profession, I think in a lot of ways in Barrasso's Condoleeza Rice, putting her in a CEO position. Absolutely coach come on Jackie MAC. So and I can tell you this firsthand if you're a female in your in your industry, you don't want someone to offer you a job or talk about you for a job for publicity purposes. You want them to talk about it because you deserve the job like Beckingham, and like Nancy drew mentioned both coaches. We've been more. We'll take a break right here. Jackie MAC, you call Frank guy stola young alpha chino, which is an incredible. Thank you very much. Jackie. Thank you very much tight. But most we have in the show today. I always said Laura Dern plays Jackie in the show. And we got Billy Joel thing. Within the you wanna nominate anyone to play you. What's that guy's name? Jerry loops have I told me. Okay. I'll take that roundworm buyer filmmakers get out. The Hornets presented by eastern. Please drink responsibly par happy hour. -nology truth brought to you by comb. Truth teenagers can communicate entirely in emojis. Why birthday party? Pizza slice kitten sucker bulb pineapple truth. It's so easy to switch them. Save on car insurance at geiko dot com. What are you talking about paper clips shoulder? Shrug high five wizard hat what go fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more. Welcome back to around the horn presented by. I'm happy hour. Colts thirty eight titans. Ten Andrew walk three touchdown passes for the seventh week in a row more impressive than that. Though is effort trying to catch a touchdown that check this out. And then maybe most impressive look hasn't been sacked in the last month. Seven days ago. This panel gave me tight says the best the division. They beat the patriots. I didn't I say again, none of you. Even brought up the Houston. Texans who've won seven straight games after starting the year, Owen three Bill more impressed with what the colts are doing. And look coming back or what? Detectives are doing more impressed with the Texans. It's a food. I came in ninety three years to do that seven straight wins after going on three eighth ranked defense in the league. They have won four straight on the road. If they stay healthy, stay healthy. They can be Super Bowl contenders. Super Bowl consented for the Texans. Well, now that you go into that defense against Kansas getting the lady against the patriots, guess feelers Clinton gate, Seva you. I'm more impressed with the colts because of Andrew luck managing to come back from that injury. But the Texans are still the better football team classy has this would write their defense is going crazy. And I'm not just saying that is because I saw it'd be Washington yesterday Branko Sola. Hey, JJ watt into shown Watson or healthy. How great is that? But thrown a you mentioned the set five games that's two hundred and fourteenth snap since he was last Andrew up. All he did his first few years was get beaten up. They put an offensive line together. Look how good Andrew Jackson MAC. Not only that one of the things we knew about Andrew luck. When things were going bad was eat enforce the ball through picks during this winning streak day. He's only thrown one interception. So the things we always said about luckily forces the ball, he never gets protection. And is he healthy enough? All three of those have been answered I think that's pretty amazing. I don't think anybody to begin the year talked about this team as a puff potential playoff team. And I don't think anybody was talking about the tickets is a potential Super Bowl team except for Bill plastic. Let me did they are not the only say sold them one looker less are you with okay? Graven twenty four Bengals Twenty-one. Lamar Jackson nineteen passes thrown twenty-seven ruptured. That included Neil vans. But it's the most in the NFL in fifty eight years most by five and his best running play was chasing down the game ball from the referee Clinton. What were your first impressions of Lamar gun the suit? I certainly think he played well enough to justify the star was an issue in Baltimore considering what they were dealing with harp. All but he's facing some of the bottom rushing teams in the league coming up on the schedule. So they're going to be running a lot more. I still want to see the guy throw the ball board though. I didn't love that pig. But I do think he's good for them. I art he's dynamic. He's exciting. But I agree with Marvin Lewis said after the game, you know, you can do that now. But that does not work long term in the NFL. You have to be a guy that runs on occasion. Not all the time. What did you think of that? Like, I said the most runs in the NFL and sixty years by five for four quarterback. Right. So I don't know why Al Pacino throwing cold water on his big day here. Very first. Runs. I understand that. Well, let's. Got it said that was the losing football coach that Sunday. So I I agree that this isn't a long term solution. But my guess is at some point flack look gets his job. He'll Plachy this. Stop getting Frank started. Jackie please. But it was fun. It was fun to watch. But it's against the worst defense in the NFL. They'd give up over five hundred yards the previous three games of the Bengals had. I don't know if it's gonna last fire SIL three now team of the week game of the year kickoff in three hours. Rams, and she I gotta get there. I gotta glad I can get you can get to their right now. If you want, right. So you're expecting pensive bonanza houses game, it'd be one. Absolutely. I think it's going to live up to the hype. I think the Rams are gonna win it. How great is it to get a high profile game that doesn't include the patriot? The Steelers the Cowboys the giant two new teams. It's good to Jackie Mack. Well, I think it's a great game because it's the future with the two great young quarterbacks that everybody's got the rise on a home. And caught off. I'm gonna take Kansas City in this game Frank. He gets rid of the ball two and five point five seconds or less better than anybody in the league, right? Yeah. Give you some analysis. Your Bill plan you Franks telling me it's a good game. Thank you for Franken. You hear that from you? And Jackie finally, got to Mahomes and how he gets rid of the ball. But please go ahead. He gets rid of the ball fast. Aaron Donald gets to the backfield faster than anyone that's ran into this game. This game. We'll pass rush on on the chiefs at home to call is going to be rocking. Ransoming gates. Yeah. I think that with the enemy and Mahomes that combination from his offense coordinator in the quarterback. I really like what the chiefs are going to do. But they gotta make sure they don't make mistakes chief average the most penalties. Is that right that you don't see that off piece of information? Ready? No, not a not rate. To turn over to the level that you need to for showdown. But we'll let you go right here. Create different plants. He's going to give the governor's view. I sold the McMullan's in showdown Frank. She's. She's everywhere they go. I'm out of order you ready over audit border. Let's go take a break. We'll be. Brought to you by coming to you from the seaport district of Pierce seventeenth. On the Hornets. Presented by both eastern. Drink responsibly. Happy out. Jackie mcglone, Frank. I fill a two point conversion away from winning the show or are they going for? Let's see here's Ron Rivera. Go for two on the road to win the game. I was going for the win to win the game. I went for two to win the football. When that two point conversions doesn't win. It's does it L go on Ron for going forward or on Cam for missing the past right? Both of them. The execution was terrible. I didn't like the play look at the way Maryland played their gaming. And so how stayed have the quarterback running out the execution didn't work there either. I don't know why the venue is such a big deal. Go for the tie play overtime. Yeah. Go for the time play overtime. And you know what? If you absolutely are hell, bent, running the two point conversion, Tony. Then let Cam Newton fake the passing run it in the end zone himself in twice in his career and connected both. Yes, I agree with you on the play call. But I agree with Rivera that you're going to hear win the game will win the game. We'll split the point because it is. Because this is the way we're doing things we're moving on out to well Khalil Mack did with one arm to a three hundred and five pound, man. What Kirk cousins did to the Vikings. Take away from the bears. Win stranglehold on the division right now. Jackie. Well, we know the bears are all about defense and raiders fans. Cover your ears MAC wreaked havoc back there. They have eighteen interceptions. Tony that's more than the past two seasons. Combined historically built around defense and they have the great linebacker. But this is also about the development of their second year. Vicky who's been terrific this year. And with Green Bay struggling why not we're an Alpa chino reference away from winning the showdown Franken sold, but I didn't hear you. Frankie knocking the point key MAC base time, thirty seconds. Well, happy thanksgiving to everybody fan. I hope you will give thanks to the born people in your life. I'm going to do that for the three charities that I've been involved with over the past few years, we know that charities raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the people behind those characters don't make a lot of money. Other the ones I'm going to recognize today that includes you bog scandal from the Dorchester, boys and girls lose amazing Virginia Pook as Ian with worked for Huntington's disease. Society of American England overtime our own illness to help those families in need. And of course, Lindy kids from studio type. You guys are what what a great faith. Jackie Frank was just going to talk about the Knicks. So there we go. We'll see you tomorrow right job, jacking.

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