Caught Offside: Manchester Derby


Caught offside with Andrew gumming and JJ Davani. Total number west side of Manhattan, Ed regarding J, J vani what's up in? Not as pumped as I thought. It'd be pump for the podcast. I think this is going to be a grid podcast as always people have been looking forward to it since we didn't have a Monday one. But that Manchester Darby just fell a little bit short on. You were hoping you were invested in it in a way that last night. I played glory glory mandated. In a way to kind of some some kind of footballing voodoo to attack city who do you think? Manchester United fans prefer to see when the title city mall easily. No, I say easily I don't know in Manchester, certainly mine United fans from back home and Arlon, whereas rabid as anyone they don't want to see every. So this is kinda like, you know, if you're a Yankee fan, would you rather see the Red Sox or Mets and most Yankee fan? I you know, what I actually don't know what they would say. I don't know what it's either. Probably. Yeah. I don't know because the Mets winning right on their doorstep. Right. Which is the case with Manchester, Neang, Manchester. So yeah, but Manchester, the Manchester's are lot closer together than the Boston's in the New York's if you know what I mean this distance wise, your bump, your bumping into more Manchester people in Liverpool. People more crossover interesting we're gonna talk about that game. And all that did and did not happen in it into days. Manchester Darby a win for city a huge win for city. We'll get into there's been a lot of action over the weekend. Some the battle for the top four is insane. And nobody wants it. Well, not nobody Spurs. They've pushed themselves to the front of the queue. Nobody excuse me. I'd like more soup that is the voice in which we speak. So we'll talk about that. We've got a mail bag actually haven't seen any of the mail bag. I didn't I did my thought one word of it. I gotta be honest with you will be able to react on the hop. Most of these. Let's see we have a big what to watch for consisting of some premier leagues and we've got red card man of the match should be fun. I do want to start out by saying a couple of things first off we never ever do this. But I want to push people a lot of people listen to this podcast solely off of downloading it from the ESPN FC feed on I tunes or apple podcasts. Wherever you get your podcast. And that's great. Thank you for finding us there. And for. And for sticking with us. I'm sure that was probably our introduction to a lot of people from the SPNFZ feed shore. But we also do have our own podcast channel as well. So when you get the chance try to just subscribe to the caught the actual caught off side channel. And when you do that just how about a little five star rating and review because they say that that is a thing with metrics that helps our visibility. So also as well what if we do something that we're not gonna put on the FCC feed, but we wanted on the caught off site feed. And we right. We want you all to listen. Here's the thing. I don't wanna make false promises. It's not like we're doing that. Currently. But I think we're waiting to build like once that once we're comfortable enough that the arch channel has enough subscribers to it. Then I would think we would probably wanna start doing exclusive content just on there. And it's easy to find a STAN you don't have to go trolling through any other ESPN FC stuff, you'll find a stair fees. Just search caught off-side what we're on the topic of caught off side. Look this is not an indictment. There's a website out there that is also called caught off site. Yes. And let's just speak to specifically what for better for worse. They went ahead and printed, some kind of article, which I read was terribly put together unsourced off a few Twitter comments about what Liverpool's are supposed to have Liverpool fans supposed to said at the weekend at Cardiff City, which is being denied roundly, and they're caught off side. So all of a sudden, we've got French journalists tagging us saying that we're the ones that disseminated comments about Liverpool fans, which we would never do. First of all, we're not a website. Second of all anything that. We would have said would have been said on Thursdays podcast. Yeah. Here's the thing. We have literally no affiliation whatsoever with that website. And I know you want to not you don't want me to say, but I will. For better for worse. If they write an article that you hate we had nothing to do with it. If they win a Pulitzer for an incredible work of journalism. I'll say right now we had nothing to do with it. They literally not affiliated in any way, shape or form. And quite frankly, I think it's time for us to consider a name change from. Yeah. I mean, this one was hastily put together I came up with it. I got one kind of ma- of agreement from you. And then it was okay. Let's just record and do this. I thought Polly who was liberal fan who got in contact with me was quite measured in her response at Sio soccer pod, you're scum. Just like the sun paper. Which is now when you write back and say, it's not us as their an apology. Oh, no Polly's not for turning the lady in for ternan. I see so on that's particular acting all joking site. It's really hard to hear that when you're living. Find yourself from your own base. The even the idea that someone would think I would make up stuff like that about on E fan base to be honest with you terrible. So we changed the name to. JJ davonte show featuring featuring old Spurs handy. One more thing we'll more thing we're entering our fifth year doing this podcast pretty much this week. This is like the fifth anniversary show, actually, it's essentially it is last week of April in two thousand fourteen. I think was our first podcast. Yeah. So I'm going to try. I've got a few plans that were formulating just to to celebrate that on one of them is we're going to release our top five. Well, how about this? We're just now we're just on. And this is all totally on the fly. And if you hate it, I'll even at it this out. Okay. What if people who are longtime listeners of the podcast as their tunes review submit their favorite memory from the show, and we will do the best that we can go back and find it. And maybe at the end of like a bunch of episodes moving forward. We'll try to. We'll we'll say, hey, so and so gave us a five to five star review, and we'll play and at the end of the podcast. We'll just play like that thing. So many of them are. Gonna be Maradonna gone. Oh, you mean, you mean this? He was simply asked for his opinion on the clock. Tator twelve and did that when he was asked. What do you think? Melissa's developing Taylor. It's not a ringing endorsement, but anyway, you could pick that please don't all pick that God don't do that. But any of your favorite moments from the podcast? Yeah. Leave Nitra review with it. We shall see it. And we'll play it over the next few weeks makes sense. I think that's a good idea. So I bought myself a present by the way for a fifth anniversary. Your birthday is also coming up to what? Yeah. But not for that. It was for the fifth anniversary my favorite one of my favorite players of all time from the nineties. I bought the Nintendo Ninety-Eight ninety-nine fiorentina jersey with Rui Costa on the back. He's one of your favorite what an elegant, man. He could he glided along. Yeah. The pitch like. Nothing I've ever seen with grace and elegance everything about him was he was he had Betty Davis. Okay. All right JJ. Let's get into it. The Manchester Darby was earlier today. It was in doubt briefly. I went on Twitter at around hall timely and Twitter was riddled with videos of water streaming down through in the Old Trafford roof with people suggesting that the game was going to be cancelled and all three points. We're going to be given to Manchester City Victor, Linda mounted Vic Victor Lindelof was in charge of keeping the water from not leaking in. Well, it sounded totally preposterous. And in the end they did play. Rumors. But in the end, the three points were handed to mention Esther city, anyway, JJ, this was I guess we shouldn't be shocked by it from what we've seen from Manchester United as of late. But this was just it was just so not the effort that you thought you would get from a club. Not just looking to prevent one of their biggest rivals from potentially using this. As a major tool to go on to win a title also to try to get themselves back and Champions League contention at man, they just it was like Marino. Manchester United was just flat. So few opportunities. So few chances that I can really think of where they you know, are going forward and some kind of threatening men shot on target and sometimes the saving because lindgaard had the one volley that was kind of a pre like cool attempt rash bird. Argue rash. Furred flashed a shot over the top than there was a semi clearance out of the six year box in the second half. Just after city the opening. Bowl that was from Vincent company, and then then guard was coming in the far site. But generally, Andrew it didn't create very much because not quite apart. From the fact that didn't have the ball an awful lot that midfield plumbed levels of ineptitude that I have rarely seen from Manchester United midfield Pereira. Fred constantly giving the ball away. Fred most notably for the second goal. Pago Pago doing his his kind of. I'm trying really hard. You know, his kind of like lots of lots of lots of movement lots of falling over, but not a lot of product the ball. He played in the first half to Lynn guard for that chance. You talked about was fantastic. And it was one of those things where you're like when Fred and Pereira got the ball give it to about knock it over the top and get Vincent company in foot- race. What Marcus rash? I they weren't able. I mean that is the simplest way to play. And you know, he's born capable of doing it at Luke Shaw's effort for. The for Bernardo Silva gold that opened opened up the game. What was that? Yeah. I was just wondering is he just going to keep like Bernardo Silva just kept driving with eventually just backpedaled into the nets ever going gonna step forward like it lit on FICO. We're we're the guy ends up in the net. Just so poor on, you know, Gary Neville was on sky afterwards saying, well, that's just too. They are that's who this team is about as if that's the case dot is referring the mentoring. You know, he was on about a Roy Keane was on the panel. Which was I mean, the greatest midfielder of the river had we'll talk about a night to have Roy Keane on and he just viscera them on. He talked about Ronin an effort and really putting in effort. Now, they did that in the first half. They tried to press a one point they force company to kick the ball out of the line. But generally Andrew that all went out the window in the second half. They were supine they were spineless they were back to what they were against Everton, which was pathetic. And they, you know, I think if city where. What at full tilt, and I think if sonnet had come on even earlier, it could have been a lot worse for United. How many times do we need to say that about Sunday before like, well, he was understand what he needs to do to become a fixture in the starting. I don't either appoint was made to me on Twitter over the weekend. When I said, I believe he should be starting games on the point was, well, you know, who you dropping sterling Bernardo Silva. Honestly, I think there's a way to put him into the side where you would drop silver, the elder Davidson who was not in the kind of form that you would expect. But certainly, okay he doesn't have to start, but he can come on sooner than the eighty four th minute and the eighty ninth minute, respectively champions e games against Spurs. It was the sixty six when he came was just humming improvement of twenty minutes and he scored. Oh, no, I'm sorry. He scored in the sixty sixty km fifty right, right? And he has that ability to change games. Now. He said that in speaking to Arlo on the boys after the game. He said that you know, there's no issue with Pat P under. Fans that he can't come into the game. When he has so many good players head of him. He's not as it's not as if he sat there thinking while I'm better than him. When I'm better than him on understand that, but I do feel like earlier in the season he paid more of a role and that role was slowly. But surely phased out. Yeah. The thing that I sometimes wonder about is. Okay. If you're not going to be playing so much in the league like maybe that would be for the Champions League. Like, you know, I look at Tottenham and he's hurt now. But Serge aurea basically never starts in the league. But then in championship games. He's kind of a fixture at fullback. Like, you would think. Okay. Where's the chance that we can rotate the squad and get Sante into playing ninety minutes in at least one of these guys. I still believe that if pep had it to do all over again to bring on signing would have started in the first the first leg against Tottenham and made no sense. Not to I don't know. They played league Sunday starting the second leg. Yeah. But to broin started the Brighton GAM beforehand. He started can't remember. They're still Crystal Palace before it really before that too. And then all of a sudden, he's not playing against bars. It's it was super. We're very there's no way around. I wanna go back a little bit to something that you said that Gary Neville said about the squad from chest United. Maybe this is just who they are. I think there's some truth to that. I go on. Well, okay. I mean, how much of things really changed? So under Marino. They were this dour underachieving group of players and then social came in and suddenly they weren't. And we all kind of wondered why a lot of analysis said really doing a lot of the same things of Reno is. But guys are just executing now. And now they're of not against here's what we're looking at social the job officially on March twenty eighth since then United played seven games five in the league two in the Champions League. He's one two against Waterford and West Ham. Neither one of those were convincing and he's lost all the other five. And if you wanna go back even a little further he actually lost both of the games. Leading up to his hiring and Cup one against wolves. And the two nil against arsenal. So in their last nine games they've won two and they've lost seven including getting bounce from two Cup competent. Yes. So as the worst record since eighty one, so what would we be saying if this was any other club where what remove the flashy names, Marino club, legend, soul shy remove all that? And let's just pretend this was some other club. What would we be saying? Oh, well, they got the new manager bounce out settled back to the the mean. Yeah. But why are Manchester United that much different? But that's with anyone else who they are. I will get to this in my red card section in more debt put it's because of the narrative that's been spun he's calming and he's put a smile under faces. And we've heard all this nonsense about the United way, which is total an her. It's not real. It's not something that exists. The United way first of all under Furby was white men wingers a creative and a holding center midfielder, a an attacking force with striker and somebody like Eric tonight in the team. Dot that was the first Iranian the was another United where where there were quite dour played five in midfield and often paid vista Royal Fronton his own that was the second ration-. There's not just one way of playing the way the United way onto Furby was what winning. That's what it was. But we were spun this narrative that he's going to come in. They're going to understand what it is to play for Manchester United. They're going to wear the club blazer. There's going to be no headphones. There's going to be none of that. It's all going to there's going to be this cultural chain, let's not act like United with Rooney with Rinaldo with skulls with Beckham weren't playing more gigs work playing a more exciting. But it wasn't one thing. It wasn't villian. Like there was so many different ways. There was Rinaldo playing white as winger and then ranaldo playing white as wing or but a goal scoring winger who scores thirty-something goals in a season. There was all these different elements. That wasn't just one way. What was really good players on a manager that was able to transpose his anger, and his I suppose his motiva-. Onto the field. That's what it was. Then we haven't seen that with only gonna soldier. He's Cohen on. He's allowed the players to express themselves on. I'm sure after Marino. And what we saw like we saw from the sky cameras the fallings out, and they just the toxic. Atmosphere that he created around the clock. I'm sure when someone comes in that's fresh-faced and bubbly and compliant too glories of the past that lifts a team. But now, where's the coaching Andrew? Yes. Dive request what I'm saying. And I will I will get to this at the later on. But you know, you can talk about the United way all you want. There's no United way that says you play Victor Lindelof in a white position against the wall and watch him get his bum handed to against Everton. It was shocking. It was it was disgraced you know. There's no there's no United way. This is your goal keepers. Probably the best goalkeeper in the world is no conceding record high goal scoring numbers. What is it was the two goals today that puts him up to fifty conceded for the season? And it's like look at the goals. He's allowing. You could say, you know, I know you wanna look shawl was probably mostly at fault. I would say for the first one, but it's still it's not a shot Bernardo Silva hits. That's very it's not very hard hit kind of not scuffed it, but cakes quickly. Yeah. Maybe the hair was just like a little bit. I think he might have been unsighted by the frame of the show and not doing anything in front of him. But then the second one from sonnet. These are saves you expect to hey, it'd be make its but look at the Genesis there's like three or four people out of position on that goal. There's this. There was this still taken of the United defense on the goal. And it was just like this strip vertical line. And you're like, what are you doing? And maybe we were maybe we were all just thrown a little bit. Now. I think you and I were fair. I mean, we said after social be Tottenham one nil. Okay. Well, that's a great result for mention United goes of who the better side wasn't that on that day Deva put on a show, but even even three one maybe against arsenal. Even but well, yeah. But, but even if you look at the result, which was probably what we thought seeded firm. I mean, they did not play well that night and boof on PS Jesus and improve miraculously. And there was the miraculous. Humble, right. You know, there's all those things I said at the start I thought it would be a mental decision to appoint him even as a caretaker content considering his. See I'm what needed to be done at the club. Now, I actually softened my position on that over over the course of the winds and things like that. And I said, you know, he could be a good manager for the next two years. But what I didn't say was you must give it to them. Now, you how to them? No, no. We were pretty clear on that. I was you've given him that job before you've appointed the key piece in rebuilding the club, which is a technical director or a bunch of technical director. I just I'm so curious who are the guys and social spoke about this a little bit during the week. But who are the guys that if you're a Manchester United fan, you feel comfortable moving forward with on this club? I assume rash verd- I'll throw lindgaard in there. And I'll say Marcial because he recently signed a contract. I mean Maciel his body language when he came on tonight is what his body language for a while. Four really poor. But Lukaku out pod by out. Fred Herrera round while what a loss they'll take on? Fred. I mean, something's got to change. This isn't working. In fact, match out on the one guy that maybe you could have kept at least as somebody who perform a function in midfields because really is not as old as jars legs aren't going as managers appear to be would have been under Herrera knuckle be the difference. But he's gonna walk away to during the summer. We're led to believe it's pretty incredible to see what's happened with just so many just no strategy. But no strategy to look at it. You've got signings from the Furby era plan centre-back who should probably belong on the club. If a fullback was signed as a winger by Alex Ferguson, you know, playing wingback in Ashley young and captaining the club. Then you've got all these like, look, what do you do Alexis? Sanchez. Who's taken that contract? Feels interested scattergun approach Miguel Delaney is a really good piece about this prior to the game tonight. Check it out go to his Twitter and you'll see it. So for for city. This was the game at hand. They move ahead of Liverpool. Now, they've now both played thirty five games city or head by one point ahead by eight points on goal difference. You're for the slip ups now. Yeah, I it's just I keep repeating this to and I feel bad drilling into your head because I'm sure you feel worse and worse every time I say, but I've just never seen anything like this where Liverpool may go through the season losing one game and not winning title. It's just crazy. I'm looking at it. Now, I'm thinking they have to go to Burnley. And you know, Sean, die doubt them combing just throw. He throw handbags. Glad rags out them. Then you've got tremendous cottage though. But that's at home. They're at home to tremendous character. And then you've got Brighton away who could be fighting for their lives. You saw there's jeopardy in those games. I don't know. And then meanwhile, for for you guys Horsfield on Friday, which if you're not winning that you serve win the tight Lonnie way, I should say that they should win. They should take three points. That's at home to orders field orders feel at home Newcastle away, which you are safe. But I would be there in a bit of their in a bit of form spending. Well there so it could be one goal that the Cy and they're feeling themselves. Now, we'll talk a little bit more about them later in what's watch for. But they did suffer a bad injury significant. And then there's wolves and that's at Anfield. And and you know, wolves are. A bit of a Jekyll and Hyde team. So you don't know what you're gonna get there. They're not Jekyll and Hyde against top six JJ. I dunno. If you happen to see what they did arsenal today. But it was I would say it was shocking. But I guess you can't be shocked by anymore. They beat arsenal. Three one. They were up three nil at one point three goals from three other foreign players, Nevez, Jota and Monteverdi. I saw this from Paul car. It's the most points per game versus the top six in the primarily the season. Manchester City average two and a half points per game against the top excite then Liverpool at just under two points per game. And then in third wolves followed by Chelsea arsenal. Tottenham or knife, Manchester editor tenth wolves are averaging basically a point and a half per game against the top six. It's amazing. And if you're a wolves fan, I it's led to some of the most fun moments that you could probably recall in the recent history as a fan, God, the frustration of not being able to to do that against lower table teams knows where they could be I'm going to bore people with this. But I look at the big picture. What was and I think next season they're going to be contending to be a top succeed. If they can't afford to lose players, and they'll. How are they? I mean, we know the way the that the operate in terms of transfer market. They're they're securing him who's one of their crucial players. They're securing him. What Montel they signed him to a new extent into a contract extension will not accept they. They may sign them. Unofficial signed him outright. We know the way that they that they operate on the the knowledge that they have in the transfer market. And we know that full soon the company that owns them will back them. They're probably gonna kick on an I that's got to be there in that's or else. What is this for? They are monied in a way that the other clubs aren't and they are already stretching their most against the top six. Meanwhile, from arsenal you look at it. And it's now back to back to feats against Crystal Palace against wolves. This is this is Everton the defeat only a couple of weeks ago. This is shocking stretch for them yet. It's interspersed with them taking apart Napoli the Europa league. That's the thing is you. I'm starting now. Look they are still full steam ahead for a spot in the top four. But they're avenue into a Champions League spot is now I would say almost equally split between doing it through the league and doing it through the rope leaks. Attention is probably fixed in two different places. Still that's not an excuse for how they've looked in these past couple of games against palace. The defending on the Christian Ben goal against palace over the weekend is just awful. They've got a lot of problems mainly in the back. I would say, right. But even even look at look at some of the characters that have popped up over over the last couple of days say, for example, on social media, the arsenal who got a lot of attention until ding from our own Craig Burley where he tweeted out the stats that suggest scored on Stathis had a pet her season than versus Van Dyke. You know, that was funny, you know, amusing, but he still at the club. You look at the guy who scored tonight Socrates he still at the club not up to it. Andrew they need to revamp and rebuild that entire defense. We've said that. Alright. Yeah. Look some of it though is not necessarily just on these players. It's also in the manager who selecting these players to play if you looked at the lineup that was out there for the Crystal Palace game. They're worse than head scratchers. Here's Paul mariner on ESPN FC talking about Emory's lineup choices this throw away game. So what does he do? He plays a young kid of Ripon us at the buck is not ready. So don't plan you've already go in my opinion of very pool by because Shelley kills me to say, he's been a fantastic. So just going over the little bit stuff is all over the place. Jenkinson the it was playing the kid Gwen dues going to be a good player. But he's not ready yet. So the so many things wrong with this with the settle. I wasn't sure is going to play for the, but it was going to play three. So and it came to pass because when you look at the first goal, okay? There's a guy called Christian. Ben tech is seventy four eight this guy, very very difficult. Not to mount this guy. Stuff. It gets the wrong side of a militia before the bulls comment is put his hand because he thinks been been take his off side. And as far as my stuff is concerned is but jenkinson's behind him playing everybody. Onside some what are these guys doing train it? It's embarrassing. Yes, fine. But this is something that's bedeviled arson Vangere in the certainly not who years of of the last decade. And also is now troubling Unum. Re-? He can't grow players. You know, he's probably put in one of the players that he mentioned there. He's probably paid him. Because he hasn't got any other options. You know, he's got a wit to the summer and even in the summer, go. He's got Eric coming off the bench trailer is not a defender. He's defensive center made is what I mean, my point to you is this Andrews that he's gonna have to dress this in the summer on what some of the contracts that are already tight Taito, including material. And also, I suppose that's where they're getting rid of Ramsey to free up some money. Let's see we look at some of the other top for that were in action recently Tottenham lost Manchester City over the weekend in a game where they actually played pretty well. But just couldn't quite finish that chance a second thought city. Yes. Son had a couple reaches couldn't quite get the ball out from under his feet, but it was a pretty good a pretty good game. And obviously important went for city. And it was followed by yesterday. We're taught him took on Brighton in a game. That was just it was filled with all the the dread, basically that I sometimes talk about with Spurs where you know, all these great things are happening around them, you know, Chelsea drawing with Burnley and United are giving it away an arsenal or giving it away. And now you've got Brighton. For you at home and look Brighton. Do a lot of people. I saw on Tottenham Twitter. People are losing their minds over the way Brighton. Decided to play that game. Why I agree. I mean, look like we've said so many times like we said when Portugal went on and won the euro's beating France their their job is not to entertain u s at this stage in the season. Especially when you're when you're trying to stave off relegation their job is to survive got a point at wolves. And the new another point against Tottenham would push them that edge that little bit ahead of carrot of. And they were they said the game plan on if Stevens had closed down that shot by X improperly. Instead of doing the thing that annoys me all the time the jump in the air back Spinney thing blinded, the goalkeeper on it flew into the bottom corner. Grit strike it was a great strike American. Here's what it sounded like Eriksson. Good. The relief in that moment when he hit that ball Tottenham. There was I don't know if you remember. But the the shot that hit off the inside of the post and rolled along the goal line. That's when you start to think, oh, this is not happening. When you see that one. You've convinced yourself it's going to be one of these days, and you're going to look back at this. When you're not in the top four you keep waiting for that Spurs. He moment it didn't happen in the Champions League. At least certainly not yet. And I'm not anymore. That's the thing. I is you feel like the narrative is almost afraid to say it because there's still time for everything to turn. But in watching the way teams around them are just failing at this stage in the season. And if the way Tottenham are still right now kind of eking out results after they went through that rough patch since they moved into their new home. They have not lost. They had not drawn. They've won every game in the new stadium. Also, you know, you talk about these Spurs moments, and and someone. On Twitter yeterday a Chelsea fan. No doubt. I talking about. Oh, you know. I can't wait till Spurs get to a final and they bought lit, whatever. Even if they do get to the Chapman's e final bought lot. Even if they don't make it to top four. There's no way. There's there is no way any Spurs fine is swapping anything. That's happened this season so far. So they can have a cowboy Corp or an ethical final, by the way. Can we also say right now that if Tottenham get to the championship final, and let's say lose to Liverpool or Barcelona's tremendous seas way past the term bottling is that somebody who just doesn't know what that means a male fine. If they've got like a four nil lead in the second half, and they give it away then. Yes, we can say that they bottled it. But if they get to a championship final Tottenham. I don't know. Why people it's amazing. How these these terms just sneak into the Geist on Twitter and people just they tweet the same memes when anything happens, even if it was at the start bottling like the American translation would be choke. Right. Yeah. But there's there's means and ways of doing like they'd have to go into the final as the as the. Wild favorites. It would have to be taught him versus Schachter. Nets are someone like that. For for them to lose be late in college basketball. If like a mid major, that's not what Tottenham are let's say like, you know, a six seater a five seed get to a national championship game and take on Duke. Do they would you say choke, if they don't win that gaining the guy, and I think what the guy said was on they'll do their usual, which is maybe not he maybe didn't use the term bottle. But he said lose in a final. I'm like they've never been to Champions League. Final before. Let's see speaking of Chelsea. I did mention they drew with Burnley those actually a phone game or fun first half. Yeah. A fun. I twenty five minutes or so Jeffrey, Jeff Hendrick. He lows a volley. God you only score Vanni. It was honestly it was really incredible. Now, I guess my big in looking at all the top for games. My big observation kind of comes out of that one. We're talking about you know, what Brighton set out to do against Spurs will debit. Louise, I guess felt similarly. In what Burnley's did against Chelsea? He said this. We tried everything to win the game. But it's difficult playing team who has to chances score two goals, but didn't wanna play the game for me the authority on the pitch as the referee. When he's not there to try to check what he has to do on the pitch. It's difficult. They were trying to time ways from the first minute of the of the first half. And then it was antifa football. So it's difficult to play against. Well, there's not there's no such thing as onto until he footballers just different ways of playing the game. Also to was part of a Chelsea team. I believe was it last season to season before can't remember the win to Bernie turf moor and lost the game. You know and Bernie played exactly the same way. You know? I don't understand this this mentality. If you've got to be good enough to break them down. You can't complain afterwards. The other thing too. Okay. They're trying to play anti football. Hey, they scored two goals. Like if they're now granted it was in very. You're Chelsea you. You will allow them to score on on like hardly any opportunities. Yeah. How about just defend them? Out was this crying from players of Mony teams with well-heeled teams with lots of skillful players who play a certain way, and they they complain. Why don't you come to our stadium and just roll over? And let us take your belly. When is that ever happened? It's a great point, man. Now there were moments where I thought Chelsea played. Well, the run from Ruben Loftus cheek to then get the ball to Aden has are to then set up goal Kante. I was the first goal. I think that what is the way home anytime did hazard turned the defender and just leave him on the ground own believed. I mean that was that's what Chelsea can be by the way, the move for the Ingles was spectacular to some nice wound touch football and around the box. And it was as Quetta I believe who just rolled this back into his path. And he's just smashed it absolutely smashed it and then embrace the member of the crowd. So yeah, it was a chessy paid wetter times. What they're what makes the maddening? I don't think it's going to damage them though, considering that arsenal lost so much. I still. What it means is they didn't really like didn't get they could be in a nice position. But instead, it's it remains a toss up. Yeah. You're right. Really? It was only Tottenham that have taken advantage. So far JJ moving beyond the title raise the top for it bears mentioning the chain long. Did a thing yesterday that I could not even honestly believe I wasn't. I was watching Tottenham. So you know, as I'm scrolling through Twitter. I saw someone we tweeted well, I saw the game kicked off. And then I saw right away goal. Southampton one nil. And I thought like is this just a re tweet from like the last time they played somebody just trolling, right? And no he he here. Give it a listen. What's up six continue their own places in the Champions League? They wrote the lake a chance they reveal say long. Less than ten seconds seven point six nine seconds is what they're officially calling. It was such an it was an encapsulation of what he is. When he's out his best, he presses blocks the bowl. No the ball fell kindly for him. Then he just sprints in shown pace that he has. I think it was Cathcart he closed down. And then he just lifted over the goalkeeper perfectly. Yeah. Now, look when something like that happens, you people instinctually need to find blame like is Cathcart to blame is the keeper to blame. I don't know isn't that. Just great. It's it takes a wild bounce off long. Right. Kind of into his pad to fact that from minute one. He's in there pressing closing people down is is who he is. I remember back. Oh funny to hear you say that didn't he have this ethically? This the thing for him. I remember in twenty sixteen Jurgen Klopp was into the job just a few months. And there was this rumor that went out that they were looking at buying long from Southampton fans were why why why this is why because he runs he runs more than most players at that level. He closes down. He'd try the problem is he's not a polish finisher despite that goal on. He goes too long without scoring goals. JJ I have in front of me a ticking clock seven point six nine cents is ridiculous. I'm gonna ask you random question s you super mundane, easy simple questions. This isn't even trivia 'cause it's just like super easy stuff. Don't use never paper. Never do it that way. You're always hurt me. No. Because the goal here is just to see. Can you answer the easiest questions possible faster than sharing? All right. My back apparen-. Okay, ready? Here we go. Would you have for lunch yesterday chicken sandwich? Really? Are you just you know? All right. You know, you did it. That's got a clock that seven point six nine six. I was. Got a couple of. Well, what do you think is happening here? Oh, all right. Okay. Let's see ready. Can you tell me where your shirt and pants about the pants in pennies in Ireland about the shirt online? Just barely be. That was close. All right. It's like no time. I know he scores a goal. I have one more here for you. How old are your brother and sister thirty two thirty three thirty to thirty four. Sorry. Did it about health despair? Do we have any idea from where he won the ball like the sprint from there to to the goal from there until he scores the goal? That's it was just he et the field up. Yeah. I don't know how it was actually physically possible to do that that quickly. He's a few goals like three in his last five or something like that. So he's officially on fire on fire. Somebody tweeted the. The fire service of donor. Someone like that Shan long is on fire, and we're dealing with trying to think if there's one more super Mondaym, easy question. I could ask you are you watching game of thrones current, you are let's see what are the names of the two dragons, I don't know that one. Big dragon. John, tom. I thought the first the first episodes, by the way of game of thrones felt were the second one specifically since as good tying up. Loose ends in preparing for the March of the dead thought, it was the tension of all these people who've just believed this is their last night alive. Yeah. It was like there was darkness to it. But I I don't know. I really really enjoyed it the night before a Spurs game. I just sit around drinking wine. I get knighted. Oh such a good show him so sad. It's going to be over. Yeah. No, it's it's very enjoyable show. We have to do by the way for our when the in the week of the final episode. We're gonna have to do our game of thrones football cross you have predictions on who you think are going to make it and who are are gonna die. There's a twist in somewhere with with czar see that I can't put my finger on. The army of the I'm torn on everything what is the show is kind of based around this like unpredictability, I think Tyrian is is because he's talked so much about how this will be the end for him. I think Tyrians going to eat it. I think Jamie's Jamie's gonna eat it in Hurley fashion that leaves us with a good view of him. He has to save brand to make up for not that it really pushing the window right because he was having sex with his sister. He has to do something heroic. There's there's a lot of making up to do there. Yeah. I think so. Yeah on, but he's going to he's going to definitely I think he's gonna he's not gonna make it by the way. Did you see brand has gone to the way that that whole night ceremony? How happy she was to have gotten that moment. I feel like that was like her pinnacle and now she can die Janata Jimmy cold. Speaking of death. You know that Jamie, Lancaster, his his the actor that plays him is also big leads fan, and he inserted into his conversation. So Jimmy Kim he was on Jimmy Kimmel. And so what conversation his conversation? With Jimmy Kimmel two weeks ago. Jimmy Kimmel is trying to get out of him who about the king of the north and all this stuff, and he just starts going on about the Elza untold. Yeah. He he goes on about completely confuses him really, by the way, speaking of the walking the Walking Dead and the armies of the north the AMI of the north leads are blowing their chance, but they felt like they were right on the doorstep. All my God. They've lost Brentford. And then they lost before that too. I can't remember who was Andrew might have to go through the playoffs. This will be they are battle with the with the army of the dead. Let's see we're going to take a super quick break. JJ when we come back. We've got a mail bag. We've got what to watch for red cards man of the match don't go anywhere. Just the city junction of place installing these saw nays Friel the left hand side as LeRoy saw it. They shake. Reliving edges to cities to nil victory over United with Acis who are probably the biggest celebrity funds of much your city. Yeah. I think they were on the board of city for little Hoyle in in the late nineteenth. They played up man road. Does also a brilliant video of the league to sorry would have been division. One play-off actually, no division two play-off, which it's unbelievable to think that city were down there and the Gallaher brothers are at the game on their interviewed by sky true fans. The opposite obsessed with a saw Zack Ephron at the the new White Hart Lane. I think he was at arsenal also seen in an arsenal shirt wants. So I don't know what's going on. He will definitely be spotted at the pack prince wearing a PS g jersey next year. Feels like that feels like that let's say you have a mail bag. I do indeed asks you a soccer pot on the Twitter machine. Caught offside pod at gmaiLcom and caught offside ESPN on Instagram. Please follow us on Instagram. We want to see what to see you follow us there too. Because the hip kids do it, and we're not very hip Dray forever. Hey. Always love the pod JJ. You did well with your prediction from Champions League producing terrific high scoring game. What type of game? Do you foresee in the semi between Spurs versus I XE Barscelona versus Liverpool. Do you believe in a cough site Cup Champions League claimed God, what do you think? Spars an I X. Can't not see it being an exciting open game and digital the other one. Oh, no. This is a really entertaining last four here, you you you show doubt. I hate doing this. But you should expect goals in both ties. Yeah. Absolutely home will be the team that that should job. Yeah. I don't see any team here. Going into these games and thinking, okay, we're we're just going to defend the hell out of this. I don't think that's really in. Any of these teams personality? Zach Walder is talking about sala- I had to break the stone. And he contacted us on Instagram as well he slid into our DM's with this. I know he scored nineteen goals so far this season. But I think we all can say that when you've watched up player this year can be absolutely infuriating as he turns the ball over miss places passes all over the field and routinely. Mrs open teammates in better positions to score. And instead obsta to try and go to goal himself. I'm familiar with the motto shooters, gotta shoot. But sometimes maybe the shooter bass to Saudi Amman, Bobby for me. No, just my thoughts on wanted to get your take on everything earlier in the message. He it's jested move. Silence on. Oh my God. Yeah. Now that to me as a relative outsider to Liverpool that feels. Just so harsh. I can't even believe what I just heard. But I'll defer to you know, I think it's crazy. Absolutely crazy. I wouldn't do that at all there were times against Everton where I wished he had tried to shoot with his other foot and has his season being different. But I keep saying to you that you know, he couldn't match what last season was because it was the freak of season. He's not an oatmeal goalscorer either that from three operates as a three that's going to combine with different things. And by the way, saudi-omani for for a period as well during the season was missing chances was oftentimes we now he's going to go on to be one of the players of the season money. But for a couple years now, we've talked about how he Radic he can be. Yeah. I just I think I think look some of it. The way Liverpool play those guys see a lot of the ball. Right. Which increases the chances for them to make mistakes. All yet. They're not by the way, they're not deferring to someone as a centre forward. You know, they're all contributing goals and. They probably maybe there is a little bit agreed to Saleh's game. Since last season. He interviews. He's made him. So very aware that he's in this goals race with Sergio guero and Ryan, Starling and assists. And all those things he's aware of it, which is normal which is normal. But no, I am I am not a little bit more on him in what to watch for also not flattering. I'm not setting him. I'm not even hinting at that. But we'll get to it. Brandon by sir. I wanted to share a happy memory with you both that I recalled when the goal Cup draw was announced for this year on the night. The USA was eliminated from contention to take part in the World Cup. Boy, this is not starting with twenty seventeen Trent Trinidad and Tobago day. That was the first time I listened to your podcast in the middle of the night. I woke up not feeling well and usually turn to the local radio to listen to it as fell back to sleep. However on that night. I figured you're one our podcast about arguably the worst annual soccer's. Recent history was better to settle an upset stomach. I made it through about twenty minutes before falling asleep. The next morning. I started your podcast over again. And listen to the entire show detailing soccer in new way for me since that night. I do not believe I've missed an episode every meal like man of the match rate card, etc. Your podcast is become social routine for me thought I named a project about creating a formal request and feedback process for my company in honor of the mailbox because why not keep up the good work. And thank you for sharing soccer with us from the upper east side of New Jersey. That's Brandon the upper east side of New Jersey. I think he's trying to do a play on your true from the Upper West side of Manhattan. Kevin styles. Huddle measures going into battle divinely. Devante although Kevin Hayes ads. I was recently chastised for not being a true fan back in twenty seventeen. We're bad with the shot. Get lost their first in five matches. Sorry, they lost their first five matches. I watched their sixth win over Brigham glad back. I was captivated by the fans cheering so loudly. I didn't even realize they were singing to a sound system as they were so loud. They drowned it out. It was clear shock probably weren't making top four or even top six that year. But the fans still cheered. It was champ is the final coming from a family the passionately root for teams that are loveable losers more often than not this display touched me on a developed soft spot for Shalva I began to follow them slowly becoming a fine. I admitted as much to a longtime shock fan almost promptly chastised for not being a real fan. So I guess the question is is this a needless purity tests or as my finish. He is my affinity for them on war. Wanted in some way, tell them to go scrat-. Oh my God. Ridiculous. How he became a fine. As is not the issue when we were talking about the Lester bandwagon fan. He literally jumped on when they were in the middle of title race. This is a guy who is captivated by the fans by the lovable loser element by the you know, the the passion tell that go I go and take a hike. Yeah. That's even grown to feel bad about what we said about the Lester fan, I do too. But I never said he couldn't become a fan. I'm just saying there's reason for us to call him a bandwagon. His origin story is not it doesn't look great, no, Louis Korea. Hello boys, huge fan here. I'm also a big fan of the Michael cash show on this every chance I get. And I've never understood Michael K's absolute hatred of color commentators, stepping on the calls of the main commentators to me, it shows a level of motion and personality that proves that we're not just listening to robots I love it. How do you feel about it moments? Like Jared verse Olympia Cus are that much more special than hindsight. Because of that Connick. Among other moments. Anyway, keep up the great work Louis from Los Angeles. So that's Louis from without that, we wouldn't have this which is actually the seven seven years ago today this happened. Those seven years ago feels longer. Believable. That was Gary Neville stepping on over the sky commentator. Yeah. As long as it's not contrived. I agree with Lewis. And I rarely is it I can these big moments. When a color commentator, loses his mind, it's because the moment is so crazy. He loses his mind we have which this may end up in in one of our top five podcast moments. We have a railroad Houghton section which even Ray himself. Loved the section this them back to it. I do feel at times Ray wants to not smart step all over Phil Shane but doing Irish jig on fills belly. Like, he they're here for me. Phil. Yeah. Forget the Phil. Don't forget, I am the talent. He's like Gordon who's going down from the mountain on his slinging Goldens. Of all time. This interesting finally from Paul Dickson guys love you both and the pod. Remember last week? Andrew we played the path a newsreel of the Champions League semi final from nineteen sixty to the voice of pathway was Bob danvers Walker. Don't ask me how I remember from member Paul. Are you? He was also the voice on a nineteen sixties UK quiz show called take your pick. Hello. And welcome to write the classic British commentator, pre nineteen seventy Hello. And welcome to take your pick in which you take your pick contestants at the ready Jim from Shropshire. Boy, the way Paul is tip it here. Yes. Jimmy Greaves signed from AC Milan to Spurs. Right. He had being Chelsea after the double season the CIA that size. Right. I didn't even realize so he never played in the wwl team. He signed for nine thousand nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine pounds. He didn't want the pressure of being the first one hundred K player, I one hundred thousand pound transfer free. I did a little bit of research. It's even more interesting than that. This is from the telegraph in two thousand one the transfer of Jimmy Greaves from AC Menam to Tottenham Hotspur and sixty one for around one hundred thousand was considered to be sore delicate, I told him of currency exchange controls that the chancellor of the exchequer in England hat to sanction. It papers released by the Public Record Office show, the government of Harold Macmillan agreed to the transfer only because Britain's status as a net exporter of soccer talent meant that the country benefited from an unfetter transfer market the con. With today's market is marked last year. The premiership spent seventy five percent of its purchase money on foreign players who made up sixty percent of its new recruits. That's in two thousand and one who did this research you or him. No, no, soap. So Paul told me about the hundred K and was like. And there was an article from the telegraph from some years ago. Well, unbelievable unbelievable. Believable. That is your mailbag JJ. We've got what to watch for in just a sec bud before that I wanna tell you about cruiser o sip recruiter. I'll tell you what. Ed Woodward, should he use ZipRecruiter instead of just going with old Oli balls while so there's JJ that's it. Let's see hiring is challenging JJ. It is to get that guy back from Molda who's playing in a championship. That's lower than the Kazakhstani and as bourgeoisie championships and give him the mandate is job. There's one place. You can go were hiring a simple, fast and smart place. We're growing businesses connect qualified candidates. That place is ZipRecruiter dot com slash offside. That's right. That's us. Ziprecruiter sends your job to over a hundred of the web's leading job boards, but they don't stop there. No, no, no. With their powerful matching technology. Ziprecruiter scans thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and invites them to apply to your job is applications. Come in ZipRecruiter analyzes. Each one spotlights top candidates. So you never miss a great match like soccer match ZipRecruiter so effective that four out of five employers who post on ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the first day and right now listeners to this podcast and try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address, ZipRecruiter dot com slash offside. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash offside f f s I e ZipRecruiter dot com slash offsides. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Oh, yeah. What's a watch for here? We go EP L Friday. That's right. Don't forget Friday, three o'clock, and it's got title implications. See you in CARA hers Liverpool and Huddersfield town from Anfield. I mentioned before that. I wanted to talk about Muhammad saw a little bit more in again not. So flattering terms this past week in the wake of last game. There's been a rejuvenation in Sala diving Scott like of all the dives. That's all this probably done this season. This one is the rejuvenation what a load of on not making it up. I'm just a vessel to deliver. The message your vessel working for Neil Warnock because what he says Moore war. No, he is. He is a trick. I cannot believe my turn on him in the last few months. Did you see his are cast face on the sideline when the penalty was give saris to Yang offsides? He didn't know. He was I love that. Like, it's so funny to be he said this about solid diving. I think the end of it was a nine point nine Tom daily job, Tom Daley's famous diver. I know Tom is not I'm not talking to you. I don't think he could have got much higher off the diving board at the end of it. I'm sure you'll be saying we're knocks moaning so. And so once again, he knows like he's so self aware, which is hilarious to me. He knows what he knows that. He's just this old man yelling at clouds, and he's leading to what I'm going all in on that I've shown you the footage. He wasn't old man yelling at clothes. Hey, hey, you deserve that you deserve that. Right. One of my favorite moments in manager history. Believable to gold the players as they go off the field. I don't think I could play for him. Oh, I think it will be tremendous phone. He would create a such an also against the world mentor. I guess that that is true for for for a wound footed plotter like you you'd slot right into his team Sala, though. What Andrew did you see the incident? I'm gonna ask, you know. Here's did you see the incident did and Marson has his arms round him right now. Just solid dive at the end. Yes. But the referee gives Morrison all day to release him from his from his bare grip. I ne- never. So it's it's like if you want to argue the point solid just goes, I might as well hear what I was going to say was both things can be true. Right. It can be a penalty and dies on all asleep. The more you learn. But he does have a problem and it needs to be addressed Saturday. Seven thirty AM Tottenham in West Ham, West Ham, kinda made a habit of spoiling big Tottenham moments in the last few years because they hate you. They certainly do. There's no denying that. They knocked knock Spurs out of the FA Cup. They were the team that officially ended even though Tottenham were never going to win that title two years ago against Chelsea West Ham was the team that officially ended. It Ronald Marson scored against you enjoying the Sam Allardyce era. That's not even mentioned the the lasagna game. Yeah. So there are reasons for some nerves heading into this now like I said thank y'all ever eat lasagna after he wasn't afflicted was he no. But do you think just the whole connotations ruined lasagna for him? Yeah. Not making the champion. Shame. If there was ever like Doritos gate. I don't know what I would do. I heard Robbie Keane gets offered lasagna and runs out of the restaurant screaming. I don't blame them. There should really be ESPN thirty for thirty on lasagna gate. I think it's that interest. Thing. Maybe an e sixty short. All right. We'll start with that. We'll negotiate Saturday ten AM Fulham and Cardiff City Cardiff right now sit in the relegation-zone three points behind Brighton really more like three and a half because of goal difference. So this is we're kind of entering must win territory now, especially when you look at who the opponent and Fulham decided to start playing little bit lately, you know, win the odd game. Yeah. I know. I'm starting to wonder like our guys are there guys who are trying to prove that they still belong in the Premier League that are like auditioning for for jobs because we're going to have you know, they're going to sell peop-. Sure, I'm sure there's that's part of it. I'm also thinking that there's some that are there that realize they're going to be in the championship next season would like to be at the club that they're already at which has good chance going back up. There's also this. Scott Parker affect who is just he's like an EMMY five secret agent is definitely more of a World War Two fighter pilot. Yeah. Clean-cut definitely. With a with a haircut. You could set your watch to liked him. Let's see Saturday twelve thirty Brighton and Newcastle. Breitner the team battling Cardiff right now in that final relegation spot. They are in the midst of freefall haven't won in the league since March ninth. But there's more that is also the last time they scored a goal seven straight EPL games without scoring think. Maybe the culprit took their oil off the ball of it. All right. That's as good of guesses any. I don't know. I mean, this is just like Chris Huhne? What is what is happening? Yeah. We thought card if we're pretty much dead and gone. But that is not the case Brighton. Have brought card if back into this race. So they face Newcastle. Who by the way, just won back to back games? They're up to thirteenth in the table. Tough. News Miguel Merlin done for the season handsome injury questionable for COPA. America. Looked very he was grimacing in pain as he went off. Look who's in tears now. I don't know that there are stats necessarily the kind of capture what his impact has been really isn't Astle. But here's the because he hasn't scored a goal, and I don't even know if he fishery has contributed system, but when you talk to people who support Newcastle when you look at kind of Newcastle Twitter, they won't they'll make it sound like his impact has been integral as a nice guy smileys. Embrace the crowd, and he really works hard. So they love that. But it's way too soon to judge yet into primarily, I think I think I think part of it is that he's their record signing on. They want him to do. Well, yeah, that's a large part of an it's also coincided with Ozzy Peres hitting a lot of form. I mean, he's the gym. If people wanna talk about the gym, he's the hired work. He's been bodyman of wrath his team. Yeah. Now, I will say this before Elmore on the season Newcastle had six wins six draws thirteen losses. Thirteen losses since Elmer on five wins two draws three losses. It's a different team. Do you know that at this point known the season? They have the exact same record as last season. Not only do they have the exact same wins and losses. They have the exact same goal. Difference goals scored goals against how is this possible. I wonder if this is just their ceiling if they're going to just be what like this under Mike. Ashley, you know, will they'll just kinda like float around with? And lack lack of signings. It's better than relegation, of course. But if you're a new castle fan, are you what do you mean? What do you mean, if you're Nukus if your wrath of Benitez, he wants to do better they've got back from this summer are I think he should leave. He's the chance to build something. They're amazing if the board would just walk with him. Yeah. Sunday, seven AM another away fixture for arsenal. They go to Leicester City arsenal. In the midst of this rough patch clearly losing back to back games. Like you said, maybe they have an eye on what's happening the rope elite as well Sunday night. Oh, five AM Burnley. Manchester City wanted to ask you we didn't mention this before and talking about city rain, sterling made some comments about racism in football. I think it was skysports. He was talking to any suggested nine point deduction to clubs whose fans are found to have been making racist chance. I mean. It's certainly something that should be considered. I don't think a lot of ideas should be off the table right now considering the Hobart things of of gotten people trying to obstacle at the point by saying, oh, a look what is somebody goes into a ground and deliberately says something to get another team. I wouldn't put it past certain animal fans to be that way wouldn't. Look this spirit of what he's talking about that this. Of course, this could materially harm team is what I like about it. It's a genuine punitive measure, and really civilized society. Can't believe it's come to this particular Sunday eleven thirty Manchester United and Chelsea to clubs battling right now for a top four spot. Chelsea currently occupy the fourth spot. Brutal blow though for them and more. So for the player himself Callum Hudson door who now finally seems to be getting his chance. Sorry is starting to play him playing decently. Well, and then he ruptured his achilles. And he's done for the year. Almost entirely meet means that it seals his fate somewhat that he is going to be a Chelsea next season. It's not going to be the case where it will. You're gonna give me guarantees that. I'll play it's like you have to rehab combeback. Nobody's buying them in in the current condition. He'd be in though. So it's it's a shampoo. Yeah. Really unfortunate. Let's see JJ MLS Saturday five pm Vancouver and Philadelphia. I'm starting to wonder if we underestimated the union a little bit we thought, oh, Marco Fabien. What does that signing Doria? What's he going to be an all the sudden, they look I mean, they look great April. Andrew we. So we just shouldn't analyze we shouldn't talk about it. No. All right. No, no red card. Let's go. You know, if you want me to say underestimate the union, obviously. So so far so good for them. We do a whole week call jump to conclusions. We know but people haven't got that either. Like, you got DC United. That's the point will the point isn't to get stuff raw. My God dryer be right point is jump to a wild conclusion. See what happens? It's fun. Let's see Saturday six pm, Atlanta and colora-. Bado in Atlanta losing again. I've more thoughts on this than I do for the view to be honest with you, okay? Do you asked in the rundown? What is going on with Atlanta? Let's start with the basics open till his penalty versus Dallas. I couldn't believe this Joseph mar at the weekend. Joseph Martinez was over seven hours without a goal. That's that's problem. Number one. Now, why might be happening? First of all look at the defending in transition on the break from Atlanta on both the Ferrera and cost to goals. It's just HARA firing them to time and space that that that those players had to score for Dallas. Also, Atlanta are no. And this is the thing for me there. No passing possession team rather than a lightning-quick counterattacking team. That's got to be affected Martinez numbers. That's not who they are how they became a success unto bore has got to realize that you want hear this that Andrew six hundred passes seventy two percent possession at home for Atlanta. Not great. If you're matches your city or Barcelona for Atlanta. The way they play. It's absolutely stifling. It's stifling. Now, look Barikot hits the post that one goes in. We're having a different conversation. But. That's it. They dominated the game. They passed, but it's a much more methodical and slow process for Lantana. And that's gotta change about the Elmer on effect. I just told you Newcastle's record since he arrived. Why would you not just with the grit knowledge of the game that I've just dropped for you? You just wanna put it down to one guy. I I actually agree with you. That's probably part of it. But to bore is boring them Sunday one thirty Minnesota and affirmation DC United DC as many teams are a lot of midweek action. Actually, we put the heck's on them. Well, well, well, I did they're still in I in the east now they games already played eight everyone else's played six. Of course. Nuts DC inaction right now. Like, I said a lot of teams are there up one nil currently on Columbus. So by the time, you're hearing this. I don't know if I wanna go to deep on criticizing them, but they were poor against then why CFC NYC themselves aren't grid. So well NYC. Might be better than we thought. They were going to be. They're scoring goals. I think a little easier than what we thought was going to be the case for them matriochka starting to. Yes. And they're gone and their new signing gold at the weekend as well. Hey, it's very early. Their turnaround Sunday three thirty Seattle. Sounders L AFC probably your Marquis game in the weekend. I'd say maybe a statement didn't they just play just play and it didn't go. Well, they met last Sunday LA smashed them for one however, however role. Redeem as MRs third straight game with an injury contusion. Chad Marshall missed the game when the inflammation will Bruin missed the game with a hamstring injury. So they are ravaged right now, we'll see who's able to play in this one on fortunate because this could be such a fun match up. These two teams meeting to the best in the west right now Seattle or kind of shell of what they really are. So I wanna call statement game. But it's a might be a little bit unfair to judge them truly probably a bit early for that. Let's see JJ. Let's let's do this red card. You wanna go first? Yes. Gary Neville, Andrew. Can you play what Gary Neville said at the weekend after United thumping go to some park owned? That's bringing Gary Neville who. If you remember was saying his blood was boiling be full the match today so temperature now Gary. Furious to build this. He's out to go over to Paula jobs for the I've often said clubs over last seven days, if you've got weeds in the garden, and you get rid of some Japanese not we football club tuck in the foundations of the house that needs daily with properly the idea that all day a few weeks ago, set the Josie Marino the funds with him to the amounts at the end thing they want. Sola shy out, but don't to no-go sold shy those plays now, well and truly heads on the line. Okay. So interesting. Can you play what Gary never said after United nocco PS G three adequate questions for you? How would you like you come juts? What would you sell light to be on? Why would you let the statue? Funhouse ignite. Okay. This is Gary Neville earlier today. So, but what over forty eight hours since the hammering at Goodison in like this for eleven is more or less next slide enough through next just this pilots this we saw eleven years change. He was a lot nicer than this will be around. Right. Good friends. You would say eleven years together. Here's the problem. So when when all the Goeller socia- on when United we're putting performances in winning in Europe. It was about only gore sold share when now that they're not doing that. It's about the players and only slow shares shouldn't have to the fans like there's here's the problem. Gary Neville, especially in the world of Ed Woodward, who we know from what's been written into papers loves headlines wants there to be a good mood and his worried about what the media says, we know that Gary Neville commands a lot of power respect in those circles. And what what concerns me here is this Andrew he can't just pick and choose. No, he's got to criticize Saul Cher for these results. You can't just say that it was sold. Shares affect that one them those games. But when they lose it wasn't third the same players. So what's change? Now. I don't believe in absolve in the players entirety from bland. But I have to ask questions about soldiers co. Coaching? We heard today that he took them to Carrington the former old Manchester United haunt where they used to train. Why did he bring him there? So that the goal of George Best would inhabit their bodies and inspire them to beat Manchester City. I just think Gary Neville is too close to this. No he's too close to the manager. And actually, there's a support system in the media. No for Sasha that Josie Marino never had an often complained about. I don't think this is good never got to be even haunted here that is not even handed. What you're saying? You've got to address what the managers don't. Ultimately, if it was if it was he that came into the club and changed everything then he has to take responsibility for the vehicle at the weekend. That's how it works. You can't pick and choose. It's so interested a fair point. However, it is kind of like what Gary Neville, saying is not all that much different than what you and I were saying earlier that this team is just like the manager. Almost doesn't matter right now. Just not definitely that. He has to get rid of. Yeah. But that's kinda would never say, though, it's not these are the same players that pulled out these grit results that got him the job. What has changed dot is question is he tactically good enough? Is he capable of putting out different teams to to meet different opposition? That's the question. I think we're discovering that he's not on. Also, the fact that he's got an I, you know, such an ally in the national broadcast media in England. That's that's an advantage to him to uncertainly in the eyes of Edward. Let's see my red card JJ is New England Revolution forwards. I saw a stat for Matthew Doyle on Twitter that I couldn't even believe here. It is. He tweeted this during the New England New York red bulls match he said teal Bunbury just put a shot on goal in the fifty fifth minute for the revs against the rebels. It's the first shot on goal by revs center forward this year. Six hundred eighty five minutes about eleven and a half. Hours mother of God. Now the reds actually won the game. One nil. Thanks to a Christian goal in the seventy third minute. Not surprisingly it broke a goalless streak for the club of two hundred and eighty one minutes wild. So I feel bad making them kinda my red card in a match what that they won. But God for your center forwards to go eleven and a half hours with we're not saying without scoring a goal. We're saying without having a shot on target. That's unbelievable. You gotta feel remember last year we talked about if you've got face, but you stayed at the same skill level and your inserted into a primarily game. How many goals you score? And you played the full ninety every answer zero. For you to. I think it hit the target though. Well, maybe but the answer is hero caught off sides man of the match. What you got my man of the match is also from MLS? Ten goals through nine games. Andrew, which seems just ridiculous figure also contributing five assists meanings directly factored into fifteen of NFC's twenty five goals at sixty percent. Karla Faye is having season where it's being debated by Hercules Gomez of ESPN FC. Whether he's cruising are non he also player that for as much as he does. Well, he kind of goes in coast through games flow to pick and choose as went, and he's still very effective, and I'll give you a few examples. Gatos Vela scored a goal and three assists versus Portland, and I called that game for the board of this. And I remember thinking after this game that was a poor performance from Carlos Vela that was sub par from God Little's villa any scored a goal and three assists. So he's kind of coasting through this league. At this moment. I don't think Elliot c or Carlos Vela are quite as good. As we make him out to be at this moment. But Gatos valley is no doubt playing at another level than everybody else in Major League Soccer. That was a couple of weeks ago. What is what is he saying right now, Andrew he is fire in the way, the best player and MLS? And I'm not sure that he's Colston. I think he's he's cruising. I couldn't tell almost if that's if what Hercules Gomez is complimenting him or insulting. I think he doesn't know what to do. He thinks that he can play at a higher level. Basically. It is a compliment. Yeah. That this guy has dominating. And we're not even seeing the best from him. This is goal against Seattle outside of the booth. Just a beautiful goal. I guess Alexi cables fail. The creek kitchen. John stroz, not kidding. Really wasn't incredible. I touch from Baylor. Because the while the pass was perfect a lot of pace to it. And it was in Tykwer for valid right foot controls it on the right foot. Wasn't it? And then smashes home at the left. Yeah. I think so just the finish this. What's wrote me? Yeah. It's one of those questions we asked before which Vinko aren't they just like to good for the league? No come on. That's ridiculous. Okay. Then fine. Let's ask that about you know, when when mo- Sala last year or like, you know, when what messy is doing in the league. Maybe those guys too good for their leagues. Like, we can't just have great players and unelected. They have to be at bothers me. See? All right. Just ask the question. I don't care for the question. And I don't really care for the person that asked it. Wow. Men in the match for me. Jay, not listening. No. You don't care from. I'm going to get a believe PS g oh my. Emoting can finally breathe a sigh of relief they beat Monaco on Sunday to win league. Although they actually won the league earlier in the day when Leo failed to win against to loose second straight league, title PS g six in the last seven years. They've now one eight titles in their history. Just two behind Marseille and sent at ten for the most of all time baba had a hat trick in the win. He's now got thirty goals in twenty seven league matches this year. They'll face Ren this Saturday in the coupe defrost final going for the double neymars back Vanni and de marina also fit once again be a massive surprise. I think to everyone should they not go on and get that double even with that season. I don't think can be looked at as a success. Because of the Champions League and co man of the match, I guess you could say event is also sharing them Linko with ES g well, I'm trying to give some credit to the clubs that won titles this past weekend wrong with you eight straight titles for you. They are you kidding me? They came back from a goal down against fiorentina to one to do it. In addition to that, obviously being a team chief -ment so also historic achievement for Rinaldo. He becomes the first player to win titles in the Premier League, LA alita and Syria. Rinaldo also reportedly has wasted little time in telling the club who he'd now liked them to sign. Have you seen his list? He provided a list of six players that he that. He would like he wants Veron former team minute realme drid. He wants Iskoe. Also, former teammate it Real Madrid. He wants coast us Manolas the Greek centreback from Roma he wants ten gay in bele Leon midfielder. Who I guess is impressed in the Champions League. Federico keesa twenty one year old fiorentina midfielder like him. He wants and also Zhao Felix nineteen year old Ben fica attacking midfielder. And I mean once you save Iran and is school. You're already gonna be in financial fairplay this money. You're right L D Agnelli's will pay for it. Will you're going to have to offload somebody. And I don't know who I mean, I would look at much for Emory Chan plays the tweet it won't be. Then it has to be somebody value. I look at that. Alessia? Absolutely. That's the first name that comes to mind for me. So there you go I would have had Barcelona on here, but they've been made to wait. Because at let it go Madrid did wind today. Three two they scored an eighth minute winner against it was Valencia that they played today. I don't remember exactly, but they won three two. And so that delays the essentially the inevitable. So the next time we do this podcast. I'll probably be annoying Barcelona's. My man of the match you you mentioned Monica there PS g and the rumors about Tyrian rejoining rejoining rebels as their head coach. Yeah. Snuck nine rentals are denying it adamantly. But I don't know. Sometimes we're there smoke there's fire, but we'll see ready. What are you doing this weekend? Nothing. It's not an answer. Go bowling is that real numb Smith out by actually would like to shame on just scored couldn't even tell you what you were doing this weekend without lying in the amount of time. It's Shane long the score a goal. Unbelievable. Just well, hey, this was fun, my friend. I do want to tell everybody once again to check out laughter. Permitted with Julie Foudy podcast at ESPN. You can find it wherever you get your podcast. I tunes apple pod center, all those places. So check it out because it's I've been listening. It's really fun, honestly, the laughter's permitted. I would hope so. So there you go, man. We'll be back. When do you think, I guess, it's TB? Well next week. We'll have to see what happens this weekend. If things happen this weekend. We have to Monday potus. Not nice actually next week. We need guests on that a guest in a while. Let's fun ghost on. We haven't had a guest in about three weeks. I would say that. Unless you count your says as a guest on vacation. I don't. Obviously. No, all right, fine. Let's do something fun on Monday. Let's let's have a fun time talking to other people that aren't doing me fun permitted. Yes. Will hey, this was fun to you. I say sealer man, take care. Listening to KADO side soccer podcast.

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