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Oh I cannot wait to give you my review of the RNC convention. I can't wait. I can't wait I can't wait. We've only got sixty seconds to wait for it, but that's too long I just want to say this before we begin. These radical revolutionaries are the dumbest people I've ever seen I. They build a guillotine in front of the White House last night I mean what more does America need to see? Then afterwards, they attack Rand Paul. Hundred. Radical revolutionaries, he said. Would have killed him if it wasn't for the police and you see the videotape of it and it, they are going after him. These people are absolute animals these. Anarchist Communist revolutionaries are animals and. The choice in America has never been more clear. We begin there in sixty seconds. Is, the Glenn Beck Program. So I'll tell you about Alan East suffer from from back pain really really bad. 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Review of this let's just. Let's just start with the president's speech. Let me just give you some clips. We start with a clip one. We're going to go down the line here guys. Trump's speech most important election cut tonight I say to all Americans. This is the most important election. In the history of our country. There has never been such a difference between two parties or two individuals and ideology. Philosophy or vision. Than there is right now. Our opponents believe that America is the depraved nation. We want our sons and daughters to know the truth. America's the greatest and most exceptional nation in the history of the world. Is the most important election I I think I said in two thousand, sixteen I'm not gonNA say that again. Because it's always been, you know, potato. Potato. This is a stark difference and that point was made for the last three days in ways I am shocked by. I can't wait to tell you about things that actually personally I felt coming up in just a minute. So most important election absolutely this next election will decide and if it's not a route. It it may not decide we may go into you know an eighteen, sixty sort of. Situation, but there's a possibility. This is a route because I think the Democrats are so out of step with the American people and that will send a very loud message now. One of the best lines of the speech was this cut to and the less backward. They do not see America as the most free just and exceptional nation honor. Instead they see a wicked nation. That must be punished for its sins. Are Opponents say that redemption for you can only come. From giving power to them. This is a tired anthem spoken by every repressive movement. Throughout history. But in this country, we don't look to career politicians, for salvation in America we don't turn to government. To restore ourselves. We put our faith in Almighty God. The. Again, the difference was so strong. So strong where they have denied God in their platform where they cut god out of the pledge of allegiance. The difference here is if you are a believer, there is all home for you and it doesn't matter I think I think everything was done. In this convention not to just rally the base I think this was done to rally the Democrats who have lost their faith in their own party. And it was allowing the base to be riled up because the base is not who the media says it is we're not right wing extremists that hate black people in gays and everything else. We're not those people. And if we were, you wouldn't have the reaction from the right that you're having right now. The right. Loved this convention. Loved it. I. Don't know a single person who has actually watched it. That hasn't said Oh my gosh the message was so great and so uniting. Did notice mainstream media and the Democratic Party how many black faces there were how many people that were talking about being from humble roots have Evian noticed how the right is cheering when you see Alice Johnson. We're supposed to hate people what people in jail all the time and no mercy. Have you noticed I think this is so clear. They did I don't know who produce this I'm guessing. That, it was Donald Trump and vodka were somebody somebody had discipline unlike I've ever seen perhaps ever in television. Was it from start to finish. Now, let me give you the cardinal rule from Donald Trump. Last night. Listen to this from the moment I left by former life behind. And it was a good life. I have done nothing but. Fight for you. I did what our political establishment never expected. And could never forgive break in the cardinal rule of Washington politics. I kept my promise. Really, really really really good if you listen to his speech last night. It was the most humble speech. Now, he did say a couple of the Gary remember what they were. There are a couple of statements like you know. And I put the moon up there in the sky for him last night. He you know there was a couple of things that were you know typical donald trump but this was the most humble speech. I have heard from Donald Trump. He used the word Y-y-you far much of far far more many times than me. I think at least that was my impression he talked about you and we we did this. We'll do it together where in sixteen it was all about I'm the only guy it was not this was a very we're in this together speech which I thought was outstanding for him here they are. Here is the president in a very powerful. Canceled Culture section. Our country was filled by Canseco. Speech codes and soul-crushing conformity. We are not a nation of timid spirits. We a nation of fierce proud and independent American patriots. We're a nation of pilgrim's pioneers, adventures, explorers, and trailblazers who refused to be tied down held back. Or in any way reigned in. Americans. Have stealing their spines gritting theirselves. In firing their hearts. There is no one like us on earth. I want every child in America to know that. You are part of the most exciting, an incredible adventure in human history. No matter where your family comes from. No matter your background in America. Anyone can rise. With hard work. Devotion drive, you can reach any goal and achieve every ambition. Our American ancestors sailed across the perilous ocean to build a new life on a new continent. They braved the freezing winters. Cross, the raging rivers scale the rocky peaks trekked. The dangerous forests And worked from dawn till dusk. These pioneers didn't have money. They didn't have fame. But they had each other. They love their families. They love their country. And they love their God. Speechwriter was absolutely. Perfect for this. Let me go to let me go to trump's speech on by a defunding the police listen to this. The most dangerous aspect of the Biden platform is the attack on public safety. The, Biden Barney manifesto calls for abolishing cash bail. Immediately releasing four hundred thousand criminals onto the streets and into your neighborhoods. When asked if he supports cutting police funding? Joe Biden replied yes. Absolutely. When congresswoman ill had Omar. Call the Minneapolis police? Department. A cancer that is rotten to the root. Biden wouldn't disavow or support and reject her endorsement he proudly displayed it. Shortly. Later on his website. Displayed it in big letters, make no mistake. If you give power to Joe Biden, the radical left will fund police departments all across America they will pass federal legislation to reduce law enforcement nationwide. They will make every city look like Democrat Ron Portland Oregon. No one will be safe and Biden's America my administration will always stand with the men and women of law, enforcement? Another great line that came. Next cut please Joe Biden's agenda is made in China. My agenda is made in the USA. It I love it. And then. One last clip and you'll enjoy this if you are watching us on blaze TV right now but the fireworks afterwards. Were like nothing I've ever seen. They I mean it this is honestly we have slipped through wormhole. This is the kind of production value I expect from the DNC. They always get imagery and everything else, and they're very good at that and the Republicans have never been good at that. This is what you get when you have somebody who has been in television and knows how to produce something. He this thing image wise from start to finish was rock solid rock solid. They didn't shockingly enough. Play Cool and the gang celebration that was the Democrats. They didn't have little party poppers that they. You know they pulled behind Joe Biden throwing balloons. Where Donald Trump had to act surprised it was amazing and then the fireworks afterwards split screen here here these are the fireworks between the DNC and the RNC. I I mean, it is the difference here was. Like your backyard fireworks and I mean. China invented fireworks. And they were put to shame. Disney I've seen Disney. Do Eight station fireworks so synchronized fireworks three hundred and sixty degrees around you. They did it for the fifteenth anniversary of the Magic, kingdom? And it was. Hot. It. Disney was put to shame with the ending and then I loved it. After the fireworks they come out with Nessun Dorma the opera. The saw they had an opera singer doing Nessa dorma. If you were a liberal that always thought that Republicans were racist were Hicks they only understood country music they had no culture. Your head popped last night you just like I. Didn't know what to think because everything was turned upside down this convention and Donald Trump. Has Fundamentally transformed in a positive way. The Republican Party. If this is the Republican Party? And that is this is how they're messing with with gay people who aren't like and we've got to have another march just gay people who are like, yeah. I'm gay and nobody here cares now let me tell you what's what's important. You have. You have African Americans who are not being talked down to. If this is the Republican Party. There is no choice. This is a new dawn. And and and I. I I couldn't have done it any better. I mean I couldn't. There's nothing I can pick apart here. Really Honestly. Really, really, well, done all right back in just a second. Let. Me Tell you about sponsor is sick freak simply safe One of the people works for me Josh got his simply safe package just the other day. 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So I'm telling you simply safe is the way to go and you need a home security system. Do it now simply safe Beck Dot com get a free HD security camera simply safe back dot com ten seconds station ID. Joining us now. Ms Stubai Gear Hi Glenn How are you? Good. How are you? Good. So you were a big fan of the event last night. I don't know how you got that from what I was pretty pretty pretty overwhelming praise. I I also had a personal the revelation last night did A. tweet storm last night. Because I was just feeling really. Personally. Horrible and I want to talk about that later. She should feel that way. That's that's a good. Thanks good that you're connecting with only. Did you see? Did you did you watch the whole thing I only I did this actually every night intentionally I watched the network coverage. So. What I saw was what a lot of people saw Um, which was the big speeches and the the conversation in between. with. What was your impression of everything I? You know I think I. Liked it. I thought. It was good. I did see bits and pieces online as well. You know and I thought was particularly Pan Dorn. Was the most powerful, but there were other you didn't see like the first guy who came up he's like first or second speaker right at the beginning black guy beard I don't even remember his name I guess he works for the President Now but he talked about growing up in Cleveland and you know nobody believed in him and everything else and he had such a rate. speech you know I never considered becoming a Republican never and that was over and over and over again and the Democrats who were on that were saying look I I mean I don't even recognize my party anymore. Yeah. I mean it was really powerful conventions are statements of strategy right yeah. We're watching the Democrats and Republicans back to back. You see what they're doing. Right. The the Democrats I think quite clearly had a position of we think we're ahead and we don't need to do anything to win this and Republicans were in a position of we're trying to expand the amount of people who who, who should be on our side. Like. He's over and over again with minority voters and gave voters and female voters trying to communicate hey, guys all the stuff you're hearing in the media isn't true. And it struck me is that the Democrats really are attempting essentially Rerun Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton's strategy was basically to say Donald Trump's such a bad guy a guy. You can't trust these terrible human being therefore by default vote for me but added with, Hey, all the chaos in the streets were cool there. Yeah. Well. That wasn't exactly Hillary's obviously it was. I said added. Vitamin was the same sort of thing, and it's like you kind of look at it and it's like, why did Hillary lose? Did she lose specifically because she's a horrible candidate it's very possible. That's why she was just a uniquely bad candidate. The other side of that though is, did she lose because of this strategy which Biden his taken in some ways expanded on right where it's like just focus on trump we think you'll think he's a bad enough guy did not vote for him and instead of just not going to Wisconsin, we're not gonNA go anywhere. That's an interesting approach to this. That is a it's a risky approach. They think they can just essentially hide in a closet until November they're not going to be and they're not gonNA got three nights and if you're going to have to get through at the very least. A the it's not going to work and Kamala Harris last night came out and said, you know if you think these riots are going to stop even if Joe Biden is. They're not and they shouldn't. What. Are you insane. More in just a second. Is the Glenn Beck Program. 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Curse Wallace and other started tournament apart because I guess it wasn't loud enough for them or wasn't rally. Line was bad. I liked his tone. Yeah. When the audience they did it once they're like, ooh. Stop that that and I, think this was a definite outreach to independence during the base secure. Okay. So let's show the the independence of they've got a comfortable place where you know. He's not insane. He's he's not out of control. He's not what you think he is he's not what you've been told he is. That's darn sure. Yeah and I think he accomplished that really well last and so I felt really I was watching I felt really guilty really guilty about one thing in particular. You know I have no problem speaking out about the president's policies and I have no problem saying in twenty sixteen I don't think he's going to do any of those things. Because I didn't think he would he had no record of of actually believing any of these things and I said it and I said at the time if I'm wrong I'll admit it and I have admitted that long ago as he started to fulfill those promises. I was shocked by a lot of them and but last night all I could think of was when he called me when my dad died. Do, you remember what I said afterwards. He called me because he had heard my dad died because we had to leave the hotel I was staying at a trump hotel and he talked to me about my dad and and I hung up the phone on I said he is running for president. And I tributed the entire phone call to politics and in watching this week. I think he is I mean I think he does not care about what he says about people in person I mean you know on stage or whatever he with he will call you anything and say anything he does not care. But I think he is publicly like that. And I. AM afraid I have misjudged him I. Think Privately. The the thing with Alice, Johnson all of the stories that came out this week from people who were not political. They didn't know Donald Trump. I think one of the most important things about the two conventions was. One yet a guy in office for forty-seven years who now says he's going to do these things and they had a bunch of people say Look I've known him for a long time and he's going to do those things. And they're asking you on Biden. Trust me trust me. I know him. The people that were speaking out about Donald trump or the exact opposite I didn't know him I don't really know him. But look at what he did. and I think there's Just rang true to me and I felt so bad about what I said how I said things in two thousand, sixteen and I've been feeling this way for a couple of days during this convention. And I just feel like I need to apologize to his children. because. I can't imagine I mean I just had donald trump junior on with us and I can't imagine he acted like we were old friends. I can't imagine they didn't have several conversations about me at the dinner table on some of the things that I said. And I, really regret it because I do think. Publicly. Twitter and everything else I. Think the guy is out of control in doesn't care doesn't enjoys it. But I think privately, he's a different guy because his children love him and I don't believe like for example, Ivanka is a psychopath. And how is it Ivanka loves him and all of his children love him as much as they do if he's a psychopath in real life, he's not no is not i. don't think we ever said he was a second no no, no I know. But people think he is because he just doesn't seem like he cares, yeah, you know he'll say anything and it looks like he doesn't care I don't think he's wrong during the campaign frankly we disagreed with him on policy mostly. And because he Was Not one of a conservative and if I would have left it at if I would have left it at politics I think I would have been fine because I've already said I was wrong and I said I would say it was wrong. But I I. Really went after his character and he can be targeted with his character. And I think that's fair. But I went after his character. Personally and I think I was really wrong on the level of I think when it's personal. And he's involved one on one on one he does care. I think he does care yeah. Yeah. It's definitely the messaging. I think that they wanted to get through. Yes it did. It worked because it didn't it felt real. None of this felt staged or phony or not at all. None of it seemed like, okay. We're reaching out to the black people again it didn't feel that because. It was black people who were saying, look it. I'd love this guy, and this guy is GonNa take us to the next level. The Democrats haven't. Yeah and like he said last night I've done more for blacks in three years than Joe Biden's done in forty seven and it's true by allot. It is true. It is. I mean I saw I. Didn't know about. The you know the funding of the you know the the black colleges I didn't I didn't know all of the things you watch it from the beginning good list of stuff each in. No No. The whole convention last night most of it. Okay. Well, asleep at one point, right so I started watching it from the beginning and I was just watching the raw feed. And so I didn't hear any of the commentary and I saw everything that was on stage they opened up with a couple of people. both Americans. was like look I grew up in really a bad section of town I never even thought about a Republican. And he now works for the president and was so full of joy it was. An amazing testimony. Then this woman in Houston who said. Two years ago I was homeless. Yeah. Did you see that? Yes powerful. She ended in saying look don't let anyone tells you as you do it. Yes, I'm I'm closing on a new house at the end of the month. Yeah I mean it was. Because of one of his program, right and. The other thing I thought was great. was that montage of actual people who've changed from Democrats? Republican yeah and especially the Democratic Socialist Oh my gosh. She's going to vote for trump this time and that was powerful to and does skinny white kid with a big Hole was serious. Yeah he is. He would not be pegged as a Republican over and he was like I would never voted for a Republican but I was living in my apartment in New York and he said You know I was talking to this neighbor who is black and I said you know what do you do or whatever, and she said I'm in the system and he said I just realized everything that I thought I was four traps, people it just traps them. You know it was. Did you see the Richard Grenell thing? The last night. Yeah Or. Go Yeah where he was basically making the case as Donald Trump is the most pro gay rights president. Ever. And it's interesting when we talking about that since the beginning he he's always been kind of. Friendly to to gay rights I the only one to ever be elected in favor of gay marriage. Yeah. But it was a it was in like the they're reaching out to these groups and like they're not all consistent. This bashing of the nineteen, ninety, four crime bill, which is very, very standard thing. Now, that Republicans are doing was something wildly supported by Republicans at the time. Being tough on crime law, it was a law and order bill, and now at the same time, he's making this case for law and order. He's also kind of making the case against the crime bill because Biden voted for it. It's an interesting thing to try to pull off I. Think the same thing goes with with you know they did it with gay voters I thought very well when you outline everything that he. Has, done and has supported over the years. There's a very important A. Successful outreach gave voters who would not normally consider Republican well, I think you can talk about it because you are the gay character on the show and they care. This. Was the most important you mentioned to me but you know I think the thing is the most important thing is is that I don't know anybody who had a part of problem with any of that stuff. I. Don't know a single conservative that this was the true representation of the Republican Guard anybody say, Hey, Richard Grenell shouldn't be speaking. He's gay no said that. The interesting dynamic as a party just as an observer right is that all the things that he was the Grenell was hitting Biden on. Were things overwhelmingly supported by Republicans at the time? So here were over like say like, oh, he was really you know Joe Biden was really late to gay marriage. So wait a minute. I understand that has an outreach political tactic. It is an inter look. Are It's different. I think you're missing something What you're missing is we weren't talking about gay marriage last night. This this convention was not about policies. It was about the human and American heart. We can disagree on policies, but we don't hate each other and that's one thing I think that bar. Low for trump because of how evil he's treated in the media. He's the worst guy ever. He's a racist he hates gays he hates Jews he hates everybody. So just showing that the guy legitimately cares about people and has empathy for people and has treated people. Early, and has people like Richard Grenell who supposedly supposed to hate who has been elevated to roles never achieved by any gay person in history in the United States at least out outwardly. That is an important message I think to get out to people. and. There was no way you could walk away. If you watch this convention and listened, there is no way you could walk away and say that is a racist Guy, a racist party, a gay bashing gay hating you know homosexual xenophobic party. No, there's no way you could walk away didn't believe which by the way a lot of people you watch the mainstream media reaction to it and it's just so predictable. Bringing out like. Yes he says this this and this but but look I mean even big reporters were doing after this I think that particularly the one with Grenell for whatever reason really got under the skin of reporters who don't want to they don't WanNa lose that ground they don't WanNa lose the we're the pro gay party crowd they don't WanNa lose the we're the only ones that African Americans are allowed to vote for those sorts of things are really offensive really really under the skin of knottiest the Democrats but the media in general they knew it why did oh yeah, and they did. The politically effective I think I I'd love some of the little shots. The Little Pokemon with pickle folks things that trump did during the speech last night that you know drove them out of their mind. Out of their minds, you know one of the things that drove them out of their minds and I just I have no problem as a historian. Hate to say that 'cause I know how the press would react to that. But. I read a lot of history I've I've you know I go to original documents et cetera et cetera. So as a quasi historian I was I'm bothered by the precedence of the backdrop being the White House. This was the first time and I hope it's the last time. If it was not the era of the pandemic, I would have I would have been screaming bloody murder because I don't like that however with that being said, remember, this was his third choice as a backdrop yet this is not as I this is his third democratic city said, no notre or that. All that. So he's like, okay I'll do it from where I'm living. You know it was not his first choice it wasn't but then he accentuated it last night just to get under their skin. How many times did he point to the White House to show? Is there the time that it was like you talk about? It was a giant pickle that he took money. Out and said, you know what they said this but. Hey. Look where I live. Really. Good. Thanks Pat. All Right, pat a really good idea. Last night when I share it with you, you know twenty twenty been an absolute joy I think we've all you know it's you know it's like sitting in a nice hot tub of boiling oil. It's been a wonderful wonderful year. Now, why not go inside our house close all the blinds in the windows and just Let it all pass by. Now, you don't move too much. Maybe twenty twenty one won't be able to see US and You know I think that's a pretty good idea. All you have to do is close the blinds, but you better have good blind shades shutters drink. You might want to put Kevlar on them as well. 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We learned about these about these really brave people who said I just WANNA be served. Well, one of those guys Clearance Henderson and he has. He's amazing. He He. He marched with us in Birmingham and said, it's time for all of us to come together. The Scott to stop. We all have to come together. He's an amazing guy. Well, he spoke this week at the GOP convention and he's The guy who said. Joe Biden said if you don't vote for me ain't black, he said well, I'm telling you Joe, even for Joe Biden you don't know history. To be joining us here in just a few minutes also we have. we have a couple of other things you just don't want to miss. We have newsbusters on the managing editor. Curtis. How? Who is going to go through the mainstream media spin on the RNC this made their heads pop just made their heads pop but I also WanNa talk to him a little bit about the spin on what's happening in Kenosha. 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Very brave man he and he has he marched with us in Birmingham Ala Alabama just what four years ago or so. I. Love this guy he was one of the speakers at the GOP convention and he had a few words for Joe Biden saying if you don't vote for me, Ain't black, we're going to talk to him in sixty seconds. Is. The Glenn Beck Program. Sometimes in life, the right choice is hard to make. For example, you know you find out all the companies that make ice cream or donating to liberal causes. Not, I don't care. Okay they build gulags. No don't care man they're torturing my children. How. Can I have a little bit of their ice cream? Anyway there are lines it. You just can't cross when it comes to your phone company. It really is hard to hard to believe what they are doing with the money that you pay them every time you make a phone call, they take some of their prophet and they go to help the fund abortion with. planned. Parenthood they they fund radical ideas anti second? 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Clarence, Henderson civil rights, activists nineteen sixties will worth lunch counter sit in amazing guy and I just love him and it's an honor to have you on the phone again, Clarence our you. More than grand longtime though see I. Know I know I have been thinking about you a lot lately before the GOP convention because you actually were part of these protests in the sixties that mattered and I know at the time there was a real. A lot of people were angry with Martin Luther King because he said peace you know we are going to be peaceful take the beating and there are a lot of people that didn't want to do that. They wanted to fight back. And look where we are. Now I mean this is Malcolm. X., if you're if we're lucky what's happening on the street, but it's not usually black people, it seems to be a bunch of white people saying it therefore black people. Or you know it's amazing Glenn because we need to understand that violence begets violence. And we have. People are talking about systemic racism. We have a stem corruption going on in this country and we need to realize and recognize what's going on this With all of our imperfections we are the greatest country in the world like China he'll, and I'm hoping that people will record that and and their place in America where they can be successful in have as a society to be that a place people can feel like income to and have the opportunity to minute office. And so what they're doing now is that they're taking away is not that isn't the tear down, it's build up. Is Building relationships or whatever we're in the word of the king unless we learn to live together, brother repairs together food and I am very concerned that people are caught up in these movements and they don't know what kind of movement is there for me to kind of move missed. One is a gender of moving. Being. Oppressed back to King George the third and then there's the principle. But we where we continue the fate amount free choice is your radio show you continue to do that and you get ostracized for it but you continue going we have do those kinds of things and to stand up what is right for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren is coming up behind her. Clearance. How do you? How what would you say to Democrats that are listening to and I? Think they know it in their heart who are listening to the press and to the political leader saying these are peaceful protests. Some of them may have been during the day at the beginning. I think there were lots of them. But they degenerated and it's it's not even it's I don't think this has anything to do with black people in anymore is all about revolution anarchy. What do you say to break through to those people that are it isn't, and and and what we have to realize that we are a country of loss we have shown the law said to be governed by the rule of law and order man, and so therefore when these situations come up, we have a judicial system may court system where we bring these things to the forefront and. Let it be decided in the court system, not a and the judicial system and not the court of public opinion where we become mob aroo and becomes dangerous for. we're not careful you have people riding around. Everybody says I take the law into my stuff because nobody's GonNa hear me for example, when you talk about the police if they're not there then what happens smashing Europe? is where I lived in New York back in the sixties in hall and even at that time when is different than now you know one of the things people doing something came, what did you do you call the police because you've got people in this country right now apprehensive about coming out of their own house and not bothering in about it and I want to participate in any protests anything like that. They just want to be left alone but these people jumping on old folks who? Ever gets in their way I just and I'm still in DC right now I was at the presents a separate speech and So I didn't see Iran Paul all around him we went a different direction. So we just got through having except to speech not bothering him to by all of a sudden they wanted to come in these people the come in destroy all these things that we worked for this country and it's time it has to stop at this point and I thought the. Powers that be that are not doing anything about it because when it turns into violence, then we there's an order we have to stop and pre peaceful protests one thing. But when you change, it would've violence then it had something has to change it. So I am container going across America talking about we need to do to to unite our say and divide I'll say. What's the biggest thing we need to do clearance? What is the I mean you lived at a time where when you stepped up to that that. Lunch counter in Greensboro. What were the possibilities of what was going to happen to you? Did you think at? The possibilities with I could come out of there in a broader position Going to jail handcuffs I could have come out of there in a prone position going to hospital to the more, and I reflect back on it and that the movies. Uh, braveheart was man dies and Iran. and. So the solution for me is that this thing has to be done by we the people are not they the government we cannot contain allow allow five hundred, thirty, five people to take three, hundred, twenty, million plus people what they should or should not do. It is based on we when Thomas Jefferson said that America's added them in people really don't know what that man he. said that Americans should always go by the choices that we make and it should be done at the polls at election us decide how what kind of country we wanna live here and we have all these things that people vote for we got some elected official somebody disappointed that wants to come in and change it. But for example, the definition of marriage in North Carolina six or six. decided it would be based on traditional marriage but some judge, I, think an Asheville Ashby brought a case brought before him and he decided it should not be that. So we're in this quagmire where we in right now. So as we the people that have to come back and I started to have meetings and some of the people in knowledge right now in the Democratic Party for the so far removed from reality, they must be removed and who even as somebody Republican part of the same thing they need to be voted out. And have people come in understand for example, take the guy like yourself nonpolitical but you know what's going to America you would it'd be served better by person like myself a you did really has a handle all of us in America and really go inserted a people. So we gotta find those kind of people to the vote into a legacy system and run and serve this country and we have to do a better job of betting our politicians before they get off. Because politicians are diamond doesn't believe leader surprises. That's what Donald Trump is roughly hewn man, but he gets things done. And I feel as though we saw the site of Donald Trump that nobody wants us to see that side that actually privately I mean he can say a lot of things on twitter and say a lot of things in speeches but he Obviously cares and obviously. Has Made I mean the Alice Johnson thing I mean it Things that he's doing. You don't do unless you actually care. You know the way he's handled these things and I thought the GOP convention showed the Republicans are the Conservatives. For who they really are through actions, there was this was a unbelievable outreach to the African American community and it wasn't pandering. Did you feel there was any pandering to anybody at at any time in this convention? I I had a chance last night to beat Vernon Johnson the guy that's a Democrat out of Georgia that spoken said he was going to vote for Donald Trump Tremendous guy is is opened up to see what the party is doing because I was a Democrat law without better Republican but when my eyes are open up and new direction I need to go there was sincere today people caring about each other war against us and It was such a peaceful situation going on there last night. Stand up sharing it looked lack America and it brought me back what America is like this. This week has shown all all people saw it on. TV Asahi wherever have seen when America looks like what this country has been founded on people striving to become successful people's looking for the opportunities that America obviously just say you see the gland that is a form of fast and America, but most people concentrating on looking at somebody else comparing rather than competing. Yeah. But. Is a free market capitalistic system. Which a lot of Democrats have used in talking about social. You got a Bernie Sanders. Might make the Fremont campus. Your spouse and socialism which leave communism, and that's that's not the way that this country works. I'm so glad to talk to you every time we get a chance to talk. It has been too long clearance. Thank you so much. Are. You quite welcome granted outlook look for the next time we meet you got to come less. Henderson civil rights activists the guy in the prominently in the Woolworth lunch counter sit in the pictures that we all grew up with. All right. 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These are not images from some imagine Joe Biden's American the future these are images from Donald Trump's America today the violence were witnessing is happening under Donald Trump not me it's getting worse and we know why we do and Joe this is weird I I understand why they have to attempt to this kind of gymnastics This isn't Joe. Biden's imagine imagination of the future. This is look back in the past this this happened in Barack Obama's America with Joe. Standing at his side the does anybody remember in twenty fourteen, a little place called Ferguson. Remember the riots in the streets in. Ferguson. Es. what did they give birth to? I remember. The Marxist organization black lives matter. You gave birth to this your own vice presidential candidate yesterday said in an interview. These riots are use the variet- she said protests but riots these riots aren't GonNa stop if Joe Biden wins. Nor should they? The are all in with these people. Yeah. That's that's really interesting. Of course this is obviously not the way trump would want to handle these cities. He's he's respecting the lines of the federal government's power and I can't believe it. Yeah. No. It was the last I mean you know because we had very strong conversations off the air in the last year I've said he has he has proven himself every. You know in these situations while I might disagree with some of his policies here and there he is you know he's holding the line. And I said. But you watch a crisis is coming and if there's a crisis, this guy will become the biggest FDR. Just that's my last fear. That's the last box that I have to check off. They've been begging him to begging you do. To take control in violate the constitution. Yeah and he hasn't done it and it's I. He has not and I think he couldn't I don't think he should. But I think like in this idea of like if Donald trump were king, he would not he these low these democratic cities would not be run like this. Right. So you see this point is the other thing too is the. Black lives matter thing was interesting in that after George Floyd. It really turned into a even the we were critical of the organization and their conservative critiques about it, but it was generally a unifying concept. People were like black lives do matter. There are people saying we'll always matter to. But yeah, of course, black lives matter and we all agree with the actual sentence or phrase black lives matter. But at the time, it went up to about plus twenty five in favorability the group this is in I think plus twenty eight nationally in in Wisconsin specifically plus twenty five. They released a new poll about black lives matter. This is before Kenosha. So this is not because they're reacting to Kenosha the new poll came out and they were even. Went from plus twenty five. Zero in two months, and they were plus seventy five weren't they at one point towards the beginning they had seventy five percent approval. So that's different than plus plus it'd be like if zero is forty eight percent favorability forty percent unfavorability that's where it is. Currently, it was twenty four, twenty, five points of the positive a couple of months ago about seeing the same poll where they're split police are plus sixty three. So. This is we a of times get into these worlds where we let the media control. What we feel the the country's is is is really saying they're not saying the policemen and the and the Republicans were smart to continue to point that out because if they're going to allow and not denounce the defunding police. Side of this argument, the riots and he's seen Biden gave a lip service to it a couple times recently because he seeing these poll results but if they're not gonna do that, there's a huge opening here for Republicans to say we're the party. That's GONNA keep the people the police on the streets to stop burning your. Is the conversation I wanted to have in two thousand sixteen. That's why I wanted Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. Right right. Because I wanted a clear cut case. We now have a clear cut case guys. They're. They are going to end capitalism their own words they're going to end capitalism as we know it. They are going to de-fund the police. It's a radical transformation into something we are not. Or we're, GONNA hold up the American heart and say, we don't have to agree on everything. We don't even have to agree on policies, but we have to agree that this is a good place to live. We've got it pretty sweet. We've got some problems and we can fix them. We're not going to shut down I mean it's a clear clear choice and I think the clearest choice in my lifetime. I don't even think it was clear between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan this is the clearest choice and I think the last call for America. At least as we know it. Is the Glenn Beck Program One of the most important things that business owners need to know no matter. 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Seven actions businesses need to take now is something that they went and they just talked all the big business people around the country and said, what do you do to restart? You'll get it for free just go to net sweet dot com slash beck net sweet dot com slash beck. Studios America on Youtube in podcast today the awkwardly titled Stew Ben Shapiro That's that'll be today. Check out the episode. Still. Today is a big day and we haven't mentioned it all week and we need to. Today is eight Twenty Eight twenty. Eight twenty, eight, ten. We were all together. In Washington DC right for restoring honor a decade ago a decade. Ago. That's insanity and I wonder I wondered if this ever made a difference to anybody. And I think you know what I said on stage on that day is it may not be us somewhere in this crowd. is a young kid. It might be the next George Washington that will remember this day. Well one of those young kids not a young kid anymore his name is curtis how? He's the managing editor of newsbusters and I didn't know that he was at eight twenty eight until just about. Five minutes ago Curtis Welcome to the program. How are you? Going to be with you Glenn Again Yeah it is an honor and Yeah. Eighteen year old curtis would be absolutely floored If ten years later today here we are. It's amazing. How did that affect you? Well I I. Mean. It was just a combination of you know watching you and reading you for so many years a lot of the things you know about the founders and really what the last has been trying to instill in. So many other Americans and trying to do to remake this country I learned from watching and reading you and so being. Able to go to event like that and be with you know hundreds of thousands of like minded conservatives and not even conservatives people who just love this country and care about the constitution being able to go with my dad and some of his friends and cool I mean it just meant the world to me. Well, Curtis. Thank you very much. Thanks for going and thanks for remembering it. It's It's it's meaningful. All right newsbusters you have been watching the meltdowns of the mainstream media. So we want to go over the the R. N. C. Convention. And just get some highlights from you on. How bad was the meltdown and what do you think? It was the best meltdown from the from the mainstream media. Well. I I'll say that I think. Going back to what you've talked about this morning, which is what a contrast it this is allowed us. You know really between the DNC the media saying this is binavince finest hour he was like a preacher at the pulpit he was optimistic fireside chat. Whereas in contrast, DONALD TRUMP has no hope no hope it was dark in filled with darkness. Harsh attacks it was more of the same and he just wants to own the lives I mean. It was really just. Incredible but my biggest meltdown was actually from before the whole speech happened MSNBC last night. You know over the course of two hours leading up to the speech were actually saying the president quote doesn't care if people quote get. killed for sick from the coronavirus by ten ding this event I mean, it's just. I often tell my colleagues about how the media just empty there storace's. Your finger out like how how they can like meltdown and describe what they're seeing. But really this week they definitely earned it. They're getting those pages are well loved. Do you think Curtis, that there is a An awakening beyond the Conservatives and Republicans that there is an awakening on the press especially over the last two weeks of like, Oh, my I mean, you're in an allison wonderland world. Right, and especially because of the fact that the news media. Are. Saying what's going on outside on America's streets is not happening right They're saying that they're mocking the President I thing that there's an arc in the streets you know you have you know going back to, yeah. You're looking at first and what was going on you know this goes to the CNN. Chiron. Hopefully people saw. Barry, but mostly peaceful protests. They had to do something they had to do something. This is the third time there has been burning cars in the background and they're talking about peaceful protests. So this time they just while they're talking about peaceful protests. Put in the Chiron. Fiery but mostly peaceful. I mean. I mean, this is like not the onion, not the BEV alone be on overdrive like I mean it it. It is one of those things that you can. This can't be real. Oh yes. It's real I saw. Great Babylon. Story came out last night that Babylon, just their biggest competitor. CNN. Backley. Okay. So let me go to the hypocrisy. Your favorite H- hypocrisy moment over an RNC speech. Yeah I and I got a big look at the week, and one of my colleagues over newsbusters has been crunching the numbers dot. How much time MSNBC has been refusing to carry the speech really after the news media in totality carried about ninety percent of the DNC So let's the first night. They get thirty three minutes night to thirty seven minutes night three you know with the Vice President fifteen minutes. And we're looking to fifteen minutes and we're looking to be well over that Cross probably. Closer to an hour at least for tonight once we finish the numbers today and they they, they just skipped it entirely talked over it. Correct. They talked over it and I think going back to one of your other points from early this morning about stories and speakers humanize the president you know terror Myers talking about her son with down syndrome you know Kayla Mueller's family Chinese activist chain going Chung. He all those speeches were not carried by NS NBC. And it's very intentional. You know with the media sometimes they're kind of they stumble into their ways, but you know and I. These instances. They know exactly what they're doing. This isn't a case. It's ignorance with the news media especially this past week. So how is America going to react to this? Did do you think enough people that were independent? Or you know Democrat by by record but are kind of sick of this. Do you think enough people saw the real message because a real messages. The most of them did not come from the politicians it came from the real people. Yeah, I think that's such a great point and it's people from all over the country that spoke really it covered. You know Tennessee Minnesota everywhere in between and then yeah, the news media I actually think it is because you're seeing in the polling you know you've talked about you know black lives matters support just cratering you have seen emitting Zach. This is showing up and polling you've seen the governor of Oregon. Saying, ooh, the violence is bad. Oh my gosh. We totally condemn all this and now we're people are waking up this morning to see that a US senator and his wife required a barricade of police officers in their bikes to get them to safety It's like what happened in the nineteen sixties people turn on their televisions saw what was going on to peaceful protesters that were marching and sitting at lunch counters. And they're seeing what's going on in these cities and they're seeing the emotion of these people that have lost everything and over on the other side, you have the news media. That's kind of saying well, they have insurance you know. I mean it's just. It's because it's not. It's not happening to them that there's just no empathy. They talk about the president not having empathy or I mean it isn't Alinsky I. You know strategy of projecting onto your opponents. Kind of where you are. Curtis how? Managing Editor of newsbusters what a? What a great day to talk to You Curtis On the anniversary eight, twenty eight. Thank you so much. Thank you have you bet bye bye. Right we are going to correct something else the media is doing just a second right after this this commercial break on tell you about my pillow Mike Lindell had him on the program Tuesday. I mean he runs me ragged with his energy, but I just love talking to him. He built the company from the ground up himself came from a heartbreaking past made something of himself. Gives back to the community ways very few people even understand or know. Anybody who's purchased a my pillow product Y-. You know he makes great products. This guy is America. He is truly a un-american success story. There's no way he could be successful in any other country. he did it here turned his life around and I mean now he's making great products. He has the Giza dream sheets. 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Elijah no, it was who was it from the daily caller yesterday I said, where are the main? Where's the mainstream media where whereas ABC NBC CNN where are they? They're not they're not getting any of this footage of what's really going down all my well that just pop the head of all of these they just were in a it last night all these journalists there were out there in la come. Back seat it's about us well, really easy drew Griffin tweeted. So many of my CNN colleagues are reading this Dodo birds comments between their live reports in Kenosha Wisconsin come on Glenn. Okay really what time was that again. Glenn Beck just lies in lemmings will believe anything he says. This dishonest type Blah Blah Blah. The truth is to hate those who the truth literally every network every day every night has been on the ground my favorite is from. imen- as Omar Jimenez Bro I'm literally standing in Kenosha right now sleep-deprived from standing in the protests violence and fires this night every night this week. Bro He's the guy on CNN with the Chiron underneath that says fiery but mostly peaceful protests and you journalist, why are you running Elijah Schaeffer in the daily caller? Video? If you were there. Why did you have to run their video? Would you I don't know run your own video you're on your own video why was Elijah Shafer on the phone with a New York Times to try to help tell them exactly what happened for their story if they were there. Oh my gosh. These people are incredible. They're they're they're not showing you the truth they're not there. Well, let me ask. Somebody who their? For Welcome to the program. When I am happy to be here and I'm very delighted to let them know that blaze TV and the blaze. Job Ever reporting then somebody's multi-billion dollar corporations. Oh it I mean are they they're? Course there there we see them on TV but where are they? You know it's like it's like an absentee parent who's there but they're not. You know like they they might be available in the home but are they raising the kids? They're not. That's exactly how I can describe the corporate media right now they're present sometimes but when. The actual thing hits the fan I mean I don't see their fancy cameras I. don't see. They're nice reporters. Their lights aren't on I mean where are they? They're not where the story is actually happening. Well, let me just let me just say this Elisha. I think it's that they like you and the blaze so much that they're running our video that you got because they just WanNa give us a boost. They thought you know we've got great video coverage of this. We were there. We saw it. We captured it but you know what? Let's give the let's give those conservatives that are out there. Trying to cover the truth. Let's give the. Let's give the credit to them for the video I think that's what happening maybe. So what's happened? Because you know when you look at the Komo shooter Colorado House who Seventeen There's two interviews that are that are out there. That are really viral. Washington Post mid amongst many other publications which to me rich to Ritchie. McGinnis, from the blaze from daily caller I, mean how many of these needs through outlets have extensive interviews with Kyle before the shooting? How many? How much of their footage is as being used from the shooting? How many than have on video the cyrus big started or the faces of the people destroy vehicles I mean how much of this are we really seeing being aired? Footage I'm not kidding not having it. If I am. Like, let me tell you something if they do have it it's worse than we think if they do have it you're exactly right. Why aren't they airing their footage? So I mean, it makes no sense. The. So let me ask you one other thing I've heard that Rittenhouse does not have. He has a public defender. This guy's going to have is lunch eaten. If he's got a public defender, he does now. I think that's changed I. think he has. Yeah. One of Rudy Giuliani's attornal now stepped in. All right. So now there's a there's another thing that I want to check with you. Did you see that the guy who was shot had a warrant out for his arrest? Is that true? Okay. So there's a lot of. About a minute about a minute so you gotta keep short. Here's all say is that these people did have criminal backgrounds? And I'm not going to I'm not going to specify charges. But what's really interesting is that because they had criminal backgrounds. That if you just took these three people as a sample of the group, it's really interesting that the three people involved had pretty severe charges. Even somebody who had a wet had weapons charges against him probably should not have had that weapon on the on the I'm going to say that the the charge of rape might be. As bad if not. Worse than the. I, he had a weapon on him There is a difference between having a weapon on him and having a weapon and using it. but will continue to follow this. But thanks so much for your cute little champ deck. Coverage CNN and ABC, and all you people your show. Hello America. It's for right A. Lot to go over on this gop convention week, we begin in sixty seconds is the Glenn Beck Program. Now while while while while. Hey. You're feel good after a great. Shave you. WanNa. Look good after a great shave smell great walk out of your house every day looking like a million bucks sold in wrinkly. Renzo. 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There where than how come you don't have any footage of this why are you coming to the blaze and the daily caller for the footage? Why are you calling our reporters at the New York Times to ask them what happened if you were there Yeah, big part of this is they show up when there are mostly peaceful protests. Of course, this is known by the protesters slash rioters. Wait until they leave to start lighting things on fire when everyone is back home in their hotel rooms and they're comfortably watching their little remains of their broadcasts when everyone's walking around being peaceful. People like Elijah are out in the middle in front of the fires and dodging gunfire now even when it's their. Cars on fire and they're burning in the background of the CNN reporters. They're still saying it's peaceful. Dude, how do you do I mean what? Do you have is or just a lack of a thesaurus is the only word you seem to know is peaceful. It's just not a notable point now it's. Mostly. Peaceful. It's not if you could be every, every serial killer is mostly peaceful in their life. Incidents where they kill a bunch of people, Right It doesn't make any difference. Full Charles Manson. Most of the time was sitting. Right. Adolf. Hitler was painting when he was young doesn't mean his life was mostly peaceful. Okay. So how many not you go through the Nazi party and you'd find probably most of the actual Nazi party members didn't actually kill Jews personally does that mean does that notable notable fact? No. He's full you. Know it's not a notable. Remember US used to make this point. It's like. Well, you know you. You could look at the Nazi regime in really complement their highways right but that's notable. Right about who heyday. Eighty. So I really did doesn't matter not a notable as their rocket program was great. Not, interesting the important thing is the over what when you're talking about we we have hundreds and thousands of protests around the country for these same causes. That go perfectly fine. Perfectly fine in the other part of this is we also have hundreds of thousands, millions of interactions between police and African Americans that go perfectly fine. Those are the ones. You say police are mostly he's never hear that how police never erase. Only. Those mostly peaceful protesters. The Guillotine in front of the white. Out But it was a mostly peaceful guillotine. It was just stands there most of the time most of the time so easily. Moseley mostly. Just a shirt. Bethany the air. It's peaceful. It's not doing anything. All right. So they had that in front of the. Front of the White House, they were attacking elderly people last night in front of the White House and then my favorite story Rand Paul, God bless Rand Paul Man Pray for the safety of our of our. Officials pray for safety for really everybody on all sides on all sides. This thing could spiral into one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, eight so fast. It almost did last night there about one hundred members of this angry mob about a block away from the White House and they just surrounded and attacked Rand Paul and I think his wife. And And here's the thing. Why are they attacking him? They were screaming say her name Justice for. Briana. which is a fascinating thing particularly to rand Paul right because he wrote the justice for Briana Taylor. Is. If you couldn't earn more on there being more obvious admission of your own ignorance to be yelling at Rand freaking Paul the WHO has been talking about no knock warrants since you've heard of him before you before you were born, you knucklehead talking about it while I was doing is surgery. He sitting he's a libertarian. He's opposed as the entire time BRIANNA. Taylor thing has literally nothing to do with race. If you look at the case, they weren't even shooting at Brianna Taylor. They were shooting at her boyfriend who by the way actually shot a police officer. I don't blame him for that. By the way it was it was a terrible incident. It was not his fault, but he had actually fired his gun at the police and the hit the police before they fired a bullet. So, like the idea that this was some racist stalking thing is insanity. It is a perfect example of the libertarian critique of police when you're talking about no knock raids in the middle of the night over a drug offense in the middle of pandemic. Why were there that that will it's very legitimate point to be made there. The black lives matter point has literally nothing to do with the Briana Taylor case at all as. He is likely. To that, these officers could not even see Brianna Taylor where they were shooting. They just know they got shot by bullet. One of them was actually struck by a bullet from a gun and they started firing back in the direction of where the bullet came from. There's no disagreement about this by the way. That's exactly what happened. So yes, no. Problem Kill Rand Paul in the streets yes, he's. He's your he's probably the biggest ally in only his. Head him Yes dopey had biggest ally in America, write that one down to solve the actual problem that occurred with Brianna Taylor. Probably the biggest ally in America you're surrounding in threatening his life. This is. This is I think I got it behead. Rand. No. No. GotTa gotTa don't be had rand Paul important. The work don't don't important make in front of the words beheading. Another thing this is important. Order is crucial here one learn to. Protest you gotTa do it in that order. It's really hard because a lot of times you want to go out and protest alert about this afterward. No, you have to learn I protest after I learned how to. In, school already, no, no no you have to learn about the thing you're protesting. Maybe. Ashington about Taylor's you should read word one about the case I'll give it to you go to Stu. Does the Truth About Brianna? Taylor had to name the changed the naming convention for this particular one because it did not feel it was appropriate. Does the Truth About Brianna? Taylor look at that? It is a great case for people who Radley Belco, who wrote a whole book about the Police, and it's about tactic it's not bashing police officers. It's about these tactics authorizing a no knock raid in the middle of the night for a for someone who wasn't even accused of the crime but was believed to be associated with someone who was accused of a crime in the middle of a pandemic. I would just argue is a bad idea. The situation should not have occurred that way you could have. Grand Taylor on her way out. Of Work and talk to her, and she probably would've talked to you the idea that you're going to bust it in the middle of the night is just bad practice and that's something that I think police have to be very, very careful and utilizing. But that is a totally different point than all cops are racist and we need to go get rand Paul. It's insanity. Okay. Well, I. Don't know if you can get a very complex rant. I'm hearing lots of rules. Are. Rules lots of things to remember and you can't do it. But I. We went back with the timeline. and. The mainstream media is like wayward there. We're covering all this. Well first of all, you don't seem to be relying on the video that you don't have that you had to get from us. Only the New York Times seems to have this halfway. RIGHT MSNBC is the worst is the worst they're just denying what you see on tape. It's incredible but they were all there and they all covered it, and so I just did we just did a little Tiktok here I mean just. At eleven fifty five Elijah Shaffer tweeted breaking news someone shot in the head in Kenosha. Levin Fifty Five PM Levin fifty-six ABC News on it Wale. Of a time a pot of workers spotted swimming through the puget sound. We. Did have reporters reporters then eleven fifty eight, pm eleven fifty five Elijah Eleven fifty eight PM USA Today a look at Wednesday's paper pence distress winds in virus fight Levin fifty nine CNN the advantages of incumbency are afforded to any sitting president trump's use of his office as gone well for beyond is Brennan Answers. Eleven fifty nine modern vaccine lacks. Black Lip. syncs and indigenous participants. So CBS News while somebody just been shot in the head in Kenosha wherever they got people. Reporters there They were worried about the lateen cts vote kinks with various into Latino in America that is normal that goes yeah. Like the. Thing that's reflected in every poll when they asked that question a twelve am New York Times. They are talking about the need and the alarm on the need for Protective Masks Sue PBS Newshour Mike pompeo plunged into the heart of the presidential campaign Reuters president trump pardon John. Ponder. MSNBC Ben Rhodes on Secretary Pompeo speech. Twelve eleven, Washington Post Jerry Falwell scandal weakened trump's evangelical support twelve sixteen Associated Press. Now we're approaching half hour. Hundreds of flights were cancelled in South Korea twelve seventeen NPR covid nineteen latest series of disruptions. So. So it's a half hour. It's a half hour. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. It's the graveyard shift got lenny, and he's like Dad behind the I send this out maybe nitty everybody was sleeping you know in Kenosha. So maybe they didn't know about the shooting in real time they were on the. They were on, they just happened to look down they were loading film in their camera, which they don't use anymore, and they just look down and they missed all that gunfire. So about forty five minutes after the blaze is posting the shootings. Surely, they'd pick up the scent. Twelve forty two am almost an hour later. Elijah Schaffer posted a threat on twitter explaining the circumstances leading up to the shootings. He's already got analysis and video of leading up to it. CNN's CNN's main concern at the time. Squaw Valley Alpine. Meadows resort. is going to be changing its name next spring acknowledging it includes racist and sexist slur. Twelve forty am then twelve forty, five road Reuters Mexico. Confirms. Corona. Virus. CASES MSNBC twelve forty-six after three months after George Floyd's death sparked protests and the world the side of his death remains a sacred place for racial justice. One am now an hour and ten minutes later airlines to shed tens of thousands of workers, CBS. News. New York, times. McDonald's say there is an investigation into misconduct claims without the in the country one zero two. PBS Newshour Pam Bondi. One Oh three Associated Press breaking. Mass Shooter Brennan Darren Tells Judge Won't speak in his defense it sentencing hearing in New Zealand court. One Zero three m USA Today during his remarks Covington Catholic School Graduate Nick Sanmen Decried canceled Culture One oh four NPR Jacob Blake the black man who shot multiple times close range by police in Kenosha currently paranoid paralyzed from the waist down. So at least an hour and twenty minutes into it, NPR has a story about Kershaw but they obviously didn't have someone there with the video did no they were all upset at me yesterday for saying they weren't there. Oh so they they were all there, Stu. They were there but like. Is it valuable there. But in your hotel room when all the bad things, he's listening to you a Washington Post one seven trump uses republican convention to rewrite Corona Virus History one, fifty, five now two hours later Huffington Post's thirty two tweets that's being single in the middle of a pandemic you might WanNa think about reading other tweets. Maybe checking out other tweets of the twelve media outlets only three posted any news about the Kenosha shootings overnight, the Washington Post two hours after Elisa Schaffer posted about it. CBS News and Reuters. I don't know what do you think to nine, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, seven. That's enough time to watch. Elijah's. Reporting. And then go should we care about this? I mean, it doesn't look good. How can we spin this and then finally posted you guys weren't on the ground you may be of on maybe on the ground maybe you're sleepy she. You know I felt really bad last night with Donald Trump. He was going at midnight last night when I mean that's so unfair Joe Biden couldn't watch that thing live he was in bed by four. I mean you have the early bird special three at Denny's, and then he's gotta go to sleep. I don't know if he saw any of that that was really unfair of Donald trump to and the news reporters I mean, if anything happens after nine pm or God forbid anything after dark, you know these are peaceful protests nothing happens after dark. Your frauds and America's knows it and you know what's so sad you know it but you're not man enough or woman enough to admit. then. You've got to change your behavior. Born real estate agents I trust the housing market been on fire ever since the beginning of the year. Friend of mine bought a house at Yellowstone was it yellowstone club and it's like and I was looking at them during the pandemic I, went to the websites they bought this house and. 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We spent probably five minutes talking about courage and how to cultivate courage really He's really strong on this. and somewhere in that area of humans want to be taking care of much more than they want to be free. And I had asked him you know what's wrong with us and he's like they just they just. They're afraid people are afraid and that led us into courage. It's really good available now for blaze TV subscribers, but it's out tomorrow three PM Eastern on my youtube page by the way subscribe to my youtube page if you will and like it, it helps other people discover it helps us in the algorithms. So go to youtube and look for the Glenn Beck Page and subscribe and rate like. Right. Beautiful. flowery words mean whatever you have to do. It will help others, discover it wherever you get your podcast. That's tomorrow at Three PM, Dennis, prager and Glenn. Beck together and available now for great blaze TV subscribers. Is the Glenn Beck Program. 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Ben Shapiro Today on STU does America Youtube and search for stew. I'll be the first one there. You can get it on blaze TV DOT COM slash. Glenn. Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program. It is eight, twenty, eight, ten years ago we were standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial together if he were there for restoring honor. Five years ago, we started the Nazarene Fund in Birmingham Alabama. Can you believe one hundred thousand Christians saved and moved into safety? Because of what we did five years ago basically a glorified moving company very expensive one by the way. believably, we could get that done with the U. Hauls for the price. Hey, no it really. No I know. That's one of the I mean, you look back at your life say that's probably the best thing you ever did. They think. Oh Yeah This has been featured by ABC News and it's not just you know what I'm saying it's not just a conservative claim you're making. A thousands and thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands maybe have been saved from this one hundred thousand people have been moved in the last five years because of died A. Clearly a lot of them. A you can by the way check out of those videos of those events they were great. I. Think I'm GonNa Watch them with my family. This weekend you can find them on the blaze TV or mercury one dot org, and while you're there, donate to the Nazarene Fund or any of the other things that we do especially our education project we're going to be announcing some things here in the next couple of weeks that I think you're going to be very excited about. Want to go to a Ryan. Morrow he is a director of the Clarion Intelligence Network we are premiering something tonight on blaze TV called covert cash. What American universities don't want you to know about their foreign funding. It's going to be on blaze TV. This weekend, and then on September I think it is next Tuesday it's going You'll no-go on Youtube and a lot of other places, but you'll be able to see it this weekend if you're looking for something that you can watch that is. You know pretty amazing that nobody else is covering Lara Logan is involved in all of our friends are involved in this. And the Clarion Project as well Ryan Welcome to the program. Thanks much me back. You Bet I premiere this tonight at five o'clock. And explain it to the audience because it's We've been talking about schools and universities in the last week. This is been in the press somewhat, but no one seems to be really paying attention. Even, by my standards being absorbed than the topic of extremism and hostile foreign influence operations for so long this is jaw-dropping even for me but the film covert cash was inspired by a study that myself and Alexandra's and some other people at Clarion project were involved in where we look at the declared foreign donations to American universities and colleges, and we put it all together and then we organized, and as far as I'm aware that's never been actually done before because. We wanted to get some real figures to get an idea of how much foreign financing is coming to our schools and what we found in the first study of just what was publicly declared. Most of it is not we found over ten billion dollars flowed from foreign entities to American universities since two thousand, twelve, the vast majority of it coming from countries and governments that don't like us and are known for their history of foreign propaganda operations on American soil and that cutter. Turkey Russia. Okay. So our universities are taking this. They're also employing many of these these scientists and professors you know, and that's a whole different story but we are now starting to wake up to China but tell me about Saudi Arabia and Russia. Hey Right. So if you look at the figures again, this is just from the first round of the study. Later on, we found a billion dollars that the universities had not publicly declared So the universities are not declaring most of this funding that's coming in from based on our research cutter. For example, they donated just over one point, five, billion dollars, Saudi Arabia six, hundred, fifty, million dollars Russia a hundred million dollars and I would emphasize that this is just coming from what's publicly declared. It's not doesn't include. What's when you set up a front? If you WANNA be really sneaky you that's how you do it. So this is just the amounts that these countries are brave enough to basically slap across the face and say, Hey, guess what your doors open and we're just GonNa do this openly because there's covert stuff going on, and then there's the less covert stuff going on you point out in the film and talk a little bit about this that these schools these Ivy League schools have set up branches in some of these hostile countries. That are toxic, toxically illiberal and filled with America anti-american ideas. And in our universities are end up supporting. misogyny homophobia. Reese's them while virtue signaling at the same time. How how do they not see this? All? They know about it mean the Department of Education has begun looking into this and so as Congress and their reports say very blatantly that these schools are going to non-free countries and basically accepting the money begging for the money and giving them unprecedented access to our students in education system. But in in the case of campuses, overseas cutters given billions of dollars to schools to set up campuses in their country, which is a spy bosses dream, and specifically in one case with northwestern university cutter was getting them money. To help them expand Aljazeera. They're basically donating to the school and thing yeah, here's a bunch of money. Now, bring your students over to Qatar to help us expand the biggest terrorist propaganda network on earth. China's also doing a similar thing where they're giving tons of money unbelievable amounts of money to our professors in order to come over to China and help them build lab so that they can steal information and that's why professors are being arrested for lying about that funding because they're taking the money and only now is the government starting to crack down on it, but it's so big. I don't even know if the federal government can crack down on it fully. There was an interesting line that stuck out to me. It was from a woman who said when I was growing up in Iran I was forced in school to chant down with America every single day. She said, now our universities are doing the same thing. That's like the the modern version of adolescent rebellion. Now, it's like the cool thing to do among the youth is to say that you are so enlightened you are so objective that you're willing to fash- your own country and rebel against it, and it's hard for me not to connect that to this issue of foreign funding that's coming in For example, you mentioned China according to our latest records. China's donated over one point, two, billion dollars the university since two, thousand twelve now maybe I'm too cynical but I don't think that they care about American students getting the Best Education I. Don't think that we we know it's not going to lower tuition. So. What is the return on their investments? It must be pretty big for them to spend that type of money. Thank you so much rhyme for being on with us and thanks for letting US premiere this. This documentary it premieres tonight five pm you can watch it live or you can watch it. Know on. You know on demand at the blaze TV, dot, com and then next week it will go everywhere. You can watch it in advance. Now, if you're a place member, otherwise it'll be on the youtube page for the Clarion Project next Tuesday. Thank you so much. I appreciate it, God bless you go on you bet. Kaba. So lister of Mine Pam, she couldn't sleep unless she lay flat on her back staring up at the ceiling Gosh could you do that? Can't do that no no. No. Hope of that at all that's like trying to sleep on a plane. Yeah. To she said, she'd have shooting pains that started in your shoulders and then radiated down her arms sleeping on her side or stomach was out and she's always been aside sleeper this. Awful. 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Glenn Beck Program it's Friday I just WanNa leave you with this the Hollywood crowd they I mean they all my gosh. They had aneurysms all night last night and it couldn't happen to nicer people But they went crazy about Rudy Giuliani. WENT CRAZY ABOUT VODKA TRUMP I? mean. Ivanka trump is not a conservative. You know I think she. They. have. The same role I thought she did in two thousand sixteen, which was to play to myself. Friendly voters who prefer largely democratic policies direct can get can get. To show that he's done things that aren't just for his base, which later when claims right and I think she has I think she I and my guess is, is that she has. Had something to do with the overall message and production of this RNC convention which I applaud I thought it was fantastic the messages and the images and everything that came out of it. I thought it was real genuine and and just solid ethic Republicans have largely used their conventions to basically pitch to their base. Yeah. which here, the did the opposite of this was Reagan. This was ringing. You may not remember those might have been too young but Reagan did this he he spoke across party lines and he was like look. That's not what your party stands for. You know it's it's it's almost exactly. What America went through in nineteen eighty and there could be a in a nineteen eighty, four kind of landslide. If the president is disciplined we could be witnessing a landslide. One of the things. I. Just want to go through some of these things One of the things they were just apoplectic on at me Affair Mia Farrow compared to Jonestown. An. ADORING cult waiting for Jim Jones to appear and look at how none of them are wearing masks etcetera etcetera mio mea I just I just I just want to ask. You have you been tweeting about the AMA's. because New York decided that the celebrities vm as. The video music awards at Radio City. They don't have to the you know they're not going to be subject to the quarantine mandate. They can fly in from wherever you know the Bulla. If, they want and they don't have to be quarantined at all because they're special people. They're special people. So I'm just waiting for the Hollywood elites to You know to tweet against the special people but anyway So it was Jonestown the Guy Bradley Whitford he was on the West Wing. He said it was the desecration of the White. House. Was it really wasn't. I mean I'm with you I don't like the fact that the White House was used and I don't like the fact that that is probably going to set precedence now but it shouldn't be used but it is a covid year and this was the third choice. The president had he tried to move the convention and the Liberal Democrats wouldn't allow him to do it. So okay, I'll do it. You come over to my house. It is a, it is a Kovic year and he did not move it there. First, he tried other places you guys just tried to shut it down so. Rosie O'Donnell her lovely lovely self tweeted the things that I really. Well. I really can't repeat any of them but Jim Gaffe again. swooped in to defend Joe Biden from claims that he's a socialist. Okay. I go with that I. Don't think I don't think joe is a socialist, but he surrounded himself with socialist and his policies. Now on his his platform are socialist to be fair. He's been a longtime Democrat and is assisted basically in the middle of every democratic movement. So when the party has gone left, he has gone left. Going very left right now. Right. So anyway so gaffe again. Defended him cities not a socialist and then he said the president's speech was all lies to scare America and to those who think I'm destroying my career wake up if trump gets elected, the economy will never come back. First of all. I liked claim I really liked Jim jeff again. I, consider him. I can say a friend friendly. And and spend time with Jim Gaffe again, I've no problem that he does I know he disagrees with me I know he. Care and I don't care and you know if he sees that and he really believes that somebody should go vote the other way. That's fine. That's fine. But I I would like to ask him in a sincere questioning honest questioning. What? Part of Biden's experience shows you. He was part of the team that said it will never come back. The economy will not get any better than Barack Obama ever. This is the this is the best. It's GONNA get. Donald trump came in and. it was the best economy we've ever had nation and lowest unemployment rate or I mean it was really good. Jim. Sold a lot of tickets are in the trump era. Yeah I know. So I just want to know what part of the Biden economic the business building experience makes. You say he's going to be better than the guy who did it as opposed to the guy who was part of it that couldn't do it. I just think that honestly this election season more than ever before is just ruining people and they just you know they're always fighting with each other everyone thinks that their opinions the only one that matters the only one that's right and everyone that disagrees with them is the worst person on earth. I'M NOT GONNA go there this time I'm not gonna I'm GonNa try really hard not to go. Oh Oh yeah because I mean look I. I can deal with I have a very high tolerance for nonsense from entertainers. Gyms totally. Wrong on a lot of the things he's saying I can deal I could still I could still laugh at his hot pocket jokes. I'm not going to have the same thing with these athletes like they can do all sorts of things I don't really care because I don't go to them for these things. I I can just avoid. Of caring about them I. Don't think about what some what Lebron James thinks about politics. I don't care I don't care. I'm not GonNa let them take away something from me that I enjoy just because they're stupid and that's Not everyone gets to that point. Jim is a New Yorker lives in New York and it's a different world. I talked to people from New York. It is a different world than. Gaffe again is he's one of the more sensible people whose talked out even he is liberal has talked out sensibly about politics when he's touched it normally, and then last night is I mean look at this era is people are just they lose it they lose it the media people who are irrational halfway decent reporters four, five, six years ago are completely nuts now completely insane. No one can seem to control themselves anymore. All right. have a safe weekend. We'll see Monday on radio.

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