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Tonight the new headline as we come on the air, the number of corona virus deaths in the US. Now topping one, hundred, fifty, thousand America with a thirty percent increase in deaths in the last week the federal government now identifying ninety eight emerging hot spots in thirty states, Florida and Texas reporting record deaths in the last twenty, four hours in Texas they have crossed grim milestone tonight with dr saying everyone is exhausted hospitalizations and the rise in thirty nine states and Puerto Rico the debate continuing over reopening schools what the secretary. Of Education acknowledged today while visiting a private school in North Carolina with the vice president saying there is no national plan to reopen schools today president trump doubling down on his supportive a controversial doctor who had said masks don't work and who had pushed hydroxy chloroquine. The president has called her an important voice tonight Joe Biden calling her quote at absolute disgrace at the president is also trying to scare suburban voters and tonight the president's staunchest allies now testing positive just before he was going to board Air Force One with President Trump. Do interview tonight the president pressed about reports of Russia's alleged bounties on US troops Russia allegedly paying the Taliban, the president pressed on his recent phone call with Vladimir Putin did it come? The president saying the call was to discuss other things and the major move involving twelve thousand US troops stationed in. Germany. A key US ally. Home Tonight, the alarming the partial bridge collapses train goes off the tracks on high alert in the northeast tonight the sharks nine sightings off New York shores, and just the last two days. It comes after a deadly attack, the wife and mother who was killed off main, and we're also tracking tropical threat. Now, passing your Puerto Rico and the shift the track tonight would it now means for Florida and the east as this moves north. This is ABC news tonight with David Muir. But evening, and it's great to have you with us here on this Wednesday night and we begin tonight with that grim new milestone, the death toll in this country now topping. Fifty, thousand from the corona. Virus one hundred and fifty thousand lives lost so many families affected in this pandemic tonight the federal government now pointing to ninety eight hotspots they say now emerging across thirty states, some of them were the virus had already been slowed. More than four point, four, million Americans testing positive and of course, that death-toll Tonight Florida reporting record number of deaths in the last twenty, four hours two, hundred, seventeen more deaths more than nine thousand new cases there Texas tonight reporting three, hundred, thirteen deaths and nine thousand new cases. There were a total number of cases in Texas now more than four, hundred, thousand joining California Florida and New York. And be emotional debate tonight over reopening schools in Jeffersonville Indiana. For one parents were told they could choose a virtual or in class parents saying they had no choice but to send their children even if they fear for their health saying they have no choice because they have to work that is their reality. Vice President, pence and Education Secretary Betsy Devos paying a visit to a private school in North Carolina Secretary. Devos saying there is no national plan for reopening schools. and. So we begin tonight on all of this including those new hotspots, the debate what appearance to do with the school year about to begin in. So many unanswered questions, ABC's Victor Kendo leading us off. Tonight, the country topping once unimaginable toll one, hundred, fifty, thousand, American lives lost to the Corona Virus Florida and Texas seeing their deadliest days yet doctors are pushed to the breaking point exhausted. There's a deep bench of. Positions Dr Robert Rodriguez is back in his hometown of Brownsville Texas helping on the front lines were trying everything with these patients are extremely extremely sick behind every patient a family in Arizona Twenty. Rules Adrian Garcia who had diabetes lost his battle with the virus his entire family was infected but Adrian was the only one who didn't recover. He leaves behind a three month old daughter for the average person with no underlying health conditions you'll be okay we're okay. But my son is not the nation's death toll is surging an internal FEMA memo obtained. By, ABC News revealing a thirty percent increase in deaths in just the last week Homeland Security identifying ninety eight emerging hotspots across thirty states and tonight a new front in the war on covert Dr Anthony Fauci telling our Dr Jen Ashton. He's concerned about cases ticking up in states like Ohio Tennessee Kentucky and Indiana which is a sure-fire hint that you may be getting into the same sort of trouble with those states that the southern states got into trouble today in Jeffersonville Indiana about seventy percent of students were back in school with musk's and social distancing. Can choose virtual or in person learning some parents feel they have little choice Options were limited my husband and I both work outside the home in Florida Latoa Floyd is a single mother of two an essential worker at a grocery store. She's worried about sending her kids back to the classroom. I absolutely have no choice, but to send them to school. Because I work forty five hours a week with the debate raging over safely reopening schools doctors in Florida are demanding more robust safety measures, pretty hundreds and thousands of young people, teachers, and staff together in enclosed spaces like school buildings is an invitation for covid. Nineteen super superstar events officials taking no chances south of Orlando ordering nearly three hundred students to self quarantine after one person who attended outdoor graduation ceremony tested positive. Today, the vice president who has for the reopening of in-person pluses visiting a private elementary school in North Carolina where teachers and students wore masks taking off his mask for a time to talk to kids we really do believe it's in the best interest of our children to be back in the classroom education. Secretary Betsy Devos acknowledging there is no national plan for schools. There's not a national superintendent nor should there be therefore there's not a national plan for reopening. In Miami Dade County the nation's fourth largest school district. They'll begin the school year with online learning seen with other major cities throughout Florida, but scum some school districts will be starting with in-person classes. Something that the governor has continually pushed for just today he said if his kids were old enough, he'd have no problem sending them back to school David. Victor. Kendall leading US off Victor Thank. You tonight president trump once again saying he supports that controversial doctor who said masks Stonework and who pushed hydroxy chloroquine along with the president even though his own team of advisers and doctors have said, it's ineffective and dangerous between Covid nineteen that doctor has said in the past, the demons and witches have caused illnesses well, tonight, Joe Biden taking aim saying the doctor is an absolute disgrace at a key supporter of president trump congressman tonight has now tested positive for the virus just before he was going to board Air Force. One ABC's Mary Bruce on at all. President trump today double down on his support for a fringed doctor who spreading lies about the corona virus even after learning, she claims demons and witches cause illnesses. By nothing about her I had never seen before. But, directly you glitter up and let her. Trump had re tweeted a video of that Dr denouncing the use of masks and promoting hydroxy chloroquine even though the nation's top health officials warn the anti malaria drug is ineffective at treating covid nineteen and potentially dangerous. Joe Biden today urged the president to knock it off president sumptuous stopped tweety and start doing some about it and stop on and talking about this crazy woman as talked about last night about who's absolute. Disgrace, one of the people who spread that misleading video, the chief of staff for Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert today Gohmert announced he's tested positive himself a mason dramatic I don't have any of the symptoms that are listed as part of Covid nineteen. The congressman has frequently been spotted on the hill without a mask sources. Tell us his staff has even been scolded for wearing them masks really complicate things. This is the first time in American history when we have punished a restricted people who were not sick just yesterday he was seen walking alongside Attorney General Bill Bar neither of them in a mask bar. Staff says the attorney. General, is now getting tested the congressman sat for hours in two separate hearings yesterday tonight, senior lawmakers from both parties going into quarantine gohmert himself only learned he was positive because he was required to take a test before he was set to fly with the president. Now, the Bentley haven't will be very, very careful to make sure that I'm giving anybody else. Today's he prepared to drive to Texas to self quarantine gohmert promised to wear a mask quote religiously. Alright. So let's get to Mary tonight because we know moments ago. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now announcing anyone on the house. Floor must wear a mask Mary. You reported there tonight that Joe Biden is taking aim again at the president and his handling of the pandemic but Biden making news himself overnight after that image appeared of his own notes while speaking to reporters. Before we came on the air last night in those notes, we could all see the talking points on Senator Kamla Harris a people trying to read the tea leaves in the last twenty four hours, David Photographers. They're getting a glimpse of Biden's notes yesterday and right there on top talking points about Senator Kamala Harris. Biden's former rival now under consideration to be. His running mate and the I note there saying quote do not hold grudges. Biden. Says he will make his choice next week David Bruce on the campaign trail. Mary. Thank you. We turn next here tonight to the move involving twelve thousand US troops Pentagon transferring those troops from Germany a key ally. There has been immediate reaction to this tonight and a new interview with the president after reports Russia allegedly paid bounties to the Taliban for the killing of US troops in Afghanistan. The president was asked about his recent call with Vladimir, Putin and whether the safety of our troops was brought up. Here's Terry Moran. Tonight after those reports that Russia been paying bounties to the Taliban to kill US troops in Afghanistan president trump admitting in an interview with Axios that he never even raised the matter in a call with Vladimir Putin last week we discussed numerous things we did not discuss that you'd never discussed it with I have never discussed with Trump also denied heard anything about the bounties despite reports. The Intel did make it into the President's daily brief. It never reached my desk. You know why? Because they didn't think it would intelligence they didn't think it was real. It was reason. They didn't think it was worthy every I wouldn't mind if it reached my desk I would have done something about it. It never reached my desk when asked about Russia supplying arms to the Taliban trump said, the US did the same thing in Afghanistan to well, we weapons when they were fighting Russia to you know when we were when they were fighting with the Taliban. Afghanistan's different Eero well, I'm just saying yes. We did that to the president also making a major strategic move in Europe withdrawing a third of US troops from Germany citing his longstanding gripe that Germany doesn't pay its fair share for defense in Europe. There was bipartisan condemnation of the president's move. Those American troops in Germany have been the cornerstone of US security in Europe for decades. Senator Mitt. Romney calling withdrawal a grave error and a slap in the face of friend and ally the Biden campaign blasted trump in a statement saying the withdraw does not reflect a thoughtful defense strategy. This is a gift to Vladimir Putin. David nearly of those twelve thousand troops being pulled out of Germany there'll be rotated to other parts of eastern. Europe the Pentagon Dell. Help deter Russian aggression but president trump made crystal clear. This is a lot more about punishing Germany then deterring Russia David all of this electioneering Terry Moran Thank you tonight we're deter next. Partial Bridge Collapse in Arizona the flames after a train carrying hazardous materials derailed it happened in. Tempe. The bridge partially collapsing there some of the cars falling as well as ABC's Clayton. Sandell is on the tonight. Tonight the flaming freight train inferno outside Phoenix. Arizona. Derailing on a bridge in Tempe just after six this morning fire on the Mill Avenue train bridge part of that bridge collapsed a mess of twisted metal tracks and train cars falling into a parked below nearly one hundred firefighters to the scene as flames race to engulf cars loaded with lumber grain and other products. The fire is traveling north along the train bridge, which is making it extraordinarily difficult for firefighters to Fight Union Pacific says. Tankers that fell off the bridge, contain a hazardous and highly flammable chemical. The Fire Department says one tanker is leaking and is using heavy equipment to pull the car upright stop the leak and prevent another fire as flames raged a light rail passenger train on a nearby bridge slowly pushed its way through the Smoke Valley Metro Rail. Telling US it was safer for this final train to pass through than stop on the bridge federal investigators now working to figure out what the derailment to happen. And David firefighters tell us that the chemical leaking from the tanker ignites very easily, which is what makes this such a delicate cleanup operation they say could last for days and keep in mind. The crews are doing all of this work in the heat temperatures hovering right around one hundred, ten degrees David still very tough hours ahead, Clayton Sandell. Thank you now to Minneapolis tonight authorities say they are now searching for a man that they allege is seen in a viral video smashing windows and inciting violence after the death of George Floyd. They say he's a white supremacist who wanted to fuel racial unrest. Here's alix Perez. Tonight authorities in Minneapolis say they have finally identified the man. They claim incited days of violent protests there after George Floyd was killed. The umbrella man on social media he was captured in this viral video breaking windows at this autozone dressed in black holding umbrella in a court filing this week police identifying him as a white supremacist. Brad Svensson recorded the May twenty seventh incident. It was strange because he was just casually walking through this warlike space according to court documents. Also spray painted the words free expletive for everyone zone on the businesses doors not long after looting and fires began in the area police say an officer telling the court until umbrella man, the protests had been relatively peaceful. This individuals sole aim was to incite violence. After a tip investigators zeroing in on the thirty two year old police say also a known member of a whites only motorcycle gang. And David investigators are working to obtain the man's a cell phone location data at this point, charges have not yet been filed. David Alex is with us. Tonight Alex. thank you. There are questions tonight after an arrest at a rally here in new. York City. By the NYPD Warren Squad a team of plainclothes officers grabbing the woman and putting her an unmarked car while cops health crowd back witnesses recording at all the NYPD tonight saying it was executing a warrant for the arrest of eighteen year old Nikki stone seen in this video. They say vandalizing several surveillance cameras she was booked and released witnesses say it was excessive. There is growing concern over sharks in the northeast nine sightings and just two days, and it comes of course after that deadly attack, the wife mother who did not survive here's either pilgrim. Tonight lifeguards on alert and helicopters patrolling beaches near new. York City after multiple days of shark sightings at least three sidings today I saw a fan of a short on Monday lifeguards in hempstead new. York's funded a shark near swimmers about five feet from shore people were screaming and yelling a little bit. But the life guards did a great job of getting everyone out this shark identified as a bull shark way up to five hundred pounds and grow to eleven feet they're aggressive creatures and the biggest concern is go the shoreline the warnings. In New York coming after sixty three road Julie Imperio hallway was attacked and killed by a great white shark in Maine. Monday, hallway was swimming in a wet suit experts say the shark may have mistaken her for a seal shark attacks on humans are very rare but they are a protected species and their numbers are growing it recovers which reestablishing its historic range and when you mix that with the recovery of the seal and a lot more people in the water. Now suddenly we look like their food and so occasionally, they'll make a mistake. Watching at least sixteen tagged sharks right off the coast here of New York at least ten of those are great white sharks David thank you. When we come back here tonight, there's news just coming in on tomorrow's funeral service for the late representative. John Lewis, we learned who will deliver the eulogy and the former presidents who will be there, and of course, more in that tropical threat now moving toward the east. If you like getting the story behind the story out start here the Daily News podcast from ABC News every morning start here we'll get you ready for your day with inciteful straightforward reporting on a few of the day's biggest headlines from groundbreaking investigative reports to urgent revelations shaping your world recently honored with prestigious Edward R Murrow award start here takes you inside the stories that matter and where they're heading next. So start smart who start, he'll check out on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP. The late congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis has returned to Georgia tonight lying in repose the State. Capital his funeral tomorrow we have learned tonight former President Obama will deliver the Eulogy Former Presidents Bill Clinton George W. Bush. Will also be there ABC. News will carry the service live at eleven am, and I'll be there for a special edition of World News Tonight Finding Tonight America strong across generations finding hope with family recipes in the kitchen. In this pandemic, so many families are trying to find some comfort in the kitchen in Kalamazoo Michigan fifteen year old little wallace and her cupcakes the proceeds from them. She's now donated more than two thousand dollars to help the community. Lafayette Georgia Grandmother Patsy wilbanks. Your go a family friend asked graeme. Patsy for her famous biscuit recipe. She told me you wanted to know biscuits and didn't just sit on the recipe I'm GonNa make you my grandson increases this video for me that recipe going viral. Better. Spending on top the biscuits. The finished product. Usually. Biscuits. Hope that teaches us up that missed it back and in Highlands Ranch Colorado eleven year Zaire. Hawkins at her nine-year-old sister. Shirley's they've started business. They call little sisters treats we start planning out. On Paper Are Flea Ruth in what we would do with our combs mom, Rita of her girls and their business the girls have business meetings. They are serious about this thing. She took her girls to see bakery in town owned by women to there was a connection. Degree here in Colorado, Co Owners Molly and Rebecca saying the community has helped save their business. So now they have given the little girls more than a thousand dollars for their business. There are certain business community and these girls asserted new business. This was the moment. Are. Your released here with us too. Little sisters treats have treats just for you. Tonight there recipe for success we want to hire other young girls. We wanted to inspire other children to be their own see. We're going to figure out a way to get that ice cream here they are inspiring. Streaming thirty first exclusively on Disney plus follow the journey of a young prince in search of himself through a trail love and self identity with black is king the new visual album from beyond say with music from the Lion King Gift is a celebrate Tori memoir that reimagined the lessons of the lion. King for today lack is king streaming July thirty first only on Disney plus.

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