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Horses are 80% Butt


Hannah Cobb County tell you a thought I had today. What have you? Gobi gonna I can't. I can't use right now 'cause I'm turned into a pre pubescent boy lock. But no, I would love to hear your thoughts. Okay. Here's my thought courses I show. Big. On that thought, you know, really did you come into contact with the horse, sir? Just. No, no, no. I haven't seen arson news, but. That today you know, do there are also they're like eighty percent but. I know. My tractor dole horses man, everyone is attracted to horses. Exist. Right. Like who came up with the Centaur, nobody came up with any other kind of, like who it's half man, half something. It's like all half man. Half force. Horses or eighty percent. But I'm not saying what have sex with a horse. I'm just saying I get all muscle like that's it. You know, I'm just keeping a real over here. That's what I love from real people with real, opinions ready to give some super real very sincere advice to all of our air. But there's way it's questions questions today on handle. Is this? Hello. My name is Hannah Cal, and I am co host of Himalayas this the cell podcast just can't help itself. Wow. And my name is Hannah Hart. And I am in awe view. Eighty dog. Well, I feel like I should say, I'm drinking whisky out of a mug. I feel like I should say drinking wine out of a Cup, but we are in our thirties. So we're allowed to do that hail. You also us after five. Seventeen right now we're coding this you've had a full day I've at a full day, which would you today? Do how is your day it wasn't bad? It wasn't too bad as some of you may know there's a little morning of that lives in the tree outside my office, and it's been sitting in its nest for like two weeks now and I check on it every day, I decided to name her Claire. And she doesn't talk. That's, that's fine. I mean if she was talking to you idea little more concern. Yeah. I've talked to I've shown like nine workers this bird. I'm like, hey, a picture. I want to see river has a nest it does. It's a little obscured by the leaves, but you can definitely see it. And I'm just so excited for like the little baby birds to happen. So that's cool. That's exciting. I also saw snail this morning. And that was exciting. Did it rain is that pretty? I just feels because sales love to do their suicide pact where it rained and they all just crawl out onto the sidewalk and they're just like step on may. Oh my God. Dude, I know I was like. broS broS. Just move a little bit. And they're like. I know you know, snail is always like. Owned rush me. I need to go at my own pain. That's like when I say everyone all the time. We should probably talk to our. We get the privilege of talking to each other. Cool hate a bit. So today, we want to talk directly with you. So we've got some wonderful earbud questions and a couple of airbud voicemails. Yes. And guys, I just want to say I was like, hey, everyone. Send me your cues, if you got them and you guys stepped up, but. Alert. And I'm semi cancer all them, but all right. Let's see what is our first question. Well, should we listen to our first voicemail from Jennifer? Oh, yes, let's do that. Okay. Hello there. I just wanted to voice my probation for this podcast centering around mental health. You know, some do we only sometimes concentrate concentrate on it, you know, when things go wrong, when mental health is the cornerstone of every of every single life. That's my two cents on that on as far as perfectionism. I'm grateful that that's focus because little that I know but that perfectionism was kind of a hindrance in my life because it doesn't look like it. You know what you think of perfectionism and you think of everything in order, you know, it can kind of present itself in kind of chaos. Anyway, so perfectionism is a great, great topic. But I'll just leave it there, and again, thank you. So much of own wonderful voicemail. I think I've talked to Jen before because I feel like I kind of recognized that voice, but that was so lovely and so thoughtful, I, it's I'm really glad to hear that people are getting a chance to feel that the pockets of seldom identify something that might be a hindrance. That's cool. And like what a beautiful statement to say that mental health is the cornerstone of everyone's lives. I know. That's where do you start except for that? I mean it makes me feel like as much as I struggle with all the things I do so grateful that I do struggle because it means I have the help in the tools and the whatever L the millions factors that went into my life to make me know about these things. I mean I was like they're probably people who just don't, you know, whatever reason they just haven't been exposed to this kind of stuff and they're just like haw. I'm really sad and angry all the time. And I don't know why. And I don't have to talk to about it. That's gotta be awful. Yeah. Being able to put a name to being able to put a name to it kind of takes his power away. You know, as opposed to just like I guess this is just everyone's life experience. Or like this is just it will always be like this, like having, you know, communicating in violent ways, or just not helpful ways and getting stuck in the same arguments over and over again being like well, this is just how you do it. It's kind of like why feel so. Bad for horses because they're all. They're, they're all naysayers. To though is. Well, those like a gold medal or at their they value. Thank you. Okay. Hannah Gelb are ear buds want to know. How do you feel about supernatural next season own man? You guys I gotta say at first I was very sad. But I'm also kind of happy. I feel like is still personally, only on Susan eight. So I still have seven seasons left to watch. So I have like a good three weeks in which I can still Jewish supernatural. You know what's funny is I worry I worry for the actors because doing anything for fifteen years is so huge. And I just imagine that if I was that now they finally feel free will. I'm sure there's, I'm sure it's like both very exciting also very scary because. Yeah, they've worked with the same crew of the same actors like basically for a decade, you know. And to like, you know, the gotta might my boys Jared, and Jensen they have to undergo on start over somewhere and do really do it. I'm just a. Oh my God. I saw such a crazy person. I'm very very excited for them. I hope they do lots of cool things. And I hope to put my hand on Jared pedal like his body one day. Oh, okay. Well. The. Right there. You mean like put my hand on his forearm and be like, Hello? I'm not talking like oh, I know what a forearm you just so don't pretend like that. Not like a mood. Yeah. No, you're right. Well, I will say this for right? Importance of forums, by the way. Oh. Flashed these puppies. Anybody? Feel rolled up sleeve. Look, you know, honestly, any job that you've been in for fifteen years. You're absolutely right. That would be hard to transition out of or make the decision to, like, imagine if you hated your job and you in for fifteen years, and they're like, well, my really gonna leave the answer is this. You can you can you want. It's hard, if you want to it's hard, I now you ask me class. Okay. Let's see. Ooh. Do you have any phase mon- dating somebody who is new to dating girls? So this person says she's dating a person who is by, but she's only pretty much dated men in the past, and a request scares the first girl that her potential date is considering dating. So they might be dating yet, it's they've considered dating. Yes, they are the latter phases of data of dating. Perhaps I shall date. The but does it matter? He or she. When all I really want is we. So what is it stopping me? Well, Dr Seuss, no. Heart. It's getting. Advice on dating girls never dated any other girls. I mean, honestly, all the advice I have to give stems from advice on dating any person in a relationship at all. If it's this person's first relationship with a girl, and if it's your first relationship, it's going to have all the same kind of hiccups that first relationships do if both of you have been in long term relationships before, then try not to focus too much on the gender of it all, and just focus on you and your compatibility and your personalities. I often feel like when people are like 'gendering stuff, it's because they don't want to do introspection or reflection. You know, they're like, oh, this is so emotional because I'm dating a girl women are so intense. It's like or this is so motion, because you've never cared this much before. Could be a human with. Who are you motions? They aren't though, like weird watery buckets. Yeah. No, it's true. So my advice is that don't offer it and just try and stay focused and president on being in a relationship period. Don't make it a subject of too much conversation. That's some hardcore vice right there. Because one of the burdens by sexual have to bear is constantly justifying their existence and confronting everyone else's insecurity and fear thought should be like on a shirt, confronting everyone's since acuity in fears since saving eighty six. Yeah. Well, let me ask you this. Do you have any advice for someone who is dating a horse and their first time dating horse horses? Never dated any other people have dated horses like is this leading up to a pun. I'm sorry. I haven't I'll day I would say, I would say, hey, there. It's better better. Oh, okay. Now I gotta ask you another question. Had a gal. If you could have won sailor centuries powers, what would it be a why? Oh man. Gosh, something comes to my mind right away. And I'm kind of all rised all who I'm thinking I would do sailor Pluto because I was gonna get that. But I didn't say you guessed it because she literally stopped time. I don't know if you guys watched that far sailor moon is dark. Okay. It's fucking real. Yeah. You know, unlike while I could be sailor moon, basically has power of Hartson love, but I just feel like that would be, you know, well, kind of extend essentially impossible and also probably means I have a letter Gretz, but I think that'd be a really cool powers or that you seek solid to know. But really, you can't beat the power to stop type. I mean that's like the fat. I mean sailor mercury like if you're at a party, and you really old one he ran out of ice. She'd be like. Ninety Salem ours. You're at a party and nobody brought birthday candles challenging, dude. Let your bills you're Cardi to joke. Filler jupiter. She's look. You need a job of the way to party. The just also good. Well, dude, who's? So whose power would you choose I'm done doing all this? Venus. There you could be like Yoma wingmen me, bro. Sylvia's would be like. Yeah. Or if you needed a hole cut in a door shoe. I'm talking like a people. Front door cannot. Yeah. Just a whole kind of doors. Go ahead. If you need okay. Okay, here, if you need soldering done, if you if you need, like any very just a flash of hot like high hot, intense heat and light, Kristen Beeman. That's that's the one. Oh, Salem around chicken get you out. She got Ramos anthill Levin is Kristen beam. No, my bad. Oh my God. Party radio player explodes. Everybody's like, oh, no music sale on June slides in with violent oh, that's true. That's interesting because that's not even like one of her extra ordinary powers. Really? That's just being able to play. Violin is super. I mean, you know, she definitely has a lot of innate talent. Yeah. Yeah. I mean she can bounce the lemon on a violin plate at the same time that episode. Would you want to be at a party so Saturn? You know, I feel exactly would be the cool Goth girl in the corner, like wouldn't really talk. But she would I feel she great artist. So in the frame of if you were at a party, she would be needed that everybody can talk about. Me. The next day everyone's gonna be like part of the great did. I just notice like Saturn, just like taught me ending their like. Even supposed to sheet. Yeah, she seems really young. She kept, like taking all the lamps. And then also like kind of turning into a horrible entity of evil. Sometimes those weird kind of I know, maybe she drank too much of the best of us. The church sure does. Not that I'm going to say last, but not least. But if you're. The dies or you need like. Roese distraction, boom Gusta wind just flies through the party and the whole party is just so windy. You know what I mean? This is so great. We all can take really cute pictures on Instagram. All of these powers are only useful at a party or when fighting evil obviously, you know what also silly writers could do if you were like I'm breaking ground at the building that I built for my station. She could be like. And then just like explode you don't even need Beshir's taking away people's job. So I'm living on. That's another question. If I can support this kind of America. Okay, Hannah heart. Have you ever been miss gendered, great question? Okay. So once Addis's ller in Bakersfield was called, sir, and it was only because my girlfriend at the time, was there with me, and I we were with my sister and her her then boyfriend. And so, I think he just walked over and just assumed you know, two couples men, lady or whatever, and then he was like for you, sir. And I was like. I St. please, thank you so much. They walked away and then my sister, and I was like, I think I'll, sir, I was like, no that'll be all. So the person who did it did not aknowledge, what have you at all. I guess not. I mean I don't know literally, I was just like very well then. It is. Not only was I am man. I was regal man. I mean that's surprising. Thank you. Thank you. Did that cause you like distress or like you know where you upset or like how did you kind of handle handle it being fancy? I guess that for me, I haven't been knighted properly, any like setting so to be called, sir. I felt I mean obviously, I liked it, but I don't know if I've quite yet earned it, you know, dude, you're such a trendsetter remember, Japan, and you're like a mini use the male pronouns in Oku. They're like I feel like a book or on a really feisty day. Now. And I go coming at your hat in fast, ready. What would you say at a college graduation, like if you were giving the commencement speech? Oh man. Gosh. Y'all bitches. I feel like I would say the same thing that I always want to say to anybody who's like twenty two which is Hugh are so young. And like you're already doing everything, right? Don't worry and go travel like get, you know, go on crazy adventures do that thing you wanna do 'cause it just gets harder to do them. Like honestly dude, God, you're so. Right. Like I know in other countries like Australia, they have something called a walkabout and in the UK. I think the gap year here in America we just have industry to become a cog in the machine. Well, please do. I mean if you're like graduating in your field, and you have a job lined up that you're so excited about that's awesome to go for it. But I'm for anyone who's, like I. Oh, god. I have to do the right thing. I have to go and look at jab and being a citizen and like no you don't get like I just remember everyone that I graduated with feeling so softens fishy. Well, yes. Also just being so hard on themselves. I remember when I went to birthright this is what I was like twenty five twenty six I was it was like me like thirty other twenty five twenty six year olds all from the bay area, working very successful by all accounts. Every single person was like I feel like such a failure. I don't know why. That's just the way everyone feels now but you're not you're alive. You're already okay from biological standpoint. Like you're so good. Just just have fun and relax a little bit because there's time to worry. Let me tell you, you have your whole life to work. Yeah. And I feel like a lot of white people feel like failures in societies because society's failing them, and, like we are in the middle of a pretty young theory called capitalism. That's not the oldest institution and democracy. All of this, we're, we're why would we be happy? Nobody's shown us that that is what will happen at the end of this, this could lead us all to madness true to, you know that sounds kinda cool. But okay. No. I want to me again we only like ten fifteen minutes lip. Bro. How do you know whether or not a friendship is worth fighting for wow, bro? I mean, we talked about this little bit in our Susan one but I feel like it's still a good question. I agree. How do you know friendship is worth fighting for the thought of their friendship bring relief, you know, like deep down? That's how you know, 'cause I even have friends that, like I get in arguments with, or I don't really like, and it's like, well does the thought of being being friends, you don't really like. Yeah, it doesn't. I would call those acquaintances, but I'm sorry continue. Well Hannah ago I guess you wanna become an acquaintance. Me. Anyway back to my beautiful points. I think it's about like that friendship being healthy feels like relief not like obligation. Like you want the friendship to get better as opposed to feeling like I'm Blige to get the friendship better. You want to do it. You're like, oh, this is really sucky. Time in our friendship versus. Okay. I guess I'll fix this. I think you can tell the difference between feeling like I know their issues to address it's going to be really tough conversation going to be uncomfortable, but I know eh need to do it. And once I do it, it's going to be so much better. I think you can tell the difference between that and this is not worth it. And I just putting off doing anything about it because I'm stuck between blah and just letting it go. I would agree with you. I think you're like in your gut, you already know. In your gut if what you're thinking is I can't wait for this to be better. Like I missed them this sucks. Then it's a friendship worth fighting for if your gut is like a this again, time to smooth this over that it's not. Yeah. I would say, sometimes, you know, friendships change over time. There's like now I'm pretty sure we nailed it. Let's move on. I'm not done being incredibly articulate and smart. I would I would like it's not. I don't think it's always one or the other, I think friendships look and behave differently after over the course of time. And like if you feel certain way now that doesn't mean you're gonna feel that way forever. It might just be a weird time for like, Nope. Nope, Rog, you know, my family motto burned that bridge. Well, you have many options here. You are the only one who can side these things, and there's no wrong answer. So take it as you go, you know, drinking whisky, so I feel great, right? I feel okay? Let's you when last question and it'll be one. We both can answer. Okay. And our fennel acquistion for this evening will be from our lovely earbud, Kim, who left us voicemail. Ooh. Exciting. It's kim. I just wanted to say that I think you go, they're doing such a fantastic job with the podcast and talking about issues concerning mental health, and especially helping people who any struggle, some mental health concerns, feel less alone. My question to you is since you have helped so many people through the podcast, I'm wondering if you guys are also getting something I was podcast. In other words, is it helping you, I would just curious yourselves on that anyway. Keep up the good work. Love you guys. Stay care. Bye. Like a good job. Oh, that's nice. So sweet the fought that I could get something out of anything. I actually I know exactly what I'm getting out of this podcast. I think that this podcast is fate for you and me, buddy. I think it's what we're meant to be doing right now, because my workaholic brain only make space for things that I feel have a greater utility, and being able to do a podcast that people find helpful feels like greater utility for me. But then, really, I think, if only ten people listened, I would still really wanna do it because, like Anna, I like Spain, the type of the it's hard to make time for friendship as an adult, especially winner, a Hannah adult Hannah Hart adult who's, like I will take Wata bread and necessary contact with. Oh man. I just have to sit in that beautiful. Beautiful answer. That's great dude. That's beautiful. Hanane. I are fake making out through the video camera. Dude. Gosh, what do you get out of the podcast? If tomorrow, a genie was like, hey, you don't ever have to have done this, and this can go away. Would you wanna do it God? Yeah. Absolutely. I think it's a really good. Would you wanna say, yes, the genie let me say this the different way? Ever. Jeannie, magically beer and was like, hey, by the way, analyze this. It's on easy. So you don't have to do it anymore. And no one will even remember it existed. Do you wanna say yes or no? What is yes mean in this context? Yes means. Yeah. Genie gopher wipe. Everybody's memory. Oh, god. No, no, no. Wow. Hooks feel like. Hey, you know jeans, don't make the rules there. That's true. They're trapped in the system anyways. No, I think it's great. Because in so many ways, and so many aspects of my life, it really forces me to look at myself. Like, for example, I think recently, I've been getting kind of down. And you know, I'm I'm inclined to like, just give up and try very hard when I'm down. And I think I kind of realized like, well, that's kind of what you've done largely throughout your life, and you don't have to do it just because you feel down doesn't mean it's not going well or like, you know, so I just really it's challenging, and you know, it's a thinking, and it also like makes me in him a better friends. I think because we have all of our issues come up with. I think what one of the benefits of having a creative outlet and doing afraid of project is, if you're not having fun, you just change it to make it fun for you. Yup. You're making the rules. That's all creativity is, is allowing that. You know, like and that's really nice feeling because there's not a lot of areas in life where you get to do that. So it feels like it's a little empowering, you know. Yeah. Unlike my job, where people are like had to go shoot for you to wall in, and I'm like, thank you this shit. Yep. And it's why it's so fun to have a creative partner to in this. Because if I was like Hannah go, listen, I'm gonna I'm feel really bad. I feel really bad. So today, I need to do the podcast in funny accent, okay? Did you do that with me? He's like, okay, well, we could start off that way. Yeah. And then I'd be like, yeah, that, that's enough just to know that I could could even ask, you know, do. Yeah. I would be like. Decorated ballroom in the French-style, and I'd say, degree yomata room into finished. Yeah. We should you silly accent a steak you thank you. Thank you. That's my that's my greater message here here. But thank you so much for listening Hannah gonna love you, buddy. I love you. I love, luckily, my friend. Thank you guys so much for listening. If you want to please rate review and send this podcast, one of your best friends, because we're two friends that are making a podcast. And if you knew friend or like we should do the two so them this, and then tell them to click like subscribe. No. But for real though we have a blast doing it. So thank you for being long with us for the journey. Thank you so much everyone and next week, we will be talking to. Well, I will be because Hannah was working talking to Tyler Oakley. So spread the word rumor in Saint Petersburg. Nice in Asia. Prince thank you. I wish you were here at love to hang out with you. I miss you over to this new to bully. Okay. Gotta go. Too much human emotion.

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