Ep 89: Tipped Out's Round Eight Tips


I'M Jamie Wallace Chris PIPPA here. It's another episode of the single greatest isil tipping. Semi podcast in the world tipped out with Lisette. L. Chiefs every week doodle. Do Hey you going great main football's back tonight? Aren't. Another Thursday night football. You know Thursday night football on on absolutely stoked for tonight's game. I cannot white. It's going to be an absolute bond storm bold. Boston. Actually looking for. A seventeen leg multi going into game by accident. It's got mold legs and centipede. These things it's. I put a multi on using neds gamble responsibly leases. And for some reason, it combined seven league multi intimate leg multi input seventeen leaks together. Made again to walk around with a new house or I'm going to be twenty dollars short. What's the chance of all getting up? These actually a pretty good chance of them. Because when you look at the legs, it's all it's all about one. It's a lot goal. KIKA anytime. Go kick out. Alex sixth and goal. Kicker, ranking Dokic at banking King Goalkeeper. Bolton Pelley go Kiko. And then I also chose to kick one goal, so if four dollars coming forelegs done. Worth the. Think of. It's not like seventy seventy four box or whatever? Just, throw. One edges semi full box to one. You saw through pay to McCain and Ronit and even. We'll see what happens. WE WON'T BE CELEBRATING OUT NEXT. Next podcast when we can fully see each other in the. Face to face going. Royalty, but. If, you want to tell you what we had plans. If say, didn't we? We had the problem we had. We had plane POB sessions. We have we're going. Get all the our community and do some live shows, and that has gone to the. Absolute show us. What can you do good old coverages throws so many spinners up, but you know what they give us lemons. We make some lemonade. We're GONNA turn that she can shoot the chicken salad and it's Kinda starts dull cursed. Versus the bulldogs of the West. And now these game is on Koa and is on Foxtel. Get on! At the time of this recording five minutes to the band that he's how close we go to making sure you get the most up-to-date information I'm calling nail the suns, will we miss simply because it easing Gulf coast that eleven their football of the moment they applying for each other, and are just want to say them win. unknow rails not dead, but you know what just prove last week though I would come in. I'm on the sun's just one among the sands. Mine I'm on Shawny. I'm showing. Donning on of the sons might. I'M GONNA the. Thumbs changes so very confident. With a Capital C. So I'm GonNa go after them interesting that the have decided to rest walking Hanta. Claybon game. I think you WanNa go to tonight tonight. Phone another cloudy running, too. Rain in the forecast and had four weeks off. They've found another one and they've gone. For, every cow, you get an extra way hit. Can you risk the blog after one week? Dum Dum dum and I get everything. That I deserve Oregon the again Kinda we? Has got to be close. Though a really think it's going to be. Apparently, the weather isn't looking. To Update, but I'm rick and I'll be out to Keith tangles agent clock at one hundred and twenty points. What I am looking for interns of wins and we're both going with cracking game of football. Tonight's sons tonight that one at seven fifty pm. Tomorrow on Channel Seven GW s versus the targets of Richmond, Lloyd Jacobs Toby granary. Bubby Hill, it'd. Jackson jaitely admitted mounted injured. Patrick Nice in Josh Keti at with a Twang, string. Cheese you what? This announce the rematch from last year. It is at Joint Stadium. I'm really torn. Who peaky because GW is really need the win, but I haven't won the inside fifty. Can Any game that they've played the she? And I think the lady go to rot when the going gets tough, the turning individually based on that I can become Richmond. And I think I'll just look at that. that. Would line an awful in line Toby grain this week. fired. The heavens. Jeremy Cameron having done anything. Has Been You being he'll be. Ritually crashed the earth. Being. Done a couple ago. That ain't rocky if he's averaging one point two one point three goes game. On and on never prototypes pets. For weekly, news time get one for Richmond Heck. Can you not Richmond just not working hard enough? There was footage during the week showering them when the transition Dan the out of the rain of the ground. They would run the only boy who is doing. The running was lucky field. They just want the downhill skis. You know what they should do. Give footy and go work at the next winter. Olympics. Gold medal after goal medal because. The front runners downhill skis mean the league. Re Richmond Richard of these and. Richmond lose. It says more at Richmond than it will be the joints because it's Johnson hiring. You expect them to do something. August is going to be out. Doing Richmond's too strong. John Who's this week? They've got a wing sick aloft panel something. Based on four that definitely possible for the new that absolutely not right them. What so ever tell you do right Damore friend? It's going to be the set Diagram Setai July twenty fifth. Time if you can say that one I, five PM at the Jabber the hot. The cotton blurs versus north. Now you're talking about now. Change for the sons Carlton have made no change after they stole defeat from the jaws of victory last week against North normal bringing Zohar Anson the Hyphen Luke, Davies unity and Nick Lachey remember. We were talking about the injury that they enter in the Roy. That's full. gooding's for them. They've dropped item Bona's injured. Ziebel's injured molly. Williams are omitted interesting and Mason would. He's as well seuss so. Not Afraid to swing the axe Carlton Nar Change, and with no change I would say that's another victory for the blues, and if they get this one, they seriously going to be pushing towards a falls birth. It's going to be on Foxtel and once again on Kiro, so if you haven't got. pay-tv humour after the saw, an apple fond of energy to get some action because it's not going to be on freeway. North unveil. Their Shell. Themselves Hal I finished the season last year we had a good chat about on. I brought out some of the best. We've had all week and yet we lost viewers by the truckload. Counting. They just playing good footy. He's got humming along Nasi. Rumors Harry MCI? Mark not playing at this particular stage. It was just some Ruma going but. We'll see what happens on the big diamond. Looks of the. From trying Kirti property yet. Monje any detained Any wide. Yes. It's probably going to be a light Chinese, so we'll see what happens so once again. We're actually quite unanimous at the moment, three other members of the three for three three four three particular moment. Roddy Art. Four former employees What. Was your son. No asks former employees. The company we work for. That was there at that was an ad campaign Nar three-fifths? Ninety three. Thousand for struggling unity. Sure. They wouldn't even that crave. And I have the penguins with the with the Lee Pan in the mail. No, but they did have the girl who went shopping can go to right. She was pretty. Harvest! Part Pricey Orange stuff. Blue Stop now, offering free for free, he was another company. Google what I'm doing you google. Google Anopheles more important things to talk about Richie's. Whoever loses this game, the season's over if it's not already three thirty five PM another Fox Fox elegant Fisher. Dynasties wakened three thirty five PM at the Swansea. City, versus the hawks. After last week. You would have thought that. The saw the swans wouldn't have a chance on on the swollen this week with these one. Bell. Louis Tyler Ling same gray read. The Poland style had worn is out colonial-era John. He's out. Hugh injured start injured will highwood injured. You look at hopeful Henderson out Tim. O'Brien I haven't swung. The axe scrimshaw an Kagan. Brooks be have been broadening. I'll just let the talent that they bring an inked Lewis Tyler. Rausing style, we're not highs didn't hasn't Sifi fannies fate Sydney. Just give him some toll. I'm semi grazing Samory. Dean of US first guy for quite long to same read. Urban Bank light at high. Them with the swans I'll just afterward assault mama did the hold on last week longest. That will brandon go, which is hats. This wanting to bay football last week. That would just beaten by on the not. Yet. Watching this guy is a big like watching bloody. The the classic touring cars you know doesn't. Donald owed donegal's. Having a crack the really it's not, it's not. It's not Ferrari they will. These it's I. These one looks like a legend's Gyn. Legends, Guy. It's it's all of us to light. It's like a reunion. Isn't it so reunion, too? You know five years ago as tall as a pet for flags near the belding enough spoons I'm surprised at checkout since. And this can. Be played at light. Probably seasonal maybe season. Two Hundred Roy yelling pleading flakes. You didn't playing that early one. Green around. He's a good player and he gunston. Italy, I'd say. He's a easyjet. He's one of those places that just gets shot for maintained. And he's I east. I goal against those last week from the from the pocket was just. Even married that crew cut. No, he's got that kind gowns. Little Bit log John. Cena Johnson had the crew. He's. Everything. It just doesn't look right he's. Going is relatives. That's a song that you correze towards the. Still. The American hero he's just he's just making movies making movies. He's apponator. Wouldn't say Paul Financial. Can you go and tell him that to? Not Now. GimMe the fall now shuffling. The Attitude Adjustment Oregon in. He's very funny and walkers. I'll have I haven't watched cop lockers. On nowadays on Foxtel. On. Netflix will stain. Oh Prime! It's not on Disney. Definitely GonNa have to have a bit of a water that, but yeah he's. He's a good egg, motivated interaction or already high. WHO's action? You like to watch and I'll tell you what this is another one of those games. I think you might WanNa, Choon into Oregon is the game of the die. It is your mob Jamie. Wallace port. Adelaide, versus the science at the traditional home ground of football, being the Adelaide Oval Haute Adelaide have made some changes and I'll tell you. What if you reckon Jamie was? Happy last week are getting. A Win. Against Carlton You White and he the join. He's voice. When are I? Read this out in bready but Mitch Georgiadis. Raleigh bought a down ladies and gentlemen. Are metered Justin Westhoff. An injured. Sh even knowing what? Security Avoiding Sinclair met Pack Nick, Hind Jack Loney committed judge, battle, injured and Ron. Boone's a mid. Capital of the capital of colts, working perfectly at the moment of just guy with the winks of the AFL at the moment. Net your mom, you just playing good football at the moment. I cannot fault you in what you've been doing. Your form guide is in size new. You've one four last five. The science. Challenge boy that did lose the fremantle the week before. They haven't been super convincing when they've lost. They've lost. Pretty convincingly. Heavily beaten by colored and Fremantle they They lost that one when I should've on that one. AS WELL SO I. Think, you would have learned a lot from your game last week, and you're not going to fall asleep. Lucky deed against the Blues Wigan can see you coming out and making a statement and. Mr Happy Mr Happy head your coach. He won't let that happen either. Tell you what this Saturday struck yourself. Now what's just and you're going to have? Charlie Dixon. Crushing skulls and breaking hot. We just bodywork, and then you're gonNA. Have this kid 'cause mix Georgiadis? Flying for everything could be a wild ride. It could be just hard flying into Mega Betta. Tomi Crawford Cap Porta, light versus signed Qaeda, and the loser will have the toilet block a bit of an in joke between me and Jamie and. I'll tell you what I think. I think you've just got these one, but I'll reckon a coup A. Bed, but I still think that you're GonNa win that one so Seifi rural unanimous uses. This is staggering. Continuing to Sunday because on Sunday? Where I guy one, I fall I the traditional of Sunday against you remember when the Sunday games used to be Sydney, swans taken off at around about twelve. It was better than it was almost as good as having fishing ships for Hang Iva it was watching the CD guy early game. It was magnificent. This one's going to be on Cairo and foxtail allied versus. Essendon. Showed something last week in isn't having been showing anything she. But once again have to go with Laura. Averages Bryce Gibbs is in the squad Elliott. Himalayan Lachlan movie and Rory Atkins No ads at this particular moment. Aaron Francine Dylan Clock James. Stewart Mati gleason Tom. China's Tom Cutler in Andrew Andrew Phillips emitted and the Hookah. Injured! Chart, Hey, do we play these? WHO Be Full at the moment. well to say S and. Interesting that they've decided that Atalay decided to bring back, BRASCO was because. you know he's over there on a long contracts and he's worth a lot of money. And they brought him back for the fifth time in a long time this week. Even check in to first as there as well. Yes, sure there, they. Lost for yeah, they gave up a lot. If you have a look at it and I got absolutely smash last week Essendon by the doggies they got over north by a couple of goals in the grime wasn't good lookin', debate. The Paul is on that. Day. I think it was which was a surprise to everybody. The wake before I get. Bayton, cotton and they win against Sydney boy a goal. They haven't got a great form forlorn. And with WHO can applying, it's going to make it harder for them as well. Take show to beat a full. Gulf for an upset at Adelaide twin first guy with ye against and if that happens. Are More God. You'll be wanting to listen to the next episode of is yet because I will be going nuts, Yup! You'RE GONNA. I was GONNA. Say I'M GONNA S and didn't. Just based on no fom home adulated Oh. Agree. I? Die The die is coming up next as a lot of foxtel games this week. I'm not so sure if you've noticed that this one is a channel seven game. It is west coast at optus diety versus calling would. byerly Williams Ian Edwards Zine Josh Roth Mean Luke Shuey unique raid. Brennan Achy out injured for the Eagles are calling raid. Soya gets a guy for the first homing, Longtime Doc- Cameron Magda Josh, Thomas. Sharon Berg, Cowie and vodka injured to Galley looks like it could be seizing ending. Whisk show to bit last week. A desolate showed something last week. They did bring up one by four goals against the dockers. Going ball that three on the trot. A link to go a big well. You can see what calling a lot one last week. Fifty seven to thirty five. and. Goals came from Galley. So you take that they lose. No Avenue to go, yeah, the Beck launch playing pretty good food, but they know avenue to go, and with that I'm going. The Eagles take these one had josh. Kennedy wasn't good to get some full mouse wait. It was well. It's funny. Isn't that only I? Think was true using three years ago? He would just my everything in that would fifty and keep everything as long as. I JUST As an opposition Against Him I didn't see him. Want other support our than what I did. Have Sci, he's not he. You used to have used to have dialing and they used to have Katie, and it used to be the one to worry about was Katie and dialing would make cameo. Now flipped dialing the guy, he was crunching packs last week. It was mocking virtually. Everything and Kennedy's the one you probably could. Not Put your best defender on anymore. He's still dangerous. Marjorie one bay Oj last week. He won the glendenning middle. Whatever it's called these. What falls now, which is is a bag and get me started on that. Off. Just reading between the lines, a cat, see the full line three in a row. COLLINGWOOD's still be at the moment. I of believe that the. Premie she favorites. The bookies signed calling with that disguises show. Anything. And I'm gone with the wiggles. I'm going with the wiggles tight at home, and then just slightly push climbs for some hosp timber action. They got a seat night at the moment. This potentially is going to pop them up into the top four if I take these. If my controversial pep. Look what Collingwood is using this kind as a bit of a bit of a rotate squad a little bit. Don't think. By the adopted Cameron Jack. Just feel it just trying to bring some of those younger players into a gang. You're gonNA loubier something now. You're not doing the eagles. The Eagles are not not the eagles. I wish to get I. Get that, but. That fantastic footy the thing is. Calling would win on the way CAIN. It's GonNa. Push him unless Brisbane. Lose pushing into outright sick and if they lose this game. And Secure gold. Coast Win and win, it could. Go too much preceding. It'll push the. Bad Guy. Saif say they win. These virtually locked into that talk for at least for the next couple awake, so they can sort of playing with the next four guys being released available on the Lice facebook page because I tell you what you footy lights out. If, they dropped this one potentially. Potentially could drop Dander Edsall the once again. You don't WanNa be. You WanNa be. Locking, your spotty early, and not having to royal on other teams losing for you to make your spot, so I wouldn't be with policies early. Okay All right. She wanted to have thoughts. Let's talk about this one. The days versus the Brisbane lines at Melbourne's traditional Queensland Harvard Metric owns died him. This one is another guy that's on foxtel and tire. Big changes of being swung for the Aaron Vandenboucke. Unfortunately, he's effort. Capital wakes fractured cheek by in the game in the first quarter plays dot set. We're Kinda. MEC- Mesa's grants. I Love Tomlinson, Neil, Bulletin Joel Smith Knife and Jones and Tom McDonald August nine. Brisbane Loins within Archie Smith CON ABANDON HEERDEN. Coleman and race medicine being named. Big Out for them is going to be Steph Martin that virtually means that Mexico has got the soul to himself, WHOA! Did you see. Did you see the First Class Service? He was giving against big boy. Josten magic. God's the potential is going to happen again so for Melbourne to get over the line. That's a sort of stuff that the need to do. The midfield need to be working as high as I have protracted needs to keep up. He stays up all the like I'm just going to throw something. Yeah, he. Anybody at the WHO is said that Christian Patriarch has gone. PAS DUSTY You are a complete idiot, because that is not what the conversation is about what is being said if you listen to the whole conversation, is that poor track his playing better football than dusty. These she he's got a five five far greater. Run to get to where dusty is being simple Zenica and you're saying that the truck is better than dusty Onsang th on the performances so far this year track has been more influential for Melbourne and more consistent than dusty has yes crossed correze across correze. Dusty the length of the Flemington Straighten Front duckie couldn't play them. A said he could never said that. Oregon enough fifty flies and fly him out into midfield. The moment if you WanNa compare the pay. Like, the Super Red for tracker is playing Beta football at the moment. Dusty is that's all I'm sign saying he's a better player. Overall I just want to sit that straight. That saying. I with Brisbane. If not more time I love what I say are just hope that they bring what they did last week this week and it could be a very very good game. There's just too many winners across the park the moment. For the lines. and. Just what I'm generally caught it about. Your food. You've got Holly Banal as a full would pocket. And at the other end Charlie Cameron. It's pretty cool. To throw a couple, others in there as well show throw one aimed. You've got the weighed. A weight carfully Luke Luke, Jackson. And at the other end you've got. He put a mixed i. It's just it's just gorgeous. Instead of in the middle, you have Zorko Neil and maclagan. Verses Brazier versus pretrial Oliver Varney. Is GonNa be a lot of? Causey? Pick in one corner versus. All the dude from Calton a color guard from Geelong just flying everywhere at the moment Taika Mac. It's just. It's. Doc of each Daniels. Back and then you've got off the. You've got silom coming off one and he is actually got some forms well. It's GonNa be a one team's GONNA. Blow a one team is gonNA. Blow the other team off the POC. Yup or it's gotTa be close. That's the way I don't think GonNa be two or three. This is not going to be a two or three gala. It's GonNa. Be a look close up. One to two at the most, or it's going to be five, possibly due to the other team, a can't say being that made range. Do you know what I'm genuinely concerned with YEP? You guys being Tom McDonald being. And you just lose your full woods like? 'cause he pick. It basically gets The left out of the guy. So this is what I'm saying. Don't bring me. On care about nine thousand reputations anymore. He hasn't done anything for two years. Don't bring you mean we saw hell vibrant and exciting night last week these when I didn't have McDonnell Danny. If you gotTA blame blame on a wing. or You bring one of the other ones in the one that I could probably see them bringing mopey. Neo bullen to do a job on somebody. Yeah all they WANNA. Have Tomlinson on a wing. He's full Muslim fantastic either. Maybe they'd bring. Maybe they bring the old bull jars, and just say I. Want you to just to smash and crush bodies Wouldn't bring. All would not bring toll McDonalds at all. Would you put you put someone like a Malcolm into the middle and move heading onto the half with them become a penalty. Now I actually got one, Tom McDonald anywhere near on at the moment, because you saw what happened even the wait before when we played goal Carson, he was out for the game as soon as he left, the goal was open. He will. He wasn't just kicking a Tom kick it to Tom. A tank. which was something choice? Throw him on the throw him under the wing. You MOGOLLON, the wing! Let him run around as a few phone Bulaq. Even having Thrown, at centre half back. If you want to, and have then you can have Oscar McDonald's tiding auditor, but would not live near afford one. East too much liability at the moment. He's almost nine lane. Yeah. It's. Just GonNa be a wing. He couldn't find the way I. Mean just because this guy and he couldn't just. He's not he's not a big tank with author of Egypt needs just needs to Ronald I. Crash Packs saw me down back night. Where he started these Korea, what a throw him back. And Putnam. What was your neck with Beckman? Oh, no I was one of them all right. So you're gonNA have the lines. The lines as well to. Get across hello comet or the Final Guy Monday, July twenty seven, twenty, twenty I ten PM. I Walk my Monday night games. It just breaks up no more masses on and no more big brother and. Masters shifts finished and. The only thing that people have to do is watch. Family wants a wall of. What a series of master ship it was that she. Absolutely stunning. I'm. I'm glad Lauren what the other one. Okay I I'm. Emily learning. Media Wow well then. I'm glad Amelie we need learn. It goods Asian. You know what's going to get back. The hosts that was what was good about it. You hosts just. Fresh. These power called podcast for awhile. Maybe we should get new host. Squads on at. Fremantle vs Geelong. On and I. have to go the cats. Off the other cats but united. Really cases that far away already, so we have virtually across the board, exactly the same. Question My. Question Artist Freshmen have noticed you've had the. We've had the I call it the fix sure. would. On. Wings is week either Yup into Wednesday. Are, you can food Tuesday and Wednesday night things. Often I. It's hard to say yes, or now at this particular time for the simple fact, we just don't know what's going to happen. We just don't now. What's GonNa Happen in terms of? What's it? GonNa? Look just trying to put the Guy Dean. It's as simple as that. I'm disappointed disappointed. With being in the hub, and now we got him to do more Internet travel and play like fifteen full games in fifteen day goes something ridiculous. Traveling Look at some of those guys and longest the fixture Iran's Nov twelve has been released on the facebook page of Lisette because that's just food. 'cause we love Ellison's. Sometimes at traveling full full wakes mourns one of them. Holly travel at all and a how they worked out. and. But it's the season locker, said if you win the flag these seasons probably. The. It's not going to have an asterix next to it. All you think everything that's going on right, and this is an example on neither side a lot. and. I only agree with that. They always say that you know the premiership medallions. You got every Playa who played at least a game or whatever? And on agree with that. I think he played on grain. Foreign all die that Sushi. With the right, the Games are being pumped out at the moment. If you plan you be three or four days, you can't maintain that. This might be the you're the guy know if you've played one game for the club. Dating, something guy that. Why because it's just such. A. Obscured Ski Obscurity Than It's normally being. Yep Well. I'm going to have much. I'm filthy. Yeah, because you and I know you an eye montaigne and your chain Yup. We play each other on anniversary of one hundred fifty. I'm sure about that. Are you sure? OSITIVE! You want to check the beanies. I'm filthy for the Al Game At one Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary game. He's going to be played in the. Territory. You know what kind of. A love you played in the Port Adelaide jump let's. Should make a traditional. Have the Road Jumba with the wrong the wrong. Have Roy. Proper Jumba? Love, or would love to see. The top's coming in. Just just to remus dislike the ATM sign. I'm just saying I missed a sense of occasion, but. One. Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary game. Of on crowd in. The sense of. We talk about the the white another. This is not a traditional podcast, but Yet. All Day today. The radio was going along the lines of sixteen main sawed for forty. Dining! When we talk about, we're GONNA go into these a hell of a lot more on, Tuesday, not a guarantee. Because, that is just A. And I'm I'm just are revived. The whoever thinks of these things has gotten no audie. And like someone say there's probably a lot of little things that need to be tweaked before this thing gets feast. Already so let's talk about that. Choose I know, but just leave the guy. Alone Can something be sacred Knicks to change the shape of the Bowl Najah on the side of the ball because it's easier to mark I'm just going to give a fair warning to listeners on cheers. Pepsi is GonNa Fall into the athletes athletes. Traffic and you know it's going to end up. Not Now I'm GonNa say he's that. There's a constitution. Fell football official rules of the guy that tumbles came up with. In the eighth century and one of those was eighteen minutes side. If you break it. You're breaking the constitution. You're breaking the history. It's the mob. It's everything. Right. I'M GONNA go into a mole on shoes. Dine off because I didn't really feel the about these. Rambling yelling filthy, but I'm not feel about speaking year. Through the tips of these wake Merola on board with virtually everything is just a capitalist lawyer Games the Adelaide game. In a couple of the going to it because you've already heard but high churning, thank you for tuning in today's. Thank you for tuning in tomorrow. When evie of her, these more importantly have a great weekend. Hope your team wins. Heady love you tapes, Jamie! Lack and Like math. Allah is tipped out with Lisette. Chips every week. Dude, a little, have a great week and hopefully you'll tell him wins. Seasons.

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