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Good morning broker to bear. This is shannon full here with the israel. Daily news podcast. I'm here give you the headlines so you can get caught up quickly. You're listening so you're already on top of your game. Survive and thrive people knowledge. Is the best weapon. Today is thursday march eleven twenty twenty one which means we have a special report at the end of the show and its musical now. Let's get to the news prime minister. Benjamin netanyahu is his scheduled trip to the united arab emirates for a fourth time for multiple reasons. It was reported late last night. That netanyahu's wife. Sarah was hospitalized with appendicitis. If that wasn't enough jordan refused to clear. The israeli delegations flight path over their kingdom. This is most probably in retaliation for the jordanian crown. Prince's cancelled trip to the temple. Mount on wednesday which was called off due to a dispute with israel over entry permits for his large security detail. Netanyahu's trip to the u. A e has been planned for several months but was postponed most recently in february. Netanyahu is seen as eager to make the trip before the march twenty third elections. The voyage was expected to be a celebration of israel's normalization deals with its arab neighbors which was coordinated by netanyahu as well as a chance for him to boast his diplomatic credentials. There's an update on yesterday's story of the hamas elections in gaza yasur. Gaza governor has been reelected by. Hamas's shoora council. After three rounds of voting ended in a stalemate similar narrow lead challenger iwa dula attaining just over fifty percents of the council's vote hamas elections are kept within the political branch and are largely a secret from the public sin warr the longtime hamas charity chief spent decades in israeli prison before his release as part of gilad shalit twenty eleven prisoner swap gilad. Shalit was an idea soldier. Sin juarez sets serve another four year term ending in twenty twenty-five the israel defense forces declares their troops have reached herd immunity as eighty one percent of the military is either already vaccinated had contracted the virus in the past or both the idea is now the world's first army to achieve this lofty goal chief medical officer general dr alone. Glassberg says herd immunity would allow the military to return to more normal operations though troops would still be required to wear masks social distance and follow other coronavirus related restrictions as outlined by the government policy. Because are so spread out. The idea found the inoculation campaign to be a logistical challenge more than a medical one but nevertheless they made it happen and achieved a great feat. Israel daily news podcasters. We are continuing our fundraising drive and are looking for one hundred paid subscribers by passover. 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Well one you can leave us a review on apple podcast to you can share the show with a friend and three you can follow us on social media at israel daily dot news as well as shannon that's h. a. n. a. f. u. l. d. i am your host. It's being reported that items belonging to the legendary israeli spy. Elie cohen have been returned to israel from syria via the russian government. Cohen was an operative in syria for a long while where he built an entire second life only to be discovered and publicly murdered in nineteen sixty five. If you have not watched the six part netflix's series called the spy. I highly recommended. It's about his life. We even interviewed one of the actors named yet l. A ton right here on the israel. Daily news podcast. She played a role in this mini series. Now back to the news here in an interview with twenty four news prime minister netanyahu confirmed reports. That russia is cooperating. With israel in searching for cohen's body which was never returned however he refused to comment on whether some of collins items have been returned to israel or not i twenty four quoted an unnamed syrian government source who is seeing the item or items that were handed over to israel could be documents or pieces of cohen's clothing russia's actively searching for cohen's body which is believed to be in a refugee camp in damascus. Russia has backed the syrian regime throughout its civil war and has a significant military presence in the country. The syrian source went on to say that syria and russia are at odds over what to demand from israel in terms of information on cohen's remains so what they should get for it. Elie cohen's widow. Nadia raised doubts about the return of her late husband's remains in an interview but is still hopeful. Cohen will forever be known for his infiltration into serious political leadership in the years leading up to the six day. War of nineteen sixty seven. He played an enormous role in israel's success there. I don't want to spoil the series for you so if you haven't already watched it do so populations of birds in israel are facing serious decline in recent times hunting. Climate change and destruction of natural habitats are all factors. Israel is an important region for yearly migration where species from africa europe and asia. All come through the holy land to get to their next destination now. Bird migration into israel is thinning out across the country and across various species. Ornithologists are worried because birds are essential to ecosystems and serve as a natural indicator for the health of the environment of a region altogether researchers hope to accrue more data on this concerning trend to see photos of the specific birds that we are talking about head to our social media page israel daily news and we will highlight the ones there that are in danger. So that's on instagram or facebook. Popstar neta bars. Eli has been selected to be a judge for israel's fourth season of the x factor which is a music competition created by simon cowl. Neta is most famous for winning the twenty eighteen eurovision competition with her song toy. I actually covered it for the jerusalem. Post back in two thousand eighteen. She'll be judging alongside legendary judge. Simon cowell who has never judged on an x factor show outside of the united states or the united kingdom. How cool is that. he's coming to. Israel are feature reporter. Benny forest ad said something smart. Which is that kabul. Probably sees israel as the first country around the globe that will be able to host. The competition live and in person. The show is set to return to television sometime during twenty twenty one and now for our special report. Reo lonnie an israeli piano. Prodigy began learning to play the keys at age. Four just three years later at the age of seven lonnie made his orchestral debut. Today at the age of twenty three lonnie has graduated from the jerusalem account of music and has already put together quite the resume from performing solos in the israel symphony orchestra to winning the grand pricks and a motto in paris. Lonnie has a stack of achievements in the music world despite covid nineteen lonnie and sixty two other. Pianists are invited to participate in the leeds. International piano competition in england. Now what is the leeds piano competition. Let's get the scoop from israel. Daily news reporter kobe cabanera the leads competition takes place every three years and invite sixty three distinguish pianists from all over the world. These talented musicians flocked the city of leeds in england. For the opportunity of life changing exposure emprise packages i had the chance to speak with lonnie about representing the holy land on the international stage. It means a lot to be able to represent israel in this competition. since A number of my friends and other pianists whom i looked up to as a teenager from israel did the lead condition and to be in the same place that They were in previous editions. Means that we went on to ask arielle about what advice he would give aspiring musicians back in. Israel always remember that music is a lot more than whatever instrument playing so make sure to discover music in a holistic manner and And look past the prism of the repertoire. That you're practicing on whatever instrument you play because because it's a lot more than that we were able to ask adam gatehouse the artistic director of the leads competition about what separates leads from other competitions. I think what distinguishes the leads apart from the fact that we really look after all our competitors in a very special way is the world-beating price package which includes wealth management with eskenazi halt and recordings with warner classics as well as a whole series of international concerts. That and we focus on the core classical repertoire. Bach mozart schubert. Beethoven brahms shop. Adam went on to talk about how leads had to adapt due to covid nineteen. We have increased the number of locations of our international first round from free to sixteen including london. Berlin vienna paris moscow milan beijing tokyo and new york while the first round of the competition will take place virtually due to covid. The plan is to host the final round person in the city of leeds. Arielle just could be the first israeli to take home the trophy. Wow the opportunity to be the first israeli ever to take home the trophy while we are rooting for you lonnie. I have to tell you something. I checked out mr lonnie and found that. He has three point five thousand subscribers on youtube. If you heard some piano at the beginning of the show yes that is him but before we go. Here's a clip of him playing the violin at the age of seven. All right well. That's it for today's episode. Today is thursday march eleventh twenty twenty. One tel aviv has a low of fourteen degrees celsius and a high of twenty degrees. That's fifty eight degrees fahrenheit for the low going up to sixty eight degrees for the high. It's supposed to rain in tel aviv. Late tonight subscribe to the israel. Daily news podcasts. Spotify or podcast or wherever. You're hearing it from. I am everywhere. Dover get a sign up to our israel weekly news rap it's a newsletter with top five stories coming out of israel from throughout the week. You'll also get the cliff notes version of our original stories investigations and interviews. You can sign up by using the link in the show notes. Thank you two miles gilbert. Benny forced ad and kobe cap. Ner for your contribution to the research and writing of today's news. Here's hayden sonata in c minor played by israel's arielle lonnie. He recorded this piece at the royal academy of music in london it was written in seventeen seventy one a few years after the monumental stabat mater which is a christian him. This sonata is also said to have had a profound influence on. Mozart's c minor keyboard sonata. And on beethoven's pathetic so nata also in that same key that's all according to the description online video which we have the link for in the show notes great and productive day and an excellent weekend. Chabad shalom everyone

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