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Senior Life Journeys Presents Carol Howls. Let's talk dementia. A podcast designed to help caregivers find knowledge power hope and smiles in their dementia caregiving journey. Welcome to let's talk dementia. Here is your host bestselling author Carol. Caregivers this is Carol. Let's talk dementia. Well today I met the sewing machine. I got to thinking about dementia in something. That's been a an important part of my world because my mama made everything us. Three girls war all our clothes. I mean all our clothes. She made she even made my dad's leisure suits. Do you guys remember leisure suits from the nineteen seventies where she made him with that double stitching on the outside? She made our joy reason covered our furniture. And well. I got a little bit of that talent but boy nothing like what she could do. But today I am covering Or recovering some pillaged from my law. That just got. They didn't look so that in it made me think about all the times I would sit and watch moms sub and she would teach me how to so so a little bit going beard. You're listening to this year. That noise in the background. That's the sewing machines which are not static on telephone in. Mamma taught me how the so and I'm glad I think about her lot now is I'm working on this but there came a point. My Mama's journey of dementia that sewing frustrated her and so I would be there to help her on the frustration that she would experience and she could keep going in. We would accomplish projects the last project moment I ever made together was we made twenty eight poodle. Skirts for one of the choirs that I worked with I conducted choirs for those with dimension. We were doing a sock hop in all those ladies. Well they need a poodle skirts. And Mama helped me and I say helped. Kind of loosely. Because he kinda was more in the room than anything in this kind of point. Mama got to the point. She couldn't read the machine she could not remember the processes for threading sewing machine. She could not remember how to make the bobbin thread. Come up on top on on platform here to begin sewing. Mama couldn't do that anymore. She couldn't remember how to turn a pattern to make it fit on the fabric but if I decided to do a sewing project and acted as if Mama steel could do it and got her Bob to whatever level she could do so much enjoyed it and just hung out together and instead of me going. Mama's moved also at myself. I'll go no mom. I want you to stand over. May and watch me while I do this so I can learn when folks knew how to do what I was doing. Okay I I really didn't have to have mama there. But it sure was more fun having her there and then giving her the sense of having accomplished helping with the project. That was pretty big for Momma then. Every time we looked at the poodle skirts. Aca Go mom of you and I made those together. We did a good job did and we did to a good job. I really did get very sick of sewing on poodles. I'm GonNa tell you that with the Courting you know for the caller that came up to the waistband. Thought we'd never get all those silly skirts done. But it was a fun time with our loved ones with dementia. We know that they start. Losing INTEREST. In hobbies we see that early on in their dementia. Journey is sometimes even before they're ever diagnosed. One of the symptoms is mom's not participating E. N. filling the blind. Maybe it's playing cards with their friends. may be it sewing like with Mama. Maybe it's cooking. I don't know what was her hobby. What was the thing? She likes most ADO in. If you notice a change in that that they're clicking away from it it might be time to stop and go. Why are they pulling away from it in? Is it dementia meaning that they cannot process the thaw to make that activity happened any longer? And that's what happened with Mama but she would get excited about assisting me in different things and you know it was quite amazing every once in a while in that process of making all those listed poodle skirts mama would come up with something that would really help. And I'd be like certainly wasn't expecting that for Momma but theory was and she was able to help it was so meaningful for her and for me too but break your people into that experience if they liked to cook bring them into the kitchen and allow them to do the things they can do. I remember the last time was in the kitchen with me was in her group home which is just a home where six people lived. It was wonderful and so it had a kitchen just a house in a neighborhood of course education and I cooked on. Sundays is just something I've done for years and cooked for everybody else Sunday so I asked the staff. Can I cook on Sunday so I yeah so mama would get in there and she would help me I remember one time we were having Kiwok patties and I buy them already made their quite good from all of you have not had them. I recommend you do. Mama could not handle that whole process. Moma here is the baking pan. Here's the bots. Will you open the boxes up for me? As we were cooking for six people took several boxes and she was able to open the box or the boxes and took a little effort for Momma. She wasn't super quick at it but it got her ball inside. She opened the boxes in the signal. Here the scissors because it was still okay from scissors. Cut The plastic that holds these keen walkers out could cut it away and get the burgers out and she did now Mama. Could you put the Burgers on the baking sheet? And she did some was involved. Now I will tell you mom very much did not mind at all. Having Somebody Cook for her so she wasn't really thrilled about helping to cook so after she got that done. She's like I'll go sit in my chair. You can finish this project like Okay Mama. Whatever makes you happy and she did. She did not help any more. But get your folks involved whatever degree they can help in. Change your definition of help if you want to have something to allow them to empty the dishwasher. Get the knives out ahead of time. So nobody's GonNa get hurt and then don't get freaked out when the plates are where the Cup should be in the cups or where the dish the casserole dishes should be. Just let her go in and straighten it out because what you did was you. Allow them to participate in life to the -bility they were capable of. Doing you celebrate it and you went on with it because I got used for you. You don't do things right every down anyway. So don't expect them to go incorrect. Which you think needs to be corrected when they're not looking while they're taking a nap. Go in and fix whatever you think just has to be fixed. And if it doesn't have to be fixed just let alone this my thought for today. Now I got three pillars to make in their coming out. What pretty I will show you the Fabric here may get this that you can take a look. I've got one finished but have already could it on the late night and this is pretty fabric for one side in the NBA. Coordinating Fabric. Come back and I'm just excited about him. I'm here quarantine because this is the project I can do. You guys have a Great Day. Safe DAY BE HEALTHY. See on the next episode of. Let's talk. Dementia let's talk. Dementia would like to thank our sponsors National Association of Veterans and families. You can reach them at eight hundred three five to to nine one nine on the Internet at www dot in VF f. dot org. They speak veteran. So you don't have to and you tell them Carol. Saint you when you call to inquire about benefits for the veteran the spouse of the better or both editor bed you can find Miss Beth crosby at editor Beth Dot Com. She is amazing. Looking at what you've written in making sure represents you will find her at. Www dot editor. Beth DOT COM and HD imports located on Flint Street extension in Rock Hill South Carolina. That's your county eight. Oh three nine eight five zero nine eight five. They are there for the hunt the repair and maintenance of your Honda Hyundai Toyota Kia. Tell Them Carol CINCI. Thanks for joining US. Today for Carol. Howls let's talk dementia to learn more about dementia we recommend Carols bestselling book also titled. Let's talk dementia. It's available on Amazon. Paperback and kindle versions be sure to like let's Talk Dementia Book and leave us a kind word of review on itunes remember knowledge brings power power brings hope hope bring smiles and we all need more smiles. Thanks for joining us today. And we'll be right here when you come back to. Let's talk dementia.

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