Equine Forum - December 22nd 2020


From the rail to your radio this is the horse. Racing radio network thanked him on the second chance years. That's one tacky. Derby got meet in the final furlong out. The sixteenth bowl got mean john velazquez rolling on home to win the breeders cup. Filly bear sprints all gonna mean welcome to the equine forum ever outside the to putting on a show. The derby swinestein their often photo-finish whitmore striding forward for the lead pinned a final pumped up breeders. Sprints what a day in the career best seven year old whip or a-rod ortiz junior pep one breeder's cup sprint. Now here's mike peta hello again. Everyone good morning and welcome to the show. That launched eight network the equine forum. Right here on the horse. Racing radio network mike pence at the back stretch with you wishing you a very merry christmas passing along best wishes for a safe healthy and happy new year. You're listening to this morning. Show throughout north america on sirius to nineteen xm channel to a one on our affiliates in lexington louisville and across the country or digitally with our live streaming or podcasts of the show on our hr and website at horse racing radio dot net. Well i wanted to do something special with this show today. A little bit different. It's been a difficult year for a lotta people in every saturday morning. I make it my goal to provide a bit of an escape if you will for these two hours. I want to be sure that. I take you on a journey that allows you to focus on nothing but the great sport of thoroughbred racing. And i think today show will do exactly that for the next two hours. We're going to look back on the best interviews and conversations which took place on this equine form show over the past twelve months. But i'd be remiss if i didn't wish everyone a very happy opening day at the great race place. Santa anita in arcadia california five graded stakes are scheduled for today's opener. Including a trio of great ones. The la brea. The american oaks and the malibu. The race card has a first post of eleven. Am pacific two o'clock eastern so. Make sure you're locked into those races later today. They are some good ones too. I spent a lot of time walking back through every show from this past year. And i picked out five interviews. Which i considered to be among the best conversations in two thousand twenty. Let me tell you this was an excruciatingly difficult thing to do. My initial list actually consisted of fifteen interviews. But we need a much longer show to bring you all of them so today. You'll hear from hall of fame jockey. Chris mccarron arthur hancock from stone. Farm trainer charlie the prestige owner george bolton and celebrity chef and thoroughbred owner. Bobby flay plus a special industry star of the week which aired earlier this year. The other interviews. Which didn't make the cut. Only because of time constraints are all up on our website. And you can head back over and take a listen to them at your leisure. All you have to do is type in the names of these individuals into the search box to pull up the show or the individual or the individual interviews. Joe nevels from pollock report had piece called biting the dust the long goodbye to mount pleasant meadows. He wanted to clips award for it and he joined me in january and that was one of the interviews. I considered putting into this program but again in the interest of time. Couldn't do it at bowen. Join me on the show. A couple of times last year to look back on legendary horses and legendary people. In our sport allan sherman another one. That could have easily been in here. He along with his dad. Art train california chrome. He spent time talking about the big horse earlier. This year. older lee searing. That was a fun interview. He joined me for that interview when honor. Ap was making his way toward the kentucky. Derby and then five time major league. Baseball all-star victor martinez was fantastic talking about king guillermo and telling me the story of how he became interested in racing comparing. I'll never forget this. He compared the thrill of winning a race to the feeling of hitting a home. Run in a key situation in the leagues but again time-wise we can't fit it in today. Us senator andy barr spent time talking about the horse racing integrity and safety act on september twenty sixth that has now passed through the legislative process. As you're listening to this show here this morning. One interview which actually generated tremendous response. Was my one on one or onto interviews. If you will with announcers kurt. Becker larry comas looking back on calling. American pharaohs win in the two thousand fifteen breeders cup classic train around mlk wet after whitmore won the breeders. Cup sprint was a lot of fun. That was what his fourth attempt at winning the sprint. And in the veteran. Does it at billy badge talking about how gulfstream and racing and florida survived. The pandemic was an interesting interview. Two billion team deserve a lot of credit for everything that they have done in south florida early in the year when this first hit and then throughout the rest of the year all of those interviews could have easily been part of this best of show today but again you can listen to any of them anytime you would like on our website horse racing. Radio dot net so chris mccarron. We'll kick it off. That's a really really neat interview. Walking back through some of his top moments in some of the biggest races that they have in southern california. That interview comes up after our first commercial break. Arthur hancock from stone farm reflecting on sunday silence george bolton charleena's prestige bobby flay all in the second half of the show and again in between all of that. Our industry star of the week presented by stuart morris. It's a best of twenty twenty show here on the equipment forum this morning. We're back with more on. Hr airdrie studs. Cairo prince leading third crop sire by number of stakes winners stakes horses graded stakes winners and graded stakes horses. He's also a top five general sire by the number of winners so far in twenty twenty and his current crop of yearlings is his first conceived a twenty five thousand dollars stud fee yearlings from cairo. Prince's fourth prop sold for up to four hundred thousand dollars this year underlining. His incredible commercial appeal at fifteen thousand dollars stands and nurses for twenty twenty one cairo. Prince's value in the extreme standing at airdrie. Stud think about it pie. This is joe. Nicholson during these difficult times. The team at nicholson insurance agency says best wishes to all for good health. We can all look forward to better times ahead when this pandemic is behind us. But in the meantime we need to stay safe although the staff and nicholson insurance is working from home. Phone calls into the office or forwarded so that service remains intact customer service professionals. Continue to be ready willing and able to help you with your insurance needs whether it be equine farm hall auto business or life. Several of nicholson insurance agencies. Companies are returning portions of auto premiums because of reduced travel during the isolation period. Which i think is the right thing to do. Please call eight five nine. Two two four seven zero eight zero. Nicholson insurance agency. Thank you the national. Hp is continuously working to protect the health and welfare of horses by advocating and finding research to help reduce equine injuries. Lobbying for a national testing lab to oversee and establish absolute uniform laboratory protocols advocating for every track to undergo an annual independent surface assessment passionately supporting off the track thoroughbred retirement facilities and adoption groups. And so much more see additional. Hp pa initiatives at national hp dot com racing fans. Don't miss opening day this saturday. December twenty six the day after christmas spectacular santa anita although there is still no public. Admittance you can watch every santa anita race free of charge at santa anita dot com slash live. And you can watch and wager at. I bet that's i dot com slash bet. Santa anita will present a total of six on opening gay highlighted by the great one. Run happy malibu. And two other great ones the la brea at seven furlongs and for the first time ever on opening day. The american oak said milem quarter on tur- tune in early on opening day. Special i post time for tremendous eleven race card is at eleven. Am and don't miss track announcer. Frank merrill mahdi and tom quigley as they handicapped. The opening day races beginning at nine fifty. Am i post on sunday. December twenty seventh is at eleven thirty. Am for additional information. Please visit santa. Anita dot com. Hi this is penelope miller. And you're listening to horse racing radio network white. Come on the outside to take the food. And i water rights this as just what. The wanted up chris mccann about that. The nineteen eighty eight big cap to say that eat handicap. Going to ellie sheba under hall of fame jockey. Chris mccarron who join me on the march seventh edition of the equine forum. That was big cap day at santa anita this year. Also san felipe a day with the grey to san felipe. Being contested by top kentucky derby hopefuls. Chris's currently seven all time among jockeys in terms of number of career. Wins seven thousand one hundred forty one winning rise for chris. Mccarron including three victories in the santa anita handicap and a record. Seven in the san felipe bay. Well chris stopped by the studio to look back on those memorable wins and he started by remembering the horse. You just heard in that race call coming out of the commercial break fellow hall of famer. Alysheba chris that little trip down memory first of all. Thank you for coming in here today. But that little trip down memory lane for you i just had to play that i mean that race alysheba so gutsy just all heart. Oh he sure was. He was really on his game at that point in his career and he he just Early in his career he would play around and and scoop around on the track. You know and not not win by very much. He'd always just get there and you think he's all out but he always had something left in the tank and he was. He could not have been better than he was. On the day of the cap. I watched that replay. A couple of times and ferdinand was kind of right off your flank to your outside turning for home. Do when you think back on that moment. Did you know he was right there. And that you were in for a little bit of a fight through the lane. I knew he was on my hip at the five eighth pole. Yeah really yeah. We turned down. The backside and i was laying. I was laying. Third and shoe was laying forth on on ferdinand towards the outside. And if you get a chance to watch replay you'll see shoes asking ferdinand to go ahead and go. After alysheba early. He started asking him around the five and a half down the backstretch and as we went along He he just kept pressure on us and and shoot tried to turn it into a match race which he pretty much did and good taste. also he didn't give up. He came back on again towards the end a little bit. It was funny though. Ferdinand doesn't like to win by didn't like to win. By very far and neither did alysheba so there was like okay which one wants to wants to win. The most and i think on the day probably had the more heart. It's a special day at santa needed today again. Big cap day. Were remembering the big cap with hall of fame jockey. Chris mccarron here in studio. You also have the san felipe. chris's won that race more than any jockey in history seven times. We'll talk to him about that here in a minute but your other big wins. You go from. Allie she but you come back with free house in nineteen ninety and then tis now in two thousand one. Would you remember those days. Oh free house ran a very very game race well he. He didn't win by very far. He only won by about a neck. I think Tis now he won fairly comfortably and what. How blessed was i to be able to ride. Horses specialists that race. The the big cap. I mean you participate in it. You want it. Wha what's it mean to racing in california it. That race was huge in my mind. ever since. the first time i wrote in the race was nineteen seventy eight. I moved my attack from maryland to southern california in march of nineteen seventy eight. I was actually march twenty. And the reason i know that day. It's my birthday. Happy birthday to make happy. Happy early. birthday but Yeah we vigers one that day and It was daraghmeh cards six winner on the card. He was leading rider at the time and vigers came from way way back he was twenty lays out of it with three eighths of a mile left to go and to watch that white tornado. Come flying down in the middle of the racetrack. Dave johnson called in here comes the white tornado fighters on the outside and it was so exciting so ever since that day. That racist meant a lot to me. When you're even though. I didn't win it that year. I it it was so there was so much hype about it. Yes it was so hyped up. And everything and i went from smaller tracks in maryland to the big time and so that that race holds a special place in my heart when you're on a horse in that horse levels out and he's giving you everything he has. What's that put into words for people that have never done that before. What's that feeling like. Exhilaration exhilaration comes from acceleration. If you will see. I'm a poet now right off but when when you going along in a big race like that everything's on the line. Sometimes horse of the year is on the line this so much competition in those grade ones like that. They're all good horses. That run in the races. All good trainers owners jocks. so it's always very prestigious to be able to participate in racist like that and The big cap is certainly way up on my list of races that i always desired to win and now i'm proud to say that i got three of them so you got three of those. You got seven san felipe bay victories. And when i called you yesterday to ask you to join me here on the program. I said okay. I'm going to give you a little trivia. Your first one was in one thousand. Nine hundred eighty two was the name of the horse and it took you all about ten seconds to come up with the name of the horse. You've got the owner. I that's right. I remember writing and mr hooper's colors the blue blue colours with red sleeves in a white circle. H on the back for fred hooper. He was one of the best owners in the country. Best breeders for many many years and back in the early eighties. He had a group of three year olds in his barn. That were really nice. Horses in advance man was the one who won the cilipi that day. He also had a horse called journey around that time. And he was in my. I'd say in my top five horses. I ever i've ever ridden so that was that was that was fun times back then but i'm ashamed to say a little embarrassed. Say i need a hint to tell me the so. I can tell you the last one i one on in the most recent the recent one thousand nine hundred eighty eight but ninety eight nine hundred ninety eight. Let's see i'll give you the did it give the owner paraneck stable our tax. There you go. Yeah i wrote him in the kentucky derby as well yep for randy bradshaw. It's interesting because the the horse that won the san felipe the year before free house. We talked about you writing free house to win the big cap. You didn't write them in the san felipe of the year. Before that was david flora's david floors wrote him and kennesaw a road them in the triple crown races. David rotem early on at santa anita as a three year old. I think eddie murphy even ridden him once or twice to yeah but He was a quirky horse. He was a horse. That didn't like to be hit and you had to be careful. He would run from the stick but not every time that you hit him. Would he run from the stick. You might tap him in here. Go ahead and move forward you feel the acceleration. And then if he felt an undue amount of pressure on him he kinda pinhas ears and sulk a little bit but He was a very talented racehorse though. After your first win with advancement in nineteen eighty two. You come back and you take the san felipe again. The following year with a horse by name of desert wind and he was a pretty good source. He sure was yeah. He won the hollywood gold cup as a four year old. Unfortunately i i wasn't on his back that daddy delahoussaye rode him in that race. But i was i wrote them in the sand philippi. I wrote him a kentucky. Derby wrote a practice. He was second there. And if i remember correctly. I think he finished third or fourth in the belmont but sometimes my brain works really clear in other times. It's a little fuzzy. We remember the winds easier than you remember the seconds though don't you this is true. How about Let me see. Who's your third one. Nine thousand nine hundred eighty six variety road. All i have for bruce handling headley. Yeah and shell cavalli the guy who owned Golden gate fields for a long time. Ver- variety road. He was a very nice horse and As a four year old on maybe what what. You're just saying. That was eight eighty six. Yeah okay. yeah on october. Fifteenth of ninety-six. I was on variety road in an allowance. Race at santa anita and i was the fourth rider to fall of a five horse. Spill and laffite was the fifth rider to fall and he came hurling hurtling through the air as i was rolling on the ground and he landed on my left leg and broken in four places. And i d. I missed the breeders cup that year. But i had a great opportunity Nbc hired me to do the color commentary with dick enberg all the races on breeders cup day. That was two weeks after. I get hurt so that was a great opportunity now. How great was that to work with. Dick enver unbelievable. What a perfectionist. I wouldn't be able to do something like that. He was awesome to be able to rub elbows with him. During the telecast was something. I'll never forget. Is it hard for a jockey. Sit there on sidelines and you want so bad as coal. Even though you're doing something like that with you don't even have to ask questions. Yeah it hurts. Yeah you get very jealous and you get you know i know. Jealousy is not a very good quality to have. But you certainly regret any kind of time that you have to take off when the big races are on the line obviously much prefer to be out there. But i had. I had a good second option for a job. The certainly did seven horses. Entered into this afternoon's san felipe bay. Authentic for bob baffert. Bob's won the race. A record six times look to make it seven later today but authentic couple of one of two horses entered for him. This is a horse that you were very impressed. With last time. I certainly was a horse that was in front all away. When drayton estimate run turn homey opened up seven lengths and then he started to duck around in and he looked like he was trying to prop which means halt abruptly He swerved in almost hit fence. A couple of different times Any still it. Despite all of those antics he still won comfortably by seven and a half lengths and he looked like a really good horse to me on that day. You don't like to see a horse misbehave like that. But that's an indication that he was a lot left in the tank. Yeah if you are going to misbehave you better win and win going away if you do it that way all the better right. Yeah no doubt about it. Hall of famer. Chris mccarron in studio with me here on the horse racing radio network again. A seven time winner of the san felipe. A three time winner of the big cap chrissy talked about your memories of the big cap and what it meant to you and to racing in california this day in particular especially considering everything that santa anita's ben through over the course of the past couple of years this day data celebrate everything. That's good about the sport. Oh without question. I wish i was there. I love these days. There'll be a good crowd out there. Today's supposed to have some really nice weather which they usually do But yeah. This is a very big day. All the jocks trainers and owners and fans get get really hyped up about who are some of the best young writers california today. Well drained very good writer. He rides authentic afternoon He certainly is a very good writer. They've got they've got a decent colony right now. I'm not exactly sure who would put on the top that guy that always kalomo and bay hirano and those guys that are always at the top of the list. Yeah well talamo is. He's like thirdly rodarte oakland park right now yeah. He moved his tact oakland. Then he's coming here to kentucky and so's bhairon read that in the in the paper last night this morning. Good to see him back in the bluegrass. Yeah yeah there's there's a lot of money here and the draw the lifestyle living here living conditions. Great i love it. I've been here for fifteen years now. And so i i wouldn't trade it for anything. Yeah nobody better than chris mccarron. I told you before. I had two favorite jockeys growing up before i started getting into or just as i started getting into horse racing. I had chris mccarron. I have mike smith though. You guys are my two favorites. Thank you very much. Sit here with you in studios pretty cool. I'm in pretty good company. Money might you are. He was in he was in saudi arabia. Along with you right. You weren't hammered him. yeah. I can't believe the fine and the suspension they gave. That was ludicrous. Ridiculous god two hundred sixty one thousand dollar fine and then eight days of suspension and stuff. I should know this. But i don't. I'm gonna ask you the question with a calendar days. He received or or race. That's a great question. I don't know. I don't know the answer to that. But that's very important because of its racing days and there are specific to the dates that they run in riyadh then mike would have to serve on those particular days right right so you're going out a couple of months. Yup yup that's true calendar allender days and the days will go by quickly enough. Yeah chris always love having you on board It's always fun to catch up visit with you and thanks for coming in to share a little little time with me this morning. Thank you so much mike. I always enjoy company hall of fame jockey. Chris mccarron joining me back on march seventh of this year. One of the really fun interviews. That i got a chance to be part of here on the equine forum and looking back on those winds in the santa nita handicap the big cap and then the san felipe bay as well in terms of what happened this year. You might forget john. Sadler has dominated the big cap. The last three years he won it in two thousand eighteen would accelerate came back and said a gift box last year. And then wins. It would combatant earlier this season. All for heroics racing. It's been a great run for them. Congratulations on their success in that race. And then the san felipe pay. You heard chris. When asked the question about the best. Young riders in california today talked about driven van dyke. He said he'll right authentic. He did he wrote him to victory in the san felipe bay. That would turn out to be the start. Well i guess he won the sham before that so maybe that was the official start but it was the third consecutive win to begin authentic career and it launched a campaign that see him win the kentucky derby and the breeders cup classic later in the season. And there's a pretty good chance. Authentic is going to be voted horse of the year in twenty twenty. No doubt champion three-year-old good shot. He's horse of the year as well and he won the san felipe. A back on march seventh came back. The following start was beaten in the santa anita derby by a horse named honor. And i told you that honore p is owned by lee hearing and that was one of the interviews of so fun for me. Didn't have enough time to get it in for you here this morning. Go to our website and you can listen to that interview with lease hearing as well all right time now for your lexus. Legends of the turf. Brought to you every saturday at this time by the lexus store of lexington where the people make the difference. When i come back you'll hear from arthur. Hancock looking back on the brilliant sunday silence. This lady had a wealth of character. A marvelous vibrant personality and she was indeed an inspiration to others. She was a lady through and through and the roaring nineteen twenties. Well cylinder twenty. She entered the world of racing as the owner of a steeplechaser or racing. Stable brooke meet came into existence. If you years later she was add burst upon possibly and took a delight in needling and openly deflating an obvious inflated ego or infectious sense of humor provided her the tool for doing so especially evident in times of stress perhaps equally as synonymous with brooke meets stable and success. where the names of president elliott burch. Who trained her horses. Preston began training for our lady of the moment in nineteen forty four and on october. Twenty first of that year he saddle her dear me for her in the maryland handicap at laurel. Dear me whip the redoubtable twilight tear by seven lengths in that affair and that was virtuous first of a long long list of stakes winners. He saddled for brooke made birch was very patient with young horses and he and are subject. Probably receive more thrills from a horse named sailor than any other racing in her colors that was in the decade of the fifties while others and her colors included sword. Dancer bullet flowers and oligarchy. Her superb flower bowl won the delaware handicap in nineteen fifty six and on may second nineteen fifty-nine sword dancer won the derby for her while on the very same day. Big effort won the better roses at the old jamaica racetrack on long island in nineteen nine hundred four. Our lady of the day as it were became the very first woman american turf history to lead the winning owners list or a bowl of flowers was voted philly. Champion of nineteen sixty and sixty one and sword. Dancer was voted horse of the year in nineteen fifty-nine. This marvellous lady dearly loved the thoroughbreds and among the many greats carrying her soaks to the winter circle. She considered her best to been cavalcade sailor. Sword denser and bolo flowers but she had a very soft spot for others including okapi sound glow and high quest and nineteen thirty four and sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred fifty brooke. Mead was the leading money winning stable in america from nineteen twenty five until their demise in nineteen sixty two horses one one thousand one hundred and forty four races as previously indicated or trademark was love for and the ability digest with her trainers the virtues before big racist she would often break the tension in the paddock by saying for example quote. Do you think i should put on the blinkers today or quote. Now you haven't put that saddle on right on. Her jockey would appear. She could be heard to say quote now. Preston you step back. I'm going to give the order on how to ride this horse today with a twinkle in iraq of course and she would go on very solemnly to say quote. You just go out and win this race today. If it was muddy she would be quite apt to say now. Don't you dare get my colors dirty today. Yes this grand lady and that she was in every sense of the word through and through hell to the sporting ideals with the best characterized racing to. It's very best both in victory and defeat mistress brooke meets stable and the subject of this piece isabel. Dodge sloane a visionary design this arro- performance and imaginary technology that's lexus when every detail every moment and every emotion is crafted by lexus. It leads to amazing experience. Artistry then inspires design that compels and engineering that excites this. Is mike penna. And i can tell you personally. As alexis owner the enjoyment you'll experience from driving any of the lexus. Model lines is unparalleled. Visit the lexus. Store of lexington today and see what i've been talking about for nearly fifteen years. The people truly make the difference. Lexus has also been a longtime supporter of the horse industry with keeneland shop located at the store of lexington and through their sponsorship of keeneland lexus raven run stakes each fall. Talk horses and experience. Amazing in your brand new lexus. When it's time to paint the fences and barns thank farm paint at farm thank you. Get the industry's best. Coatings and paints factory direct at low prices farm pain is your source for quality paints roof coating dustless arena footings and more. You can purchase online or drop into a farm paint store near you with heart. Bluegrass country at seven hundred phillips lane and lexington kentucky columbus. Ohio and sandusky ohio by factory direct and save at farm pain dot com. That's far paint. Dot com justify a four time grade one winner eclipse champion three year. Old horse of the year and the only undefeated triple crown winner by sire of sires scat daddy justifies first bowls soul up to six hundred thousand dollars at the recent november sales. Well his info mayors were led by the three-time grade one winning daughter of uncle. mo bast. who sold for four point. Two million to spendthrift farm justify has covered over eighty grade one winners or dams or grade one winners in his first. Two years at ashford called the team at ashford. Today to book your mirror while there are still seasons available. Hi this is. Jackie rajiv mirage and olive listened to my friends on the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum on the horse racing radio network side. Easy inspired away at this sunday. Silence but until contact with on the inside his opt out of it here on the inside the company and is with a sixty mile sunday silence. Throw this finish of the derby sunday silence. This got to be too late photograph. Easy core on the outside always firing at sunday silence. Easy firing one two three. Welcome back to equine forum. The horse racing radio network. Mike penner baranov the backdrop with you on this saturday morning. Best of twenty twenty. Show looking back on some of the top interviews from this past year. And that was dave johnson with the call of the kentucky derby sunday silence winning in nineteen eighty nine defeating. New york's easy goer and everybody else he would go on to win the preakness and then of course come up short. When easy goer turned the tables in the belmont stakes well with the kentucky. Derby postponed to the first saturday in september. Here in two thousand and twenty. It left quite avoid for racing fans on the traditional derby day this year so we decided to produce a special one hour broadcast of a fantasy derby which aired on the first saturday in may the field feature twenty of the greatest kentucky derby winners of all time selected by all of our wonderful listeners across hr a nation one of the horses that made the cut for the twenty horsfield was the one thousand nine hundred nine derby and preakness hero sunday silence and on april. Eighteenth eighteenth that addition of the equine forum. His owner arthur. Hancock took time to remember his great hall of famer arthur. Good morning appreciate the visit. Good morning how are you today. Things are great You know when. I say when you hear the name sunday silence all these years later. What are some of the first things that come to mind. Well just what a great horse he was and how much he meant to the family and You know he came along when times really hard and we you know gotten a lot of dead and the market has gone from what was worth a dollar to worth thirty cents and But just as an individual you know. I remember the day he was born. I remember the Thanksgiving when he had some kind of strange Colitis he was only full on the farm. That had it and The veterinarian about one o'clock and he'd give him twenty two liters of fluids. And i remember he said you little sob if you're gonna die or head and died and he just wouldn't give up and i mean looked you know. It was a weird thing and he was so sick and had terrible diarrhea. But watching any all thanksgiving morning and Just the courage he had you know he was he was like a light from format. And i made this sounds to politic kind of light from out of the universe he. He had such courage and You know raised him up as a yearling and just just to be around him. I mean was. It was a gift in itself you know. Just i mean he was a union creature. Yeah the heart that he showed even as a young horse on the farm. Battling through those health issues certainly served him well on the racetrack to fourteen starts. Nine winds five seconds. That's unbelievable never worse than second earned four point nine million dollars in his career and take me back to that to that day in nineteen eighty nine at churchill. Downs arthur may sixth He comes home. I in the kentucky derby look back on that day and what comes to mind. Well we we we were. I was so nervous. And i remember as about thirty six degrees and it was spitting snow and rain and sleet and freezing out there and you know we were up against the might easy goer. I mean he was touted to be the next man of war and I was fully prepared to you. Know get beat but I tell you. I had some confidence. Because i think it was on a tuesday or tuesday. Charlie breeze the horse and he went a half and forty six. And i bet you fifteen or twenty reporters came up and asked. Charlie said well Charlie go too fast and because it was a really good work. And charlie said no he just what we wanted and but a lot of people are skeptical and they said well he went too fast. You now allow. He left his race in that work. And on the way back to the bond. I said wait. You think charge. You think he went too fast. He said hell no. He said a good horse can do that. And i said well you are you please in. Where do you think trial. He looked at me. You had those twinkling blue eyes know and he said my boy we will get the money. Charlie you really think we can beat easy or he looked at me you know. He was a marine. He was tasked guy and he looked at me and that expression in his eyes and he said my boy. We will get the money. And so i had that it and the day of the derby and you know say were sitting there shaking or with the binoculars. It was cold nerves too. You know. I mean so much dependent on it financially and just everything else and you know we were up against mr phillips who was my dad's good friend clayton's best client and a lot of emotion there and So i mean it's just scary really but it was. It was like i. I've never been in a battle in war. But i sorta like. Maybe you'd feel if you went into that. Excel if you're not gonna get shot or anything but I just remember being real nervous and and then it all happened you know. Yeah how about the feeling when you watch him. Cross the finish line in front i. i didn't. I really didn't expect to win. I didn't expect we'd beat this horse because this easy goer was really really a great horse. And i just regress a minute. I wouldn't in louise restaurant one day seven months before that back in the thaw and my brother seth was in there and i said hey seth how you doing and i talked to charlie that morning charlie said this horse we got he said he he can really run. This is a good horse. Either and i said this was back i guess in the summer maybe do august something like that. Maybe september but said that's real good horse. We got out there. Got at there with charlie and says well that's too bad and i said well. What do you mean he said well. Mr philip says the best horse he's ever had. And i thought oh my god you know just my luck and sitting back passer. He says i think he's just something else. And ironically i had worked for the phipps for a year. After i got out of college actually care about passer help take care of him with the groom had walk him after a big races. But so anyway we you know we were going against what my brother. Who is a great horseman was a great horse. And i know sure thought so. And he was a great horse. And i didn't expect we'd win. And then when they were coming down the stretch and pad hit him you know And he's veered and then he hit him another direction on the other side need veered off a god. We're going to get caught. And i'll just happened so fast it was just a after it was over. I sort of incredulous. I really couldn't believe that we hit wanted. Because i knew what we were up against and And then i just was so thankful and you know. Just it's hard to describe you. You feel like you. Could you know after all you get down there. You just feel like you could walk on higher. I'd heard that feeling. But i had it three times with god. Odell saw eighty two and when my children were born i had that feeling and and when sunday silence one that therapy and having gone through you know raising the name and seeing him sick like that and been around him all he went through you know when we try to sell in california and they put him on van. Couldn't get him so to come back here in. The van driver had a heart attack a fatal heart attack and died and the land turned over and they had to put sandy silence in a clinic out there for a week and when he got back here farm you know we turned him. We veternarian call me. I wasn't here when i was an office when he got to the barn and he got off van vet called and said i this weidler. He's you know. Terribly off behind. And i thought oh gosh and i said well all we can do is just. Let's give him turning out and see what happens so we put him in about a ten acre paddock. And he you know he was off three or four days and i thought well that's not gonna make it and i guess about a week later that call me call mars and was his name and he said you wouldn't believe it he said. Come down here. Barnes sixteen and i went down there and there was at their galloping around. I mean it was a veterinarian veterinarians. A brilliant guy. He subsequently became a medical doctor and he said he'd never seen anything like it. I hadn't he just like he. You know and i'll never forget that it was a sunny day and he was galloping around that field so all those things you know when you raise your up with them twenty four seven and go through all those kinds of things and you see them win the kentucky derby. Oh man i mean. It's nothing no feeling on earth like it And you know we work. Twenty four seven on these farms. It's it's a tough deal that you gotta love it to do it and and So when he won that derby was like I mean the best thing in the world it could happen to you. You know seem like yeah. Well i'll tell you what. Arthur i told you when we talked on the phone yesterday when i asked you to join me and by the way thank you for taking the time. But i told you that. Sunday silence's among the twenty horses that made the cut a got enough votes to get into our 20-horse fantasy derby field so looking forward to seeing how fares against Nine of the thirteen triple crown winners. The filly winning colors That that field is as as salty as they come. And you told me that you think He probably wins it. Well that's probably. And maybe. Because i loved him. You know like your son or something you and maybe that's pride of ownership. I know that those other horses are all great horses. But i say something that charlie said he said charlie said this quote him directly he said some bitches says he won't give up and and that's why sunday silence was and When you when this the way i look at it he beat easy. Goer who was probably one of the greatest horses of all time had not been for sunday silence. Easy goal would probably be spoken of in the same breath as man of war around here in kentucky. because that's what he was hyped. Any was that we were. We were just you know a little bit better And we're able to beat him. So i would go back and i don't know this but all of the other horses there were great horses that are in this hypothetical derby but I'd say who did they beat and maybe they'd be too many grade horses. I know affirmed. Beat alley dr. Who was great horse. But you know. I think there's a lot that of course there's a lot to luck in the race and the trip and everything but i would just say ideas if if we were betting on it. I put my money on sunday. Sounds but we pride of ownership and it should be. You should defend your player. Like that. And arthur hancock with me here on h. r. n. Arthur can't thank you enough for the visit here. this morning. We could spend a couple of hours reminiscing about sunday. Silence and all the success you've had in the business. Hopefully we'll get a chance to do that. One day but Really appreciate you taking time here this morning. my friend. well thank you. And i could talk a couple of days about him so i hope i haven't been to to talking to you that He brings out a lot of emotions and he was a great horse. And i still thank god. Every day. I had him. Yeah no not at all and looking forward to my next to carl nascar coming up to look back on on bridal than his championship season of nineteen ninety so Should be a lot of fun. Well he'll probably tell you on. Bob hope is. I guess everybody has their as i say you gotta look at who they beat and i what. The news feed this end of that john computer they got didn't see what. See what it says. you know. Yup arthur appreciate it buddy. Yeah man take care and thank you for calling in and god bless be good arthur hancock from the april eighteenth edition of the equa- form this year. And yeah you know that. Other interview. With karl nascar was so enjoyable for me to you. You get a chance. Go back and listen to that. Whole april eighteenth edition. Because you get a chance to hear a guy like arthur hancock talk about the great sunday silence and then come right back with karl nascar looking back on unbridled and that memorable kentucky derby with this enter and winning the the emotion of all i mean it was that was so spectacular and that show is so much fun to do and say the the interview. Carl could have very easily made the cut for the best of two thousand twenty as well when i back a special industry of the week segment which aired on the february fifteenth edition of the equine forum. And then in the second half of the show. You'll hear from owner. George bolton trainer charlie lopresti looking back on the great wise dan and owner and celebrity chef bobby flay sharing his thoughts on thoroughbred ownership in on the belmont stakes. That interview is done in june of last year. 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Welcome back looking looking back of that back to back backs Looking back on the best interviews of twenty twenty here on the equine forum. Mike panel with you on this saturday morning. I also thought it would be appropriate to include a special industry star of the week segment presented by stuart morris. Who offers a boutique. Full-service bloodstock operation. He wants to his owners his clients and his team. He knows his success is because of you. Multiple stakes horses over the past three years. Include henley's joy. Our brain trust malagasy ghazi in south bend stewart. Morris is your source for success at the highest levels. You can visit the stewart morris consignment at all of the major sales on february fifteenth. Bobby newman got a chance to visit with. South castanos ose. Who is the longtime barn foreman for mark hennig and he is one of the folks who don't always find themselves in the spotlight in the sport of thoroughbred racing. But that is why he is a very special industry star of the week. You and mark. Hanna both worked for wayne lukas for a time mark ends up deciding to go on his own. How how did that work for you were did you stay with wayne for awhile. Did you go directly with mark. What was that whole transition period. Like no actually. I do go back to mexico after where for a win for a little while and then i come back to america and after working for his trainer. Name is danny pipes for a little while. I worked with any pieds. Actually that was funny. Story between danny and when i was working for danny as danny if ever win the kentucky there with you this finally it sounds weird but i say avi like so happy. I'd be running naked all of the racetrack. Because he'll have the biggest race for my for me and for him actually. In that time. I was working for any place for little while and then actually mr by for maybe three months pursuit for shook my i to robert horse for chicago. He to be approved. She would tropical locks and color a window without philly and also denny pieds a rub capote automobile. Who was she wanted task in saratoga in eighty seven and So yeah. I don't wanna do this all my life like robin horses. He'll be a walker. I to do a little more than i want to prove myself. I can do more than that. And pro my family. My dad was proud of me. And i'll try to try something else after racetrack but it wasn't me you know. I love horses that had to come back to the track and come. I'm back to more to mario's already trained in that. Come to mars one and asking for job actually the system back then and she higher miss america and then i was walker for three weeks and then The form the form in mexico for a vacation in march asked me they feel. I can help him whether the sheriff little bit where they guy come back so thanks to him or he never come back. So i see that. Keep the foreman john. And then the not that coming up assistant sitting here in barn twelve backstretch at gulfstream park alongside solid. Kosta yano. so you mentioned working for several trainers before eventually settling down here with mark and you mentioned a few of the horses that you had been around either. Were in the shadow or personally that you that you would rub that you were the groom for such as capote belle. What kind of relationship does the groom have with this horses and you personally it not just the ones that. Turn out to be stake winners. But how close are you with the horses. You're taking care of on a daily basis while really close with. We worked with each other every day. Everyone is forced thing. The horse the first person that does horses see in the morning of course is this like Part of the you but oh you live. Are you family. You come in the morning. Turn the light on and the horse thing is you. Actually this is a really good connection. The group spend more time with the than anybody else. Yeah degrom degrom knows irritate bruno's if the horse aid if the horse was acting different than it was before if the horse drinks water for the horse don't sleep well you can tell because the store looks like don't even move in the saw. His really asthma is because Degrom is really really religious apart of Horse really really a one of the biggest part of the racing industry people. Don't get to know the grooms there. They don't get a lot of publicity but they do a whole lot of the work and it's something. It's not a monday through friday forty hour week job. No definitely seven days a week and twenty four seven twenty four to seven because I said if being been an assistant if you have a problem. I hope never happens but i mean if you are with wars how the first one there's grooms are living next to the barn so i was not gonna everybody's doors you know like the groups come out and help me out. Yeah should be a little more recognized that the people of the groups and workers the how work is in a great job to you know they were part of the really important part of the horses to in. Yeah you you say what the who with does second a horse race. I don't wanna look bad. And i hope nobody just me for this but i mean i don't like i don't feel good too with the assistant myself sometime Take the horse from the groom. The groom working seven days a week with the horses and for one day they wanna show on over there in front everybody they wanna looks like they're the man gra. Rob this horse. I'm i'm take care of this horse. You know yes i don't. I don't think it's a good idea with somebody assistant. Foreman take the horse. Groom and a lot of a lot of time. They do that. All right saw castanos a special guest of the horse racing radio network. Bobby newman again. My thanks to him. For providing that interview that aired on february fifteenth this year and it came about because of my involvement with godolphin awards. When i was a judge for the finalists last year and it gave me the idea that we should have a segment dedicated to those individuals. And i know that that the industry star of the week we focus on trainers and owners and and things like that too but next year will be starting a segment here on this. Show starting january ninth called unsung heroes presented by clayborn and it is going to focus on the folks like some people that are grooms exercise riders hot walkers and starting gate crew members and farm employees. That really helped make this sport successful but don't always find themselves in the limelight. We're going to do that with unsung heroes. Starting next year. It'll be a brand new segment here on the equine form. So stay tuned for that. It's all presented by our friends at kleber time now to get set for our number two. It includes george. George bolton charlie the presi. I'm bobby flay. I'll tell you more about that. Right after i pause ten seconds for station identification from the rail to your radio. This is the horse racing radio network and probable than global campaign tacitus. Ten the law behind ofek who strides away and the keeneland sunset. John velazquez authentic has won the long gene breeders cup classic got to my doctor post had booked up outside of the second pneumatic pastor the as. Good your chance up bow stacks. Welcome to the equine. Forum is running fast down the center of the course tarred not what past magical has caught channel maker tar nah moves on by tar noah and colin keen to win the long gene turf order of australia looking for a huge upset. Here order of australia gets that upset at seventy three zero one four pierre charlotte budo. Who's having white of breeders cuff. Now here's mike peta. Welcome back hour number. Two of this. Best of twenty twenty edition at the forum. Mike pence baron of the back with you on the saturday morning and happy to have you with me again. Merry christmas and happy new year to everybody across hr nation. And don't forget if you missed any portion of this show all you have to do is head back to our website. Horse racing radio dot net. You can check out the podcast at your leisure. The first half of today show featured my interview with chris karen from march of this year looking back on alysheba and his big cap wins. Wins in the san felipe. Arthur hancock sharing his memories of the great hall of famer sunday silence and then so cast a janos as our industry star of the week again. That podcast will be up at ten o'clock eastern. You can head over to horse racing radio dot net and check it out actually shortly after ten o'clock eastern this morning. Don't forget if you missed our trainer. Talk show this past week. You want to head back to to our website and check out trainer. Talk to you can listen to all of our trainer talk episodes if you want to binge listen you can do that. Jamie beg longtime assistant to mark. Cassie and roger ashfield was my special guest for the full hour. In some great stories he was excellent and he is now out on his own. So all the best jamie and In that interview on trainer talk all right second. Half of the show. Kicks off with george bolton. You're going to hear from charlie. The prestige looking back on wise dan and owner and celebrity chef. Bobby flay george bolton has been part of so many good horses really good horses in the sport of thurber racing. He's been involved with them as as an owner in recent years he join me on the may thirtieth equal forum to share some of his favorite memories and talk about his philosophy when it comes to buying an owning racehorses and on that show poll question that i asked of all of our listeners was to let me know about the greatest race. You've ever seen in person. So i figured who better to share a few thoughts on that topic. Then the man himself. George bolton and for our special guests that kicks off the second half of the program george bolton there have been many many races that he has witnessed that had been memorable for him. I'm sure and he is with me now. Here on h. r. n. george good morning. Hey good morning how are you. I'm doing great. Thanks for taking a few minutes here today. How about that question george. If you were to think about the greatest race you have ever witnessed in person. What do you think it might be. Well you know. I mean they're all so you have different moments. But i mean i would say the factor breaking his maiden in one. Oh six point nine eight. Santa anita was a you know a world event i would say the curl in winning the preakness. When you've got passed and repassed street sense right. The wire in two thousand seven was you know being from a farm in maryland. Was you know. Obviously a dream come true. So i've been very spoiled and then as you know a child you know i would say that you know what i went to want to watch the races pimlico as a little kid and watch the big is run in the preakness when i was like eight and you know that was most exciting thing i've ever seen in my life. So you know. I have different memories from great situations. And lastly mentioned you know winning a royal ascot with lady a really. It was one of the greatest moments ever so horse. Racing's brought me to great places. And i'm thankful georgia and you mentioned you know. Being from a farm in maryland. You grew up on a forty five acre farm and Started off on the euro. Writing and fox hunts in those types of things. Your father perry won the maryland hunt cup in nineteen ninety eight so you were kind of born into horse racing in in some respects. How cool is it now to have your name associated with so many of those memorable moments that you just talked about. Well i think that as a fan to think about me you know. I'm walking into the paddock. And see a horse as a guy who rode horses who all too. You got a horse bathed and you know i actually. When i talked to people like bob baffert about my horses. You know they know that you know. I know what they're talking about. If horses off or worse has heat somewhere in an ankle or you know what i mean. I'm a horsey type owner versus a racing form type. You know what i mean you know. I really loved my horses. And i'd say the one thing i always recommends you ever get a nice horse. Go spend time with go to the back side. I go watch every race. Enjoy the winds. Try to get through the losses. But don't just do it on tv and the sport is fabulous on tv. But i would say the greatest moments i've had of course just because i was at the race track going through the nerves of being an owner which are very different. When you're there in person did you. As you were growing up around horses george. Did you always anticipate that may be some day. You might actually be involved with owning thoroughbreds. It's kind of complaints of lucky. Event will farish. His father will farish Who we've building lanes end at the time. We went to the university of virginia together so he was buying seven farms and putting them into one beautiful farm lanes and farm and bill was the one who called me to get into the horse bist so one he was at the high end to. He was asking me to buy a small piece of philly that was in europe. They could already already one ron and one and we brought her to the united states named symbolic so we got off to a great start. One a grade. Three racist keeneland called the witch. And you know when you start off to the right way and thing. It makes a big difference in horse racing. You know you need to have some luck and you need to keep your numbers down and so the good horses. Don't get diluted by too many that can't run and you know it's it. I've been very lucky to get in with someone at the highest end. That could really create value if you did it right. Yeah this this is a game that it's often said features the highest highs and the lowest lows. You've experienced both of those in this past week. The news coming out about undefeated nidal. Who was the points leader on the road to the kentucky derby That he would now be retired following a conjure fracture and surgery that he had for that injury in a workout. This past week when you get that phone call george as an owner. That kind of news Boy what's the what comes to mind. I mean what what goes through your mind when you get that phone call. Well i mean it's your. It's not your biggest nightmare because he did not suffer a compound fracture and he's stable. He's happy in his stall. I called this morning to make get a report for you. he Actually win. The two screws were put in The basically hairline and his left front ankle he immediately was stable and comfortable Versus uncomfortable with a hairline being open so baffert said it was about this very interesting once the screws go in. He's walking sam. He's standing sound so he's going to have a thirty days of stall rest and then he will become stallion and kentucky and we're talking to farms right now but you know the phone call came and you know when it's early in the morning it's either a great work or something happened. And he called me and he says it's got hurt and you know you just sank very low and your charity and try to get your breath and you know then the next question of courses are you're gonna make it the okay you said. Yeah we we before this thing. Quote unquote displaces. We gotta get into surgery and get this thing supported by a pen or two and it took too big screws. I actually sent to the blood who are so. They could see it. You know what. I mean to get the facts out right. So it's run ankle It was a devastating phone call. But when you have to kind of sit back and think well you went to bob baffert. He started january nineteenth and he won four races in a row. Capping it off with a grade one derby day and and and so as an investor in the horse you know he created great stallion value already to he's stable and okay and and obviously you know. This is the saddest part of the business that you know when they take a thirteen hundred and twenty five pound animal now. This horse is about two hundred pounds bigger than any other worse than the pack. Okay there horses at nine fifty two thousand fifty eleven hundred but thirteen twenty five. He has demarcus ware. jeremy shockey. that's the athlete. He is a human being. And so you know left front ankle takes pressure going around left hand dirt. And that's what gave way here and so you go from crossed to make sure the horses. Okay you know and and then you just have to look back on the great times. He gave us and thank the lord. I actually got up off my couch and went to watch them. Run four times and i think that's the nicest part of my story with him as i got to know him. Well i was with him ten times on the backside and he goes off to be a stallion and i knew much more than just a bet at the track. You know what i mean. Yeah yeah it really special horses. It is devastating for everybody. That's involved an interesting for the sport to. I mean he had a horse. That and you know i said at the top of the show george. What if the derby were run on may third. Would we be talking about your abdal. Wonder you just want the one. I won the arkansas derby. The kentucky derby the day of the kentucky derby and i think the saddest part and i didn't wanna be bringing the showdown here with this but this is gonna be a great race between him and his the law in the bell right now. I don't shy from these things. And neither does my trainer bob baffert so you know we're going and it was just great for the sport and grade for television which obviously had a rerun of the super bowl from last year competing with the arkansas. There'd be live. I had sixty eight tax after the worst one. Forty from non horse people right meaning. That people were watching worse racing because it was live and those was exciting right so you know we lost a great actor in our show here right and it's it's sad for horse racing and and again you know. I'm very sad about those races. Not taking place. Because i was excited to see what would happen and i think a lot of people were to talk with owner george bolton here on the horse racing radio network at georgia i remember in two thousand eleven when the factor who you referenced earlier was being point for the kentucky derby after displacing i remember he displaces palate. The arkansas derby and bob said that he felt like he just wasn't ready for a race late the kentucky derby in your quote. I'll never forget. You said that you were relieved to hear that. News obviously not relieved the news to dull a different situation. But being a horseman. I i thought that was a very interesting. Take on your part. Well i mean obviously it was a very interesting day because an hour after we scratch the horse churchill. Downs took my seats away. So i was like already on the ground. You're throwing water on the rest. Count the tenured. Five george church thousands of bolton We've taken your seats away from kentucky derby and the next year twenty one and that was that was a big uppercut The two in a row that day. And why did you. Why did i answer the question of whether it did well. The point was that horse wasn't acting right. Any turns out. I think he cracked his ankle. Waiting ten minutes and the start at the rebel and he wouldn't go to the racetrack for the whole month of Kinda mid my march to april and dana. Dana rider couldn't get me to go to the racetrack and bob thought he was being soft. When is it took us four nuclear scanned pass but after the arkansas derby not only did he flip as palate but he also had a crack in his ankle designated time. So you know what. I always say to people about the kentucky derby as you go into that saying eighty percent you can have a horse as traumatic physical or mental problems out of it. So you don't want to go unless you really really live. And i think that's kind of what i meant that day. Is it like you show up in these big ones. The preakness that berg derby the breeders cup things where they're seven horses. That are almost undefeated. You know you have to be really if the on your a game and You know that worse obviously went south after the rabble and came back to be a great sprinter later in the year and I think with the fans need to know. Is those the ups and downs racing to kind of stay with you. I mean the dow goes to be a stallion. Got no action right. So it's a you know it's a it's a sad day. The day happens when it as yes do question and then it kind of wears on you a little bit. When you're out of the game you know so you know every every day that you have a great win is practice in this game. And every time. I went to grade one people looking at me like you seem so happy and i'm like i'm happy because we have the resume we of done before. Anything happened that when adverse here and when you get the call on the dow you realize how fragile the industry is. Maybe these are big animals with small legs in comparison to the size of their bodies and and obviously a lot of great horses and their careers with injury Most modest. But i mean you know you've read very rarely heads to kentucky you without any issues and three years racing so you know again. It's you got to be fragile with these animals and you gotta press when they're really right when they're not right. You got back off. Does bob still have the same ringtone for you when you call them Do either the Austin powers yeah. Yeah i mean. Bob i was you know always with bob and dubai when he had a heart attack so i mean he and i have been through more than a losing a horse race. You know what i mean and self even you know and again the way he is. He's so good he just calls and get it done. You know bam horses heard. Here's what we're doing. And and he he. He deals with very straightforwardly. And he's straight up you know and again you know bob baffert i went and tech the stats on this. We have an eighty percent win rate together since two thousand and three so there. You can name the horses. Cotton bay roman ruler. The factor the dow. He's really in a league of his own. Yeah keep that partnership going. George bolton me here on h. R. georgia pilots. You go Somebody comes to you as perspective new owner looking to get into this game. What do you tell them. Well the first thing i'd say is it. You know by a third of three horses three years right the dollar amount you can afford versus one and and and so if you spend your bats and on third three horses over three years the chances of very good horse happen know who you're getting into business with and know that if you got into one of those horse racing partnerships which do good accounting for you and can help consolidate your training and transportation bills and get your understanding that whole world. They do mark up their horses. So you need to check to see how much they mark those up. So those are my two things to be aware of you. Better off owning a piece with friends. And you're definitely need them tech the markups on any of those partnerships that that they kind of create a nice product for you to see you know you got a chance and then last thing and i think this is the most important you probably want to be. Eighty percents phillies is. If something happens to them they get broodmare. Value and twenty percent colts. You know because the colts get hurt. You're handing a cult the school riding program right so anyway. That's the you know that's a way to keep your apple in better shape and my other thing. Is that if i is going to be. Huge for horse. Racing is gonna be Laurel pemba koby and redone Obviously horse racing on online betting going to continue to explode and so it's an and worldwide racing in invitationals are exploding at the high end. If you like that. So whether it's where last guy or you know the melbourne cup you know there are other festivals around the world that are very very inviting and fabulous too. So it's actually a great time to enter the sport As an owner george bolton wonderful ambassador for the sport of thoroughbred racing always so positive. And george can't thank you enough for spending a little time here and again my my my thoughts are with you on the doll that that is really some hard cheese there. But i know that you're gonna come out the other side and Looking forward to the future of the george bolton runners coming up over the next several years great. Well thanks for having me and love your show george from our may thirtieth edition of the equine forum. When i come back you'll hear from trainer charlie prestige looking back the brilliant wise dan. 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This is bob baffert. You're listening to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum on the horse racing radio network the now wise. Dan looks for running room but he's still six between horses. Six off the lead a quarter mile dot com and they've all got a catch silver. Max who's chased by siad then brand arts wise. Dan down the outside the leader coming to the eighth pole. Here siad alongside of silver max granddaughter. Take again diving to the rail late. Wise dan for outside wise dan. Coming after siad and brand arch. Why's dad gets his head in first million dollar race and keeneland history the shadwell turf mile wise dan with a breath taking stretch rally. Welcome back to a special best of twenty twenty edition of the equine forum mike pence burner. The backstretch with once again was kurt. Becker with the call of the two thousand fourteen shadwell turf mile at qinglin. Wise dan joining do money and gio ponti is the only horses to win that prestigious race twice earlier this year it was announced that wise. Dan would be inducted into horse. Racing's hall of fame the brilliant and courageous son of weisman's vary took his trainer. Charlie the prestige on the ride of a lifetime and on may ninth. Charlie join me on this show to tell you all about it and with me now is the man who knows him as well as anybody. That's his trainer. Charlie lopresti charlie first of all. Congratulations my friend. What an honor. Oh thank you yeah. It is an incredible honor. And a half or so that caliber. And he still with you to this day isn't he he's farm. He's turned out with his brother successful. Dan at all did you. Were you the one to break the news to him. That he was in the hall of fame are they gave me probably get before i did but i. I was in petting him yesterday. Did he get a few extra carrots. Or what his favorite treat. Oh he kinda likes to go out on grass and roll around in the mud. That's just happy thing in the chase's brother out. Well he can roll around in as much mud as he wants to and he can do it for the rest of his life as a hall of famer pretty special stuff two time horse of the year in two thousand twelve and in two thousand thirteen champion older male and champion male turf horse in both those years and you know one thing that strikes me is that is tremendous in. Its own right. But charlie when you think about the racist that he won twice that which is so hard to do. Horses like the racist like the woodbine mile in the shadow turf mile. And the makers forty six the woodford reserve the four star david firecracker i mean come on. That's that's stuff that legends are made of well. I hate to brag on him. But you know when you look back on it. I was telling Rave this morning we're talking. You know you just forget about the races. And then all of a sudden some like came and put that thing on their web page in started looking back at all races and then you look at the cup mile twice put buying races like say to duplicate it and come back and whether it's a good trip bad trip toast head post he just pulls it off. What was it that way made wise. Dan such good racehorse. I think he just had an amazing amount of ability Any had a big heart and desire to win. Like johnny velazquez used to say he knows how to win races. Yeah and he wants so many big ones throughout his career. Do you remember the very first time you laid eyes on him. Yeah we had him from when he was a winning And we raise them their on farm. And i'll be honest with you if somebody says we'll go back to the beginning. Did you ever think he was that kind of Even when we broke him he. Just you know big pretty chestnut horse. But i mean. I can't say that i said well. This is going to be a champion of the caliber that he isn't even when we had him at the track to You know we they dang -ly He really didn't get it all together. What really came together was his three year old year. The winner of history role year february march. We started brees in him Then we could see that. He had some talent but he was difficult to deal with too. I mean he was just really really really strong and wanted to do more than you wanted a horse to do. It hasn't run yet. But looking back on it i never realized you know his stride in the efficiency of his stride That would gallop fourteen. Thirteen her long. And that's just the way he traveled. I mean he just a big long striding powerful horse. Yeah you know. He won every surface. We have in the sport but when he first started his career in two thousand ten he was competing in great stakes races. That were were sprint races on the dirt. What led you to think that maybe that was going to be his calling before you switched him over to the grass in longer races. Well if you if you look back you know we ran him. Hadn't we would. It wouldn't came them with. Synthetic we could train here all winter on the main track We had him ready to run and it worked from the gate one morning. Like fifty change from the gatewood another horse and i liked. I mean he did it he did it really easy. I mean it wasn't like we asked you to do that. So long story short. We put him on. You know we wanted to get started and we ran of a turf way. I think it was the into several. Probably any got beat down on the inside. He kinda ran a little green. You know we just think he winds up being fifth fifty fourth. I can't remember And then we ran him personally again on the spiral day. And that's when he won by fifteen lights In the second start and that was the race. That i've kind of looking for the first time you ran the way. He had trained and Then we couldn't running back in and allowance race and the keenum because the rates go to random church derby day and that was i think that was maybe seven furlongs i see and and that was on the dirt on that day impression again and then he came back and he was a little bit often is been and we've found the beginning cover hairline cracks in the heinkel and so we haven or some off in We got started. Well i'd say spring off and then we start training for the fall. Any train so good that i told mr frank. I said this is amazing. We all just running in the Steak rice their team. And then did he warned that the phoenix any wind up in the brewers cup sprint. Just just amazing to think about the way things come together for a horse like this and then to see the success that he had as he continued temperature. Charlie when you hear the word wise dan and you reflect upon his career what are a couple of the moments that are always gonna stand out. I guess you know the biggest i get. There's so many charter. To think of you know. Talk about him. But i guess when he came back from colic surgery and he went to saratoga and he won there That was just. I mean horses. Just don't do that. They you know they just don't do that but there's so i mean it's hard to say there's so many of them i can tell stories and i could talk for hours about it. You know how he got in grass races in in in what he what he went to woodbine and what he did what he went to The british cops and he was just a horse that every time every time you loaded him into gate you knew he was going to run his rights with that family because his brother who you mentioned successful dan who is with him now on the farm and they get to be together which is so cool but he was. No slouch either. I mean he won. Eight fifteen starts. He earned just shy of a million dollars in his career There's just something about that family. Well i can tell you a successful ban in and there's a few people that have been around successful than lake road comedy road. Wise dan The groom's my assistance that were around him successful. Dan was every bit as good. Or maybe even a little bit better. And i know that's crazy to say but he was plagued by injuries. I mean he was just not the sounders horse. I if if he was a of scuppering and you go that he'd be fort larded mutual macho man. I mean it just every time you get to erases out of them. He would have to put him on the shelf again. And that's what really hurt his career. I think he. I feel pretty good that he would feel pretty certain that he could have won. Breeders cup yeah. He was outstanding and now they had the two of them together. Be able to look out and to be able to go visit the two of them on your farm The again i talked about the things that movies are made of that there might be a wise dan movie at some point. I think there probably should be where somebody said that. Me your write a book about him and You know we got a lot of stories to tell a lot of stories that that a lot of people don't even know about. What's your favorite wise. Dan story to tell i guess. Well i will tell you my favorite wise day in story we were at woodbine. There was a tenement came by the barn. And he said there's a little girl that would love to see lies. Dana's earn any way that we could get her pitcher with him. And i said in a mom was with the man and so we'll bring you out here and his her mom just kinda stood there and didn't say anything any talk me off to the side and he said well she's in a wheelchair and i said well. Where's she at well. She's parked out there on the road at a minivan. And so even i i should. We'll tell you what we'll bring him out there. Can you get her to come out. We'll get a pitcher. And so we brought laws. Dan around to round the front of the barn and we went out in the parking lot and they open the back door side where the mini van and they had a ramp and they rolled her out on the ramp to the ground. And most are that would be. I mean they spoke run away from wise. Dan took raven and drug us. Right to to the The the girl in the wheelchair and he put his head down in front of you oughta seen the smile on her face and and the pitcher it was just it just it. Would it brought tears. The is we told that they said after the woodbine race up in the director's they they interviewed me and they said well as the best thing about you know this race today. I told that story in the whole the whole place just stood up and applauded. And that's probably one of my best lies in stories. Charlie thanks for making me tear up on a saturday morning. Appreciate that my friend. Maria l. I mean there's always liked it. I can tell you things about that. I mean he was just a different different type or she he just he. He was just different. Not only was a good racehorse. He was really smart. Any had unbelievable personality well and now a well deserved honor of being in the hall of fame. Charlie i asked you before. I let you go one last question but i asked you about wise. Dan getting the news that he was in the hall of fame. How did you find out that he was in this year. Well i got a call on wednesday from them And they told me that he was going to beat. You told me had ninety four percent of the votes. But they didn't want it. You know publicize until wednesday But i mean i. That's that's how i knew. And i always felt like that. That he should be you know as his train It's kinda hard to say that. Because you know i'm biased about him and and i still think he's one of the best horses that we've seen in a long time and i know we've had some really good horses here triple crown horses but i mean that. He did everything that he was ever asked to do. And like i told you there's a little log on to come back from colic surgery that summer invasion we'd be called on days after surgery. Come on back to. The army bounced off the trail. Like nothing happened as i talk. This whole should must be made of iron or something. Yes special horse in special trainer to charlie presi here on the horse racing radio network. Charlie listen i. I can't thank you enough for spending a little time here looking back on the big horse. And congratulations to you to your family to your team and to wise dan on that tremendous honour. Well thank you so much. It means a lot to me to be on your show and talk about him. Well you want to talk about a person. that's a great ambassador for the sport of thoroughbred racing. There are several. And you've heard from them on the special edition of the program this morning but charlie lopresti is as good as it gets wise. Dan was as good as it gets. And that's why he is in the hall of fame and a very special honor to charlie's well my thanks to him for taking time for that interview back on may ninth of this year when i come back. It's celebrity chef and owner bobby flay. That's next on the forum on h. r. n. Adena springs stallion macho macho man. Tough sound durable winner at three four five and six who competed in all three triple crown races before turning three years old and captain stellar career with a determined victory. In the breeders cup. Classic over champions will take charge and declaration of war. Is they want muccio. Macho man produced to first crop grade. One winners one on dirt. Mo jo stone got not pegasus world cup by five lakes in one. Hunter and california bred macho unusual all the way in the rodeo drive. The number one north american sire by twenty twenty average earnings per runner. Is joe macho man. Standing at dina springs championship meet is back at gulfstream park now through march twenty eighth with live racing wednesday through sunday thoroughbred stakes action continues with the grade. One three million dollar pegasus world cup on january twenty third grade three holy bull january thirtieth and much more. Stay in the action from your mobile phone with the i bet. The official app of gulfstream park on site viewing is still closed to the public but can watch the racing action and get more information at gulfstream. Park dot com justify a four-time grade one winner eclipse champion three year. Old horse of the year. And the only undefeated triple crown winner by sire of sires scat daddy justifies first bowls sold for up to six hundred thousand dollars at the recent november sales well. His info mayors led by the three-time great one. Winning daughter of uncle. Mo bast who sold for four point. Two million to spend through a farm justify has covered over eighty grade one winners or dams grade one winners in his first. Two years at ashford called the team at ashford today to book your mirror while there are still seasons available as jerky julian lopo. And you're listening to edge out. You're listening to the equine forum on the horse racing radio network now things the at the quarter pole top of the home stretch. Dame's north bobby. Flay delays wing into the far outside. She goes from third to second and up a challenge of duty. The reigning champion female sprinter moonlit troll the longshot python but third worthy inside an incredible spinning too late from tweet before stained towards the cutie. Beauty is very game. Troll bird downs with a lion. It is dame northeast prevailing by for owner. Bobby play trainer. Taught what you're and jockey bobby air delano. Well that is truly one of the moments. I will never ever forget when i think back on everything. We've been part of here on the horse racing radio network not necessarily because of dame dorothy in that winning effort in the two thousand fifteen humana staff but because that was the year that i was joined by kurt becker and jude fell than the booth. At churchill downs for our broadcast of the kentucky derby and the undercard stakes one of those was that great one humanity staff and dame dorothy who owned by celebrity chef. Flay as you just heard got the victory. When i threw it to larry columnist for the call of that race. There was no audio coming through and on radio. That ain't a good thing. Well kurt becker. Immediately leaned over picked up his benach. Yalies hadn't looked at a horse hadn't memorized a name other than the fact that we had talked about the race on radio didn't prepare for it as a track. Normally would he picked up the binoculars. He called that race so beautifully so flawlessly it was one of the true highlights of my broadcasting career. And i played the clip of kirk calling that race that you just heard. But i played the full clip for bobby flay anchored by our coverage and all those things that surrounded the race. Call an bobby join me on this. Show june twenty so he got a chance to hear it for the very first time. That was on belmont stakes day. This year remember. The belmont was shifted to june twentieth. He had obviously never heard that call. So i started the interview by asking him about that race before. I finally spent some time looking back on. Bobby's favourite belmont stakes memories. Dave dorothy the winner per bobby flay. I don't typically like to make our guest wait all that long where we get him on the line. But i thought bobby might enjoy hearing that from our two thousand fifteen broadcasts of the derby undercard the humana distaff and dame dorothy win. We went to the call and there was a glitch in the audio. No audio but they goodness kurt. Becker was sitting next to me. He picked up the binoculars. Hadn't looked at a horse and it was just remarkable. Bobby i bet you've never heard that version of that race before. No i was actually wondering. How did i miss that. One that was that was the best yet. Yeah i'm sure you have. What a day. That was Yeah amazing just amazing. Derby day The danger at the named. After my mom i was just a great way to you. Know when a grade one. That's sure how special was dame dorothy she could really run she's You know fastest source. I've ever owned for sure I still have her. She's she's producing You know really good racehorses. I mean she her first foal Just ran second in devoted. Dallas year Her name is spices. Nice actually the the laws who bought who bought Bought her actually named her with me and mine. They say naming her spices. Nice which was really nice to do and and you know she You know she kinda goes in and out of being on the kentucky oaks trail pending on when it's going to be run and And so it's nice to see her progeny start to you know start to show themselves as as as as much as As well as well she was on the tracks to you. Don't you told me a few years ago when we sat down at the phase of tipton saratoga sale that your approach to this game when you got involved as an owner was to buy phillies as opposed to colts for the most part Is that still the approach. That you're taking bobby. One hundred percent my approach. I mean i like i like the breeding you know probably as much as the racing and And i always have an eye on you know well pedigree phillies and so now have have a band of about eight or nine. You know really great families and so you know being able to produce you know if you know you know fabulous falls from from these bloodlines. It's to me. It's it's all the funding and he start actually creating your own families in thoroughbreds and When i think about you know you think about like legacy. And you think about like history and stuff like that. Like when i see dame dorothy you know When a grade one. And then she has progeny. That can now seem what seems like they can run to You know and i have a daughter. Who's you know in early twenties. And so i just think about you. Know sophie bring out of these. You know the daughters and granddaughters of these horses that you know we we bought you know years and years ago so that that to me is the is the fun of this whole thing I love the. I love the pageantry of horse racing. Unfortunately nobody can actually go to the races right now but i was actually watching ascott before you call me you know. It's just know. We took horse to ask i in two thousand and eleven after we wanna breeders cup juvenile sali's race as a two year old took her took it to the coronation. She didn't run that well but it was. It was an amazing time. You know like my whole my whole family went you get dressed up. You make a week out of it. You're in you're in ascott. Hang out in london. I mean you know these horses can take you on amazing adventures that just enhance your wife. and you know those are those are kind of memories that you'll have forever. Yeah for people that haven't heard by the way sharing was running in the coronation stakes. Just a short time ago. She ran a great race. Came up a little short. She's finished second in that race. But boy you talk about special phillies. There's another one bobby. Yeah for sure. sharing sharing. Yeah oh yeah yeah. She just ran really well. I just think that You know actually Graham's daughter jane motion is good friends with my daughter. there is sort of running mates with races and and I just. I sent her a text. I was like daddy's on tv. And then she sent me a video taping her dad being on tv. At every everybody's in tune. But i think that. I think that sharon ran a fantastic. Actually i think that the horse that one had the better tripped on the inside. Seems like the inside The inside asked got seems to be carrying them a little bit little bit. Further talking with bobby flay here on the horse racing radio network bobby. You mentioned earlier that you can't go watch your horses race. Now for the most part most race tracks owners are still not allowed. They won't be allowed in for the belmont stakes today because of the covid. Nineteen situation As an owner as somebody who is so passionate about the game. How frustrating is that for you. Well i mean. I i think i would. I would speak for every owner that you know And you know the reason why we get into this. 'cause we wanna go hopefully go to the big races on the big days and see or horses compete and so that's obviously disappointing And then you know when you think about like my favorite place in the world saratoga My favorite time at saratoga isn't during the races It's you know in the mornings and you know again. Get the seahorses you know brees or dallas or whatever it is just to kind of be in that environment You know i. Would you know every owner. That's that's really what we're looking for And unfortunately we can't have that but We are lucky in the sense. That one of the few sports that that that's actually competing And so at least we have. You know it's like i got excited about waking up this morning and that i could watch the belmont like i'm not leaving my house. That's for sure. Yeah yeah. I said that earlier that you know we're very fortunate. We have the count our blessings as an industry that for many tracks. We've been able to keep this ball rolling through the pandemic were many other. Sports have had to shut down entirely. And i think that's it if you said we're gonna run the belmont stakes in june seven or eight weeks ago. People would have looked at you like you're crazy but here we are nine elmont steaks and several graded stakes races. Yeah it's it's a little odd Somebody asked me somebody Friend of mine. Who doesn't really know anything about racing. they asked if this was going to always be the order of the ship crown and i and i thought well i don't get to make those decisions but i'm gonna guess no. This is hundreds of years a tradition. That's been sort of you know turned on its head. Yeah and you know. Bobby you're a new yorker. You have been you know right there in in new york where all of this has taken place. It was the epicenter of the pandemic and hit very very hard and and now to to be able to get back to some sense of normalcy just a little bit with running these races of belmont park and having a belmont stakes day. Just talk about what that means to the state to the community and to yourself personally well the belmont stakes is usually a big day for me Whether i had something running that day or not. And i usually have about thirty people come to my house for breakfast. because Well i just want them to eat well that day and i love ira. But sometimes the food doesn't really doesn't really you know make it So basically what happens. Is i have a tradition where i cook. I cook like a brunch. That starts at nine o'clock in the morning. It's usually about thirty people that come over there. All dressed up in their in their In their belmont. Wear so to speak and We eat we candy cap. We watch the you know we watch the morning You know whatever's on tv in terms of horseracing that morning and then We we put everybody in cars. Nobody's allowed to drive. We go to the track. Who are a lot of wine and champagne all day long and we drink and then afterwards we go to. A steakhouse called wolfgang's in new york city And we have like a table of thirty right down the middle of the restaurant and because we're so starving by the end of the day And we eat this big steak dinner. It's very new york Experience and a lot of the people. Like i mean the people that come. Every year i try to include you know like a dozen a dozen people who've never been to a horse race before which you would think it'd be hard to do but unfortunately it's not and i want them to experience. You know the things that we understand as great race days I want them. They had those experiences so that they become fans of the sport in any way shape or form. They could. just be a spectator. They can decide. They wanna start. betting on. horses doesn't matter. It's like i always feel like it's my job as they try to be as much of an ambassador to the sport as i can't be because it's given me and my so many great moments And i want people to experience that. Where did the love of horse racing begin for. Bobby flay does it begin. Yeah we're how did you get hooked on the sport. Where did that happen This is a story that you've heard many times for many people took me to saratoga and i was like fifteen and that was it. I think i've been to saratoga every year since i was fifteen years old. Which is a long time ago now. Forty years ago I i may have missed. Maybe three meets but other than that. It's it's it's on my calendar period. my my. My office knows that like when saratoga happens especially during sales week like that's off. It's off the grid. Did your grandfather owned horses. Or was he a horse player. No he's a horse. He was a total voice player. You know everybody at the race track. You know this is. When horse racing was sport you know in new york and you know tons and tons of people would go every day like on a wednesday and my grandfather was a light love to love to gamble on horses and you know we. I really make this joke that His name was willie flay and we made this joke that like. He would step outside of his house and like look for one single cloud and if he saw a cloudy. It's like it's not a beach day. We gotta go to the races. 'cause he just loved it so much all kinds of characters the track then and it was just a really interesting time. When i started going steve coffin. I think was apprentice and winning every race. And you know he was a teenager so as a young the young person watching somebody you know. Basically a couple of years older than they like. Have all the success. Like i bet on every steve causing horse that was that was sort of how i got started. All right. let me ask this question. Then considering this is belmont stakes day a favourite belmont memory or too when you think about the belmont stakes. What are some of the things that come to mind. Well i i had a piece of creator In in two thousand and sixteen. Which was you know. It was surreal because Like i don't even like to talk about it. Because i don't. I don't feel like. I deserve to say that i won. The belmont stakes. But that's basically what happened Creator owned by winstar So the wednesday before before the race so like literally five four or five days out. I bought a piece of the. I've bought a piece of creator. The people went there. Were nice enough to let me buy into him and and then like all of a sudden saturday. And we're we're we have a run in the belmont stakes. And then he wins and like i. I didn't even have a chance to absorb the fact that i actually owned a piece of And then he won the race and then it was like one of the belmont stakes. I mean to be like i know like partnerships really big now. And you know you. You'll see you know like justified. Like four hundred. You know owners you know that sort of that sort of the trend these days like any good horse all of a sudden you know ten different people buy into the worst. It's really not what. I love to do I you know. I i like to. I like to kind of keep it keep my partnerships nice and small and and i asked the elliott walden every chance i could buy the creator was it was basically honestly it was it was it was just basically a big bet. I mean that's really what it was and He had won the arkansas derby. And then got really. We had a really bad trip in the kentucky. Derby and i think he ran like thirteen or fifteen or something so he was kind of out of everybody's You know or if everybody's page. But i knew that he had a lot of talent and Because by tap it and on and on and on so you know when he won by a nose first of all like best ride ever seen in a big race by iraqis. I mean literally one by an inch and and if you watch the race really carefully you see him. Saving grounded every in every single possible Moment to to get up if he does if he misses it by into anywhere else he means. Just just the taxpayer. But anyway it was just one of those moments. Where like all of a sudden you staying in the winner's circle with the belmont stakes trophy. The native new yorker. Like i mean what else. What other race do you want to win. Other than that. Maybe the travers. But i mean it's the belmont so and what remember what a moment it was great and my daughter was there and she cried and that's good. That's yeah that's what this is all about. And and bobby flay you are what this sport is all about your phenomenal ambassador and i love to spend even more time with you up the road and and here's some more stories and and talk about some of the love of the game that you possess but i'm coming up on the final commercial break in the program at listened really appreciate the visit here this morning. Enjoy the belmont. Sorry you can't prepare that wonderful breakfast. You prepare for everybody. But we'll we'll get back to that at some point all right man. Thanks so much for having me and good luck today. One of the greatest. Bobby flay thanks to him for that. Visit back on june twentieth. I'll be back to wrap it up right after this on the forum. On the horse racing radio network your home for racing's biggest events stretch with sponge or not dot com drifting leave book schiffer on the inside the second beaumont beaches up into third spun. Eight t's spun to run back by the lakes. Gains way stallion spun to run in the great one breeders cup dirt mile. He defeated a loaded field that included multiple grade one winners omaha. Beach and improbable. His brilliant speed figures were among the fasces of any three year old and a mile or more will earning multiple triple digit buyers of two one. Ten and running a zero on the grass. Five times spun to run hails from the legendary dancing sire. Line a multiple greatest stakes winner millionaire amd breeders cup champion. Great filers may great stallions spun to run standing at gains woodford fee were tradition merges technology family owned since nineteen forty and providing exceptional customer. Service feet specializes in the highest quality. Feed using only the finest ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition for your horses. In addition woodford feet can help with all your farm needs including field seed fertilizer. And we control to whether your horses sprinting. Around the race track or has a full buyer side. Kind of woodford fee to provide the quality nutrition necessary to perform at the highest level would for sales kentucky visionary design performance and imaginary technology. That's lexus when every detail. Every moment at every emotion is crafted by lexus. It leads to amazing experience. Artistry than inspires design that compels and engineering that excites. This is mike pana. And i can tell you personally. As alexis owner the enjoyment you'll experience from driving any of the lexus. Model lines is unparalleled. Visit the lexus. Door of lexington. Today and see what i've been talking about for nearly fifteen years. The people truly make the difference. Lexus has also been a longtime supporter of the horse industry with the keeneland shop located at the store of lexington and through their sponsorship of keeneland lexus raven run stakes each fall talk courses and experience amazing in your brand new lexus. If it happens in horse racing it happens on. Hr en new york is gonna win. New york's belmont stakes the first leg of the twenty triple crown tis. The law appears the higher. Jack that's one tacky. Pawn has won the long gene breeders cup. Classic racing's biggest events are right here on the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum on the horse racing radio network winding down a best of twenty twenty equality forum. But not before your kentucky bred spotlight brought to you by the kt. Kt ob reminding you. There is no better time to breed and racing kentucky kentucky bred horses have topped the leading sire list each of the last eleven years and dominated the standings once again in twenty twenty leading. The way was intimate. Who said a north american single season progeny earnings record in twenty twenty eclipsing. The previous mark set by kentucky bred stallion tap it. In addition to kentucky's record-breaking sire power lucrative incentives more than one hundred seventy million dollars has been distributed to kentucky breeder since two thousand six and purse money of more than one hundred eighteen million notre time to breed and race in kentucky. More information head over to kentucky breads dot com. My thanks to all of our guests are making this show possible. Hope you enjoyed this. Look back the best conversations of twenty twenty my thanks to my producer lead. Lpn are lexington studio and two charts for handling all the social media again this morning. Thanks for listening. Happy holidays and go steelers please.

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