Barstool Rundown - October 24, 2018


The rundown. As you can see we are at the world famous Kowloon Saugus legend route one terrorism. I have been talking about forever. We want to get the truck out to. Visit us lands on the street. Too busy. We could get the Colin truck to Lansdowne during game. So we brought us to Kowloon for nice light lunch. We love it. Today is anyone showed anyone for Megan happy? So little bit of a runny nose is a late night. You're out till five AM. I was the segue. The people are going to go nuts. You know, shutout the runny nose. It was a bit of a late night. Coke coke. Joe? That's a lie. It what's the take? I listen to anything eighteen to twenty six. Is day. Two of the World Series. Today is brought to you by leesamattress matches mattresses. Get one hundred sixty dollars on any mattress at Lisa dot com slash barstool. Lisa dot com slash parcel hundred sixty dollars off. All right, boys. Game one is in the book. Went down. Exactly. And I mean, exactly like I said higher score by said, it'd be close. Yeah. But I I said seven three eight four. You're off on both numbers. I mean, kind of goes I said it would be close till the seventh inning in the Red Sox blow it open. That's exactly what they did game. One bus. Outscore the genius, gene. I mean, you get water Nunez in that game. And we were making fun of him. Just even moving in the please just starting to come into this game. There's a one old knuckle curve swats it over the green monster three run home run. It was a one one ball game at the time. Or the business to a perfect game as possible for full season never seen anything like it. That's why I'm almost confident. If you're Palmer has makes it into the series either. But I guess he told me as a night before too. Like, hey, we're gonna call RAFI late and you're coming in value. Like, I feel like Farrell honoring my bench. But yeah, I mean, I Selden look great. You didn't have as best. You didn't have ended up committed the fastball or the change ups, but still got the job done. Strike outs for the dodgers weren't be full by him. But the biggest story, and we do this every season on the Red Sox Kershaw for a guy who claims in people. I don't equate that baseball poet. I said he doesn't claim it. But baseball pundits say he's one of the greatest pitchers of all time consistently federally yet, which is better than Pedro. I've heard better than briny Johns. I mean generation strong, regardless of the phrase, it the fact that he lays eggs, and by the way, if you four runs with guys the pitcher the generation that should be it should be knowing but fibers. They say the dodgers store for should be off went down. No, they are five spot on Clayton Kershaw. I never been more. Right. Anything than him being on big game pitcher can handle it can in the light. Something about him. You just doesn't use it it. What was I saying Ted dog? He is he's h. I like him as a person, I think, he's a fundraising legacy. You have something scheduled cursor. Rocking back like the analogy traits. I liked him as a human but on his to say postseason dead dog. Is there any other like, choke that you also say that other finals that my show side on like that? But Chris whoever's on Rondo put them in the fucking hole in his face. Any other choke artists that I liked Peyton not hated Beijing. But he was a rival when Kirk that's part of it. I was never what glacier. Time. Did you go to sleep? Anyways. Again today, they live podcast rotted proud. Oh, yeah. Crowd is always crowded. I guess there was some guy behind us. People didn't care for much. I didn't split we have when we have the headphones and here, we're. There were people making out behind us. There was a girl that shoots all over the floor. Yeah. Directly. We'd never having Landsdowne pub grade host, but we're having a little issues that the GM who I found out wanted to turn the white sauce because like people can't see the screen. I was ready. I told Frankie he told me after I would've been like a you. You'll fire. Doing work like, you're fired. I just fired. Got stick yet. Hey, hey, guess what? You'll find by the way, the power move somebody. You don't even work for the company, but he would have been fired overall great day hubs. Would we go make that t shirt? I mean. No, I knew I'll tell you have. Hubs. He's the a part of me thought this setup. I want to give the Kowloon they've been great host the foods. Unbelievable. Nice light lunch underneath literally. Like, we're all gonna maybe. Like, what did we do? Walk more and apartment, twelve hours straight. But you we are still you can't you just can't talk. Like, no one can hear you. That's okay. Try to act like professional. So yes, I there's a part of me. Let's go around be. Honestly is there any part of any of of sport here? Who's any sympathy feels bad for hubs at all like not even one percent? And you feel like have been trying to like because his I mean, he he is now a main. Thank you. Light hair. No, never like we all joke. And I do think is good. He's built a character. He's just a loser. One b though the lifetime loser. Symbolized being the loser. He is. Now, the number one loser. Like of any sport any team any you look at hubs doc is a loser punching back. You talk tomorrow. I'm starting to come close to feel. Walking punching bags. I'm not even joking. I mean, it's a tough look to. For the entire run of it says he said. Cheer about maybe gets a single as Chris Paul MAC cap. Hold on. Run sympathies. Go. Hub that let's go was maybe the saddest thing that you've done yet. That was so like fake and fault like false five. I five is forced a lot of Fs here. He didn't alliteration, and it was just like you didn't really feel that you've tried to force out. Yeah. Mean in? It's like we've broken him. And I don't want to get to we pro. I imagine having a son and maybe on scout. So like, your forty one year old boss can torture. You like here you go to son go to the bar, and like let our entire like family name and legacy be dragged through the mud you. I'm back to feeling. Feeling. I said this the fight yesterday like your inching closer and closer no longer being like a press. But just like the medieval salted. You have like jesters like he out. I said on the on the broadcast. There was one time. We were doing radio I've walked out, and he was off mantis big mardi Moishe all in customs sit in front of a green screen. What are we doing? But somebody said this too. What's his name? Who knows? No, no, no havington's wheelchair who who is at the driver map map around Matt Brown her against accent friend of the family handles his accident. Great. But he's paralysed. He called him reiki yesterday. He called week. Yeah. You're right wreak from game of thrones. It's like I have his testicles in my hand. Feeding I disliked through the Trump. I'm not saying. I'm not saying that how can come back from this know that wall. What if he's in the World Series next year? Like, I think you're almost like setting him up for a comeback. So you do feel bad because you wheels in motion for this. No, not at all. He he put himself in this position. But I also feel bad for you feel bad for little Dave his life last night, your whole face just dropped you're like actually get stabbed. That wasn't. No, no. I didn't feel bad about that. It was more. Just like wait a second. That could actually have these. I will. Also, given this. He's made this element like having that punching bag is made this all like funnier and better content. So shout out a hubs. Thank you, hugs. Just funny fans trying to spin this Frankie YouTube trying to spin this into a big brother thing how we sing New York. New york. It is it is. I saw their faces when we saw you. I was. Little little brother was I'll give it to you that that works that played fifteen years ago. Now, it's you tried to use it taunting. And you're just getting your grave stomped on. That's not little brother. That's a totally different than we might be the little brother. But it's almost like the little brother grew up to be bigger. Kicks. The fuck. That's the brother. Teatime? Before you were going to get into this the guy, I feel bad. I mean, he's the buck. Thank you. Thank you reek. Throws. You do. Brought to you by VM deal sugar packing. Now, I said Red Sox and five by the way, I think we are probably Sweden. Yeah. I said for I said five, but most of my heart says. We have fifteen prison office with shipping and free returns. N B M T dot com slash rundown. The watches that look like they cost five hundred bucks for you can get them for ninety five. Fifteen percent offer three shipping. Free returns, M B M T dot com. Now, the only bigger losers right now than the maybe the dodgers and Rick Honeycutt. Yeah. That was a wild stance. Route Honeycutt complaining that the bullpens are too close in the crowd in the Fenway Kraus's get into the soft dodgers marshmallows thought. He also said he was upset that we're taunting Kershaw the deaden dog. I don't get it for money honeycomb is major leaguer down every stadium. Acting like is the first time he's ever heard a crowd. I mean, come on and they built for fucking Ted Williams. He looks like quote, right? Yeah. That way there's no way he's upset that. The training Kershaw curve us more upset that when Kershaw was warming up before the game that the Fenway crowd is like basically on top of him. And it was a stuff that they're streaming at him in the bullpen warm TV though, like when he was like doing running Droz and stuff. It was all dodge. All right there. Right. Yeah. Oh hundred dollars. Maybe they were like, hey, dude. Please don't stay up aver. Magic Johnson quote of all time on one of those documentaries. Like we used to the Boston Garvey holds like hundred agrees buddies. So hot fans are chanting magic. When he gets you. Magic wing gets the game start before hours. Adam Schefter trying to get into like the cute gain with this ally. No, yeah. He like traded tweet Bernie Eli apple I saw you send it to me on our helicopter. I'm like, oh my God. I thought for sure and you were gonna freak out of me. I thought you were going to react to it tweet something. And then blame me like what you said. Oh, like what you said was dead. Tweet about that. I woke up and saw it like people was it. Was it article? Remember that when Mike barnicle and? Carrozza thing called we lost beat raiders. I woke will. What is your tax not dead yet? I already wrote a blog that he was dead. Published? I would have written. This is. Yeah. No. You're false information. Guys. I'm time knows Mike barnicle. No, I didn't hear from you. He was crushing it with the bullpen updates last night fair's fair as true. Tom has up you're gonna fucking. Packet about what the profile looks are going to be in this video eating the eating. I know it. Let's. Touch my food since they've fucking food. Well, no, you talked one time just full mouth, go Heron. Sir. Can I eat Lois show office miniature Brett edgier who is working our office here? I don't even know people really know what you are who's watching his mind this guy like all business, Pete junior. I'd say, yeah. Just booked in Quincy with the no more rooms. I went to Fronton like do you have any runs a? Yeah. What an asshole. I mean, really jerk. Power move attempted power move. Yeah. So welcome Andrews working back. Tom Hanks said he was like horribly sexually horrible. Now. He's a freak his wife. He credits with that water on naked all the time. He also said he soundly, Astle caulking jerk. Not the big Tom Hanks is always like very lovable character several per to predict well, even in roads perdition wildly underrated movie. I agree. So good. I'm just gonna hang around. But he walks around naked. Now, all the time said flying private is like is number one. Vice hasn't flown on commercial airlines, nineteen eighty like crack cocaine and. What's he saying? That's. Well, I like Hanks doesn't seem like somebody rubs in like private or like, I make it a law. I make it a law these, but I think that's all hangs on his patio. Slinging dick, Tommy Hanks. Find that weird. Yeah. But I think the private thing. I mean, the number one thing. Anyone's face, though, people say. Tom Hanks money, though, exactly so expect that from Tom Hanks say I wouldn't expect him to fly commercial fucking Southwest Airlines. This. You're not rub it in my face with about you having to tell. We flew on a helicopter. They never doing anything. Number one number of never Flagler Shaw. Same right? We'll also. Struggle the sex stories. I do have. Yeah. What's going on with that? I don't know. Allergies is sick. I can never tell. For yourself said he on earth, an old playboy video video interview younger and said he lost his virginity to the Notre Dame fights on goes into a little more detail about it. He said it wasn't. He was an insult and on a waterbed and have just bites on plane as head you believe that. Yeah. Gruden. Yeah. No rename. Although maybe I I'm set feel like that's weird thing. Like, you'll walk on Brawley sexy. Here only thought is like oh my God. I'm having sex. Right. So that's why don't come. Don't come. And I guess. Yeah. Yeah. I guess I can see that logic anyone's going to have bikes on clang while they lose their Janati. It's going to be younger. Now that's fair. I just I don't know. I can't imagine anyone there. First time having sex thinking anything, but all my God. Matt sex. You're just like, yeah. I think we're lost my virginity. I just did like three pumps as all right? That's what it is. I'm good evening. You didn't finish check it out. You still get you leave? It check it out. Water. That makes no sense. But what also you don't as a whole? Steelers won all these the office. No, I'm taking this guy's dry. George reminds me of the Brady bunch. All right. That's pretty much it any pose you. This is one of those ideas that just got my head, by the way, I'm like oh Kowloon doing rundown. Yeah. I do this more often. So we weren't. So we go we made me think of eating way too much before we started filming third player. I know also to like well. I'll put it in there. And then I heard another one I already got when well someone else. So we just far too much. But that's fine. That's fine. It's a celebratory. This is the good thing about the Red Sox so much better. It's like a celebration World Series. We're looking at cheered ideas. We're having these big meals every day. It's like every day we clinched everyday. And as more of like, a celebration of the city to of the merchant we're doing for the Red Sox. We incorporate the patriots the Bruins and Celtics into this is it's a celebration of Boston. How good is it really is hitting all the high spots it. No, no city. No team. No fan base is ever countered. Their chickens before they had and still had them hatch. Yeah. Waiting for the chickens and having parties, but they're coming chickens hatching, that's the rundown. Pointed out, I feel like we all just maybe it speaks to where we are. But you said it we're all together. Red Sox have won thirteen other last fifteen World Series team ever done that. I don't know. I saw last night. I don't know if there was like a best since nineteen whatever fuck, but I can't imagine that. I don't think anybody's ever had that running the Yankees. I have participation Joe to win win thirty out of fifteen World Series games. No chance they've just been there. So they weren't sweeping the never sweet. What is this? If this ends has two losses two hundred teams that don't even done that. Don't even done that one one game each of you can make cases dominance scenes of all time. Last night also triggers retraining extrapolated, ours dominant, run any city as had over two decades and history. It was on. And now, you know, the Roman empire lost, blah, blah. When I do the test. You know? Yeah. I was in thousands of years, right? Great great. We have a better chance of hit by an asteroid before the end of this. What would you mean doing right now if it wasn't for this this run in Boston sports championships? I mean Barsha was built on this day, Fordham when exist as we know it today, correct? I know. Where would you be? Dave. Yeah. Yeah. I really don't know someone asks that there was actually talking about the sports. Business reporter had. Carsoup sports was founded when all this started would it exist without the Boston's classic chicken in the egg. Because like would the Boston success happened with varsity sports, I like that line out? It's like I brought the positivity in a. The city has never seen. It was all the miserable sees Borjas. And I said, no. We're gonna come man success and also nothing less, and that's what's happening. So it is classic chicken. The and now we're at the Kowloon Chevron face. This bad. For nine hours. Pizzas, electric, literature. All this. Chairs, but it's worth really? I mean, any chair you sit him from three o'clock, the midnight eventually gonna get you just. Ninety or worse than say something like this with that. Yeah. But I need a back of my chair to be. Ability or something. That'd be around. Yeah. All right. That's the rundown. Cheers tonight. How Lune Saugus anymore? David price price. David price can't lose go to the fact that I know do probably gonna win and winning big again nuts. Chickens. I mean this game as will play what what what time to be alive rundown. That's really what it is.

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