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Hello. And thank you. All. Thank y'all. No, thank you. All right. This is NAT. Thank you for tuning into this episode of the digital vibe, Ed w w w the digital vibe dot com. And of course, this is that. I'm glad you get into no me. For those of you who are new to the digital vibe. Where have you been all my life, right? It's like a date where have you been all my life? But you do have a date with me every week. On the digital vibe. So you can tune in get lots of good stuff each and every week the digital vibe is on air weekly this the weekly podcast. So you can be sure that you'll get a healthy dose of me each and every week, right? It's like, oh, I can't do without her. Oh, well, this is what I love about doing the digital vibe. I really enjoy talking. And then when you have something to save in more. You know, it's it said thing that I love that makes me feel alive. So this is a treat for me. So I hope it is for you. I one thing that I I as you. Well know, if you don't know by now when entrepeneurship and I have built a business of brands and one thing I do enjoy is every once in a while. I get to talk about what I call my babies. My brands. Oh, my babies, I've I've watched them grow from here to there. And they're everywhere. Now, they're all over the world. And you happen to be listening to one of them. And I am glad I'm proud of my babies and proud of my brands, I think being an entrepreneur is something that's is pretty amazing. It is quite a journey. And if you ever. I don't know if I should say decided to become one or you felt it was something that you recall to do urine for quite a journey. You are. And it's a journey of ups and downs. A lot more ups and downs. Or, you know, I don't know. But it is a glorious near. It is something else. It's a lot of work. It's a lot of work. But it's a journey that I'm glad I took when I took it. I knew that. I would I was called to do it. And it's a dream. It's a dream. And I'm living that dream every single day every single day. I get an opportunity to talk to live my brands into and to just enjoy the fact that I have this, you know, and it's not easy. But I tell you it is well worth it. One. I wanted to talk about like I said when one of my brands and when my babies. And I'm just gonna make short to the point. At least I hope so. With Super Bowl coming up, right? Super bowl's coming up. It's right around the corner. You know, a lot of things are getting planned right now. You know, different things, and whatever, you know, all these different things that are going on with the Super Bowl why not start now and begin some of your shopping at one of my brands, which branch shopping dot com. And we have a Super Bowl edition right there for you to shop literally until you drop. So I specialize in if you don't know by now, I kind of specialize in books I love to read. So my my my website is full of not just books, but toys games apparel, you know, bags totes things like that. So we do have a Super Bowl edition though, for twenty nineteen don't know who's gonna win. And I'm not projecting anything at all. I'm just putting it out there this Super Bowl stuff out there. So you may wanna just purchase maybe some memorabilia passable winds things like that. And I'm sorry for you. Philly fans that your team did make it again this year, you know, back to back as a difficult thing to do. And you weren't able to achieve that goal. But look at what you did. Right. So we're gonna have some new people for the Super Bowl coming up but make BSN which is branch shopping network. A part of your Super Bowl celebration. And shop real hard. Okay. Before I close like to mention one other thing. It's not only Super Bowl. That's coming up. Right. It's also Valentine's Day. So what do you think BSN is gonna do? We have put together a special treat for you. So when you visit our side check out the roses. You'll be glad you did. Tune in next time for the digital vibe at WWW, the digital vibe dot com. Sia?

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