Cattle Mutilation Pt. 2


This episode features discussion of animal mutilation that some people may find offensive listener discretion is advised, especially for children under thirteen. On June twenty seventh nineteen Seventy-eight Steve Ferguson was working on a farm in Bentonville, Arkansas, when something strange caught his eye. He discovered an eerie altar of carefully stacked stones in the center of the ominous structure was a cow skull, the empty sockets stared back at Ferguson. He was terrified, but couldn't turn away stepping closer. He noticed that some of the stones had strange symbols on them. He had never seen anything like it two months later. Ferguson came across a second altar, even stranger than the first a plastic human skull, and a large knife, or in the middle once again, Erie symbols had been written on the surrounding rocks. When Ferguson looked closer, he saw a warning painted in white letters. It read Zydus wrath. Is upon you. The Benton county sheriff's department began doing research in hopes of deciphering, the symbols on the stones of the altar. They believed that recent cattle mutilations in the area might be connected, the department found that the symbols matched with the FIBA now. Alphabet, also known as the witches alphabet, a theory developed that the people who made the altars reusing the animal organs as an offering to dark supernatural forces for the first time you follow just had to content with the idea that the culprits behind cattle, mutilation, might not becoming from the depths of outer space, but from the pits of hell. Are we alone? Have we been alone? Will we be alone stories of alien visitation have been ingrained in human history alien life may not be confirmed, but our obsession with it can't be ignored welcome to extraterrestrial apar- cast original, I'm Tim. And I'm Bill every Tuesday we visit the marvelous and strange stories about our encounters with beings from another world. We're aware that some of these tales may seem completely unbelievable others may seem all too real, but these stories shed light on human nature, human beliefs, and human psychology and each story has garnered, hundreds, if not millions of true, believers, and for that reason we think they're worth exploring. This is our second episode on the cattle, mutilation, phenomenon today will follow the escalation of cattle mutilations in the US and the F B I's resistance to have any involvement. Will also detail. Why extraterrestrials and satanic cults were the most popular theories and why we are no closer to discovering the truth. Then we were decades ago at par cast. We're grateful for you. Our listeners, you allow us to do it. We love let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help. We also now have merchandise had depar- cast dot com slash merch. For more information. Last episode. We followed the nineteen sixty seven death of lady, a horse that was mutilated in alamosa Colorado, lady's death was the first case of animal mutilation linked to extraterrestrials ladies head and neck were stripped of all flesh and tissue. She was also missing her brain and organs. There was no trace of blood in or near her body, and no tracks to explain who did it the horse belong to rancher Nelly Lewis, who believed that extraterrestrials were behind her horses unexplainable death due to the frequent UFO sightings. She and other towns. People had witnessed lady's death was just one example, in a pattern of graphic and gruesome, livestock deaths reported by ranchers stories of cattle mutilation, escalated throughout the nineteen seventies. But ranchers law enforcement, and the US government were. Unable to find an explanation as to what was causing the mysterious deaths has the stories continue to emerge. Ranchers reported seeing black helicopters sometimes referred to as phantom helicopters at the sites of the mutilations before, or just after they occurred, the role that these mysterious helicopters played in the death of the cattle is unclear. But the connection between the two is impossible to ignore at the first multi-state mutilation, conferences held in Albuquerque. New Mexico on April twentieth. Nineteen seventy nine Tom Adams, a Texas, researcher stated that there were over two hundred incidents where unmarked and unidentified choppers were seen near mutilation sites. Some ranchers had not only seen choppers near the sites, but had actually seen helicopters airlifting the cattle into the sky and carrying them away at night. Other ranchers mentioned heloc. Copters attempting to run their cars off the road by flying dangerously close to the ground, farmers believed that the government was experimenting on their cattle and were trying to hush it up to most law enforcement agencies. This theory, obviously, didn't hold much water. If the government wanted to experiment on cattle could they not procure their own? Would they not want to keep the corpses for further examination and study? Why would they need to go to all the trouble of sneaking around with helicopters at night? This theory is obviously, an outgrowth of the ranchers suspicious, attitudes toward the government officials who wouldn't take their concerns, seriously, ranchers were worried about how they were going to survive another year if their animals were being wiped out by unknown circumstances. Although the helicopter explanations started, as a government, conspiracy theory, some believe that the choppers were connected to extraterrestrial involvement. Those that supported the alien theory belief that the helicopters were actually spacecraft that could change shape, the extraterrestrials would transform their craft to look like government helicopters. Another possible explanation was that the helicopters were the US government's attempt to remove any evidence, aliens left behind from these mutilations, if the government was aware extraterrestrials were behind the mutilations. They might want to cover them up, whether the helicopters were vehicles in disguise, or government issue, choppers ranchers viewed them as a direct threat to their livestock and livelihood. Some farmers decided to take out their frustration on the helicopters and armed themselves planning on shooting at the choppers in order to protect their property. In August nineteen seventy-five Floyd. Haskell a fifty nine year old United States Senator from Colorado decided to take action though, he had been a Republican for most of his political career, Haskell, made a bold move in one thousand nine hundred seventy when he became a democrat after deciding, he could no longer support, the Vietnam, war, Haskell's, Senate win in nineteen seventy seventy-two over the Republican incumbent, Gordon Allitt was an upset having received votes from traditionally Republican rural areas of Colorado Housego felt he needed to honor this vote of confidence by taking the concerns of his constituents seriously, and one of their chief concerns was cattle mutilation, and supposed- government helicopters that were somehow connected. So in August nineteen seventy-five Senator Haskell asked the FBI for help in Colorado alone. There had been one hundred thirty case. Of livestock, mutilation, and he was tired of the problem being ignored. The Colorado bureau of investigation a law enforcement agency that performs forensic and laboratory services and criminal investigations had been looking into the mutilations along with local law enforcement, but had made little progress, Haskell proposed that the F B involvement would allow there to be unified front and hoped that real progress could be made on the issue. The only problem was that the FBI had previously stated that the killings of cattle were not within their jurisdiction. Ostensibly these were unrelated isolated incidents. But Haskell believe that the problem was at a dire level and that the bureau needed to reconsider according to journalist, Nick Redfern Haskell then issued a press release letting the media know of the bureau's position in early September. Nineteen seventy five the Denver post reiterated the importance and urgency of the matter and push the issue further by. Adding, quote consider this because of the gun. Happy frame of mind. Developing in eastern, Colorado, where most of the incidents have been occurring the US bureau of land management, BLM has had to cancel a helicopter inventory of its lands in six counties. The Elim officials are simply afraid that their helicopters might be shot down by ranchers and others frightened by cattle deaths shortly thereafter special agents row sack and semester of the Colorado FBI visited the offices of the Denver post in response to the article the meetings, seemed like a promising step in getting some real answers for ranchers. It seemed like Haskell's tactic had worked, and the FBI was finally ready to get on board. However, the meeting ended with the agents doubling down on their previous statement, the matter was out of their jurisdiction. The meeting was less about the FBI. Trying to meet in the middle and more about them asserting their power. They weren't going to be publicly shamed by the Denver post. However, the FBI's investigative authority is the broadest of all federal law enforcement agencies. It's likely that the F B I could have investigated the cases at this time, but was choosing not to Housego believe that this was the situation and was determined not to give up on September eleventh. Nineteen seventy five Haskell contacted Clarence m Kelley at the FBI Clarence had been director of the FBI since nineteen Seventy-three when he was appointed by then president Richard Nixon Kelly was the second ever director of the FBI and had excelled at every position he'd previously held he was a man who followed protocol. So if Haskell wanted him to make an exception and investigate the mutilations he needed a solid reason in September nineteen seventy-five Haskell had received a call from Dane Edwards editor of the brush, banner in brush. Rush, Colorado Edwards had been writing for the banner since may nineteen seventy five when he had moved from Texas to Colorado. Specifically to report on the cattle mutilations. He hoped to collect stories for a future book that would spur the public into action in one of his first articles Edwards wrote that the brush banner was one of the few newspapers that was investigating the cattle mutilations not just reporting on them shortly after publishing. These articles Edwards started receiving strange phone calls in the middle of the night. When Edwards would answer. He was met with a low voice, the voice on the other end would threaten him telling him to stop the investigation if he didn't the price would be his life, the calls, seemed to become more frequent and horrifying one particularly disturbing. Call even went so far as to threaten his beloved puppies days later Edwards. Puppies went missing. Then one night Edwards came home from a long day at work as he walked up to his door. What he saw made him. Stop in his tracks. Someone had thrown red paint on his front door. But when he walked closer, he realized that it wasn't paint at all. It was blood. When calling Senator Haskell Edwards shared all of these details, as well as something else, he recently learned after some recent mutilations in his area. Ranchers reported seeing what they claim to be US. Army helicopters in the sky afterwards Senator Haskell hoped that the unidentified helicopters would fall under the F B I's jurisdiction forcing them to look into the mutilations. He also was genuinely concerned over the threats made against Edwards and asked the FBI to look into those as well. The F B I told Haskell, they would pass along the information to their Denver office, who would follow the situation Housego politely. Thank them for their help, but didn't hold his breath. Meanwhile, the Colorado bureau of investigation found that Edwards had made a lot of enemies while conducting his investigation. He had been all over Colorado spending nights at ranches with a right. I full across his lap waiting to catch the culprits behind the mutilations earlier that summer in an attempt to ward off, satanic cults, and stop the cattle mutilations Edwards sought out the help of a witch's coven, because even gave him too protective symbols Edwards, published the two symbols on the front page of the July. Nineteen seventy five edition of the brush banner, the CBI believed that this most likely angered not only cult members but readers of the paper, who didn't want anything to do with the Colt. Perhaps most aggressively on September tenth nineteen seventy five right around the time of his phone call to Haskell Edwards campaign for the truth came to a head when he wrote a scathing condemnation of Colorado. Governor Richard Lamm, who he believed wasn't doing enough to address the mutilations. It's possible that Haskell was aware of this and was motivated to take Edwards. Seriously for fear of a similar reprisal lamb met with Edwards in October nineteen seventy five and afterward was quoted as saying there is some real antagonism between our office and the banner a couple of months past, and then on December fifth nineteen seventy-five Edwards wife filed a missing persons report. He had disappeared rumors abounded. Of course. Some thought that perhaps the cult had made good on its threats other. Others wondered if the governor hadn't sought revenge for the scathing article, however, a December nineteen Seventy-nine investigation into the matter later published in think magazine revealed that Edwards was actually fired from the banner in October nineteen seventy-five though, that was around the time of his quarrel with the governor the publisher of the paper claimed he was terminated for quotes poor business practices. It seemed he owed money to multiple people, including those at a Denver, motel where he had stayed on his way out of the state in December all evidence suggests that he fled back to Texas to avoid jail. And so one of the chief proponents of the cattle noodle investigation in Colorado was proven to be a fraud were his stories about threatening phone calls blood on his door and army helicopters. Even true years past Haskell remained. I'm in favor of investigating cattle mutilation despite being burned by Edwards. He still had many constituents claiming that the phenomenon was a problem finally on April twentieth. Nineteen Seventy-nine Senator Harrison Schmitt of New Mexico and US. Attorney for New Mexico are Thompson held the conference on livestock, mutilation, in Albuquerque by the end of the conference, the district attorney in Santa Fe, New Mexico announced that a law enforcement assistance administration grant had been given to fund a special investigative unit to look into the numerous cattle, mutilations finally, the Justice department authorized, the F B I office in Albuquerque to get involved in the investigation due to the mutilations occurring on native American lands. The investigation launched in may nineteen seventy nine and was called operation animal, mutilation. It was time to get answers. Next up the FBI gets to the bottom of the cattle, mutilation phenomenon. Darkness tragedy pain. These things hide within every beloved institution. And most people are none the wiser every week. 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Senator the FBI finally launched an investigation into the cattle mutilation phenomenon in may nineteen Seventy-nine. It was funded by a grant of over forty four thousand dollars from the law enforcement assistance administration. The year long investigation was led by F B I agent, Kenneth Rommel, and was concluded on January. Fifteenth nineteen eighty Rommel determined in his final report that the mutilated livestock, died of natural causes and were then consumed by scavengers. He believed that in thousands of cases, farmers had simply misdiagnosed their animal's deaths in the report. Rommel wrote that quote, during my investigation of the one hundred seventeen mutilations that have been reported in New Mexico since nineteen seventy five I have not found one single. Case which after careful scrutiny of available evidence could be confirmed as a classic mutilation, Rommel, even went as far as to say that police officers had perpetuated deliberate hoaxes and filed falsified reports his recommendation was that no further federal funds. Be wasted on researching the matter Rommel, was a skeptic and remained a skeptic throughout the investigation in a nineteen ninety four interview he did for the new Mexican Romo was quoted as saying, I have a certain amount of sympathy for people whose lives are, so dull and boring that they have to get their kicks by fantasizing about the decomposition of dead animals, those that were aware of Rommel's inherent bias, believe the investigation was over before it, started house in Hudson, a writer for skeptical aid in two thousand fifteen was quoted as saying the investigation amounted to little more than collections of. Newspaper clippings, many UFO believers felt that the investigation was a sham and that the mutilations were never taken seriously from the start some believed that Rommel was hired to debunk the theories behind cattle mutilations in order to stop the growing media frenzy. Although there is no proof of this. The results of Rommel's investigation did just that was the FBI investigation, a ruse in order to appease, ranchers and finally, put an end to reports of cattle mutilation, or was the F B I covering up the existence of extraterrestrials. Or were they perhaps covering up something equally? Sinister cattle mutilations in the nineteen seventies had ranchers in a panic desperate for answers while some theorized that aliens were behind the livestock deaths others believed that the culprits were human since the post-war years of the nineteen fifties. The United States had been experiencing a rise in right wing Christian evangelism. Many were adopting a very literal version of the faith in which Satan, and his minions were always right around the corner, ready to drag you down to hell. This trend was motivated in part by the rise of television and the preachers who could now sermon is across the airwaves. By the nineteen seventies, the beginnings of a moral satanic panic were in play. Some believe that Satan worshippers were using the body parts and blood of mutilated cattle for satanic sacrifices. However, there was no real evidence that validated. These theories brutal killings such as the one thousand nine hundred sixty nine Manson, murders only intensified, these fears due to the highly publicized, and gruesome nature of the Manson murders. Won- forcement across the US was on high alert for any potential cult related violence. Here is Linda Deutsch retired AP special correspondent, who covered the Manson trials discussing the lasting impact of the murders. Kyler culture. It wasn't just that he ordered the killings of seven helpless, people for no apparent reason except that he was nuts. He was Kadett and he had a vision that he wanted to be same as a singer, and he never could get a contract. And so the killings in a way where the his revenge on Hollywood nineteen seventy-five Donald e flick jour- an agent in the US treasuries alcohol, tobacco and firearms division, certainly felt the impact of the Manson murders. Much of his job over the last few years had revolved around tracking cult activity. He had even investigated a potential cult cattle mutilation connection. But with few results, his first investigation into cattle mutilations was in cooperation with Allen Hynek a Northwestern University, astronomer and. Former UFO consultant to the US air force's project blue book Hynek wanted to see if there was a connection between cattle mutilations in UFO's since flicking, her had an interest in UFO sightings, and had personally done his own research. He was an obvious choice. But ultimately, he found no connection. But then in January, nineteen seventy-five flicking was contacted by UFO expert and Jerome Clark who had been sent a letter from Albert Kenneth Bankston Bankston was an inmate at Fort Leavenworth penitentiary in Kansas, serving twenty five years for armed robbery. The inmate claim to have information about a satanic cult whose members had been engaging an animal mutilation, Jerome Clark, along with other extraterrestrial believers and researchers had a vested interest in there, not being a connection between the mutilations aliens. They wanted. To believe that if aliens were real they weren't the sort of beings that would torture cattle satanic cults had already been floated in certain circles as being behind the cattle mutilations. And so when flick injure her Bankston had information he was eager to hear the details for himself. Flicking jer sat down in a cold, dimly lit room across from Bankston Bankston described a cult that brutally mutilated animals and use their body parts as sacrifices to Satan their goal was to create hell on earth. Bankston seemed nervous afraid he was worried that if any of the inmates got wind of what he was sharing than the members of the cult would find out and come after him in order to protect himself Bankston requested to be transferred to a jail in Minnesota flicking couldn't let anything happen, the Bankston his information was detailed and consistent. So he had Bankston transferred to a jail in Minnesota and proceeded to interrogate the inmate for months. This was the first real evidence that linked cults to animal, mutilation, and flicking jer wasn't about to let it slip through his fingers Bankston said. That a satanic cult out of Texas was the culprits. They call themselves the sons of Satan, while the called mostly targeted animals for their sacrifices Bankston said that they were planning to start sacrificing humans by the end of nineteen seventy five this confirmed a fear among ranchers, who believed that colts were behind the deaths of their cattle, if they were capable of performing such horrific acts on innocent livestock. What was to prevent them from coming after humans next? Bankston detailed how the Colt committed the mutilations in order to make it look as if extraterrestrials were behind the murders. I the cult would tranquilize the animal with fence cycling. Dean, also known as PCP the members would then use large pieces of cardboard to step on the ground in order to leave. No tracks while approaching the animal. They then used veterinary syringes to extract the blood, the cult members would then slice open the animal, and remove the organs and body parts that they wanted to use in sacrificial rituals, Bankston gave flick injure the name of an ex cult member. Another Leavenworth inmate named Dan, Dugan, who he believed would have more details Dugan was transferred to the same small town jail in Minnesota, as Bankston while both inmates were being interrogated, investigators attempted to catch them an ally. But both parties told identical stories. Dugan actually reported that he had been part of a human sacrifice that occurred in nineteen sixty five in Kozak Nebraska. He claimed that four teenagers were passing by the campgrounds of the cult the cult members tranquilize, the young men and proceeded to give them large doses of PCP they treated the teenagers with as little regard as when they murdered cattle but cult members cut open, the boys, removing their organs and draining the blood from their bodies. They then put the remains in sacks and toss them into a gravel pit. Flicking immediately contacted Cho's, add law enforcement in hopes of recovering. The supposed boys bodies, but none were found regardless Dugan and Bankston became an asset to flick injure providing him with fourteen names of people that were in the sons of Satan. Many of the names, flicking jer related to law enforcement were already being looked into as possibly having connections to cults this further validated Duke and Bankston stories, Dugan and banks and also provided flick with a list of people the cult planned on targeting primarily notable, liberal politicians, including Hubert Humphrey, a former democratic vice president, and Minnesota Senator the Rangers in Kilgore Texas were in the process of interrogating. People with suspected satanic cult connections and had learned that a large gathering was planned for August nineteen seventy five the group was. Known as the church of Satan, these two details corroborated. What Dugan and Bankston had been telling flicking her for months. It seemed like law enforcement was closing in on the cultists. This was reinforced when in early nineteen seventy-five flick. Injure began receiving death threats every time his phone rang panic would set in he would nervously answer and was met with an eerie voice threatening his life. One day flicking came home to find his door was smeared with blood despite being in a different state flick, injures threats mimicked those of Dan Edwards, the writer of the brush banner, who we discussed earlier, could this be further proof that cults were behind the mutilations Dugan and Bankston emphasize that the sons of Satan were a group of powerful, and extremely wealthy people as frightening as the threats were? For flicking believed that they only proved he was getting closer to the truth. But Dubinin Bankston were about to make flicking question everything they told him on may thirty first nineteen seventy five a few months after the investigation had begun a guard walked down the block of cells in the Minnesota prison as he checked to make sure everything was quiet. He stopped at Kenneth Bankston cell for guard couldn't believe what he saw Bankston was gone. He had escaped. Up next. We discover whether there really is a link between cattle mutilations, and satanic, cults and learn whether this phenomenon is still going on today now the conclusion of our story. On may thirty first nineteen seventy-five Kenneth Bankston an inmate in the state of Minnesota escaped from his cell, he had been an informant to Donald e flicking her a US treasury agent and was helping him to prove that there was a connection between the wave of recent cattle mutilations and satanic cults. This wasn't the first time Bankston had attempted to escape from jail. In January of nineteen sixty nine Bankston was one of four prisoners who carved soap in the shape of a pistol and took a sheriff in two deputies hostage in Mississippi Bankston ended up, surrendering after a night of rain and freezing temperatures. But luckily, this time Bankston was captured the same day. He tried to escape and thrown back in his cell without any violence. But then impossibly the very next day flick injures other informant. Dan? Dugan went missing as well. Had he been abducted by these sinister colts? He was informing on as it turned out the explanation was nothing. So exciting is that Dugan had merely escaped of his own accord, and had attempted to hide from the law? He was on the run for a month until he was eventually captured and put behind bars once again flicking your felt like a fool, he had allowed both men to manipulate him into putting them in lower security, prisons worse yet. Their stories about sensational colts sacrificing cows, and humans alike were proving to lead to few concrete arrests as it turned out the church of Satan weren't evil devil worshippers, but an atheist group, dedicated to human determine him, it seemed that everyone involved had been caught up in satanic panic and the two inmates. Use that to position themselves. Selves toward an escape attempt. And so all major investigations into cattle mutilation in the nineteen seventies lead to dead ends general UFO and cult hysteria had led even the most rational law enforcement agents, down a rabbit hole of invisible, helicopters, satanic rituals and abducted cows. But in the modern era where belief in aliens in secret cults has perhaps died down some improved understanding of livestock, biology, and the surrounding science allows us to consider more rational explanations. There are many silent but deadly diseases that can result in the sudden death of cattle but could natural factors really produce the horrifying cattle carcasses found by ranchers. Scientists, as well as the F B. I believe the answer is yes, there are a couple of explanations for what might cause. The mysterious missing body parts on mutilated livestock, for one insects and animals, often, eat the mucous membranes and the softest parts of dead animals, and second after an animal dies. It's skin quickly becomes dehydrated resulting in the thinning out of tissue. This could lead to loss of genitalia ears in other loose tissue around the head the surgical like incisions often found on mutilated livestock could be made by the teeth of predators. Another cause could be bloating a natural symptom of decomposition that can lead skin to split along straight lines. Resembling precision cuts carcass skin tearing also exposes the organs making it that much easier for scavengers to feast on them as for the. Lack of blood on mutilated livestock, when an animal dies, the heart stops pumping blood throughout the body once that happens, the blood settles, and coagulates, and if scavengers then come and tear at what's left of the animal. There may be no blood left at all. And while some claim that the lack of animal prints around dead, livestock suggest the animals are dropped from the sky or something similar. It's more likely that the animal prints are simply worn away by the elements before ranchers find them. Revisiting the original wife stock mutilation case that of lady, the horse, we can see where many of these more rational, explanations might play a role and Furthermore, we can see how ladies owner Nellie Lewis was very biased in her approach to discovering the truth from the moment, Nellie found out, lady had died under mysterious circumstances. She was desperate to get to the bottom of it. She claimed she only cared about the truth. And yet, her point of view may already have been tainted alien spacecraft sightings were common in the area, flashing lights and small spacecraft were often reported to local law enforcement Nellie had seen her fair share of UFO's and was known to sit on her porch. Hoping to catch a glimpse of something supernatural in an interview with Don hard. Now, his nephew he recalls. Nellie fascination with the frightening. Ng in strange. Dodd is quoted as saying she had seen strange lights in the valley. So right away. She wanted to say it was extraterrestrial or something from outer space that did this, maybe with a laser beam or some kind of technology. We don't know about, but Nelly his own family was not nearly as convinced mysterious animal injuries are part of running any farm or ranch. In fact, Berle Louis. No. As husband recalls that, Harry king. Nell, his brother, had a bull that mysteriously went blind a month before ladies death. He also owned a CAF that began to have developmental issues as it grew its hooves became deformed resulting in the CAF having a difficult time, walking Harry thought it was awed, but didn't bother to have a veterinarian come take a look, Berle recalled. At one day. Harry just took the calf and shot. It then dragged it into the bushes, and left it there, Harry. And. Rural were able to see these as acceptable losses. The men were more focused on what to do about preserving the rest of the livestock. They were perfectly content moving on from unusual circumstances, hairy maintained that lady had simply been struck by lightning. If Nellie hadn't kept pushing the extraterrestrial theory, it's reasonable to believe that lady may never have become a new story at all. But of course, that's not what happened. And as the story of lady strange death began to spread ladies, carcass became a tourist attraction, and while Nellie siblings were caught up on the ranch attempting to keep spectators at bay Nellie was giving an interview to Pearl Nicklaus at the valley courier. Nellie potentially enjoyed the attention. She was getting locally and wanted to see how far she could push the limits of her fifteen minutes of fame. Her strange untimely suicide suggested that she was more. Doubled than anyone knew Nellie was an enigma. And she was not a reliable source of extraterrestrial information. With most of our cattle mutilation discussion being confined to the nineteen sixties and nineteen. Seventies, we're left to wonder whether the phenomenon continues to be a significant problem today, while there have been thousands upon thousands of cases of cattle mutilation throughout the decades. And from all across the US reports have slowly, decreased since the late, nineteen seventies, a large factor that played into that decrease in new stories was the FBI investigation in nineteen eighty that determined neither colts, nor extraterrestrials were behind the mutilations additionally, the general UFO mania of the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies likely sensationalize the issue at the time and made more people report mutilations and put forth extraterrestrials as the culprits, just like Nelly. Their point of view was biased from the beginning because the F B I concluded that the deaths were natural. The coverage of the topic eventually became less exciting the cases were all relatively the same, and with the alien theory, debunks, the story didn't carry the same weight and so- cattle mutilations still occur today. But ranchers are less inclined to cite supernatural causes. On December eighteenth two thousand sixteen in Hutchinson. Kansas Abol was killed and mutilated. It's genitals removed with precise cuts a few weeks. Later on January, first a pregnant cow was found dead. One of her eyes was missing along with the eyelids certainly this was a more precise cut than a predator could make a veterinarian believed the I was removed with a laser leaving the local sheriff's stumped while no one insisted aliens were behind the mutilations. They didn't believe natural predators would be able to precisely remove the body parts and like many such cases, that's where the story ends no one ever got to the bottom of who had precisely mutilated the bowl and the cow. It remains unclear then whether nude elections, truly have decreased or if ranchers have simply given up on trying to assign a cause. Examining the facts of cattle, mutilation. We feel we can assign the phenomenon a number from one to ten on the believability scale, the Haskell era reports of government helicopters, appearing at the sites of mutilations seem, especially unbelievable, as we said, if the government was experimenting on cattle couldn't. They just procure their own and wouldn't they perform their experiments in a lab where they could monitor the results, and if the helicopters weren't performing experiments, but were instead covering up evidence of extraterrestrial involvement, wouldn't it make more sense, to remove the lifestyle completely, or at least further disfigure the corpse to douse suspicion? The colts theory, feels similarly, bogus, there was never any evidence, linking real active cult activity to cattle mutilation, Bankston Dugan, some of the only individuals to even claim such a connection. We're. Clearly telling law enforcement what they wanted to hear their attempted escapes from prison prove, they were only ever interested in being moved to lower security, facilities, and finally, the flagship case of the whole phenomenon the case of lady, the horse becomes extremely suspect. When Nellie Lewis is held up to scrutiny with all of this in mind. We give cattle mutilation a three on the believability scale, the sheer volume of cases, leads us to at least give the theory, some credit, but of course, there is likely no one cause of all these livestock deaths predators disease accidents. And yes, human tampering are likely all to blame. But then, again, no one can know, for sure what happens out on the range, if cows could talk, they might tell some strange stories stories that might include. Abduction by visitors from another world. Thanks for tuning in our episodes on the cattle, mutilation, phenomenon you can find all previous episodes of extraterrestrial, as well as all par cast other shows on Spotify, and anywhere else you listen to podcasts. We'll be back next week with a new episode extraterrestrial was created by max Cutler is a production of Cutler media and is part of the podcast network. It is produced by Maxine Ron Cutler with sound design by Paul Liebskind production assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Moller. Additional production assistance by Maggie admire, and Freddie. Beckley extraterrestrial is written by Sasha Garin and stars Bill. Thomas and Tim Johnson. Now that this episode is finished. 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