Bass in Your Face with T Money Green Episode 59


You're listening to the podcast, Detroit. Visit WWW dot casting Troy dot com before information. Unfortunately, I'm not in at the moment. Please leave a message acetone. I thought we had a say we ain't got. No. So I go down club. Shake my ask no I need to show kinda though out. Recenter your pet. You have five saved messages saved message Monday at three thirty five PM. Matting. Do you reach? Yeah. Tony stupid base money. Will. Fever. To my home way. Tony dream Detroit. Hope it goes for. This starts. Dreams. Radio. Starts. Starts with and. Endless say. Rolling. Softly. Hope it goes for a ban. Slowing down the day. Two. Trying to catch. Living. The bed. As the sun star. Trees. Starts. Hey. Rolling. Big. Being on. Shoes. Live. Van. Am. This is. This kid. So. Sad. St. Reminisce. On everything. Is it just a? It was. Gee reminisce. Everything. I was yesterday. You see. Oh, yeah. But. He. No. Well, no. I know this might oh. Stray. But without you. June. Feeling is ways. Now the were. Two nine. The. Now changed my. Because when a man is the reason why. What do. I know this might Sal. Spray? What? So. Feeling is. I. The two. Now tonight. Now tonight. And the feeling is. I were. Tonigh-. The two. Funny. For. See. Three. And it's a beautiful. Pro golfers association day in Detroit. Would from winter to eat. Yeah. Leagues. Meet a lot of tanning this year. I just like to belong somebody. So, but everything's good. We played let's see. Let's get into the music real quick. What do we do? On rainbow. Yeah. Song by my uncle Mike who wrote that. And I did it for him sing it. And we also dedicate that to the month of June the month of June. Not the what just say the month to beaucoup, whatever it's going on in the month, whatever's going on a month of June. We hope you walking rainbows this deck. Next was Zach, how I cope, how this how? I love to voice Zac. What's last name? I don't know. Zac Copeland, I didn't know oh Cohen, one of the famous Cohen families. O K remember Colin's with the dancers way back in the day, it was a family five little Colin's, something like that. Stair step all the way down to the baby and dance and stuff. Anyway, that's sex Bud Light. Oh, yeah. Well, I don't know. But he definitely singer right song. Those, those good great songs. I really love all the songs. What was that society? Better than yesterday. Better than yesterday Miami. I love my Meese our knees. Our these. She just knew the. A long time since defor hypnotize before. Matai sneaking play. She, she don't listen to. He's not gonna know but it's a great song I used to play for my daughter Toni, when she was a baby. She used to love song. And then plus Miami's the video was so cornball. It was really beautiful because she was just so pretty. Yes. Fine that again a find it we got. Fine. Tonight is the night. Featuring t money green to give. Nice I sing in a couple of those saying in the first one saying in the fourth, and you think singing the last one of them. Yeah. Round so tell us the story about tonight is the night and roundabout. Tonight is the night was written a long time ago as I was probably married and fighting with my wife. But I would write beautiful songs we've fight, but then I will go in and write beautiful songs, like feel I ride no fighting songs eight success like make up. Bigham song, six. Tonight is the na- the love, you want from me. You're gonna get it tonight. Yes. Okay. And what about round round round round was, you know, is another true story. A lot of these are have a lot of truth. Things are because like in round, I'd say, don't seem funny, when your money is, low, you can't go, you can't go because you gave everybody else to money to go to the casino. So you can't go so you watched him. Leave. Or you watch them play while you're sitting. Oh, you don't you don't even do that. You, you just don't you know get a chance to play. You can't go your money ran out. You gave it all the way. Don't me. Sanford, and son. Right. Right. I got to leave here, I gotta go to the hype international recording not recording studios to hyped international. Thank you. Stuck recording. Not recording. Maybe it's something in the future going on that Noah. Hyped international entertainment complex where I have our competition. Pursing. Let's see crazy that eulogy rehearsed like pull the plug. But they were hers lonnie's house in this in the studio is up in the added and say, t- green one hundred fifty five degrees of here and I was like Shia. They do different in the Russell. That you have. But the Russell if no unin bring the air. Yeah, the Russell if you be steel when I get there, because even going up to stairs, you feel cold. You know what I mean? It's cool because it hasn't warmed. It has warmed up enough to. Let's as well. We break the air conditioning into. But today is now you gotta do you come in you sweat, because you walked up to stairs, and then you'd be still for minute. Kick in. Sounds good. This place his ear. Yeah. School in this place. Thanks guys. That's right. Spoiler orissa's. We named all. Yes, we named all the songs. You wanna talk about that fire. Are you like it happened all the way in two thousand eight though they don't tell nobody universal. Head of you wire, and all kind of master recording two packs. Drizze nukes mind at the dramatics. They went all the way back to like the late eighteen hundreds ahead stuff in there. They had Martin Luther King is out on his album, masters. Those con- probably, I mean, you know, because they didn't they didn't have it organized. Well, it was just it was stuff in there. I'll tell you what we go through our bid because I know above the remers, probably, then I want my money, right? Because, you know, the state of to park is filed a lawsuit. Oh, yeah. Then follow suit saying, well, they're, they're in with, I think there's, like more than ten but less than a hundred people have joined this suit that they got going on. And some people put in, you know, on their own. So maybe a refer you back to that piece in that. The New York Times or something or need to go here to put my claim. Yeah. I know snoop Dogg stuff in there. Yep. That's there because because they would take an Interscope is taken over. All of the the chest. Catalogs, gone, all of the Decca catalog is gone. As far as the masters, you know, we'll, we'll get together. We'll definitely put out claim right? And see what it does put a put it like this. No matter how much money payout. It never come to how much money was really. Right. Yes. So but, but maybe the universal right. It self because at least you'll be attributed to the songs that were on the masters right because that's. That's a big deal. This isn't like they're talking pretty smart today. I had a good breakfast, along with getting fire. We're going back to the sick. Let's start this off with a Jesus and hustlers, the road where crew featuring color line. Right about. Fan with you. But you wet hot. The. Back. The fact. Let me drop some 'em. It's. Which is called the land of Mike back. This time I'm on with it. Hate us. Backed by the next checks spec. It's talking top. I don't back full of second in steel, Cecchi, small f- joy, when it's me. It is. Sky. Check ahead. Busy watching in physics. Next champion ice. On on Donna. Each and every day with the deal. Click my wind your. Thoughts yet, pointed, not with south of say. The real. On mike. Now. The knockback MC. Let me Trump's with him now how to aching. Hating take seven. She'll take you on a trip with a Rodney on. You sex with the ladies side strap on my back stack and see funding able. Label pays no hot. Donate with the. Expected. On the cell. No. About eight dollars just that. Feel faith the fall jank's sticky your slang. How many chips and ninety four without teaching Nepi one that kit, the shout tip flick skip right back. Three. Now be rob into rich in plant. In addition. Back to MC. Sunny, saturday. Savvy. Among the Keller, stop it. The them seem punking from the one Bill. Spoken out of. On. Them punking, no, from the three one three one percents, who would like to win solid pick. Five pretty dark time, Scott a couple of times pretty shock knives, the mental ISA Bob with winning. Locally pizza book leaves five fucking lock me in the Philip socially refined spoke densities to the we've put in midsummer dreams this time. Them on the pump. From the. Stop. Take pre don't put up at seven paces school. The pace toxic waste sweat shake anything. I can't think in this people say, people while they're awake people. Judge a camera. They never keep a case. Goodbye up the last time no doubt pace on this way. That. Now WalMart up on the plot. All the rubble would decide no revival. And on the bible. Thirteen disciple fighting for the title. What the vital taking them arrival a highly Powell? Thank you. All got another. The final World War. Them. One. Known. This belief. No. Release the same bars repeated dot Beck. Except now on Jason to being premium like a piece of ninja shadow, precursor chemical piece the piece of my belief I put out on the temple for the PC's by the way to catch them. So. Piece to this last one time I gotta have my really up onto pre Mumbai. The pump. One. On the pumpkin known. One. Qena halfon. Hit a hat. Down on. Down on. Down the alley. Down on. Down on. Down. They can't believe due to fall. Plane, one of. With some delicious smack on ask. So how we stepped away Pluto, poets six but it's the tutto pussy gray head to give a Kudo. Jona Phil Donahue director, wanna step on the scene. Keep all about the grain much pissed. Get the money coming in. If you step with insane, you'll him seen Monday is making sense. When a plane taking chick filling cannons lane. Down on. Down there. Oh, daddy desk. Thanks, dan. Who that would drain who would this? Thanks, dan. Who their train FILA McBain told him before begging? Begging you should go on the girl. I got your way. Yeah. Go flow got another girl home and notice, you know, a letdown on she acquaints on by the put a crown on a but it might replace that just to pay back. No, all fat, a at hey, we stayed at you've got right now. But I had a way when a bed dog gotta taste that never chased down. The Dow down on. Down the. Down. Late hair late here, you'd better stay personally. Caved for special cases, that well in everything. Cup can never picture. Dave ready for. But let me cooed out quick, baby. You can stay down, quick, screaming one Thomas fowl when MI but the police. Oh, good shit. I expect. With the ex deck. Down the Dow. Down on. Dalli. Back. Sure. Give me. Hole. Bye. Spat. Come pick me up. The. Wants you to say. Less. This new. Feel. Come pick me up for. And with. Good. Sounds got what we played we played season hustlers or the Royal roads. And played, they'll find villains, though, Revilla's to title, track Ramgoolam self titled chess of travel. Who's a dope rhyme villains? Oh. Sean pairs, which shadow Eliza, which is old and a big T money base. Okay. And then at the show, you had to show those Lopez is the she is our DJ. Okay. I'm from so. Little. Even hide behind me seats do day for villains. That's why I of. Yeah. It's. Okay. She is. I should be should be mentioned definitely in the crew. Right. No matter what color eye contact lenses. She. She had read that day I wanted to bite my neck. Okay. Then there was lay it down easy in his crew. Right. And you mix that you. Where'd you mix it studio? Studio is gone. Got my card from Maryland said. Even though you didn't save studio, a here's the car. Thanks. We feel bad we can still talk to her every year. We when we want to follow up Qassim Erica. Still do some aspirin, right? And she said, you know, they might come out of their whole to see us play somewhere. Yeah. Yeah. Someplace good. Nice. Okay. And then sophisticated sophisticated I saw a girl Olea instead of Lia fail. Yeah. She put a pitcher on face that she. Oh, she Brooks. No. But there was she showed a sore, and I guess her late somewhere. Let Clarkson her foot. Let me out of out of the hospital. Yeah. Yeah. Via, please take care yourself dollar. She just said, she just lost her balance and why. Just feel I think getting out of the car or something. Yeah. She's had a lot of bad things go down. Well, she has a chronic illness, and so it's not going to go away. So therefore, she retired from singing. Yeah. But the songs I guess, great songs, maybe I get somebody to sing those words of hers and still right side gas. Yeah. She had to get better. I yeah. It's amazing how you can go from okay to not. And i've. In the blink of an eye. She's been fighting. What is it lupus Louvre, while fifteen years, I think? Man, when we met her, she was just as spunky and doing the song writing them at five at a time, she was amazing with the writer, but we'll Muhammad brought me t rose tea rose is a great singer, some stress, ES officers, man. She's great. And she's a great writer. She writes on the spot. She writes, the young sift. She's the new mayor j blinds Detroit area. Going to be good. Yes, it's gonna be really, really good. So I'm gonna be like with us. One of our show on a couple of shows, and we got Sonora, okay. Sing her couple songs on the show. So I know she Sonora does fun. I don't remember her other she does fun. And she does I can relate and she's got a couple of other songs Norris writing a lot of stuff lately. So whatever she does. I just wanted to do a couple songs that may be the best along with this young lady. Go here and do her thing, and it would be man, just showing some great talent for Detroit K, you know, sound sound don't have any up and coming nail singers. No not yet. And that's okay. Yeah. You know, it's because it's a lot of talent out there. Right. So we'll get one. But in the meantime, they'll find their way to you event you little prime way. And in the meantime, the ladies of finding their way and taking full the vantage, so I'm excited about that. Okay. So we had a great time today. It would kind of quick. He was ready to tease Randy. He didn't shore. We have the beautiful Ellen Ellen. We didn't have heard say anything today. Out. Yeah. She was running like six shows. Shows they mind. Yeah. I know. That'd be good. Well, hey podcast, Detroit. Okay, we're closing out with what maybe I don't know. I think there's time for big is five minutes. Stoned, you wanna get stoned. That's messy Jay and codeine with color line. And then adding an attic, which is dope rhyme villains. Right. So we'll go hang up right now. Let it go. So we get those two songs time permitting, we'll see you. Oh, we won't see you next week. We'll be out of the country. Yeah. All right. Yeah. Okay. We got a call, and let the Moda okay otherwise every looking for sincerity won't be. And then we get charged. Part the bad. All right. What makes you call a day? All right. Hey, this is t money green a face with a t money, grain Gail SUV whole island visited us today, and I will catch you next time. Pocono mountain those fortune nets. They get down. They toby. This is pro the savage back with another classic for your get back in class. The mass leeches crops it to the, the my knees. Get on with the. Body from the push to the chalk just threw them out that we smart. Like sees awesome. Which we call the police. All go play with lakes spring. Squat the in the McQueen, so Misao won't be able to see when the eighteen chemicals when trees, and blah is for medicinal purposes not his servant, people, the worst thing, that's when they Johan earned brass where beds and will you are a hey, it's day. They just. No. You have bended the net a little dab injectors, Patty warm p. Appeals of killing. In the sense of your life with the end of the night. The devil has many alluring traps. Year nineteen hundred thirty three they moved. Come on take that I drink that I less trip that I Chang of marijuana on. He said the my mother, I can go to these places, take a social drink. Coming out of the way that double, who's a lot of people. Food. Some people. Attic and every I pin couple in kick the habit, a take a hit nut Graham dependent on Mike back at the make this magic time and time it keeps on Jimmy a focus ACA. We'd Petric go have good chattels off the wagon back to his Pitman bragging toll tag in body-bag, in off the dragon he'd been Masha. Puffins ragged just enough anger. In fact, my crew comes back with Fokin platinum status, the baddest at this win. It comes to the marijuana madness making sure the seats scattered just like in these Bagga hashing, get some cash for Masuda grasping, some music full of the mass spot, the plus raise them glass of blast is pitching there. No, Mark the fucking greener, pastures team team in fast food has shifted feeding after got a funky laughed at the renew received the SAS look in final chapter peep into mind. Dome assassin that your folks pick. He's to the terrible the way they're on drugs. But I have a Miami Herald says alcohol number one heroin, number two drug abuse the night state's states government classifies alcohol as a drug has an accounting Christians of breathe, and it's wrong for believe it or take trucks. There's some of you that look down drugs, and I'm here to tell you choose Pike's consent you free. Damn to my habits like magic Pippen the advantage plan. This phantom man, says manning savage tablets. Mattress in the looking glass sheets. Medicaid address, in my sale scape everything felt, Katie ballots, my heart and it gave bandages. Bad habits say shit hit a kiss with the party whip wants my worth. What's it were Fitch but held under since McKay gave birth fell skirt with Keila work raised in the fate of the surp- try flipping burgers for burner for on servers on the computer, but look how Luda clue on the word to go further for Scott. But rumors it's only walking around. Down burner hypocrites. I'm a masochist where, you know every morning appeal is sick. He was sick. Got a bike it. I feel like shit. That's sure fucker. What time is time to wake the fuck. Came home. One day and says mother from now on when you go to the grocery store. Gold ring on long grow for Hebron ruin Johnny Pfeiffer, schlichter's, folks. I'm with the stuff he all twisty out, blackberry branding. Tell why in a Baskin partial to be smashed. This poisoning poisoning poisoning poisoning. Employees feel. Feel feel Schick. Adam convoy. Feel feel feel shit.

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