254. Back-To-School Marketing Ideas Part 1


It. ALBERIGO STOOL PACK DOT COM. Good Morning. Elliot. Good to be with you sir. Hey good to be with you also doing amazing that It's a Wednesday morning. Again, I'm like blown away this time seem to be going really fast for us well. Yeah, it does every every day. The problem right now caving it is every every day is. You know Jell. Together, it's the same day over and over again for the most part. And that I, think they're rushing save like we want this to end say bad that you know just flying through it does that Kinda makes sense. Yeah you know. But I, remember even during the quarantine like it seemed like you know. They we would start and then before you knew it, you're at the weekend ready and. It's not that we were out. Busy doing things it just seemed like time hanes play like our focus on tying chains right? Like that's where you know if you think about the old days, people didn't have too much Qila didn't follow the thing just follow the sun and you know they work until the sun started to go down and that kind of thing and i. it seems like it's kind of like that I look at any going Oh my God I can't believe it's time to shut down already it's four, five, six o'clock. and. Now, of course, I'm going back to my job to teach. So I'm like, my God is three o'clock I gotta get ready and drive over there and and go cheat. So it's a really interesting thing. It's been a really weird weird in many ways good in many ways they added many ways. You know what I mean. There's a lot of goods in there as well. You know that I kind of found. What do think. Yeah I mean I know this year is. I kind of wish that I would have kept A. You, know. Just wrote everything down. Yeah, that's true. Though because they're like they're you know and by the way. you know journaling is a great way to express yourself and take it off, take it out of your heart and your head and put it on the page sometimes to get rid of it. Right. But at the same time Yes, like would've been interesting to document from day one I. Mean I was when this first happened, we had to go to McColl. might be onsite Nicole's office and the office is. A RE A. A law firm for trademark and copyright, and they have like fifty employees It was just her and I in office and I get a funny video I. GotTa Find It on my computer. I'm like it's Day three, hundred, sixty, five you know since the world is ending, it's only us to on the planet and we finally made it here steal the rest of the food. I'm going through offices and walk in in quiet. It was very eerie your kind of thing. And but but it reminded me very much the last man on earth type mentality like. Will Smith in I am legend that kind of movie But you know it's funny now and I said I, you remember me sane as I said, we're probably GONNA look back on this in five ten years ago. This is one of the craziest hoax that have been perpetrated perpetrated on on. Americans. Both society and the world like I I'm now they're claiming that eating see is saying that there's only like six or seven thousand people that die of Kuban period just cove it. They're saying that the majority of people had Burri overlying sicknesses like diabetes heart disease something else on top of it. So. So this is less than. The flu, the flu is more dangerous than Komen is yet they're still the governments are still shutting. Down shutting down and I find it. We're like even Nicole's niece in only and she had They said there was one hundred twenty cases and cove and brandies. Went. Does that Like does that mean? Hundred and twenty people tested positive and they're going to get the SNIFFLES. It'd be better or is it that one hundred and forty people that are on their deathbed like it's just crazy how they? Ended up in the media sound so scary and by the way, it is not just knee ranting on Kovin, but it relates to what we're going through as. People still nervous and afraid some people will not I mean I just had a girl. She's fortunate. The moms like I try to her name is Dorothy I'm like Dorsey, gotta come to class her mom's like, yeah she doesn't want to come out of the House I'm like man, you push her out of the house. So she came to class day and she goes that wasn't so bad. I what did you expect to be headed on these running around spitting cova juice on you like what is your expect but it's the fear that these. People have. And it's very. It is it is some people are. Really, scared I mean the only scared. Yup and I don't want to belittle that but. How I it? It's it's bad and we're dealing out that too I mean I still have. WE DID A. just an analysis of our people and we have thirty three people that are still on. virtual. eighteen of them. Are Black Belts, and then the rest are are below black belts. Yeah and and it was just it's amazing and some of the people. Some of the people are just doing it out of convenience, I absolutely. No, they're doing another convenient I. I was just GonNa say that to you that there's a few people that have gotten in this routine and it's become comfortable for them There's a few things you know they could slide off the camera they're not getting reprimanded or forced to work at their highest level 'cause your home you can't. You can only do what you can do online and some parents like I don't have to drive. Yeah. You go into living person kicks I'm happy with that but. There's levels quality never be the same I mean it's good if it's a filler like if they're coming one or two days a week in a live class and they're doing their third class home because mom and dad works that's perfect. Right and that's what I love about Zoom Probably GonNa Keep Zoe. I'm still working on it much more professional camera system and I like it to that. If parents don't want to sit in our lobby can just zoom in and they can sit in the parliament. So when we we're not allowing people in the lobby as of yet. But when we do, they don't feel like sitting with other people they can watch from their car I mean it'd be that simple but yeah I do think that a lot of people are doing as being Anson laziness and that's something that that's why a lot of my clients they. They made the decision to say I don't I'm not doing zoom any. Use the come in or are you quit I don't care where allowed to come back. You're coming back with you don't come back and come back when you feel comfortable. But I I'm not doing that I liked the zoom. I and I to get to camera system that flips backwards wore them still trying to figure out how to do it and have the TV permanently noted somewhere and. Have it like that? So but yes. Scary. So anyway, so how how are you doing? I know we said we're going to chat a out you know marketing and growing our schools and you and I chatted yesterday off you know off the out of you know personally and not on the phone with anyone and We just chatted about a bunch of ideas that were doing. Do you want me to start rattling a few when I did off that work? Well? Yeah, I think it's important. For us to still keep our head in the game and still be advertising So. Yeah. I think this is this is timely. This is back to school. You Know Fan Buddy and it's not the same old baptist because I I would have had twenty thirty people on normal. Yeah. You know like last year I'm sure I had twenty twenty, five, thirty people I mean every year I do back to school right being I have right right. Well back to school. I think here's the problem. This is one major problem for school owners that I have to point out because in their defense I wanNA point school owners and their Defense I wanNA point this out number one we've always sell into the trap of comparing season to season, right? So last summer was slow. So this summer is going to be last spring busy last fall is busy. And we start to try to fall into trend but from my research of of working with all my clients coaching martial arts long I found that he's inal stuff is really mainly because of the way we market right. So we believe it to be slow in the summer. So what do we do? We pulled back on our marketing, right? So and then and then the prophecy becomes totally true I'll tell you story I. Don't know if you've ever heard of this it's a true. Story and it was I heard it from Jay Conrad, Levinson or Jay Abraham one of those two. So there was a hot dog die in the early eighties that he had a hostile trump on the side of the road and the I need a million dollars a year selling hot dogs, right? Very smooth investor. He go to his account with all his cash money and Vasan the account would say put it in this and put it in that and one day he was reading waiting for. Customers to his reading his business journal's like you know the Wall Street Journal or whatever it was and you know in business advice read that there was going to be a great recession. So So being the guy with foresight, he said, you know what is going to be a recession I'm going to be smart about it. I'm to pull back on things that cost me money so that when I drop in. Business my over drops as well. So we got rid of his marketing and got rid of his advertising and all the things that promoted his business you know and can save money and Lo and behold the process us through. What are you read in the paper business dropped dramatically and You know he was like, Wow I'm a smart businessman account even praising for your smart guy knew how to follow this trend. And then he read in the paper that there was going to be a boom. Of course, he took his money back out of the bank and starting advertising like crazy again and everyone started coming back. They were like, wow I haven't seen your flyers in a while or haven't seen your ads abor I stopped gumming. But yeah, you know it was the recession I made some choices and low and behold the prophecy came true. So but the value of this story is he followed what he thought was true and you didn't market and you believe is true because his martigny cut out. Has and you know and that was really made reality. He didn't. He didn't go against. Follow that trend so but now. It's not the same because we're in new charting wars like people are going back to school. They're hybrid school classes there some people home schooling. Parents are in different worlds. So they're not gonNA probably just come running back school started back in the Doj they're gonNa try to figure things out and see how things play out. Maybe the New People are holding off to see what school is like before they sign up you know what I mean. So I don't know if those things are you know are still reading through with you but these are things that we have to worry about. Yeah no I totally agree that you know. we need we need to be spending money and we need to be doing things even a history things you can do to doing those things to continually advertising your school and getting getting your name out there because I can tell you I can assure you that the bulk of your competition in your area or not doing that they're reserving every. and so you know you got to capitalize on that. You're going to be seen a lot easier now. Because you're going to be the only one that's doing it. Right well, I've been running facebook ads literally almost the entire time Kobe and there was a period of time for about two months. Then I stopped because it wasn't that the people were coming in for the online training were sticking with it for more than a week and then just fizzling out. So I'm like you know what I'm going to hold off less stress a little bit of money not not advertised, but then the minute we got. Back. into the swing of things very minute. My ads were running I opened on that money at Monday as running on that Monday and I've been getting between I don't know. Let's just say for per week between six to twelve leaves per week out of the twelve leads per week I'm GonNa get probably about half of them that are actually going to take action like he would love to fill out forms but don't want to ascertain. Do not understand that crowd. Me Neither I. It's just insane and maybe it's just it's that Oldman alley where it seems like a good thing. Then you know that seemed like a good idea then but Nah, not really I don't have the money time commitment or the wherewithal to do it. You know. So but anyway, I've been getting leaves and then just like this last month I signed up six new students and they're all from facebook marketing or other campaigns that I've been. Running, which I'll I'll tell you about in the second but yeah. So people are coming in. They're doing a free month after the Fremont's over there signing up, and by the way I did raise my prices, my sixteen months as well for my most basic program. So the new people coming in or any more money than I would have been charging in the past and they're not even it's still so so inexpensive it's it's a no brainer. Dead. Yeah. So, so anyway. So, anyway facebook marketing do well, we have gus from lead hunter media who was the sponsor of this show and again, tweaking is important like you know we have to look at our ads. Here's the thing I remember being involved with some of the marketing companies like my my every month, they send you a free aid ad that was beautiful very professionally done the next month you'd have a new at the next month. You'd have a new AD and one of my good friends. You always run a summer special and he wouldn't get in the summer seventy, eight people. And then and then at this end the summer say, why don't you continue running that ad just call it your fall and get another seventy? No, no no, that's my summer and he would say. No matter how much I to him to get him to realize like who cares what you call it right now, call it the fallout if it works the wager and like you know that like, why won't you do it you? Do that in the summer only going to do that like I didn't understand I still to this day just the same thing. So I never understood but anyway, if an edge runs, well, why do we keep changing like and and if it doesn't run well, then maybe we need to tweak portions of the Ed but not throw the at that old saying goes. Away with the bathwater, right? You know. Drive new heavy a new headline dry. If the headlines seems to be working. Try a new special is that doesn't work try a new whatever you know, and then keep the ad running to St until you find out maybe the AD is a bus. That's why newspapers and penny saver and yellow pages would always say we need to run this for a period of time to get back to some extent. You're right. The other thing is they wanted to spend money but but yeah, for me I think it's about squeaking ads, tweaking your responses and really staying on top of it. What do you think? I. Well I. Agree I mean it's it's important to Find you know working in the way that you're GonNa do that is if you're actually out the testing doing it. So yeah now you normally do like you normally around this time of year back to school somewhere school you do your field trips and things like that. How second work this year for? Still like even start thinking about that. Logistically like didn't even want to think about that right now. Yeah. So field trips out obviously but what I've done is I've contacted p. e. teachers that are in the different school districts and have asked if I can either come in or if they end up going to zoom and not doing person you know if I can. Be P. E. Teacher for a zoom class or few classes or whatever. So yeah, you know the problem is I'm not getting contact information. You know that's the thing I'm. Excited you know. So excited to do karate to go somewhere else. Right. Yeah and then always been the risk that you that you by going I. Listen I always heard all the number one coach guys say you know school system school systems school system you gotta get into the school system and you know I've never really been that ingrained into the school system I've always done. You know when they asked the gym class for the week or you know special persons days and visits the classes but I found that the response very little. Compared to my ass know and by nature I've always been a little lazy in regards effort versus respond. So I mean and. To, my to My Success Been, my laziness has been a good thing because I put more effort into other things. So I wonder about school systems. Now however, what I will point out is that schools are not a lot of them aren't doing physical stuff. They're not doing gym class playing football they're not doing anything physical. So they're they're gonNA ask the people stay in shape on their own. So this is where we need to get the word out to all the community that if They need to have their kids exercising. They're not gonNA go to Jim. They're too young, and if they did have a gym for kids that would be pretty awesome I'm but where the place that they need to be and and we're going to become the answer to these families and parents from little kids two year olds all the way up to you know and Heisler. Right so so I need I think my suggestion to the listeners is that we need to get out and reach out to those communities and how do we do that? Simply by FACEBOOK I I'm involved with like four. The advantage I have with my alley is that sometimes people think it's a girl's name and so I'm able to get all the mom's groups like you know mom's. Roots of whatever and they see my name and they let me in. So I'm in their advertising for my you know my no Joe's but I'm out there offering listen we're giving a free month anyone's interested or we have this program for Girl Scouts Boy Scouts whatever you WanNa do giving these specials and I'm reaching out on all the mom's groups, Dad's groups amongst and dad's groups and. Geo Groups all on facebook. To, let them know that we're we're a solution to their ants. Yeah. So to that question I mean. Yeah I I. Wish I had the worst I had the answers I wish. I could say, Yep, we're going to do this I got this going. This is happening. Things. Well, and I know you you sound frustrated and I am. I found motivated the same time we're both frustrated, right I just sound different than you right now on the call however as always we have to just put things in place right so it's the old. ABM You know ABM. Marketing. Right where I'm no matter what we're doing, we need to get our name out there. Right. So this is why a lot of schools fell apart and closed because they just weren't thinking at like and I don't mean who could have ever thought ahead and imagined a pandemic that would shut down businesses. That's GONNA turn out to be way less scary than it ever was but you know. But who could have ever thought that we should as business owners thinking about things what if like we should have a rainy day fund? We have enough money. Put Away just in case God? Forbid. Something happens right you know we should think about life and I don't understand why we don't because martial artists in general are supposed to think about You know what if scenarios? What if the guy throws the right point would it be Broza left right? What does he throws a kink enter right what if he runs that me and tries to tackle me but if he's out of baseball night gun like we're supposed to think in scenarios and be prepared for all those So I'm asking the listeners now just to start thinking ahead, what if there is a shut the government even if it's not real or Not as bad or whatever, and they just decided quarantine again. WHAT ARE WE GONNA do You should start thinking about that. Are you gonNa just give up at that point and say listen I tried it once and I said I'm done. Where are you going to say okay, we're going. This is going to be our fallback go right back to zoom on but we're going to change the format to make it even more exciting Blah Blah Blah. I'd like to start formulating a plan in your mind move forward. And and we shouldn't thinking of marketing like always be marketing abm like what other things can we do? What's the grass roots things that we could do little or no dollars right and it goes back to all the simple stuff you know the answers we should be hitting all of our referral. with our software. One of our sponsors on this show is far membership. They have a referral platform on their APP where parents could refer a friend simply right from the APP I've been there email and information boom, send it off to a friend with whatever our specialist. So I'm in the middle of developing and automation series of emails and text messages to motivate my people to refer their friends on the APP. So in my just to share with. All the listeners and I have a product called the referral of a lifetime than I sell for like forty seven bucks or twenty seven bucks I forget what it is but it talks about all the things that I do for referrals but anyway so real quickly in my school if they if they refer remember that member joins for the year I, give them fifty dollars in credit towards year or towards tuition whatever they want it to be. Tash, if they want to check, I'll give them a check on. And then if they get five people to join for the year, they actually get a free year they get a year for free tuition is wiped out for the basic members. Not, if there is a bells and whistles program. Now pay the difference between the three year of the basic membership, the difference. but so my referral program is pretty lucrative and I'm finding that a lot of parents right now are asking me how they can refer member because their friend needs A. Needs a place to go their friends wants to find something for their son just like we were talking about trying to find them on facebook. These people are actually hearing there in their groups of friends there in their cousins and relative groups and tell them about their kids coming to our school. So we need to be on like we we need to be setting up our program and then really deeply and sincerely asking our clients to help us right because I can tell you that you know they might think you're doing well that you don't need their help. But if you're not and you their help, you need to let them know that so that they can reach out to their people and healthy. Does that make sense. Yeah that makes sense Just you know I have a problem, I think of I don't want our students to get an idea that we're hurting but maybe I maybe I need to maybe I need to let them know that you know look this is this is where we're at we need your help. Yeah. Well I don't know if I understand what you're saying because you know they say. No one stays on the ship when when the captain is saying, we're thinking. Right then jump off before anybody. But if you're able to rally the troops and say listen if we don't feel these seven holes in the boat where thinking, right. So can you help me gather together the supply and let's start plugging those holes. They're gonNA probably most probably the majority of people are going to come forward as help us fill those holes so. Carefully worded, but it's like you know we wanna make sure they understand that we're where a solution and we're all. Here here. I'm sorry to cut you off here was my. Thought okay my thought was And we had planned for September to be national martial arts. Appreciation. Okay. Now, that's not a thing. But being my head instructor here made that up and we were going to do some events this month that we can't do. So my thought was I'm going to educate everybody that this is national You know martial arts, appreciation month, and one way that you can show appreciation for the martial arts that you study is to refer a friend. you know to your martial arts school. So here's how you can write us. I like it I think though that yeah that's a great idea. I. Think though that. These type of things doesn't create like people. I if you said I WANNA. Make sure my house doesn't burn down. We have to you know clear the tree line around people may not clear the tree line because there's no urgency. But when the fires burning down the valley coming towards you people are going to band together because of urgency. So I think that we have to understand that we have to be careful not to look like we're going out of business because we're not we're we're still surviving. We're not GONNA, go out of business, but we also have to get into. Rally behind us to help us right and it's important for them to understand that they have to be a part of the solution and the part of the synergy. So yeah, national appreciation month for martial arts is great but I still that they have to understand that your you need them to help especially more. So than ever is time where you know and I said the other day I had a parent you know to say to me, you know what's going on with your two locations because I'm doing my classes at one location but. To, run to location simultaneously costing me a fortune running. This is my electric bill is like six hundred, fifty bucks a month for the one, building, four, hundred and the other. So I moved all my classes to my east is location and people like well I didn't sign up for that location. It's inconvenient and I'm like I understand that can be need to go another ten or twelve minutes on driving right. I get that and as much as I kind of make that downplay twelve minutes to a parent who is just barely getting home to pick up their kid and. Rushed to the school it's easy if they could just go right around the corner they they sent their lives up to be convenient I. Get it. I'm fro-, in a real ranch in their in their lifestyle and I totally understand I'm not even be literally not in any way but I'm trying to get them to shift mice but I said your parents this was very inconvenient. I. Said Ask yourself this question how inconvenient would it be if I told you? We couldn't stay open anymore. We're closing locations like forty other martial arts schools in Long Island in my area and They use Kovin not some of them I know use Cova as an excuse without affecting their ego to go they retiring I knew they were gonNA retire and they said, yeah, the Soviet situation really put me over the edge and really the reality was they just wanted a way to get out anyway because they were a few of them did that and they they needed to blame it on someone so their students couldn't be mad upset or you know at at them. On. But then there are others that legitimately just went out of business I said how inconvenient Daffy. So we need for everybody to band together and keep Tristar Martial. Arts Long Island you centers relevant and growing we need your help and is hundred. Let's say you have one, hundred, twenty, five people hundred and forty, eight, hundred and sixty people those people they all referred one member you'll be busting at Z's. I see look I got a second degree black belt with me. He's testing for his third degree He's also chiropractor in this area. He's got a friend whose kid goes to another studio. That's a whole nother issue right like. You knew your friend way out here. Okay anyways And I and I think they go to that of the school because they know that other person somehow someway anyway apparently that of the studio when covert hit close the doors. Still collected the money did zero. Right hero. Zoom classes. Did some videos and throw them up on their facebook page and youtube like that. Yep and where we did classes, we did private lessons. We did lunchtime with Mr Brummett on Fridays we did scavenger hunts to Bingo to having you on a seminar. I had been a couple of times on the seminar I. Mean There's so like this second degree black belt of mine said he goes I just want you to know that you have done. More than any other school in this area. To Service your clients and I go I I'm very happy to hear that I I i. I just wish I, wish our clients do that. Yeah. We did far more than anybody else not. Not. As an ego thing. But as a wow Mr Brummer it really does You know put us I thinks about, yes. Take care of us. You know type thing but I. got. Without. self-serving. I'll tell you. I was just about to tell you here. Here's a great question. I have a great answer for you I guess spoke about this with one of my clients yesterday So I wrote an article many many years ago and I when I was the consultant and coach or business. Development for solutions on the billing company they used to pay me a great amount of money every year just to be on the phone and do seminars and all this other stuff and so on anyway I. wrote an Article Tooting Your own arm and you know, for example, we we need to educate. So for for example Let's say you go to a pizza ball right and pizza sauce cans off. which a lot of them are they literally open up the candidates, spread it on Pinson seizing on it right. or The guy makes a homemade pasta sauce delicious hooks from the start with all the ingredients who takes hours and they put it on this. Now, you might say what the heck is he talking about pizza just ask the martial art west. But if they taste the difference of Oh, this is good. I like this pizza tastes much better. But if you had a little steam on the counter that said, all of our pizza sauce is made from scratch with love from our home or whatever, and whatever they're legally allowed to do that. That's educating the client I doubt and they're probably going to be those call out culture cancel culture people that are going to oh he's bragging right. Yeah I can't believe he's bragging about speech sauce. You know that kind of thing. But the real truth of the matter is is that we need to educate our clients. So I, wouldn't do this periodically and I would send out and you know I give a flyer and it was called. Did you know and it was called shooting your own horn from my articles to school owners but the article would I gave it to my clients did you? Did you know that master Brahmin his business for how many years have you been in business? Twenty almost twenty two. almo-. Did. You know that massive Brummett and Tristar martial-arts has been in our community for almost twenty years. Wow, people like I didn't really know that right and then the next thing would say, did you know that master bromine is the seventh degree black belts in right seventh on your? And Highway knows. Yeah I was supposed to test in April, but wasn't able to do it. So I'm still so okay. So you're six. So did you know that still quite impressive you know the and sixty black wealth in the arts of Blah Blah, blah, blah, blah he also has ranking in business and he also is a license instructor ended the Hoover Self Defense System that's not bragging that's education. Did you know that we promoted nearly three hundred black belt since? We've opened. Did you know that you know we had nearly ten thousand plus come through these doors and train with us? You know that we have many families that their parents were my students or students of this school and they were three. Now they're three year olds training. This isn't a simple education process right so this is where we're able to show people what we did. You know that INSA quarantine immediately like I know I did the minute. Hidden Warning that much I think it was like a Friday not Monday live facebook classes to them, and then we were as we were gonNA tasteful flies we we're setting up zoom profile is learning how to use the software was working day and night like harder than I ever did with that high level of stress from Cobaine about you know, where am I going to get my next toilet paper delivery or if they're going to shortage? Is there I'm like greasing up and oiling up all my firearms just to make sure I'm safe. In case I get looters breaking zombies come in and you know what I mean like but we want to let people know you gotta educate them. Putting their. Foot in their say, did you know since Kogi began but we we that Mr Brand has lost seventy students plus? You could though you could and I know that's kind of like A. Might be sounds like you're. You know you're joking a little bit but no I. Think you know you could go. You know did you know that sadly since Kogas starts seventy of our members shock training. Right, so people go. Oh, wow I like I like when I told people that I was you know moving locations and at to teach one school some parents like very inconvenient. When I said, you know it would be more inconvenient if you never had a school to go to because I had to shut my door. Oh, really I didn't like because they see us as such they see me such. So businessman driving up to my school and my Tesla like I'm like the ultimate and success and I have all the money in the world but they don't realize that I could possibly be just like everyone else in go out of business you couldn't be big. Hat No cattle driving a nice car having nice. House. But I'm almost out of money could be that way. Right. But but you know I immediately the minute you know this the minute this happened I was immediately before they even started with the government talking about I was calling my mortgage companies, my dumpster company, my anybody that would put it on a forbearance or hold the bills for a few months and I I literally stopped paying half of my bills not because I get it out. Of Spite, they allowed me to stop. So I had I had a safety net I wasn't immediately digging into my last bit of my savings, right? I was immediate, right? Building a nest egg for the future. So so this is where you know we need to let people know that's a that's another marketing campaign. By the way, the did you know which is called tooting your own Horn and if people want and they listen to this, just inbox me or write it into the messaging right year and I'll give you that article so you can read it but yeah, you should talk about did you know that we lost nearly seventy members if people don't understand the dire situation, we're not going out of business, but we took a major hit. You know that kind of thing you know and we we need did you know that? Your, you could probably help us re regain its footing by recommending your friends like you know just a step maybe just ten of them you don't want to go on for did you know they Twain Bryant size nine shoe and he loves night so you're in the story buy their you know again it's you know what I mean like you gotTa. You gotTa have enough for them to educate like like I say the people did you know that she on Alberigo went to Japan seventeen times and was one of the highest ranking members of the organization in that in that? Talk with the teacher you know he rose to that there are a lot of things where people would those are soundbites that we need to put in people's heads so that when people ask them a question about who you are, they can rattle a few of them off. Okay so I've gotta I've gotTa right did you know that right I? Did you know can I send it to you and you say, yeah, that's. Yeah absolutely do. So so that's just another another thing. So we talk about referral marketing, right? We're talking about this look who's going. On did you know thing and then another thing too? Well, I guess said something had back slot I was putting it on Steph number three of what I was going to say but I'll just say it now you know look who's going boards are One thing that I used to promote events. So I think that we could do those on our website, but we should also are even down if that. Yeah in our APP, we should start thinking about events though right. We shouldn't have just grown our hands up and said no more events because as long as you're allowed to have people and even if they have to be socially distance, you can still do a Zombie nerf war games right and let's say you charge thirty five bucks now you charge forty, five fifty. Because you have less people in parents, the ones that value what you're doing and they want a night off which tons of them do. They're going to send their children so you should do something as long as you can safely. And and make sure that the kids are engaged and don't give up on retail. Don't give up on special events don't give up on upgrading your. Specialty programs. Agreed Right. So so that was my third on the list. The other thing I wanted to talk about was is old trial classes. Before Kovin we had tons of people in trials. Some of them were ready to convert the ready to join and then cove it hit and of course, they didn't. So it's been six months and about a month ago when we open, it's been. Sex Seven or eight weeks since we've been reopened seven, seven weeks, I think I. Then went back into my database would spark and put together in automation funneled prospects and I took everyone who's ever tried to try out class quit training or were in was in a trial lasted. Did it then either the sign up for overnight or? Whatever and I sent out a mass email and the way I said it was listening we don't want to be a past We would just love to know what your status is. If you WANNA stay on our mailing list 'cause I don't WANNA mailing if you're not interested so I was able to clean my database out 'cause I got like twenty or thirty people that said, no, we're not interested. How did you get my number why you text me? You know that kind of thing. And meanwhile they ended up on their own but they forgot about it and I started clearing Watson database but then we got a lot of people that said listen we want to come back we liked what you and I a parent with children the one child was in the program he three now almost four and their little brother WHO's two? They're both in a one month trial they're like two and a half to three weeks and I do believe that they're going to get them signed up. So that all team from a marketing campaign what I would consider just luke warm. If any maybe even cooler leads that have not been spoken to you in quite some time who need. Somewhere to go and they're coming to me saying we're as we'll take that free month again and give him another free month to try it out. And coming in. So I have about I. Think I have about six or seven of those that were old leads that have come back into the trials. I was GONNA say the siblings to you know maybe siblings have nothing to do now because no other sports are going on and you can get them involved. I do have a few siblings that and in fact, this is hilarious. I, have a girl that was moving up from my five and six year old program because now she's seven. And her two older sisters now are doing it mom just came like out of the Blue I. Oh we wanna now that scam it's moving out we want the other two in in the class 'cause now it's more convenient. You know they're all together right? So those two signed obviously one's free to the only side I church for two, and then anybody else can you know wow, and the deal and half. So but anyway, they signed up just last night. No excuse me 'cause today's Wednesday I had Monday night. I had a sibling is on trial two week trial. Yeah, you know. That's another opportunity is is siblings so and then. Errands to if there if you can get them to get involved with I was gonna say like their parents have probably trained. I've had a few parents that were students in mind that train with their children from home because they were both home together. So I said you know randy jump in and do class and you know you took out all his weapons. He you know he took out whatever parts of the uniform that fit him still and he got. Out there and he's working out he keeps saying every time I see him now I'm GonNa be signing up soon, I'm like, what are you waiting for like? What is the problem just come in? You did the two months with me you train trained me for two months already don't let that woman die. So I. Yeah. So that's a great thing. They blames people that were old prospects that never came in never responded some of them. That did trials. That didn't sign up some of them that were signed patrols but never came in all of these people that are potential leads for you to market you. They're sitting there and your database. The worst thing they could say is please take me off your list. I. Don't know who you are. I've never spoken to you before you know that kind of thing that some of them just forget but Yeah you have a lot of people sitting in your. Database that you should be hitting and if you have the amazing software like like we do at Smart you could set up what is called an automation funnel where you send out an email day. Later, you send him a text message students later you send him different email, you sweep me off her back and forth, and you can set it up for eight to ten week, and all you do is hit the button once it'll start marketing to them. and I think that's super super important for us to start getting out there and tapping into those people. So, those a few things that I think are being overlooked right now, some people have not done. So Number One, referral marketing, right number, two we talked about I, and I'm not even GonNa in order to remind me if I miss any, the other one that we spoke about was the look who's going on with going on the to your own Oran- you know the educational article about who you are and you know about you know if you lost members and you WanNa, bring more in so on. So the educational thing and then the third thing is referral marketing and and the fourth thing is GonNa be your old leads old funnel old sales plans to tap into all of them, and that includes siblings and parents and so. You have a database might wanNA start using. Yeah, yeah we have a tendency I'm right there with you or maybe this is you I have a tendency to be lazy and so just turn on the you know not that that. I'm against us but you know all right, Gus, you know from League hundred meter you got my you got my facebook just turned it on and let's just keep getting New People in when we go back and revisit these other individuals that. Maybe did a trial and didn't sign up and it wasn't the right time or just all those things. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I. Think that that you know we can't fall into the trap of Depression Marketing, right? That's the term it. Maybe we can coin where people like I'm I'm so depressed things aren't working why bother. You know I'll just do this. I'll just do whatever easiest for me. Let me just pay that guy to do it and not do any work and you know we have to look back at when we first started and all the things that we did. You know all the things that we you know how we went out there and you know everybody because it's much easier, and by the way we do get a better response nowadays because we are in the Internet era and age but there's so many other things like you know you could be doing posts and. Putting those posts on the different groups like you know, the the MOMS of your town Pta of your town and offer that you know that's your market you try to say to yourself I'm GonNa do five posts a week where I'm GONNA do three post a week on these different social media platforms to get my name out there to let everyone know that I'm not one of those guys that close. To. Let everyone know that you know where you know that we're still open and report where we need the community's help that kind of thing. Yeah she'll get. Let's go through this. Those that list again 'cause I'm writing it down. Okay. So number one was Did you referral? Was it? Did you know. Oh Yeah. Okay. So the did you know article that would be a great one definitely one educate our once and that's my over the spectrum could be for many different things. You know Blah Blah, Blah about Dwayne Brummett, master, Brahmin and Allie. Alberigo. Did you know that they traveled to Japan? Did you know that there are this rank or that rank and did you know that since Koby hit we lost seventy five members. and. That was a big hit tower school and then explaining that we're still. Plugging along chugging along but we do need help right and did you know that you could refer a member and get a year for free? If you prefer five of them, you know things like that within like a simple little ten or twelve bullet point article, and then you mail email at handed out in person sent home with the kids on on paper you know the other thing was referral marketing after with if you have an APP or you have you know you have. Some sort of system built in, get your claims to refer you right now making it easier for your clients to refer you because I guarantee you that they're talking to parents and the parents are going I. Don't know what I'm going to do Johnny this year you know and I find it funny in my community like we already have like baseball camp softball they in New York they don't give up on these travel lease travel soccer travel. Nightmare I would never want to be a parent I don't care how much my kid loves baseball driving around five days. We different towns sitting in the bleachers would be scoot myself I hated I hated having to take my order to Dan you know three days a week and I in the car or I watch a movie on my dashboard or I would walk in the neighborhood. but it was brutal drop go home and Cook Dinner Come back and get her. It was like I can't imagine what these poor parents and if they have one or two children. So but now a lot of these things are shut down. So you should be the solution, the athlete. Now you're talking to you, you're talking to a travel volleyball. So Oh I. Know I've seen the pictures you're in your driving four states over and spending a fortune to do so hotel travel food but you also. I was GonNa say I would have done been able to pay for his college front. You know well, you know what? That is the truth of Stoller. There's many many articles written by business executives. It said I read one once that was called chasing the dollar shirt. And they said that people spend more money chasing a free program in college and they spend more than the actual college costs and they give up nearly half their life you know running around chasing the scholarship when they could have just been staying home enjoying life and putting that money that they weren't spending into an account and pay for their college. Parents get caught up they want their kids to be a star athlete. They want them that you best I get that. But But yeah, anyway. So long story short, we have to definitely tap into the people and let them know that we need their help and that's why referral program is very, very important. Right and and we need them to help us. We can't just say we're doing fine because when we're doing fine they're not gonNA they're not gonNA go out of their way you know to to help us right. So we want to show that there is some urgency and that's in you know I think that that's important The next thing you let me think question before you go to the next thing, you remember my referral cards the George with the dog Yup Yup. What if I What if I did I? Did you know? And I had it I hired a voiceover. To do you know like a you know it'd be Jordan's voice. Right Yeah And then you know introduce people to my dog George. I don't really have a dog right and some people listening to this aren't GonNa. Understand what I'm talking about but you understand what I'm talking about. I think that I think that's an excellent and by the way just. So the listeners know you used to have a referral card and actual printed card with a picture of a dog on it and it says something like my master is sad today I sad because he's not really getting anybody referring the school something to that effect, and then if you WANNA make my master. Happy. So he comes home and he takes Jeremy and pets me better master please refer members to the school which I thought was normal. Yeah there you go. That's awesome. Yeah. So you know says, hi, my name is George. I'm wondering if you could do me a favor and then when you open it up, it says I'm very sad. Here's why lately my master then coming home and not talking to me very much makes me sad, you see my master's really good at what he does. In fact some people say he's the best. I know he really he? No, he listens good people and solve a lot of their toughest problems but lately he's been kinda down in the dumps the other day I heard him talking. On the phone and he said that was business was doing. Okay. But he wanted to expand it but he just didn't. He just wasn't good at all that marketing stuff. So would you favor so that things can get back to normal around here. Would you tell your friends about how good my masters and send some businesses way I made a VIP pass that you can cut out and give to you get to them. I know your term up really fast and and he'd be grateful thanks George and then you know there's a VIP pass you know that's awesome. Yes, I. Love it and I think that that's genius and it's just another software way to get out there and I think that that's awesome and if you did that digitally. Three or software in a series of emails, and then you gave out the VIP passes, and then by the way, try trying the revert referral pass into a prize. So listen you hand out the phone pass if they come in. For a while I was giving out five dollars, every referral that came through the door. So if they referred a friend and the friend never showed up, it didn't cost me a any other than when it costs the car. But if their friend came through the door I gave them a five dollar credit. And and the reason why did that was I didn't want them to feel like, Hey, I'm doing all this work and no one's doing or not. You know they're not signing up I wanted to reward than just for the effort and five dollars seem like a good way to do that. Gift Card to starbucks for. but yeah so that that would be a great way to the referral system and then you educate them by the way as my referral program teaches as they get closer and closer you have to stay on Mrs Jones. Your you have three referrals that joins the year. You have two more to go there anyone I can call a number you could give can you put him in the APP and you're sitting their name my way and you tell them that come with you and or call me like in the you only have two more left and then you get an entire year for free. And I also tell the kids like listen. If you WANNA make some good money work out a deal with your parents and say I can get five of my friends to join I'll save you a whole year's worth of tuition is you give me five hundred dollars? You know that kind of thing embarrassed like smooth but I'm like, and now the kids are pushing their parents and get referrals to get them so that they make money on the parents say. So so there's other ways to motivate and I. so that was another one of the things is referrals. The other thing I talked about, of course was leads and and and special events, and the way we special events is hopefully the people invite their friends and they bring their friends who are non-training students to your nerf wars. You're awesome course not your Ninja Warrior. And then hopefully, you could market those people as well. So that's just another organic way of doing things, and then we did talk about small systems, which is your idea and and I've never had good luck with it. Are you had used to get seventy eighty, ninety, four, hundred people coming to your field trips to your school, and then you'd sign up ten or twenty percent of those people. That's amazing. Right. So that's just another thing to do on the other things that I mentioned, which is very, very important is that we have you know through through the through the school systems is then tap into all the groups that are on facebook PTA. Parent teacher. Association Parent Teacher Organization Moms of Your Town Dad's of your town moms and Dads of your town together like whatever's on there. You can do a quick search on easily do it on On My facebook search and you, you could save moms of whatever. And do it that way. So? I don't know I'm watching our video on facebook went dead. It seems for a second but now it seems in a Pierce Anthony. Up. All. Okay. So explain to me it's like. Yeah, that's good. I had that happened to me the other day and people said, no, no never did everything is fine. So but anyway so yeah, I think that we need to tap into all those free organic on no cost marketing that we've just given up on that. We got lazy on it. We're not out there and then the last and final big hit. That I'll throw out there that I think that we haven't done is to set up some sort of sustained Organiz marketing campaigns to your old prospects. Old Students people try trials didn't come people who signed up for trials that didn't that didn't come in for the ones that did come in but didn't sign up the ones that were on your Kobe online program that didn't sign up people that. Were on there that maybe you know did the class for three weeks it just wasn't for them. It was hard to focus their kids and rightfully. So you know I was so hard to focus those kids because they didn't have the discipline of the Dojo I. so those are kids that didn't know how to focus period, and if they would have brought their kids to our school, they said. had a focus now they're known him in front of a screen and You know we're we're nervous. We don't WanNa yell at them. We don't WanNa put them in their place. We don't want to keep them in to sern because we don't WANNA lose them but they just weren't doing well on zoom. So I think that that and parents didn't give them the best tools they put him on a little iphone sitting on a counter wall and over and like they didn't really make an effort which blows me away with people these days like I just there's no efforts like. Classes starting the kids in the camera and putting just eat top over the Gentlema- Panshir like can you break like he ten minutes of Your Life to prepare the? Okay, we'RE GONNA get. I'M GONNA do your hair and get ready your belt is going to be stopping. You're waiting for sensing. You're not. We're not waiting for you like but but People just all discipline went. Out to the out the window it was crazy. Yeah I don't know I don't know if they have the self-discipline prior to it. That's the thing in the and the self hygiene. The self care the respective. Bill any you know the their presentation of themselves last night I had some people. I'm thinking to myself. How can you even like? Let your kid out of the house looking like that like what parent let's say just look like that. Right well, you know it's interesting. It's It's where. People are a lot of our society is heading. That's the problem it is, and you know what you shuffling around your Pajama Pants with slippers in in Walmart and it's just we'll. Oh my gosh so. Otherwise to go to Walmart. I I don't blame Ya think it's like the worst of the worst. Do you remember Do you watch Seinfeld it all? I, did I mean I've seen. Well, there was one episode on Seinfeld where who I forget who it was. Kramer Georgia's it's like you know t shirt and sweat shirt and sweat band and Jerry goes you've come out of the house like that and he's like, yeah, you know this is. Like you literally just told the world that you've given up like you don't want the the. Most he goes the basic most for that you need to show is that you've made a little effort into brushing your hair and your teeth and your clothes like I need them. I need to find that clip. Oh. Yeah. So hysterically, and by the way that comes in stems from the book that you and I both read quote make your because the. My daughter's asleep right now she has college courses so she's been working hard. So she's been asleep in her doesn't start until noon but if he got to a point where she wake up in her room was the I'm like you have to make your venture. Now she wakes up, she's making her bed because she knows one that I wanted to done that way too. She's getting in the habit of making her bed and I think that that she's twenty one years old. So she was in college you know I'm sure she could do whatever she wanted but I, think she would organize her room because she had a roommate. you know. So anyway, we start off with an easy task like that, and then we build upon it throughout the day just like by the way you and I are both wearing a blue shirt again, which I find to be just I I have a blue black. Blue Pants. Yeah. I'm actually in jeans myself. So I I you know we're Kinda. It's Kinda Weird I. It's funny how we picked similar colors on without any idea but Yeah. So to lead people with that, those are like five or six or seven things that we talked about that I think are home runs for people they listen to this and they might say doing it. Yeah. You know that's you know really are you that's the question the one question I leave. You with is really are you really doing it or you just kinda ticking the box or you out there really chasing after these things like referrals they've always been the lifeblood of my school they. I've always gotten twenty to thirty to forty referrals a year that signed up on a yearly program and you're looking at their tuition is let's say, let's just say simply twenty referrals a year and they sign up on on a yearly program. That's twenty dollars twenty people times. Let's say you charge Fifteen hundred a year. That's thirty thousand dollars in in income. That is coming out of your. Clientele isn't that worth happening into? I mean. Don't you think that that program should be probably one of your most important programs? Know I think. So I think that that would be incredible. So like This I I'm ready I. AM ready to listen. All right. So is is knowing Doing. Or is doing. Knowing. Are you asking me that question philosophically? No, it's a rhetorical question. Knowing knowing only know knowing is not doing. His knowing. Right right. Yes. Yeah. You're totally right one, hundred percent I think that. There are many people who know they know how to get in shape they know how to lose weight. They know how to make money. They know how to Blah Blah Blah right and just because you know and there are a lot of people who are I, know are right there like I know that I I've done that before so many school owners and I know we're running overtime So many school owners know too much for their own good like and I'll give you one quick quick fast scenario when I went to teach in Australia. The martial art super show of Australia. I went down there and I was amazed by the lack of knowledge. So people were and it was it was funny because I thought I was rich drag because people were buying my kids in programs like how much is that? That's eight hundred Australian among other things and then throwing money down I went back to my hotel room I stack of money on the bed right and then I realized that that the money that I was charging was not equal to the money. That's Australia so they were like paying a. Third they were like buying it because it was a third, the price of what it would have been. If I sold it in the United States I screwed up there shouldn't own the transfer money but it was interesting at how all Australians schools at that time they didn't have all this new United States business programs. So I thought like Hey I can teach you all this stuff, and then I say how many members do you have and they go I four hundred and fifty members five, hundred, fifty members six, hundred members. They were so good at the few things that they knew and they work to death that they had all of these people. Versus people in the United States who knew everything about knowing and did and didn't do anything about it and only had fifty members one hundred number but they knew it more than the Australian. They had many more things in their toolbox but they just never got down to like the people in Australia killing killing and I was like blown away and then You know that that's me was a big lesson focusing on things that were in staying on those hard on those versus doing forty different things none of them working. That's I'll leave with that thought. Yeah, it I don't know the analogy, but it's like. When someone knows when someone is working hard and things are happening Sometimes one of the worst things you can do is educating educate them on why it's working. Right. Because then they might stop doing it. Yeah. Yeah I. Mean you think about when? We first started like we were hard. We'd beat the bushes we did. All of the right things we did all the wrong things and we didn't. We didn't go You know we weren't pissed off at either one of them. No and and you know what it was now everyone in this modern day modern age is that they want to do facebook marketing. Why? Because you you work out putting an ad out and then you hit go and then it works for itself but it doesn't always work all the time unless you're putting the work in. However people love to check the box check I'm doing face look arming Jeff I you know I just start I and then they wanna sit back and read the rewards if it were that easy. Everyone would be a billionaire. I just heard you know highly Jenna is the richest young female, the most richest youngest female billionaire in in the world. Now, some people are putting their down Oh. Yes. She came from money unless you didn't come from billion to entire families. Net worth is not a billion dollars, right? So you know feeding, made this herself as a young north makeup lines, jewelry lines, clothing lines you know acting Blah Blah Blah Blah, but people want to cancel her discredit. Her because she came from a rich family, it's like seeing with Donald Trump enough being political but Oh Yeah. He made all his money bar two million dollars from his dad. Okay. But he turned that million to a billion. That's a million million right so he he didn't do it because his dad meet rich eating wasn't the air to some oil refinery came a billionaire just because he was born I mean people work hard I even get mad when people say, oh, celebrities or Football. Players are NBA players don't deserve the money. They're paying listen these dudes on the best of the best. You see a team of thirty players. There are thirty of the best players in the world. Even if the worst player on the team, they're better than a hundred and fifty, two, hundred, three, hundred, five, hundred, other players did didn't make. Whatever they're making even if it's inflated, they deserve it because they're the best of their craft just like you on one of the richest men on the planet and and you struggled making money staying afloat Florida going in and out of businesses entire life. Now, he's finally all of the things are kicking into here. So like listen. I think I heard that he must've even richer than the guy Zuckerberg now You know which is kind of interesting but it's all like tenacity if people know and read along must story from Tesla I mean that guy is like he's like a workaholic all he does is work work work work work. Data. Fleets it and comes up with ideas and invents I'm GonNa go there Mars like he's crazy. You know vision. So Anyway let's hope our longer like this call and if you do please come in remember if you come it helps other see it. If you just thumb up it, it's not gonNA really give us the same algorithm credibility that facebook once. So even if you say this called suck, that's GonNa help us you know if you say great call Good Info at the End of the call just pop that in bar and the box, and also if you're interested in my article called to Orne just right here, see I'm interested in the junior orange article and I'll send you a copy of it just tell me and I'll inbox you. Okay. So you want to do anything else we had by the way our sponsors spark members, software lead hundred media for marketing elite insights for Website Design and your health coaching. What's the name of the Health Coaching Company? Up to be. And so and they can reach out to you right Dwayne and talk to you 'cause about health and Wellness and health coaching diet nutrition, and you lost how many pounds you after forty something pounds. I lost forty pounds. Yeah. I and I've actually had a few people reach out because then heard her this and you know Herbie talking about this. So yeah and you know what's interesting martial artists you know where we kill ourselves our whole lives to stay in shape. But then we become teachers and we teach more than we trained. So we ended up getting a little sedentary where we slow down in our body starts touching up or metabolism doesn't doesn't keep going it slows down as well and we ended up getting out of shape or will we get you in a little bit worse shape? so you`ve been working with and I. Know. I. Have a friend that he does via and on Long Island and he lost eighty five pounds. He literally lost the weight up plus almost a stun is young child twice as way and I saw pictures of him with his pants and I remember he's always been and still an amazing and a great martial artists you just the weight got a hold of it. So he took a picture with holding his pants his son is in the pants with him so I mean it's a great program and Yeah. Contact you about that because health is all we have to. That's it. If you're carrying around an extra twenty pounds just imagine. Gives twenty pound way put it in your backpack and carries out around all day long and see you feel at the end of the day and take that backpack often feel how good you feel. Now imagine if you did that was your body weight and you took twenty pounds off your joints on your hips on your you. You're not. You imagine how much more energy. And if you have more energy more color. It's funny because I remember talking about one of his speeches he said this. Yeah this lady. goes up to the butcher and asks if she has a forty pound Turkey, you know the butcher hasn't forty or fifty pounds whatever it was and and he said, no, he said that I got I got you know to twenty five pounders. And he's like, why do you need fifty pound? Turkey and she goes well, I just lost fifty pounds. I'd like to see what it all looks like place. That's funny. All right dude I'll talk to you soon. All right schooling was keep your head off hopefully. Paul. Health and now he thinks we heard. All right I'll talk to you later I have a great day. Bye everybody knew.

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