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The guys this is. Dr ashley dawson. And i'm super excited to share by journey with you and what it takes to build this start up from the ground up. I hope that my story adds value to your practice career. And even your life and austin hope the you can learn from the successes and challenges because boy will every challenges ahead so buckle up and join me on this journey. Are you ready for this season. Let's do this. What's up ashley. Pay michael how's it going. It's going pretty good. It's not as hot today over here. But how's it like over there. Pretty stifling on wash my dog yesterday. Like six in the morning and i was already basically like eighty something degrees shelter and got. My car was a good old ninety eight just this a little bit hot man for the listeners wondering not wondering but like we were talking right before we pushed record and it's kind of weird right 'cause like we don't want him say anything because we want get like our initial reactions while recording so we don't want to say anything beforehand. Yeah is lying. Skew the initial reaction or water down the initial reaction Word i'm trying to us. I'm not that good of an actress. So but I also appreciate everybody just recently. Actually i don't know if you've noticed on your end but on our end in case anybody has any questions or concerns they can just go to the making of a podcast dot com or wherever. You're listening to this show. Naunton go to the website but people were sending in a ton of questions like about your your startup process. Like la- yeah. I haven't seen a ton. But i've had some people reach out to me via email or facebook messenger and of course. I'm not a consultant. I'm not gonna pretend like. I know a lot but i can at least share my journey but no it's been really nice You know reaching out to people in just trying to give them kinda my two cents at least my mayan. I haven't seen a ton of questions. But i like to see you know what other questions come your way. I'm gonna see how we can get like some of those on the show command. Assuming i've been better about listening to my episodes. So i am going to slow down when i speak and i decided to back from the microfilm because i was way too close so everybody from here forward i will be much better podcast. You get your like this closer. I know as like my lips are like basically on the microphone. Now i know better. Yeah it's it's it's i honestly one hundred percent. I don't listen to myself. I read a book where they say you should right like they said. Look at your work. We catch your progress. You can get better and better. But writing. like ma'am voices super high pitch and it goes even higher pitched a great voice. I don't know i'm so used to it now. i think it's I'm happy that you listen to yourself though and you can do that all i needed because i was basically cringing the first two episodes low. That's what i sound like. And then and then i got the microphone and learned how to back up from the microphone. Is just a gradual progression. Just like you know owning startup. Does the rest of your family listened to you. I think my dad does. My mom probably doesn't even know how to podcasts but i think my dad's in china was dude. I've been telling more and more people like some of the vendors i've been working with so yeah they're all. Al check it out and yeah getting the word out there until some of the vendors like if you wanna be on only a great job. I'm just gonna only ten thousand dollars. I'm just kidding awesome. Alrighty so this episode we're gonna be talking about systems all about. And i know you just took something about from yes so as everyone probably knows if this is your first episode i am descend member. Which is dental success network. Anna dr mark kostas helped create it. Anna has been tremendous. I love his podcast have listened to many many of his episodes and he has a really amazing group. The layouts kinda like facebook you can ask them questions different groups in there but i'm part of the mailing lists emails when there is a new course and there's a lot of Even though you pay for the membership a lot of great resources in there as so just got an email about systematisation jump starts of course on mike. This is exactly what i need. So i was able to sign up for the course that was included in my membership and i just finished it. Maybe a couple days ago. It wasn't very long. It kind of gave you a good overview a good starting-point from mary can build and they on their website they even had on. You know like an operations manual that you can kind of start within. Taylor make it fit your practice and they also have different protocols as well that you can modify a lot of like great starting points on. I feel like has been really helpful when you say course like is it like multiple videos or is it just like one really long video the and they feel like they do a lot of multiple video so i don't get any c. e. credit for this course in particular that i know of i can double check. I may be wrong about that. But so it was i. Think a series Maybe like sixteen videos and they range Bush shortest one was like a minute and a half probably up to maybe like five to six minutes. Now pending on the topic. Gotcha gotcha but it's interesting. I like that. I'm always wanted to pick marks brain a little bit more obvious and download everything in his brain into mine. And i think that everything would just be so much easier. I know all right so the systems that you are implementing right now in your practice. What systems do you already have. So we're we're kind of still working on it. But i have a brady general on boarding system. I think with anything that you do. And after Is just making sure that your foundational principles are set to is building making sure what is your vision. What is your mission. What is your core values on making sure that you understand. You know what those are because that's how you're going to hire people that's higher in a fire people. That's how that's how you're going to grow your team. And that's how if you're going to have to make corrective behavior. It's like hey this is through our core values which is going to go into my story row quick to get into before we start recording so on our core values is grit so g. r. It there's a book called grit by angela. Duckworth grades passion surveillance in the hard work. Sometimes that's what's gonna help Propel you for it. So i want my team to the gradient to really be hungry work hard but the g. is for a great patient. Experience are is respect others. I is an initiative in innovative in. T- is team protein player so i actually had a patient which kind of upset me because i like look. I'm a started just opened in this patient walks in and i hear her talking to friends and she's like you can take this please you know. She's like being really really pleased house. Eat my pizzas. Had methods down azgul and then just kind of see what things about in. She was being like really. I realize that she had a mask on. That had my practice down the street and Yes a huge discount. Yelling and then like oh. Did you go to that practice. Maybe i've been there a couple times and so then i'll send you is like. Are you gonna pull this in. Or what why. It's unlike we're trying to be is. We're a brand new start up here. We go on like core value. Number two is respect others and again like as you have your team or even even your patients died as we need to respect other. So obviously i was like all right. We'll ladies so i. I'm calling my friend so yeah. The lady was really mean in like very aggressive. So we ended up dismissing her me. I'm like okay this lady's pissed off. She's obviously got like this big swelling. She's not a pain twice. He was like we're going to have a free console. Just so i can say look then this kind of feel it out so anyway probably should just like by but i feel bad for people that are angry at the world. I heard that for a reason and sometimes people just need a hug. Sometimes they need so into them so anyway took guy big flying lady. You need to go to the er gatsby. Antibiotics so she went away. My dad's like joking. He is like all right. When you're gonna pulled up on my so. She was on schedule today. And guess what we pulled up into. Illinois is very cycle but if she is route to us we are not going to see her anymore because we at least prueher that we care we listen and we took the time to try to help her but then she was way nicer. She's like all year great. Dinners like blah blah blah. But yes so. Respect others. Will i gave i let it slide a one time but then i had to take control the situation and now she's being a lot more respectful. Wow i know. I might add like pulled up. I started and i was like boom. All right that's good. I mean well. It's not good. We'll your friend who was down the street. Is that a mint hill or know hill. Oh so they say by the civil bida her story behind that she just came in angry. Already guess so kind of you just storming here. Which like. no one should do that. And my dad always says you attract more flies with sugar vinegar. Oh be nice to people. But sometimes i'm like all right someone who's mad about some things like let me take the time and understand where you're coming from and then let me just give him a chance you but you get one chance my book. And then after that by cnn. You don't team like that. You know i wanna make. Everyone feels comfortable. But she's so much nicer now. What yes she was probably like mega. So does that rain mint hill smiles was like hey go to this person or she just found you guys as she is found us. Oh wow yeah go. At least it's work. That's interesting okay. I thought they were just like okay. So this is a hate me that much again. Okay go here. Gotta to her. The systems for this was what will first of all just making sure that if we do have a patient because i mean we obviously we want to have great reviews all the time so if you already have someone that might ill disgruntled upset and you know what swell like they send a text message will you can do like a pound. Dnd pound like in the notes like not send the review. When we check out the patient we need to make sure k- debris check it out. We complete the kirk procedures. Does this person need to be on. D. pound list is as long as it's in there before five o'clock or before the end of the day. I think you can tie like that. Needs to be like our end today. Checklists like dude. Does anyone needs to be on that list. And then honestly like. It's kinda like we'll how we're gonna make sure that you know. We need to dismiss the patient. Like what is that. What does that process. Look like. Chance keno like. What kind of letter do we need to send when we send it. How do we manage that so just a couple of things in ngos just like setting expectations for team again. Like i told him like this is not. This is not normal so much. Should i be treating you this way or treating us this way that. Give them the one tans but acted out. i'm not gonna make by team feel uncomfortable and it is what it is. We have to dismiss. A patient can really tried to be helpful to people. Because you don't you don't. I don't know what circumstances she's unnerved so like heck ahead to put down pizza for this out and then like a already had to wait in our pizza but on every year up there to my desk in the front. 'cause i know some people like do have your desk near the fried. Might now. i need to know what's going on because if someone is acting crazy up there we're add to correct the situation. Yeah i mean. I don't know that's a good lesson. I think just for anybody listening like oh maybe we should be. It wouldn't hurt to just be like a little bit more nicer right like to see. Just you have their like up super upset. You owe at least you were nice about it right. yeah exactly. yeah. I did. What i could i did. We did the best that we could try to help her. So take school us in right there. So then what is the end of day protocol them or the system for today yes. A- limousine try finance so we'll be honest most of the stuff. I did get friends from dr mark. Kostas on his because he's got a lot of amazing resources in there are still working on tweaking. It which friday rescheduled. So we're actually gonna try to treat friday as a little bit more of an admin day to go through this together with the team to end the day like making sure that we scan all the documents making sure you know checking the charts. We have all of the licensed in the insurances. Make sure that we're sending any claims. Do we need a sending a pre authorization Making sure everything's calm logs. If you call the patient is in the calmly because we have opened dental so you can put in the phone conversation that has to be there so adding that in there and then again this is there some still kind of tweaking it but yet you are petty cash because we have that for someone like brian get cream or are we. I need to separate my petty cash to like change. Because i actually had a patient pay cash. We have a ninety nine dollars. Special sided. give him dollar change something. I need to be able to separate it but right now we just have a sheet in there anytime we cash transaction. Just they have to write down sign out. You know who took out dollar putting in a hundred dollars. Printing out our production and our collections. And it'll show like our write offs and everything and then i'm just making sure that also that everything is set up for the next day and we have like a weekly maintenance a daily maintenance in like monthly quarterly so like tomorrow since my sister was out today. She's gonna come in tomorrow is to have my other assistant do it. But on that way she can go ahead and do her maintenance of like the Immolated sterilizer and flushing the lines. And everything like that so we have the printed it out in the back. I can pull it up on my also participate in the weekly and monthly maintenance. Now they just write down and they sign it and initially we've laminated at and then they just use a dry race. And then i go by and take a look at it. Just make sure every you know. Everything is initialled as far as maintenance right now again. We're still kind of tweaking. It but our weekly maintenance lead drain and resell the water on the m eleven on fridays. We change traps on wednesday. We drain cleaning inside of the ultrasonic on fridays. We do our sport tests on monday which we do it here. Allies time deacon senate but we do have something we can do in office the opportunities we soak the to being cleaned the chairs with On with don in water actually and we do autoclave motors on fridays. So when we use like the aside or the wipes sprayed clean the chair. We actually clean it with diluted dawn so that it's not breaking down the basically fake leather upholstery once a week so it's not just like kind of sitting on there so that's our equipment Told us today so we've been doing now at the end of the week. Monday's perjure lines for thirty seconds and monthly we drain fill us cleaner. Drain fill run cycle drain. Bill on the eleven we check our. I wash station. We flush it for thirty seconds foiled test. We do that every wednesday. we do. Our oil traps change gauze. If needed an-and we accordingly clean the mlm inside and out check washers to make sure everything is sealed. Replace if needed and we have a little pink maintenance book and then in the morning was the actually opening. We started side. We turn on our. Tv's in music. Obviously make sure it's team jackson. Turn on the water vacuum air. We put the clean instruments away. We get the trays ready for the day which allows him to get it together the night before like everything needs to be set up before you leave which has been helpful. Because when 'cause my assistant out it's at least already set out for the most part and then we can just kinda The patient after morning huddle will prepare for huddle so i have. The team print out the schedule for the day. Just go for it. Does anyone or anything like. Is there anything extra that we can. Maybe do the same day that way. We saved them a visit. I make sure your flex communicator is up that we have the inter office communication and then we just have like a picture of our logo on the tv in front of the patient when they walk in. I was going to have like a welcome. Welcome kerry mind industry. But i didn't pay for powerpoint on those in an. It guy was like yeah. I senior attorneys powerpoint. But you don't actually have it on my okay so me. We're gonna put her picture up. You can't just put anything like you know what i mean you google slides i think google docs google slug add. That's what my assistant said. But we just been doing our logo as a picture and it just fills the whole screen so silicon nice. But i wanted that personal touch to it so but he rain on my parade when he said you're not supposed to be using this right now you now have license. So what are you going to get powerpoint or no. I haven't on like my three front Computers but not in the opportunities. Maybe eventually but i mean is that really a need for it so it's not more like a need. It's not more like price. It's more of just like i don't see the need of it and i'm like you know spend more money. Save big where it's like. You buy something on amazon for like three thousand bucks and it's like do you want to get the insurance for two dollars. You like heck no more money. No exactly the next three years like no i know. Yeah right forget they go okay okay. So then you'd you'd you have that going on in the widows clues being like making sure that your workstation is clean been trying to get by on my team because they started leaving and then it just like a hot mess and i'm like when we walk in if we go straight to morning huddle. We had like a little scientist. Says we'll be right with you. Get in there sooner but we can see if you will. So i was like we look like like basically roaches you turn on the light and everyone scatters mosey patient pull up. We're like go but we do have a sign up there but they started leaving the area like real messy. And i'm like no. This has to be like cleaned up. Put your notebooks away. Everything needs to be like. It has to have a place as a home so just make sure that they're doing that. And then just checking the lounge like making sure because i don't have a cleaning company so downtime protocol. Check the bathrooms. Are we stocked up with our toilet. Paper like three roles. Each bathroom maintain that they share the paper towels of full. Like make sure we have so forgetting low right on my whiteboard right now. I'm just doing the ordering until i get my assistant. When she gets a little bit more settled be. I just like doing like some maintenance stuff in obviously like if someone has outstanding treatment we're at the point. We've had we have some treatment out there. We need to start calling people back in to making sure they get scheduled. Making sure hygiene is scheduled to So that's a on your downtime protocol. What's inside office. It's never like hey you know you should probably go out. And yes that on there too. And like i said haley's tunnel like our our main goto girl on. That's been kinda going out like making fires in talking with people in the community on but my other front desk girl. She used to work for startup back in ohio and so she also has some ideas issues. I wanna go out so it's been kind of like weird times like will wake up like we have an hour by the time we like. I do something out just thirty minutes but we definitely had a couple bigger blocks of opening and Mondays full we have folk day appearance. But on like windsor really slow. I realized that probably a wednesday. Just say hey like in the next couple hours Hit these places and get the word out. Yeah and your morning huddles. Like how long do you have them. Said what do you do there. We will talk about specifically. Do you get there before. All the employees are now I give their front does haley. she gets. You're not like super early but she's always she's typically the first one here. She was like eight minutes down the road or like five minutes down the road. So we have morning huddles fifty minutes before we see the first patient normally. I'm here maybe like four to five minutes before that. Like twenty minutes before we see and haley sometimes is here. Maybe she gets here around the same time as me. Or if not like a su- minutes. Before i do to dissolve your members have like a key to we have a keypad so gives punch in the code and then they have their own code to turn off the security system. So i know who's coming in and out actually takes their picture to. Oh yeah if someone you know deactivates it it actually snaps a quick picture so i know who use it in. That code is associated with haley or kylie are. Laurie system is up. Eighty and then i can see it from my thumb to okay. Well they don't know eighty two aca. Yeah i know. I was like eighty in my office. Oh gross oatmeal and then a guy comes in shows me all day. Okay this is up to date. This is modern this is how much do you pay for them on. I think i pay like fifty five a month don't a steep. I was going to do like a simply safe. But they did install do you like all the monitoring and a guy like he lives right around. The corner might neighbor from good old. Get me some green. She's the one who recommended him to me because he like even if the alarm goes off if the police come you will come in hubei. Kate what's going on in here like he. Yeah he'll like my neighbor. I guess her arm is going off. Authorities got called and stuff like that but he literally came they. Hey it's Make sure everything's okay. Like i got an alert. Because he's one of the managers or whatnot. He's really nice so he was like you know he goes above and beyond so i felt like you know we'll be safe and in the poor guy that like installed our security system like you could see equipment. came his all this drinking a roof. Nabc that he put the wire ecus you on the outside so the guy he came and he told the technician to change it. Technician was that very happy but he had a good attitude about it after the And that he was able to change us. He's like whatever you need. We're gonna make it work while this really cool okay. So then the morning huddle they get in earlier. You guys discuss basically what's going to happen throughout the day and then at the end of the day you guys kinda like regroup and say what. We missed what we didn't do. We definitely should do that so yet morning. Huddle i try to not let myself talk late more. Like the team guided outweigh no that. They looked at the charts. Like it's more like y'all presenting information to me like who resigned seeing. What are we doing on this. Anyone need any. Tlc like some special patients need that little extra time in tender care and then at the inundate no. We definitely need to do that. I'm glad you brought that up. Because at my one of my associate positions we started doing in the end of the day. It was super helpful. His in you can talk about what you know things that went well but then things that need improvement when it's happening not like a month later on women that one time say no. I don't know yeah okay. So then you implement the end of day type car okay and then what system do you have in place for like monthly performance reviews so raping actually needs to schedule those. I think i'm probably gonna friday morning. We're pretty open. Saw probably start doing those. I think dr paul at senate. His book had a really good like sheet. Where you can grade yourself you. Grade them nate grey themselves based on like core values. I think it was him detractors. Heroes right practice heroes. I don't know who is ham or dr my kostas. I have to look at my folders but they basically like have you score with bathing. Feather doing what you're doing and then it's like okay based on your core values than as far as your job responsibilities. How well do you think you're doing. And then that we kind of pair it up the okay. We'll maybe talk about okay. We're on the same page. You know that you need to improve odd to x rays or need to improve on here on time or if it's like you know i'm always here on time in you're like you're never time like let's talk about that. Were not on his page like Where that disconnect is not way getting is a chance to to evaluate themselves as well in just kind of be honest with what they need help with. Would he do well. And you're calling yourself out. Have you had any like. I dunno not i guess like red flags or like our acm. Or disagreements like We're not really gonna find a middle or you know what i mean where my big thing is. Patients have to be brought back on time care. Do we need to bump up more all. Do we need to cut a lunch ashore. Blake there sometimes. I get a little bit excuses for teams. But i was doing this note that nobody like. Where do we need to do. Like how can i make easy for you to make sure the patient back on time or like. Is this a communication thing. I'm sitting. He's having headsets. And that's pretty much been like my lot like muslim on associate positions. We have headset. So we're trying to use the flex. Intra office communicator. Bet i don't know if it's really working so that's something. They always a with the extreme ownership there. No bad teams only bad leaders young though unlike. Okay my team bad. I'm just not doing a job leading them and making sure that we get this without me being micromanager so that's something that i have to look at but sometimes like but i was no no nominal like why can i do to tweet to make sure that we're getting the patients back my sister. She's been doing it for seventeen years. So i'm trying to remember there. There's not the big that we're like. Okay we're not gonna ever get on the same page but definitely some things that had to be like okay. We'll i know you did see. Alas office tower doing things here and she's not really to super savvy with the computer so i'm trying to make sure that like she's putting the notes in like she was just putting the temple in no as i'm talking to the patient and they're important things you have to be typing it automatically know. Don't write it down on a piece of paper. 'cause you're wasting time having to write it down and then go back and put it in the chart as she saying it. Go ahead and type in always reorganized notes to you. How do you. 'cause i think in that book. It says when it comes to performance. It's not what you teach. it's what you tolerate. So then how do you tell them like. Hey like you know what i mean. Do you rang okay. I don't want anybody to ever wait again right like that's it the straw or like how do you tell people. How do you talk to them. Try to sandwich. i try to say. Hey you did this really well awesome job by or people say shouldn't say but just be like and we had to really make sure we get our patients. But keep doing this really. Well i try to like be like not like doing this wrong. Dennis ryan this wrong. It's like hey great doing this. We really make sure we have to get the pieces that they should not be. Sat one or two minutes late like wanted our once you know. Of course the front desk on their and they have to scan. The died their driver's license insurance card. But once you have to be paying attention to the computer is once they turn the you have to bring them back so there's no evan's buts about it so better about it in same with like the notes i'm like you have to. You have to type notes like is not known for negotiation. Like this is the time you know and i try not to talk down about my team in front of the patient but i'll just be like subtly. Okay great so. Laurie is go ahead and put that in the no. That's great information. He told me like boom. Are you paying attention. You need be of this. You know this could have so. Then what's systems be feel like are really lacking in right now I think there's a lot of moving parts right now. And i feel like we are kind of all a little bit all over the place like we have like some things like a general idea of yes we need to you know this is a morning. Huddle yeses the downtime but really dismiss. You're actually doing every single step implementation. Basically is what sums it up is important that we get through the essentials of bare minimum. Like these things have to be done. So i think just staying consistent and just making sure that i don't know that we're just staying on track with everything because it's so easy to say. Okay now i'm gonna go focus on this or here and then you let things kylie slip through the cracks with with like dude. I feel like that's one of the hardest things like ever is like i don't think can ever be one hundred. I know. correct me. If i'm wrong but i don't know if you can ever be one hundred percent every single thing could you know you can have to be okay with eighty percent like with some things you have to be okay with delegating that to a team member nine. Not it's not gonna be done always exact the way that you want to. It's not going to be a hundred percent but as long as it's sometimes as close as possible in good enough. You can't be everything to everyone and you can't do everything every second of the day. Have to be willing to be okay with a little bit of imperfection 'cause we're perfectionist if you like but this is not possible. Don't say that as a leader it takes strength to let go so we kind of have to like. Yeah i guess let go of perfectionism or something. I don't know i agree. I'm definitely going through that. I don't like ooh unlike. But i want to do but i'm trying to like make sure that i'm not blaming my team. Like i have to hold them accountable. I think that's really important. Dr mark kostas talks about that as well in addison. He lane about accountability so they have like accountability contracts like easier job responsibilities. You are green hold. Everyone accountable each month. Kind of going back to that end is feeling like hey like maybe that could be score sheets. Katie's your job responsibilities. Turn an to score sheets like okay like how do you think you're doing on these things that you agreed to do. And then going over the core values. How well thank. You're doing this setting expectations of what you want on your team. I think the. I need to do a better job of making those clear because i feel you keep adding. That's what's hard is like easy. These also need you ten other things too. They usually like free to think about the hat before. So i have to tell you. But i know it's gonna take time. Would you say is like the least important thing you have to do. Your like but it keeps coming up being like. I gotta do it. Probably getting the team decide. I have the kind of -bility sheets. Because i just made them or download them modify them like maybe two weeks ago and i have to get them to to sign it. Signed it no. I have one of 'cause. I added it after i actually had my last girl join on the twenty eighth as oh that sounds like a good idea so hers is ready to go the other two have been like tweaking it but i'm thinking like during our first meeting which will probably the do friday which y'all accountable. So the next time we talk. I need to have one on one with my team. Having them sign that okay. So you're going to have them sign the accountability sheet. Yes by friday okay. So then i don't see how that's a that's one thing that is out of the way that you can do. I know but i stay. That i've been saying like well. He hasn't hasn't been two weeks. It feels like two weeks last week. I'm elliot designer consign. It what changes did you make on there to pull it up because it was more so like office manager role. I don't have an office manager so it was like more so like oh like. Make sure that your team already has this. I'm the when you're in. That part is wanting to focus on the front desk administrator role more so at haley's printing out my production and collections that i've been saying So i can look at it as well but is more so i think breaking down the. Kpi's something that which. I know we talked about dental into hell. I think i said divergent dente last time on the last previous podcast but i meant dental intel donohoe on so wondrous my marketing company. They are starting to implement that into like their services so as able to get it hooked up but i think that my account manager still has to tweak it a little bit so that i can go ahead and go through those reports because i just had my monthly meeting with madura. She's the one that i've been working with that wonders which she's been absolutely amazing Ker but we still have to to get that active. I think happened with the setup Basically like mostly like break that. Dan like talk about like the new patients like looking at the number is in trying to make sure that with the goals and he was more so like that i deleted it so i can't really remember this overwhelming though. Like all the analytics numbers. But i think that's why a lot of dentist don't even try to pay attention to but as dr mark cost says you have to be sophisticated business owner and understand your numbers even if they're scary and i'm not goes numbers. My husband does all the excel sheets stuff so like just surrounding yourself by a good team. That's going to help explain it to you at least have a basic understanding. So you're not just trying to go the flow and pretend know look the other way and just pretend it's gonna galley you have to face your fears and do the best. She can to educate yourself tons of books out there. Addison actually has a book by the numbers. Actually probably read that. Because i read it maybe like two years ago or whenever it first came out and just understanding. He does a good job. Like simplifying it dr. Gotcha okay and then kind of bring it back a little bit for your patient experience. How does that system look so teased experience. I don't know where. I got this from but i really like this. It's kind of like have you heard of scheduling institute. Yes i have. They are amazing with patient experience. So i learned a lot in my. I associate position. 'cause they worked with them on. So this kinda resembles it. But i'll try to just kind of quickly go through it but i think it's called apex dental. They're the ones who put this together. So i told my team that we're gonna modify it. Make our own but patient time so first patient receives a call schedule patient based on the at times of the office available openings. So try to not let a whole bunch patients dictate your schedule even knew we want to try to keep some guidelines on like. When is it going to be best scheduled patient based on like what we wanna do. We'll eventually do block scheduling but right now we're just kind of scheduling wherever we want. Patient enters office team members are already to the patient so someone always needs to be in the front. That's why with morning huddle mike. I really don't love that signing up there like someone to always be the same with lunch stone calls. They have enough team members to style your lunches that we should not all be taken at the same time so much to always be up their patient. You greet them. He say hey. Welcome we make contact and then when they come in you're gonna give them office tour havens jones. Thanks so much for coming in and we're excited. You're gonna be working with dr dawson at eventually. Want to have a wall. 'cause i'll be working with foundation for girls to talk about our gifts so that they can point to like case it know. Our office has teamed up with For girls so for every new patient. That's going to help support a mother in need to. Thanks for being here because you're supporting that caused that kind of gives them. This is something bigger than just a new patient appointment. There's a community. These people are supporting the community as well new. A tour hate is russia over your comeback. Next time is pan. This is digital x ray. Low radiation like. Why does it benefit the patient. Why do they care to know like explain. All of the things to them in and We always have a new patient guest so after new patient tour. We always have a gift waiting for them. Which is a cost him on In that reciprocity think on chill dini in his book in. It's like if you give something to the patient. Or they feel like they have to give something back to you whether that's making an appointment or referring a friend but you welcome them eight. Thank you so much. Our office wanted to thank you. Here's a gift and eighteen leaves so it's not like awkward there staring at them as their opening gift Oh how do you like. You're feeling oh my gosh it catches mouthguard. It makes them feel special. And then we do the four minute roll. So it's f. o. r. e. so f is for family owes occupation are is recreation in e. Is everything else so we want to build a relationship with patients by connecting with them. That's part of our mission. Statement is relationship based industry. so let. let's four minute rule like let's talk for technically four minutes about things other than dentistry. Also tell me about your family or what do you do for work or what. You are doing anything this weekend. They may like mentioned hobby in this actually goes in the notes section in the patient chart like an open dentals like a little white box on the left side and we put f. o. r. e. and we type it in there so we have a little bit more personal information. People love talking about themselves in our family so so after that than we do the patient interview so see what their chief complaint is and go into more like the dental aspect. And then i was saying that it's important to pass the baton of trust in just me. you know. Each person should be edifying. The next person to me doctor. I'm like hey you're going to be speaking with kylie one of our treatment coordinators. She's amazing she's been doing this for so long. She's a go over everything all the financial aspect of it. you know. you're in great hands. And i'm trying to build them up in past time and just make sure that they can trust the next person that they have to speak to you on the team and then they go over the treatment plan and then i was just saying that going back to the exam when we're talking with the patient just getting a verbal yes in maho diagnosing with them. It's making sure that understand. You're like okay like let's go heading you schedule like do you agree that that's where in. Yes okay great. Let's try to find some days in times out work view in trying to get them scheduled but definitely the hand offs offices important Have a great patient experience and then just taking the time to get to know the patient and let them know that they heard. That's also where did you get. That four from was pretty cool so i we were doing it in upstate. New york when i was part of that group practice and then when i was down here the other office were got they also have scheduling institute and then i found this little like flow Omegas yes. I forgot about the four minute rule in it stands for you know amalie occupation recreation everything else settling affiliates pretty easy to remember how much i don't know if you've got this part of the core scatter now but when you ask about what do you do for work go so deep in their go into their job. You know what i mean like. There's so much you can do just by finding out where they work but this right here like is for sure thing like you make sure you ask it all yes this is going to be implemented. I mean this is a new patient experience. Everybody st right like everybody yet team yet. We even practice. It was like if i didn't have a system like this is the one thing that we had like we are going to. We have to kill the new patient experience. Especially as it start-up that's everything so just making sure so. We still have the practice a little bit more like with haley. She's still a little bit newer to the back. So lorries been mostly doing it. Just getting her comfortable with it and so it doesn't feel like robotic she can make our own but at the bottom line like this is what we need this information we need. How long your new patient. The whole thing like a whole new patient visit from the woman they walk into the About depends on get cleaning so in the very beginning we were scheduling two hours to do the exam. Xrays new patient the cleaning chiro plan presentation than leave now lease sure in it to like an hour. Forty minutes is we have the luxury of space so on we can always have that next room said even finishing up with the patient is polishing in cleaning by citizen ahead and start the next patient so probably more like hour and a half two hour forty now. That's pretty good. Yeah you're able to talk with them and exactly it's that that's pretty cool. Okay so then. This is all right now. The systems you guys have implemented in your practice anything you already discussed the systems as you plan to bring onto really quick. Has anything happened with the sign. Okay so they came to sign up. They did not do the opportunity signs. But i went outside because i was or i was working with patient when they came they installed. It went out there. And i'm like it's pink and my friend league. Yeah we thought it was gonna pink. We weren't sure if you've picked pink pink. Mike pink what what does that one thing is another literally. Have a pink dawson. Elliot will the pink part is dawson and then black is modern industry. So the guy. I'm like i know waited. Awhile guys just come out here but the thing. But it's pink a woody. It's pink guy osama picture. Alex pink demand. Today is usually. That's looks like what happened. Why what type of color paved road like a blush. Instead of a beige is trying to fix it so he said he's gonna try to you. Know see what we can do. I was able to pull up my colors again. Like because i have like a brand book that i was able to together like my color is my font and like you know the like the numbers for the colors. I guess it's like more like for print so it wasn't gonna be helpful for the sign. So lauren advil sense. She did my marketing. So she's getting get back to me with leon The pinton like color. That they need for the sinu- j- i guess it's almost like using different shaved. I'd like the a one's gonna look a little different on different shade guides. I guess that's kind of what happened. That's the worst. I na should never ending saga with this freaking. Sign picture of it though. We could see it. It's like okay so besides that what's been going on this week on usually my schedule. Everything else has been pretty good like monday was a pretty busy day like i said. Mondays are always busy so we had to patients that i did fillings. I in than i did three new patients. And now that. I have hailing a has x ray now on mondays we can do like a second call him so hopefully we'll get more calls but other than that. It's been pretty other nervous about the John as honestly gonna cuss me out. Or what but ominous gonna try. Pray about it. Hopefully she'll be nice an-and on she was really thankful and she wants to come back so hopefully she'll be nice each time. I think that's the only thing that was giving me diety this week on. I still have a little league and my roof. So that's been fun and it's yeah the roofers came out they try to fix it but it's we just had a a big rainstorm. Today's yosso still leaking so manetti excited again An industry with marketing. They said that things are looking pretty. Good luck on the website. She kind of went over the same things that my dad went over with. Google analytics but Target even though. I still want a little bit older patients by marketing lady. She made a good point. Like because i want to do more than biz lines. How do i get more in line or do. Some clear liners in. So i think i need to. Maybe explore with marketing towards like mid thirties. Or something like younger moms as well because they also schedule appointments issues like once you get them in and you build a report them sometimes. They'll actually bring their parents and that might be a way to also reach out to some parents but also you like more design stuff to you. Why don't you start talking a little bit. More about him design and things like that. Yeah i need to. I think i might have mentioned before. It says a good job of putting in there like do you like your smile or you're interested in when people talk about whitening or straightening then that's like a perfect opportunity to to bring it up that too. But i mean like just in general like on social media and notice you have a blog too so like on your larger. You know what i mean. So can you for for things like and has it could be like it can be super short. I mean like. I don't know i'll be honest like i'm not an introvert. Elmich meeting people and stuff. But i don't know why. I'm like a little bit shy when unlike. Oh you know trying to get out. There have been really sucking at like doing the ground marketing. Because unlike i like what if i'm awkward. It doesn't matter actually. Just try a little anxiety. That's been holding me back but it's not an excuse at all but i think there's something internally wrong with me that like why you know why nervous like you said it's something internally he's holding me back but it's not an excuse at all. Yeah yeah you know honestly like the best. I'm kinda the same way to be honest like the best confidence builder. That helped me was. I just told myself like i'm just gonna let me ask you something. Do you go to target or walmart or target. Mostly amatya. I'm guy so we go target right. Do you go to sub checkout cashier south. Okay started going to cashier. Even though there's a little bit of a longer line right or sometimes along or or if you want you can go to self-checkout still but you know how does that one person standing there in the self-checkout to like make sure everything's like you know functioning or question wing when they say like this one's open just walked by and then say hey how's it going. That's it that's it you do anything else. That's it that the conversation don't even think about a conversation just think about. I have to do something in an unknown situation. That's like it's kind of you know the situation your check. You're you're going to buy something on target and saying. Hey how's it going. An open ended question. You don't expect anything from it. You don't expect the conversation on nothing right. You're gone that's it. Okay start doing that with. That's your first thing started doing with as many people as you can. Don't think about like i gotta complete a strategy and then i have to admit no none of that stuff. This is just to build up your confidence so you can talk to strangers and then you're done checking outright like get the receipt and everything you turn back and say thank you so much. Have a nice state. That's it even if they don't tell you anything like okay. I kind of do that. But maybe not enough. Like i definitely need to stop going self-checkout then if you feel like you do that all the time right like another thing. We remember raw human right so we can say hi to each other. We don't have to be like. What does that person just say. We're you know what i mean like. I remember when i was growing up. We always wanted wave at each other. Say hi to each other living. La now people are like what the heck do i know you. And i'm like no you're array. That's how my husband and he was like. Why are they saying. How do you go now. Just say back so just starting to just to build. Yeah that's honestly we just tell that to people who are like super shy if you feel like you're already doing that and honestly have you ever heard of that mel robbins book the five second rule. Yes i've heard of that. I'm not read it before. Oh man that will change your life like it's scientifically proven but at the same time. Think about it thinking past five seconds. That's already talking yourself out. Have you ever looked at any of my youtube videos of me. Like ground marketing till like a gym or apartments or anything you at those forgot in in some of them. Do you ever see how. I'm sometimes i'm like kind of like scared. I don't feel like going in right now. Like i say that. Yeah what if. I start thinking about it too much than a member gonna go like myself al right. Yeah like you said. Just don't go beyond that. I think that's always plant worst case scenario. Almost all my guy. What if it goes terribly a hate me in my head on my. I'm not to what what would be doing. A business near get one insist to say like because i went to jim this we can. I'm like oh my god what the hell is supposed to say again. Then i'm like. Oh and then i forgot to say this night it go get the sign up sheet and i was like. I hope that this person has become really awkward. Like never talked lady again. Put down like the black list. I dunno domino's going to be on the blacklist. Don't let this lady. And she's so weird like you have a default and we all have a default if you think about it like we go in our minds. Forget everything right. Let's get the whole strategy and everything what would be your default like a lot of people's defaulters like While i'm new in town. And i just wanted to say hi. And that's like a lot of new bands default. Which i don't want to do and they'll kick in. Your default has to be like this. Why i never say like. Don't see a ton right like just say like a sentence. Just do anything for your members like any events unless india. Most of the talking. Yeah just like ask remember you. Don't wanna go in there like desperate or anything like that. You want in there. As if like i'm walking by might as well just walk in and ask about this question that i had to ungracious. Or she's like sorry no soliciting. I'm like you're like okay. You said okay. Waste say i was be new practice. I want to see if i can get some information. And maybe i could give you guys some my information. I think i went to you quickly. Into lemme maybe set up a table too. Far ashley truthful. I know i went. I went out to us shoe. What i'd say that no soliciting i feel you girl. I'm leaving by your hair. That is nowhere near anything. I've taught you hang. i just came out. I know what. I was doing practice in the mirror. Maybe no like next because you can call them rumor. You can call out. Yeah remember having zaidi on the phone to. I'm great with patients. Like i don't just when i have to go in there and a half to like like market mice. Oh without seeming. Like i'm trying to market myself. That's challenging for me but i am going to do it. Here's says you're listening. Ali and i'll try the next door grocery stores at this isn't lytle or little is calling oldie but l. killed janka came all she she shut me down real quick so i'll have to try. And maybe here's peter next or that's it but does that. Here's here's a grocery store. Count kroger i mean in the course you see me like actually going in. I mean talking to them. I don't just on kenya's player video. This is this is what i want to say but like he's gonna save better though. No you got it. You got this like all. You gotta do this next one. You're gonna call them and then just do the strategy. You know what i mean. Okay yadda you're not like out or anything or panicking opera blood pressure class. All right i won't let you down. Michael okay good other. That what else has been everything else has been the same or spend about the same. Yeah nothing nothing really just since been sick. So does china. China get by. She doesn't have But it's been hard to get into the group of things 'cause she's been out first level wise. How's your stress level. Do you feel like you're always talking about the practice. Now when you get home and your personal life and all this stuff or not my husband. He shut down. He has like he's just like last year eating dinner. He like blink face. i'm like what he's like. you just always talk about. I'm like i know. I need to have an alley. I'm like we're gonna have a podcast is like is a shot at me like no no. No i need like you know. I like you know this is like my life like this is what i want the whole time and now like in it like when i talk about it all the time but i understand like you don't get it. You don't want to hear me complain all the time like no one wants to be around that but obviously he's like he's very supportive but us joy tyrod something else so i have been like super stressed but i definitely talk about it a lot but i have like my friends that i think that i can get into the specifics. 'cause my husband. He's not a dentist like this is what he likes to talk about like. No one wants to talk. Like i don't want to talk about with him. I'm sorry i just wanna talk them health. I wanna talk about leverage finance. So i get it the a. It's gotta be ballots. He's an accountant right. So he's a cpa but he's on an investment banking for bank of america. So like don't awesome. Don't share those excel sheet profanations with me competitions. Yeah but anyways yeah so anyway but things have been fine. I haven't been super stressed but definitely to make sure that bore my husband with all my problems so nor is stores rolling in they have delta on they just do direct deposits alike. I begin an. I have a good bit adults patients. So it's been nice like seeing some money roll and going through my payroll aright cash some checks today and the bank and i'm like boom like this. It's nice to see it starting to come together. Awesome that's good to hear. That's good here so then with all that being said is out i will thank you everybody for listening and make sure that you guys follow me on instagram on my personal page at ashley underscored the ads or the instagram practice page which is at dawson mining industry. And of course sure you all the episodes in the beginning and just appreciate you guys being part of this journey. That is it. Thank you for tuning in this. Is the making of dawson modern dentistry.

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