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It's all shit. It's all just I'm gay politics. America's got in kinda wack, but we're not going to let it go down like that. Because we've got a dumb gay podcast Adum gay political podcast. We probably don't have all the facts. But we got opinions and we'll probably backtrack. That's why it's a dumb gay podcast Adum political podcast. It's all it's all shit. Social, it's all shit. I mean, I don't know. I I am. Of this shit is the. Us this shit. Is Trump t- argue MPA? What I don't know. I don't even know. Hello, everybody. Welcome to dumb, gay politics. I am Julie. And this is the podcast where we talk about politics. Like, we're talking about reality TV it's nine eleven nine eleven so it is nine eleven and I will say not in a in a any manner. Just manner of saying one does remember where they were on nine eleven. That's the only thing you seem to remember. Because that is the guy asked you like where you were. I'm like we were trying to figure something out. And I was like, oh, we'll where were you when you know, like the Orlando shooting happened of like all the gays and the club like I have no idea. I'm doing fuck that like you're gay like, I remember the moment. Exactly what I found out that happened. I was like holy fuck. No, I don't I don't I don't know. And I don't know the only place. I remember where I was when it happened was nine eleven well, the only good thing about nine eleven, and it is a keeps on giving are the people who get caught lying. They were involved. Oh, yes. The old. The old my X Y Z was killed in nine eleven. So then we find out that you know, they were there, and you ran out. Yeah. Just like sure just they're Spock. It's welcome. Yes. Through the years. It started from I ran out of the tower, and then at says somebody might probe and be like, well, I was in Brooklyn. But I saw the tower hacker whatever and that one famous comedian. Yeah, there's so many people that have gotten caught and it's just baller, and I love it. Well, let's talk about what we really care about patriots. Happy patriotic patriots and happy Rosh Hashanah. 'cause that's right. I mean, not for nothing. It is the Jewish new year. So have your apples, and Honey and that started two days ago. Yes. And as we say, a happy and healthy, you know, and as you taught me a long time ago. This is the most important Jewish holidays. Rosh Hashanah into Yom Kippur is the that's the main one those are the high holidays. That's why they call them high holidays, and those are the ones that any Jew who isn't religious. We'll go we'll go and deal with. Well. I can let everyone know we Julie bought apples, and Honey, but we didn't end up beating them, but I can let you know this. We did get high. So you know, what I think it was approp-, and you can let your mom, no, Phyllis happy Jewish new year. We didn't eat the apples, and Honey, but we did get high. Okay. I did get pickles to we had some of those. Yeah. Those were good. Yeah. The half hour. And if you're wondering the best pickle to have as a half sour pickle. It's the crunchy and the most forescent so Jewett up. Okay. But anyway for Russia Shawna, we want to give the gift that keeps on giving. Which is of course, the patriot. And we want you to give it to us your money in order in order for us to continue doing the podcast. We have to keep doing the patriot. Because that is what keeps us paying our bills rat this moment, and though we do try and get other work. No one seems to on higher us. So that's how it's gotta go. I mean, I have some weird right now. Like, I this like I can't even really describe I need the patriot. And to like go up like so high like, I'm just like why won't this fucking go up higher? Well, it's like trying to you know, why am I not being invited to the cool parties or whatever. Like, right, like, I need to be, you know, more. Like, why can't I? Get a raise I think. But maybe. Yeah, right now, I have Sesing over it for some reason. Like right now, I'm just like I need that to shoot up like, well, we figured it out. How much does maybe that's fine. Maybe that we're looking at Dublin the numbs, you know, what I mean? Well, yeah. Exactly what Angie Knox always tells us to say is that or to promote is that we're about halfway there. But when we get three thousand patron, yes, we will add an extra hour because you get for one dollar you get an hour podcast. And if when we get to three thousand patrons, and we're about halfway there. We will add another extra hour for free. So you will get for one dollar. You'll get two hours a week. Right. And it's separate podcast to we're not just going to roll it for two hours. And then be like, good luck with that. But our. The people who do support us and the people who do care have sent us some some carrying loving gifts. The people who love and care about us on the patriot. And the friends have sent us some treats and want someone who's not a friend. But who's an actual sixty best e brother? Send us gifts. Even though he lives down the road. But I mean, I that was and it was in a big box. And I had no idea. I had no Johnny is. He's the tits. You know? What? I mean. He really is. He's the post. I take a big with you know, he he's he's we love him Jonny McGovern. Listen to his podcast. That's right. Hot tea K Queen hot tea. Go go watch his. Yeah. It's called. Hey queen. Yeah. And then, but also he has a podcast called hot tea, and we used to be on his podcast called the of all time for years and years and years and years, and he goes hunting for you us the game a podcast you taught us the game. The the student has now moved on to become nothing. A teacher's aide. That's right. They'll the student exactly soon. So he came in a big box and any so one of the things that he so he gave us both each gifts. Yes. In back separate bag right now, you wanna go. I know I think you should. Okay. Well, he he sent me a belated birthday present. Which was so nice. I mean, he that is so thoughtful, and Johnny I know I don't get anything. You need to add it that just get to it. He sent a card that said as your as you celebrate your belated one hundredth birthday, which is true. And then he crossed out the where he wrote over the words that are already written on the card. It's like you've arrived at remarkable milestone, and he just in purple robe, blah, blah, blah. It says that online said happy birthday, and then he wrote the personal note, which I'm not gonna read. Oh, that's nice. So that was very nice. And then it was just like skittles and pot ped- sour the bulls, which we are so goddamn sour they burner Tanya. We had already called warheads or something had an obsession. Right. It was in the summer, which was funny. Yes. So that was so he's he is really listening and he got a Louis Vitton. Yes. Sweatshirt red hooded pullover. Honey, that is cute. Very cute akara. Wait till the weather gets chilly. So I can wear it. I was already needed to wear it since you got your new air conditioner. Okay. So for me, it says sending are carrying wishes during this difficult time, then he wrote when you in your. Feelings blah, blah, blah. And I'm going to read my St. girl, you are a nigga wrapped in a riddle wrapped in Kristen Cavalieri. I don't know what exactly you are going through. But know that I love you. And I'm here for you. If you need me this hat was meant for you to rock during the summer, but hopefully, we can say it's a resort item. Last a little Lemaire. Always chairs me up chairs. Cheers me up love, Johnny. So he got me like a little thing of Lemaire, which is baller a Dexsa. Tim, objects, trim diet, energy drinks. Yes. And a white Balenciaga hat that I'm wearing right now. No, like anymore more white hat after Labor Day. Well, that's what Johnny said he said he got to be like, it's a resort item. Oh, what that meant. Yeah. God. I do not know the rules. I do not know the do not because I'd be when white pants right now. Okay. So then Jen Galvan and Stephanie Davis census like a super sweet letter, and they made stickers their like a kind of like a bumper sticker style sticker. Yes. Uh-huh. That started says dumb gay politics. Really ready? You look farm-to-table you're going to be to table a classic quote Andy how and they and says politics, Jillian, brandy, and and they gave us the they send us like a bunch. And I think they sent them around to like other. Oh, they did like patriotic vans or whatever else up. So that's really sweet that they distributed them. Yeah. This is this is the shit. We should do for like the words on patriot Mike, we should just make these and be like here you go. Oh my God. Who should do patriot awards? No. I mean the rewards. Like, oh, I thought you said a words that I loved that idea kind of awards. Would it like boasts commenter? Okay. Oh, yeah. Best that would require work that we're not going to do then Ashley writer who is. Absolutely. Well, this bitch would get like, oh, the shit like we fucking love you Ashley love visages. I mean, she straight up red someone on their so hard, and she's just great and hilarious, and like absolutely one of our faves, and she's she sent a picture for the bulletin board. And it's like a collage. That's it's a four. It's a Quadra. What do you call the quad, collide collage? And it's so I wanted to know actually, what you didn't say, and you're like hilarious description of the pictures. What your daughter's name is. Yes, I need to know what your baby's name. So and Johnny her baby is dressed up like Sophia from the golden girls for Halloween and so. Johnny would like completely. Appreciate that. And I just want to read you the end her letter is so funny. Yes, just she's just amazing. So it's love you guys. Hope hope you're feeling a little better after vacation. And as FIA says anger is a lot like a piece of shredded wheat caught under dentures. If you leave it there, you get a blister. And you gotta eat jello all week. No. Thank you. Mr. Cosby, if you get rid of it the sore heels, and you feel better and then she said, but so feel also said sluts just heal quicker. So there's. Actually, so Ashley's going right on man. So glad we have a pick of her and her gorgeous, baby. And in fact, her mom and dad, and I guess like, I guess maybe probably her husband right here. I'm assuming zone, right? I hope she's not even married. I hope that's just her baby. Daddy. So then we got a card with some pictures in it from just Mahan, and she I guess made this, I don't know. I like homemade and it says, brandy western screech owl. So if anyone's listen to the patriot you'll know, and I don't need to even explain it here. But you'll know brandy the so it says Julian brandy, here's my pick. And also, including a picture of my rescue pups, poppy left like the flour and kell, right? Like one half of the Nickelodeon duo since their longtime listeners to love you love your show, just Mahan you pronounce it right on the podcast. So she sent to pictures, and it's done the dogs are. Yeah. Adorable, and you I mean now we have a lot of people in their animals. It's really sweet. And she's so sweet we have her picture, and we're going to have all we gotta keep this together. 'cause I got a label. That shit with the label maker. Oh, that's right. So here's a keep going up there. Okay. So then a card and a pick for the bulletin board. They labeled there's okay, a mom and daughter name Reagan, and savannah and Julie's in the pick. I mean bonus points for actually sending. Like Antione needs to mail us. The one onus bonus is me Andrey. So it's like because because I mean, let's be really want our picture on it the most we're going to get really making a conscious effort in the next year to do more live podcasts and to be traveling together. So hopefully, the pictures won't just be of me. They'll be of me and you together. Yeah. Well, I'm Andy only has one of us with her. Yeah. So and that's just from a club. So yeah, make sure you get those that'll be special thing. Reagan and savannah are fucking adore like adores dot goddamn org. So. This is a really really I like this letter. So I'm just gonna okay. All right. So dear Julie and brandy. We first met you on people's couch, and you instantly became our faith do on the show finding you again on GP was beyond amazing. Especially in the sad political time, you bring us a voice we need. So smart. So real joining patriotic was a not joining patriot was a no brainer. We both tell all our friends about the show savannah is away at school. But chatting about your shows as part of our way to catch up. Howard classes school's going. Okay. Oh my God. Did you hear brandy? The owls and a road trip from Saint Pete to Orlando to see. Julia showed the venue was everything you both are amazing. Thank you for what you do. Hope you enjoy the stickers. You two are the best our love Reagan and savannah Stevens comeback, central Florida. We have seagulls. So I will work on it. And that made us start crying guys because we love mom daughter. Oh, my gosh it, and they sent us stickers that say, so if you look farm-to-table you're going to be farm-to-table, hashtag GP. I mean, can you believe I can't stickers with that? And these are. Because they're in circles. So you could literally like put it on. I'm gonna put it on the guitar too small ones. So put both on the Qatar Kentucky. But I guess that must've been the funniest goddamn thing. I ever said we can put those on the file cabinet too. Because now we have to stem like is that the I know should I should I just call it. Now, should I just retired shit? No shit who's going to license that out. I was going to license it. Okay. Well. That's it. Oh, that's it for like, the sweet sweet. I thought like when we started getting these for bulletin board. I was like it's gonna kinda suck like just getting pictures and not getting presents. But you know, it hasn't it's been so great because I like the letters are really like I love it. I can't wait on we fill the bulletin board. And we were talking about the other day someday. When we have a studio when we're really just when it's on fire, or maybe this room who knows we're gonna make a wall would exer- the pictures overflow passable to board. We're just going to start putting it gets wallpaper. Yeah. So it's going to be pictures of all people who listen. So it'd be fourteen pictures, fourteen pictures, and I can't wait. So get your pictures in the mail and now it's time to eight by time for this shit storm. Put up on the wall. Shit off of the wall down on the floor in a glass bowl. Take some books. Put up on the wall. Lying around. On me. Hand you have to walk with it. I have to get a stick is not the first time you've had on your hand. I get it on my end every day. Almost every day a baby a newborn baby who has the wipe. It's own diaper. That's what it's like. No, my life this week, the Trump shit storm perfectly encapsulates, the reason we do this podcast. So listen closely. It's so juicy and so and so utterly king meaningless. And we love it. I love it. So goddamn hard. Okay. So on Wednesday. The New York Times published an anonymous op-ed from a senior White House official. They just quotes love saying that in who went savage on Trump so shout out to JJ again for hooking us up with her New York Times password or we wouldn't have been able to read the fucking okay, no shit. So the senior white official. Who's been called anonymous now or a monogamous Manama? None none and move. You should look up the Trump the Trump's speech where he said, then is an unknown unin in the Minoan. And then this numb. I mean, it's literally like. And it's worth watching. So basically said that there's a faction of people working in the White House who are going against Trump behind the scenes in order to protect America and Republican ideals. That's so gross. It is so gross. And if I need one more time conservatives think that they're free thinkers, and the people who are molding this country my throw up in that that this op-ed. That's exactly so the article point says that the problem with Trump is that he's amoral is that he say that. Uh-huh. That's how I would say. Okay. Or I'll go morale. Oh, and that he has no discernible values to guide his decision making saying this is with articles that is why Trump appointees have vowed to do what we can to preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting, Mr. Trump's more misguided impulses until he's out of office. So the writer the senior white official brags about the good things. The administration has accomplished a quote affective deregulation, historic tax reform, a more robust military and more. But these successes have come despite not because of the president's leadership style, which is impetuous adversarial petty and ineffective. I do like that part. Yeah. I mean, I like the word petty and the amount of shit talking that has gone on about Trump this week. I mean, it's so much more to come. So the whole point of the op-ed is summed up with this. I think the whole point. Is right here. Yeah. It may be cold comfort in this chaotic era. But Americans should know that there are adults in the room. We fully recognize what is happening, and we are trying to do. What's right? Even when Donald Trump won't even though you voted for him yet. Fuck. So this whole op-ed. Yeah. Really bugged me. Yeah. You know what? I mean. Of course, like oh. Are you doing the oh, are you? You're are you a hero? Are you a hero? Are you a fucking savior? Are you the Jesus Christ? Because you're you're you're with fucking Judas who you voted in right? And you're keeping keeping their and you're staying employed by so, you know, what here's my op Ed opinion, I'm gonna put in the New York Times deer. Monotonous senior staff might go. Fuck yourself. Exactly love. Julie and brandy. Yeah. Good. I'm glad you included me. Like in the in the in the op-ed, he goes on to say like that there's been there was all these whisperings like months ago, which we remember about invoking the twenty fifth amendment, right? Like that thing when you're peach the begins the articles of impeachment for the president because he's unstable. It's like you you have to show that an unstable mentally on. Right. Whatever it, and I mean, we know is we've now we know he's like a functioning illiterate. Right. He's I mean, he's everything he does around. Does. It doesn't understand anything. Nobody can they have to he eats paper reasons. He doesn't know what's going on. He's he's a Bob puzzling. I mean, he's yes, he's so I guess they were that was the thing that was everybody was trying to make happen. But the are the non Mus writer, then goes on to say that that now has been I'm sure Mitch McConnell located. Oh, it was gonna very complicated, and it's a very complicated process that we don't want to have to deal with. So we think it's better. Oh, and we don't want to cause a constitutional crisis. Yeah. By by invoking, the twenty fifth amendment. Meanwhile, it's like you're not you're not there is no crisis because that's the amendment exists. Not. There's no crisis. There's no constitutional crisis. The only crisis is that you would impeach and get rid of the president. And that Mike Pence would be president. That'd be the crisis. Right. And I fuck yourself. Yes. So I think Mitch McConnell put a full stop to it. Because he's like, no you're crew. He wants in there. They'll do your. We're all go. So the whole thing is like why write it what? And it's like, I think you're right. Writing it because you want you want to have a job after this on of you will know, none. I dunno anyhow who's hiring them. Well, the coke brothers will hire them or some gross. And it's like, so it's like here's the deal. Here is the straight team isn't like this isn't like that groundbreaking for probably anybody who's who watches the news. But it will be to you. So okay. So in the I thought when I heard it. Okay. Yes. The second. I read the second. I even heard about the op-ed because let's be real. We didn't even read that shit till today. But I honestly also also the words op Ed don't ever come out of. Yeah. So I just heard about it on the news. And when I heard it was like the the bullet points. I was like, oh, I think Mike Pence did it the whole time. I thought it was Mike Pence because I feel like he wants because we already know that scare Mucci and fuck in a what's his face alone. Does yet Corey Lewandowski were put into Mike Pence. Yes. Like cabinet. Yes. To keep an eye because I'm going around campaigning. He's trying to well as we learned from watching the news today. Mike Pence talks to God. And God told Mike Pence that God wants him to be president. So he will do anything to be president because becoming president is God's will. And it doesn't matter. How he gets there? It's just him getting there. And that's that's how he is. That's where his morality is coming from. And even in the in the op-ed. It's like there's a fuck it mention of like, there's no moral compass. I mean, the moral coming, but it's like he has nothing guiding him or whatever morality talk. Yeah. So it's like the whole time in the whole tone. So then, and I just I just felt like we know he he he will not get even in like whatever and in in twenty twenty if they try to stage some coup where he becomes a candidate even know if that's possible. But like nobody's going to happen because he's a fucking hypocrite who's sitting there, and he looks like a hypocrite. So at that point it will then be revealed, right? Like, it was me that wrote that I've been here. So that he then is the savior to everyone. All right Bill. Thank god. Mike Pence was there. So get this already thought that now get this shit. So at the end of the op-ed, it says, we may no longer have Senator McCain, but we will always have his example, a lodestar for restoring honor to public life, and our national dialogue turns out, sweetie. Mike Pence, the only person on the planet who uses the word lodestar and there's fucking montage of him using it constantly. Yeah. And I was like oh my God. I fucking guest home. Oh my God. I didn't date someone else. This lodestar veasley. I didn't crack, but I thought it was Mike Pence from the beginning. And then when and then when I go like this lodestar thing, I was like boss, so check this out. Okay. Okay. So hopefully this. Continues to be the lodestar of for by the way, two thousand five two thousand five him saying that the first one of us speaker that the lodestar of the two thousand one we'll making process it. Twenty eighteen that's going to continue to be a lodestar. Jack's lodestar as our God store. It really was to lodestar. God really who the fuck? First of all, are you as your mind blown all what mine is blown? Secondly. If there's why Lisa Vander pumps next gay club needs to be called boats are darling. I mean, the fact that somebody named a gay bar lodestar. You should probably call yourself now. I've never heard that phrase before I've never heard that word. I need to look up. Even what it means. I don't even know what it means. I'm thinking, it's just a star this binges. Don, I don't understand it is. And so and he's now since two thousand five and he sang in one thousand one who nobody else has ever said that no one's ever even heard of the goddamn word, and it's like heats then tried to say because people are putting things out. And by the way for tell you this Nancy Pelosi when they ask her there like right away. They're like who do you think wrote the anonymous thing she's like, oh, she goes, my she goes so Nancy Pelosi when they ask her. Who they who? She thought wrote the anonymous thing she's like at a press conference or whatever her. She's like my first thought was that. It was a vice-president fucking good. Yeah. So then so now, of course, people are like ask him about it. And he's like, I don't know. I think somebody used that word to try to like set me up and make it seem like it's me. And it's like, no, Honey, nobody would have ever looked up that were now. And by the way that word in. It's like God. It makes perfect sense. The word lodestar. I hope this is the name of episodes star is two things. One a star that leads or guides like the north star or to one that serves as an inspiration model or guide. So I think he fucking thinks. He's Jesus Christ many definitely is trying to set it up. So that every single person isn't like get your hypocritical. Fucking like like. While the fact that it was in the New York Times is like. You know, they all hate the New York Times because it's liberal in its New York and his New York elite, and blah, blah, blah, blah and Mike Pence, Mr. fuckin-, I mean gay conversion therapy fucking. Mommy, mama mother sends that to the New York Times is even in itself hypocrites. It'll oh completely and just pieces issue naked fucking ambition. He will start out. Luckily, nothing he thinks it's God. And he'll stop at nothing in. Now, he wants to cover his ass for all the people like me. And you were that are like get the fuck out of our face and everyone who has zero interest. It's like your Trump up Trump's butthole, and you can go live up there and get out of our face. Nobody's interested in anyone in that administration ever again ever. And he's now being like I fucked my career, and it's like, yeah. You did you should've fucking cared about Jesus when he asked you to be his running mate, you should have been like. Oh, hell no dog. Yeah. Okay. So now, it's time for the tip to tip of the iceberg. This. This. This week. Bob Woodward released the book and the revelations in it are not only insane. But after the what was said in the New York Times up. Ed, we can definitely assume that the shit is just the tip of iceberg. I mean, it's nothing but Trump shit talking at this point. So I mean, it's the tip of the shit's Burke. I know that. So the stuff said in the book is alarming and crazy, and it's so fucking over the top. But if I believe that if anyone else wrote it, I don't think I think in people even believe well, yeah. Well, it's like Omarosa wrote that book, and I'm sure everyone never wants to write her off and say she was iron period guy. Right. Like what everybody, but this guy. Bob Woodward Woodward, for those of you out there who don't know is famous ass Pulitzer prize winning journalist who has worked at the Washington Post for like one hundred fifty fucking year. Right. And most importantly, it was him and Carl Bernstein that broke the Watergate story which ultimately led to Nixon being forced to resign right now. He's credible. And I couldn't be a better person to release a book like this. It's called fear Trump in the White House love that title. I think that's about title so far fear. Yeah. Any says that people need to wake up to what's going on in the Oval Office. Oh my God. Thanks can by the book depicts the White House as a Byzantine treacherous out of control operation held hostage by impulsive, ill, informed, and undisciplined president. I mean, I want to put that as a sticker. Yeah. So I guess Bob Woodward interviewed tons of aids. And senior officials and he definitely put in a request interviewed dump Trump himself through Kellyanne Conway old scarecrow made an executive decision not to give the request directly to Trump. But probably John Kelly who L whoever else is on the team called Trump is crazy and cannot be allowed to Bob Woodward. A may decided not to inform Trump of the interview requests that said Woodward said he interviewed over a hundred people and some of the key people he interviewed as many as nine times one person who said had like eight hundred into the trap transcribe interviews. One person alone was eight hundred pages my top to so many people. He started interviewing before the transition. Let me before the inauguration. Probably during the transition whatever during the inauguration. So some highlights. After a conversation about a standoff with North Korea. Defense Secretary mad dog Jim Mattis told colleagues the president acted like and had the understanding of fifth or sixth grader is fucking up this. Yeah, I'm Bob Woodward said that like being the like. Pulitzer prize winning journalist, he is that an all these hundreds of people there isn't one thing in the book like especially these things that are in quotes that wasn't cross-reference by like three different people in the interviews. That's crazy. You know, what I mean because he was writing off the op-ed because he's probably don't try to steal my mother fucking thunder. Right. But he's like this shit these quotes these would come from three different people who aren't even they're not even in the same room so corroborated after crop. Corroborating. So. At one point Trump's aid. Be aids became so worried about his judgment that Gary Cohn. The chief economic adviser at the time, and he's in the book a ton to like at this point. It's like Gary Cohn, and that fucking wife beater, rob porter area better like pretty much on every single page. They both don't work there anymore and Trump is like over the top pissed at them. And supposedly he's about to come for like rob porter like all talking about the white offering. Yup. Because he's super pissed because they obviously were concerned about that. So he he took a letter. This is what he said he took a letter from Trump's Oval Office desk authorizing the withdrawal of the US from a trade agreement with South Korea. Trump was like wanted to sign the letter and withdraw from the trade agreement. And so he swipes it off the desk and Trump never realized it, and then that became like a thing they would try and do just moved thing. Just so he'd forget, you wouldn't even know because he didn't care. No. And he doesn't he'll be like about to sign like, let's fuck NAFTA. And they're like taking it in highlight. Like literally like. That was like a huge thing in the book supposedly, I mean. Okay. Well, so John Dowd. Trump's former attorney told Woodward that he did some mock questioning with Trump to prepare them for to testify in the Muller investigation. But ultimately, he concluded that Trump can never ever be allowed to testify talk to Muller at all because he literally cannot tell the truth, John donnas, quoted calling Trump, a professional liar. I mean, he literally they're doing mall questioning like he's like and it ended up with Trump like like throwing like a raging fit. And he's like, this is all you know, this is a witch hunt. There's no collusion throws fit. And literally, Gary, I mean, John Dowd like you can't even talk to Muller because he can't say a sentence without lying, and he's going to immediately. He's going to perjure himself in its around. Yeah. Would I mean right immediately? So so I guess the thing is going to be like, Ken Muller. Subpoena him can they force him to testify? Yeah. Somehow, the motherfucker, and that's probably what the stormy Daniels thing when they like sued about that stuff. Somebody needs to get the guy. On the stand like the Bill Clinton because he will. And then it's like by girl immediately by girl, please God. So the chief of staff John Kelly, whose he's a fucking asshole. Anyway. But who cares? He called the White House crazy town in a meeting. And then said, I don't know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I've ever had. And then he vented about Trump around the Whitehouse calling him unhinged an idiot and off the rails on hinged Omarosa. Yep. Title. Yup. Also John Kelly year off the fucking rails. Yeah. Go fuck yourself. They alter all have this like, they think they're heroes. They. They're martyr heroes. Right. But you voted him in. It's your fault. So I don't want to hear about here. You're a hero and you're sticking around. And you're making it. Okay. For everyone. You wanted him to be president? And he's your phone. He's unhinged. Go and vote the twenty fifth amendment being a fucking clinically your L. He's unhinged. He's crazy. You have a fit all of you are enabling a professional liar. An idiot person who's unhinged a person who's off the rails a person who has the mentality of a fifth or sixth grader that is the president in your allowing that to keep happening. You got all kill yourself, and they should all go and vote. I mean, even. Mattis is like the motherfucker like he'd be like, why are we sending so much money over there? I don't want to like like south, South Korea. Wherever like, I'm done spending money on those troops. And he's like, why are we even doing that? And he's like to prevent World War three and like, Bob Woodward's. Like, I've I've never liked the guy is like not I can't believe that someone's sitting in the White House. This disconnected from reality. Right. Like, he doesn't even understand he's controlling whether or not there's a World War. He's fucking beyond just walking around thinking. He's running Trump Tower right now, just like a business, and everyone who wants him thinks that they're going to get their jobs back and nothing no consequences for many thing in the world doesn't exist and only your town exists and only your it's just like. Yeah. Supposedly, Trump called attorney general Jeff Sessions, mentally retarded and a dumb southerner, and he called White House chief of staff rancid cubes, former White House chief of staff rancid cubes a little rat that scurries around. Well, that is true. That one is true. That's true. Okay. So this one I like definitely loved so his so then there's Gary Cohn. He that guy wanted to resign after Trump praised the white crunch rap supreme writes in Charlottesville, so Trump, babe. So Trump said you can't resign. I need you to tax reform. If you leave this is treason, so Trump ultimately talked and that's in quotes Trump ultimately talked out of resigning. So when cone walks out of the meeting John Kelly goes up to him, and he literally Gary Cohn wrote this fucking down on a piece of paper and had it like right after he said, he literally wrote it down John Kelly goes if that was me I would have taken that resignation letter and shoved it up his ass six different times. Wow. When and Gary I'm writing that down and like, meanwhile, you're still working for him John Kelly, and that's why you're a piece of ships ISA shit. His Gary Cohn was out of there. And you know, what we know what eventually had him get out of there. Someone put a fucking swastika and his daughters dorm room, I got but he wanted he was so offended after the crunch rap supremists and fucking Trump and Mike supreme. Yeah. So maybe that's the title. I love cruncher agreements. So this like, so he he was like beyond offended, and I guess he I guess he was there for the historic tax. Form that everybody's so Vulcan happy about who cares. The tha the store tax reform is not helping anyone now. Good for fucking you. And I'm glad you all help deregulate every single thing. So we can dull die faster. And. Yeah. More people can get toxic shock syndrome from keeping tampons inside them too long or just drink water or drinking water just doing anything. Just you know, like, okay. So some of our listeners know that I'm like a vitamin Queen. Okay. And I just discovered this of super awesome company called care of. And they send you your vitamins and individually packed like packages in the mail. So I have always, you know, put all my vitamins in ziplock bag, hundreds of them. It's a total pain in the a, and I can't even deal with it. 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We are about to get saddled with a racist sexist bible beater for the next thirty years on the supreme court, and this shit is not, you know, the Democrats in the Senate are really trying their fucking hardest to come for Brett breakfast. And while the should is endlessly, entertaining, I feel like there's nothing anyone can do. And I gotta say the guy is in credibly unlikable. And I promise you dead series. When I say this him getting on the supreme court scares me more than Troy. Being president agreed because he's smarter. And he also not only is he so unlikable in disgusting. He's everything that we know about him from his things that he's written in op EDS from magazines and his decisions and everything he believes that for whatever reason that the president should have supreme power that the executive power the the courts don't have anything to do with the that the president is above the line. Even though he said, the president is not above the law. But everything he does is against that. He's going to try and reverse Roe versus Wade. He and swing vote on the supreme court, and he he's and he's completely conservative and you'll be there for thirty years. Yes. He can chicken reverse all the progress we every fucking racist like racist and has written about he he wants to rate racially profile. Yeah. He wants to do that shit. He is completely fucking racist. Yeah. It's like we can't have. A a person who racially profiles on the supreme porthole twenty eighteen dude we can't it's beyond like it is. It is scary. And it is scared, and they're they're all these all Democrats all the stars, all the judiciary. It'd be lucky. They got to black people on their Kamala Harris and Cory Booker the only early killing the game right here killing God the game. But they're trying it, but it's like a work. Well, there's not enough. The I think it's two Republicans have to vote no on him in order for him not to get past. So they're hoping that two of the Republican female senators who are moderately pro-life or? Yeah. That lady Susan Collins in colon. I don't want him in my vagina. Yeah. I won't should be in control of my of n McAliskey, maybe. Yes, to so there's a possibility that they'll say, no, I mean, I hope they need to dig up some dirt. And they already dug it up. They were they have Email saying do about racial, profiling they have shit and writing about Roe versus Wade. They have him. And it's like the Republicans don't care. No. They will do anything to own that supreme court. And so okay. So let's. Right. Well, we compiled some clips, and so the thing also with the hearing itself, it's not so I you know him and it's Cavanaugh himself. And there was just so many moments through afford a hearing we couldn't even get through. I mean, it's beyond how much stuff happened. How much you learn and how good it riveting? Yeah. So but one of the highlights for me, and this isn't about him specifically. But it's about the chairman of the judiciary committee Chuck Grassley who I didn't realize is one of the world's biggest pieces of shit. I gotta go. So he needs to retire. He's old sorry. He is to racist. Clearly, obviously sexist, and he I I I'm I've lost my mind. This made me lose my mind. This this is my so I wanted to this is the very beginning. This is the first day the first minute of the hearing. Yeah. The first minute and I wanted to Julius compiling these clips. And this particular one had the bits going for four hours. I was like she's on Twitter the tweeting and mean shit. She's she's watching this when over and over, and then she goes off on some tangent of only looking at clips of him. I'm like is this going to be coming? Should this be a judge Julie about Chuck Grassley or whatever we'll maybe next episode? Oh, have to do something because I needed him to know that I fucking hate him. And I wish that he would try and talk to me like that. Because I will not fucking respect your decency and your honesty because you don't have any fuck anyway. So here's this little clip that was at the very beginning of thing. Now, let me just say in case, you don't know basically, the hearing was rushed that they nominated this guy. And you might remember that Obama nominated gear. Merrick garland, the Republicans wouldn't even meet with him. And that was squashed very quickly. They wouldn't even meet with him ninety here. They even knew him this hearing what very quickly they had all these documents than more documents were asked for forty thousand documents were given to them the night before the hearing. They had no time to read anything there were other emails and stuff that they finally got that that were redacted. There was the information was hidden. There was information that was left out. So what's happening at the beginning of the hearing is that the Democrats are trying to just pros Ponant postponing need more time to the people are prosecutors more than half of them are fucking lawyers. Right. They wanna prepare what they're gonna this. Right. And they want to be able to know what the fuck the guy's background is. So the guy's a judge. He's written a million decisions. They need to read through all the decisions everything he's written. So that's what's happening here. This is the beginning of the hearing. He's the committee and they're trying to morning. Welcome everyone to this confirmation hearing. I just picturing big hearing. Imagine too. The chairman to serve as a small hair chairman recognized as ignoring proceed. Mr Chairman, I'd like to be recognized as an even doesn't even look at it received just last night less than fifteen hours ago. German Reynolds pages of documents that we have not had an opportunity to review or now he just making banks's gobbling. He doesn't stop out of order, I'll perceive we cannot possibly ever look up. Warm. Welcome not like twenty years. I I've been on here without. I'm not gonna have some black to to me like that chairman. In a Harris, Mr Chairman revenue. Get another woman's voice doesn't look. Attention to her exciting for all of you. You're ignoring her and you're rightly proud of them, and if we cannot be recognized he literally stopped I moved to turn. Judge seven. The man that is attention or move. Chairman. We have been denied we have been denied real access to the documents. We need this is the only person who got Gregory orders turns this hearing into a charade and a mockery of our norms. Will Mr Chairman I well during this going, okay? So basically, then it goes on and on and the guy never pays attention any. But he, but he only lets the men talk. Yeah. And it's so gross and disgusting and they didn't post on the hearing. And he said they had plenty of time. And they got everything they needed and they wanted to keep going with the Harry. So they did. Okay. So there are many many different things that people are concerned about one, of course, Roe versus Wade. So the thing about abortion, so right? Brecca. Basically the thing is is that he he's real judge like in the way that it's like the precedent was set. The decision was made you have to respect the decision. But the president and the law can be changed. Yeah. Which is what he said he won't say it in the room. But they're trying to get him to say what he already said. And you just don't say have proof that he's already said that right? So. The first thing is Kamala Harris who was the Brady of. I mean elaborate I mean, she needs to be president immediately. So she started asking him questions about abortion. Okay. Can you think of any laws that give government the power to make decisions about the male body? More specific question. Male versus female there are. Medical procedures. The government that the government has the power to make a decision about a man's body for your skin about medical procedures ever unique to men. Men. Why you're not a doctor? She did she say the word medical procedure. You fucking asshole. The power to make decisions about the male body. I'm not a I'm not thinking of any right now center because there is no exactly there is none. I mean. So that was one of her, you know, at least there was no he couldn't answer that he tried to tried to say talk about medical procedures. So because that's constant thing. I mean there we used to hurt so much. We watch so much of it. And it's like he's constantly talking in circles discussing he's a liar. He is he is a straight up liar. And we've seen a lot of these hearings just since the stupid fucking podcast started. And I can honestly say he's the most unlikeable and to me seems like the Vegas liar. I've seen one of these hearings. Now, certainly not I didn't watch Oliver North or any of that shit. I've I've been doing this for that long. But in the year and a half since we started this shit. I can't believe how much this guy, and how shady I think he is. He's so shady and the shade just gets worse. So then Dianne Feinstein also wanted to ask him about Roe versus Wade. And she she tossed her Robie. Wade question into the ring and she can come live with. Me shit lover. Yeah. Both California people you just played both cow. That's right. California gals. You're right. That's right. We have an Email that was previously more confidential. But is now public and chose that you asked about making edits to an off exit that read the following. And I quote, first of all it is widely understood accepted by legal scholars across the board that Roe v. Wade and its progeny are the settled law of the land in quote, you responded by saying, and I quote, I'm not sure that all legal scholars refer to row as a settled law. Settled court level since courts, pondering always overrule its precedent women shouldn't vote either current just that'll get reverse board with do. So this has been viewed as you saying that you don't think row is settled I recognize the word said, it's what legal scholars referred to. So please. Once again, tell us why you believe row is settled law. And if you could do you believe it is correctly settled. So thank you Senator Feinstein in that draft letter was referring to the views of legal scholars. And I think I think my comment emails that might be overstating the position of legal scholars, and so it wasn't a technically accurate description. What is he talking about skull circle? Like talk about Rover or not exactly we're still. Still on just like word on such a and he's a judge. He will not answer a question. Not we we didn't see what. And by the way. And then and then that bitch came was like he mentioned like starry decisy's, which I guess is. That's the word for precedent. Right. So he mentioned that that legal term. And she's like oh glad you mentioned that. I've been through nine of these hearings. Right. And each time the person sitting there says that they will honor started his icies and each time. They don't. Yeah. Are you going to? Let's go ahead and the Chirad of you being like, I will. Okay. So I we saw I'm obsessed with this one from Cory Booker Koi. Booker's like, really? I started liking him more since the started. I mean, a lot of people really like like him for president too. I have I mean, he's I've liked him. Okay. But I like him. I like him a lot. Now. I don't need to be president. But I like him I like him where he is. But he so this whole thing this whole thing Cavanaugh is that you know, he he believes the sitting president can't be indicted. This is his big thing and Cory Booker mode, sim so fucking hard, and Jillian I saw this on actual TV when during the hearings, and so I like like find it because it's so dope. But he basically shouldn't play the clip, and you can't see it. But he basically has this giant sign made where like labeling each thing he's talking about. So while he's talking about it and the dates he's pointing to this big huge sign behind him like a straight up visual aid where he's like may twenty sixteen this happened. This happened in sodo. Okay. So here we go. Just Bill to this. In remind time I have left in may of two thousand sixteen Ben candidate Trump put out his first list of potential supreme court nominees. You weren't on that list in September two thousand sixteen. He put out another longer list, you weren't on that one. Then in may two thousand seventeen something incredible happened. Robert Miller Wooller was appointed by the special counsel to investigate any links and coordination between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. The president was now in jeopardy releases campaign, which he was a subject of criminal investigation. And then President Trump without third list of nominees and your name is on that list. You've heard so many of my colleagues asking about your views of the constitutionality of a president being investigated. You're failing to to at least hold President Trump, and your is of the same level of the presidential character, which you've talked about speech after speech you suddenly you're going mum as to the character of this president given all his lies all his remarks have been renounced actually criticize on both sides of the aisle. And now there is a suspicion. And I don't think this big leap to think that the public has suspicion that somehow you wanna position I wondered you credibly believe that if you agreed right now to recuse yourself credibly believe that somehow like he said with Jeff Sessions that he would not hold your nomination up. Credibly believe that Senator in this process. I need up hold the independence of the judiciary in one of those. But that's what's question right here. I mean right now, there's a shadow over the independence of the judiciary because a president who's been credibly accused by his former lawyer of being unindicted co-conspirator has the opportunity to put a judge on the bench. The only judge from that list. That was added after the Muller investigation of all those judges. You're the only one that has spoken extensively from raising your hand at a Georgetown law school into speaking about it. I don't think it's a big leap. I to have the common person begin to suspect that you're being put up right now, a person that can't even speak to the character of this president won't even say what you said about George Bush that you have the greatest respect for president. And granted it's hard to say about someone who brags about sexually assaulting women. It is understandable for people to suspect that there's something going on that somehow this is rigged that you're so he's because he because when he raises his hand at the Georgetown event, he wrote like he's written law letters. He's he's known for he his benchmark what he's known for is saying the sitting president can should not be indicted and the minute Trump got under investigation. Boom there. Right. Right. So you know, there's that. Yes. So the last time we have to play this. And I know if we go on whatever, but this this one, this is come all Harris. I mean, if this this doesn't make you fucking your panties. Wet like your think that this person shouldn't be the president and your mom and your dad, and yet everything like, you wanna know who the next Obama's is this mother. Yeah. Judge have you ever dismissed special counsel Moller or his investigation with anyone? The news every day. Have you discussed it with anyone? With other judges. I know have you discussed Muller or his investigation with anyone at Kasowitz Benson Torres. The law firm founded by Marc Kasowitz, President Trump's personal lawyer. Be sure about your answer. Smile smile. Are you certain? You've not had a conversation about anyone at that law firm. Has has has wits. Ben. I'm just a decorated judge. I've castle. Who is President Trump's lawyer? Are you have you had any conversation about Robert Muller moon or his investigation with anyone at that firm? Yes, or no. Is there a person you're talking to my masking a very direct question? Yes. Or no. Start getting. I'm not sure I know everyone who works about well firm. I don't think you need to. I think you need to know who you talked with exactly what you talk to. I don't think I I'm not looking. Are you saying that with all that you remember? Yeah. You have a pet couple member. You've been speaking for almost eight hours. I think more with this committee. Smile exports things you remember how can you not remember whether or not you had a conversation about Robert Muller or his investigation with anyone at that law firm investigation has only been going on for so long, sir. I'm not sure I do I. I'm just trying to think do I know anyone works at firm. I might know had that's not my type two other judges anyway. I mean that firm about that investigation. It really specific questions. The person you're thinking of because what if there's think you're thinking of someone in you don't wanna tell. People are laughing straight out, so laughing. Mr Chairman, I fucking Republican from Utah comes in and tries to be like alert law law firms. And I mean, it man can't remember every law every person that works at every law firm and the entire directory of the firm, and he's and she stops. And she's like can you press? Pause on my time. Mother fuckers, you sexist pieces of shifts like racist, sexist pieces of shed, by the way. So she just and she never stopped and for four days. She was a dream to watch. And I would highly out. Just anyone go watch the footage on C span online. Just fine Kamala. Harris mo- go to. On YouTube to all right now, it's time for so there's that. This is the part of the show where I give Julie the task of finding something going on in the world that doesn't completely suck. It's never easy. And today, I told her to keep the ship brief. So I'm quite sure this will be very. So all right. What is your? So there's that for the week. Okay. It was like this. I mean, this might have been the hardest yet to be honest. I don't like God. This might have been the hard. Why? Because it needs to be. There was nothing. Good. I mean busy trying to tweet Chuck Grassley. Yeah. I'm like kinda like in you know, like in my rage. You know what I mean? Right. Just like feeling my rage. And all this other that's been hard since we've been feeling that is very very very hard. I can't really see. I'm not really feeling positive note. I mean, I mean not that I'm, but I'm just not we're certainly not looking for silver linings right now. No, no. So I I mentioned this last week, and I guess things have changed a little bit with this. And I am going to keep it brief. And it's just like this too late. Basically, it's just this California sets goal of one hundred percent clean electric power by two thousand forty five. Wow. So there's that. I hope I'm bed. Basically. Okay. So I read this article on NPR, and there's I mean, it's not just the one article, but California has basically like, yeah. They said they're going to do zero emission energy sources for electricity by the year, two thousand forty five governor Jerry Brown signed a Bill mandating the electricity target on Monday. He also issued an executive order calling for statewide carbon neutrality, meaning California removes as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it emits by the same year. Oh, cool. So that is very cool. The hill in the executive order put California on a path to meet the goals of Paris and beyond Paris agreement obviously Brown's edge out of so it's fine. Exactly. But governor Brown, you'll remember was the one governor who still went and was like, maybe the United States isn't doing it. But California's doing it California is one of the bigger states in the United States right uses something like a third of the energy of the entire country. So he's serious about like the about clean. Energy. And which I think is is pretty awesome. So it's not the first state with these ambitions Hawaii established a goal of one hundred percent renewable electricity sources by also by two thousand forty five but California uses about thirty times more electricity than Hawaii and its fifth largest economy in the world, California. Wow. So holy shit. Also interested in California is almost like its own country. Which is why people want to see yet, just like, Texas, California think my California Texas could be their own countries. I guess. So the California energy commission estimates that thirty two percent of retail energy sales powered by renewable sources last year. So hey, fuck you call. That's right. How about fuck you call? Okay. It's all about renewable sources of energy. And the fact that California is at the forefront of it. I think is awesome. So makes me very proud to live here and Kamala Harris Dianne Feinstein and this goddamn renewable energy goal. Yes. Cal Kelly is killing the game. Kelly Kelly's killed the game. You can say what you want. And, you know, people wanna think that New York is the center of the world or east coast is whatever I don't, but California, I know, but California is to me and has become to me, especially for me coming from the east coast and being Boston and New England, and blah, blah, blah to me, California has been an inspiration. And the fact that they're on the forefront of renewable energy and the most progressive values in my opinion in the country makes makes me. I do feel like there is a little bit of a silver lining. So there's that. All right. Well, that's it. For this episode of dumb gay politics sank, you to the five people who are still listening. We want to urge all five of you to sign up for our patriots podcast, if you haven't already it's one dollar, and you get one our podcast week not about politics. One of our patriotic France is planning a live podcast for us in Seattle in the next month or two we are still working on doing one in the mid west where thinking maybe Chicago, but crag crag lives in Seattle and has it on lock and he offered to plan it for us. So that's where we're going to go first. And then we will make Craig do it again in Chicago or New York or whatever. Yeah. Hopefully, you know, but so for those of you who are in Seattle just know that we're coming, and we need you to come. And we'll it'll be fun and grade, and you know, we're gonna launch off like we said we're trying to get on the road. We're trying to get the road. And as always it's been real, and it's been fun, but mostly it's been gay, and it's been. Dumb and anonymous minimum and supreme Menam. Nominal. Do. Little. Ken. By the way. Don't judge a book by? Not much of a man. Dada. Justice. Sexual. Something. To take it in. Home. Good. We use your phone. Both in a bit of a hurry. Right. We'll just say where we are then go back to the. We don't want to be any worry. How about them? Babies don't you? Justice. Sexual. Stay for the night. I could show you must favorite obsession. I've been making a man. Blown a ten. He's good for relieving mind. Tension justice. From. Sexual. Try so. So come up to the left and see what's on the flare. I see you with anticipate. But the right. Really to playing. Remove the core. But not the symptom.

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