[124] Titans coaches film review & Seahawks preview


The water on the Goddamn Huddle. I'll tell you when you get a water break. Welcome to the buccaneers observer. podcast this is Rob Phillips. Today is November first. Two Thousand Nineteen got a lot to talk about. Didn't get a podcast out Wednesday. That was my at fault. I did the film review video. It took me two days normally try to get it all done on Tuesday but a broken up into two days Tuesday and Wednesday. I didn't have it done by the podcast time so we decided to do the podcast on Thursday instead for the film review and we realized oaks. That was Halloween so we figured we'd we do the film review from the Tennessee. Game and the preview of the Seattle game on this podcast. We got one for Internet two for one special. If if not given cost you anything extra all right fact check them followups. Big Follow up here. We wanted to say this. We did not mean to suggest cutting cutting Rashard pyramid. We were upset over the last game and when we did the instant podcast and we brought that up we said it we kind of set it off handedly but we try not to do that. I WANNA put that out there. We don't want to be cut. He's a teammate to play better we'd like to catch the ball especially really when he's wide open in the end zone two point conversion and probably some other time during the game would be nice another. Follow up this is kind of a follow up in how yes that was a leaf blower in the video. I mean molly laugh so hard with listening to it. I hadn't heard I have watched it the first time hermit Internet here. What you know I record the video and audio and then I go through and I edit and I listened to it like three or four times? Never heard that leaf blower are until we got everything done uploaded. It and molly was watching it. She was like what's that noise. I was like Oh my God. That's a leaf blower. It's loud as I don't no how I missed it in. Yeah if you're wondering what that noise was. It's not a jet to leave lower. Alright I WANNA get to this Tennessee game. This was one of those you have to. That was a very depressing game but it was very very interesting all twenty two. We've talked about this on the podcast quite often. How when you watch the game on the broadcast version live you get an impression of it and then sometimes when you watch the twenty two you get a totally different impression of it? Well well this year. We haven't had a game like that yet. You know pretty much. Everything we saw during the broadcast live came up on the all. Twenty two you still got the same feel when when you watch all twenty two. It's totally different because you have no narration. There's no commentary. You're you're watching the play twice. All the emotion is out of it. It's very very objective and analytical until you see things that you don't see during the broadcast and you don't have that emotion to what with this game it was definitely Bentley different than what the live version feeling was impression was. I'm going to sum it up this away now. I don't really know how to say this because I'm James Supporter. He's our quarterback quarterback we've ever had but he played really bad he was the number one reason why we lost that game and I did not know that matter of fact ah after watching the game live. I thought him dame's Winston played really good Daimler perfect other than the keystone cops play which I thought was on Perriman rice and during the game you know I was yelling at the TV. Mal Even tweeted that you know James. You're talk the whole time screaming out of pocket. Well you know is still. I thought he played a good game but watching all twenty two. Oh my God it was bad. It was really bad. It was Carolina Panthers Band if not worse he gets in his own ahead and UC at frequently in a game like the Carolina Panthers and when he got hit early and then it all went downhill from there. An I just don't really know if he's recovered from that performance if his confidence if he's getting his own head if there's something else going on in his life that maybe we don't know about and it's just really affecting him we'll be molly have talked about this extensively over the past few days because it's really it's really bothered me because I'm of the opinion that I wouldn't mind. Seeing seeing Ryan Griffin step in dibs listeners cost us by my calculations three games this year just by his poor performances. This Tennessee see game was completely winnable. I mean we dominated this game. We sell only lost by one four points. Yes and the main issue you was Jameis Winston now right close behind Jama's Winston was the refs and that I didn't pick it up. I said in the instant reaction like they were that bad except the fumble at the rule Dan. When it should have been a touchdown but you have a whole list of stuff that they mess right? Yeah Yeah I didn't think they did that bad either until I started watching the game film and I'm just like what in the world where these guys thinking. I counted six screw ups by the refs against. Yeah Uh us. We had their cannery. Had Two big runs on us. They're the biggest runs. We've allowed all season the longest take it allowed before that was nineteen yards and then he got a big one for. I think thirty three yards and that was his long run on this season to. Yes well if you watch the video I'll put up on youtube appointed out. But William Golden was held on that play which allowed their cannery to break through the line of core support tackle and once he got to the second level but that holding penalty was. I mean it was really blatant. I mean it was right in front of the referee then a another play play later in the game. The other big run. He got exact same thing. They held Golsen again. I didn't see if it was the same guy that held him. I think it was tight end. Eighty you one or eighty eight. I can't remember. He did have a a big run in the fourth quarter at twelve twenty. That was called back for holding so they did catch that one but they have been doing it. The whole game yes. There was the two defensive pass. Interference calls on Caulton Davis. I looked and looked it looked. I could not see what they were talking talking about. The one pass interference that they called on him and they showed the replay he was turned around looking at the ball and he just barely touched the guy and the guy act like like he was got pushed today. You could see call Davis really even pushing his new got faked it The the first one though they got defensive pass interference call on him right before that that I couldn't see anything and they didn't show it on replay so just going on all twenty two hundred seating all so those two you know those are a little bit if the two holding Pinhas. We definitely should have been called. Tennessee had a kickoff return that they ran back. I think it was close to forty yards somewhere in that area. That one was a blatant hold. You can see the video it up. Put It on the Kate member who was got held but he got held in allowing the runner to run right passing. And that one was right in front of a raff off. Okay then we've got the fumble fake feel the fake field goal attempt and we all know that was bad. I mean I think they even apologized for that. One saying it was a screw up on their part art but then there was the fumbled the snap to the face on Jameis Winston. Jensen snap the ball early. It hit Jameis Winston in the face. If you look at it go look at video on Youtube Alley. Marquette was standing up he never set he was stalemating and talking to the rest the line yeah he he was he was turned around he turned around. He said something. Donald Smith he turned around looked at Jameis Winston. He hit Jensen then he turned back around and he was looking backwards gourds at Janus Winston and standing up when the ball was snapped that that should have been blown dead right there. A whistle should have been called. That's an illegal shift. According to the rulebook rule seven section four article six at states all offensive players are required to come to a complete stop and being a set position simultaneously for at least one full second prior to the snap failure to do so is an illegal shift they could have got him for four star to do I mean marquette was moving around it was just like book. I think everybody was just so surprised. I mean it was obvious that more pet snap before everybody was ready but are Jensen Hinson. Snap the ball before everybody was ready. Because you know the whole line kinda hesitated in like I said more pet was standing up but that should have been blown dead right there. That's been fumble. No it should not. I have been so the rest really really screwed us on this game. And those are tier big plays that and the fumble on the fake field goal says the game. Yes now I went in. I told you I was going to do some research on all the rest. Stop and all that found out that there's four or five refs in New York that do the instant replay the Guy Al Bow River. Yea River. Yeah he's he's the one that's in charge of all that okay but there are dr other guys that do it are referee crew this year. This past game at Tennessee all the crews are named after the referee the head referee. So this is the Adrian Hill crew crew. Adrian Hill is the referees. The main guy in charge there the white hat. This was his first year as the referee. Free this is the seventh game. He's played as a referee. He's got ten years experience as an official but this is his first year referee. The Down Judges David Oliver. He's got two years experience he's the guy who was standing right there on that fake field goal. I mean he was like five feet away and he could see exactly what happened. He blew glued damn whistle. Yeah it was hill. It's judge our David Oliver are. He's a down judge now. Are Referee crew there. Seventeen referee recruits are refereed crew. Had nobody on the crew that was on that same crew last year. So they've ever worked together never worked together except for these seven seven games or was eight games. What a week? Eight eight games probably seven because they get by weekday now they're seventeen cruise. Only three of them do not have officials who were on the same crew is last year so of course we get one of the crappy cruise. That's just how it happens. Where a small market team we're GONNA get crappy cruise but we've got Adrian? Hills referee ribs his first year as a Ralph David Oliver. Two Years Experience Line Judge Mark Stewart only had one year experience in the field. Judge Clark this is his first first year so we had the most inexperienced crew in the NFL on game in Tennessee and they've really screwed US six mistakes they made and quite a few view of a really really hurt us. Now we've got a crew coming up for the Seattle game. Seattle is a bigger market team. So we've got John. HUSKIES crew To Officials Kevin Cody and the Dow judge. He's down judge. Alan Baines is the few judge they've worked on that crew last year. So three of these guys have worked together and most of them have at least five years experience at their position. As a matter of fact the the referee John Halsey. He's got eighteen years experience so we're we should have some good officiating waiting in this game for a change but relatively good so yeah Jameis Winston in the judges. What is what really screwed this game up and I hate to say that about James Amos Winston? Because I'm I've always been a big supporter. What I'll be a big supporter of anybody on the team? But he is the best quarterback we've ever had and it's the whole question question of if it's not Jameis Winston if he's not the bucks quarterback what's the future of the buccaneers. Look like it was going to replace him Roy. That's why I sound like. Let's I wouldn't mind seeing Ryan Griffin just because we might have the preseason meeting you saw him and we were like Gotti socks and then we watched again and they watch the red and we were like wow. He's really good. It was offensive line that was screwing up to. It was making him look bad But I'd like to see him. He's just much more calm and collected. And that's what James Winstons problem is as we talked about this. We set it off season. The two big things. And we've been saying the podcast since we've been doing this podcast. Two big things James Winston needs to fix and we I wanted to see Bruce Arians fix is his happy feet and Nazi in the field and he's made no improvement. I think he's gotten worse. Yeah I detail. He's this game was really a showcase of his happy feet and his e- Copsey intended need to do any of it. There was no reason. Tennessee is not that good of a team you know and he had great pass protection the whole game. I mean Donald Smith gave up a sack in the fourth quarter and Dari mislaid blitzer. Coming in on on a cornerback blitz and another running back Ronald Jones he didn't pick up a blitz coming in on the left other than that hat are offensive line to great. I mean our office lund did great running backs still had issues with their pass protection last week. We're not giving up seven sacks in Donovan. Smith has to give up that play but it was a really good move. I was Landry the defensive end that just did a great speed moving out of the Smith at everything right. Chicago was able to get his arm out and got his Tamdan Winston. It was a matter of inches but still I mean Winston had great pass protection in there. What do you think about the interceptions? Because Bruce Arians carrion came out. This weekend said that none of them were his fault. They were all the receivers on the wrong route. Yes and I actually wrote that down. When we were watching the game we were taking notes watching a game him and I said it to me? It looked like the receivers ran the wrong routes and I wanted to see what Bruce said to press conference and sure enough he said they ran the wrong routes and it was James. It was not not Jameis Winston fault. How ever while? That's technically true. Technically true the best kind of truth. They were Damis westerns fault. Because because if you look at both of them and I did this on video even though the wide receivers ran the wrong routes james wisdom should not have thrown those balls even if they were the right hike routes because there was a defender there where he threw the ball is not only. That guy was going to get out of the way. You know almost almost exactly where he threw the ball twice there was a defender there and I mean they intercepted ball where I mean it was Ju- It came right to was handed. You know so so. They were there anyhow. He shouldn't have thrown that ball on to that route. Even even if the receivers were running around correctly and on the last interception he should have thrown the ball away. It was the fourth quarter of twenty six seven seconds left. The interesting thing about that was there was no good routes just throwing away at that point because otherwise Jim Twenty six seconds left. We had the time manage. We had no route running to the outside edges too so that the guys can catch the ball goes out of bounds now. Look I know it was very strange. That GonNa put a left which you know. But that would actually be Bruce Arians because he takes over the last five minutes of the game supposedly so while the receivers did not run good. Ralph's they screwed up on. The routes interceptions payments Winston should not have thrown to the routes. They should have run. But you know those weren't really the big issues I had with James. Listen I wish issues. I had with the two things we talk about. All the time is happy feet and not seen the field not seeing the field. Was it huge in his game. One of the worst I've ever seen that's because because Tennessee secondary is not that great. They should've been twirl. My Gosh Yeah. I mean. We talked about that in the pot. The previews are receivers are just GonNa have a ball with the secondary opener. Because I can't keep up with our guys and sure enough jameis Winston missed eight open receivers eight. That's the most I've ever charged with him in one game. I'm pretty this year. I think there might have been nine last year before in one game but I mean there was eight times eight eight times. He had open receivers that he did not see now some of boom he did throw to somebody else might have been a reception to whatever but I point out that there was a better option. Amora wide open receiver over here but a lot of times you know he. He threw a bad pass or got sacked or scrambled or whatever when he had wide open guys out in the one sack he got. This was a second quarter eight forty I five in the second quarter. He stepped up into the pocket in right into the defenders as it's collapsing coming to in coming to him and he stepped right into humming coming with. That win was so annoying. Because he had Mike Evans Open on a slant across the middle immediately. And you can see on all twenty two. He he sees Mike Evans. Mike Evans is wide. Open Wide Open and Davidson's body is angled these angled at him. He didn't throw the ball and understand. I do you know how that he just held. talked it and walked forward right into a sack in the these receivers especially Mike and you gotta get Mike Evans. uh-huh prop I've been pointing out for years. That might be open. James Watson doesn't see him throwing the ball and it's got to be frustrating for these guys you know these receivers to be wide open. And you know James Winstons over there scrambling or you know throwing it to a covered guy which he does that a lot of thought to cover guy when this guy wide open I mean these. These routes are getting the word we're getting is open. All over. The place in Jameson is just not Sinoe and now dirk cutter. I always cut all day long. He was a great offense coordinator he we almost always had receivers open it. Jameis Winston just doesn't seal three sacks the first one he ran right into the guy okay The second sack miss blocked by forty. Four Dario Bergamo Wiley on a cornerback. Blitz Adora just totally whiffed on guy in the fourth one third one was in the fourth quarter sixteen. Donald Smith fifty-eight Landry speed moved outside of the strip the ball from Wednesday. To get a sack. He got stroke but they consider that a SEC. So the the offensive line played great. I mean Winston had a beautiful pocket in this game. Yeah he had all day a lot of time all day but he scrambled six times. That are counted six times. For no reason he would have a beautiful pocket and he would scramble out of it and that was frustrating while we were watching the game You're cussing I didn't even realize how good the pocket we're into us. Although Tony to I mean they were beautiful pockets and a lot of times. They completely collapse a defensive line and there would be three offensive linemen standing there with nothing to do do because all the defense landover in a pile and they just stopped trying the defensive line points So Dame's Winston scrambled six times at. I counted for for no reason and that just drives me crazy. When he does that now? A lot of those times he would run the ball he would try to run the ball and I think he was our leading rusher. Not sure but I think he. It was a leading Russia team. But that's not a good thing. Three times it Jameis. Winston ran for it on third down short and came up. Short of the one was was in the fourth quarter to twenty nine. I think it was third to third third two beautiful pocket. There was open receivers and he runs Out and gets one yard he ran over. There was nobody near him and he ran to the right in three guys. Three Israeli frustrating too. And and it's he's scrambling is ready to take off Right where the defender is more often than not he just does not make good decisions. When when he scrambling in there was the the keystone cops play? Wear Perryman run into Dari Dari embarrass. It was embarrassing embarrassing. We'll get to the embarrassments stuff here in a little bit. But that was totally on James on all twenty two you see him. He motions paramount in. You know he emotions tell tell him to go into motion and then immediately lifts his leg to have Jensen snap the ball to him and Jensen snaps diplo. He handed the. Dr Dard runs four. Blame right into pyramid. That was one hundred percent. James Wisden's phone. That was a bone headed. I mean that's a high school level mistake and I you know with all this stuff tough to James is doing. I mean that that was a big play. That was third four on Tennessee. Four yard line touchdown yes and you could see it on. TV me when they had slow motion. There was a huge gap for Dorothy. To go up in. It would have been a touchdown most likely. And you just can't have this you can't you can't have the leader of your team screwing up like this all the time and not expect everybody else to screw up it. It's got to be so frustrating specially for our defensive line which is elite level defensive line to just see see wisdom screw up screw up screwed up and they have to keep going out there and trying to clean up his mess he turns the ball over. Defense is in a precarious position because the other team is in the red zone or close rundown. There's really nothing defense that you can do what they're gonNA score there and it happened in this game the twice right I I think so but yeah I mean he'll miss an open receivers like between eight times during his game. I mean it's not it's not that he's throwing and they're not catching eateries overthrowing bad throws A. He's just not seeing these guys and they're open there was he threw the ball to he. Threw it out of bounds and end zone. Chris Godden was closest guy over there and it was on third down so we ended up getting a field goal. eighty-eight Tanner Hudson was wide. Open for a touchdown on that point it has some hands like he can make a grab even if it's not great ball thrown out then. Yeah there was a play where I think it was Mike Evans being covered now. No it was a tight. End was being uncovered. Great either bright or Hudson and coverage may fell down and he the tide in ended up being wide open but instead Winston Winston Winston didn't even see it. You know. And if you listen to podcasts. I'll say it all the time drew brees Matt Ryan. Tom Brady those guys look for that to happen. They look for the defense to make mistakes. Because you know there's eleven guys on field one of them generally is going to be out of position. Have Angle hips turned the wrong way. Those guys look doc for that. They're not looking at. They're not going my first receiver. I look at him seconds. I mean they might be doing that but at the same time. They're looking for mistakes. If you make a mistake Jake. They're going to target you. They do this all the time. I mean they're Great Matt Ryan One of the best. I don't think I've seen yet where he has. The defensive player has made a mistake and Matt Ryan targeting. We saw one. I think this year where the dude fell down but Matt Ryan through into the blood. You're supposed to do but he didn't see that guy so I wouldn't really call that a mistake. Well Matt Ryan's but I'm not here to blow smoke Matt Ryan but I'm just here to say James. Winston needs to be doing that. You know when you have a defender offender fall down and a receivers wide open. Because of the defender fell down. You better see that. And you'd better throw it to him. But James Winston dozen. He never ceases stuff. Where in such a precarious position with him? Because he is what he is. It's been five years. It's not gonNA be any different. This is what he is and and I don't think you can fix him. I think you have to learn how to manage it any. He's never learned how to manage his screw up south part of the problem. A two as he is not improving or identifying. What makes him screw up like this? It's on him. He's in his own head uh-huh coach in the world that can change that variance fixed and it doesn't look like he is going to fix it or is fixing it. I don't know oh I don't even know if they're working on it because it looks like he's getting worse with this stuff I really don't know I'm I'm dumbfounded by this. Well I almost think that. Maybe maybe he's thinking too much about the system too much about the new system that he's and then you just kind of revert to old habits you've the handed on that and that seems to be the thing your you think is the issue. I just the Winston has done ever since he's being here and I wanted to get better with areas. It doesn't look like it's going to dispense is worse than ever been wanted different this year. I Don't know the coaching staff. I guess us. Yeah because he's always had cutter. Yeah since he came in the League but he's always done this cutter right but it wasn't this severe this frequent right. Ah Yeah it's been three games out of seven. He's just basically cramped the bed and you can live with it as a fan. I think when it's more more infrequent maybe a game or two maybe three in a whole season burke three and seven games. Almost half the game there you. You can't have it you can't have it it. It's you can't win like that and we have a good football team. We're GONNA get into all that later but we have a good football team and I do believe it's being held back act by Jameis Winston if he doesn't get this under control he's not GonNa be with the team you know we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA released into the year he's got to. There's no way that you can play like this and continue to be a quarterback NFL. I don't know Donovan. Smith played like crafts last year. Got Any gotTa Outta huge contract gotTa Pay Day and look at him. I mean Donald Smith is playing great. Sal maybe there's something to be said for that contract I don't know I don't know man I just I was really. It was really depressing for me to watch. The depressing Tennessee. Game was depressing loss to begin with and then watching all twenty two and just seeing seeing this stuff stuff on my God man this is this is sad. And it's exactly what you said the keystone cops. It's the boneheaded terrible decisions where he just looks. Benny Hill music playing in the background. He does look like that when he runs on a banana peel. You know it just. We've had way too many of those who embarrassing plays from Winston Amateur Hour Amateur Hour you know whether he knew about the scrambling here's the thing about the scrambling Ho scramble people. Sometimes he'll come out of the pocket and you know throw a bomb down the field and it'll it'll work or whole run you know. And he he got a twenty yard run in this game you know so. He gets emboldened by that. You know he's like yeah. You know I ran for twenty yards all the stuff. He just keeps doing it and doing it do it. When you know you'd say hey they do that as a completely last resort man or when you are certain it's GonNa work and can go wrong right but not own a third into when you Have beautiful protection dog scramble outside the pocket and Burnell reasons with three defenders in front of you I and airlines tells them you don't have to be superman on every play and it's like when you tell someone don't think of a polar bear and all they think about is a polar bear. Oh so now to me. It just appears that they're telling him. Don't be superman on every play. And what he's hearing is be superman on every play if if he just did. This did that stuff sparingly throughout a game not making in the fourth quarter when you need it but man I mean like I said he missed seeing five open receivers just in the first half a load you know and he was scrambling all over the place. And you're and you're like this is this is the first and second quarter. How are you this frantic back? Yeah it really does hurt us that there were some other things though. I don't want to sit here and bash on James the whole term and to be clear. We're not saying Jane is not no no. I would love love to see James. Get this under control. Because I think he's got he you know he's got the definitely the desire to to be the best and to win. He's got a great arm on and he's got good accuracy. You See. He's not scared. He's got confidence all over the place. And I hope throw a laser to a guy that's double-covered which brings me to a no there was Remember number that catching the end zone. It went right off Mike Evans his hands. which that's a very rare thing for Mike Evans to do and I was like what in the world on all twenty to fifty four the linebacker for Tennessee? He tipped that ball right before it got to Evans. It's still bounced off Evans Hands Wobbly and a a knotweed exactly where Evans thought it was going to be but winston should not have thrown that pants. I mean that was just that was crazy. There's three guys. He had to throw it between three guys. Basically Chaffee the lucky at tips. Yes yes that's true but more carrying on with this game with the Tennessee game. The buccaneers have allowed six hundred eighteen yards to tight ends. That's the second most in the lead cardinals have allowed seven hundred and two and that's without a by we've allowed six hundred. Eighteen with a by thirty thirty percent of all passing yards have been too tight ends against us. Same thing happened with this game. Show New Smith ever heard of him now. Yeah he blazed US tours up yeah. He's a tight end for Tennessee. Nobody's ever heard him before. I bet he's getting picked up and fanzine I know he. I think he was the leading tied name singer. Fresno misleading late in in the fourth quarter. Thirteen forty nine. The school was twenty three twenty bucks. We were up by three. Tennessee drives down the field ninety yards and scored a touchdown right. We all remember that what we don't remember what happened during that drive. There were three catches by Titan Johnny Smith one for seventeen yards one for twenty yards and one for four yards. Forty one yards total out of ninety caught by the tight end to the two biggest drivers in that play with tight end. Who covers the tight end? Who was supposed to cover the tide tied in our linebackers? I've been saying this. Everybody wants to crap on the secondary and secondary could play better of course talking harder but Orlando could coverage bridges got to step up. We'd get blazed by every tight end. Played US Joe New Smith. Who is the governor now and you know I was looking for the Seattle all game and they're tight end is like Russell Wilson's Well drizzly. He's injured Elliott. It's a Hello Luke Wilson. That guy who has like thirty yards all year. Yeah receptions he was he was at Seattle I think they cut him or I don't know if he went in free agency but he went to Oakland and he was on hard knocks with Oakland and then got cut. He's wanted to long hair so I was surprised. Privacy him back on this Seattle Roster yes I may pick him up and I thought about doing it really. Yeah but he's caught so few. Oh my gosh you know if matchup. Yeah if the coaching staff Seattle sees what I see. They're going to be like man. We've got a tight end. Yeah Yeah I'd I'd thought about picking him up but yeah our linebackers and they're not getting any. They're not being held accountable by the meteor. Anybody else and they they need to. I mean this is. They're not doing their part as far as pass protection or the past defense is concerned in the locker room after the game who hasn't lost their our minds on the team it was. Jp Will Von and Mike Evans. It's surprised me with the Levante. Joseph wonder if he was talking talking to his unit linebackers in the linebackers and coverage. I'm I'm talking about inside linebacker. Manti David in Devon white mostly mostly Devon White. The David gave up a couple in this game. But I never signed during the broadcast or a few but mostly mostly Devon White and. He's just is not that great and coverage man there were slips on the field but only with the buccaneers none of the titans players slipped buccaneers. Players Slip Live. This happens a lot with us. We talk about criminal manager. We got a new equipment manager and I thought maybe they would be able to work the cleats better but apparently not. Let's see there was hardly slipping coverage twice. Godwin caught the ball one time when he was running and went to make Juke slip fell right. I mean it looked like a hard fall. I mean his features went like he was on on ice. They slipped right out from underneath him and he picked up some pretty good Yajalon Johnson on the fourth down play that we needed towards the end of the game of the fourth one. One play where we ran it up the middle. We'd had success with that all game long. Jensen slipped you could see on a plants. His feet and the defender hits hitting in Jensen's feature slip right underneath naming basically goes to his knees. Ronald Jones slipped in the fourth quarter at seven. One poster was others. I didn't track all of them but it would just slipping all over the place. I mean we gotta start. Learn how to wear cleats right you know. And they got basically the same field we do right. It's an outdoor for but we sleep on our field a lot of Atlanta game last year. I kind of twenty two slips but that was both us and that was that was a master but we gotta get our cleats. Right there. Hargreaves was was playing slot a lot in this game. He covered humphreys a couple of times in the fourth quarter. Eight twenty three. He gave up a big play on second and six on the Tampa Bay. twenty-three he got duped. Out By humphries and this one I don't understand because humphries and hargraves play to go and practice for years now John Know Each Other. How are you getting you got by him? Yeah he got duped out right off the line and Hargreaves call the ball and they ended up scoring a touchdown the next player play after but that was a big play that got them right right up close alone and I'm like hoggeries. What do you do it you keep doing? He can't get choked out by a guy you know on on a plane like that especially you know. It's just like Mike Evans. Everybody talked about Mike Evans. Didn't get the ball thrown to him in the fourth quarter. They'd get any targets one with nobody really got a whole lot of targets. We didn't get the we didn't pass it that much. But Mike was was noble covered every play except one and Winston didn't see him on that when I mean he was Stephen covered but winston could throw it to him but other than that he was double covered the whole time every single play. I mean they were. They wanted to lock Evans down in that. Fourth quarter something. I want to point out though the football to the face play where ginger snap the ball. And it hit Winston in the face and the fumble recovered by Tennessee and the keystone cops play where James Winston called permanent emotion in and decide like camp count snap with Jensen Jensen's NATO boom boom rain in new. The other. Both of those plays happened because we had to go into silent count mode because the crowd was so loud. Both of those players were because James Wisden had had to do a silent count. He had to lift his leg. He couldn't audible the counts. The crowd was too loud buccaneer fans. That's what happens when you you have a full crowd. That's cheering yelling. It's making noise. It makes the other team make mistakes. It can impact the game and think about how many games in season have been impacted by the crowd. We have the giants game sounded like a home game so the giants at the buccaneers stadium. New Orleans game around this game. I now Tennessee titans either the what were they coming into this. Three and four three and four there were three and fourteen. They just pinch their first their first round quarterback that they've had for five years in the Scrub Ryan Tannehill in there but yet they they still sell out the stadium and cheer and scream and make all this noise to wear. The opposing team has to run silence couch. And it's not like they've been winning anymore. They asked years and we have to the playoffs. One time and that time period and blow divisions how. Yeah that's not a huge surprise there so it matters hanters go into the games making noise all of it matters all of it matters. You know we only have we yes inches. We are the Twelfth Maine and you know just like just like I wouldn't WanNa see Donovan Smith. Come and sit on the sidelines with a bag over his face. I wouldn't want to see a a Mike Evans. Posting means on Reddit about how crappy Jameis Winston is or joking Jason Light. You know I wouldn't want to see that I don't I wanna see by our from our fans and I'm not saying how fans how you're supposed to be a fan but it only makes sense to me that if you want to help the team win. You do things to help the team win. Yeah not help. The team lose Jason. Like got caught up in saying that whole thing was weird. I don't really unders. Yeah apparently the he's being accused to having a burner twitter account where he support Jamison highs in one of one twitter account right. Where did dude run a book or whoever burdens might be a woman? I don't know apparently guy because he's been on podcast and stuff. Yeah and it. Sounds like Jason Light a little bit but it might be i. I don't care on you know it's one of those things where the national media where we're back to the embarrassment part of the buccaneers. They're used to just embarrassed fans. Look at there's thirty one other other teams in this league. That love it. When anything bad happens to us they want to see the fan base dejected and mocking their team and wearing bags to the stadium? And all that stuff stuff. That's what they want. I loved it when I see other teams fans do it because I know it hurts the team you know. So we've got the stuff that we've got the keystone cops stuff. We've got James. It ws you know it's just it's really hard as a buccaneer fan to hold your head up. Put your chest out where your colors proudly. But we have to do it. I like I I don't want. I don't want anybody on this team quitting right now. I don't want to go out there and given half ass effort I don't want to play into get traded. You know I don't know what's going although Jay Howard I don't know if he's one get traded I mean he's busy hurt now is he out is he. Pulling a Jalen Ramsey. It seems that way to me but I don't want to see that. Yeah we're we've lost five games but guess what we're not out of it and I'm tired of the media in Tampa Bay has already written off. I mean they're already talking talking about you. Know Trading. Get rid of this player. That player getting drafts for the two thousand twenty season and all that I mean the Tampa Bay tops had headlines. Tampa Bay is is a disaster and other things we learned get. Jukebox has an article titled Bucks or a Dumb Team. You know. Just they're all saying it's over with. There's no no way we can make the playoffs and I'm like what are you not know. Math killing have you'll never been watching football because any given Sunday anything can happen and we could. We definitely got a shot at the plows now. Granted it's hurt were crippled. It's going to be tough. It's do or die at this point but I don't WanNa see anybody on the team quit. So why are the fans. Quitting was the media quitting. You know the the twelve man if we quit. What do you think team's GonNa do quit? I haven't felt a sense of pride right about the team. I think since the rams game yeah I couldn't remember which one it was. We Played Carolina. I right and then the rams the rams was the last could game we've had where we want now and that's the that's the thing and we say this little podcast. This is the best team. This is a good team. I don't think they were really good team and and we can't get it together. We lost we have not gotten our asses handed to us yet. The Carolina Panthers right around us was a beatdown fifty three to thirteen or something bad. We haven't had that I mean. We've been wavering. San Francisco it. We didn't look great. No that was teams. And you know we've been in every game. Nobody's beaten us. We're beating ourselves. Yeah no all all of our losses have been you know the New Orleans Saints Team. I could say where they convincingly beat. Ask the better team. There was some issues there. I think there was some problems on stuff like that but they were the better team. But we've got the media is attacking arriens and like we said in the podcast after the game everybody's going to be able to pick their favorite whipping the boys and just go to town on you know you could. You could blame it on the coaching staff. You can blame it all Winston you can blame it on the offensive line the second whatever you can blame it on whoever you WANNA blame it on. Everyone's just going to town with. It is everywhere the Joe Boxer into having a meltdown. All we are having a meltdown. They have meltdowns when we win. Yeah I think it's worse when we win. They don't the right of the article with the title calling the team dome. I'm just I'm just stop to stop. That's how I feel Jio sculling through scrolling through twitter. I'll see post game away and it's always the same offenders I never engage in. It's because I WANNA be addicted. People do really bad. I just don't have the time. Unfortunately well Gary emotionally invested in answer this girl feelings. Uh there's a podcast out there. I'M NOT GONNA mention. They've been tweeting all week. About how McCoy is better than sue. That are run defense. This would be just as good without sue that sue has done nothing. He's not a Katrina. Land McCoy got cut this same people in the media. We we said this when when McCoy got cut the media is going to go after this coaching staff. The first chance they get because they're still pissed at him because of getting rid of McCoy but to say that McCoy's better than sue in that are run defense would be just as good with Atma sue and that was done nothing. He's not a contributor above above. VAT is insanity you go watch this game film. Sue is a beast and he is a huge contributor to our run defense. I mean Vena vans. Great we'll ghosted is great on the run run. All everybody on a defensive line is on the run but sue is incredibly good. I mean he's just incredibly good all around and he's he is so much better than McCoy on the defensive offensive line I just. I don't know what these people are thinking. They don't watch the tape. I'm saying the same sue detractors. Who are saying Oh look at the stats? He hasn't been there are. He's not as good as the McCoy because look at McCoy stats. They're the same ones you said when McCoy got cut and everyone pointed out that sue has better the stats that McCoy of raw during the same insane well. Saks aren't a good measure of defensive tackle. But now they'll point to sues lack of sack say he's not productive in what is it. You can't have it both ways. Let let me clarify is not a podcast is a fan like news site. Okay don't have a podcast. Keep all these people in any event the weight so they always Dixie. I don't know why we follow him because they pissed me off all the time. Anyway I'd been dead and block but then you don't know what's going on people are then you create your own address that yeah there's all kinds of narratives Out there some of them want to bust up here. Quick to sue is not as good as McClellan in that. They say that they have a reduced vase role. I think this was Joe. Oh Bucks Fan. I'm not pointing anybody out here. This is just where it's going on. And what they did is they showed the percentage of snaps that has gotten on defense and they showed that there was a decrease but what they didn't show was a snap count and this is this is this is why I hate stance because you can make stats. Say whatever you want. Here's via snap counts through the season. Okay forty thirty. Seven forty seven snaps. Fifty seven forty one forty forty eight forty one forty four thirty four so they'll do see a trend. There was this part of that is going down thirty four which sets out liar. You also have a fifty seven. Says her two outliers the rest of them are between between the range of forty one and forty eight right exactly so let's keep him on a snap count. It's not a matter of percentage right. Yes I'm just like you you know. They're making a big deal like all. They've cut his his snaps in half haven't played bass with the same snaps. He's played all year long. So that's just. Bs there's another one running barbara up the middle. On first downs matter of fact one of the joke bugs even send it to areas. Asked him about. Do you think maybe run Barber Arbor on first downs up to middle is becoming too predictable in percentages. Looked at it with a straight face and said no and that was it. I was like This first aired the he doesn't normally give simple answers like that he just you could just look at him until he just wanted to roll his eyes on that one. Yeah because I I broke down. The numbers Barbara has run fifty one times on first down. We've past one hundred and two times I down L.. It seems like passing. It'd be more predictable right right. During during the Tennessee Game Barber rushed on first down seven times how many times we passed it. How many team well? That's not predictable on all the anything anything you could predict that we're GONNA pass it on down. That's what I would go with right now if you if you go through the whole season and consider all the running backs total rush plays lays on first down one hundred seventeen total pass plays on first down one hundred two so it's almost fifty fifty which is exactly where it should be. There's no way you can guess around underpass and on first down no way no way could be predictable. That's just stupid dumb narrative but like I said when you lose in you could pick whoever you want to blame aim and make it work out. You even blame the defensive line if you wanted to be really really dumb because they are awesome. Gosh watching us all to indulgent love watching that Ryan Tannehill L. Dot hit almost every time he dropped back he just got the ball out quick. And and that's what you said. He doesn't mind thrown. It covers the whole. He's he threw it to anybody He didn't care he just didn't want to get hit. We were hitting we. We've closed and it was everybody was via sue was a NASA Nacho got in on it Barrett. The town's mayor came so close. I also saw a thing I can't remember. I saw this on twitter or article or podcast or whatever but they were talking about how they dropped shack buried in a coverage too many times. This game I didn't see it. I mean they dropped him back. Look like me by as much as they normally do. They normally they do drop Barrett back. Don't drop NASA back Sometimes job. Oh Alan Bag Vida Back Su Bac coverage you know they just try to give different looks and everything and they do it with Barrett probably four five six times a game. You know an interesting matter of fact I would say they didn't last in this game. I had to just think off the top of my head so now you can say whatever you want to say when they're losing like this. This people pull out their favorite whipping horse and just start beating it to death. Don't pay any attention to it. Most of the time. They're just salty. So we've got a Seattle coming up Mali's got got some good information for us. What you got molly now? Seahawks are currently six into. How did that happen? I know I know how it happens. Played anybody that is true there to went to home here is they want against the bengals. To one of the worst things gets worse. steelers the cardinals. Also the rams the browns. The browns and the Falcons God victories losses. The two losses have come come to the saints and the Ray that also to good teams in China people would put us in the back. But we're not not at all if we can get it together. We can make a competitive no now. We could win team. We can't beat if we you know. quit play play play decent football. Yeah Rams beat the rams all over the place like red headed stepchildren. That's true we did install you red headed stepchildren. This tweet Gregg allman and he actually wrote an article of Landon read the article. But I didn't see the tweet tweet. That between twenty thirteen and twenty seventeen. When Bruce Arians was coaching the cardinals he went for and one against the seahawks? He beat them four times. Times two yeah that whole division was good were so he and that was at Seattle has their number. It appears is that way however I was reading a preview written by I think a fan site for Seattle and the they did not have kind words to say about him now. They said that he basically is phone in and they call him disingenuous and as the coach of the buccaneers. Yeah well you know I'm GonNa say this info this out there. It is something we worried about and we talked about it when he was first hired that it seemed like the buccaneers. We do attract people that just want to come and basically hang out and get a paycheck to paycheck. I'm talking about Lovey Smith. I'm talking about Mike Smith. I'm talking about Collins on talking about Michael Johnson. Revenge Arabia's to Sean Jackson you know we get that a lot and I was worried about that with Bruce Arians. He'd come and he's hired up all his friends. They're all getting a a Brazilians a lot of times during practice. He cuts it short. He gave the guy's a week off during the bye week after the loss to the Carolina in London. I don't I honestly don't know how hard he's trying. I don't know if he's found in innovative. I'll say that I'll say point blank. I don't know if he's funding it in Wisden. It does seem like he's improving. He's got left which column offensive play. Call me no. I don't really know what Bruce Arians doing other than hiring all of his friends and but I don't want to think think that I don't believe it's true but I don't know it's not. I think he wants to win. I don't know I. I don't think he wants his legacy to be this right. I don't know what kind of effort he's putting in to win. Let's put it that way. Now I listened to the press conference is A. He's really good at press conferences. Not just for his little snippets and one liners. There's an soundbites but he talks football and when he talks he's definitely watching the game film. You seem a lot of stuff I see and more and so I know he's studying game film for sure and he talks about his plans for the next game and you know it seems to make sense. I just don't know how much effort he is putting you so I want to throw that out there. I don't believe it I do think he's. He's wanting to win. I think he's hired this large staff because he thinks it's going to be a benefit benefit and it kind of has been in the sense that you know like with our offensive line. Two main guys go down to guys come in stepped up play just as good. Josh Wells screwed a little bit but they were serviceable. Yeah and we've had that happen with everybody every position that we've had problems with next steps in and it's just as good. I will say that. We've we've mentioned this before and I don't. I think coaching can make a difference. But I don't think that's the problem in Tampa I don't I don't either. I don't know what the problem is. But it's not the coach's because that seems to be our go-to for when things aren't going well fire the coach. Get a new one. We get better and it's never better so I'm not gonNA put it on be a no. I wouldn't either at that makes sense like we've done this. We've done this before. So I think with General Manager saint-etienne take all this stuff but I if I if you had put a gun to my head if you put a gun to my head and asked said what's the problem right now I would say dame's Winston and he just needs to calm down to stop being so frantic just relaxed calmed down. Make the right decisions. See The damn field. If he did that we would. We would destroy. Take everybody we played. I agree because we've had games where he did. Just that and we're destroyed and we destroyed people. Hopefully the seahawks will be one of those teams Russell. So Wilson has seventeen touchdowns and one interception Insane in not not VP. Numbers Right. There I just. I don't know seventeen touchdowns downs. That's has first interception last week. So retool game yeah if they hit a ball yet we don't know okay now. They haven't his favorite read target. Is Tyler Lockett. He's got forty six receptions of fifty four targets so he's pretty efficient four touchdowns six hundred fifteen yards twenty twenty six percent of his yardage comes after the catch. Well there number two receiver. R K Metcalf has twenty three receptions of forty thirty five targets so roughly half little less a little more four touchdowns four hundred two yards twenty. Three percent of his yardage comes after the catch so their offenses seems. They're passing game relies on yards after the catch to Russell Wilson probably throws it to him perfectly in stride so they can. Yeah probably play will disley. Who Your said isn't playing? But he has twenty three receptions of twenty seven target so almost all of them for touchdowns two hundred sixty two yards thirty one percent of his yardage comes after the catch. So That's twelve touchdowns two tight ends and receivers. He's got seventeen touchdowns the other five touchdowns Konfrontasi Ron. I'm in now. I mean there's other receivers top two okay Chris Carson. They're running back. He's fit in. The League in yards. ARCS worried about how this this run defense. We have is incredible. You Watch the game film. There's never a hole in our defensive on avarice holding like they did with golden. But I've never seen anything like it. We don't even need linebackers just our front five or urges amazingly good at stopping the run there. They've always got their eyes on the ball. They've always got their guys under control so they can drawn to the side to make the tackle even. If they're double teamed Ndamukong got that Great Spin move he does when he's doubled teams that he gets out of the double team and makes the tackle on the runner. It's it's really beautiful to watch. Yeah I'm not worried about our defense and all like I said last week the only reason why Derrick Henry got any yardage was because they held or goes well. I don't think I think that the Seattle offense of line. I don't know how good they are. Football outsiders has their adjusted sacrificed at seventeenth and the average but Russell Wilson does he get the ball off pretty quickly. That's kind of what this says to me that he's throwing to receiver fever in stride. They're getting a lot of yards after catch. I haven't watched any Seattle Games this year. I don't know I know. He's very elusive. Though he's hard to sit down and he's a runner Eh. Tiny little guy their offense was ranked nights overall but again the quality of their opponents opponents. CRA- yeah we've had the hardest. I hardest schedule in the league. Not including all the traveling we've had to do we're going up against these teams that have had the easiest schedule Komo Seattle playing the browns. Valuables the Falcons good Lord. That's almost as bad as the Patriots. And their schedule's been a give mm-hmm. Yeah Seattle's defense is ranked twenty third. I know I'm not really worried about that either. Other differences really gone downhill speaking of their offense offensive line. There left tackle. He's thirty four years old. This is Duane Brown. He's an old man he is. He's like up there with Demar. Dotson the FBI and the NFL nursing home for too long retirement home but he's apparently had some knee issues and his age age. I think is really showing so Barrett might do pretty well against him and now this is not me. pull it out on my ass. This is a Seattle seahawks fan site than some of that. So uh-huh just making stuff up and speed is kind of his Kryptonite good Lord cell but he now live Russell. Wilson's getting the ball out quickly. It's it's really not gonNA matter true but again they're pass protection not great now even mediocre will worsen mediocre. We should have really feasted on the titans on our a lot more than we did. We got we were so close so many times when like I said he got the ball. He didn't care he just threw. It didn't care. Guys were covered double covered. You'd been matter. He just had to get all because he's going to die Russell Wilson. I don't know if we'll do that. I don't know if he does in the coverage if he holds the ball giving but they've got the home field advantage advantage that two of their losses their only two losses have come at home. That's not the seller. It's not that we kinda chance more mortgages the injury report this week Kim and bright was limited. A It's Friday. We're recording this Friday. But the Friday is injury report. Hasn't come what we do know that. OJ Howard is not playing bright was limited. He's got a rib injury. Alex capital as backup practice. It looks like he's GonNa he hasn't been ruled out yet for the game. Carlton Davis He's been full practice. All we can shoulder injury and Demar Dotson with a hamstring. He came back to practice Thursday in a limited capacity. The and again he's not ruled out Jay's only one ruled out so we only had five people on the injury report which is really good sign. Seattle had eighteen people bull grieve. It's like their whole team. Russell Wilson's on their Mike ipod. dwayne Brown that tackle Johns. I mean every month tyler lock. It's on their Carson. Their whole teams on the injury were rarely McDougal Bradley McDougal former rock in the air. They got debut on cloudy too. Don't forget that but the only people as of Thursday there were only four players that were not full participants at practice so it looks like they'll postal exactly exactly with OJ out. We promoted Jordan Leggett from the practice squad to the active roster and an Jackson was put on ir. He has some complications to show. I really like him. I do too never seen it. Break their arm like that and they'd just like walk off the field. Yeah I know he was. He was mad but it was not a break. I mean look like a brain but kind of going back right now l.. I don't know how that wasn't a break. But he didn't look like he was in pain. Man Hangs in the world so j Howard's the only player on our team out for Sunday. Yes yes definitively al.. Do you have nothing. Nate them by Friday or the kind of game time. There can be game time decision. Any of the other four could maybe be game time. And but we don't ever sure Kwan. Alexander played last night Thursday night. He tore his pack last night and they just announced that he's out for the season. It sounds to pay all that money for and he was out the first game. He got ejected. Yeah so he really contributed a whole lot to them. I guess well I mean maybe there's been some impact but not longevity for sure physical Ears have the fifth and sixth leading receivers in terms terms of yards in Chris. Brown's Chris Brown Chris Godwin and Mike Evans and they're also tied for the lead. In the NFL. Alfred Touchdown Catches Yosano. Receives it ahead of them in yardage. Have one extra day. We're the only ones with by. Wow so we got good stats what else we got good going on. I know they have a whole list. I'm done with a preview. Just we want to end this on a positive note. Book of positivity ruin it said And we like to be positive but when you get emotional and you have these losses and then you have feels like the whole world attacking the team it's incredibly demoralizing literally was. I mean the national media picked up the story about Jason like allegedly having burner account which that we have heard from many different. The people that it's all it's not true but guys don't get publicity he went on. Espn Radio James. Right hand man but we have plenty plenty to be positive out with the buccaneers fan. I know it's embarrassing. Some of the stuff. That happens a bear seeing some of the stuff that happens during the game embarrassing. Some of the stuff that happens off the field is embarrassing. We get picked on. But there's a lot to be positive about Hold our heads up high about look. We have not had as we alluded to before we have not had our asses be. Yep this is not the lovey. Smith buccaneers where. We're going forty-five go in the first quarter you know. We're we're FLACCO throwing five touchdowns on us in the first hand you know this is this is not that buccaneers. This buccaneers where. We're beating ourselves yourselves. So we've had our beat like the painters did against the forty niners at that was embarrassing. That was a beatdown. Another thing to be positive about we are not to file claims. That's probably my favorite. They are a dumpster fire right now. This is probably the last year we're going to the Matt Ryan regime and all the that's going to. They're going to blow that up. He's not in plain now. I'll tell you can take him another thing. We are good tackling team. We had missed tackles. And you're going to have missed tackle Tom. But we've had missed tackles in the last game There was at one run We've had Miss Tackles against the New Orleans game. Thomas Rain It in Edwards and bill hit him and didn't tackle him. We've had some tackles that on a scale guys to run with the ball. Guys are tackling out there. This isn't the cutter. Mike Smith Lovey Smith tackling anymore. We take it for granted that they're so good now and we've forgotten we have 'em Nesia about last season. How bad it was tackling was just a Trojan? It has been for a five year. Yeah like pointing out Evans Godwin and we have two elite receivers on our team that are leading the league and fantasy points to. That's nothing to scoff at Levante. David he's the only NFL player in the league with twenty plus sacks and ten interceptions had since two twenty twelve since two thousand twelve. Our offense. It's of line at something. It'd be positive about you. Go back and look but let's fans football fan sports fans in general have short memories. You go back and look at before in the first game all through the preseason all through the off season everybody's biggest concern was our offensive line. They played well. They have not been an issue. One one good thing that we can really be positive about is our defensive line man. Those guys are incredibly good. They're still the best in the league at run defense stat wise a a. and that's incredible considering the elite running backs we faced that we've just shut down and Derrick Henry only got those yards because of this holding seat note. Yeah go watch watch youtube video. You'll see plans day now. The good thing to be positive about Shaq Barrett. Oh my God this guy. He's tied in the League for the League league leader in sacks with Tan and forced fumbles with four. You got an interception to. He's bad as a passes down. He's always they're always imposition in large part of why our run defenses. Good as it is. He makes everything go inside. He is nine in pass. Rush Win rate at twenty six percent. That's a credible and and as the team. The buccaneers are I if fifty nine percent that's what I'm saying you can't hold the ball and US y'all start crying about that pass rush. Oh who take the exit. Now he's saying oh well they fix a pass rush but what else Galloway is ridiculous. Here's here's another thing mad gay. This guy has not missed field goal since he missed up against the giants to lose the game. He's eighty seven and a half percent success rate on on field goals forty plus yards. Thank God that is awesome is best in the league that in the end to wrap it all up win or lose these have all been entertaining. Games felt like crap after most of them just because we lost and sometimes how lost how we lost not in that we lots lots because I can be positive. It's a competitive game and we're not completely out of that but we're not competitive we've been. We've been competitive. But it's not a good showing. Shall we buy the buccaneer shooting ourselves in the foot but the entertaining games. And that's what this is all about when it comes down to it this is entertainment and You can put some money on it can become more than entertainment in that aspect but when you look at it this is sports is supposed to be entertaining and the books have been very entertaining people. You lost money by heading up the bucks against the Titans of talk remember and you did that. I'm not GonNa talk about how much money allies story. If you lost money. Tweet at US semesters Lindo. I'll personally apologised. We really should have won a game. Anybody watches was it knows it. We were the better team so anyhow so those are good things we've got going and that's a lot of good stuff. I mean you look at Cincinnati you look at the jets. The Miami Atlanta Hannah the REDSKINS. I guess there's so many crappy teams this year. I mean all those teams are fan. Bases are just just really sad because they don't have a whole lot to look forward to have but we got hope we still got hope. This may sound stupid but we could. We're coming up on the easy part of our schedule. Now we've got the Golic the Seattle Games the last one after that. It's easy from here on out. It is conceivable that we could win out. If we went out there. The large possibility we go into the playoffs. Oh I'm still sticking at dinner sick man we got. We got one more loss coming. I don't know who's going to be over the SEAHAWKS. I'll tell you that I forget who it was but a few months. This guy tweeted at me on twitter and I said you're going to really find obnoxious when it's October two five and we're still talking about. Got It here. We are still being obnoxious. We are unapologetic comer. Yeah so we haven't got our has beat yet We are not the falcons. We got good tackling. We've got the guy when we've got Levante David we've got a good offensive line and we have an elite defensive line we've got Shaq Barrett who was diamond in the rough matt. Gay kicking off in the Games been entertaining and have a gone away. We wanted to see what good horror movie sometimes but they've been entertaining. You never want to walk out of the room you know. You don't WanNa miss a play because you never know what happened. They WanNa miss all of them. Because you never know what's GonNa Happen. It's like maybe that you watch behind your hands rate during the fingers or or team the Tampa Bay buccaneers or a horror movie. Now I really thought we were GONNA turn the corner after the bye week They came out Tennessee game. And just you know. It wasn't a good showing mainly by Winston and it can be fixed. It's an easy fix but it doesn't look like it's getting fix maybe holt. I think he's watching my videos. CBS because he threw it to Mike Evans. When Mike Evans put his arm up for a chain I'm telling you that's how that's how they should? They should train jesuits and say all right. Here's what you do. They go through progressions. You keep an eye on the field see if anybody makes mistakes. Defender falls down mature answer wrong way got the wrong coverage plus the coverage whatever but always he's corner via keep Ya on Mike Gavin's and if he puts his hand up for any reason you just throw it to him it doesn't matter what's going on in that should be ruled so she'd be the rules and he did that last tweak. It would have been touchdown bomb like sixty some yards instead. We got a defensive pass. Interference called got mugged Mike Evans so we ended up getting the ball before you're screw data and NFL quarterback has so much to think about dogs short amount of time. You gotta remember play Uconn. That's where I would have. In what way what are we doing. And it would all go downhill from there. That's the number one reason why you're not enough vocal that the fact that you're what five foot four hundred pounds. Yep You could maybe be a kicker probably yeah yeah there's that one women's in Sacramento. I want them to do it just so that I I wanna see her. Get tackled tag mental end when one of those three hundred pound around lyman hits her at fifty miles an hour. That'll that'll squash all the women in football. Talk your essential misogynist. She's cordoned off the field buzzed on crooked even care about equality honestly raptors. How do you square projectons or Seattle? Okay I'm GonNa go a twenty four eighteen bucks a but we can hear you typing okay. The last time I pick while I mean like every time I've picked for the bunks. They've lost so I'm up against the box helping that they win. This time rationalized. I don't think it's going to be a beat down but the last time I did pick against the bus we once they keep it going on. I'm going to go with twenty four twenty one during it's going to be closed. America's GonNa miss the game the game tying field. I'm not going to go. That far. Might take them into overtime remember. We did that in two thousand dollars for Josh Toronto. Sacha game on a German always worst out on that game in overtime attic. Come out. I'm going to go

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