In The Draft Show - The NASCAR ROVAL! Pre-Race Show


Dr. Do one. Green green Fokin like Cal now coming down, don't do anything. Welcome everyone to end the draft with Wilson. And was I Wilson once again back here in sunny southern California, perverse, short amount of time. Meanwhile, right across the meter, beautiful studio of the Dakotas version. Two point zero. Mr. Scott, who is what's going on, there was well Thursday night football happening as records. Everybody bet the over. Oh, really points in the first half. Welcome to the NFL defense. Right, exactly. There is none. It's just who can score and let less place. I don't even have that on who pray tell is, tells the Minnesota means you've been Minnesota hanged, Elise, all right on there, you go. The play, the Rams in the Viking close where I'm now and then where it was for the past two weeks there, your kids. He's right there. Hey, shut out the Kyle. Larson and his girl got married secretly on Wednesday. Oh, they did. Oh, I thought maybe it had a kid or someone saw the congratulations. I was like, oh, what do they? But they're gonna have a couple of kids. I think they have audit that I know of. They've at least that he that he says his, yeah, but we don't really know. Actually, we probably will know when it starts getting a little older. You probably be pretty parentis. Right. Very short. That's my bowl. So we went and he got surprise Mary, is that what he did? I guess I didn't even know they're engaged. Well. Of course, really couldn't care less either the, you know why, you know I did it though. You know, I got married now in Casey, doesn't survive the awesome this that is the row rueful he so scared of it. He was like, we'd better get married. We don't know for the whole seat who were we kidding we're giving tickets away. Yeah, you'll paying for crap there. How many people? Okay. How many people do you think we're getting ahead of ourselves? How many people do you think are actually going to show up to the role. Do you think that they're going to get a bump out of it or not? Because there is uniqueness, it's all different and there's commercials exploiting what rove means here it is. They're not because that's car fans, especially in that area. Don't like new things. Yeah, people hated it when they changed it from Lowe's Motor Speedway to Charlotte Motor Speedway up, you think Robles going to be a God damn thing. They're gonna. They're gonna take into their homes and then the other nagging question coming into the wroval is and you should know because you got to do the whole like research project on the questionnaire on it, and they show you different things and they ask you lots of questions is that are an oval are for row course over for oval or are for row decor, and then vol- for wroval waiter break. It's it's raw oval oval. Oh, so they put two in there, but they thought it was to Australian Ruvo's. That might well the ruble by the way, I've come up with a new idea to get in the draft show millions of dollars, and here's what we do. We don't go away from race. We're going to combine it with another show in put the names together close. It's, it's, it's almost going to be like Sirius XM. No, I'm coming up with with a new mode, new app controlled toilet product though. Really? What's that? It'd be called day mate. And you control the water with your phone. Twenty nine ninety five. Here's how to order. You gotta buy the thing and then you gotta download the app. Listen rope a week could be my favorite week. Johnny. The producer to the stars of the faceoff hockey show media faction, and I will be live streaming it from his house since I will be there to right. You will be there in Merlin. Yeah, so we will be doing that and Johnny will be like, what the hell is this shit constantly. I know I'm so bummed because I'm literally looking forward to this whole thing and I wasn't. I have to admit that I was looking more forward to your you and Johnny doing the thing than it was to the race itself until until the post ratio from last week's race at Richmond, where I'm watching this, it's very rare that a watch post ratio usually races over. I'm like, okay, we're, where's the beer? I'm done. We're moving on and I watched a post ratio because at the very end of the race, they basically were saying, guess what in the post ratio. We're going to tell you that this is just going to be just a just a tire fire this road course is going to be terrible. They confirmed every one of Johnny Ps fears before we even got anywhere close to the track and it was like, holy crap. I really, really impaired off that don't get to watch us with you guys on this weekend. Yeah, it's going to be a fantastic showing. So if you stay in the draft show. On Twitter, we will post the YouTube link up for that and you guys can chat along with us. Yes, and it's going to be a bleep show also might have Jen, the NHL history girl pop in as well. That'd be also and and and just warning to the parents out there. It is definitely going to be this. This definitely rated are not for the kiddies be NC seventeen. Who's. So enjoy up before we get to where we go. We've gotta know read been yet and and Richmond was that was a race, wasn't it? Yeah, so there it was there. It happened. There was a good part to it though, because it was really about the big three is all about Harvey and treks and Kabul I believe true x. required me from wrong because it can't remember believe tricks of the most laps in this one hundred sixty three. Yeah. And then and then Kevin Harvick was a distant second. And then Kabul actually, Kyle is second to okay, there you. I thought somebody was in the nineties. Yes. And then because Lasky had more than Kevin, Harvick really wasn't a frontal night. That's the thing is Kevin Harvick came on in the second half of the race, and he was still up there. He was up there the entire time, but in the second AC really he really cranked it up and I was holy crap. You could do the win four and freedom road. That's insane. And thank goodness. In the part of the commentary I saw, which was most of it. I think they weren't going on what are the odds that you could win for neuro? Because that's all they did last week or the first week in Indy goal. What are the all GIC with three in Rome, like the odds of the three in a row at this point of pretty good because we've already seen two guys do it this year. Yeah. And they're on one in sixty eight thousand nine hundred seventy three point two, five. I'm like cheese. Nobody cares dude. So I was happy that they weren't doing over the turns four in a row, but I was also jazzed it was like manna be really cool to see somebody win for races in a row. We didn't get that. But as a very fair subsitute I thought we had if antastic battle between Kabusheyeme brag his Ascii I thought those guys when they do it out it was it was highly entertaining to watch us knowing that they don't get along together made a little bit better. Yeah. No, that was. It was a fun. It was exciting part for a bit their overall though. It wasn't a kind of tuned out for a bit. I watched the entire thing. I kinda just a little bit too now. I don't know why. Usually Richmond. I'm kind of up for it was more paying attention to remember. There's grandstands the backstretch like it was. It was kind of it wasn't. It wasn't bad. Attendance wasn't created -tendance why it wasn't great. The playoff drama? I don't know. It seems that after last week. It didn't seem as great. I guess if that means anything because last week, all guys are blowing tires everywhere. Wilson didn't see it that way, but I saw it that way and now is just like all the all you see the top. Top twelve Ps all the playoff guys there. So that means very little movement in the standings very little movement on the bar, which means this bleep show of wroval race is going to just well, it's a double edged sword because you're absolutely right, and that was one of the things that made it less interesting is that all of those guys, all those guys were inside the top twenty. All sixteen drivers wins up twenty. That's great for them because they all stepped up. Why do they all step up? Because they're all afraid of this race that's coming up and that's like the second half of it is all of the non excitement. We got a non drama, I guess I should say with the plow that we got in Richmond, we're going to get back plus like eleven in this race because who knows what the hell is going to happen in this thing. And like I said, I wasn't jazzed about it until I realized that the drivers and the commentators themselves were like, this is going to be a mess. And now I want every race to be there. I need everything to Roble all all the time. Exactly. I love the fact that they even the NBC guys check out of the race. You're showing practice footage of the tests. God endless endless footage of the cars crashing into the walls, and, and that's really, you know, that was one of the things that and there was one other thing that stuck out to me in the broadcast number one. I was like, okay, now they're just they're at least common denominator doing the least common denominator here. They're like, listen, we know you're not watching anyway. We know that Dale Jr. is in the booth isn't helping out either. I mean, a little bump, not much just come for the wrecks. Man just come for the Rex. It would be like every ad for every hockey game being two guys like thrash each other here. Here's my question first off the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg second all headed. Like if you're if you're already checking out on the race, you have in front of you, what makes you think people write a check in the next day? Oh, that's why they were shown nothing but wreck footage. Because even on the Instagram today during practice they, they showed Brad Kozlowski going too fast furious coming out of turn and just drifting. This somebody is gonna run into something really hard. You probably want to see this. I am waiting for. I'm trying to bring up the course now I'm waiting for the moment in which someone kareem's off of out of the chute intern. Six going to turn seven corinn's off the roadway and head on someone in earn one. Yeah, you know happen. Yeah. I mean, whether if they offenses there the wall, if you try hard enough anything to be knocked down, and then what happens if they run straight through one and just keep going through the oval, like we've put tires, I guess, put tires. They'll just run into the tires in one, my what I want to happen. If a guy Rex into tires and one just leave the car there. Oh, you don't even pull it out. Another stage has just low local caution, and if we're gonna if we're gonna Mario Kart this sum bitch, if those green lines aren't power Busse I don't. I don't leave the cars there. Leave them. Brings up a great point, and I know we're get ahead of ourselves. But honestly, Richmond wasn't that great. Like. I don't know. Maybe I'm just maybe am I am. I may be bitter no at everything. And that's why I'm not enjoying the racist should. No, you're right in. Not only was it not that great. The only good part. The good part was published break has Laskey and having this cushion here at the house about it. Because those guys, I mean they were genuine like side-by-side, ING, it, you know, I mean, Kyle was was gaining. He was trying to make moves because last year was holding off on the high side. It was a lot of fun and then they're like. -nounce doodo we're gonna go to KOMO. You're not gonna miss a thing. We're going to go side by side. It's not side by side by the way, it's seventy five percent at twenty five percent of this little microscopic screen where the showing in the question of the came from from my side of the TV broadcast was why if it's interesting finally, are they going to commercial? And I said, that's the problem. The the problem is they have the ability to go side by side and get it that you know, you gotta get your ads in, but they're so they stated that schedule so Strickland and used to do this fifteen twenty years ago. If there was something awesome happening on the track, they would wait and then they will go to commercial after the awesome thing was done well here they're like, we're going one way or the other. It would be like the bases were loaded in the guy's pitching to, you know, the the number three number four hitter and they're like, this is really exciting. The score could change anytime. We'll go ahead and go side by. Side and they wouldn't do it there because people be screw this, this, this dumb, and that's what they do in the NASCAR is if it's time to go to commercial, you could have three cars upside down and two guys running to the checkered flag. You know, Telugu night style. They go will do the side by side. Yeah. Yeah. All right. I'll my God. They're running down turf seventeen. No. But you're coming to the finish, roughly what's in the infield, hey, you don't even get come with their Godmen have to come back for frigging Butler. Rutledge stuff this weekend. I didn't even think about that until you just said it all. Dude, the did the Richmond era was in here. They're having a picnic job with the infield thing and the stupid picnic thing. I'm like, I wanna see the God damn race done. I don't wanna see him standing. I'm not a big fan of shockingly. I can't wait to see Johnny full on Rutledge that he is. I don't think he's experience which that was gonna be. My question does even know who were at ledges because I want his unfiltered opinion. You will get that on the in the draft show off hockey, mix up. So you got to come up with a name. You put them both together. I know in the faceoff show up in the face off show. Yeah, exactly. The face off because we already have the face all draft show. In because then we go, it'll faceoff. Can we make a commercial for it? Can you get on that in less than five months? Hey, you know what? You forgot. Okay. So he's giving me crap in numbing and the the not making the intro. You forgot that for a whole entire week after we saw each other. I was still in Minnesota that, no, you know, you've been home for how long. Sunday, Monday to say at previous that five days was a Minnesota previous to that gentleman, this proves you pay for what you get. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Previous pay for previous previous Minnesota. I was, where was I previous Minnesota was in Hawaii for a couple of days before those in Kentucky, but to be fair, I ask for this like a year and a half, a guy, I know, and I've been places ever since. Ladies pillow pill. This made it sent me, oh God, the pillow forts rate, and I'm going to have to build two more pillow for it because I got to go to Kentucky again. And then after that's back to Canada, although that will be a panda home of coal Pearn. Yeah, seventy eight merchant shooting when both stages he did. Yeah. So yeah, he won both stages and because we'll talk about what what that. Yeah, let's talk right now about what that did before we actually talked about those wins. Did the other race that can see because I was driving at that point. Dale Jr. I was flying. I didn't see any of this. Oh, I thought you saw junior finish, fourth in the xfinity, race, man, and you won that one. I'm very surprised at that. Watch watched, maybe like ten seconds of it. I watched the NASCAR put on there. I wasn't fully enthralled in this race either with Dale junior driving where I mean, the lead ninety six laps so it anything for attendance. Oh no, that's the thing. So this this proves any kind of point at friggin Dale Jr. moves the needle on any kind of anywhere he goes to. That's the thing. Yeah. I mean, even that didn't bring people out. I mean, honestly, honestly, honestly, just short in the races, short in the season, twenty racist. Let's just twenty races. How about that twenty many races, all of them between two and three hundred miles except for the Daytona five hundred. You can do a Daytona five hundred. I'm fine with that. And and. And there it is. We've done it, you know, have like have like maybe the last five be the championship. So fifteen racist qualify last five races, each race, you eliminate some people, boom done. You'll eliminate in in one-two-three actually maybe a four race, playoff, maybe one to three in the championship race. Okay. Do I have some breaking news now do really we'll have to say this the news, it's breaking news, but it's not so breaking news a tease for the next segment. What's the deal with Camping World truck series drivers stealing trucks. Oh yeah. They like to steal stuff and they like to get themselves in this time, not even my carbon. So this ex, my car, not even my karma. Who did this this time? So we'll talk about that here in a bit. Oh. So then on top of all of this, all right. So tricks wins, Bo segments because of that. Cobb. Slower I call bowed. Great. I don't know what you're talking about. Who won the race. We watched him win the race. Did they talk about this on NBC? Would they have talked about this on FOX. Call Bush after the great battle with break his Laskey wins the race. And like you said, he was what third or so on the leaderboard in terms of laps led. He was second. He was, are you kidding? He was second ninety two after tricks. I wish that had Sirius XM NASCAR satellite radio now because I want to call the guy who sounds like him up at and I just wanna say, explain to me how this makes sense because everybody all twenty five people who are at the race and all seventy five people who watch on TV. Everybody knows that Kabushiki had a one of the top three cars if not one of the top two cars, he led second, most laps, he took the checkered flag. He outrace. He did it by all-race announced out, strategizing, but outracing break his housekeeper on the track. And yet he was not first in points in this race, those Martin tricks, junior, he wasn't second. I was Kevin Harvick. He wasn't third that was chase Elliott. He wasn't fourth. That was Eric Morel. He wasn't fifth. You ended up in the race, ninth? No Kabushiki who crossed the line first. We all agree had the best or one of the two best cars of the night. He was six points, fourteen less points at the end of the race, the March treks junior who didn't win Jack and didn't even finish. Second. Burying the lead Wilson. Oh, what's that? Finally, NBC's crawl at the end of the race that had forty points was correct. That's true. That is true because they never tell you how many points they really got at the and your average rate. He finally did it right. Got it, right. Yep, nobody. Nobody saw that race would say that Kabul had the six best car. And yet the point say he had the six best stuff in card doesn't make start thirty ninth for Pete's sake. Everyone forgets that he started thirty ninth because I don't know. We failed tech or lug nut. Yeah, so he got into record had to do some some cosmetic to it. It was impound race. I think I don't know. Yeah. And then on top of that, hey, remember hamlet points, but it's supposed to be like football. You're supposed to be able to tell that he's a head. He was a head for ninety two laps, and yet he had the sixth the minute, the problem with two laps for in stage three when it doesn't really matter. Apparently it doesn't matter. Apparently it is far more important to do a Martin tricks junior, didn't that because that's what the points are saying. The poyser saying it is far more import. I want to win the first stage and win. The second stage is to win the race. And if that's the message you're trying to send loud and clear. We all got it just give point stage points each. The third stage to, I didn't mean to hit the mic, emotional. I get it, but that's what they're saying. What they're saying is that those the first and the second stage are more important than the final stage if we're just talking points. Yeah, no, absolutely. Because you gain points so they should give tricks, junior, the trophy or a trophy we should. We need plastic trophy. Yep. He's get a plastic trophy for literally if they don't fix this next year, we're doing this. We have to. We, we've got victimless. It's absolutely ridiculous. Okay. So because of that here is where we stand. Okay. I'm sitting actually, here's where we sit. Kabua's wanna race. He is in the next round brackets. Laskey is one race. He's in the next round. Merton tricks, junior in on points wanted to percent, nothing. He. I mean, he could just he can drive straight men that tire wall. In fact, if I were probably would just so could and my night early and he's through Kevin Harvick same thing. One percent through everybody from fifth on Josh Pola Gano on down. Do you remember the Josh, AFP story? That was that was a Joe Miller thing. Everybody from Joel llegado all the way down to the dude to all the way down Jimmy Johnson there in the points range, right? Eric, Jones hundred to back Demi hemlock hundred, ten back. They can't point their way and they have. They've got no choice. They have to win or that's it. They're done. What do they have to win? They gotta win the rove all. Italy, I had Hamlin Hamlin going out. You did myself on the Gano in right now. Lagaan darn good with twenty one point margin over Ryan Blaney and twenty five point margin over. But let's talk about these guys. Okay. So top four we know are moving on. Bottom to Eric Jones, sending him with the gotta win, or they're done, so we'll we'll take care of them real quick. G see either of those guys winning this race on Sunday because I don't. Yeah. Percent chance? I don't know who's gonna win the race, but I'm pretty certain. I'm going to be our Jones Denny dessert and I'm pissed it air Jones because Jones was to you. He was, he was running so well, so well, coming into the playoffs. What happened after gun the ploughs fortieth in the first race gets caught up in somebody else's stuff. Eleventh in the second race and then Denny Hamlin Richmond was supposed to be his. I mean, that was supposed to be his jam, and then he finished sixteenth, legitimate sixteenth, after you know, thirty second in the opener at Indy than the seems like so long ago sixteenth at his track his home track. So you know what? If he doesn't make it, it's his own damn fault because he blew the opportunity that he had. He say, you can't believe anybody else like he like that. That team like, hell, you look at the team. Everyone else did pretty damn well, Eric Jones. Eleventh. True. Rex third Bush won the race where the hell was this, whereas, whereas anywhere around there and did he was he was, I think he was over talking to Stewart. Haas is what he was. That's probably at their pitstops guys get to start a Sackler just slap number on the cell smart was one behind Hamlin. Going twelve. So so let's talk about the other guys because. Oh, he finished. Oh, that's right. You finish seventeenth. So yeah, Lagaan. Oh. Eric, moral locale, Larson those guys are all together. I think this point, all three of those guys get through and the one who's blowing my mind right now as Eric for canal Meral. He finished sixth that indie that Richmond, what the hell just mocking you. He's playing with else money, right? Yeah, totally, man. I mean, come on how the hell is he doing? That boggles my mind. Yeah, I, you know what? It's it's smarts. He's playing a smart. I guess, like we're, we're eating crow for this. I mean you more than me. We both thought he was bubbled. We're going to be better, but apparently not. Dale sore as next year when three races like that's gonna be the fathomable. Oh, and you know, that's what we'll talk about in the second half of the show because he may. He may have stumbled across an even better opportunity to and he's getting fired. Yeah. So those three guys, I think they're all pretty safe right now. Even though I picked Lagaan to to not make it llegado for me actually is like the wild card out of that Gano and Amaral enough to make him. I know right. So some crazy stuff is gonna have to happen then it gets a little bit more interesting because you've got Kurt Busch and Kurt. Busch has been a wreck in the first two races which is surprising how he's so high, like those winds actually do mean something. I guess they do man. I I guess they do, and he's right there with chase, Elliott and Austin Dillon. I mean, who would have guessed Austin? Dillon would be, you know, ten points, ten points above the cut line at this point because he's, he's been consistent. Eleventh and sixth. I think he's gonna falter in this one. He very well. Could he? He's they're not of the mentality, play it safe and then they're playing the, we've got a win. No, not the way to do it that you don't play it that way right now the stupid course. And I think everything from Kurt Busch down. That's where you get into your gray area from Kurt Busch, eighth all the way down the Jimmy Johnson in fourteenth there seventeen points. That's it. Seventeen point separating one, two, three, four, five, what seven drivers seventeen points. Curb Bush has been. I mean, normally I would say Larry wildly in inconsistent. Terrible in the first racist, twenty eighteenth chase, Elliott. I think probably is going to get through. But it's still question Mark for him a little bit for me. Then the problem after those guys, you have Austin Dillon. I don't know about him Alex Bowman, who knows how to go with him Ryan Blaney probably the best of those three. I mean, definitely the best of those three, but probably the most all of those three. But in twelve with the smallest margin them right behind those guys, Clint Boyer two wins this year. Jimmy Johnson, both of those guys veterans experiencing community big when the money is on the line. So the two guys that I think have the best shot at gaining points are the two guys are below the cut line. So not only is it going to be crazy because you'll know if anybody's going to wreck. But I think it's crazy because everybody from Kurt Busch down Jimmy Johnson, you could just kind of throw many Ozzy Cup in jumble up and who knows what order they're gonna come out after this thing. Yeah, exactly. I mean, I think Ryan Blaney as talented his years could be the one his destined to fail. His cars are very much speedway cars down this road course thing. If this was a regular Charlotte race, he probably be a lot more confident. And that's why I kinda give an inch to chase Elliott because he did win Watkins Glen, he did your obselete, right? I forgot about that. That was his win. So I think that I think that that could help them along the way to at least navigate road course and to be a little bit more a little bit more comfortable that works towards it sort of works for employers. Well, because he's a, he's a good course racer. Yeah, I was gonna say, why are you putting Kyle Larson that makes them like Kyle in kind of a, he's he's an outlaw guy, so he knows how to save a damn cargo inside ways. Yeah, I think I think he, I think he's in the group above him. I think so. I mean, who knows these guys kill Ben going into term one. But so who knows for sure. But I kinda group him with the guys without Merlin Lugano above them that they've got enough of a points margin. They just need to take care of business, make it through the first stages somewhere in the top ten and they're good. But yeah, these other guys, man and I again, I mean, it's going to be just like a total like mad house and that's what they're advertising, but they should be advertising all of those guys Bush Elliott Dylan Bowman, Blaney Boyer Johnson, seven guys and two of them are one hundred percent go to go home. I mean, yeah. I mean maybe more than that, if Ghana or moral Rex or something like that, but still it who knows this is probably the most exciting or the potentially potentially the most exciting cut race we've ever had. Yeah. And for the stupidest reasons, and for the stupidest reasons and part of the reasons because no clues gonna win this thing, I don't even know how to pick it. When we get to the picks later. I got no clue how to. Zero idea. I do have a side bet for us, so that's good. That's good. How many curse finish the race? Well, okay. We got. Some of those guys, those guys through whammy of them that aren't already locked in. Who do you think has the best chance to be the surprise out of that group? Either surprise they're out and you thought they were going to be in or surprise there any thought they were going to be out. Double Jay, Jimmy, Jimmy Johnson. Yeah, I still think he has Charlotte, magic in. Yeah, somehow, someway comes to track becomes frigging superman. Yeah. So I think that he has a good chance of just playing it smart and letting everybody else kind of go crazy. Kurt Busch is going to tank. A, why think Kirpal tank. He's high. Like that's a lot of points. That's what fifteen points cutline. Yep. Yeah, yeah, it is, but I don't know something about him. I don't trust, especially with the way the the looking for a new ride is going in the uncertainty. I think he's going to be gripping the wheel a little too tight. I think he's gonna be. He's gonna be corrected a little bit too much. Yeah, I agree with Johnson. I mean, you know he has had village that come up big and big races and wasn't he actually superman one time here thing it was. No, that was seen. He was. Oh, he was. He was he was superman, but that was auto club that was at auto. Yep. And then from the guys that are inside right now. I would say mostly because it supports my theory of who's going to be out Lugano. Wow, didn't have a good brace in Richmond, and I know he's got a huge point margin Clint Boyer. But if he wrecks out early, all bets are off. So that means he's going to win the race he could. He could absolutely hell awesome. Would it be like Jones is wins damn race. Now everything gets throw everybody into tizzy, that'd be the best I would love. So come on something, of course, crap. Oh my gosh. We've gone to the end of the first art, so here's what we're going to Tom. So quick before we go. Yeah, go for it. Shutout gray. Golding. Didn't need to make his money. Didn't he gray Golding money this week on the number fifty. Two had live casino and hotel of Maryland on the car really Diddy the number fifty two done a new burger tribute. I'm sure he probably doesn't who done noon burger is. Oh. Oh, but the Maryland live casino on the on the hood of that number fifty to ride so good for for Maryland, good for Dinu burgers to be relevant on the shell again. Thanks, thanks, NASCAR dot com for putting them the paint can preview by the way. Yeah, you know, listen, it's the fifty two car. They probably got the. They got everything straight away. Got a ram. Ram rap the rap like five minutes before the race start. Exactly. Oh my God. Somebody had spray paint can like some stencils that they bought from the always. It's we'll take a break when we come back. We gotta talk about NASCAR news, Ryan Newman. Daniel Suarez AJ Elleman Dinger we've got drivers at could be bouncing all over the place. We've got a driver that stealing crap, and now the laws looking for him. So we'll talk about all that more. Plus, of course, the picture the Roble who are gonna pick the room, no clue. We're going to pick the win. So we'll find out together is basically what I'm saying. So you just say wroval a bunch of times until we come. If you're looking for horrible, NASCAR fix, you've come to the right place in the draft. Welcome back to in the draft with Wilson was I'm Wilson that is the Woz man big wroval over. Over in Saturday's robo racing on Saturdays, Saturday Roble Sunday Roble every game. Robo radcow job. How many times I say it. It still sounds ridiculous. M by the way how they trademarked it. I don't know because wroval is eight of its trademarked I thought they did, but if they did rove Eliza term that's been around. I mean, they didn't event it. NASCAR did not have that term. I don't care what they say. People have been saying that for years wroval really. They, they have. Yeah, spin mostly when it comes to like Daytona because twenty four hours a day is running a partially on the oval partial in the infield course. People just refer to it as revel. Maybe they figure, oh, well, since it was since the term was technically coined at one of our SE tracks. That means we own it or something. I don't even know there is a rural corporation of a soccer Japan is there? Yeah, there's a Roble foods of Miami, Florida. Of course, there is. There's Roble for paints. I don't even know wroval for bicycle parts robocaller rove ler rove ler is at kind of like wrote with a robo company of Thousand Oaks, California. Oh, maybe I should stop by and say, I say, hey, but but we were talking off the air about the role in who's involved in it and who you said it was baseball baseball person that's going to the press pass during the press pass on Sunday. Eleven AM which is a show by the way for everybody who doesn't. Daniel Hamrick will be on. He'll drive the number eight car again told me about sense. It's baseball hall of Famer Chipper Jones of of course because you know, because he has such close ties to Charlotte. And four major league baseball pitcher, Matt Duff, of course, Madoff. Do you not remember my stuff? I remember Chipper of course, but Matt Duff weathermen stuff. He pitch. He pitched seven games for the St Louis cardinals. God. He's that that gets you on a show. I mean, and the two thousand two. I was like full-on, like fantasy baseball, like day-night up and down. I don't remember who met office apparently met also co hosts friends of our ATV. So I think that has something to do with it, I guess. So man, I guess, to tie in there, but. In two thousand two thousand two. He pitched in two thousand two. I told you who like the player who was third in line to be the closer for you know, the Toronto Blue Jays was, but I can't tell you who met Duff was he had a great two weeks of baseball from July. Thirtieth to August. Thirteenth with their you gotta four, four seventy six ERA with four strikeouts right on there. You go met met Duff and but then who was the who say the grand marshal us for this Ron Rivera of the the Charlotte, Charlotte Panthers the Carolina Panthers? Okay. I guess I can see why they picked him, but I I never get that. I've never gotten that. They always do like a grand marshal like it's a parade or something, you know, oh, we're doing grandma show. There's not a grand marshal for football game every week. There's a grand marshal for baseball games have the the first pitch. So I guess kinda the same thing, but I never get the idea behind the grand Marshall. It's base. Basically just pimping is it's a free ad is really what it is because has anybody ever been like, oh, and what which we do this weekend? Well, we go to that now. I don't want to ask. Wait, wait Taylor. Swift is be the grand marshal. Where's my worst by credit card? Martha going to damn race. I was wondering why Ron Rivera was available because he is the head coach of the Carolina Panthers there on the by week. Oh, it doesn't have something to do something him them. And the Washington Redskins wrote a BI week already week three mean the worship more where should Redskins on Seymour Shing Redskins. There are by we come. Yeah, Rick, four apparently. Well, we're already a quarter of the way into the football season could lure we are. Yeah, it's a scary thing. When you think about him, kind of what else is scary. Ride Newman drivers number six car official last week. He will be. He will be in the six number number six fulltime for rouse racing, Matt Kenseth gonna probably take another role maybe drive here and there, but by and large rocket man in the rouse rockets rush rush. Okay, so let's six back look at this, please because there's a lot to unravel here because on one hand, I can see why they would make this move because they went with the young drivers in Trevor Bayne and Ricky Stenhouse junior and yes and house lucked his way into the chase last year didn't do anything for him right this year. Nothing Bain, nothing. It took them what the better part of a decade there in a five year plan, I think. But they finally learned their lesson about just going with whoever happens to have a decent xfinity race week before, so I get that. I get. Okay. Let's go with the veteran. On the other hand. Hand. I mean, if you're gonna hire Ryan Newman to drive the car, shouldn't they just try to make a fulltime offer to Matt Kenseth because is that not the same thing? And when you look at the results that Kensit had in the six car, how do they think that this is going to be any different because they're the same driver he hears? Yes, here's what I'm gonna say, why it's why it's different for MacKenzie is Ryan Newman's been running consistently? Matt candidate. Have that time. Oh, true. True. Other than that. You're right, you're dead on the thing that I'm wondering. How much they given up on Ryan read? No, obviously this is another opportunity to be in that car or to have another car for him that he has been passed over for. Yeah. So if I'm Ryan read at what point do I say, you know what? Louis diabetes. They're coming with me as his might diabetes itself coming with me actually. And we're going somewhere else. Like at what point does he say? You know, what are CR is gonna be looking for somebody, why can't I go there? You will. You know, why am I? Unless he's content there, which I, you know, to be honest, Ryan read, hasn't been that phenomenal next Finnity. So maybe that's why he's not getting the call up, but even for a deadbeat ass team like rouse race and you think you get a chance while in rouse racing's defense, this is their MO any driver that has like some real potential or is going to be good in the future. They just ignore. They call Bush him right. They just let him go, do whatever they want, where you know all of the the drivers that they didn't kind of nurture bring along that maybe had a good race, three weeks ago. That's the guy they jump on full force. This is the future of our company. Yeah. So might be better is what I'm saying for Ryan read that goes somewhere else. Maybe. I don't know. Jack rouse used to be able to to like nurture town like they used to be able to find people. They found that has they found Greg before they found Carl Edwards. And yet none of those guys went to championship except for Kansas. But still they won races and they were in the mix for real, and they made that team worth a lot of money at the time. And so I don't understand what happened to that, like how the like that that you know that that touch that that you know, golden touch. It's kinda vapid in the nothing. Now. Yeah, I guess. I guess that's the reason. Oh my God. That's the reason why he's not getting. I don't know. I can't understand rouse racing and baby should've put a robotic in Jackson. He would be able to like see right through people and see their their future. That would be great if they can just go ahead and just borderlands if he could like, you know, like heavily beings commended that thing. It'll be awesome. May Wilson I am. I am peeling back the onion of this ruble thing. Are you now all my this goes back further than we think it goes. It goes back back further, turned seventeen back to turn eleven or twelve. It goes back, goes back in the day we're talking. We're talking like the fifties would. Were they using wroval in the fifties, the filing date November eighteenth twenty sixteen to speedway properties company LLC really. So this has been in the works forever. Oh, God you because if they, if they only filed the paperwork, then that means that they were talking about for like a year beforehand. Yeah. So interesting. I still don't know how they could trademark it because other people have used that term casually or colloquial colloquially. That's a big word man, big word gas word. There. So I don't know this. It's fantastic. It's a fantastic situation. Rove Aleutian. They also create more. Tell me you're lying. Roble Lucien standard character. Mark eight zero four eight one five of July July twenty third twenty eighteen by her properties. LLC that's terrible. Got off. You know what else has got off of the way dance, whereas being treated. Each sparked the fire this week is he took off, Jay Chee are or any reference to JJ are on his Twitter profile. When asked about which by the way, the most trivial thing journalists can ask a race. Any athlete is tater what up with Twitter son. Packing, say, Jeff, Gluck say that Joe fan, what up with that Twitter though? HBO. Exactly. Mandak workout, thick with three CS. All right. Anyway, he said, what asked this question? If you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say it at all. The, you know what go Daniel it because honestly. Should like if you're in Jobs's position, would you go with Martin trucks? Yes, absolutely. I mean, you've got to and that means you got to get rid of a guy. And Daniel Suarez is the guy who's performing the least well of the group. He was the only one who didn't make the playoffs. So I get that. I totally get I. You've got to do that. If your coach, you absolutely have to. However it doesn't change the fact that's who are getting screwed because he still better than a lot of drives better than half the field and he's getting fired. Even though many of the guys who are below him in the standings are not getting fired except for jail near, we'll talk about him a second. So it's a, it's a poopie situation for him. So I could see him being upset about it. Of course it could have actually being better for him that he gets fired than you know, staying where he is. Yeah. I mean. It could be the best for him. But at the same time he was thrown into a garbage situation to begin with almost like he was destined to fail because he was threatening situation, Carlos even throw the expanded champion in there. Right? Yeah, he goes, yeah, he was not prepared for it. Nobody was down here for it nor should have been. And so so he had a rookie season, but it wasn't really truly rookie season. I mean, it was trying to get adopted, you know, to to the whole idea season. Now this is kind of his rookie season. And so it's understandable that his performances drifted back a little bit, although I would maintain that the beginning part of your was just simply bad luck for him. Yeah, and it's one of those things where it's just like what you know what else could go wrong, what else could simply go wrong? Because you've gotta figure. They're focusing all their towns Toyota's on their two guys in Kyle and and market x.. I mean, you saw any Hamlin fall off Eric Jones. He's been okay towards the end there, but he had early early season wasn't great for him. So I mean, it's it's a situation where I think that he got the short in the stick from the word go. And here we are. Let's be honest. The reason why the Eric Jones got pushed up to as fast as he did because he was supposed to go ahead us, whereas I fully believe that, oh yeah, Eric was supposed to be the guy to get into a Cup right before as Carla, which those swerve and ariza's like well row the car. For this long, we were in the car with Danny dance, whereas in the xfinity ready to do this now. So they kind of strong arm. And I bet you wasn't coaches first choice to have Daniels, whereas in there at all, it might not have been. You might be right about that, but it like I was saying, you know, or who we started talking about, it might actually work better for now. The rumors are are CR or s HR and if I were sore as I would be like camped out in front of Tony Ciro Stewart Haas racing because we all have seen what it's done for Erica Merola not to say that the jobs racing cars are on the same level as petty by any means. But I mean, what. Better reboot for him after you know, just being in a tough situation to start with a tough situation at the end of this year, if that lands him in the forty one car, that could be absolutely huge and way better than going to RC our car. I'm so glad you said something about air camera all the because I thought you were going to go a different route that they're both Latinos. I think that that was that would have been offensive and we would have been thrown off the air that is true. Yeah, no, if I'm tenuous works, I called Tony Stewart. The minute. I found that the minute furniture Roque said they're closed up before the four. The EDA enclosed came out. I'm on the phone to Tony Stewart's. Exactly. So like, why wouldn't you be? I think I think it'd be phenomenal thing for, and I think that that is probably the most likely case right now it has to be because because our CR. Are are they've got the open seat in there. They, they're probably I would think going to bring up somebody younger somebody like maybe rumor the rumor. It has Hemmer gonna Cohen. Daniel Hemmer, it's gonna come in, but then there's chance he could go to l. afar to LeVine family racing, but I, you know, I could see them being able to market Suarez heiress coming along because air does want to stay with. Whereas in fact, they probably would prefer to stay with whereas than stay on the nineteen carpet. They have no choice in that matter. And you know, I mean, he could end the being in a way better situation with a team that really did want him from the get-go, like like they want him right now as opposed to well, we have nothing better to do. So we'll put you in the car type, which did you did you say that era's doesn't want to be on the nineteen car. I was saying that if they had their choice, it seems like from what they were saying, it seems like if they had the choice to get out of their contract with Joe Gibson go over swears goes, they would do that instead of staying on the nineteen car. Do you believe that's insane when you say that loud. Why would you want? Why would you not want to stay on the nineteen car with Martin Shricke? Oh yeah. No, I agree. But I mean they were. They were talking about sponsoring both cars, so that led me to believe that if they had a choice, they will go with the cheaper driver. Could have been Smithfield situation to where it's just like, we're going to go ahead and have this. Yeah, no, no. But you know, you're right. You know, I mean, if you could be on the car with true, especially if you get a good deal on it because you already paid soya's money for it and you've got to do that. Yeah, no, exactly. So so going back, let's go over both of them. Actually all of them because there's more than two people involved are CR retire or not are CR Russia. Our f- our restaurant we racing would. Do you think that given the landscape and who's available? Do you think Ryan Newman is the best choice for them and if not, who do you think that maybe they should have gone with instead. Yes, he's the best choice because you don't know Daniels, whereas because you gotta figure Toyota's going to take a big push at him for four would have taken a is gonna take a big push at him, but rouse racing doesn't have that kind of money. Rao she's working within their budget. Ryan Newman is rash budget, and there he is less less. You bring up a young kid which they never do because they've got three guys in the number sixty car this year in the city. That's, that's. That's the interesting part of it. I think he, he's the right choice for where that team is going, which is nowhere fast. Yeah, you know, I I have to agree that he is the best choice only because if it wasn't him, I can't think of who would be, you know, you're not getting sore us, whereas stay in far away from that tire, and the biggest potential drivers to come out of xfinity or the truck series aren't guys that you know row shutting has a connection to it all to even try and get them. Now they're all affiliated drivers with with Chevy teams or Toyota for that. So, I mean, I just can't think of anybody. Source best case scenario for him. Gotta be Stewart Haas, right? Yeah, Stewart hostage best case worst case, what will be worse? Case Levin, LeVine, family racing with a Toyota connection or are CR. Kind of a push, isn't it? LeVine, family racing, still, you think it will be worse even if they have JJ cars, even if they have JJ our cars. That's a poorly run company. Yeah. Are CR at least has some sense of what the hell they're doing. They have a car in the playoffs so they know what's up. So interesting, I think. And I think that they have transition to being able to. You know, not coddle, but I guess holster young drivers and figure out what they're doing. And that would be a great stuff. I think that'd be a decent spot for him kind of remold him again. So then next step in that progress in that progression, assuming and kind of taking off what you just said. They're assuming that's, whereas would end up having to deal with Stewart. Awesome. Apparently his agent also was Gutierrez's agent. Gutierrez used to race for Stewart, Haas in Formula one or Haas. Sorry, Haas in Formula. One. Then if you're Daniel Henrich. Okay. Same decision. Same. As Soroush are CR or l f r, but with the Toyota with the Joe Gibbs Tyne and for a young talented driver like that, Joe Gibbs might up the ante a little bit and be like, hey, I'm just going to give you the tricks car. Like you're just going to get the old tricks car and then you guys run it. You still stand by that maybe are there will be a better better place because of the development factor there. Yeah, he's been with the. He knows the ins and outs that team. It's not. It's not a new team is just a new series because he's there this year brings his whole team up already has a communication with this crew chief. He hasn't had learned new things about anybody. I think Henrik thirty one makes sense if it's not swear as a tangible be in the thirty one next year because what we're saying yes, Daniels, whereas Daniel exactly within who goes l. afar you know, I mean, because we're about talking about AJ almond Dinger. Mattia Benedetto definitely case game. He's done. Debated that will. Yeah, Di Benedetto is is that's not a jump a leap of faith for him unless he, he meant that in the biblical sense who you know because they are Jesus. He company. Hold on. Wait a minute. I'm looking at right new contract. You don't want it ends. No, I don't. Allegedly. This is Earl early rumors twenty twenty one. So car for threes. That stupid, that dumb that is, I don't know what they're expecting to get out of that. Oh, God, hopefully it helps. They're expecting him to fix the car like they're expecting him to to really like do what they wanna get Matt Kenseth to do and go. But but Newman ice as more of a car whisper, the MacKenzie has that end fearing background from Purdue that he will let anybody not know about. That's true. That's true. He does. You're right about that. It still scares me though. I mean, I would scare me in terms of, you know, cans of couldn't do really anything with it. And so it makes you wonder how much you know Newman's going to magically be able to do with it. If anything. Ninety five. I think. It's almost like you have to, you have to get solid driver in there. I. I. It's gonna be Jamie MAC. I mean, I think he's going to take the deal. Yeah. Well, why wouldn't you? Yeah. Here's what l. afar is going to do deal junior. They don't. Oh God, that'd be great if they don't get the j. g. r.. The j. g. r. program. I can see them getting afford program. I can see their Chris bell or Cole Custer in that car. Wait, Chris, bell is a Chris bell will be a Toyota guy. Would he. Yeah. So maybe Chris bell in there. If the even if they get the Toyota give you because I'm looking Chris bell rumored in the forty one. I'm like, that's not gonna happen over Cole Custer. I don't think it's gonna happen over swore is either now. So, I mean, I think I think you put Chris bell in that ninety five car and get that Toyota sponsorship dealing just basically get the x. cars and if that's where you know everybody's at in terms of bringing guys up, then I could see why rush went with Ryan Newman because you know it would just be another career for them the real in Chris. Out, right. Oh, man. And we mentioned forty, seven car. Yes. All right. So the Dinger and that's the thing the Dinger done in the forty in two thousand nineteen, no word on who's going to replace them. That means another car is open out there. Forty, seven, and that's a team that's always been on the rise always been up and down, but no one knows what the hell are. I think that that's along the same lines right now there may be. I think it would be a step above. L. afar LeVine, family racing. That's the current interational of that car is Levin or LeVine. I can't ever remember. Levity Levin. L just say, Levin, l afar. So right now, obviously JT is a little bit above them with all Toyota connection that could be kinda even. But that seems like it might be a semi attractive car. What do they do? They go that trend. Do they go young? Are they trying to get the annual stories? The rumor. The rumors have Ryan priest in that ride. Interesting. Seems to be the only lead. Hm. I think that would be good move for them. I think it would be. Yeah, I don't see. Don't see why not younger, let's be honest j. Yeah, exactly. Jaylen diggers older. He's a one trick pony. I mean, the road courses thing and yes, that doesn't mean he hasn't had good oval race before he has. But even he would admit my only chance of getting in the playoffs are two races a year, and if you are that team and you've got a guy in a car and his only like he's saying, I only have two chances of year to make the playoffs and he's not done anything the past couple of years in those races it's time to move on. And then there other drivers Hammy down from rouse. So you know them going out and getting their own guy in a guy who's really impressed when he's been in a car which hasn't been all the time that you know, that could be good thing. And maybe maybe that ties into Toyota as well. Yeah, no, that could be a big thing too. And they switch to that way. I honestly if I'm Jay GR, why wouldn't I? If my options are maybe combining something with with. Getting back JT as a satellite team from Chevy. And LeVine Levin, lasagna family racing, why the hell would I not pick a team established? Like g. yeah, to get to get a satellite team with and you throw Christopher propel in the forty seven, and then you you, Chris butcher out, even though he did sign multi year deal. I don't even know why they did that by the way, Tom. Yeah. It's a lot. It's a lot to take in because they're the number one car we we haven't talked about, but if it's not Ross Chastain guess what they're doing it wrong. Yeah, they're doing it wrong in a big way. You know, very soon they're not really going to have anybody to put in that car and if they're gonna if they're gonna go with like some older guy, if they would've have with Ryan Newman, it would've made any sense at all because they had that driver already, Jamie MAC. So oughta be going young. They've got to be going young, have to like you almost have to, I mean, hold on. Did you? Did you notice? Did you notice where we're chesting finished? No, we're didn't finish finished. I think he finished second ill. All right. He await though that's the driver standing. He's he's there. He's having the driver. So I thought I thought he had a good race, xfinity race of Richmond. I try. I was thinking Cup race, so it was like listen doing well in the Cup race, but no, like the Finnity the Expedia race itself. I think you know what, if NASCAR dot com really just give me a goddamn. Just the center I think is where they put that finish second. There you go. You've been a second. In that car, then his last ride with gase. So he follows up a win with a second place. You think this is not going to get the number one next year. You're crazy. It's gonna be awesome. It's gonna be watermelon car all the time. God all watermelon all solar power all the time. Exactly. Unless they get sued by the other guy who know. You know, whatever DC solar lawsuit, I think there was can't can't remember know was because we were bitching about it because we thought the one guy was going to bring over. DC solar like, oh, no, nasties keeping solar hate. That's right hip. Yeah, it was not. It was a Brenda pulled. Yep, yeah. Who's been on the show before as he? I believe. So when Brenda pine show talk to all the, you're the star. Yeah, whatever. I just sit here and get rambling things you just get paid. That's what you get straight cash. Homey. I think for legal reasons, we have to point out that you absolutely do not get paid. That was that was what's called a joke. It's not real. The Woz may into sound compared. Neither do I for that matter, even though I have a legal reason to say, and I'll just point it out. I was to put this out here. Don't get paid, just wanna. Let everybody know in case anybody. What's the change that for either of us we're open. We were willing to talk to you see solar. Yeah, so and then in addition, all of that all the driver draw the driver news. We've got Toyota, because Toyota right now is back down to just jobs racing. That's it because you know, at the end of the season, seventy cars going away, they said, one hundred percent. They're going to have more than just jobs racing in two thousand nineteen, and they said they're going to have at least five cars maybe more now, five cars would mean LeVine Levin Lavinia family racing, but more than five cars would mean, does that mean the elephants would expand to does that mean that maybe they aren't talking elephant, maybe they're talking to JT artery about coming. Then they race Toyotas for like a second. And when it first came out, I believe maybe they're talking about, you know, the JT cars coming back. Maybe they're talking about somebody else. You know what struck me when I looked when I was reading that this would never ever happen would never ever happen. But the best thing in the world right now, I think for Richard Childress racing is if they would jump in there and be like, you know, what will partner with you and they went Toyota. It would never happen in a million years because Dale Earnhardt senior would come back and beat the crap out of everybody. But that would be the best thing for our Sierra think. Yeah, absolutely. RC our needs something man once proud. Yeah, not so much. I think that would be their ticket back. I think that would be the way that they could win races consistently or compete for wins consistently and make it back to the playoffs consistently. I mean, that's the only way to go. Yeah, I know they're people during their shoes at the screen right now. But sorry, I, I mean, shoe really who throws shoe really, but who. I mean, what? What are the suggestions you people have for our CR, get at us at Facebook dot com. Slash the draft show Twitter dot com. Jess show had a fan say, hey, was listen. Shut up for a second. Love your views. Love this show you guys are great Bubba, shut up. Wallace wallace. No, not bubble wallet. This guy was white, I think. Oh, okay. But but sh sh or sorry, not bubble. I'm a liar Bundy, but I'll Bundy everybody how punted. That's awesome. Bundy commander of bass. I don't know what that means but shut up. Shut up on the. He's getting college is all you Bubba. He's an army of bass. Yeah. No, it's it's actually bass pro shops, army of bass pro Shah. Wow, that's pretty cool. Man. He can give us some idea, so somebody should because I mean, I unless somebody gives me a better idea, I think that's the best idea for them is just, you know, hook up with Gibbs, go Toyota. And let's see what happens. And I say, why not? What's the harm what I mean, yeah is no, no, no harm at all. I'm done harm, zero harm. Our what else we got. Lows. You know what? This is such a story that was not a story lows isn't coming back. They're not changing their mind about the forty eight car. That was that was that was Hendrik that made that up. It wasn't like somebody in the industry was Centric. We're going to go back and you know they're not going Kensit's. Obviously, if I knew MS drive six car full time, kids will not be, but apparently he still wants to be involved somehow. I think you just, let's basically saying, I just want to tell people what to do. I don't wanna be responsible for when it doesn't work. Yeah, no, I mean smart. Like this is garbage. I don't like this, which really has that is any different than Kenneth for the past decade. I just want to tell people what to do, but I want to be blamed for it when it goes horribly wrong about right. That's why I kind of left Thrush the first. Exactly because he's bleeding blame. He's like, I don't want to be playing, oh, blaming someone else, man. Fantastic. On on have anybody to fight with anymore. Now that Carl's gone. So it's gonna leave and bisque gone. This gone. Yeah, everyone on this got cameras in my trailers. Thank you. My trailer. I felt awkward. I left, hey, real quick from the Mike Harmon file. Oh yes. I forgot about warrant has been issued for the for Jordan Anderson Camping World truck series driver of a seventy four racist names familiar, but I couldn't tell you too much more about him than his name, what he can't either. So apparently the investigation began September seventh into the sale of truck according to the sheriff's department Aniston bought the truck from Robert noodling. Okay. Who made repairs on the truck this regular truck? Oh, no. This is thirty vehicle questions of racing truck using national competition was an accident in last November's race. Okay. All right. Newly may repairs Trump's newly was arrested on charging charges of larceny of a motor vehicle. As next case member is never twenty. First. The the the the release says, Robert newly took it upon himself to sell the Drake struck that did not belong still Jordan Anderson during the course of the investigations investigators are also able to turn that Mr. Anderson. No reason to believe the Truckee purchase from noon was stolen. Why is he? Why is there a warrant out for him then. Vesti attempt to get the race truck back from its radish. But Mr. Anderson refuses to restrict interesting was made aware of an outstanding Lord. He has. It has attained people council. Oh, no, warrants me. Yeah, this is so is so he wasn't involved in the initial thing. And then they were like, oh, a, by the way somethin- you got this war, we're trying to haul your ass in. We got something for you. Oh my gosh. So. Not even related to like, oh, no, stolen car. This is terrible. Well d- DWI oh, hold on. I gotta get legal counsel for this. That is that's some good small team drama right there. You know, who is going to consult next if it's a DWI. I'm Brian, Brian France. Oh, I was gonna say cherry Mayfield. Oh, Jeremy. I was just thinking Tokyo by the way. Going back, they're going back going back there. I'm going to hang out with and hang out with Jeremy. Jeremy may feel on. And then on top of that, just now gar coming back to the seven car, which makes sense JR motorsports, xfinity. Also, Noah Gregson as the now new pilot of the number one xfinity car leaving Kyle Busch motor sports in the truck series. The jump to JR motorsports Chevy in the in the fantastic if this series that's a hell of a car. Elliott Sadler drove that thing drove the wheels off. I think couple second-place finishes. In the standings. It is a couple of wins there. So it's a, it's a prime car for a guy like that. You gotta figure now Noah Grayson's probably on that. RCA are Hendrick radar for for definite. It seems where everyone's TV going from JR motorsports to somewhere else. And you know tip the cap again, once again to a jerem odor sports for giving opportunities to drivers to develop as opposed to using xfinity race, just give his friends rights. Yeah, exactly. These all these things that have been directions ride, but Nope, to go to Toyota. Yeah, exactly. I'm all right. So where are we sponsor code? I don't know where you're at spas sponsor in sponsor news, hooters extended their with chase Elliott, three races year now, instead of just to as primary veal's for three years more. So I'm races over three years, not a big deal. Diarrhea, the area restaurants, Diario, Hawn, dairy, zero. Below, you're going to pair Bowmore dairy restaurants going to be on doubles ear, overland castle Charlotte this week at castle air. You run a marathon after that and my new favorite Adirondack tree surgeons. Fantastic. I think I think that's a new show in BC by the way at around tree search is going to be on the racing twenty. Twenty-three car yet for some reason, still be racing JJ LA for Charlotte day and martinsville the Darrow menu that they're all the dairy hotdogs for six ninety nine in a combo meal. Okay, because come with fries or tater tots here, not even better combos include French fries in medium drink. Okay, right on this up shaking, slovaki pita. What. That's a weird. We went from hotdogs agreed food soup and grilled cheese. Exclude the French fries. Sounds like a Denny's is what it sounds like. It kinda does the Turkey dog. Do they have fresh salad? They got wings. You can get a forty eight Canada wings for thirty nine. Ninety nine. Do they have gigantic potatoes have a potato space aliens. They don't have giant genetically modified potatoes. I will tell you the hadn't told you up until now. Did you go to another one on the way back to Minneapolis turns out there was another restaurant just outside just inbetween inbetween Saint Cloud and and downtown Minneapolis. And it was like very few places between Saint Cloud in downtown. This was one of them knows like holy crap. There is getting a potato, so I get into the potato at a boy should. It was really big. Fantastic. Say Adirondack tree surgency are the cereal, have the pizza pizza. The, you know, they don't have pizza where where are these restaurants? We just closed the browser. Okay. I'm assuming Charlotte, I'm assuming the Charlotte Salem area look like is the is the one hold on the locations Roll Hall, king Clemens, and Winston, Salem, Kernersville mooresville North Carolina know their ego sonic. If I would've known about it, could've gone to sonic banged it chicken fillets with Greek food. Sonic and Chick-fil-A with a little bit of double t. diner, spring weird, weird, double t. diner. Well. Yeah. And then the at our next resurgence, we know what they do. They do surgery on trees is what they do. Backley. So that brings us to. The rove all rayvey. Scotty would've wroval actually mean road course oval home Raval. Raval God. Oh, it's a combination of things joined a rueful who shit. There's a revolution going on this weekend, both in the Cup and the voice. Oh man. So you said that everybody gets to go racing the role, everyone. Everyone goes there. So forty cars or the forty and forty baby. Everyone's Ravin forty slot. Fun fact of this race, the Cup races, one hundred, nine laps. Yeah. The expanding the city raises a paltry fifty five. They should both be fifty five lapses, really what it shouldn't. Yeah. They really honestly fact this in this godforsaken hellhole of elimination elimination race to laze generally. Crazy. Well, we talked about in the first half that this was just in case there tuning into the second half for someone. That's right. Yeah. You come in live right now. Mazing it would be amazing. Wouldn't it. All right. So that brings us to the only part of NASCAR dot com, which subsequently ruined because he leave out all the Maryland crap, and that is the paint scheme preview with DC solar on the one car and alliance truck parts on the two car. What do you see here that you like other than the green spoilers on the on the planet cars, but but not all the cars only some of them? No, shut smokey mountain nervous enough on Daniel Hemmer car obviously. Yeah, yeah, totally. That's there in the end, the number eight on that car in I like the fourteen. I like the look of that the the mobile one into advanced autoparts scheme. I still fade. Those fate cars like that. I know you're not Eric Jones with it. Looks like baked baked MAC and cheese a quarter of his car. This. Maple Cheerios on the Chris butcher doesn't that car looks cool. Doesn't occur. Cool. Looks pretty. It's a little doodoo Brown though is a little doodoo rabbit at least lighten it up in the middle. Yeah, and you're JT CF of the week. Vida Bush baked being Scott's cut, nil and suave for men. Because obviously after the bakes, the Bush baked beings. Scott and Vida clean it up and then cutting the clean up the other part. And then while for men, they really up the other. What do you like? I like the the collar is in the first data car. That is nice. This is cool. Cool. Color combination, usual color combination. I guess what else? Let's get the extended. He rides. I don't know what next year is, but it sounds cool next year. There was another one I thought that was an xfinity, right? Like the juniper Jupiter, juniper juniper one is pretty cool, I guess, but they've done that before and does the game stop have have the pit boy guy on it. Yeah. No, it's it's for the new hall. Six. I didn't realize there was new fallout coming out. I haven't played fallout in decades there to south point cars to knew. How did it moves in the other south point car? Hang on a second. They screw up. It is. Daniel. Hemmer is in one south point car. And then of course our good friend. What's his name? Brenna gone and the other one. Hey, did you know that Brennan gone play basketball Georgetown on the practice squad against Alan Iverson about that because he wanted you to know that for the five million time. Is that right? The Ryan Newman as Finnity series Elliott. He totally is okay, except that he played basketball at Georgetown on the practice squad against, and I look man, listen. With with the Kapiti article with friend Allen Iverson? Yes. Right. Yeah. Well, he's really responsible for Alan Iverson. Whenever I see the the Microsoft commercials, the AI commercials. All I hear is Alan Iverson is doing all these great things with computers little little known fact about the Iverson's famous practice rant practice man. Brennan gone came up with that dole really Diddy because back in the day, the cellphone connection was so crappy. Understand what. Practice talking about practice practice. That's not a game pract. I can't hear you not a game practice, talk about practice and it's all falling apart. Now the whole show is falling apart. Please fellow it fell apart during my little, hey, where's my interest? Picks for this God's for staking. Yeah, we're gonna make picks, and then we have to. We already made our picks for who wasn't gonna make it past the first round and I'm doing terribly by the way I'm doing weird just as great as you weird economy breath. I know you had Hamlin Hamlin's like dawn. Yeah, you have you have Dylan Amaral Abon in Lugano. I've Hamlin Dylan, Kurt Busch Amrullah. We both still have shots there. We do know, I think we do. So we've got nothing nothing to go on in this race in terms of history for all the practice crashing practice footage of them. Are you talking about practice. Allan Allan I got. I got coach on the line Allan. Who do you like? Like, who do you pick here? I don't even know who gets some sharp shooters in this race. Castles will be there. Just a marks will be there for his last last. Go around in a Cup car. That's right. He's retiring. Got Stanton Barrett. Which which we ever that's about this before the show. I swear. He tried to get us to sign up for some weird Email back in the day after somebody else to it was somebody like that it was when he talked to a lot of crazy drivers. We did back then man. Those days I do. By the way. Bundy also said he hates Chris night as well. So I'm on the funding trained to. Yeah. So I don't know. You go first you had you had any Hamlin last week. He finished sixteenth silly finished. Fourth. I yield the Florida user man. Not even know dude. So let me just look at the. Let me just get a whole list of drivers up in here. Take title list drivers or anything goes. I want to go with Kevin. Harvick is going to go with because just over liable, you know, he's still reliable for you last time, but. Oh. A new gome with. Okay. Gimme Clint Boyer. We talked about him earlier can come Bemis, got the experience to come up, big in big races. He's not brokers racer his a lot to lose in this one gimme Boyer. Well, I'm going off the board. Really, you're, you're not going Stanton Barrett. Listen, I sometimes we need Email stint mirror. Stamped stand AGM Dinger one. Oh, you are going up for holy crap guy who's a road course specialist. Never thought about that. But yes, you've got a point. He needs a job. Yeah, he does. So what better way to go out there and win this race. That is a gutsy pick, but it definitely is based in like it's based in reality, man. I have a third and fourth in this first round of the playoffs. I think I'm okay. Yeah. Why not? Just shoot from the hip at this point. Wow, that's that's not a bad call. It really is the bad call on. We don't get to change our picks for the bottom for, but who do you see realistically being out at the end of the night day. Jones. Hamlin gets tough, then doesn't it? Kind of Jones Hamlin. Dylan. So with my Dylan training, I think I think Bom and I think the gravy train for Bowman almost ends here. Yeah. Yeah. I was kinda seeing exactly the same way if I'm being perfect honest seen exactly Blaney digs himself out of that. That cutline whole, I think he's fine. And then I think Johnson subs up already said that. I think that boy is have a great day, so yeah. Yeah, I think that those those guys right there. All right. So I bet. Yep. There's a, I think we have a couple. You came up with one. I can't remember the how many cars actually finish the race out of forty. Cars finish the race in general, the over under at twenty five who really. Man, I gotta figure a lot at some guys are going to baby it. Yeah, I, I'm, I have to say if I go, I I would have take the over on that. I think more than twenty five cars are gonna finish race I'm going under, but are we doing finish race, finish race on lead lab because his big different finish finish Inish. Yeah, I'll I'll definitely go over twenty five saying lead Lapa than that. That's hard. Yeah, becomes very hard. All right. Number of cautions, though God. Oh, man. I am setting the over under going gonna, be hard on this one. That's going to be very hard. You just want to pick a number. Yes, just pick a number. I was gonna say fifty and a half, but even that seemed a little high. Yeah, it seems a little high. So just pick a number for caution number of caution. This does not include stage so it doesn't include the stages. I'm gonna go. Nine. Nine times her fifty, five laps nine cautions. Hundred nine laps. Hundred. Yeah. Nine nine cautions nine gosh. Loves this. Race is gonna take hours. It's gonna take ours because the quick dinner with my parents seventeen turns. There are seventeen turns each time they go round caution lab. It's going to take all day I might. I'm Mike at the watch under race with you because I'll get to the hotel fifteen cautions. Wow, there will be fifteen cautious. I am going for program, say, third of the race is going to be run under yellow. A third of the race is going to be cautioned. Assuming. Room to pass. There's too many air interns. No one knows what the hell's going on. Race to traffic before this is going to be fun. Is that you? I'm so mad that I'm not going to get to see this one live. I'm gonna DVR and I'm gonna watch eventually. But yeah, a much rather we maybe those sit there at the airport, watch it a little bit. Let me good. You put hang on your phone, be right. Yeah, yeah, I could do that. I could. I would actually just get the internet on the plane, but I've tried that once I've tried to stream video on the plane. What's hit does not work those. It's like you're, it's like, you're flying. It's it's. It's like, you're basically dialup is what you get. When you buy on the plane, they charge you like dial up prices from the nineteen early nineteen nineties as well. Yeah, so that's it. I've got a and you've got AJ almond Dinger USA. I've got the over on twenty five cars twenty five, right? Finishing the race. You've got the under. And then when it comes to the cautions, I say nine, you say fitting fitting, that's a lot of caution. A lot of cautions, but you know what? The hell with it, lost a lot of these side vents. Exactly so. So if you wanna find out who wins, who loses and whether I make to Kentucky or not, whether survive, I hope so Jesus hope I make it to Kentucky, but whether I whether I'm like emotionally ready to do the show and then what you should do some scribe to the show. You can find it on itunes, speaker, Sicher player them, Google play music, iheart, radio, Spotify, some big big places you can find it just type in in the draft show for everything else running the show or other places to find it just do with Mantova to right now. I almost forgot that Brendan gaunter of the seventy seven for Penske did draft show dot com. That's where everything is at. But if you wanna get to the basic to the point to the t- this, you can go ahead and go to Twitter dot com. Slash draft show Facebook dot com. Slash the draft show. That's where you're gonna find the link to all the fun stuff that's going to happen with Jani. Scotty was John and Scott show the in the face off show. And if the race goes five hours may be me. You too. And maybe it maybe big STAN in barb at long steakhouse because we can't bring them in Jesus. Why not? So that's it. That's all four Wilson. I was take care self. Someone else has been in the draft with Wilson was history time foe. No, you've been waiting for it. Let's let's look at it this way. Let's look at. Let's look at this wave comes on this day in nineteen fifty. One CBS made the first color televisions available for sale. The general public, really, but the product was discontinued less than a month later when they realized CBS has just putting CBS on there. This day nineteen. Forty one. Ted Williams bet over four hundred. Now the last major leaguer to do so that long ago. Yeah. Also, of course this time in eighteen forty four. Oscar, I of Sweden. Norway is crowned king of Sweden. Nice. Yeah. You remember those days. Oh, totally. And then by this time vote XM. Right thinking vote on kidding. Oh, you can't. Oh, no. I did vote for you. This time. Next week we'll have a king of the Royal wroval hill. He will be the conqueror of the wroval and leave the rove Aleutian. The MAC, no matter how much I say it's so stupid. Really? It's so here's the thing. It's so stupid. It's gonna be hilarious. Oh, totally fantastic till it will gonna love it. You should. She should come along stick with, like I said, Twitter, Facebook, check it for the Lincoln, then you can go ahead and join us next week for all the fun that's going to happen. They're going to Maryland air Hawn five, eight, five AM flight on. Oh, well, I'll get there by noon. Thirty. Gentlemen, thank you. We'll see next week doses. Thanks for listening to in the drop with Wilson Waugh's.

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