50: Paying it Forward


Velka M- to this episode of the Software People Stories. This is a very special episode for us and I hope you find it very special because this is the fifty I get that the other day meant you try and I were talking about the fiftieth episode. The team thought could be paying it forward because one of the reasons this started was also also debate forward and also to share that the software people. I'm not just geeks and nuts but also have softer sides to them and always keen on paying it forward. The open source movement in the software industry is a very great example of people creating without expecting any returns directly in this episode. We don't don't have one guest but seven seventy five. PM Poker Leagues to share their own abuse and experiences with being forward. And of course to try and I share our perspectives perspective. As well I hope you would also come forward and share your experiences and bad forward the community through this affair people stories. Listen good afternoon shift it has been. I'm feeding a little nostalgic today because we're very close to eating fiftieth episode. How do you feel about this milestone still mixed feelings I of course exempted person is a lot of people said that it is very difficult to sustain beyond this exhibition if you owed on seven so it was a little bit of a doubt initially but then head came game from different quarters including been used attendance at the new would also like to the dig the ignace code so the technical the media fifty first episode to injured Zito but definitely fifty episodes is not smaller than it's been almost a year that we've been I'm doing you know the point you said that helps came in from unexpected sources That was also something that I experienced medium strength and I said Okay and partners with you and let's see how far disclosed Honestly I had a lot of self doubt STU especially during the initial episodes when I found myself struggling with editing Stitching together posting the absolute and every little step seemed highly trivial yet so difficult to accomplish but at every step of the way. That's been help help from you help from other colleagues help from friends. I think over a period of time I sort of eased into it and now when I look back I feel the donny was well worth it. Because this is this is a medium that I've liked but more importantly I see that it's been able to attract so many people around. Yeah absolutely in fact. That is really nice. Bugged the hell coming in shipping of the challenges that you mentioned also colluded against getting down. Some of them had doubts about being on. What do I do have to say? It's Ah I think one of the reasons starting this gusts or Mayo but also is being brewing that everybody has something to shed and everybody has something to benefit from others so innovate with team of a being forward was born. Good starting this because I haven't experienced that myself. I remember the first memory to have receiving something without the wasn't expecting anything in there was a neighbor of mine when I was in schooling playful and then always interested in other the things that studies and didn't attend different activities and so on so she the thing not just telling me but also sitting with me replying to help me a bed for a failed because he moved on to the job so he would out of the lead. They used to say that. But I took it rather lightly and then I the exam then later on. When do I ac- I see A? He was very happy saying that. This is what we're doing and then he asked. Could you do this. And what candidate Jamir do or why not anything else. I've seen you think the view of again a little more if you take up a a ghost in that way to ensure this is going to help you know unexpected. I think in the gun. I'm extremely grateful at least giving the system. It is not just a monsignor who this they used to spend a lot of time teaching physics and vans. And how do you look at the problems. Now definitely that I did maximize on the guidance that he was lead to give me. So that is what I've been trying to Lou overtime shedding to me. The beaching is shedding your expedience. So that something that gives me a lot of satisfaction and invaders things that they do talk about it later becomes that also prompted me to think of studying this podcast where we can go beyond on the boundaries of Roy Platform to come in shed do also have the experiences of guests drumbeat industry to shed their own stories. Began drawing spacious draw. Some of these cannot be slotted. Does lecture it is not a document that you can create so these relations I've also heard from some of the listeners that have been insufficient for them thumbs of both knowing how somebody address some of the challenges as well as it is a very very heartwarming story. Shift in fact one thing that struck me when you were talking all all of us have this inherent nature to think beyond ourselves. It's just that perhaps few people realize that early on and actually do it like you said this gentleman gene was persistent. You know all of us have had such people in our lives. In fact I would say definitely right now but then you are one person from who I have sensed insistent and that's actually helped me do things and do them better so I have to say thank you to you for that but I also think that this this is something that is so pervasive around us. If I can go back in time and just look at my school days and in college days very a similar expedients and terms of teachers would not you or push you. I think there was the intent that they genuinely wanted to make a better human being out of you and yes I also have perhaps not having paid the kind of attention that would have helped me maybe a different career path or discover something thing else in life career basketball started. That way is when my coach actually spotted me when I was perhaps in class six or seven and all all he saw was this tall girl who lived right opposite and he just approached my parents and please send her to please. She has the height. And let's see what she can do. In of course with a lot of reluctance I went because it meant sticking to a routine it meant a lot of hard work Abbott. For my parents. It was a a big relief because it meant that the child was getting exercise and was out of the House for a couple of hours. But over the beat of the flame I began Santa Delays. That I was enjoying learning the game the exercises and most of all having so many teammates who later became very good friends to do it with all through this journey any of about ten plus years. The coach was someone who constantly pushed encouraged instill discipline confidence teamwork and so much more with a completely selfless approach and even in college. I was lucky to find a professor so who offered to tutor me along with other sports students in a a fairly complex subject of control theory simply because he wanted us to do well in both academics and sport and not give up on one or the other he suddenly went beyond his call of duty. And I'm so grateful for it. That is very interesting to have a particularly Like the example of teachers ultimate and dumping going forward they go beyond job not take it on the job but the empathy and the gap that they give and that resonates with what the Kelly had busy. Listen to his thoughts on paying it forward I find it idea of paying it. Forward very appealing mainly because of the potential for long term impact and the possibility of setting in motion. A chain of leads in the past couple of years and my father and I intend may needed living agendas iphone how hard it is to get one. Given that Teresa's are mostly in the unorganized sector. That's by that experience with a good number. Condensers was very good on it becoming middle-aged man without massively sources on education often leaving their families behind an idiot model but the decent people easily blending in a good sense of don'ts by living in someone else's household and most importantly demonstrated a level of compassion compassion for the patient that we actually did not expect. Many of them treated my father-in-law own father and went well beyond their call of duty in confronting him mentally tally as well as physically. I believe such acts of genuine kindness should be amazed more than just through immediate payments. It can take the form of a corpus tape Assistance to children medical insurance for them or pension scheme. And they themselves can no longer customize like my father-in-law and actors themselves who says on their children and they grow up can contribute to this corpus. This is just an initial idea. Lots to be thought through on his ability getting it started and sustaining living in this game. Thank you ship with many of us having eating patterns and we ourselves soon becoming an older population this selfless acts acts of Keiko's certainly outta call to all of us debate for but for them sometime topic of taking game. I think that's also very rigby of paying forward and in fact a UNIN talks about nick. Let's listen to him. I really like paying it forward as a concept because they didn't create you someone to do something kind without expecting anything in return. Hopefully we do not keep score and wait to benefit from act of kindness before we do our next one personally. The most significant act of kindness that I have received is emotional support from friends when they needed it. Most I would. I'd like to pay that forward someday. And and more so because it's not an easy thing for me to support someone emotionally difficult for me. Have a parenting forward. I can think of one example. Nothing major but something that gives me a great deal of heart dysfunction one of the projects that it was engaged in my mentor had the habit of for always appreciating what did no small or big. I wouldn't turn pass on my genuine appreciation to someone else the same day over time I started getting satisfaction by looking at the face of the person receiving those words of a position so what started as paying it forward has become a habit now I do not have received words of a precision before handing them out although I needed to mind mice with every now and then to carry on with act. Learning by observing. People around does do these acts of kindness or forward and seeing the effects of it. How simple it is to do? Thanks for sharing. I've been Guidry also has once going beyond thinking about hit by this that it is through mindfulness. The goods at the lips listened to her. My early memories of being it forward comes from my GRANDPA who used to be a Alesi Alesi agent that time he used to talk about you'll shameem hominum watered muses if everybody is fine in this world that's what helps back in Tamil Nadu because this was so they couldn't become it is Everybody looks at it. Looks at yourself as a family for for me. Personally I I always think of bringing family takes village. So I have a constantly being Some voluntary services or the other and that is maybe radio being it forward as as the net is so so veep date. So that's the belief I have and because of that I lamb part of multiple Wallace's earlier in my Society had been Insisted on being a part of the Green Waste Management. I have a thought number of people on Yoga and mindfulness and Now I'm part of Anita Dot Org to increase the money empowerment to continue. Can you do have Roman technologist in their career. So if I had my way I would definitely like to have more and mover Sushila Sheila enterprises that we great to have in the society but clearly are on the climate. Change and already irradiation. I used to be part. The United Nations Sustainability Twenty goals but of my previous company. Those are really thinks that I have been involved and I want to be continued to be world to pay it forward so that everything comes back. That's what the goal of secret also what we say it actually keeps coming back to us in some shape or form. Thank you for letting ninety meter dog and stuff look for the results and the next fifty. Thank you guy three. I was hoping someone would talk about being forward Karar Environment and leaving better future for our children. You just did shift our next speaker. Visual has quite a different take on the topic. Let's listen to it my abuse on paying it forward as a concert in my view. It's very much part of the purpose of life. This is from Rick later on purpose itself life it says atmono at took a diet. What it means is that purpose of life is short oneself realization and doing good forty-four table Saami Vivekananda adopted this estimator autumn mission? Denise back when I went through deep introspection and self inquiry what steeper push of life and the most worthwhile thing that I should be doing in my life I edited the same point since then. Whatever I'm doing in my life if that professionally at familiar social context or in personal life everything has dislodged percent meaning? It's really interesting my life in all this dimensions. If you give anything without any expectation of anything in return it comes back multiplied that Slav off abundance. I won't claim I am dead yet but I have experienced it. I would like to share a story in this. Context may be relevant. There was a savvy businessmen and one day he died just like anybody else then. God came and asked him relate to go to hell or heaven. Being Savvy businessman he said Let me evaluate Eh booth and then decide got said Okay and asked very want to go first. Businessman said let me see the healthiest so got to Kim to hell. He opened it puts. What's it was a beautiful palace? The enter the main hall looked like a large party was set up there not late music and dance a big dining hall with lots of Food Denisov people sitting on the dining cheese but we surprise they all look very hungry start emaciated and some sad faces some angry some frustrated depressed. He wondered why they're not eating food. Then he noticed that that hands for tight with long forks spoons. which could not reach their mouth? So they're sitting there. Helpless resigned then the businessman said okay. Let me see the heaven so got to Kim to heaven. Opened the doors. Very very similar ballet's very similar all very similar party dining extra businessmen ask. God why have you brought me to the same place again. By then. He noticed people people sitting on the dining says that handset also tied with long folks and spoons but David all very healthy will add very happy. The difference from Hell was that that David fighting each other probably this being fodder or feeding forwarding navy if everybody understands realizes and leaves by the real purpose of Flav as mentioned in the Greater dysplasia Solidere Heaven might being forward is connected with this larger ultimate purpose of life. This is what motivates me and tasers centralized. I'm in modern a few initiatives which helped me being over. One of them is mindfulness by integrating with leadership development and adults not permission. Mindfulness is helping in bringing awareness in many people and triggering them to exploit this dimension. This is not only in corporate but also in schools and communities equitize about three thousand people to this in the last couple of years and other days I'm part of something called sensual community Stanford old routes ups and new shoots exploring ancient wisdom and bringing them to Martin Martin Management and leadership ethics. And other insurance I am associated with some education in Bengal which is doing a great job of bringing more emotional intelligence organization and managing inside for managing outside aspects in education through influencing the national education policy of India and implementing them in hundreds of schools and decide insignificant drops in the large torsion. But this mall being forwards are significant in my spiritual growth and overall other dimensions of group. Thanks she went Chitra for asking these as questions and providing me an opportunity to share some of these thoughts. Thank you for taking my less to get him back. And I think I can relate to the law bundles that is experienced. Ben Spread match writer. I think we had probably accelerating the thing the whole environmental ecosystem to be easier to in fact the data's being one of my teams are being forward in the sense off looking good communities different communities within the business community in our neighborhood new moving here that had a few houses and nothing. The things needed attention and we said let's be also it's not doing something slowly. April started rallying around able to get a lot of things now including erecting. Someone congratulated illegally getting into communities rather than business friends. We have some projects or being a buddy assist. You mentioned nudging I think is also a good way of paying it forward dynamically you helping people realize their dreams in pushing shing themselves to what they thought limitation than beyond those limitations. So those kind of things that definitely again do and even simple acts subversiveness. Like what has to say I think paying it forward is a wonderful book too happy living. I believe I've benefited from Benita. The Max of greatness help from unknown versus all through my life. I also noticed that when I tried to kill others even when they do not solicit help I feel very happy chatting any of those be knowledge. Physics Link Three head let me feed I believe it is the greatest form of Jedi for example one morning ying early morning walk and ended struggling to push his car on a slope just joining had made my day being needy students with their fees and and books is very importing. Nubia forward you'll actually sharing what you know is dispensable resource. And you're putting it to good use. I think I think the great value for any society. That was very touching. I will walk. That road with you is is so powerful very very inspiring. I want to share that. I often court children to play any sport to encourage physical exercise which is important in this overtly digital age and do it by playing with them teaching simple techniques of exercise running squatting shots and playing with them as a team it's sorta wanting to see them off off enjoy themselves and hopefully live better lives. Let's now listen to another colleague. Paramore doc about his unique perspective and expedience this concept of Bay forward I think is an old concept The ancient Greeks breakfasted. I think even India. I think many people mattress practice. Did they give arms to people in exchange for somebody is helping them. So I think it's concept and I agree with that concert one thing I I find. Is that if you look at things that you all be that through kinds of owing oneness gratitude the others indebtedness service Something which for which you really cannot pay back usually forward independent. This is something that you have have to be back. For example. Somebody gives you a loan of a lack of obese. You cannot expect bay somebody thousand And hope that this guy. It'd be happy that is if he does something good for you. If you look for the others I'm sure the Buzzer this good for you will be happy so that these two kinds of Owing and I think gratitude can easily be satisfied by bang. Folic if you ask me got I do the bay. Our I suffered many NGOs and I think you all gratitude. Everybody even beeper letting you live. It's a great way thing and I like the story of the crane and the and the and the Fox does not biting off your Uh Bill thanks so many people serve the great gratitude right. So you have to pay for our those in Muskie's gratitude at indebtedness. That's something to think about thanks. PERMA actually is not the team. Just for this podcast. PM Baylor also so bill with the concept of paying it forward with out expedience can be useful one of the CO founders of has distant my view on paying it forward. It's it's a wonderful concept of believe the world is a reasonable place to live in only because of the number of people who actually practice it don't even necessarily relating what could would they do. This you feel good when he practices in the process. Contribute inspiring those around you into your own Neighbors burs family and children to do the same thing. I would like to pay for many things many things. My father provided me a great education. We're going through significant financial status and unfortunately was not alive. When I graduated? This is perhaps to for many people I guess and any obviously paid forward through your own children and perhaps helping goes around you who are in need of education nowadays and I would like to say one or two monitor that I work with WHO provided a solid foundation to me in my professional career on innovative in paying it forward to the PM part platform idea ideas it will inspire others. I guess you lead by example that bills for you in the environment you live in and people subconsciously change when the absorb what you do have seen that in in my one neighborhood with my own family and neighbours my warn children they never. I think I'm contributing to building a good place to live. So I think the team Luke paying it forward is something that is actually natural dose many dams meek conditioner sales and slopping ourselves either not reaching out extending that helping hand or being helpful. Sometimes you're just being a passive listener that also hibs so having having the embassy for around us so the prime motivation for imbalanced. PSE being that office had out on get addictive east. We've been there done things. We still want to be useful to the community. What does it that we? He can share promote expedients. Out Dead with Nana just three. What matters is the experience to en- delays that you're on the plate so that is guiding theme and as you heard of us have our own passions own priorities were paid for it? Suddenly Shiv in fact The embargo has given several of us. That platform I can. Surely we say that the platform that power has provided me is one of the feeling of you are on your own implying that you were trusted to give your best yet not alone where you can seek support and help whenever needed to enable you to give your best to me as an example of paying it forward each day that I work here number be make this even better. How can we make better of it? Certainly love it. If listeners can come forward and share some of their stories is one thing that I have for inking if I could share some background stories off offer or behind the scene stories of some of the podcast recordings A lot of guests were novus. The one thing that people have shared is is a lot of people have said that they have on our cost that they have never shared with. Anybody are having shed anywhere else. It's in their lives before that was a that was a deep Aha moment for me. I said if we have been able to uncover that and it's something that other people listeners have resonated with business of this podcast be interested in sharing their stories. I'm tape listener. Please share your stories. You never know what you will ignite in terms of an idea in those of passion in somebody going to hear you on your experiences out. Valuable interest you. Please help US enraged community. Do Shed Yawn. Expedia insist on these look forward to having you write to us. Remember our email address is podcasts asked at B. M. Hyphen Consulting dot com. Everyone the next episode on Lisbon back to our format of having a guest. Look I guess you own heavy delays if you find it useful if you want something to be done differently in any case do.

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