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On this episode. I'd new website. Soda. The nature's living show is brought to you by barracks. Family nature's park at barrow. We offer traditional nature's values in a modern setting free. Your body your mind. WWW dot Darrow thought. Welcome. Dear listener to episode one one. It's been we're aware. Pro ching. Our tenth year anniversary of launching this podcast. And yes, it's been a little quiet since January and we're back. But part of the reason is. We're just launching a brand new website. We're launching it on October twenty ninth twenty eighteen depending on when you're listening to this, and it is its own STAN loan website. The new address is WWW dot nature living show dot com. A no longer sub domain of barracks. It's no longer a blogger site. We were using blogger which is owned by Google to host a site since we started in two thousand eight and we are no longer using feet blitz. Sorry. We're no longer using feed burner for the RSS feed. We're now using Jim LA for the website. And would you using Jim Lewis built in system for the RS has feed for the podcast? You have to understand that back in twenty await. There was only there was not a lot of podcasts. And there was not a lot of support for podcast. So we had to play with the fee to make it work with IT tunes. And feed burn was something that does that. But for some reason, even though Google bought that for honored million dollars. They have largely ignored it since then per. Perhaps because a proper podcast feed is so ubiquitous now or proper has feeds all require third parties as much we still use feed blitz though, which also works with that, but mostly because of its Email capabilities. So if you sign up if you sign up last few years through our website for the Email list, you are getting it. A notification from feed blitz. And so we're continuing with that. But the RS feed as move now, we were always using our own domain for the. Ara says feed get asked sorry if it's getting technical. But just the understand the fact listening to this means it's working because you obviously that went to the new website or you got the podcast showed up in your podcast app player. Whatever automatically whether that's a tunes or pod bay or anything like that. So you have obviously successfully you don't have to do anything. You're successfully listening to the latest episode one. Oh one. If you had gone to the old one there is a little short kind of Serb joking joking. Episode at created says, hey, you're in the wrong place. So since you're here, it should be fine. If the UC any problem, the website, we've tested we've looked at it. One of the big job was I didn't wanna lose anything. I wanted to work better. And I was one of the problems with the old system, and they was harder to for people to play was harder. For people to subscribe, Google seem to penalize us, even though we were using all their tools, we weren't showing up as well in terms of searches. And so hopefully, this which has modern and works better. We'll work a lot better for search engine optimization. But in the importing of everything we had to fix a lot of things we have to make sure all the old links work so going from nature's living Aerostat Z slash whatever. Two natures living show dot com slash whatever should be the same. So old episode links should still work because as a redirect happening as well. We fixed a lot of the. The problems with some missing images and sound files that weren't there. So it took quite a while. And it seems to be working now, and it's been tested by several people, but probably something's been missed. So if you find any errors, I would appreciate you sending us an Email and the new Email address is contact at nature's living show dot com. The old Email address of nature's living barracks. Tussey, of course, still works as well. And you can still call us at. The show phone numbers. Those are all the same because that's an extension of the barracks phone system. So welcome. You know? Ten years. Nearly ten years we launched and podcasts changed a lot in. It's really now really big. When I first started this. It was bit of an experiment. I was I think I've told the story before in previous episodes, but I was always been a fan of technology. And I the idea of doing a radio show myself was kind of cool and fun. Plus it allowed me to take some of things I've been doing in some of the better interviews and now include them in a medium that would be around for as long as they're available which could be forever. So unlike a radio show which airs and then disappears. This is available and we hear all the time. How people are catching up and he found the show. They've found the podcast and they're catching up listening to all one hundred episodes binge listening as we've now call started college as well. So, but we were one of the early ones podcasting. I started really in two thousand three it was the first podcast was called radio open source and in two thousand and four the first time we can find reference to the term podcasting. Which is in the guardian which has credited for coining that and in two thousand four is also when Lipson a launches Lipson dot com, which is a the first podcast provider. We didn't use them, but they were well known and two thousand five is really key. Because that's when I tunes started supporting the idea of a podcast, and you could reg to them. Podcast really kind of became talked a lot about in two thousand and five and in two thousand six apple to lease garage band, which made it easy to make podcast because it was built in to whether they didn't release garage in the released version with podcast player or maker sorry built into it. And so by two thousand eight. We stirred. My started the nature living show, and I was going to be excited. If we had a few hundred listeners that would be kind of exciting all over the world. And now I've said before we have tens of thousands like over fifty thousand usually per episode. Although I haven't looked at those stats recently. And we've been kind of quiet so as things ramp up again, it'll be interesting to see what the numbers are podcasting is big how big there are now over five hundred and fifty thousand active podcasts on itunes or apple podcasts. And that's eighteen point five million episodes. I don't know what the number was in two thousand eight when we started. But. It's been it was obviously a lot less. And what's interesting is. Of course, there's been a nature living show for most of the time that podcasts have been in existence because we started just five years into it. And so now in twenty teen we are fifteen years into it. So the majority two thirds of the time there has been the nitrous living shore around and so one of the first ones to be out there. What's interesting as podcast listeners is who you are. And you know, by now forty four percent of the US population have listened to a podcast. Sorry. I only have American stats couldn't find anything for the world. But I found a research study from the US it tends to be a younger audience. So you are probably on the younger end, certainly millennials are heavy consumers of podcasts. What's also interesting is that you are intelligent. Of course, your intelligence. You're listening to the show, but your podcast listeners of forty five percent more likely to have a college degree. And sixty eight percent more likely to be postgraduates. College or university level. And if you're not, well, obviously, podcasting attracts people who wanna learn who want information who are intelligent. And so you're obviously, even if you didn't get those degrees or you're not getting those degrees. You're intelligent enough to be interested, and you've chose to pursue a different path with your education that doesn't make you less. Intelligent. Just means you don't have the degree. And of course, because your nature story understood nature while year, even more intelligent. That's goes without saying, doesn't it? So I'm I'm really glad that this podcast continues. There's not been a few people who've started podcast quite as obviously known as long, but nuns, quite as active consistently. The I know that I've been off for a while. And I've been doing it in spurts instead of consistently and because a summer has become such a busy time for me. But I record of summer, and that's what you'll be listening in the next few podcast that come out in the next little while. And it's just a matter of finding the time to lock myself in and do the recordings of the intros and do the editing. That's required. Although I get a lot of help as I've said in pass from Sean. What you can do to help. Well, if you wanna record something that would help me in the past we've had a few contributors every corded, interviews and episodes and that saves me a ton of time. And I think it makes it more interesting for the listeners to in the beginning. If you listen to the first episodes, it wasn't supposed to be just me. I was really hoping have more contributors. If you have any phone ninety smartphone. You can easily record. The quality's really good. You just use it like a microphone, basically. And if you find somebody interesting or something interesting is happening. You can do a report and just send it to me, and we can make an episode of it. And now be fantastic. I'm particularly interested in those folks who are further away from me where I can't get to where you can find interesting pioneers are of of the movement who are in your club can tell bit of the history of where it was and where it's going or people who are doing interesting things that are relevant to nature's miniatures nudge being being nude. But body acceptance and respect for self and living more natural life. So it'd be interesting to have people record. So if you can do that if you know people that would be great. But if you can't do that you can do your part to help if you're interested by promoting the show by following us on Twitter or Facebook. By re tweeting by sharing. We're on Google plus as well by retweeting tweeting or by sharing any of the episodes you like by promoting and encouraging other people's subscribe. We now have a connected with blueberry. That's how you pronounce. It's one of those words you see written all the time. But you don't hear people say very often. And that's going to give us improve improve stats and improved a distribution as well. And hopefully with this new change I'll be able to get on other platforms like Spotify, for example, which so far because delimitation of the previous spot for him. I couldn't had the show too. So follow us share us promote us, tell others about it. And hopefully that's going to help spread the word about nature's them as show become becomes more and more successful. Thank you for listening. If you have any comments, again, send me an Email always enjoy getting them. The shows Email address now is contact at nature's living show dot com and shows website with a show notes are is nature's living show dot com. Very easy dot CA will work as well. We are in Canada as I've always said in the past chose to promote the dot com because it's easier for people to remember not everybody knows the dossier. Although it's a bit shorter. And if you wanna call leave a voice message, you can call a you can call toll free if you're North America one eight eight eight three seven three nine one two four or for over seas country code one nine zero five four seven three six. Oh, six oh. And or by Skype, you can just guy barracks. And then that puts you in all three cases in our main phone system, and the is extension is extension. Three three three easy to remember three three. I hope you enjoy the show. And you'll join us again for the next episode of the natures living show. This episode of the natures living show was brought to you by bare oaks, family nature. Spark traditional nature's values in a modern setting traditional values means that nature is is more than just taking your clothes off. It is a life loss Affi with physical, psychological environmental, social and moral benefits. Bare oaks family nature's part strives to promote those natures values in a modern setting that provides the amenities and services that are members and visitors expect for your body your mind. Learn more at WWW dot barracks dot CA.

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