REShow: Matt Miller and Isaiah Simmons. Hour 1 (04-22-20)


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Where we're thrilled to be on after Dan and the Danettes every single day as soon as Mike Rico's dumb with his lunch talk live on. Nbc US and then we We will be on. Nbc Send for the final two hours. That's when Michael Strain on NBC. Sports Boston Tom. Curren will join us. And then Gary Vein or Chuck Gary V. The investor entrepreneur and one of the gentleman behind the All in challenge that took off so amazingly well. Millions of dollars being raised for people to fight food insecurity right now. So many people go into Hungary and Gary V will be joining us the CEO and Co founder vein or median. So much more diehard jet Fan. That's how we're going to wrap up the show in this first hour Matt Miller of bleacher reports calling in in about eight minutes time. He is their draft Scout. He will be all over the final twenty four hours of BS or separating the wheat from the Chaff. The smoke from the fire and all the smokescreens. We know what's going to go down Tomorrow night in the NFL draft. Isaiah Simmons should not have a long night. I don't think so. He could wind up. Being a giant could wind up being a brown four attend anywhere in between is as Simmons of Clemson. Football will be joining us right in the middle of this first hour. So we're all over this draft all over everything going on and Just when you thought it was all over between the Love Affair Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. They cannot quit each other. They cannot quit each other. Oh Gosh let me soak this all in serious dude dude. Whatever you're getting right now just wait till the top of the next hour. Because I don't really have the the room the breath to explore the studio space on this one right now Chris. Brockman my resident mass whole over. There I don't really have that because again Matt Miller is calling in and seven minutes time and we know we know that the Tampa Bay buccaneers will not be in the market for tight end in this year's they have the market cornered on tight ends. I'll tell you what the tight end market in the draft. This year was a maybe at an all time low but that. Oj Howard they still do. They've cameron bright right right. Rob Gronkowski coming at you. The recently unmasked singer is GonNa come back into the National Football League. Just a cup of coffee with the. Wwe doors twenty four seven Champions Cup of coffee sitting on the sidelines dancing with the laker girls and have a good time with it is best life man. If there's ever been something that we need it's a reunion between Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski with Bruce Arians stoned right in the middle. Oh Baby Oh man. Do we ever need football to start on time this year? Right WHAT SCENARIO BRADY GRONK? And they have to pro bowl wide receivers already there at the going and they've got the fourteenth overall pick in this draft tonight. I'll be on the air at nine eastern time on NFL network. I'll be live from Stage two in my office otherwise known as the left corner of my desk. That'll be after. I'll be on stage one rehearsing this afternoon in the zoom meeting with me on and Kevin. Hart's apparently going to zoom in all right. He's Hardier outs. I wait this afternoon. That'll be undrafted. Thon PREPARATION OF DRAFT. Ifan live tomorrow night by the way. How about Tom Brady coming on? And let's Talk Rock Talk Rock in the first half hour drafted on live tomorrow night. Nfl twitter facebook twitter and Youtube. I bet you Brady's he can't get his camera work in. That'd be working. How does Zoom Zoom Room at that time our our second our guest Michael Stray who by the way is also taking part in Gary? V's all in challenge. It's Nice Nice ticket package for when we're all out of this madness back to real normal life again when Gronk and Brady will be out there and Pewter Tampa Bay Florida. I sense that I smelled it. We we we whiffed it last year and now. I guess after a year of being part you're being a part gronk decides to tell the Patriots. I WANNA play with Tom to their credit. By the way they say okay to their credit to Bella Bella checks crafts credit. Like okay. You don't WanNA play for us. You don't play for him. Go thanks for the memories that thanks for the thanks for the great play for all those years thanks to his name you could have totally been spiteful about this thing right -solutely been spiteful about this thing we'll say and Tom GonNa join us in the third hour today but he wrote a com-. Yesterday he said that Bill has always been about what's good for the team football business and it made a football business decision. They now have a fourth round. Pick that they did not have. That's right and they traded a guy that they didn't plan on having anyway because he retired and you could sit there and say what's the fourth round pick. What happened in the sixth round? Pick of two thousand. You hit the Jackpot anywhere. We'll all those picks. Now look at that we got to. We've got to adjust. We gotta get you gotTa Change. The FONT FONT gets smaller. Have a dozen picks right look at that. They got four. I got four picks in the first three rounds. Twelve picks overall. You could put a couple of those thirds and a fourth. Maybe a second even next year and move. They're not gonna do that thinking to stay put. Now they're gonNA turn the emissary second it'll be jarred stood up to to Cameron break and commendable probably to maybe the OJ Howard. Maybe he'll come up too soon too soon. It's too soon for me to go all in in the manner in which I truly want to go all in because we have too much to. What's going on right? Now is the draft tomorrow. It we get a lot of NFL draft draft our first hour year Matt Miller of Bleach report calling any was gonNA call in about thirteen minutes time when Isaiah Simmons said. Hey I'll come on in the first hour we're like okay. We're all good. Let's do it right there. We go okay. I mean I was eating my feelings a little bit yesterday afternoon around like twelve thirty when all this was going down I had a good cry. Did you really now okay? I'm fine. I'm del Tufo. You gotta who said last week when we were chewing on this figuratively. I'm usually zero point. Zero drop by the way thanks to our friends at NBC. Sports in the Sunday night football on NBC twitter handle. They're right on it soon. As grant got traded to the bucks they cut a show from last week. We're talking about now and DEL. Tufo saying never going to happen. You played the zero point zero drop. It's a warmer climate. We are here. We are here we are. You say you won't have to eat it. Nbc later on not today not today. It's not happening. He ain't playing yet. He's got a play by the way but I will say that has played honesty. I'll I'll do some would immediately. Some what could he cut the same swath? Mo- along literally right next to the piece that you're eating that much of this outta his shorts. Your camera please to your. There's no way I'm eating vice that I cut out it's about. It's about a half inch by half Jake. Brockman put in the middle of a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich Gusting. I want to eat it because the eagles made the playoffs. He said that he would eat hat. And by the way mclovin the fact that you took mccloughan de Beta that led to that mclovin Bait by the way great fantasy team and it's good. It's good took McLaren twitter and said there's no way. The Eagles make the playoffs if they do. All my led hat. They shouldn't have made the playoffs. They were terrible. Eight four four zero four rich number to dial. We'll take your phone calls later on. Can't wait to do it on. Nbc S N Right now though He is known ads. Nfl draft scout on both twitter instagram. And he has the draft expert from bleacher. Report joining us right now here on the rich. Eisen show a day before the NFL draft. He's Matt Miller. How are you matt? I'm Dole well rich. Thanks appreciate it. You got it. So now. How does out is taking Tampa out of the tight? End Market Mess with your mock mock draft in the fourth or fifth round. Okay I have a seven around. That comes up tomorrow and crazy dog so yesterday when the Trade God's leak you know like schefter and everybody's tweeting about I'm panicking like what got traded. Because I'm going to have to Redo something right. Something's GonNa Change in a seven around mock draft two days before the draft so I was so thankful that it was a fourth and a seventh rounder. That's easy okay. I can move things around no big deal if it had been a first rounder Yeah I would be. I'd be very upset right now. I Bet I bet so. Let's let's get to What you think's going to happen tomorrow. It's going to be borough young or do you see any sort of Hail Mary happening. Are you hearing of anything? No not and it's you know it's boring. I know For everyone who does this for a living we would love to have some injuries right now but I. I don't think there is any JOE. Borough has been the number one pick since the bengals earned the right to draft him first overall. And after that I I think Washington. They probably kick the tires on the quarterbacks justicy you know just to see if there's a guy that you like better than what you already have once they acquired tile and to be the backup slash competition at quarterback. I think that ended any talk of two going there or Justin Herbert or any of the other quarterback so it feels like the first two picks tomorrow night might be a little boring for you guys. Well you know what it's it's all good man because these guys are some of the best players in college football that we've seen in the past several years and they had incredible years and now they're gonNA come to the NFL and will will enjoy them when we get a chance to enjoy them So third overall I give you the choice of the Lions picking trading out. What do you think happens? I would pick trading out. I think they're they're trying to generate a market right now and I think a lot of the smokescreens you're going to see leaked over the next forty eight hours. We'll be to that point of you know they're going to try to generate a market so someone comes up for a quarterback. The dolphins have been waiting for this moment for feels like two years to draft their quarterback of the future. They have three first responders this year to second rounders to second to trying to next year they have fourteen picks in the draft. So they WANNA pop up a couple spots from five to three to make sure that they get their guy. It's not because you have to jump the giants. It's just to make sure that you get your guy. No one certainty. I could see that happening and I think the lions are going to be willing to lower that price in order to do this. I don't think it'll be like the the colts and jets trade a couple of years ago. Where the colts move back from three to six so the jets can get Sam Darnold. I think asking price to be significantly lowered that okay so I guess now that we're we're a couple minutes in here. Matt Miller a bleacher report. The intrigue is what we think it is and it's too on the evaluation of tool and And whether the dolphins are putting up a tremendously effective smoke screen. Where the number of mock drafts that? I'm seeing that. Have Justin Herbert going to Miami or Miami going in a different direction of of in Tula It's become a cottage industry. I wonder where you sit on that subject right now on everyone else and I think I have been for quite some time with its mock draft. Isn't what you do as a general manager. It's what you're hearing Daniel. Jeremiah says that better than anyone And so everything. You're hearing is Justin Herbert. The dolphins like Justin Harbor. They're worried about the medicals with to it. You do wonder because everyone's saying it so is it either. Is it like Daniel Jones last year where everyone saying it to the point that you start to doubt it. You start to wonder if it's true and so I. I've definitely gone through that as well as you know you put just at Harvard. There are five and then you start to over think it of course. Justin Herman Really Bryant floors kind of guy. Are they really going to roll the dice on her cry and he was never great in college? It was pretty good. His most you know his best performances at the senior bowl. Where it's basically a scrimmage or the combine where it's you know you're throwing against air. I think that is you start to doubt that in the back of your head of to this you know what he has a passer he says great pass. It's drew brees esque at times but yeah there are some injury concerns. But if you just had to compare these two quarterbacks it's not even close to. It is so much better as a quarterback prospect. I know that the injuries come into play in that. That's going to be the deciding factor for Miami. But you're right rich every Ma. Drafty read and every person you talked to around the league right. They don't feel like Miami is GonNa Take Justin Herber. Well who was it? Yesterday Chris who said Marino was the one who chiming in on this front as well right. It was breer right. Algebra was telling us that he thinks that he says in his reporting Marino is saying that he loves Justin Herbert a big guy with a big arm etc and so on and so forth you know. I just can't believe that here. We finally are. The dolphins put an all the work and buy the work. I mean trading. Everybody Evalu- away you know. And then However putting the their tank job in the hands of the antitank quarterback in fits fits magic that they're still with all of that here we are and it sure. Looks like they're gonNa have to was sitting right there at five. They won't even have to move up to Detroit. It seems like to go get and they're gonNA they're gonNA pass. They really are. I mean not the fans are GonNa riot if and when that happens because even if you if you tweet. I'm hearing the dolphins one Justin Herbert's dolphins science come out in mass of you. Don't know what you're talking about. There's no way we'll pass onto A. They've had their heart set on this quarterback for at least a year. And now you're GONNA be there. He's on the clock. You didn't have to trade up you didn't have to go. Winless the guy you wanted. Tank virtue he's there and they're not gonNA take him. I think it's it's GonNa be it's GonNa be interesting to see the reaction when that happened. Okay Matt Miller here on the rich. Eisen show Joining me the day before the National Football League draft before we all get ready in our in our shelter in place for this whole For this whole extravaganza very excited about that Matt Miller bleacher report on the rich Eisen. Show what happens next then so too passed up on. Do you think the chargers to say there. Thank you and take him sixth. I hope so right. That's where you you get to the point of a again. I think over evaluation with two and the information out there right now so they do like tyrod Taylor. I wonder if they like tyrod so much why he didn't play last year. And I know Philip Rivers is future hall of Famer and you want to be respectful to that. But you're also trying to win football games so I think that all this noise about they really like tyrod. They think he could be the guy next year. They might think that but that's also a very effective way to put out there. Hey we might not draft a quarterback so you hope one false to you and so I do think. The chargers take to You're moving into a new stadium. You gotTA sell tickets. You need a face of the franchise on offense. He can be that when you're competing with the Rams s-o-f-i stadium you get a guy who's from Hawaii so there's kind of some west coast routes there as well and I I do like. He's the most recognizable player in this draft. It's not Joe Borough. It's on tour. He is hands down. You're playing Alabama. The stage that he played on the everyone watches the casual playoff the national championship. Where he comes in at halftime and then leave come back over. Georgia like to as the face of this draft and for the chargers to get that make sense from a business standpoint. It makes sense from a football standpoint is is almost good to be true soon as I hang up the phone with you Matt Miller I say hello to Isaiah Simmons of WHO says hello to Isaiah Simmons on Thursday night Matt Rule is going to be calling him number seven overall I just oh what an amazing player. You're going to have a good time talking to him as well as a great human being he. I I feel like another guy like where do you play them? Play on Defense. What do you mean were you play? Where would you play? Sean Taylor if he were in the NFL right now that's replay Isaiah Simmons One Week. He's a safety the next week. He's a he's GONNA be able to blitz. He's going to be able to stop the run. And this is the answer to mobile quarterbacks. This is the answer to tight end. Who run a four in the forty yard dash so do the panthers you gotTa Head Coach Coordinator Came From College? That offense coordinator so would. I did his lsu tigers in the first half other national championship game to me. That's a slam. Don't you lose Luke Kuechley? Thomas Davis gone a couple of years. Now they have their quarterback teddy they trade for an offensive tackle Russell. Oh come the table set for them to draft Isaiah Simmons and I think they're uniquely positioned with you know some college coaches on that staff to know how to unleash him so that he's not just being okay. You're you're plugging you in. You're a Mike linebacker. Good luck against often some guards. They would put him in a position to succeed. Every play Matt Miller bleacher report few minutes left with the lead. Nfl draft writer bleacher report here the day before the NFL draft right here on the rich. Eisen show so give me teams that are going to be trading up. Do you think for these eight nine ten picks or maybe even for Carolina's seventh. Just in case. GimMe Gimme. GimMe what you hearing the rumors of the trade down front. I don't think it's any surprise. The Atlanta Falcons Thomas Dementia. If there's one of the most aggressive James Football so I think they would like to trade up for C. J. Anderson the corner from Florida and this might be the spot. Seven overall could be that spot. You want to get ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars who could also take him. If he's gone off the board I think Jacksonville's a team that can trade out and we could be looking at the broncos trading up for Jerry Judy at wide receiver. Maybe the box really WANNA make sure they get their offensive tackle for Tom Brady. They could trade up and try to get one of those top tackles before you have that run of the browns jets who most likely take one off the board. So those teams right right in the middle I think. The buccaneers the broncos the Falcons at Fourteen fifteen sixteen. Are the most intriguing in terms of? Who's going to move up tomorrow night? I put Trevor Lawrence in this quarterback draft class. You put him where Matt I he would be. Gosh probably our overall. He's he's incredibly good and still getting better. I hope to God we get to see him. Play College football this coming fall because he's truly special. He's a little bit stronger than Joe. Borough and a little bit more athletic so I. I think he would be the first pick. You Know Joe. Borrow through sixty touchdown passes right. I Love Joe Borrow. He's my guy. I'm a huge jober open but that I told you how good Trevor Lawrence does right. I mean like that. And that's do you think that that is A prevailing evaluation. I right now but yeah I mean. I'm old enough to remember when everybody thought that liner was going to be the first you know it was like for three years in that line it was going to be the first pick in the draft and and you know we go through these cycles of once you get to actually break the guy down. You'll find some flaw. You'll find something you know. He's a little skinny or there'll be something but I think as of now the the upside would. Trevor Lawrence is probably as good as you know you have to go back to like Andrew. Lock or Peyton Manning where you see this Guy Coming. And there's not really anything he doesn't do. Well your best guess where Jordan love goes best. Guess I'll say the colts Maybe they have to move up to get him but I think the colts at thirty four are a really really interesting option where he doesn't have to play right away and you can just let that arm. Shrink developed remember Ballard with in Kansas City. When they when they were all over I know he was gone by the time. They drafted him. But I think Chris Ballard could look at this and say might be my shot to get a a rare athlete with a huge arm. We could sit. Let him learning developed for a year. Yeah let's let's linger on this one for a second Matt. I mean here's a couple of things first of all. If Jordan love drops in the first round is now. I'm beginning here. That's the prevailing thought. And that he he starts getting down in the late. Twenties and early Thirties. Somebody who's going to hop back into the first round. Make sure that they get an extra year of contractual control on him. I don't think he's GonNa fall out of the first round just for that alone. I think someone is GonNa get itchy about it and say let's be smart about it. Let's not wait till next. Let's not wait till tomorrow nuts. Let's not give other general managers a full night to call everybody around and try and get him at the top of Friday night. Let's get them. Now let's get an extra year of contractual control and I don't know if the culture that team because let's say again. Knock on wood if you're with me. Football goes down on time this year. Philip Rivers. The this is the time you gotta fill it up for Phil Right now. You can't just sit sit here and use your use your draft choice that That that you have. That's your best on something other than setting things up for Phillip to win right now. I agree with that completely. The colts have no quarterback under roster for two thousand twenty one. Though I mean everyone's a free agent so at some point they're going to have to make a move and it does not seem Chris Ballard to wait so you know what we'll be in next year on Trevor Lawrence Freelance Justin Fields. We're GONNA put all our eggs into this. We believe we can win now. Covers all our eggs in that basket. We'll figure out next year we get to next year. There are teams. Like that. I mean Ballard is just too smart To be that guy they pick it thirty four like you said if he starts to slide you might not have to come up that for to get him to where it's not completely depleting. I think they only have six choices in this draft. So you're not completely depleting your draft reserves to get a player that I it. It's a little bit boring because you're drafting someone who's not helping you this year but If for some reason bill goes down or plays like he did in December. You might need that quarterback faster than you think you do. I that that's just an interesting aspect of the draft is just. How far do you have to move up and if love gets down to say where? San Francisco's The I mean the niners would love for love to drop right down to thirty one because they're looking to get out and start replenishing. We talked to John Lynch yesterday. They don't have a second third or fourth they they they need some more Second night they need a second night pick and I think that that might be something right. There Matt Miller here on the rich Eisen show. Give me names guys that. Are you love that you think would be a great selection for a team either on Thursday night or Friday? Give me those names Matt. Job Rose my guy. I know that he's GonNa be the first pick so that boring to say but I I fell in love with him in Austin Texas early. September watching him beat my beloved Texas Longhorn. So that's maybe I'm cheating on that one but Antoine winfield junior from Minnesota. He had a great combine man. E-e-eddie rate combine grace. Thorpe award as. Well let's just no disrespect the great. He should won the Thorpe. Seven picks three sacks He was the heart and soul of that team every time I watch him play. I think I'm watching Tire Matthew. Back in college. It just an impact on every snap on defense that little underside. Noah banged up in college but he is one of those dudes. I'm going to be rooting for no matter. Where he lance. Because it's just a little bit of a throwback in the way he plays and it's it's infectious and you fall in love watching his game right and like I said great combine stellar. He did everything perfectly that day in Indianapolis he was. He was terrific I'm what about a a a final day pick? What do you think fourth fifth? Sixth who? Who's WHO's sitting out there that you think whether it's a quarterback prospect receiver. GimMe a couple of names on that front. I don't know if he'll last long enough. But I am really intrigued by Tonio Gibson from Memphis. He only touchable like seventy seven times a college but he scored fourteen touchdowns. It's incredible place them running back placing wide receiver so finding the right fit for him is going to be interesting. But I wouldn't be shocked if it's three years and we're really watching the straps like everyone was last night watching the twenty seventeen when it saying. Gosh Tonio Gibson fall to the third or fourth round. Because he's an instant playmaker Again whether it's running back wide receiver return man. I think he's someone who's got to find a way to get the ball in his hands in a creative offense coordinator is GonNa really like the traits that he's bringing to the table. Matt appreciate the time man enjoy the draft. However you're taking it and enjoy. I appreciate that rich. Thank you got you got us. Matt Miller right here from bleacher report on the rich Eisen. Show Isaiah Simmons going to be calling in our guest line in a second before unpack all that. Let me tell you about our friends at Geiko if you are renting your home or owning it and You know it's hard work right. 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Starting at the starting at the combine all the way through the week before the draft and then the powers that be at the NFL Media Group would twist his arm so severely he would finally say okay few years ago. He's like okay. I'll do a mock draft and is the guy who burst onto the scene with. Nfl Network has a draft expert by pegging Aaron Rodgers dropping all the way to twenty four to Green Bay the year that he and Alex Smith came out. I love seeing that footage on. Nfl Network. Where I'm sitting there with hair in a split screen before and I'm GonNa give you. I'm gonNA give you a Aaron Rodgers all the way twenty four. You nailed so Tonight at nine eastern time we we ran through. We were hearst it yesterday because they want to work out the kinks of exaggerating the bandwidth. If you WANNA make sure with is not a problem the same with the NFL deadline. Monday right call the rehearsal. So here's what I will say the quarterback group that where he's got these guys going is a little surprising to say the least all right. I can't give you than the over-under on the number of quarterback he's got the first round because that's spoiler alert for how long you should stick around right and the wide receiver group. If it goes down the way that he saying that it goes down would be quite something. Because he's got it. All jumbled up in terms of the order you think you know it's Judy and Rugs and Sandy Lam and don't forget about Jefferson where he's Got Jefferson. Going would be somewhat of a little bit of an eyebrow okay and then he's got he's he includes trades he included includes a big trade in the top ten in the top ten. Yes Sir Fun. I want to confirm or deny cannot confirm or deny but this is what he puts altogether everything that he's hearing and seeing and talking about with all of the individuals that are out there and is nine o'clock eastern either nine o'clock eastern tonight again. I'll be on stage two. Which is the left corner of my desk. And my office and Again I it's it's something and by the way just again. I just WANNA give Kudos here on on Channel Two Eleven Sirius. Xm and also our youtube stream dot com slash rich Eisen show. Our producers are all sheltered in place or director sheltered in place. It's amazing how we're how this is all being done on. Nfl Network right now with no control room in Los Angeles. It's amazing crazy right and at some point you know my Internet may have to get reset. My dog may come in the room. You never know that could be your underdog pick your. That could be your underdog. Do you have a poll question for the top of the show is eight seventy two. I'm just GONNA go for it here. We're just GONNA go for it. How did the Bucks Finish Twenty twenty? Let's just go for it. There's all anybody's talking about. They're getting a choice to super team together to make the Super Bowl make NFC championship win. The South missed the playoffs. Miss the playoffs. If you think someone's GonNa hit the mistake. I think there are a lot of people who think no matter what they're going to go eight nate not a chance. Not a chance just remember. The browns were one the off season where the fourth bedding favorite. Now if the case if you're wondering while we wait for as as Simmons how this affected Super Bowl odds gronk move yesterday as the box went from eleven to one to ten to one. That's wow not a big move not a big move. Still behind their the fifth betting favourite where they were after. They got Tom Brady. What is the matter? But they're still behind the saints at ten to one the niners plus eight fifty. The Ravens are six to one in chief. So it's still your favourite putting a grand on that eleven to two at ten one just so you know I do. Not Accounts Dmitrov is calling right now. I wonder what's going on. Actually Jesse not does he go to Thomas He is putting you on Speaker in the passenger. Darn it on speaker on on a minute. I Dunno but dial rich. I don't know about that. I don't know Thomas does things I called on the air. Actually you want us to come in the air. Simmons is going to be nine forty okay so we have some time. When I'm on air almost a call Thomas almost picked up. What's up what's Do you think he called us. From from that setup. I sure so so On that front we've got more General Manager Slash coaching. Oh Home Office. Draft Room setups. That will reveal later on in our number two one. But here okay. That's it. Maybe he called from there right there. Sitting on that couch are those touchscreens. Can you just touch your face and I don? I have no idea clarifying those are not him and he sent us another angle right. A lot of people were commenting on the lamp in the background. About now which lamb. Lamp that lamp in the back around the one right in the corner. That looks like a monk. Yeah I got. Alas Monkey Lamp people were commenting on. That is that is that what they don't front are those are totally Eminem. See let me sour. Those are eminent. M asked for those who are for those who are at home maybe mimicking with Don Buoy. Seeing my ear. Trust me. I am a veteran of the national. Football League drafts and a veteran. Eight crusty hall of fame veteran of all teams. Y'All have had EMINEM's and they're all many of them are white. And they're written stamped on them. And you could see will be the Falcons logo if you wanted to zoom in on the way you can get customary if I'm at the. Nfl has customs and at Radio City. Music Call Me Eminem's it'd be sitting there and this is well before the. Wash your hands. Fifteen Times a day I would rich. I dug in rich to on those rehearsal days. Nfl Network Ams Zoom in those birds. Right there Yup. Those are probably from the drafts. It nope I'm sure they are. And he took them and gray. Hold on a minute. Hold on a second. He responded we have time to call it time to call him back. I will say rich. We've got about. We got about eight or nine minutes before. Oh man he worked a little blue in my text these tax to me. Oh I just told him call back. Let's see if he does. He does all put wants to call them on the mainland. I Don know by the way I just find it funny that yesterday. You guys were like you should text Bella. Check yes to take a picture of his set of trading grop me. This is what the guy would have been the perfect size. If you've got a text on busy which by the way if could you imagine if Dmitrov calls in while Hook them up with Simmons say Hey i. Tam Percents Hamper Tampering. I don't know if you WANNA get involved trading up for only the merge call Button Ranchi. Come an expert in here these these days if a lot of calls if you text bill anyone. I'm busy yesterday on this laugh. All man you're bringing him up. He's here Courtesy old spice he is one of the top prospects and they twenty twenty. Nfl draft live here on the rich Eisen. Show Front Clemson. Football Isaiah Simmons. How're you is air? I'm good how you doing. I'm fine where have I found you? Where are you right now? That's where you now. Why are you in there while you're there right now? So this from you're from there. How did you wind up at Clemson? Isaiah Simmons Yeah so cousin came superleague. They came about a month before Hiding Day and the reason I came was on curves because see degree. They all declared for the National Championship are after the National Championship. Twenty thirteen so Coach has on his life just from the area as well as history. I can't stay so yeah around here and got my film to them. And he said he'd love it immediately. you know ever since visit there. The rest is history. So that's how he found you in the middle of this country right there in Kansas. And that's how you wound up. A clemson. Tiger is basically because his wife had ties to the area. Isn't that amazing? How that works sometimes owner. Who else was knocking on your door. At the time. Oh Michigan Big Ten schools a lot of twelve okay. Let me linger on that. You know where I went to school is and that's where I went to school. I went to the University of Michigan. Why didn't you choose that institution of Higher Learning and excellence? Why don't you go there? What have you been? I've been clemson before Clemson and no Michigan's the all time greatest spot on planet earth. Isaiah you don't you don't know what you don't know told you that. Who told you that they call it country Don't shoot the best job but I'm just. I'm just letting you know what all know. Davos also pretty damn convincing when he wants to be. I bet right is here. So what's Your W- what was your relationship with him like because I I'm sure and I heard that's why I'm saying I'm sure you WANNA play offense Isaiah right. You wanted to get some snaps on the offensive side of the ball correct So there's there's I'm not gonNA say a couple of games where you know. We were up my coaches letting one go ball and at the quarterback ride and you know he. He wasn't really go on for he would just laugh. And you know kind of gives you a lot of these games. So I'm like maybe I'll get a shot. So they they told me picks that I'll get my chance so I got one and I get my hands that year. So this past we get a bed. Corn Ohio State. Let you get wants to look beyond what? Because he just didn't want me to go out there and he's looks like if you go get in the fourth quarter. Were up by forty points. So I'm the tall out of the goodness I was hard but think a lot more so How good of a receiver can you be? I know you did it in high school but Clemson as we all know is maybe why you right now with with who are seeing performing the NFL. How good can you beat that position? I had twenty nine reception for nine hundred ninety four yards and seventeen touchdowns so. I'm being go out there and say okay and then. Interestingly enough there is a debate a raging debate actually amongst NFL scouts and NFL. Evaluators is to. What's the best position for you in the NFL? What is the best position for you in the NFL? Simmons you call it what do you what do you? What do you make of that? Yeah I think what the creative coordinator somebody legal utilize the personnel. That they have that I could play a similar role that I play that Clinton You see it happen now with tyrod. Matthew James could still play a similar role in the game From everywhere just like I just like I did in college. That's a smart answer. You could've gone a Michigan. That's such a smart answer. You could have been a Michigan member. I mean 'cause you're not GonNa peg right there but what were you most comfortable. Then which level you most comfortable in? Isaiah. I don't I don't really believe that there's a level that I'm more comfortable and then another cause I'm just as comfortable rushing the passer. I am out and covered so talking down into one. Isaiah Simmons here on the rich. Eisen show a few more minutes left with zero. Who's here courtesy of old spice which we'll get to in a second? How many teams have you been chatting with for the most part just out ten? Okay so Giants you chatted with the giants okay You chatted with the browns chatted with the Browns Isaiah briefly. Dolphins you chat with the dolphins briefly. Have you chatted with the Patriots? Isaiah Simmons you tell me yes or no. Have you chat with the New England Patriots? I have not actually Y- my just my at the combine now at the combine. Okay did you did you chat with Bill. Belichick himself at the combine mainly just Because coordinator but he who question so bill. Belichick was in the room when you were there. All right What he did what he ask you. What are you ask you can you remember? I can't really remember all. He is smart. Yeah that's like fight club. You can't talk about ballot. Check your right. I don't WanNa get you in trouble. I don't WanNa ruin your dress stock but you draft. Stock is not reasonable. Quite frankly I mean you are on fire as anybody is right now. If I told you that when you were growing up in Kansas what would you said I woulda quite impossible. Let's see this wall slightly overlooked. I like it okay. So you're you're striking a blow for all of football in the state of Kansas. That's right I'm trying to help time. How's the guys you know? I'm trying to just pay the way. They'll everything will be easier to. There's a little bit you know. GotTa love their. He's alleged around here but I'm just breaking my shovel my Baolong. He'll pay a little lawn. Jordy Nelson Right. Can't forget Jordi Geordies at Kansas State? Guy Right let's not forget him and now and I'm sure forgetting many others and now you Isaiah Simmons. Okay so Old Spice is GonNa Start donating a bunch of money on behalf of you and other and other prospects correct. That's what's going on. It's fights yeah well to be three hundred twenty thousand dollars Just to to united way just to to support our privilege guys and their families. So I'm really excited to partner with them just because of the great history that they have of helping athletes as well as how. It's going to be a great jumps are on the back to the community that I ended up in I grew. I grew up wearing those buys. Dan Day out for grandfather war. All I really do so they will now You know like my dream coming true of being drafted and they get partner with something. I grew up in Does really cool and also. It's a good thing that happened to mind at all. That's great I'm happy for you is a Simmons You know so many giants fans watch you play against Ohio state and we're texting me saying that's our that's my guy that that's my guy that's what they're all saying. I know you peg yourself but New York City. That's not a bad spot New Jersey New York City right to live. I've only I don't think I want I. I don't know about you gotta use to the cold I mean. Kansas is not the warmest spot all the time. So you got to be just fine with that right yeah. I'm not you know the weather. That's not that's not because like you said you saw everything here in Kansas. But no you don't know much about it. All Right Isaiah will look you know. I'm from that area if you do wind up in that area on Thursday night You know how to reach me and plus. I don't know if you're aware but you know I've been with NFL network since two thousand three When you're way before your old spice wearing days so when you enter the National Football League and my show calls the rich Eisen show calls you have to. It's it's mandatory that you that you appear on the show. I don't know if you're aware of that okay about that one. That is not an acceptable. Answer we'll see about that one. The answer is okay rich. Come on no what? A man can't make no problems. You don't know what you don't know I guess. Is Richardson all full? Circle Art Isaiah. I'll just take that as a yes. That's the way I'll take it and and we'll chat down the road. Good luck to you. Have a great draft night. Hope it's as quick as you want to thank you right back at you. That is as Simmons. I'll tell you what man he could've education he's smart. He's New York area market. That will be great. Let him go hunt and play in the New York City area. That was delightful. Even though he absolutely we the Heisman at the very end rector gave you all kinds of business in that interview. He can he can defend. It is a really good player. Grown IS GROWN ASMAT boy. Let's give this guy some credit like that. He said he only talked teams in the top. He's like Dionne how we're going to. We're just the top ten. Sh wouldn't even speak to somebody down at ten. That's why I spoke to the browns for a little bit a little bit. What time was it? That's the time that's what I gave. The browns nine twenty nine forty six Pacific. That's the time I gave the browns or good. Let's give this man some credit. Let's give him some run calling the rich. Eisen show is he did last week. This man had the crystal ball. His name is Jeremy From Alabama. Jeremy we thought of you yesterday the minute that this grunk trade happen. We all did my phone my foul my instagram and twitter blue. They announced yesterday. Walk everybody through Jeremy. If they're new to Jeremy from Alabama and this old gronk playing Tampa thing walk everybody through that process. I give you the floor sir. Thank you sir. Bye Week. I saw the scenario just I. It was a perfect storm. When you when you just look at it and the Gronkowski and Florida with the wwe and you saw Tom. Go down there. The top obey drunken nears are now going to go. Nine and with nine wins. They're gonNA sneak in and a wildcard. I just think How how great is it? I mean I just I. My question is this. Do I need to send a recipe in for the hat to be eaten or you know? Send Arrest Whatever del Tufo stealing right now guys to focus where you're looking at a cat phone out over with what I want to eat it with. That's how it goes does peanut butter toast done. You've done so the question Renoir. Lamar Lamar no little. What little in and out Burger and PIZZA SLICE OF PIZZA? It's going to be talking. It'll be it'll be topping pizza. We're folding you're from the East Coast Pizza. Jeremy Jeremy I think I think you know as much as you'd like to play as much as you'd like to spike the football like Gronk. I think we have to let might choose the method of his demise of his masticate method. I think has got to be a lot more with the fact that he's not playing for the Patriots a meal for me. That's victory meal the fact that Brady the watch implying that Tampa Bay gronk and ears Jeremy Alabama. You're on fire so your phone was blowing up the friends and yesterday people are blowing up out. It's great man. Oh my gosh you called it my goodness you're the one you're the one who called in here. So what about that possibility knife? I heard it. You had me at. Hello and I'm like we're going to pound that drum and I thought we'll just pounded may because that's stuff to talk about after the draft and who knew it was underneath our draft Christmas tree two days before the chimney. Well what happens with our now. I made trade up investor at all. I don't think so I think he might. He might be thrown into a trade. Maybe draft night with somebody. But I don't think that would be fodder to move up. I don't think I mean first. Round is serious. Business mean first round series business to go from fourteen two nine at someone who WanNa draft choice. I think I don't know maybe I'm wrong. We'll see Jeremy you've nailed everything so that'll definitely happen on Thursday night. Thanks for the call. I will say this chant. They were seventy nine last year in a in a horrible division other than New Orleans. Thanks to the clean at Jeremy. I appreciate congrats. You deserve it that. Thanks for calling in Germany Alabama. At Bucks have been trying to move. Oj Howard for few days. No thanks no takers. So far by the way how about how about if this was in the offing from the beginning which it had been had to open the whole conversation of Brady's Brady's insisting on Antonio Brown common that's a that's rich gronk was coming all along was in the. Oh yeah the whole time. Oh Yeah Oh yeah I thought this is dead like hey let me see where you land Tom. We'll see where you land works out. We we play acted last year with Gronk last summer. Yeah I just posted that again. If you WanNa hit that I played a Michigan. Man Named Tom. He played a future hall of fame. Tight end named rob and we play acted on the conversation. How would go last Thanksgiving and that conversation may happen but not for the Patriots Tampa Different Story? I love leg great. Great Great tweet. Yeah well it seems like legged had no choice on the bucks official Roster Gronk already has eighty took it from him. They took it from great tweet. Just a great tweet. What an absolute beautiful beautiful turn of events just beautiful. Hey Man Look. I'm happy I'm happy. I'm happy for bucks. I really don't believe that for second enemy and I'm happy I appreciate you taking one one time wears. It's cool cross talk. Show this enjoying every minute of this joy what I've got to experience for the last twenty years and along. I'm just happy L zero. Our old buddy bucks fan congrats. Oh look that's the hot take. We're all looking for right there. He didn't retire from football. He retired from Bella check. He retired 'cause he was hurt. He he heard he needed a break. Beat up bill. He just needed. That's looking for. They're not here for the way. Speaking of hot takes big notice the Dan Shaughnessy twitter yesterday. No Sir Oh talking about how grunk screwed. The pats fans should be pissed at Gronk for about what not playing last year? No about when he when he chose to retire kind of screwed the PATS and free agency. And then doing all this. You know my mind. Everybody's got their own world to live in Amman. Dan got their own world to live. I'm not here for GRONK. Slander obey Kraken House. Funny have you heard that anywhere else? I saw top obey Gronk and SLA stroke rehearsing. I was melting down. Remember doing rehearsing trying to be present is a dead. Oh is it personally Harvey News? What's going on with that comeback? After three years off they'll not all not ready returned the NFL thought it was on. The edge came back. I'm a training with the former Olympian. By the way that's me. You just want to reveal that here on my body's feeling good mentally better. My family's good timing is right. Hopefully as its head screwed on right. That's what you're going to the bucks to are they just wanting everybody Dude I've really dream He went there. You go there it is was. I didn't even see that. Go by the way. Everyone's GonNa be knocking on that door. Nfc SOUTH BRADY NFC south. You got two years. Tom Plan two more years. Go for it. It's just two more that three more. Maybe forty three forty four forty five percent. His is for two years oh they can extend it not the last dance. Laser has money. Oh my gosh. They got a couple of blocks. Oh okay here's a you know it's very rare that I just want to meditate on the air because they just want my head to be totally clear for the top of the next hour when I got enough runway to make a meal of this whole thing. It's coming your way. Just want to give you that heads up. Go ahead make a meal of this whole thing. So I'm good with it Tom. Curren will be on at the top of our third and final hour to give us the the boots on the ground thoughts on all of this from NBC Sports Boston NBC S. An audience will join us in just a few minutes time. Michael Strahan's first up can't wait to chat with Our good friend love this guy. Pro Football Hall of Famer. Did we just talk to the Next New York giant Isaiah Simmons Airbus Gary Chuck the CEO and Co founder of media. And so much more is one of the inspirations for the all in campaign raising money raising money for The fight against food insecurity trying to get people fed in this pan. Dad's really awesome. What they're doing and how many people involved phone calls at four to four rich. Also let me throw also oil. I have not one not two but three new trout settings never called back it? Didn't he did damage an eighteen minutes ago. You missed it we well. We were talking Simmons So I'll read. I'll read his retort later on on the air when we walked through all of the The new coach slash general manager slash team president. You've got a general manager coach in a team president. I think that's what the VP of football ops who may be a pro football hall of Famer to we've got his home draft setup. That's still to come here on the rich Eisen show. We're off and running baby. Oh you gotta stay tuned for the next hour the way. I'm going to start this thing. It's going to be fun. 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