Day 2: Superstars shine bright, Vika and Goffin among fallen seeds


Long jessica hello and welcome to the show for day two of straight in twenty twenty one. I'm john who've is bringing you. The big stories from melvin. Pock every day of the angel today on the show smooth sailing for the superstars. I wanted to go out there and almost take the sting. Contact the out of the match a little bit and and get it on macho as much as possible as some other seeds. Scott up was. I feeling prepared fully. No i felt like things. Were just not connecting hopper and puts a nail in the fon fon. I'll definitely remember it for for my whole career for my whole life on. The crowd was just unbelievable. Fuss over k results from day to and who the fans predicting to win the titles liberal cushy spanish and i love spine. The men's medvedev congress pasta. That's all ahead. On the. I o show just landing back just over the net co vinicius put. It long continued narrative of the match performance from ashleigh barty. The number one women's top seed ash body has achieved the ray grand slam fate of a double bagel in an opening round demolition of montenegrin. Don out there and almost take the sting contacted pepper out of the match a little bit and and get it on my terms as much as possible route from the get. Go and make it feel lock. She had a real mountain to climb. And i think that was probably the most pleasing i roll. Is that route from the start. I said at the time was able to run away with it. World number two rafael and the dog cruise to a straight sets. Win over serb laszlo jarrett three six four six one but the thirty four year old is unsure. He can outlast his opponents when pushed to five sets. My back is not perfect. As i said a couple of days ago every day. They're i am able to to go through probably there there are more chances to get better. And that's that's the thing now so There is always a chance to a chance to improve. And that's why. I'm blaming and fighting through to try to to get better and then give myself a chance so today is not great. I change the bid on my serve. That's what i tried to survive that conditions today four se dino medvedev was untroubled against canadian. Russia pospisil his fifteenth consecutive win making him a championship favourite. If people consider me as a favorite it's actually good job because I worked all my life to be one of the. Let's say top players in the world. So i'm happy that i'm parts of them right now but you know you need to win seven matches. I just won't one so i need to win. Six more against a strong bonds and fifth sade stefanos tsitsipas was cain for an early night cruising past frenchman. Shield simone six. One six two six one in a ticker of ninety minutes. It wasn't the toughest of the match. That are how the destroyed an open but in the back of my head. I know that and I'm going to take that as a as a as a good win because against the player who has Many years of experience in the door has achieved the little things so for sure. It doesn't go unnoticed. Oh yes jessica. Zoo up pulls off the upset over the two-time australian open champion victoria. Azarenka is the first big say to full in the women's drawer against the world number sixty one in her first straighten open main draw match twenty four year old padilla manufactured an impressive seven five six victory against the twelfth seed and know that my levels been there It was just going out. And knowing and believing that i could win. And i know it was tough there at the end. She obviously wasn't feeling well but sometimes that makes it even harder. So i just tried to keep my head down and not really too much about Two is playing the twenty twenty. Us open finalists concede. She was undone following two weeks in hard porn but insists. She made the most of her tough. Circumstances was i feeling prepared. Fully no But also going into grand slam tournaments like okay. I'll have to do the best. I can with what i have. That was intelligence day. I felt that. I've done that to the best of my ability today and also mentally But it's it didn't work out. It just was not I felt like things were just not connecting and Yeah it's disappointing fisher to build russian exiting the tournament without a second thought on her decision to play in melbourne. I don't reflect. i don't. I'm not gonna sit here and should i have come. Should i not come. it's a waste of time. i i came here. Whatever happened happened. I'm here today. I lost my match. Life goes on as a rank and not the lost women say to suffer premature. elimination petra. March was filled by qualify. All got danilovich seven five three six four while thirteen sade. Johanna konta retied with injury. After winning her first set against you've on day to has claimed another two top min said's with about good and davig on eliminated today. The spanish trophy sade was defeated. By moldovan number one rudder l. Bought in four sets while kafan was down by alexi. Pawprint the ozzy. Wild cod clawing his way. Back from two sets down and saving four match points in a dramatic fourth. Set to force a decider. Despite fatigue popper rode the momentum of the court three crowd to record the best win of his career by far. Yeah especially against who i played you know Top twenty player top ten player by level I'd also to win to save much points against him and embiid him and five when his known as life probably one of the guys on so to beat him. Five szeswith was really pleasing the first round losses fans worst result at the australian open since two thousand thirteen but pawprints first five-set win. He joined the short time ago on the show. Alexi a lot of great australian open environments had been forged on three and now you'll is alongside of them. How do you think that match will be remembered. in history's page Hopefully it'll be. It'll be remembered for a long time. You know it will definitely. I'll definitely remember it for for my whole career for my whole life honestly You know the fans. The crowd was just unbelievable You know. I don't think i would've would've would've won the match if it weren't for them. You know coming back from the brink of it They kept telling me to keep my head up to. They kept encouraging me. And i think that you're really really helped me. We saw what was happening of course on on the scoreboard. But what was happening inside. Your mind Especially in In the fourth set in the fourth of always tried to now well this year. I'm trying to stay a comma In tough situations. You know that something that i really put a little thought in preseason and building up an coming into the tournaments You know i try and keep myself as calm as possible in in in these moments and yet To save much points in in three of my first four matches of the year is kind of dot com coma. That calm state of mind is paying off and you first five-set weaning your career Think you mentioned in the press conference. The last time that happened. You're pretty saw afterwards. How do you recover. And how do you expect to pull up after after my muscles. I five setter the one that i didn't win Y'all couldn't walk for today's my legs really saw But you know. Hopefully i'll pull up pull up. All rights know dubs. That i go on and Yeah i'm just gonna do it possibly can to to recover for tomorrow You know. I've i've already done ice both up taking my recovery shake. I've seen my physique. And i'll have some more treatment done tomorrow to tonight and Hopefully they'll find tomorrow at a couple of meetings already with your next opponent. lloyd harris. What weapons does he have. And how have you changed since you lost me. you know he's got a huge serve And a big four hundred. You know. And i've i've changed everything about my game. I think i become more solar from the back. I'm serving better. High percentage My mentality is much much i'm stronger. I'm gone much fitter than than than i have in previous previous times. I feel i feel really good and really confident coming and going into the next match against him. Congratulations today. enjoy. All the spoils and good luck for your second round. Thank you thank you very much in other dietary results. Ozzy walcott chris. O'connell has upstaged german number. Two john leonard strove six seven six. Six one he's through to the second round for the second consecutive time grand slam following his performance at the us arpan. That's why play tennis grand slams and to get to win. I rounds of of grand slams. Just it's just awesome unbelievable. Feeling the pays most improved player. Andrei rubel of has continued. His unbeaten start to the year recording. A straight-sets victory over germany's unique hunt. A quick comeback really fast. And i started to control the much. Almost in the middle of the center was already controlling the much. So i'm really happy with this. And then till the end of the show was controlling the much soil in the end. I'm really happy that i could feeds the mice quite confident in straight straight-sets and that's what i need for the first match to get confidence to get this feeling to don't stay long on court to keep Through save energy caledonian growth has begun. Her campaign in scintillating fashion with a six four six love win over margarita. Gasparin the twenty two thousand finalist crediting. Her calm approach to lost. You is successful campaign in which she felt one win short. If title after that experience. I managed to to sail it with calmer and to just go and compete. Proudly half less expectations always like they're always so so pumped so i'm just no knowing myself a little bit better now and finding ways to compete to not let That energy and that desire to much desire get underway brody originally scheduled to play on day one with a now has tobacco performance tomorrow when she takes qualify luis milla samsonov. Who defeated spain's pullover dosa sophia cannon and mitch. He wasn't in the zion in her first match against australian wildcard madison english gripped by nerves. The defending champion was bothered by the osce. Wild cod in six five six four victory. yeah. I was obviously quite annoying the whole match. I felt like the first two points. I started off well and then wasn't able to close out the first game and obviously nerves happen but she obviously played really well you know. She's a tricky opponent in tricky players. So yeah it was quite hard on myself today and quite annoyed as you said kennan now. Faces kyle kennedy who overcame anastasia sylvester bar in less than an hour teenage sensation. Cocoa gov took on jill tuchman to set up around to rumble with illionis fit elena. Who took care of maria boost kava in straight-sets golf made headlines when she asked it now me asaka last year and has a mature approach to the next monster up. I mean she's a great player. No it's gonna be a tough match. But i'm going to embrace the opportunity and try to play while under the pressure. Kristina mladenovic is also threw off the battering maria sakari in three sets other winners today at least a mittens belinda bench. Caroliina pushpa sam. And dora governor and the men's karen of alex and and mattera bertini old safely through to the second round with the first round of matches done and dusted. We sent our reporter. Selene alexander to ask fans who they're tipping for the singles championships. What are you ellie predictions. What do you think's going to win the men's and who's going to win the woman and why you to be rich and white because i think the dow is injured and the women's i think it'd be body body would say we've been there yesterday and he wasn't real for the woman subotica. I think she's really good form and things she could. Graphic gonna win body thing that's going to be a lot of uncertainty judah the covid dude ups but probably calm guy poss- novak just experience here and he's record bruce spin hot debate and the women's. I'll go safe picking serena. She's well rested experience the crucial points because she spanish and i. I love spine for many reasons. The men's medvedev conquer pasta number from the will like you don't get there without being pretty damn good guy with the dow is just my favorite the other person while the ladies at least cohen. I because it's you know i'll be going novak djokovic and i'm going to go from niamey. Soccer's halas crowd favorite straddling coach and talk of each go body scholar hungry on advantage to us late body for the win yet body potty in one thousand nine. This is actually pretty good shape. He's paying moment. And i think it'd be surprised i would love to sing. Tao dow and down and women's. We have to go to do it. Ready to go so tom off. She's admiring spray to go. The dog and hollow jock itch heavy favorite women's body. Chris i can't go against it. What are you i can. What is the best thing you've seen today. Crow winning in four sets. We'll have beat lay politics catch again monk here. We just watched that. I say for that was that was pretty good now. Cheering for the aussies has to be. We just seem medved. His quite good so very impressive. Probably kana christopher kinda. What's big here very good with the weather. My favorite loss. Maria sakari lost so looking ahead. Today three novak djokovic headlines the action in a first time meeting with twenty nine teen quarterfinalist frances tiafoe. Australia's knee curious will be put to the test by twenty th seed. Google whom bear former world number. Eight markle previews the match anytime curious on the court. You always wanna get the popcorn ready and get comfortable on the couch. Because he's going to be entertaining and what to expect but definitely. I'd like to expect a fresh curiosity because he's been out hasn't played for literally over year almost Looked good in the first round. Six four six four six four win with the qualify lefty and he plays another lefty in a frenchman named number. Who's very talented is not one frenchman out. They who's not talented. These incredibly talented young twenty two year old Who's finding he's game on the tour. Having some some good wins and dangerous. This is not a matched that curious would like to take lightly He wants to get on the have quick start and kind of stay on spend the least amount of time on the quotas possible. It's grand slam champions galore. On the women's side with serena williams now me osaka bianca andrea and simona halep. Who takes on ozzy number two isleta. Mladenovic this is gonna be one. Hell up. I mean that kill is probably one of the fisa defeated skill on the tour. Compla- all day loves playing here at the strain open gets a lot of support and loves the humidity love these courts and has a lot of success here in the past and she's going to be one of my favorites to take out the title. But you know it's not gonna be easy match because Tom ianovich played a great match. I if in a in a first-round winning comfortably think six two. Six one issue is looking good and with home. Support out there. She's the one that's gonna nothing to lose. You can go out there. Swing away and play her game against jala. that's all from a dazzling day. Two of the australian. Join me again tomorrow. For all the big stories from date raise the second round gets underway in the meantime stout tonight for the latest news on open dot com. Don't forget to subscribe. And if you like what you hear. Plays right and review so more fans can enjoy the.

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