Impeach Barr


I know everybody wants to talk about the Horse Race but the thing that is really getting to me right now is what's going on over at the Justice Department and the whole notion that we have people in our Justice Department resigning because Donald Trump's inappropriate influence and The the the Attorney General Overturning sentencing of Donald Trump's cronies right in front of our eyes. We're watching a descent into authoritarianism and this just seems like a moment to me. Everybody should be. Speaking of presidential candidates should piece speaking people around this country should be speaking. I said we can't have this last night. I said on air that the Washington Post says democracy dies in darkness. It actually doesn't it it. It dies television and dies right under the lights of the day. This is an attack institutions injustice and with people. Not doing something understand right now. We should all be calling for the Attorney General to resign. What bar has done should mean that we are demanding resignation and if that guy won't resign should start impeachment proceedings against him. I'm Sur- cancer. The author of the bestselling essay collection the view from Flyover country and the upcoming book hiding in plain sight. I'm Andrea Chalupa a journalist and filmmaker and the writer and producer of the upcoming journalistic thriller. Mr Jones and this is gasoline nation. A podcast covering corruption in the trump administration and rising autocracy around the world. And we have been doing this. Podcast ON RISING AUTOCRACY FOR A YEAR. And a half so yeah. Welcome to the show in more ways than one. So trump's so-called acquittal in the Sham Senate trial has prompted yet another round of pundits and officials realizing that we are in a burgeoning authoritarian state. We have been through this before these rounds of media revelations usually last about forty eight hours before everyone gets distracted by some minor controversy and reverts back to denial for those of you who crave a comprehensive and honest account of where we are and how we got there. Check out our prior seventy five episodes of gasoline nation on this topic. We have been warning of all the scenarios that came to pass as well as tracking it in real time. We also have transcripts online. Gasoline Nation POD DOT com for those who would rather read are horrifying history than listen. I want to stress that we were not alone in predicting this or in observing the obvious. It's hard not to predict authoritarianism when a proto dictator openly announces his autocratic ambitions. And it's hard not to spot a criminal when that criminal is constantly confessing to his own crimes. So what you really need to examine here is complicity by members of Congress state officials in the mainstream media other people saw the exact same things Andrea and I saw. They chose to lie about it and we chose to call it out as it was regardless of the danger that that put us in the agendas of those who chose to lie differ. Some were craven careerists somewhere criminal accomplices and some were simply cowards. But in the end they all contributed to the demise of our democracy and that was a choice they made they chose to lie. Deny delay. An ops you skate. They chose that knowingly so remember that in the midst of this horrific moment in history when so many rights and resources are being stripped away that you still have a choice you have your conscience you have the choice of whether to honor. Your own principles or to betray your integrity. You have the choice of whether to help others more vulnerable than yourself or whether to conform to the dictates of the cruel and powerful. You have the choice of what kind of person you want to be. You have your individuality and your morality and you should never surrender that. You've now seen what happens when others do Sandra thoughts. It's an authoritarian state. If you haven't heard yes so yeah here we are. I want to tell people who are listening. I know everything seems incredibly scary right now. If you've been paying close attention as many of our listeners have and yes it is what it is and it's possibly worse than what it is and Sarah are going to go through breaking down. The latest terror show coming out of trump's White House as a reminder that as bad as things are guess what they can always get worse it. That's true that's not us? We're not inventing that that is just fact and we'll break that down in this episode just so you're aware we're not doing that to scare you. We're doing that simply to prepare you. And I want to just share an inspiring story. The I've lived through in recent years which is an important reminder to why passion matters and fighting for what you believe in matters and by doing so you find your people you find your community. That's going to sustain you in the urgent work. We desperately need everybody to be engaging in right now do not wait as congresswoman Barbara Lee. The moral voice in Congress said on this show do not wait until twenty twenty November to stop trump. Start now start now. Find Your community get engaged with your community. Strengthen your community and start now to stop. Donald Trump in November twenty twenty to stop and a vodka trump presidency to stop don Jr. Presidency. Because that is the name of the game and I'm telling you in talking to other journalists who follow all this closely when I tell them you know the end game is to make vodka trump the first woman president and to keep the trump legacy going. They look at me as they're shocked or don't say that. Oh my God I don't say that so even people who follow this closely don't fully understand that the times they are a changing. We're up against actual authoritarianism. Yes of course it can happen here so one country. It's happened in in historically speaking one country that lately in recent history has been resisting this far right. Takeover is France and I want to share what I hope is an inspiring story because I learned a lot from it myself and it helped energize my work that I'm doing so back I don't know when this was maybe twenty seventeen or so. I happen to be in Paris and I was getting ready to go on set for the production of my film Mr Jones which is a story very much about today. It takes place in nineteen thirty-three right at the rise of Hitler which everyone was underestimating at the time as shown in the film and a as well as Stalin and it's about real life whilst journalists that risk is life and career to expose Stalin's genocide famine Ukraine that deliberately killed millions and major journalists of the day in the Western press including Walter drawn to you the New York Times helped cover it up and got away with it and it's a horrible story the tragic story but ultimately there is a silver lining to the stories. I encourage you all to see that film Mr Jones it's out in the UK right now and it's coming to the US and Canada in April. So when I was getting ready to go into production on that film as the screenwriter and producer I physically wanted to get into the world of my film before even heading onset and so being in Paris at this time I think in late twenty seventeen was a book by the American historian. Timothy Snyder. No you know Tim Snyder. 'cause we talk a lot about his work. We've told you all to go. Check out on Tierney lessons from the twentieth century and how to resist authoritarianism so Tim Snyder's mainstream historian but here in this little random book store. In France. In Paris there was a tim. Snyder book prominently displayed. Which was like leg Tim Snyder? It was a random book that most people never heard of and it was called the reconstruction of nations Poland Ukraine Lithuania Belarus. Fifteen sixty nine to nine hundred ninety nine and I point that out that here in Paris they prominently displayed obscure. Tim CIDER book because that is very French and I thought that was so funny and then in addition to the during this week in Paris I also visited a phone museum which is just all those old style record players from the twenties and thirties. There was a man. That's absolutely passionate about old school record players and keeps a massive collection of them and even took me into some random private collection. That's not even displayed in his own personal museum to show me all the good stuff like this was a labyrinth of old record players. And this man was. You're so passionate and so what. I'm telling you is that the intellectual is on display in Paris and just all these. Little eccentric characters are living their passion out loud. Whether it's for an old school record player or jazz music. I was just completely eating at this. Buffet like crazy and just enjoying it. Even though I personally did not have to be there me as a screenwriter producer. I had a team of people like our production designer. Who is doing all that work for US looking at the history of times on how to re create the sets for the film. I chose to be there. I chose to nerd out. I chose to follow my passion. I chose to merge myself not creativity and find people like me. They're just as nerdy and passionate about this stuff and amazingly just found out that my little film about genocide which has gotten a limited release in bigger in markets like the UK and North America. It is going to be shown and one hundred and thirty theaters across France including dozens theaters in Paris. So that's massive. My husband is from Paris and when he found out he was like blown away. That's a massive release for film of like this so I just so honored and thrilled. That might work is being recognized so far in in France has a big home there in France or welcoming with open arms. It's a country of freedom of expression is a very much part of their culture. There's a wonderful Feminist Group from Ukraine the topless feminist known as feminine. They take their shirts off. And they disrupt Davos they disrupt Putin they fight against all kinds of human rights abuses and they put their bodies on the line and the started in Ukraine and their international headquarters is in Paris and in Paris for a reason and visited their trainings and so forth. And so an order that Mr Jones is part about Francis long history of of freedom of thought and creativity expression which is what this film stands for. And so I'm sharing this story with you. 'cause I'm thrilled about this discovery and very honored by it and also it just a reminder that that same passion and creativity artists have that is the same passion and creativity that's required for fighting for your country. It's the same and in all my experiences with activism when a group of us of random strangers on twitter got together and launched the March for truth demanding accountability in the Russia investigation. A bunch of artists came to our rescue caveat. Muniz who played Hamilton in the Broadway. Show New York J Smith Cameron. Who Plays Jerry on succession? Those guys were instrumental in making the march for truth a huge success and they brought all their artist friends into it. So the reason why you see so. Many artists as activists is because that same passion you need for your art is an investing creativity. That is what we need right now to save our country so please passionate eccentrics of the world nerds wonks all of you. We need to unleash your inner beast. Let it out now if you need a place to start go to the gasoline nation action guide on Gasoline Nation POD DOT com. This is why we always say aren't matters because it does. We need our oxygen tanks more than ever and you need to breathe deep into who you are in your community and you guys you know fight like hell right now. Because survival of our democracy literally an urgently depends on it tired of fighting the transnational crime syndicate masquerading as the government. 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That's friends without the our best scenes people need to find something else that sustains them kind of beyond just the sheer political fight. Whether it's your family your community your are your creativity. You find something else to keep you going. Because if you're immersed in this hellhole twenty four seven it is very easy to kind of burn yourself out to lose perspective and so on you know. Remember what you're fighting for. Not just that you're fighting. But what are you fighting for? What do you value? What do you want to see if you can hold onto that vision of the future? Then it's a lot easier to keep going for the long haul and this is a long haul fight and so on that note. Speaking of the long-haul Bill Bar the master of the long game the Iran Contra Cleanup Guy who has reemerged in the trump White House to be probably the greatest threat of this administration is back to his old tricks newly emboldened after trump's sham acquittal and no one is doing anything about it so despite calls for legal experts and ordinary citizens alike. The House is refusing to impeach bill bar. Which is unfortunately in keeping with. Nancy Pelosi's lackluster impeachment strategy. According to a recent interview with Ralph Nader who was a consultant to legal teams working on impeachment the majority of House representatives who worked on impeachment wanted to impeach trump on far more articles than the two that were actually named and the sole reason they could not do so was Pelosi's refusal so Nadler Chef and others sought a rigorous impeachment. They sought real accountability and they were shot down and so now the house is going through the hell of inept leadership yet again as Pelosi deems impeaching bar to be not worth it much in the same way she initially deemed impeaching trump as not worth it even though bar is a profound threat to our country possibly even a greater threat than trump last week bar interfered in the sentencing of Roger Stone in a move that showcased the loss of independence in the courts and prompted for career prosecutors to resign in protest. This corrupt intervention by bar shouldn't have surprised people. Roger Stone is a key player in this transnational crime syndicate going all the way back to the early nineteen eighties like trump. He was a pupil of Mafia lawyer where I cone and he long ago embraced cones corrupt and brutal tactics will devoting decades of his life to building up trump as a presidential candidate. We did an episode in January. Twenty one thousand nine hundred called. Roger Stone Democracies undertaker that described Stone's long criminal history and how he uses the media to try to hide under this image of a lovable yet. Reckless trickster in reality. Roger Stone is extremely dangerous as well as powerful in bar seeking to protect him. They are the deep state that they claim to rally against bars. Also seeking to protect Michael Flynn and prevent him from facing punishment. Much in the way bars. Lackey Robert Muller did in late two thousand eighteen when he overruled a judge's sentencing much to the shock of that judge who had deemed flint a traitor and was horrified by the severity of his crimes and the lack of punishment and meanwhile over two thousand former DOJ employees have now called for bars resignation. These former DOD employees noted that because they have little expectation. That bar will actually resign. I quote if falls to the departments career officials to take appropriate action to uphold their oaths of office and defend nonpartisan. Apolitical justice the rule of law in the survival of our republic demand. Nothing less after that. The Federal Judges Association called an emergency meeting to address bars intervention in the stone case and in other cases involving trump's inner circle. This was an unprecedented move for this group. Which has over eleven hundred members and so it's obviously very good that both of these legal groups are doing this and we applaud them and we are on their side. But it's really something they should have done much earlier. Like before bar was confirmed bars. Entire record was in the public domain. Going back to his days as the Iran Contra cleanup guy and he literally auditioned for the job by pending a long letter promising to persecute anyone who sought justice in the Russia probe and defending trump. Regardless of the legality. The law never mattered to bar. Power did and he was very clear about that. The whole time people simply refuse to see what was right in front of them and finally there is also likely an element of fear. Most folks seem to have forgotten this but back in two thousand sixteen the American Bar Association did a study of how trump abuses the legal system to intimidate opponents into silence with NDA's threats and excessive litigation among the tactics. He employs the American bar. Association then went on to self censor their own paper out of fear that trump would sue them. That incident should have served as a warning that the legal system would not hold under trump. But it was largely ignored by the media possibly because they feared commenting on it would lead to excessive litigation as well. We were headed toward authoritarianism. Long before trump even took office so remember when we thought it couldn't get any worse than Jeff sessions as attorney general and Jeff Sessions. Who was so extreme that he had Stephen Miller who is a four Chan. Internet troll in human form. Stephen Miller was the communication director for Jeff Sessions. When Jeff sessions was a senator like? That's how extreme sessions and Miller was jeff. Sessions was so extreme. He gave us Stephen Miller. Okay let's put it that way and we thought it can get any worse than that and along comes William Bar the Iran Contra cover up guy the Roy Cohn for President Donald Trump and his family. If it can get worse than sessions it could always get worse than Bar. It could always get worse than a president trump because once they start normalising their corruption to this level and we got here again because so much of the Republican driven corruption in this country was normalized to begin with George W Bush being impeached and George W Bush Dick Cheney being free to walk around even though they committed war crimes and so forth and just this revolving door of corruption and hundreds on TV praising these guys and praising William Bar when he was coming in as though good. I can breathe a sigh of relief. Because William Bar Cleans up nice. He still respectable. He's a white man in a suit whereas Jeff sessions war. His far rightness like baseball mascot his Klan Robes. Yeah exactly and so I want to read now just to get us up to date on the specifics of what we're up against and then we'll go into what this all means and we're headed next so from the new times now. I'm reading when more than eleven hundred former federal prosecutors and Justice Department officials called on attorney. General William P bar to step down after intervened last week to lower the Justice Department sentencing recommendation for president. Trump's longtime friend Roger Stone the also urged current government employees to report any signs of an ethical behavior at the Justice Department to the agency's Inspector General and to Congress and they quote the letter each of us strongly condemns president trump's an attorney general bars interference in the fair administration of Justice. The former Justice Department lawyers who came from across the political spectrum wrote those actions. They said require Mr Bar to resign and then the article goes on to point out after prosecutors on Monday recommended a prison sentence of up to nine years for Mr Stone who was convicted of obstructing congressional inquiry. Mr Trump lashed out at federal law enforcement senior officials at the department including Mr Bar overrode the recommendation. The next day with a more lenient one immediately prompting accusations of political and the four lawyers stone case abruptly withdrew in protest. All right so you know what's really interesting here. I know we're back to deja Vu. Sarah were gasoline. Nation again is calling for impeachment way ahead of the opposition party even doing so largely and we could take one of our impeach trump episodes from early twenty nineteen and simply replaced bar with every time we say trump and we could run that. It'd be just as useful today but I have to say it's amazing that it it doesn't pointed out on Cable News. Hardly anywhere that the Republican Party put Nancy Pelosi aside and her clear lack of will at this point of impeaching bar. And that's something that we could definitely change definitely change just like we did win. Keenum impeaching trump. But put that aside for a moment my God. Why aren't people pointing out that? The Republican Party is the Party of cowards. They can't stand up to some Humpty dumpty. Orange Menace. Who just wants to like snuffed out? Mcdonald's and scream at Fox and friends on TV ALL DAY. Who's toiling competent? Who doesn't read? Who can barely put together sentences when he has to make a public statement. Who's got this massive slurring issue? This is who they're terrified of. This is who the. Republicans are scared of and they fall in line and so William Bar certainly being an ideologue certainly shares the worldview of this Clement Kremlin clown car at the same time. This has just gone way too far the point where they can't even hold their own anymore. They're absolute cowards. And Servants to trump and certainly you could say corruption as an industry and they're all making money so really. They just have really horrible jobs. Like they're getting handsomely compensated. They're staying in power and so forth. But you do have to point out the ABSOLU- cowardice of the Republican Party despite whatever handouts. They're getting in return for the utter lack of moral courage. In addition to that I wanNA point out that it's really amazing. How autocrats and WANNA BE AUTOCRATS? Go to great lengths to use the system itself to justify its actions. So I'm GonNa read from Marcy Wheeler and her great deep dive into William Bars cover up and we're GONNA linked to this new show notes because absolutely worth reading just to see how. The sausage is made an autocrat. Power GRAB SLASH COVER. Up reminds me so much of how? Putin now is busy trying to secure dying and Power Putin is trying to Change he's his own government so he can die in power he tried in. He went to great lengths to do this. That he tried to politically absorb Belarus as a country so that Russia and Belarus would unite as one country and he would then be justified in a new constitution. That would make him the head of that new country that what kremlin-watchers reporting out and that was such a desperate move to die in power by. Putin likely that even the people in Belarus were protesting and for once their dictator was on the side of the people and the dictator is like no thanks. I'm happy just being the dictator Belarus. I don't want to be a dictator stuck under you so that fell through so Putin how to reorganize government. Because that's what autocrats do they use? The system itself to legitimize normalized their crimes. That's why they have these Sham Elections. Putin doesn't need to hold elections every year. Can you just steals them but they do it anyway? Legitimize IT and keep that in. Mind as you hear. Marcy Wheeler now on bars cover up and I'm quoting from her great piece which will link at the top of our show notes but partners has insinuated that is said arrest October ninth. That's love of course was an attempt to keep him. Silent Bar visited the SDN Y that day and subsequently visited Rupert Murdoch at his home interesting. Suny showed unusual concern for the privacy of third parties as Parnis tried to share more information with the house. Intelligence Committee and Bill Bar has not recused in spite of a clear conflict and requests from Parnassus. So I'll pause there. What the Hell is bar doing meeting with? Puppet Master Rupert Murdoch because as we keep pointing out we need laws in place to prevent abuse of power in the media. Rupert Murdoch built in Media Empire around the globe by bulldozing over media regulations and now trapped in his propaganda prison here in here in the US as well as in the UK. Marcy Wheeler goes on. Here she points out that the DOJ prevents a full investigation of the Crane Complaint Barn his DOJ engaged in multiple acts of obstruction of the Ukraine. Complaint I bar did not recuse from a complaint mentioning him by name then knowing that was personally implicated. Doj did not conduct a full assessment of the whistleblower complaint which would have identified tied to the suny investigation of life partners and Eager Freeman. Then elsie invented an excuse not to share whistleblower complaint with Congress which resulted in a significant delay and almost led Ukraine to make concessions to obtain aid. Do you understand that bars? Cover up almost force Ukraine out on its own to do trump's bidding in exchange for much-needed aid so their soldiers stop being killed by Putin's invasion Putin who helped bring trump to power then marcy goes on then DOJ did not share whistleblower complaint with FCC required by Memorandum of notification finally DOJ made a comment claiming trump was exonerated precisely the abuse speaking about ongoing investigations. That Jim Komi got fired for so the rules only apply to us. They did not to the autocrat. And that is how the sausage gets made. This shows the weakening of the legal system the weakening of the judiciary which has always been the strongest bulwark against autocracy. In any case where a country goes from being a democracy into autocracy and it was something that we warned about early This is why we weren't people to not have too much faith in the Mueller. Probe if the Mueller probe was not going to move swiftly because what happens is that time becomes the enemy and so you have courts that are packed. You have judges that are threatened you have agencies that are purged. You have latkes taking their place and then you have people like bar. These deeply corrupt institutionalists. And that's not a contradiction in terms. He was an `institutionalised and he was covering up crimes for the time that he served an office consistently across his entire life. And what happens? Is People get so caught up in the image and in the title and the idea that this person could serve. As the Attorney General twice and that no one is going to challenge him challenge his fundamental legitimacy as somebody whose job it is to uphold the law they think. Of course you know. You're the attorney general. That's what you do. That is never what he has done. He has been immersed in Republican criminality for several decades and has been kind of lurking at the surface of various offenses and before you mentioned how the GOP has coward to trump despite trump looking ridiculous despite trump looking last week like the orange teletubby son in a photo you know there are these moments where yes okay. There must be incredible humiliation for this of all people to become the dictator. Like he's not even like a bad ass dictator but that of course. I WANNA sexier of dictator. I this is America dammit. You know we invented the action movie. I demand a more suitable dictator. Or we're going to go down. I want to go down under some spelt. Yes some have some looks you know I might as well be a Dapper Nazi than out of shape. He's very American though. I think in the way that he deceives people and especially deceives this kind of Snotty highbrow media into thinking that he's not a threat and this is what the GOP has been doing for a long time. Like when you mentioned before about how we've had these recurring crises where there is never accountability for those who committed the crimes. So you see the same people recurring again and again you C Watergate. Gop IRAN-CONTRA GOP the nine eleven aftermath again gop war in Iraq based on false pretenses by the GOP the two thousand eight financial collapse GOP. What happens sometimes like in the latter case you get a Democratic president who comes after this as Obama did and he gets the blame for what Bush and his administration actually did. But this is a very consistent pattern over the last forty years where you're literally seeing the same people you see. Roger Stone all the way back to Watergate Roger Stone who has a giant Tattoo of Nixon on his back. That will hopefully be seen in a jailhouse though. I don't really have hope for that anymore. You see bill bar being written about in one thousand nine hundred. Ninety two BY PEOPLE LIKE BILL. Safire people who were hard core conservatives and yet they were out warning everyone like stay the fuck away from Bill Bar. Bill Bar is crazy. I'm paraphrasing bill. Safire HERE BILL. Bars fucking nuts. Like he's a criminal he's covering shit up he's making the rest of US look bad. He's bringing the liberation down. Only Shit I mean that's basically what it is although that's all wrapped up in this well-mannered kind of veneer so everyone should have seen this coming and everyone should have recognized this as deeply scary. You know like Bill Bar. And trump are two sides of the same coin. You get trump as the flamboyant clownish buffoonish asshole basically and then you get bill bar as the slick `institutionalised who people like Ben Witness. In the law fair blog will go and swoon. About and see how wonderful they are until they do. The Very Bill Barr things. Bill bars like program to do which is to be a crime machine which is to cover up the dirty work of criminals and it's gross. The whole system is disgusting. That is indeed the swamp like when trump said there was a swamp. He wasn't lying about that. All the people I just mentioned are in that Swab but trump is in that swamp to an all trump did was take the swamp and make it and put it around the White House and have it protect his family and their criminal interests. And that's it and we wanted to clarify we're not that shaming anyone here or not fat shaming the president states where shaming specifically just how physically mentally emotionally trump is unfit to be office. You personally can be any shape size. You want we all that right. Donald Trump specifically is somebody that has shown us again and again that he is mentally fit to be in office he is somebody who fat shames other people who shames other people for what they look like for anything any tiny little thing perceived or real and yet he is somebody who is just physically repulsive to look out. I simply cannot look at this person anymore. His inner utter lack of character is physically manifested like Java the hut and who he is as an individual so I just wanted to clarify that and in terms of it finally becoming mainstream that yes. This is authoritarianism. Women and people of Color Women of color have been calling this out since the beginning. The black lives matter movement was about calling out police state violence as we've always point out in the show black people. In AMERICA NATIVE AMERICANS IN AMERICA. I've always been on the forefront of confronting the the the strain of authoritarianism has always been a part of our country's history because we were built on centuries of the Holocaust is slavery itself. It's just gotten to the point where now white people including affluent white people are impacted including the DOJ and members of the DOJ an F. B. I like like Anne McCabe and others like those people were were normally cloistered from the strain of authoritarianism as always ran through our history and now they're not and that's what's changed things that's what's changed the game. It's gotten so bad. That white people are impacted. One of the best commentaries on the lenient. Paul Manafort sentencing was. Somebody wrote on twitter. Now you understand how white people how the justice system works. If you're rich and white you can get away with it. No matter how many leads you destroy and now we're looking at the possibility of manafort even being pardoned right so so it with stone nearly getting off here which is such a Roger Stone Magic. Dark magic trick to pull off. Who Do you think's next metaphor? And then he'll be free to commit more crimes as Putin's political operative hill dye his hair. Again he'll be probably one of the first things he does and he gets out of prison and he'll get his suit on and he'll do the table rounds you know cable. Tv news rounds and he'll be right back at it and people will fall for it again because white people who are cloistered from authoritarian strain in our nation's history are not impacted and not just a reality. That's just a reality. So we need to confront that reality and we need to change it. And we need to understand that We needed to take leadership from women especially women of color because they are on the frontlines and have a long history of building and fortifying communities to resist this and the imagine how exhausted they are by now so we need a fortify them and back them up and be the cavalry to the most vulnerable among us and not leave this on them to save our democracy because it's about all of us refusing to abandon each other now because things really are that bad so we do call on the Democratic leadership in the House to impeach William Bar as soon as possible. That impeachment trial will play out likely. Just like trump's did they'll be phenomenal. Must Watch TV coming out of the house things to Adam Schiff and others in the house and then it's going to go to the Senate where the Republicans in the Senate are going to humiliate themselves for all of history in front of all the world by voting to let our criminal off the hook. You'll still get incredible. Must Watch TV coming out. The Democrats like Adam Schiff really nailing them really nailing them for their utter lack of a moral courage and and we need that to play out again. Because guess what. William Bar will be the first attorney general of the United States to be impeached and he needs to go down in history without around his neck Weena. Absolutely make sure of that because we need to fight with all the power that we have at our disposal as of now who is to say that the Democrats will maintain the House of the twenty twenty election. The trump crime family needs to dodge accountability. They've been very good at doing that. They've amassed a fortune doing that over the years. Who's to say they're not gonNA play all stops to steal as many races that they can twenty twenty. Why wouldn't the Kremlin help them? Because one of the first things a Democrat would do one of the first things that the congress would do if it had enough of Democrats in power the first thing they do will be passed sanctions on Russia for its massive aggression and finally contain Putin's aggression. That's what they would do. And then guess what the EU would fall in line because the EU needs the US to be strong on the Kremlin. That's how it always has been. Of course the Kremlin and the trump crime family needed dodge accountability now. We don't know if we're going to have a fair and free election and that's not alarmist to say that because look at our attorney general right now look at what's happening in front of our very eyes while we have the house. Democrats absolutely must impeach him. Please call on your representatives to demand that the impeach bar. That's it because if you don't put your foot down if you don't fight back forcefully at every turn but especially early you end up in this situation. If for example iran-contra had been dealt with bill bar hadn't been around then to help people get off if these Republican criminal administrations had been put in check had been held accountable. Had been publicly. Shamed had not just been reappearing endlessly on Sunday. Shows or on news programs you know and had been treated as the Anti Democratic corrupt people that they are. We not be in this situation. If people had reacted to trump announcing his campaign by proclaiming Mexicans to be rapists and murderers by banning him from TV or just saying we're not part of that. We think that that's dangerous and horrible and is actually hurting people. Were not going to go along with us. That's what NBC initially did by the way they cancelled the apprentice over that and then within years you find them you know bowing down to him. That's what would happen. I mean I mean even thinking about Roger Stone how when everyone was so ecstatic thinking he was going to go to jail and he just immediately was on CNN. And all these networks palling around with the media that he pretends is his enemy but his actually his best friend and being legitimised by them so there needs to be a whole change in this entire system in you know who people uphold what they accept you know. I always encourage people to strike out on their own to not necessarily try to fit in to this system which is corrupted from within. But build your own media. Express yourself build your own projects. Because my God I it's just it's crowded and grotesque. It requires conformity at a level that no one should have to bear speaking of actually. This is a pretty decent segue into Bloomberg. Did you have anything you wanted to add on bar before starting to that speaking of Bar? Let's now talk about. Bloomberg's seamless segue. Which is absolutely true as Sarah's going explain well speaking of like gross institutionalists like people who are legitimized for horrible behavior over many years of time without facing reprecussions so we are against Bloomberg on guests at nation. I'm just GONNA come out and say that. Bloomberg is an incredible danger to democracy in my view. He is the most dangerous of the Democratic candidates. And I'm actually including Tulsi Gabbard in that in part because she just. I don't think she has a chance to actually win but his candidacy is an insult to voters. We should not have to choose between a kleptocrat meaning trump and a plutocrats meaning Bloomberg. Both of whom are racists both of whom have enacted vicious policies against children. Who AREN'T WHITE? Both of whom have been accused of sexual harassment by dozens of women both of whom seek to decimate basic services that benefit ordinary people both of defend dictatorships like Russia and China and both of whom are connected to Jeffrey Epstein Gylain Maxwell and their pedophile trafficking operation. I would just like one president who is not in a fucking photo with Jillian Maxwell or Epstein just one also like trump Bloomberg is someone who switches parties when it is politically expedient and now he is running as a Republican in Democrats clothing. We will never vote for trump. Obviously but the old mantra of vote blue no matter who does not apply to Bloomberg you cannot expect people to vote for someone who said this quote Amir five years ago and so. Here's what Bloomberg said about his notorious. Stop and Frisk Policy. This was brought up by Benjamin Dixon. So thank you for that. Thank you for all the things people are bringing back into the public eye so Bloomberg says ninety five percent of murders murderers and murder victims fit one. Mo You can just take a description xerox it and pass it out to all the cops. They are male minorities. Sixteen to twenty five. That's true in New York. That's true in virtually every city and that's where the real crime is so. This is not just factually wrong but it is disgusting. It is cruel. It is racist. No one should abide this or be asked to abide this so Bloomberg better than trump. Sure because nearly everyone is because trump is a sociopath within nuke fetish at the center of a Transnational Crime Syndicate but Bloomberg's election would destroy. Us Democracy in its own way. He has authoritarian tendencies. He is smarter slicker than trump and he seeks to build a technocracy. Probably along the lines of what we've been seeing in China. It is a frightening prospect. And so what everyone needs to do is vote in the primary and make sure that we do not have a Bloomberg versus trump election and finally last thing people should be vetting Bloomberg far more rigorously than they are. You may recall. Trump's spent his life in the public eye yet. The extent of his criminality still came as a shock to most Americans that is decades of criminality. Bloomberg was mayor when the Republican Mafia continued the money laundering operations. It had begun under Giuliani in the one thousand. Nine hundred ninety s under Bloomberg New York became not only a city for the wealthy alea before elite criminals. Bloomberg is the last person you want in charge of holding the trump administration accountable for in a world where white collar crime has merged with organized crime. He is part of that circle. Aim The further ado a very special guest on this week's episode an old friend of mine. While Sarah's he is a reporter that covered the Democratic primary in twenty sixteen for the US presidential election. And he's covering it again this year where he's on his way to. South Carolina and early voting states in this primary also happens to be an expert on the countries of Ukraine and Georgia where countries as both worries lived and an expert in aggression towards countries as well as foreign policy regards those states welcome senior reporter for Dot Com Terrell Germain Star. Hey I'm so happy to be here. This is like always listen Before now like actual guests and we have to save. Terrell happens to be a patriotic supporter of. That's not why he's on this show. Bloomberg my way on so well said well said well. Thank you for coming on. We really appreciate it. And so before we were starting to talk about Bloomberg. And you're a New Yorker. You have experienced living under his tyrannical rule. You also are an expert in kleptocracy in Russia's regime you've been following trump and covering elections for years. What are your thoughts on his candidacy? Well to tell you that one thing that we have to remember when we were discussing. Bloomberg is we have to remind ourselves that too often American reporters just the American media. Landscape covers America from the Lens of exceptionalism meaning that we are not like Russia. We are not like Ukraine. We are not like those other countries where we use these political science terms plutocracy kleptocracy aggressor or regime. But when you look at Bloomberg and what. He's done in particularly particularly the way in which he bought himself into his third term. It very much reflects of an oligarch somebody who uses their political power in order to exact the type of result that they seek now was different between a Ukrainian. Oligarch yours say the blooms are the American version of Bloomberg's oligarchy is that the modes are which they deploy. Their THEIR MEMPHIS is very different. So I'll never forget when I was in Ukraine and I was talking with a corporate lawyer and they were explained to me how the Ukrainian oligarchy works in the short version to joke is dead so Dimitri and Ukraine and there's a dmitry in and Moscow and so basically they're investigating corruption through the internal affairs offices of a company and so- Dmitri and you in Kiev somebody goes to a mysterious man says Dimitri is everything. Okay we understand that you've been asking some questions. Do you need assistance from us? And no same things happens in a Moscow. Scenario takes place now in Moscow. The very next day Dmitry car blows up and Ukraine. The same mysterious guy comes again the next day and then a week later. Dmitri's car blows up. The same scenario happens in which the mysterious man go to Mitri at the at the internal affairs and the mysterious man says. I heard that your car blew up. Is Everything okay? Do need any help. We can look into it for you and Moscow. Dmitry Says No. I don't need your help. The next day they kill him and Ukraine the next day the mysterious man comes and says I heard Dmitri. Do any help is everything. Okay and Imagery Says No. Now what happens in Ukraine? Is that the mysterious man comes for another few weeks and then finally kill the more of this joke is that in Ukraine and in Russia the oligarchs both kill you but Ukraine's nicer. No just give you more time to come to your senses. Sounds about right now. It sounds I heard? I'm like Oh this is just as just so more. But Yeah I mean the joke is that Ukrainians were just nicer but in reality. I'm saying that to say that Bloomberg's not killing anybody okay. He's he's not gonNA kill you but he but if you look at the MoD there which he deploys and when you think about stop and I when you think about how on one uses a misleading claim that stop and Frisk actually stops and reduce crime when it doesn't all you're doing as you're taking advantage of black and Brown bodies and you're pushing this narrative that particular mode of policy works when it clearly does not and so you're using this mode of a false this racist policy in order to strengthen your position as as a political leader so very much fits it explain what it stop and Frisk was the New York City for so long under Bloomberg. Yes over I. It was a policy which was stopped. Random people in very the theory is that you're in neighborhoods. Were were high amounts of pine for taking place. And so you're looking at black focused on black and Brown people particularly. I mean he has said this in recordings okay and so the idea is that you stop people who in these crime areas who in officers have the discretion to determine if they thought they were likely to cause crime right now. Legally the stops were not. They were not illegal. The problem was that there was a racial profiling component behind it. So that was the issue right. That makes it unconstitutional. But the way stop and I worked was that the theory was we're GonNa go to high crime areas. That was the theory but in reality so over the course of anywhere it went. Anyway I was. I was taking the Q train. I think the best seven Avenue Avenue. Stop of the q train and you see like a black child. Getting stop and Frisk by a gang of NYPD police officers in front of everyone. In broad daylight that was stop and Frisk like like black children and teenagers carrying about going out of business. Getting stop and Frisk in front of people. It's humiliation absolutely absolutely yes. There's absolutely correct. I mean I'm just giving you what they're three was. Bs can say something. When I was their age in high school I was a menace. I somehow got my driver's license and I proceeded to dry a hundred and twenty miles an hour get pulled over drive through stop signs. I became so good at talking to my way at a speeding tickets and and running. Stop signs in a way that if I were a black teenager doing that they would have derailed my life absolutely and so when I was living in. Eci for a period of time. You never saw this. Were they going down to the same nearly the same rates but it was really indiscriminate policy. Die Impact people across this city. And so you had ends you. Have you know. Hundreds of thousands of people were impacted by this and all those are unconstitutional end. Bloomberg until he threw his in for the presidency that he was wrong. Right exactly right and also the misogyny plus cases of sexual harassment so the the coalition of support that the Democrats need in order to defeat trump in November twenty twenty women and people of Color Women of color. Those are the communities that are going to be fighting their hearts out to make sure that voters show up. Those are the communities that Bloomberg checks all the boxes in terms of causing actual harm against and young people to I would add young people and poor people and younger people. Are you know poor people anyway? I WANNA hear it. Tyrel thinks so gone. Here's the thing was hard about. This is that much of the knowledge about stop and Frisk and all the horrible things. He's done all. This information is digital and for people most voters who are going to go to the polls who are the forty enough particularly the fifty and sixty and up are living analog realities and so when you go around the country a lot of folks. Don't even know this not know it because I travel and I listen to people talk about Bloomberg talking to talk about a write range of these folks and so the mistake that journalists make people like us make is that we assume that their level of knowledge and understanding of issues. Equal that of ours. And that's simply not true and so when you when they look at our Bloomberg they look at somebody but you girlie black people. They look at somebody who Ran New York City and think that they're if there's an exception to anybody who can move up from the city level to the national level it would be a Bloomberg and so they're not really into the nuances and nitty gritty. Stop and I and then we have to also deal with a very painful complex issue within our within black communities is that there's a complicated relationship between black folk and the police. There are a lot of people who have not come to the conclusion that having more officers on the street does not equal a reduction in crime and so the conversations around investing in schools investing divesting from the criminal legal system regards to jailing people just want their communities to be safe and they assumed that there's a police officer there then that means that's one of the least likely equal to them enduring any type of heart and you get that particularly from older voters who are not harassed to are not profile like younger. People are in those younger people while they may be. The most impact are the hardest wants to get to the polls. And so. That's what you're dealing with. You're not you're dealing with a generation of people literally a generation of people who can really tap into stop who can really remember. Stop and Frisk but the problem is getting them to the polls while the older voters who may find Bloomberg appealing it may not be as impacted by those policies. They're not hearing what we're hearing. And so that's the problem. Yeah I think that's a huge problem and also the geographic disparity like because this reminds me of trump like when trump ran people in New York tended to know his history. You know they'd grown up with him. As a tabloid figure they knew about bankruptcies they knew not the full extent of his criminality but the basics and out here in the. Mid West people knew him mostly as the host of the apprentice and the host of celebrity apprentice and they assumed if this guy has been in the public eye for so long the really bad stuff about him must have already come out. There can't be that much more to know and I kind of feel like the same thing might be happening with Bloomberg that people who were most directly impacted by him particularly black youth but also just people who live in New York City who read the New York City media. They tend to no more than folks who are out where I live. Who experienced the same policies? I mean I live in Saint Louis. Obviously so people are experiencing stop and Frisk. They're experiencing police brutality. They're experiencing a bad bureaucratic management from above. But what they're seeing on Youtube. And I know this because his his ads are so ubiquitous that even my nine year old is reciting to me things about Michael Bloomberg the Great Savior. They think Obama endorsed him. Bloomberg as an ad saying that they think he's the next LBJ Bloomberg has an ad saying that. They think he sincerely apologized for. Stop and Frisk which he didn't he did when it was politically expedient like what do you think of this on a national scale because your reporting takes outside of New York City quite often right. So do you notice that kind of disparity as well? Yes in the main problem is the press corps and it's racial makeup and we're covering these types of issues. Though trajectory for a national reporter like myself traditionally happens when you work at the Metro Desk. You worked at the Daily News Sarah so you know how this works and so is starting staff at the Metro Desk. You start off at City Hall or the City Council and you move up and so you build up your resume by going through those different steps and then you go into the national or the political death which which is I believe the New York Times. There's a national desert. There's a political at the same way with the Washington. Post is different and so when you get into the political desk you can go through those steps having any understanding of white supremacy of not understanding the way that Kleptocracies work. So you just so you go there without any ideological or political education that will compel you to ask the type of questions that were making into the national conversation and so that is the issue and so when you get on shows like meet the press you ha- or other Sundays morning shows. You don't have hosts that really put people like Bloomberg's feet to the fire to really ask them these types of questions and so they're not going to because most Americans are getting their news not through twitter or not through facebook. Facebook is a different animal. But they're not getting it on twitter. They're getting it on these shows where you just turn on their remote controls gathering mobile trolls. Turn the television set and there are watching. Cnn At in prime time and so it's primarily primarily the failure also to make up the press corps is more diverse than it was in two thousand sixteen. I see more people of Color on the campaign trail but the other issue is with the exception of Elizabeth Warren. For example you have to have the other candidates are challenging him to and so I see a Elizabeth Warren talking about red line talking about his racism a really robust extent but the other candidates parents not so much because they probably have their own issues to deal with if you think about it. So clo- Char Bernie Joe Biden all these people when you go back to holy seen US narrow time as prosecutors charge so it's a multi-faceted problem that is creating information gap that is not reaching these most vulnerable populations. And what do you think drives the kind of coverage that we're seeing know where we do have not only a a white male dominated media but also a media that can be bought a media economy that's been in tatters for awhile and that depends on people like Bloomberg or Jeff bezos or other billionaires to pump it up like. Where do you think the reluctance comes from a combination of all these factors of wealth and racism and just structural impediments or? Is there anything in particular that stands out? Well being a Ukraine expert where the media has largely owned by oligarchs. This makes symbolic an expert answering this question a couple of things one enoch even go back. Ukraine parts so you have some independent media outlets in Ukraine. That are pushing back against this. Oligarch bought media. So let's just say so. The thing is that in in at the fall of Soviet Union. This is more pronounced in Russia. There is in Ukraine and Russia's have been on steroids in Ukraine F- like there is some efforts to really challenge. You know to really push for independent media there too talk to a lesser extent but I mean but better than Russia but the thing is is that in both Ukraine and an America. What both populations share is a distrust and misunderstanding. What media does and so the distrust ranks? Kinda like in those professions as lawyers. You know the people who are the professionals at defend people who they know are guilty and then you have. The journalists who are seen as creating stories are not true. Just they can get that. They can get juicy headlights and so there is. There's is not a healthy relationship between media powers and the people who they want to consume their content. That's the to me. That's the number one problem because if you did have a healthier relationship you have people who will be more invested and supporting. Just think about this podcast right. Gasoline nation take about the people who are subscribing. I mean everyone who's listening. Please subscribe I mean. I am the Patriot and so getting people to support that work. That's something that matters. And so but in order to do really quality work just like me. Traveling on the road requires a lot of money and requires a lot of money that frankly a lot of independent media just does not have but in regards to in regards to the oligarch element of it. Media is one of those weird businesses where is the fourth estate but as a state strongly depends on the other dot culture. It depends on the wealth culture in order to survive and to be honest with you. It's always been that way. It's always been that way so now and you've always had political power. That's been using media in order to advance their concerns. That has not changed. I think what's changed is that it's kind of like cell phone cameras with police abuse your video recording in the case with social media we just have more information to tell us what's going on but the Bloomberg's of the world and I can't name them in the nineteen forties fifties sixties. But they were always there but also you just had a more than and more billionaires over the past thirty years or forty years and so when you see with people like vessels and Bloomberg who created his own enterprise. You START OFF IN FINANCE. Then moving onto media is that he they allow these people who saw that if I can create a media outlet that is independent because Bloomberg has won Pulitzer Prizes in the white range of national and International Awards It creates a very dangerous cocktail because we live in a capitalist society and because we live in a capitalist society that's unregulated it creates a blurred line where someone like. Bloomberg can come and use your media resources. And then there's no checks and balances for. That's that's really. That's the problem is capitalism in along with the fact that we don't know we we don't have a healthy relationship between media and the people who want to consume a Bloomberg News Bloomberg News Bloomberg News does some excellent reporting. Obviously and. It's just go back to your brilliant analogy where you basically said that all guards that tend to be on the democratic side of the spectrum in the US are like Ukrainian Olive Eric's whereas oligarchs that tend to be on the conservative side of the spectrum in the US or like Russian oligarch sir absolutely ruthless so in terms of Bloomberg it. Bloomberg News is certainly not Fox News. Excellent reporting there but what is troubling and what is very much stolid. Ukrainian style Lagarde is Bloomberg telling his news media company that they will not be reporting on his candidacy. I more or less. I don't know if that went down with Lewinsky per se but like I'll give you a comparison right so with But that's like that's bizarre. That was more authorities have a president. That's different on the press using Stalin's phrase calling calling the press. The enemy of the people. Are you know? So it's like we don't need another president. Who who is afraid of being scrutinized? But he was interesting is that no we don't but the thing is is that people don't realize that. Bloomberg is not -particularly different from trump in many ways. That's the main thing people don't understand the problem with this call for anybody. But trump is that it undermines the primary process when you're supposed to vet people who have problematic relationships with media and with money and with policy and and because you don't properly vet someone like Bloomberg or properly challenge someone Someone on their policy. And then you say okay. I think that this person may be better than trump without you know the you have someone like Bloomberg who can come in who has complete control of a major political apparatus to change the narrative. And that's what he does and that's what I'm saying. What makes them different from a Ukrainian? Is that because we have unions here because we have a we because we have a civil society here. There's a way in which Bloomberg cannot deploy a violent type of reaction or forces reporters to do anything to extreme what he directed to do political coverage of the campaign. That's one thing right you know. That's one thing. But as far as sending someone to reporters offices or doing something completely authoritarian. That's what makes it different. But what Bloomberg is doing authoritarian and the American system. That is kind of like you know you can't do something right. Because he has power because the threat. It doesn't have to be explicit right. That's the main thing with Americans a lot of money away to grassroots organizations. Every town is every town. Movement has been quite effective. It's it's an important part of the coalition in the in the in the political resistance to the fire at takeover of governments across state by state and so forth. So Y- I mean no one really wants to mess with her openly and no one wants to mess will Bloomberg openly because a million such a hiring machine that I I have friends that are like looking at Bloomberg money and thinking you know I really could I really payment mortgage but but but but see. That's the thing that's what all the guards do. And that's what makes him an American. They bite they buy your silence. Take advantage of your financial situation and they stack an oligarchy. And you're stuck you're stuck in oligarchy. And so the question for the person is that. Because I'm I'm having this conversation with black people who are supporting because there is a way because I work in black media that I can critique black people who support him in ways quite frankly white people can't out because I look at my people and Black. What the fuck is going on like look at you and have these very critical questions about stop and Frisk and bring folks to ties. But on my end I also see people see candidates who have a struggle raising money themselves when I covered the two thousand eighteen election's the midterms Iran to people at the state level and local level. Who Do the various organs of the Democratic Party in a in a in a financial structure cannot get support particularly black women now? Am I going to blame these black women and these marginalized folks who want jobs for taking the job where Bloomberg is somewhat of? It's honestly a tricky question. Because you have to ask yourself what. Part of the financial apparatus has failed a decayed to the point. Where somebody who was a person of color would go for somebody who's WHO's policies towards black people whereas disgusting as Bloomberg's and it deals with the larger issue of the failure for you know campaign finance reform. It deals with the failure of the larger organs of the Democratic Party to make entry into candidacy more equitable. And so we're talking about Bloomberg but this deals with a larger wider failure of the Democratic Apparatus in general Our discussion continues. And you can get access to that. 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