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Happy Monday everybody unfortunately, Chris's out today. So Scott Tweedie is here with me and justed hi Scott. God back all black and black a block not. Mind actually chocolate brown, but it's fine. All right. So today after years of slamming celebrities, Perez Hilton says he has some serious regrets, but he's also up a ton of new trouble. No surprise in his new memoir my life and scandal says he regrets hurting so many people with his website but that's not stopping him from making new planes about celebrities according to page six who got an early look at the book Peres writes about his on and off friendship with Lady Gaga he accuses her of using him to get back at her caters. He says God I didn't ask him to write nasty things about people but quote by moaning to me she made me feel like, i. her best friend. Should do something about it. He also says they stopped talking after an interview he did with her in two thousand eleven and eventually Gago called him a creepy stalker. It's good. All right and that is not all Peres also talks about hooking up with John Mayer in a tooth out in in in two thousand seven in a club. So that was for you years. Later, John did. Admit to kissing Peres during an interview with playboy, we reached out to John and dog for comment but have not heard that that was a lot to unpack you lots of reading. Let me ask you this. Do you think for as truly regret saying that things that he did. Are you man, you're the only person who has not made. This. Point by the way I, don't understand how this man is literally like every gender and I could make one small suggests into Bob Saggy. He's not interested in I said, okay. Well, that's cool. Now pissed about it it's ridiculous. And now it's too late. He'll go anywhere at anytime but unfortunately, not for you Morgan Stewart's. Because taken off the market. Will now I'm very now there's two of US know literally. I feel bad for them because I feel like Mario is one person. He's very nice. He's very you know deep and I think Perez Hilton is a second person and I think what happens is Press Hilton started this website and started getting all this attention for all the nasty things that he said about celebrities and I think what happened after that was all these other websites you know started popping up and he Created the genre. People would be able to forgive them but they wouldn't be able to forgive them because he kinda was the birthplace of this nasty snotty as a situation I mean he definitely created a phenomenon that's one hundred percent I mean it wasn't even the nicknames do remember I mean Scott I don't know if you're familiar with Perez. Hilton because you were in Australia I'm sure but like It was big on. We loved it. On the mouth, you guys remember I mean there was some really vile things on that website and like you, you've never seen anything like that before. So I one hundred percent agree that like he definitely did start the genre I'm so happy I was not even that I'm relevant now but I'm so happy I was not relevant in two thousand seven at all I would've been scared shitless if I was a famous person. With that website forget it. Was the man that brought back windows ninety five to popularity and everyone loves you for that I think what he's doing right now he's definitely seen some celebrities like Jessica Simpson with open border how much you can reveal gain a book at the moment how much attention even get? So I think he feels that the time is right right now brought do love where he's like autumn anymore shade I don't want anymore old never mention that time I hooked up with Joan. Or. was involved in these other scandals I think he's GonNa get himself in a little bit more Charles by doing this and revealing book fuck it works because we want to know all the day we want to know what's going on behind the scenes. Well, that was my question. So Perez says he wants forgiveness in doing this book I mean, do you guys feel like this is the way to? All but I think if you start to unpack how this website and how this man became and how it all works. You weren't a celebrity until you made it on Perez Hilton. So Lane hated beat on Perez Hilton. But if you were that meant that you were loved and adored and the other thing is which I don't know if he's actually going to discuss it in this book but I know for a fact that a lot of celebrities, a lot of publicists a lot of people in the industry were selling stories can. Information's to been up there guard. So I truly and honestly believe that as much as we should he what Perez Hilton did the industry used him and then turn their backs on them when he got a little to quote unquote vile but you guys loved whenever you could give stories about your enemies lady Gaga well, well, that's the other thing I mean when you read the whole I, mean at least the research read this morning I mean it does seem like he does genuinely regret a lot of things. That he did the way he went about things. So I definitely think he has a heart. I definitely think he's grown people evolve mistakes all the time. It's really about how what you learn from those mistakes in the person that you eventually become. So I definitely think that he's not proud of everything but like he should be proud of creating that website, of course, it wasn't like you know the most tasteful respectful on the planet, but it was a huge phenomenon I I used to compress Hilton at least. Twice a day problem. So I agree he did a lot of good for celebrities and a lot of bad and I think like at least it goes to show even with his relationship with dog I mean he was good to his friends, right? We're very they were I. didn't realize they were best friends, but apparently they were. They were going through this whole patch. Overseas reinventing himself lost them to this year. He was on the Australian Reality Show. I. Called on a celebrity get me out of which is celebrities in the jungle big brother stealth. So he's putting himself out there trying to give a voice against the book could be his final citizens. Heard out there from the masses and we might see a Perez Hilton to point coming up attention depending on what's in this book. Exactly. All. Right Jennie Garth Tori spelling are talking taking on Jessica Alba's accusations. Last week just claimed she was told not to make eye contact eye contact with the Catholic Beverly Hills Nine O. Two when she appeared on a couple of episodes now in a teaser for their new. One Oh my God podcast Johnny says she had all the scenes with Jessica but has a bad memory and doesn't recall. contact. Listen to this? So, I'm just wondering if there is some cool memo that was like going around from. The producers and the DS, and we didn't even now imagine we just thought like guest starred. Didn't like us. Let's say look. So Nice. I only have from vague memories. I have a working with her I only remember her being super talented. She was very young. And she was really sweet and does not surprise me that she's gone on to be so successful. Okay, what do you? What do you think happened? Break it down for me what do you think happened here? I think there was a gay publicist that works with Tori spelling that was like listen bitch. If you apologize for this is open territory for cancer culture. So what you are going to do is skirt around this situation. I admit to anything. On in no instance say that Oh my God we were teenagers because twitter will come for your ass they just. Played this cool and I'm here for it I'm here that people are getting crafty. Do you think they answered the question though nature. Even brought it up at this point. I learned when I was fourteen years of age using the excuse either remember Memba doesn't work in an argument. It isn't. It doesn't work in any sort of defense. You can't just say audit of course what happens on that sit? Here. This is a very bad way of saying basically. Right now on things like I said, it did happen but we've got nothing to do with it. I. It works in Hollywood just so you know I don't remember I can't recall works in Hollywood and it works in a court of law. Right I agree you know it's also they're very on trend I will say that Ellen has been accused of doing this years later. So you know what we have it we'll see what happens. All right still ahead J.LO's Donner Emmy on family her new book and the Star who made her cry plus Chris Harrison is dropping some bachelorette secrets. We can't wait and up next WHO's confessing they're still a virgin at twenty-seven. Toko anywhere. Harmony Star Alley Brooke is saving herself for marriage. The twenty-seven-year-old made the confession in her new book, and when asked about an in an interview Allie said quote I have had those moments where people would make fun of Mir question me like, yeah. Right. I just have to hold that in my heart and no my truth and kind of just let that be that. Are. You guys surprised. She admitted this. Would you admit this? Look I will say Kudos hats off to her because her acting skills in those fifth harmony videos were good. Totally thought that Don was not the case I will say I am surprised that she admitted busy because in the music industry, it's always been sex sells especially now at a time where you have people who seeing about more sexually charged music and we. Go to number one we're looking at making the south rise to fame. So I am surprised that she is revealing this. Word. Here online right now and it's that's her life and she's defined by that and loss of twenty seven years without sleeping with somebody. That's. Very, very special to her. was going on a date with her I would like to know beforehand if she was in that scenario because I think it does change I. think it should fall on the right guy out there I probably wouldn't go on a date with a go twenty, seven years of age. Scott that accent is not saving you from that statement. Is supposed to go. Are you supposed to get like a fax of all of her details before like twenty seven in music group doesn't have sex with people and then you're like like how that comes up on a first date? Person has put out into the world and I know about it. Then that's one thing. Wednesday oversee very strong belief behind their whether it's a religious belief. To not want to sleep with someone at that age. For me in my life. I could have lost twinsies but. That was. You away from your girlfriend for like almost a year. Now you've lasted that long. How's that going for you? It's very tough. Straight. Let's not. Get your question but if you're asking Allie are women in their twenties. To disclose their virgins are you asking women in their twenties disclose their body counts? Are you saying? Hey, if you slept with this many people. You and you haven't slept in anybody I can't Diedhiou is there like a number between an? Are you asking people to disclose their Nah? I should I wouldn't mind if I win day with Allie and I found out during the day but it's not tonight beforehand if that's where they are when they sit no, I don't WanNa people's body can't because everyone feel like God's law do. Some tell the truth but everyone adjusted slightly to make sure. Of that dinner that Diet that and that. Really has an accurate count I mean give me a break. No. But also okay just. It's been so long with also last what if she was doing everything? You know that doesn't just because she's not sleeping with people it doesn't mean she's not engaging in other things you. Thank you. Thank you right. So she's a really sweet. Alley. Soy Sweet I. Think this goes to prove this someone out there for everybody and I think there's a guy that same position as her or want that for their life because me personally. It's awfully Right. All right. Coming up the world's highest paid actresses man how did Soviet regard Angelina Jolie, Gal Gadot and everyone else breaking down the money next. High Mariah Carey and you're watching E. Entertainment. Everything that's happening for me and that has happened to me so great and. Living out now. I can't complain about anything and I can't. Really. Keep, myself grounded. In realizing that anybody can have success doesn't make exceptionally talented doesn't it doesn't mean that you have to be towns. And I feel really fortunate that I was able to do this. You know what I mean. All I can be is Mariah Carey Mariah Carey that I can be the best songwriter that I can be in the best thing that I can be, and that's who I am, what I am and hopefully as I become. My music gets exposed to more people. People won't have to make any comparison so. That is a young and surprisingly humbled Mariah Carey back in Nineteen ninety-one. It has been thirty years. You guys since her debut as an artist and to celebrate Mariah is. Sixteen Vinyl editions of her ground breaking albums. Crushes that was in that period of my life for a new. Features and a woman and Mariah Carey has. Friends in high. School would talk about it on the sly like like. Kerry wasn't the same for Justin wasn't the same? Thing every. Baby. All right. You guys had to guess. Well. Yeah. I. Guess. So I guess that would make more sense and Mariah. It got weird. All right. If you were to guess who was the world's highest paid actress many you would have guessed Sofia Vergara. Neither you okay according to she made forty three, million dollars this year Angelina Jolie came in second with thirty five, point five, million and Gal Gadot took third with thirty one, million, Bucks Melissa McCarthy and Meryl Streep Round out the top five I mean were you guys surprise surprise to see Soviet number one I was a little surprised I have to say Not really this one of my favorite trivia questions because she was also at the top position last as well. The list, her changes, all the time depending on who has a big film or TV, series that year. Always been very tough. A lot of actresses in the last twelve months of release films and I go that extra cash from the box office bonuses Buxom. Kilo knew when it comes to endorsement deals, she just has deals going let front and center on top of a very big deals from TV. No I totally agree with that and I think it's because she started later on in life where the mentality is not let's not over expose you. The mentality is more like let's strike while the iron is hot. Let's get you this money while you Gloria Warrior and a GT, and while your name is out there. So She Put my shampoo. Great. Want some food finding a dog I'll do it. She is doing all of these things and she's not trying to beyond safe of it all where she comes out and does one thing every five years right now apps forty, three, million bucks later she's not she's securing that bad good for her. She looks amazing every time. So and that's a lot of work we're moving on. Flights leading lady on. Our is not loving her new found fame. You guys on breakout role was in knives out but between her romance with Ben Starring in the next New James Bond movie and the Marilyn Monroe biopic blonde she has reached a new level of celebrity just like off whatever she tells flaunt magazine says it's funny as an actor because you do you do when you don't think of the consequences of your job and then all of a sudden you're in the spotlight and you realize Oh this is not what I wanted saying to me is not the most exciting thing about my job it's never been at all. It's just a consequence of job. Justin. Do you think that's true honey what do you think is your? I. Think. She does Kinda SORTA have a point because no matter how bain adjacent you are. You don't really realize what fame is until it hits you in the face. I, think a lot of actors and seniors always think Oh. My God. I want him I want one fame and then when it punches, you hit you in the kidney you're like Oh maybe not but I, think for everybody. And if you look at famous people and you do the psychology on people who like the spotlight. There is some trauma. There is something that they went through in their lives or something that they experienced that make them equipped to take this on? I don't have fame I'm on TV I'm recognizable but I can tell you that I like making people laugh and I enjoyed this because that was my way of dealing with bullies back when I was a kid. So there's something and everybody psyche is famous that not only let's thin do this but let them enjoy it. I really liked. Before, Justin. Dance floors, and a lot of clubs. I'm sure there's a law ladies out there that know you wanNA dance with you drinks you. Could I? Just I think what you said was totally accurate. I. Think that we're all kind of in that same but well, we're all recognizable people know who we are. They might recognize us out at dinner but it's not like we have that consistent fame it's almost like we kind of get the best of both worlds where are relevant in some small capacity we have a job that we're grateful for. We can still go on about our personal lives every single day and not feel like we have to look good all the time because we're being. Hounded by the Paparazzi. So I can understand if that were to be turned up a notch that would be stressful and probably really hard to take and I do agree with what she said regardless of what people are thinking right now, rolling their eyes with their dog walking photos everyday. But like look you want to be an actress at your craft, it's something you're passionate about that's what you're focused on. You're not focused on if I do this I'm GonNa get you know cameras it's not like they're reality star so I know actually you. Know if you're an actress or an act, your is to end time you want an audience to end if working on a film. Stage production whatever you want people to see that. So I do disagree sometimes, I don't care at all about being famous or an audience that's a lie because. To become a successful and get that feedback from an audience for you. But there's a different level of the howling and having your personal life exposed. So I do think they care about the audience but I think we all the rest of it that comes with it is overwhelming at times. I'm very nice. This morning are it's still a. New Season of the Bachelorette does Clare really walk away does takeover we're putting Chris Harrison and the hot seat that's next. There's a wild new conspiracy theory in Hollywood that we have to talk about I got wrapped up with it this morning. It involves Justin. Bieber you guys. Okay. So just recently got a new neck tattoo and fans are convinced. It's a secret tribute to his ex Selena Gomez, Q. The I roll I know he got a about a month ago but a fan accounts just pointed out that there's an s in the middle of the rose. Okay what do you think first of all do you see it and is it a tribute to Selena you can see it even without the yellow, a little graphic which I do appreciate. In attack Sube, it's just such a fuss. Straight a rose has many has made it for shapes in it. I feel it's a very stretch if you have an issue with your ex or you still have some feelings, go for a coffee. Go. In. Kid Up straight away. Pretty. Justin what do you think about this telephone? You know, I love a good conspiracy theory. My job. But I feel like anything this man or anything she does people will link it back to the two of them. Really bad that Haley Bieber has to wake up every morning after she has married this man. Has Been. With. This man from multiple years. Still Wake up and have to deal with this Justin Bieber Selena. Gomez drama it's like give it a break but I asked end that she probably understands that this is her life just like any man that dates Jennifer Aniston or anyone that dates Brad Pitt is always going to have to deal with the. Bradford situation but even with. Even with that like Haley just are married Selena Gomez regardless of how long they dated for. Whatever on and off they were not married Haley and just are married. They are husband and wife they are madly in love with one. Another I agree with you. One hundred percent it's like let it go you guys Selena Justin. They had their time I know everybody was obsessed with them. It's over I'm sure Haley injustice wake up in the morning and they're like this again, can we just move on? We're in the lives together we don't need to keep talking about it so. It's newlyweds. Love Right. Now. And get that always neck. What is wife can see it every single dialect love and the rose also there that forecast to artist is probably in like witness protection right now we're. Oh God. All right. We'll buy out soon if the Bachelorette hype as wild as we have been hearing, if we've been talking about it for three months, host Chris Harrison gave quizzes, private details about Clare Crawley's season sixteen drama. Let's get right to. Our the reverse true. This glare walk away is the new Bachelorette. Tell me clear is the Bachelorette I can definitively say clear is the Bachelorette this this whole season is all about her finding love Lord No, she waited long enough I mean she is our longest reigning Bachelorette. Thing we were about to shoot. We were hours away when we hit the pause button for about six months, and then she had to go home and just think about being the Bachelorette. So We rebounded determined to make this happen for her and so happy we finally did partner is at least part of the new season. I, don't know where these wild rumors come from just crazy. Clear is what percent the Bachelorette, what happens above and beyond that everybody will have to wait and see what happens I I know there's lots of rumors out there in all seriousness and I know everybody feels like they know how this plays out you don't my question is has she literally changed the way this show is going to be done from now on regulations you just blown up the Bachelorette. Oh, what are the great things about this show over the last several years that we've really embraced everything that's happened in that moment? If someone asked me did you mean to say that or did you know you know I had no idea? It's just something that came to mind as soon as she was telling me what we were talking about and. The great thing about this season in particular is we were at the leukemia resort we obviously in quarantine because the pandemic, but we weren't traveling, and so there is this kind of fishbowl environment more like Bachelor in paradise. There was no release we didn't stop. So as a viewer bachelor nation, you're going to get to everything every conversation every decision. That will dispel all rumors and and really explain everything that's gone on unlike we've never seen before on the show I. Don't know if that will change the way we do things in the future, but there is something to the fact that we didn't travel as much and it really gave us different helmet able to come up with beat over in the top dates that were like Houston seeing on the Bachelor I will tell you this we had to be really creative. Really. Imaginative to re imagine the same space over and over again. So to a certain degree, no, we're not gonNA have the crazy over the top dates It also allows us to do a lot of different things that maybe are a little more intimate and more just about Clare Finding love and so to that end, it was good. Also at the end of the day Chris, I wanted to look like the Bachelorette. I didn't want it to look like, oh, they tried so hard. That's cute. Kobe version of the show that's not I want you to really escape and sit back and watch the Bachelorette because Lord knows we all need to get away and escape right now people were a little bit up in arms about the Mrs Robinson as Promo for this season. Now was clear a part of that decision was she happy with it? Definitely, not a part of the decision nor was I it. It's somewhat ABC and someone does the Oh, by the way wealth done I like the two bucks there. And by the way, how clever is that? These are just creative folks at ABC figure out a poster figure out a theme that comes out. I love the fact that it sparked debate clear didn't have any decision making process in that and be I don't think she cared WanNa talk about Matt James. WHO's the first African American bachelor seemed to confirm on social. He started shooting at the September. How is that going? Can you give us one spoiler? Well, one spoiler is we have not started shooting. We are all making our way out there very soon to start shooting. That will begin very shortly, but we also have to go through the protocol and. Test our way in just like we did with Clare Season of the Bachelorette. So that's what's taking place right now started head that direction. Partnership With Kelley Blue, book. Have you always been into cars? It was funny. Kind of quite the opposite. Kelley Blue Book when I was younger. You wouldn't buy a car without looking at the Kelley Blue Book value because that would tell you exactly how much your was working much needed to pay. 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Right under your Chin. And just ease your way up then to wake up the eye area. You trade circles around your labor. Glowing skin if You want that listing. Ob civil smoothing in school eating scribe to gently stimulate circulation. And smooth away and make us and dead skin and debris and oil. You Rinse it off and then you want Voice Dr. Drops of. Concentrated. Spin. Up. and. Pressed into your. God she's gorgeous. Looks Easy. When does it right? All right. CHECK OUT GOOP DOT COM. For more are you it is time for one of our cutest interviews ever justin you had a chance a Chad to a chance to chat. Actually I should say J.lo's daughter. Emmy. Check it out. Check it. Out. Of this little girl is eleven years I could barely. My own shoes at eleven share any wrote a book. From what she told me, it sounds like she might be singing at her mom's wedding. Hello, how are you? I'm great. How are you? I'm I got School going is Max all of his homework or do I need to get over there? Okay. So this year I'm home schooled. So a teacher comes over every day. And we don't have to work. I got your lucky. He has extremely lucky. We'll good that you don't have power because now you can focus on this amazing book Lord Help me I have to ask you. How did you get the idea to write this book? So. When I was seven me and my nanny jess the sided to go to the bookstore and we bought a book hit and he wrote this book. That we I me so It's like I drew all the pictures when I was seven so they might not be that good but. I heard that you have a prayer about your brother Max because sometimes he gets on. How often do you have to say that prayer? I say every night. Every night, 'cause It's a ritual I guess so. It on my nurse applies, but he's a great brother. But. I love. God. Because I know you have two sisters. Yes I do. Is Tasha and Ella. They're both great. They're amazing. They're fun. They're always. Super, Nice. Oh. Well, I have to ask you went on that Super Bowl stage saying in front of millions of people I would have literally froze up because our you did you have to say a prayer right before you went now did your mom give you any advice for you got an eight? Okay. So I like before every show. Every in the show we always. But on stage. It was. Crazy experience like I felt like I could do anything at that moment. It was scary for some reason. I. Thought I would be terrified like never before but when I got on stage, it was. Nothing right. You wish. Are you praying to take the stage with net? That's really hard. The first here's an came to my head. Billy. I love where her music. Amazing. She's also like Super Nice Great. Person? Metro once after show. Right. was. Saying. I'm freaking out for you. and. It was probably one of the best moments of mine. Say That I also wrote my book in Spanish. Does in case you know people wanted to buy them Spanish if it's easier for them. And obviously, I also have the English version. right Here. On my God, this is amazing. Are All your friends getting copies of Lord help me I. Hope. Well look I'm GonNa say a prayer tonight all my prayers. Consists of me trying to get the stress out of your mom's closet. Of Love You. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. No problem. Thank you for having. Oh she's so. The I don't get it. She is literally the chillers person average. Nervous singing in front of thirty million people like because the blood up to legends. Crazy she's so cute. Having. My son Sean I wouldn't fall asleep. My mom had a terrible voice and that put me to sleep J.LO's voice. Kid going the adverse aren't. Like God she, I mean I was really impressed. I was like a neon eleven was not like. All right. You guys coming sharing stones, dating struggles and why they're suddenly a bunch of big stars who can't seem to find love that's after the break. Sharon stone may be a Hollywood icon, but she's still can't seem to lockdown a man. You guys. She tells closer weekly dating life looks more like a comedy these days and she even got kicked off the dating APP fumble last year because no one believed it was her. We've also heard from actresses lecture and Drew Barrymore and Kathy Lee Gifford saying they have pretty non existent dating lives. Okay do you believe these beautiful famous women when they say nobody will date them? I do personally but I want to hear what you guys think. First of all Sharon stone is intimidating shooting soon probably crosses her leg at a dinner. Date just to remind people that she is Sharon. Stone. But I also think women at that caliber all the women that you named in this whole story had dated some of the smartest wealthiest most successful men and I think they honestly have high expectations and they don't realize that they're putting that filter out there. They don't realize that they are putting out the energy that if you aren't going to be a JFK junior are Christian. Slater are counter reeves don't step to this Oh yeah. Okay. I wouldn't have a problem finding date. Consistently. Dating a God that's a different scenario. If you a single, you'd happily go on one date with any of those ladies and it'd be a fun whether or not would lead to but I think actually walking in and going I want to start dating you. Sharon. Stein would be you know you should be challenging intimidating and feel like a lot of God's out there wouldn't want that in their life. Average guys and then of. As justice if they want to. Hartford Fall God's at a very successful but I can talk about stuff that they can relate to. I think that's what it is I think she needs to just find herself somebody who is equally as successful. She is in a different field it's you gotta get set up share that's what needs to happen. Okay. Up Next how lands superstar. Taking over mainstream using. J Alvin, one of the best selling Latin music artists and he has a big announcement. About Scott has got all the details and also talked about his crossover into mainstream music. Right now see. Amazing about what you've done is when you think of these people that paved the way like step, I'm not mark but. They all have to do process albums in English new still haven't. Done. Enough to. Make. Happy. Stand. In can. Use It, and this industry got that was always my dream you know and and I respect I respect the way deals in it only. Did Pro Zoeller. What? I want people to come to my world. Now if I do something in English. I. Started yet because I want. You know it. was really it was I mean it was way harder to bondage. What he wanted to do electric by the way inderal Roy. She'll course. Donald. So Rick. Tell us a little bit about this because we're excited to hear about the partnership. What is this all about? I mean this is users. Really though, because I grew up with MacDonald since I was a kid I. Lied. Because I was living in Columbia. I remember the first time I went to his face. You know. When I went to Just mindblowing. Urano the men even before. That Christmas Donald's bag I can't even handle. It makes me my mouth water. We'll have much more Dave Alvin next week as we continue to celebrate Hispanic heritage month. We have your I look you guys at Princess Diana's wedding gown in the crown here she is Emma corn in the dress for season four. Okay. Look at them side by side. I mean I can you see this image literally spitting right the identical to one another Seen. I've seen two hundred, Princess Diana especially trust me. I've seen them all. I don't know why this one makes me feel that William and Harry are going to have a hard time watching this one. When somebody is reimagining your mother's life and they look so. For me that would be hard I. Don't know why. Would be easy for them to watch ever because that was A. That was wrong. That was wrong. I know that people are very excited about this dress justin. This dress again. Beautiful Dress. Video slow. I probably wouldn't go as Poofy I don't think that's correct for the time, but I is obviously one of the most iconic dresses our time. So I'm excited you guys I'm obsessed with the crime. You know that's like the only show I watch So speaking of the crown returns to net flicks on. November. Fifteenth, I cannot wait Should we call it? Is this going to be the best season yet? Season to. season. Well Margaret. Margaret. Depends I get that scene with the massive soupy have. On the back little later. Now. Your timelines wrong. They just got married that comes years later that season you Know you're you're messing up the flow. Okay. We're getting to people's thoughts now because you messed that up all right case, and if she found out her date was virgin, she would be polite finish the date but never call or text I accidentally hooked up with Virgin One. Joey Jesus Damn Julie disagreed she says that would not scare me off at all. They're saving themselves for Mr or Mrs Right Okay and Corey says she would never get a tattoo of an ex she says if you do you're obviously not over them. Earning I agree but I don't think. Chip's. Six don't do it. Right. That's it for us today tomorrow Kim's. is here all the T- about the highest lands and the new season of Dopey Tardy we will see you tomorrow. Thanks. Bye.

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