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The first take your take. Podcast is presented by capital one. This is banking reimagined. I take your take on. Espn radio the ESPN APP. Siriusxm channel eighty. I'm Jason Fitz will start you with the headlines. You need to know the Patriots. Have New Jersey's just like every week we get to talk about New Jersey's of some sort. Well the Patriots Have New Ish Jerseys the Patriots on build New Jersey's Monday morning. Kinda look familiar. Because they're the color. Rush alternates team has recently done. They've now been promoted to their fulltime. Jerseys it's the first change to the Patriots. Primary uniforms in twenty years at this point so they get a little colorist they decide they like it. They stick with it. They may get the Jersey moving forward next up in the headlines. You need to know cocoa golf and obviously been in the news as it was reported that she had been struggling with the pressures of her meteoric rise however Corey. Goff the father and coach of the teen and teenaged. Tennessee has gone on the record Writing for behind the racket that the sixteen year old said she had a dark mindset before Wimbledon last year but was never diagnosed with any sort of depression so some of that speculation put to rest and lastly on the headlines that you need to know trades everywhere or not the bucks not expected to trade for Leonard Fournette. The jags running back may or may not be out on the open market. At this point there had been speculation that there was not going to make that happen but in the world of other traits the forty niners are open to trading the first round picks in the NFL draft not just pick picks they hold number thirteen in thirty one overall. They're feeling trade costs about both of those first-round NFL draft picks opened dealing either or both of their selections League sources. Espn's Adam Schefter so we hear more the teams that might be on the clock Thursday night when the NFL draft begins may not be on the clock because it feels like a lot of teams are at least interested in hearing. What's out there wouldn't be surprised to see some of that. Being floated just to try and get trade conversations. Working in advance of what will be an interesting looking. Nfl draft. It's I take your take on. Espn radio the ESPN APP. Siriusxm channel eighty and of course ESPN news. I'm Jason Fitz. We're by progressive insurance. You can tweet me at Jason Fitz. We're going to get you involved in the conversation. The whole world was watching. I was just irregularly cited like an irrational level last night for the last dance. Obviously we're going to get into some NFL draft today. We're only a few days away but the the social conscious of the entire sports community is all over the last dance. We knew it was going to be revealed last night we got episodes one and two even with the naughty language on ESPN but we got the real beginnings to the look behind the scenes. We were all anxious for as The last dance started taking a look at the last dance last season of the Bulls dynasty but also tying it back into everything that got them to where they were. I want your reaction. What did you think we were all tweeting about it? In the moment everybody was watching it. The good the bad. What surprised you what what really stunned you. What did you learn what were your reactions and takeaways from the last dance? Give me your take on the last dance by calling triple eight say. Espn eight eight eight. Seven two nine three seven seven six. That's how you get down on it. We're GONNA take your take on the last eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six. You can also tweet me Jason Vince. And let's start with some straight. Talk Straight Talk Wireless as Volkert cell phone coverage you need. Get THE UNLIMITED. Blend twenty gigs of high speed data. Then two G. FOR JUST FORTY FIVE BUCKS. A month saves you up to half the cost. Big carriers everything for less savings may vary terms and conditions at straighttalk dot com. And the straight talk comes in the form of really the main character. The main narration of the second episode of the last dance last night which was featured largely focused largely on skype. Now I'll admit that maybe it's a fault to my wiring. I seem to like the other guy and I tweeted this last night. I always prefer Gruber Lakers fan. But you didn't grow up my age. Forty two almost forty three and not watch everything about the pulse right and as I was watching it. I always I gravitated discarded. Yeah we all know. Michael Jordan's a better player. But gravitated towards Scottie. Scottie was my guy like I gravitated as a unlv Fan grownup preferred Stacey Augmon. To Larry. Johnson I like Mardi Gianetti more than Shawn Michaels. I like slash more than actual rose. Richie Sambora over Jon. Bon Jovi like I'm the other Guy Guy so I was all in on Scottie. Pippen last night and so much was revealed about Scotty and where he was at this time with the last dance. Now I'll give you a little bit of context from my mind but I want you to hear what I had to say as they broke down whether or not. They felt bad for Scotty. Pippin after watching last night's episode my Greenberg. Join Max and Stephen to talk all things pippen and the last dance Jerry. I'm not GonNa let him off the hook and the reason why I'm not GonNa let Jerry Reinsdorf off. The Hook is that he's the boss. It was him that worked out the one year. Six million dollar deal fulfil Jackson to come to that last season. Or what have you? He was Jerry Krause's boss. There are exceptions. We understand Scottie. Pippen signed the contract. He was under contract. You could have found a way to take Care Scotty. Pippin better than that. In other words we negotiate the deal and after that I don't WanNa hear it and the B so dog it so hard core their options to every rule and if ever there was an accent he was Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen initials. It was just unfortunate. They're both Jerry. Reinsdorf and Jerry. Krause had to be so dog it air approach to things way that they were Scott. It didn't help that last year. Because Michael was right he was selfish. There is no question about that and that sort of takes the shine off of the that he can put people in this particular situation for ride. Stoff Jerry Krause would've culprits in all of this because they did not have to spend it the way that they did and they chose to anyway just because of their principles in terms of how they do things it was. It was really sad to see that Max Molly to answer your question. Yes I feel. Sorry for Scotty Pippin. He was obviously when Jordan retired for those two years. The second best player in the game to allow Zhuan. He was clearly the second best player in the game. So when Jordan comes back what the third best player of the year a top three player even people who WanNa wrongly argue. He's only top five or something like that. You put your outside the top one hundred. Yes the team. Got a great deal on him. He signed that deal as the documentary. Which by the way is I mean you know the old Eddie Murphy. One store a starving guy a crash on my God. Is this a rinse? But what if you throw a starving guy of filet Mignon? Because that's what we've done here like I know look this is an espn production and here we are ESPN. Oh my God. Just as a basketball fan. I was going nuts last night. Especially you have like L. L. Rockin is the backdrop the soundtrack over Jordan. It was insane but anyway as the documentary made clear Scotty grew up in real poverty so real poverty even by people whose standards are well. I understand this apartment. No this is. This was real poverty and hardship Scottie. Pippen grew up in so when he signs a seventeen million dollar long-term deal. Okay we get it. He's trading some upside for financial security given his background. You understand why he did. It and the team is like okay. We got a team friendly deal. Tough luck how ever there are extenuating circumstances when a guide proves he's an almost not almost an MVP caliber player but he's played like an paid like an also ran and by the way his contract is coming up. You know it's it's not like they needed it for salary. Cap Relief the Bulls word attracting any major free agents there was just Jordan and pippen and CUCO and by that time coach Robin. They had to pay. But they those guys were you know. It's a soft cap. You can escalate their contracts under the CAP because they're already on the team so the fact that they didn't pay pippen is was to play him cheap. I feel bad for them. It should have never gone to that when the store is cursing out to GM on the team bus and the team is doing anything about it because pippen has leverage. You don't want to break that up especially that year. Then there's something wrong something has to be done to remedy it and instead of looking to trade him or otherwise CHAFE under the bad contract. Just just extend it for a couple years. Tear up the deal and give him a new one. Jordan was GONNA get thirty million the next year and Pippen's on two point something come on so sort of the way. The timing worked out with the guys I mean I was there and I can tell you a couple of things about it. Jerry Reinsdorf said to Scotty Pippin when he was signing the deal. Don't sign this. This is not a good contract for you. You don't want to do this. But Scottie. Pippen had a significant didn't just have a back story. He also had a back injury and he was very concerned that it would limit him and they do would actually want to. Having a very short career people forget that he had a serious back injury and there was significant concern that he would wind up. Not being able to play anymore and Jerry. Reinsdorf said if we signed this deal. If you get hurt I still have to pay you all this money which was eighteen million dollars. If you add performance do not come back to me I take your take on. Espn RADIO AND ESPN news. I'm Jason Fitz and look to me. Some of this is everybody can be right and wrong in all of it it was obviously in Mike. Greenberg pointed out really smart later this morning. Some of the back injury issues for Scotty. Pippin really motivated somebody. That came from nothing to sign a deal. That may not have been the smartest but he wanted to guarantee his future knowing that frankly he may not have the longest plane that can make a ton of sense at the time that he signed a seven year. Eighteen million dollar deal. It's also fair to say that the Bulls had no idea they were about to achieve the level of dynasty. That they did in fact achieve now. Scotty ended up doing okay. I mean let's let's not get it twisted. He made over one hundred and nine million dollars in his career. So obviously things went. Well obviously it worked itself out. But if you're the Bulls is an organization at some point you're looking at this level of of dining dynastic performance. I think it's also fair to look at the Bulls and say why not reward the players that are doing it just to keep the group together. I think that's one of the things that we really learn to. The process is that the Bulls had no care or concern about trying to keep any level of community around this team as they were trying to accomplish these great things. That was what was really stunning. The other part of this that I have to remind everybody is if you watch this at the time. All of this was very public Scottie. Pippen's contractual issues. The fact that he waited to get the surgery done the fact that it was the last dance. That Phil Jackson and Jerry. Krause had no love loss. These were all well documented and well covered things. It was just a different era of media at the time so we don't obsess about it and we don't remember it the same way because frankly things weren't covered the way they are in the social media world. So that's what the last dance is really going to offer us. I think some element to peek behind the curtain. At some of the things that we remembered but have forgotten and get more detail on it for people that lived it but also to give. I detail on it for people that may never have even realized it was going on. Forget tune into the last dance. It's a behind the scenes. Look at the entire Bulls Dynasty. The ten part series already began last night. You can listen to the RAPA. Podcast hosted by Jalen and Jacoby immediately following the broadcast presented by state farm available. Wherever you enjoy your podcast the numbers on that were huge for the guys last night too. So congrats to them. What I want your reaction on it. We'll take some of your reaction to just a second triple eight say. Espn eight eight eight seven nine. Three seven six. That's how you get into. Give us your last dance reaction before we get your last answering reaction though. I want to get a little bit of reaction from Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman obviously was a huge part in. We'll be a huge part of the series but he joined. I take to talk specifically about his dealings with Jerry. Krause in the Bulls Front Office and the team dynamics of the dynasty that we watched last night. I never got involved with the fun office at all. In all food Jackson. Scottie Pippen Michael. Join asked me to come to Jerry. Cross his house and asked me. Did I want to join the Chicago Bulls and I said I don't give a damn pretty much in all and I think that I think it was something in the sense where we talked about this a long time ago where I had to say. Go apologize and Scotty which was right or wrong but pretty much after that or heaven the team phone with me and Mike Scotti end up in a and M J so I think Jerry Krause I was there those three years while it was it was something molly it was something. I never heard anything like. I know seen that before and I never really got into the politics of it but I guess I never asked Michael Scott. What is the reason why you guys are so bitter towards management? I asked those guys out there a couple of years. I've figured it out where it would change from because I guess it came from Scotty and I think it really hit the hit the head on the hit the head right there with Phil Jackson when Jerry. Cross eating care we want eighty two games. You're not coming back after her. Feel Judge Moore anything in the world and I think that her Scott it hurt her Michael me. I was just voted for him. I wonder when championship with these guys. And I will go to war when these guys anytime today and it was a sad effect that we could've came back four championship very easily. In light of what? We're seeing on documentary in terms of how. Scott had delayed his surgery and all of that stuff There's a lot of people looking at that right now. And even Michael Jackson Michael Jordan rather was on the record saying you know he was selfish. Is that the way. The rest of y'all viewed Scottie. Pippen that last year was detained at one or two ways because when I came to Chicago Bulls. People didn't know what to expect from me. You know I'm coming in you know kind of hot. You know because San Antonio just got rid of me for pretty much for nobody would have produced straight up. I'm like what the Hell is all about. Sodas can go on a Chicago. I say okay. That's cool and next thing you know when I got there Scotty you know I. I don't know what the tension between him and the management because I never asked for that as for the information but I think there's more were scuttled unappreciated. 'cause if there's west studied piven when Michael Jordan Love Ninety three ninety ninety three ninety four ninety five people was the best player in world appear to know that he led the holy. Let a team in every category every category. It's gotTA got his wings in. One thousand nine hundred ninety one when they beat Detroit Pistons. He got his ways then. He started on a trend from three championship. Michael Scott's GonNa took over the next thing you know. He was the best player in the world. And people don't know that Yeah He. I thought he was second-best Hakim when Jordan West but point. Well taken Dennis. Let me ask you about you and your kind of experience on that Bulls Dynasty. Because I think when they got you is when they just became ridiculous. Like even horace grant tremendous player but in the first three. But would you got ridiculous. You made I remember the quote back. Then you could tell me if this is accurate you said when I was with Detroit. We won championships average. Seventeen boards I made eight hundred grand a year now with the Bulls Dye my hair pink or whatever color. It was same. Seventeen boards winning championships. Eight million a year. What was that like? Being a part of as it was described in the documentary the Beatles I was leading catalyst for that one you know. I will go to go to a hotel and stuff like that. It was like hundreds and thousand people waiting for US outside and I was like warlike Jimi Hendrix. I was that guys. I thought it was a wild child. I was doing my thing you know. Go to hotel bum of accidents in the room. Go to restaurant. Go To a club I think was about hang on all night and then go to the next day. You have a game but I think it was so cool to be a Chicago. Bulls Nabokov Phil Jackson. I mean he was just like to me a Chubby. God called Bill Jackson Moses and Those guys really took me and as you know what we understand what you'll go onto. We understand your game micro say hey does a final piece to the puzzle and the one thing about documentary that you saw Michael Jordan. If you saw Michael Jordan talk about people on our team especially Scottie Pippen toast so holly Scotty Pippin. So highly of it was almost in tears talking my study. But if you saw when When a reporter asked Michael Scottie Pippen Michael Paternity? If you didn't see that he got a Turkey. Say once you go Scotty. What'd you ask Scott and Michael Talk about people? He will all day long. But if you come at Mike Joint. Start asking questions by somebody not talking about him different Michael Jordan which I love Michael Jordan. But it's like if you're going to see me. And they squeak. Point three probably ninety five percent of the time. It is going to be amazing that I ran my own beat. I didn't live a microscope. Shadow I was starting to go to a rebound win championships to win championships demanding also core. I never. I never talked to Mike the Scotty I never did talk. Scott Steve Kerr said that yesterday. You said wow. Dennis number told him no one. I didn't and when we go out to restaurants the same restaurant we would actually create a triangle. We will not even talk to each other in a restaurant. Don't tell you would. Communicate is in a game so it's like wow so next week you'll see the point three. Go See Dennis Rodman Mike Jordan documentary all about that what I did in Chicago. That's our last dance recap brought to you by. At and T. And that's one of the most exciting things about this series. Is it come on with two episodes in? We've gotten a peek behind the front office. We've gotten a peek behind Scotty. Pippin you know. We're going to get more education about Rodman. Were going to get more on Phil Jackson where you get more Michael of course. So that's why this is so incredible for so many I want your take. What's your reaction to the last dance episodes one and two triple eight say? Espn eight eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six. That's going to Mitchell in Cincinnati Mitchell. What's your what's your reaction to the last dance and Fantastic doing doing great man. How are you give me your reaction? What's up doing well? Oh my number one reaction. Obviously I'm twenty three not really keeping track balls dynasty as I should because about good there were but the one stats where we got hit. Been at two to two points rebounds So Melton one one one. That shows is Salary on that definitely just struck me as debashish number two all the time as they explained. Oh yeah next to your take on it you know. I think it was said today on. I take to get maximum. Couldn't afforded that you said when when Jordan left the league pippen was the second best player in the NBA. At that point behind behind. Lajoie on you know so we just forget about not only was he the best number. He was only the best number two because he was on a team. Where Michael You know? And so obviously that helps him. But it's interesting Mike in Atlanta. What's your take. What was your reaction? How do you look Scotty Pippin I? I know you couldn't foresee the future. But she don't let nobody tunnel contract like that. It had no renegotiation calls and that's basically what happened. You know I mean and think about my thanks for your call on it and think about just in general today's NBA Culture. Like we are so used to now a player insane. No I'm not gonNA play for that. No I'm not gonNA play for you. It's just become part of life but at that time it was never done that way so when Scott. He's having this really public debate and this public argument with the Front Office. I mean I think we at this point. Understand the position of Scotty Moore because we're so used to at this point watching MBA players. Stand up and say I won't stand for that. I wanted to get your take on that on the last day. So what's your reaction to it episodes one and two triple eight say. Espn eight seven to nine. Three seven. Seven six you can also tweet me at Jason Fitz. You can give us your take your reaction to the last dance. We'RE GONNA keep breaking down the left sense but we're also only days away from the NFL draft so we gotta get a little bit of that and it's coming up this week the NFL draft is Thursday. I take strap bullets today. Took a look at one of the most important teams in the NFC and what they'll do in the draft. You'll hear that next I take your take on. Espn radio the ESPN APP. Siriusxm channel eighty and ESPN news. I'm Jason Fitz brought to you by my computer career training for a better life presented by progressive insurance. You guys get to chime in. We're taking your take on the last dance. I want your reaction to the last dance. Got Episodes One and two. Everybody's enamored with it. Obviously we took a look at episodes one and two. We got a little peek behind the scenes. Right away on Jerry. Krause who is running the Bulls Organization and some of the issues that the players had with the front office. And you know some cringe. Worthy moments is the stars essentially belittle cross in every opportunity but crossed then seemingly turned around and let his ego get in the way of so much that was just a peek behind it episode to give so much of the behind the scenes of Scottie Pippin Denis Rodman was on with I take today revealed that we're GonNa see more of Rodman and episode three so I want your reaction to a triple eight say. Espn eight eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six before we get back to your reaction though we do. WanNa get into a little bit of draft talk here. Obviously the first day guys in the team had been taking a look at different drafted teams. Looking forward is their draft. Blitz segment has given us a peek behind the curtain at what they're expecting from different teams. Today's team that they took a look at one of the ones that we can't talk enough about the Philadelphia Eagles now. The Eagles are in a really interesting spot in the draft. Because we're they're picking really it's GonNa divide sort of their opportunity to get another weapon. Are they going to be able to get one of the top wide receivers what do they want for Carson Wentz? When the guys took a look at the eagles particularly the question was do the Eagles owed Carson Wentz any new players in order for him to be successful. Maxon Stephen Aid talked about that today. Oh it Carson. Wentz gave him one of the biggest contracts and football so that he could help. Carry that offense. The great quarterbacks like Donovan mcnabb even years where they don't have stuff can get you to the playoffs and usually invest it's not what Carson Wentz did last year get help get them to the playoffs in the weakest division maybe in the history of football by the way and everyone he beat down the stretch when everyone was lauding how great. He was down the stretch every team. He beat another. Nfc East quarterback looked better in that in right around then against that same team and these were rookies like Daniel Jones who were looking better than Carson Wentz against those same team's terrible teams by the way Carson Wentz has has the ability to be an MVP. He's shown it in flashes but was way too inconsistent last year. Should they draft wideout? Sure to be a good idea. Even though injury was really the problem last year. If Sean Jackson can play obviously he's very motivated for twenty. Twenty Alshon Jeffery he'll be traded. Maybe not maybe they'll draft receiver. Steven probably is a good idea. Why not but this is a team that is healthy is kind of loaded and paid the quarterback a a whole lot of money to get it done it's on Carson Wentz to get it done. The team does it. Oh him a wideout. I completely disagree with you. First of all pay attention to the sport that we're talking about here. It's not like basketball even though you still need a team no matter what sport. You're playing a team sport. You can take the ball and say to hell out the way. Give it to me. I'll take you the quarterback can't do that. You gotTA throw a ball. Somebody's got to run the routes and catch the ball and it has to be receiver or your tight end when you bring up Donovan mcnabb. I'll remind you that in two thousand four when they hundred the Super Bowl who was his receiver that would happen to be Tara lowest now. He wasn't available for the playoffs because he got injured near the end of the regular season but he was playing lights out during that regular season what ultimately propelled them to the Super Bowl. They had guys that were relative. No names like the top. Pinkston of the World Freddie Mitchell's the eljay Smith of the World Chad Lewis's of the world. I get all of that but then brothers had been playing Donovan mcnabb. There was a cohesiveness cohesion. Togetherness that they had they were familiar with one another so they were able to overcome. It also helped along by an elite defense led by Jimmy Johnson defensive coordinator who was blitz and all day every day and just wreaking havoc throughout the national foot the national football conference in the end however it still came down. When you looked at the Philadelphia Eagles were really really propelled them because of the regular season that they had was the acquisition of terrel. Owens we can't ignore that if you're if you're Carson Wentz right now does Shawn. Jackson was hurt last year. You gotta get him healthy obviously Nelson Aga- law is gone. You're looking at them. They desperately need a receiver definitely think they needed to buffer their defense but they did that in a secondary which was ranked one thousand nine hundred gets passed by acquiring Daria sleep more. So than the kill Roby Coleman. I'm thinking about Dairy Asli and what he can bring to the table and I think that's going to be an upgrade compared to what they had last year but ultimately now it's about Carson Wentz have receivers. They dropped passes. Dan Alaska was on the show with us. Max last season any. He highlighted at least three to four games that the eagles lost because dropped passes at key pivotal moments. We can't ignore that. We gotta pay attention to that. Cost a wins can do a lot of things like a Lotta NFL. Quarterbacks can do what you cannot do is throw the football to yourself and catch your own passes. Somebody's gotTa do that for you. And the Eagles gotTA help them out in that regard. I say your Gig on. Espn RADIO AND ESPN news. I'm Jason Fitz and yes obviously I think we can all look at the wide receiver position but we can also take a look at it and say. Hey if there's anybody right now that that has the opportunity to trade down I mean. There's several teams. I think you're going to do that. But the Eagles we'll have the opportunity to get wide receivers wherever they really want. This is such a deep wide receiver draft. They'll be able to get there. They'll be able to get that need filled really whenever they need to so I look at the Eagles is a team that will address weapons and they will find weapons for Carson Wentz. But let's see where it goes by the way self a selfless shameless. Self promotion here. I do believe that Meena guys myself. Mike golic junior field. We're going to be coming back with some more draft coverage for you this year. We're still working out some of the details on the House and wise where I believe you're going to be able to find some of that content the ESPN APP and twitter and Youtube. All those places. We're still working out details. But we'll find a way to get you in the loop if you missed it last year. One of the proudest things I think we've done and one of the most fun things we've done was covering the draft as a group so that coverage will come back. We're still working out what it looks like. It means I'm I take your take. Get your reaction to the last dance episodes one in to. What did you think what what stood out to you? Jared in Pennsylvania. What is you got? What's your last dance reaction? I think this affects that. No kids my age. Twenty twenty one twenty two never really saw Michael Play never really lived through it or getting like this inside about it. Another thing though. I mean we're getting this whole inside on Jerry. Krause I saw today was mistress walk from spaceships based off Jerry. Krause made me laugh really hard but I think that we have to pay attention to one thing specifically. I'M NOT SAYING THAT JERRY. Krause was the reason that you know Michael Jordan. Skype is one of those things. Were great but there were six constant throughout that entire run. Michael Jordan Scottie. Pippen Phil Jackson Jerry. Reinsdorf JERRY KRAUSE TEX winters. The only six that were concentrated every championship team. So well yeah. There was obviously some tension between ownership and front office and the players instill and everything. I think that we do need to give Jerry. Cross his credit where it's due even though has not you know. Come into ninety eight saying it's going to be sales last year. Maybe we'll be dead another title. Run-in ninety nine. Maybe even get a match up of checking Kobe against the Bulls Ninety nine. We we don't know but I think that in terms of Jerry Krause not getting the credit he deserves. He definitely deserves more. But I think it was pointed out very well that he was desperate to get more credit. Which when you have Michael Jordan to do well and that's a great take by the way I think we gotta give credit and blame. So I'M GONNA give Krause Credit for building a dynasty aggressively and then crowds takes the blame for tearing it apart aggressively and you can look at the beginning to your points in next to the call when you look at the acquisition of Scottie Pippen. That took a big trade in. And if you're a Seattle Supersonics Fan at the time you're thinking about it now. You know you look back at that if if you look back. The whole trajectory of the franchise in that moment. What's that mean? Plus aggressive trades to go out and get the horace grant so the world that they needed aggressive trades to go out and trading. Charles Oakley was documented in this as an aggressive move so you can look across the plane and say hey it was aggressiveness. That helped build the Bulls Dynasty. But it's also ego that helped ripped it apart. Got One tweet here. That said Best Line of both episodes. Please send more stamps. Love that love that. Take as as Michael Jordan row back to his MOM and ask for stamps is just shows you how how far. Michael Jordan came in a ray in Florida. What was your reaction to the last dance? Jason Great Job Very very very entertaining. But I I I saw what I found most entertaining and I don't think it matters school. What demographic of fan you were back. Then it's only been what twenty four years but the most Entertaining the most The most enjoyable thing the most emotional thing for me was examining the actual true relationships that existed Between whether it be players like Rodman and And Jordan who never never spoke with finding out. I mean that's to me personally so shocking now. It's so shocking. 'cause we're we're believing during that time period that certain norms existed and we attach it again. I said it doesn't really matter. What demographic or how old you are back then that seeing it now. It's like wow what a change how unbelievable I mean. We can start to talk about full and things like that. That aren't that's the wrong word. We can start to talk about what success in a very intelligent way but we do so now knowing. The dynamics of some of these relationships was so so different than all the fan regardless of demographic or even background necessarily. I'm a former drug That Wow that's really the way. It was unbelievable. Yeah thanks for your take. I mean I think that's the part and again I'll go back to. We knew I think all of us watching back at the time knew it was dysfunctional. But when you see it and you just you hear the way that the players were speaking to the management showed you how dysfunctional it was and just the overall just felt awkward an awkward intense and imagine winning to that level in that level of tension and trying to figure out the line between the respecting the players in their work. But also Jerry. Krause feeling like you're getting enough credit for all of it and and how much credit in the need for credit sort of changed everything. Stephen said I think it was Stephen. Eight today said I take. You know it won't point. Hey how's that rebuilding working for you? You know the the want to move away to start to rebuild. Is something that I think. Bowles vans will always look back at that and say why not get one more year of a triple eight say. Espn eight eight eight. Seven two nine three seven seven six. We're going to keep taking your reaction to the last dance but when we come back we're going to continue the NFL draft discussion. Mel kiper join. I take had plenty to say about the draft just a couple of days away. You'll hear from him next. I take your take on. Espn RADIO AND ESPN news. I take your take on. Espn radio the ESPN APP. Siriusxm channel eighty an ESPN news. I'm Jason Fitz presented by progressive. Insurance Raskin you guys. What's your reaction to the last dance episodes one and two you can give us your reactions. Your take triple eight say. Espn eight eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six row. Well from New Orleans Buddy. What was your take on on the last dance. Last night I thought the last two episodes. I showed great ducks into the series. I think it really shows True competitive competitiveness and fire -ness of Michael Jordan. And it basically breaks down the whole Scottie. Pippen Saga I thought it was just a refreshing watch between all the things going on in the world today and I look forward to more episodes. Thanks for your take on it. I think you're absolutely right to like we were all. I'm interested to see what the ratings were because it felt like the world was watching us. I our today's show. Go check it out. It's on demand in the first. Take your take podcast brought to you by capital one. Why settle for average per capita one? You can open a savings account with five times the national average. Welcome to baking reimagined. What's in your Wallet Capital One and a member? Fdic the other thing that has a captive audience will be the NFL draft just a couple of days away. Mel kiper joined. I take talked about the Wunderlich scores and said they'll have zero effect on the lowest draft stock l. to the Wunderlich scores released to scored a nineteen. Which is considered low. Richard Sherman's tweeted about it like. Ll If people really knew how this work no one cares. Nevertheless Brady had a thirty three even peyton manning who didn't have such a High School. I think it was mid High Twenty S. What does this mean for two draft stock? Nothing zero because I can give you about ten names guys that are hall of Famers. Pro bowlers and greatest of all time. It has a score right around. Patrick Mahomes was what twenty four? So the me look at Brett Farr with Jim Kelly Dan Marino list goes on and on of guys and I can give you a guys had great scores that were complete bus than the NFL in the first round. So it's a way you read and see the field and the decisions you make and all that on the football field is important more important than anything wonder. Like why's looking Mark Jackson? He's taken league by storm. The he had a lower score than what they say to did so to me. It's nothing. It's about durability it's not necessarily the hip and we'll be able to stay healthy has nothing to do with the Wunderlich. As the if in fact he does get past that fish sticks pick and gets into the middle of the first round like some of suggested I take your take on. Espn RADIO AND ESPN news. This is reminded that it's time for certain things to be updated. I mean there's been a real conversation about why we do. Forty yard dashes for different positions. And does it really matter what? What's the point in purposes so many combine drills? Well as you just heard from Mel Kiper. Who's more plugged in than most when it comes to the draft under like has no value? So why do it? Why are we doing something? That has absolutely no value in judging quarterbacks and all of this comes back to a bigger issue here which is right now. I feel like we are getting a massive amount of misinformation onto a chunk of a low and all that does all the negative news does is make me think more that he's GonNa go. Hi Now. I'll admit last year last year. I sat there and said Daniel Jones. No way he's going to the giants just won't happen and you know. The reaction to his pick in the first round of the draft actually became one of the viral sensation from our broadcast. Last year is meaning essentially collapsed. In the moment of it. We all saw it. We all remember we all talk about it. I understand there are variables in the draft and sometimes this misinformation is real but when it comes to. This is all about health. And if you're comfortable with health somebody's GonNa take him incredibly high any presumption that he drops to me makes zero sense the route all when you have a quarterback. They can play as well as he can play. It only takes one team deciding that his hip is worth the risk. It takes one team talking to team doctors from the titans that have examined him. It takes one team looking at it and saying I'm going to do that. And we all know that team is going to jump ahead of the dolphins because they don't WanNa give the dolphins to choice. If you're interested into a chunk of a low of frankly for me I'd be stunned if to a makes it to the fifth overall pick in the draft. Espn radio presented by progressive. His home insurance. Get your quote. Ed Progressive Dot com today. Obviously don't forget you can check out the NFL draft here on ESPN. We'll be doing broadcast with the NFL network. Trey Wingo will be leading that ship and you don't WanNa miss it going to be great coverage coming through if there's anything we learned from the last dance? It's sometimes just watching things about sports. Give us the normalcy. We're craving so much so we're going to keep that draft conversation going because Cuba continued. Took a look at the Carolina. Panthers we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA dive into that. Plus more last dance reaction. That's all coming up next. I take your take on. Espn RADIO ESPN news.

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