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Tuned into podcast ready. Let's go <music>. Welcome to the community cats podcast. I'm your host stacey lebron. I've been involved helping homeless scouts over twenty years. There's with the merrimack river feline recipes society. The goal of this podcast is to expose you to amazing people who are improving the lives of cats. I hope these interviews we'll help you learn how you can turn your passion for cats into action today. We're speaking with moshe o. The cat rapper mo show has been with us before on the community cats podcast and the online chat conference but i'd like to welcome you to the show show. Hey thank you so much forever me. How are you today. I am doing well. Thank you so much etched for asking just wanted to touch base with you. Find out how things are going so what you've been up to. I understand that you have a new video now out call double duty. You wanna tell us a little bit about that. Oh yes well if you didn't know we <hes> last year we did a video called slide and with that video video we were able to raise a million news in six weeks and we were able to donate ten thousand dollars to catch harry because of the video so this year we wanted to come back bigger bigger stronger and better than ever and released the double duty because it's just more empowering the people they really really enjoyed themselves. They love seeing all of the cats and they love the kitty. Literally kitty litter has been getting very abusive. People love it so we wanted to drop this new video and we said hey why not we double down on this thing and if we were to get you million oh you've use by the end of october we were going to donate ten thousand dollars apiece so twenty thousand altogether ten thousand to act silly and ten thousand dollars to get adoption team is well to help save the kiddies if we get those views on it and it's just to give back the love to all the cat people and to empower for them and we're just really excited to be back in to be able to do this new double duty city video so the theme of this one <hes> you know focusing on litter and keeping your litterbox can actually be easy and okay. I understand your are litterbox fanatic. You're always cleaning up after the cats. Yes yes yes so what i'm looking for. I have four cats. I had five cats recently. One just passed away but five cats and with me. I need the litter and the crumbs was to be solid because i have a lot of cats. I have to do a lot of cleaning so it's all about for me is making sure i get a guarantee fresh kitty litter and something that's going to stick together because is <hes> a lot of duty to handle when you got five cats. How how many litter boxes do you have. In the house. I have three really is it may sound own the cat kind of have a schedule of how they go to the bathroom. I've noticed so <hes> i can. I can get through a solid day <hes> just cleaning the litter box at at least one day making sure that that's pretty much hold that over but i have three. I'm thinking about adding the fourth because <hes> i think extra could probably help me out a little bit. Yeah yeah one thing you were just talking about how you like the armand hammer litter because everything clumps really well is that i mean i wouldn't even use the litter of the she and auto especially especially with the hairless cats with very popular litter that they use absolutely so <hes> with the slide a lot of the dust particles would never get on their skin because because it does free so that was like a really really big thing for me because i have a pretty much a white cat with no hair and every time she would use the kitty realtors when she would get out. She would just have powder kinda residue all over her skin. Because <hes> you know are using the bathroom. It was really nice to have that product and <hes> i also look for products that just keeps the house smelling fresh. A lot of people walk into my place and they say i can't believe that you have five cats because you can't smell anything. It always smells fresh in here and i'm always looking for the quality of product so that's why i really liked him a lot well. I know you've mentioned that. One of your kiddies passed away recently kelly and i expressed my sympathies. I i think we all do all of us. That are the fans that follow you out there on facebook and social media and everything and i'm very very sorry about tallies passing but <hes> it sounds like you you have pretty comfortable talking about it and sharing your thoughts with moving forward after having kelly in your life and you shared some memories with me about tally. I don't know if you'd be willing to those memories with us today. <hes> well i named tallied a lover and it's all my coloring book and everything like that and the reason why i named to that is because tally was the type of cat. We rescued her. She have been treated very badly and she was the type of cat that loves you. Regardless of it'd be treated. I mean she never gave up on with love like if soon as a new person will come into our house tally would be the first one to greet them to be all over them. I've never seen a cat likes that before she he's like a little mini human in my eyes and you know she's the mother to mega man and sushi and she's no longer here and when you leave the cat you just you you gotta let it out. You got to let people know how you feel. Don't hold it in and go through the motions but tally never wanted never thought with love and i know she wouldn't want me to stop with my love <hes> and to be who i am so i'm continuing to carry the torch <hes> every sunday i did a thing called tally on sunday and it was the celebrate just tally and i'm going don't let that move on and i'm going to embrace the world with love and dedicate everything that i do now in memory because <hes> she made me a better man and her passing away has opened my eyes up to a lie and i need to love more and i need to take more risk and that's that's what i'm gonna do in on a tally. I commend you for the way that you're approaching this. It's grief and compassion. Fatigue and depression are ever present and this and <hes> just what what you're doing is so incredibly healthy and good to do and hopefully others will follow and do the same because we all experience loss and you're doing a great way of handling handling it so you had mentioned a coloring book. Could you share a little bit about the coloring books that you have out yes i have. I am osho. The cat rapper official color in book is dedicated to all of my cat family out there who support me and i love all the things that we do if you wanna color d._j. Ravioli or tally in queens sushi black savage or mega man yeah the cats you can call them. There's beings like adopt a cat in them. They're seeing celebrating cat ladies i do this thing called beautiful lady wednesday eh celebrate all cat ladies so i <hes> i had that in the book and it's just all types of cat runs in all cool pitches into cats and you can color us so we'll be in your house forever and to make it even better. I guess i double down on it as well and i just released my second official coloring book the cat tastic edition so now there's just to mo- show the cat rapper coloring books available for you to purchase on amazon right now. If you like coloring it's for adults and children. It's very kid friendly and i hope people out there enjoy awesome. That's great. You're doing that in addition. You also putting out some albums and you have songs about adopting the cats and not oh you're cast. You know it's totally awesome. It we are approaching is black cat appreciation day. I know you you've got a special place in your heart for blackouts a little bit about why is that so important to you. Black caj or one of the leads to cash in humane society be adopted just due to like bass stereotypes various types like how hollywood has shown them over the years how people feel like because the cat is so dark. They won't be able to take a great selfie. They all feel like black black. Cats look the same so they have always been at least to be adopted. Because you see a ginger cat or you see a cat cool patterns. They're more likely to head in that direction direction and <hes> what people need to understand is <hes>. I call them mini house. Panthers black cats are very magical. This actually touch me so much hearing about out that you know with my albums and stuff like only people understand all these things are available and june spotify any streaming service. I heard about the cats being not adopted so i created a song <hes> adopt a cat is available to listen to you now and it was all because i wanted to get more cats adopted and help black cats when when i first released the song and released a music video was able to get over two hundred cats adopted within that first we putting out that song i wanted to dedicate that into all the the cats that are not being adopted and with that being said i also went to the organs may society and i adopted blackout as well and his name black savage. That's excellent one such good news and i i think tremendous black cat appreciation day as well as international homeless animals days on august eighth and august a tough time of the year shelters authors tend to be overwhelmed with a lot of cats and there are certain promotions out there. I know in new england. There's one that's called clear the shelters that's during the month magas guess working to really promote adopting cats and kittens and getting them into homes and not having them secondly shelters and that kind of thing so you know the more that we can do to help promote amount the better. What's on your schedules the next year. What do you have coming up. I expect more books for me so i got a lot of surprises happening with that. Expect ex new music. I'm currently working on new material right now a lot of things and tallies memory. I have new socks out. I have socks that support black cats as well. They call black cat loves stocks and kelly loves socks. I'm just expect more positively from me more cat love and just i guess more tastic mastic things. I'm currently working right now to give all of my cat family. <hes> the best i can and i got a lot of big surprises coming up. That's great and it seems like every big city. Now is trying to put on like a cat convention and i've seen your name out there. I think he's done a lot of traveling this year. You know better than i do but i bet you you'll be out traveling around. The different cat conventions twenty nineteen and twenty twenty. That's for sure to oh yeah expect. The cat rapid via cat town because they know how it's going now is there. Is there a website where people can find out where you're going to be visiting. Yes <hes> you know. There's i emotional dot com. The cat rapper dot com has all of my facebook so he got facebook instagram twitter youtube and it's all i i emotional and you can follow me on my social media's you could put i am also on your eye to spotify google. Play all your streaming services and i promise you the space will pop up and i'll keep you updated on where i'll be next. That's excellent so i just wanna come back to the double duty and make sure that everybody understands that they should should go to youtube and we'll certainly have this link in the show notes. They should go to youtube and search double duty. I in the name <hes> mo- show the cat rapper also so in a popped right up in my speed and everybody should share and watch the video as many times as possible so that you can reach the two million views by october thirty first. That's correct right. Yes box over and if we do that church into white which is on hammer. We're going to donate twenty thousand dollars pinch valve to actively and going to donate ten thousand two cat adoption teams. I support them here in portland oregon and if we can get those us up we can make those dreams happen abishai. We can save more and i appreciate your cat family. Everything that you do us most show. You have any less things that you wanna share with our listeners before we close today. Just follow me on all of my social media's i._m._o. Show love your cats. Hug him and honestly besides cats if you feel certain way about someone and if you love them please please people know that you love them because we don't know how long they'll be here. I appreciate all the cats hugs for me. Love cats adopted cat in bless. You all thank you so much coach. Moshe i wanna thank you so much for green to be a guest on the show today really appreciate it on a special episode of the community cats podcast and look forward to <hes> following knowing you and hopefully crossing paths with you at some place during the course of the year and again. I'm just amazed by all that you do to help. Pass the art that you create as as well as getting out there and trying to bring us some joy some happiness while we're all out here working hard to try and make lives better for the cats in our world so thank you again so much for being a guest on the show. Thank you very much appreciate you for having me. Thank you for listening to community cats podcasts. I i really appreciate it if you would go to. I tunes lever view of the show. It will help spread the word to help mark community cats uh.

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