429: A Seer of Trees


Hello. Hello, marilyn. Good mauling. How're you doing? Well, you know how I'm doing? You're doing good your chil-, your relaxed restful. I'm strong like bull. Dan? Dan, we have to disclose you haven't ever heard coffee. What are you what are your damned drinking a little bit of a lime LaCroix that it was in the fridge lime LaCroix? Hi. I'm the crow. Sounds good furtive world. War, two villain, lamb LaCroix. Oh, I was going to go for retired pulled answer. But I like yours. I like both of us both of those two of them together poll and fought for the resistance. And I smoked the whole time there you go. I'm left Tenet. Lime lacroix. Why do they say left Hanan like that? I never known. There's other things you can understand the popularity of the language and how you arrive at something, but I'm gonna find out Dan Dan, we have to disclose. But first of all, when he opened I you an apology now. You don't. Yeah. I this is not Lur unprecedented, but it's hardly precedent. I screwed up by eight. The booker. I dropped the ball got the booger. Well, we had rescheduled it, and then I wrong in my calendar and turning. Where'd you put it for rule? That's a really good question. Remind me later clicking command to. I think I did the classic off by one error. Oh, yeah. I have one day or one hour. Oh, no worse when week I had us for next. See. Now, this is going to come out on the fourth correct. Yes, it will. Because today is June. Fourth today is June fourth and boy, wasn't that deadwood movie amazing. Oh, was that was that we watched that remember? Oh when the past what day was that on in that came out? Friday of last week, you're kidding me. No. We watched it, too. And we would love debt. Right. So excited for having came on may may thirty first Friday, may thirty first in the past may thirty first read write that elsewhere engine boy. Oh, he's any character. He has softened up at all. He's still twenty years later, still the same book twenty no come on. What one twenty years in their time. And that's. Not a breakfast sandwich because I didn't know her show. I screwed up. Oh, so that's why the aged up the elephant. That's right already the worst show I've ever done here. You're doing great. Then all this out. No, no. Just don't release it today on the fourth. Anyway, I don't know. I don't know if there's anything fun is another is a functional component to this. But your calendar is truth. The town's pretty good calendar is truth. Calendar is truth. Because, you know, me right. You know me a little bit. I mean I talk to you once a week, that's like knowing someone. Well, we got we got those matching tattoos. Save where it's none of your business, but for people who are curious, we do have of an avocado. One of the halves has the, the seed in it, and the other one or pit or whatever you wanna call it and the other one doesn't, and I'll let you figure out which of us is the pit in which of us is the, the con concave. The seed to seed holster. Yeah. Yeah. That was a weird decision. But I liked the way it turned out. I get a lot of compliments when I'm changing clothes at the Y. Yeah. I you know, when you're drunk, you do crazy things. Well, I don't think they're drunk, they've just been working out. No. But, but, but they'll, they'll say you let him because you've got an avocado on. Right. Do that. Yeah. That, and then I lift up, I got the I got the pillars and I lifted up and I show them. That's dan. That's that's part, that's part of me. You're the biggest part of me. This is this is a disaster because, you know, this is the least prepared. I think I've ever been for a program, I feel good about that strong like bull. I apologize to our listeners that I got the calendar wrong. We could talk about calendars. Dan? What are you, Dan? How you doing now? I'm full Tuesday. Fine, fine, fine. Yeah. Yeah. When you wanna talk about, I've got some I've got some letters from listeners, we could talk about. I like that. We could we'll do whatever you want. I don't like talking about the show on the show, but you know, I feel like the men's now I don't think you do. I mean it happens and this is a weird. It's a weird time in our lives right now. So I think it's all right. Yeah. It's the it is silly season. That's part of the problem. I mentioned you're facing this too just because you're dealing with John Roderick and his his month of June. Yeah. He's got a whacked out month this month. He's going in, you know it worked because I have to do that thing next week. But otherwise, it's it's nonsense. What he's doing. I do the thing x week. Oh, right. That thing. Yes. And just him describing his month of June. He puts it on himself. He'd she makes these choices. He's. Allies moose bad. You said it, I think they're bad choices. But this is this what he wants to do and let them do. I think it's too busy or too busy. You need to rest in need to give yourself time to recover boy that could be a topic, buddy. But he's also, he's threading a variety of needles, and he literally has what do you call the whole on a needle the eye the eye of the needle by over hurricane? He's, he's got an eye on his needle, which is obviously, this is public is that he's going to be going according to him Puspos ably. He's going to be gone every day in June. Except for one. There's one Dan June that he will be in his hometown of residents. And that is the day he closes on his house. Right. And that's the only reason I think he's going to be there is just to do that, and get, get out again, Dan, I know you don't stress or having Zaidi never never, never. No, no past the put that behind you. You're like, yeah. You know what you, you like you like the Buddha, you get up in the morning. That's all your shoes. It's really your shoes. Yeah. So it's that works. You get up when you throw away your shoes every morning, a different pair, yet chop wood carry water throwaway shoes, right? Yes. I just hearing him talk about that. I mean, honestly legit. Was very stressful. Yeah. I mean, let alone going to like, what Estonia. I mean, it seems like a nice place if you are you at okay I was talking to my wife about this. You know here in Austin, and I think it's very much the same where you are. Although less fancy here. We have a lot of concerts come through Austin, a lot of act come through here, and someone had told me that Nick cave and the bad seeds or coming because they know that I like Nick cave, and the bad seeds you'd I didn't know you like them. Yes, I do. Oh my goodness. Okay. Keep. I want to put a fork in that because I had no idea. All right. And they're huge nikei fan, like don't quiz. Me on the catalog. I'm not gonna say Syria's where you're doing bird. I don't I love I love. I love the sound of music. I love Nick cage is the coolest dude, walk in the earth right now. Thank or one of them, Nick, Nick, Nick cage cage, cave. I'm tired, I mentioned I mentioned that I didn't sleep much last night. In that. So even I not enough. So Nick cave is one of the coolest guys walk in here. And so a friend of mine said, oh, Dan, you know, new caves, come through. You're gonna go see the concert. I said, no, it's a did. You know he's coming. I said, no, but we'll you should go, you know, no. And because for me, I worked I worked at the. One of the big Rina's in Orlando when I was there and in college, and I saw hundreds of acts comes through many of them good. Many of them, not so good. But I got exposure to so many great bands. And acts I never never never would have seen had. I not had this very low paying job. Everything from the from extreme, who I got to shoot hoops, with behind the stage while they were setting the more than words, it is. That's that. They're like brothers. Yeah. And then, and, and then all the way to like acts like Vince Gill and Vince Gill is country. But man his band were amazing. I've think we've talked about this. I don't want to belabor it, but they were just amazing. I got to see so many concerts, so many acts through that, that I feel like I've, I've seen what can be seen in, in concert, and now in my advanced age, the idea of, like driving the concert parking, and dealing with the press of people, and the veer and the smoking in the noise, and all of that, it just doesn't appeal to me anymore. It's just not a thing that. And I was trying to think of an ally let alone like the babysitter. Right. Yes. If you and your lady, go, yes, that's one hundred bucks. Forget that. But the whole thing is like it just doesn't it doesn't grab me like it used to. And I was in my twenties, or even the music in the fun. I mean it gets sorta like again back to my wife with the forest versus the trees like all I see is a thousand trees. I don't. I don't see that's the way to say it all I all I see is risk and inconvenience. Yes. Risking and convenience. I mean kinda. Yeah, but go ahead. Yeah. I, I mean, whether it's neat about what you described risk inconvenience to start. Wait, what's, what's this on this picture of you? Oh, you could say that if you want, you got me thinking about fancy San Francisco. So I, I rushed in to the office to record our program morning. And that was waiting for me outside my office door and I'm not hip enough to even know exactly a lot going on in this phone not going on. Well, okay. In that all say was there something. So interesting about seeing a ton of bands like you. Like you did back in the day. You're an extreme case to this literally more than words more than words, but I had a similar version of this where. You know, as I've mentioned, there was, like these, like, basically two bars is the bar that I went to, to hanging out with friends and have drinks in the bar that I went to, to see bands and have drinks. And they'll also for a while, was where my band practiced. We practiced I was in a band with the guys who owned this club. And so our gear was there. So I was there like at some point or other five days a week. And so often you would just go there to just because somebody who's playing it was three bucks or whatever. But in your case, it's more extreme. What was going to say was that you really when you're exposed to a lot of stuff you didn't choose to do whether that is reading, assigned reading, reserve reading in college, you know, whether that's, like, I don't know, even like having to like work in a city for a while you've never been to and being supposed to restaurants in walks, you'd never have done, otherwise, but, but in your case, especially like you didn't get to pick which bans, we're going to be there. You may not have even brought like a huge amount of expectation to the table. But like you. Discover like would you ever have paid and plant see Vince Gill a never absolutely not? But that gives you that so leveling in some ways, it's so lovling. That like you don't go in there with the expectation of one of the things I would always say to people who had straits right on. We're performing is remember that everybody here wants to like this. They all paid to come here or they chose to be here. But in your case that wasn't true. Brian in with the kind of neutral. Well here we go. I gotta be here, and that's it's so interesting. How you can get a legit. I into new stuff that you have never been exposed to and you not only just discover things you'd never have thought about. Yeah. Like, I don't know. I just think that so interesting. It's something weird you making his point in life. Yeah. Right. Like, you know, and just I mean, I saw a lot of graduations of classes that I didn't care about too. But it I found because I was very much in that place. Especially at this time of my life, and we're talking about college age, I was like. Super into classic rock and grunge. And that was it. And that's what I played on the guitar, and that's about listen to and like the police once in a while. But like everything else, sucked, I hated everything else. And I went into this vicodin uh is going to be some dumb act. I'm not going to like it. And but I found very quickly that I liked a lot of music that I had no idea that I even then I'd never even heard of before. And it went from God, this is going to be the crappiest three hours of my life listening in this country. Vince dude, like wooded, what kind of name is Vince Gill, come on? And then I was in their name of the beast and a fish. That's right. That's right. But I found a along with them that, that it was possible for me to enjoy almost every kind of music and really, especially in a live performance. Really appreciate that. But like you I love the what you said about just seeing the trees because that's how I feel about that kind of thing now, especially at a at a big venue, where, you know, there's just a there's, there's going to be a lot of I went to one concert by choice. It was Dave Matthews and I'm going to say it was like to hit the giant violin player. Then does he have a violin player? It's like night. I know. Zayda Mony had I couldn't see anything because everyone was standing the whole time, and they were all taller than me. And they were everyone was drunk and high, and so much beer was spilled, and there's so much noise and crap and it was everyone was so rowdy adjust. It was such a miserable experience contrast that to the sting concert that I saw where any Lennox opened for him, she's wonderful. And it was they did. They did some stuff together and it was his this was in North Carolina. And I was I, I remember it was like an outdoor amphitheater. And at one point a woman, you know, took it upon herself to sort of stand up and kind of dance around in the musical little bit, and everyone in the audience at distinct concerts down. Can you sit down, please down up there? Right. Because she had the audacity to like stand during the performance. It was like a completely different vise like a different culture. And they had like you, you got. Everyone had like glasses of wine, instead of like beer and pot and it was such a different vibe, and I was like, you know, what I hate to say it, but this is kind of better than like the mosh pit that I was in ten years ago with Kurt cobaine playing fifteen feet away. You're different. You're a different person. I mean when before my daughter was born when my, my then girlfriend, and I. We're just people we I mean we met in a bar. We, we met in a bar pick her up in a bar. Well, she kind of picked me up for the first life. Yeah. It all started that night. Leave it at that. The we were there. See. Thinking fellers local to a two, which is a really good. I'll like indie local van on matador, and they were, and we just happened to be there in a friend set us up. But like you just just established like, that's how we met we met through rock music. We instantly bonded over like one pavement song. All this stuff, we're like, are we have, we had such a basis in indie rock, because she used to be kind of, like one of those dirty, mission bike messenger people, you know, and I, yeah, when I was just I was dumb like indie rock hipster, Florida. Yeah. But we hit it off. But we would we would go to shows before our daughter was born, and I want to frame this in the way in, in a clear way, which is not. I'm not complaining about having a kid. But like we did used to have a lot more time to say, like even on the day or the evening, just be like, okay. Well, let's go to let's go to bottom of the hill. You know, whatever the death cab is here or something, and you just go and you and like, but all the things that drove me crazy about bottom of the hill, which is actually where we met. Near her house walkable to her house in portrayal. We I was one of my favorite clubs ever. It was great. They had a smoking area outside the drinks were cheap. The people were cool, but like it didn't take too long. And I can't really put this on my daughter. It's also where I've seen the long winters of bunch of times, like believe believe long winters. They must play cafe toward. But anyway, the point being that like they talk about forest trees. So we used to go there all the time. And sometimes we'd sit and mostly weed stand, and we found this one little area that was like, you know, like a pocket of air under the robot. We found this one area where you could go right near the stage and be mostly unmolested by people. So you stack up several beers go hang out in that corner. And we had strategies all this stuff. We know the best time to try and use the horrible bathrooms all of that stuff. But then, like I can't even tell you flash forward. I don't know how long and all I noticed was everything. I hated about that experience. Egg-laying everything he described which is you gotta drive from the sunset to patrol you. Like you got to find a place to park in this, like, pretty sketchy neighborhood. You go in there and, like people are people seem, you know, everybody's kind of presenting. It's like just a bunch of nobodies with Pabst, and please. And, and I also I also started to discover stuff I never noticed before, like I don't know if it was just being a man in his then mid to late thirties. But no matter where I stood, I was in someone's way and someone was in my way and then, like I could no longer find the pocket of air under the rowboat, and all I noticed was tree street. Trees trees now fast forward, even more your kid is born. So I started with the baby tax of one hundred dollars to leave the house, it's going to be fifty dollars in cabs and you know, I don't want to sound Mercantil about this, but, like, pretty soon all those trees, start to really accumulate. Into a legit forest. And now you're fighting this like I mean, there's so many times there were times, we're like, oh my God. Like, like neutral milk hotel is going to be here or something. And you'd be like, yeah, I don't know. Man, let's just watch as you know. Let's just let's spend the night with the TV show instead of the elephants said. Yeah. Yeah. And, and that's kind of how that works, and I don't know. It's funny like like in sorry this week as the show comes out w w d is happening in San Jose. Now San Jose used to be held in San Francisco. San Jose is quick brisk. Walk for you from where you are right now. It's a very I live in a very walkable neighborhood. Yeah. And. Whereas anytime there was an event for apple related stuff in San Francisco. Of course, I went you can hear the streetcar go by I it's, it's twenty minutes, three car ride and all of my friends from all over the world are there. And like that's kind of a no brainer. Especially when you're writing in podcasting about apple things, but, like, the, the resistance that I feel about going to San Jose to see my good midday wonderful friends. I'm not gonna go to the event but to do the things around it maybe go to layers, something like that. But the point is, like even my, my wife is like you should go to this. And I was like, no, I'm not I'm not going to go to that. It's, it's too far for too little and too much disruption. And she's like, look, I'll drive you there and I'm like, please, you're so sweet. Please don't drive me there. I got invited the yesterday to a private dinner with a bunch of apple superstars the very kindly. From a friend at a well known software company. Yeah. And I haven't responded yet. I haven't written him back yet because I'm going to have to say to him. Thanks for the license for your new software. Thanks for the invitation to hang out with a bunch of lake really, really interesting people and get a free meal. But like I'm lame. Now I'm like legitimately lame now and I have mixed feelings about being a Sierra of trees, I on the one hand, you know, you have to you have to accept it as one gets older. And I know it's a fun joke to joke about getting older, but not just older as my lumbago, but as in, like having a context for all the different things that you have going on. It's I'm going to have to explain to him the that because I'm lame and don't feel like driving for forty five minutes. They're Forty-five minutes back like I'm, I'm not going to do that. And I feel like I feel like a dick about it that I'm going to have to lake decline. I it sounds like I'm humble bragging or back door. What is the tentacles it like the like a back door complimentary whatever to myself, and I don't mean it that way. It's it's not shame. It's not precisely shame. It's not precisely sadness. But, like I am not overly tethered to the person that I used to be quite in the way that I have. Right. I know exactly what you mean do. You does that make sense? Yes. Because like win one start. Let's say you can even say when you get to the point where you're noticing your lumbago you search go. Oh, wow. I have such misty watercolor memories of the way I was. And I mean it was was fine. That's that's who I was. But I mean, whether whether it's an ill fitting to pay or a car, you can't afford or, or a, a very disruptive mistress, or whatever it is. There's all these things that one can do. And it's totally fine. But if you're doing it in an effort to re become a person whom you're not anymore. It's probably not gonna make you that happy. And if you're doing it in a performance. I'm not created on the criticizing, and I'm not defending. I'm just trying to like establish some context for how one becomes a seer of trees. But like you have to say, you know, what is this in service of am, am I doing this as a performance for others, or perhaps, more heroin, -ly? Am I doing this as a performance for myself, like do? I really wanna start rock climbing at this point in my life. And I mean, you know, there's certainly probably the reasons to do that, if you become like recently, divorced guy. If you're all like Donald Trump junior, like, yeah, you're going to have these adventures, but I don't know. I guess the point I'm struggling to make is that. Which is not where I started. But, like, I think what has to be careful in life about balancing the thing you have for most of your early life. This kind of goes back to the keys that we talked about last time. But on the one hand when you're young, you have all these aspirations to become a person whom you've never been. And then in a weird way, when you get older, it's almost as though you wanna capture a person whom you never were because you have this notion of this like these, these hair cloudy and like flash points of, like, who you thought you were and like the thought that you fit. And like, that's, that's a kind of a meta lack of self knowledge that can be really exhausting, in addition to, which is just fun to not do stuff. It's fun to say, no, sometimes especially and I'm trying to avoid all the weeds of like, well, there's just a lot of stuff to do. The reason the says episode had to be rescheduled is because it's the day that my daughter has her fifth grade promotion. And like I do I don't want to miss that I don't wanna miss pickup like I don't wanna miss. We're gonna want we watch captain. Marble like the, the day they came out and I tunes like I don't want to miss all that bulb stuff. Right. So, yeah, I don't know. That's just that's just the point. So, you know, I tell you what you think about this. I agree with pretty much everything you said and one of the things that I wanted to add to it is, you know, there's the foam fear of missing out. But I've been trying to figure out what the opposite of that is because there are so many times when all see someone posted a photo of someplace that they're at with stuff going on. And I'll think to myself, I am so glad that I didn't go that I'm so glad that I'm not there and it's not that I'm anti-social because I'm not I'm out every day. I see people every day. But there's something that has that went from this crazy desire to be a part of all of those things. And to go inexperience them to a kind of contentedness with being where I am right now, instead of that, fear. Acceptance. Yeah. It's like I heard a wonderful thing on here and they're there. And that's okay. They had a really good segment on the waves today on this podcast where they talked about career wife guy, and his new terrible. Hip hop song, and their contrasting, the idea of sort of like the spectrum of like, are you a what used to be called a chubby chaser? Are you part of what's been called the fat acceptance movement? Or are you this kind of new idea of, like what's called body neutrality, which is like, this is the buddy, this is the body that I've got this is the suitcase from my brain, and heart and soul. And it's got wheels. And I move around and sometimes it serves me well, and sometimes it doesn't, but I don't want to be defined by what my body is whether or not you agree aesthetically with, with how I present, and I think that's somewhat similar to what you're describing. Yeah. Like, when I say, acceptance it's not acceptance in the sense of, you know, my Latin life sucks, and here I am certainly can definitely be satisfied. Action. It can't be like these small moments that are, like, you know, sort of described by these concentric circles of like Bs in life. Right. But that that's so yeah. What you said, you mostly agree what, what's the what's night? I'm not finding anything. I disagree with. It's just I'm all of the things that you said, really, really do kind of they make sense to me. And I feel like a big part of my younger days were spent feeling like I was missing out. You know, really, really feeling like, oh man, I wish I lived in that city or I wish I was doing this other thing, and we have south by south west here, for example, and the first few years, I was here, I was like, oh my God, I'm going to go to this thing. It's great. Like I wanted to go all those years in the past, and for whatever reason, whether it was work, or other commitments, or just not being able to Ford it that I couldn't go. And back when like in south by south west interactive was like you and. Five other people hanging out drinking beer, and, and just having fun. I really feel like I missed out on that until now here I am in Austin, and like, go to south west south by south west every time I went and I saw some really good talks, and I met people that I'd never met before. And then I was like, okay like, you know, it, it was nice to see these people like you were talking about, but, like everything else around. It was so difficult just navigating downtown getting in and out of there takes an hour and a half just to get situated in there. Even though I live fifteen minutes from downtown, you know, like all of that. And it just it, it I hate to say like this, but at at a certain point for me it third certain things became not worth it. And that, that the thing I liked most that you says, they'll have the excitement and the brio to feel like you wanted to do it. Yeah the resistance to it. But the thing you said that I really that I, I like the most is that acceptance and can contentment of saying, you know what it, it doesn't matter what other people are doing it. Only really matters. If I'm happy with the thing that I'm doing and, you know, there have been many times when I've been invited to something, and I would say, oh, you know, the ad like eight o'clock, that's Tuesday, that's kind of exactly when I'm going to be with my kids doing bedtime with them. And, and if you don't somebody else will have to do that. Yeah. And it kind of went. I'm weighing this out. I started to realize you know what? That's one of my favorite parts of the day is being with my, my family and, and enjoying that time with them, and I realize, I really don't give a crap, what else is going on, because it's not going to be. That good. No matter what it is. I won't like it as much. It's not. It doesn't matter. This is where I really want to be. And you know what? I'm fine with that. I'm okay with that. Yeah. Yeah. I, I guess my feeling on that is like I mean, I don't I don't dislike bedtime, but I but bedtime is the thing that I do. I mean I know I don't disin- joy it. But I mean, like, for example, this morning, we're it's groundhog day for me. Which is the like, okay? We really need to start walking to school like we live very close to school. But like east do have to walk and you have to get there and it is a known amount of distance or at night. There's never a night. We don't take a shower. There's never a night. We don't put in the retainer. There's never a night. We don't brush teeth and that's setting aside, all of my other Jarvis like activities that I have to do the could involve catching spider or or involve like, you know, remembering to refrigerate, the cold pack for the lunchbox or like all of these military asks that have to be done. But like that is that is that is one point. I'm in very few ways like a soldier. I'm very, very few ways. Like taking the black castle black, but, like, that's my oath the oath that I've taken is that I will protect the wall for the realm. Right. And my realm, just happens to be eleven forget, a retainer sometimes, and it's it is my honor to, to serve their the those, we should probably talk about something you like. But it just I this is a very random and controversial thing to say. And at this point, I will risk saying something that's unintentionally offensive. But this is one part where I think, you know, that I enjoy the internet, I have enjoyed the internet for a long time. But, you know, again something they were talking about on the waves today is like this whole problem within cell culture. And now that article about the guys in, in cell who get Chad. So they're having their face chiseled into points. They're still oddly enough. They're still not attractive to women. They would never think to like drill down into like the core things the court self-absorption and lack of interest in other people's lives, not just attractions, but their utter lack. Of interest in other because they never they were never. They never learned it their entire life, literally permit twelve their whole life is to see everything around them in terms of what it's not giving them that they feel like they are. Owed. And so, the problem problem with the internet, and I could single on Instagram, but I'm not because I know it gives people, a lot of joy or theoretical joy. But like you think about when you're young and so much of your youth, especially if you're not in my case, I'll just say from color, my crystal coming from not a huge amount of means is like a so much my life was defined by what I didn't have. And so much of my life was defined by who. I'm not allowed to be in my head and I, I was kind of like a baby Pasco in cell in a lot of ways in that sense of, like why isn't the world giving me all the things that other people seem to get and then flash forward? And there is like there is this certain state of mind that I don't know, anybody's heart, but, but there is there, feel it feels like there's a certain state of mind where you flash forward a few years, where somebody has a camera phone an account somewhere and so much of what they seem to be doing is, as we stipulated before showing how well they're doing, which is like. Like, you know, we have self talk about that, and all those kinds of things, but, like it's also a way of showing whereas when you're young, you obsess over the things you don't have and the person that you're not. When you get older, you is, it appears like some people want to address that by showing the things that they're having or showing the things that they're being, and it's not the having and the being the important part, and ultimately is the showing and it's the framing and it's the filter, and it's all those things, and I realize this is a horribly cynical thing, and it does not apply to any of our listeners. I'm sure, but I have been that person I have been the person who got real involved in flicker, or got real involved in social networks and like, who I sent popcorn two. Yeah. And remotely touched or whatever. But like, you know, I don't I don't have a big point to this except to say, like, you know, the, the person who you are is the person that you are like this is it. That's the package like all of the rolling bags of life that came with you. That's who you are. You are you are that person you are certainly capable of change, and you're capable of growth. But like it's difficult to address with foam o or whether that's discontentment or whether it's any kind of squeaky wobbly Buddhist wheel. It's difficult. To address that simply by slathering on more activity and proof of the activity and a lot. I do wonder sometimes if a lot of the Holland nece and loneliness that a lot of us feel sometimes is because we are so subject to seeing other people apparently doing great. And sometimes they are doing great likely to be on a lot of people who are doing great. But, like so much of it is posture posturing, though posturing. But also just that like it could be something as I found, some old emails from doesn't matter last night. And it's just like this Keenan desire among men to be seen. As an aggressive entrepreneur, you know, I'm not a small business owner, I'm an entrepreneur, and that desire to be seen, as like you're the serial entrepreneur, and these all of these things in like you know what you've got is like a Facebook page and some Avery cutout cards. It's like fine like, okay, see you want to be. But, like God damn it folks. Make some peace with whatever you're stuck with whatever you're stuck with, like, you know, Jamie, Lancaster and got a gold hand and learn how to fight with the other one. Like that was tough road. A ho admittedly, he came from privileged. Let's be honest. But, like, hey guys, you know, give yourself a break, and like don't. Be careful the extent to which you try to become a different person by, like 'cause playing a different personality in public. Like, don't don't let that grind you down. Don't let don't let other people's apparent success and happiness, come to define to become the baseline for how you're feeling. And like I don't mean this to sound so sad. I mean it's a sound hopeful, which is that like you can make a good life with what you've got, but it helps to have some deeper understanding of wine, how you're who you are. And to be circumspect about what you ask for in life. Because new filters are not happiness. So that's all it's going to say about that time. Oh, we got sponsors today. Dan? We got four of them. Let me tell you about. You're gonna talk about the drugs outside my door. But I'd love to hear about pass. Like, yes, I would I would like very much to describe the picture, you sent me after after we do this spot. You can help me unpack this. Hero. Because Lee Merlin life is too short for bad wifi. I'm on the office ERO right now. Says is running on a Niro. I love the era there. There are people who are going out there right now and they're saying, I need new WI fi because I've had this old bay station forever. And there are parts of my house where we either get crappy signal or we get no signal at all. And that's that is a very, very common situation. That's how it was in my house. That's how it is in so many people's houses, and offices. And the euro is here to fix that. And they have a different philosophy, their goal is a fast reliable connection in every room and maybe in the backyard, too, and your garage, and all the different parts of your house where you might wanna go and have a really good signal. So back in twenty sixteen. They came out with the euro home wifi system. And this brings the idea of multiple access points place throughout a house. This is the first time people were doing this. They, you know they had things like range extenders and other things like that, but that is that is not. Not an it's funny because here in the in the new office. The first thing I did was put the aero in as soon as I got cable installed. And the owner, not having internet is almost like not having a door. Yeah. Can't can't go away. Like, how are you there? Yeah. You gotta have it. So the, the owner of the building came up. And, and he was in there, and he, he saw me putting a little beacon on the wall. Tell you about those in a second. He's a go. Is that arranging center, and I said, actually, it's not it's a whole different thing, and he's like, we'll explain it to me. This is a real conversation he had. So I explained how the Eero mesh networks and everything like that. And he said, this is the problem because apparently he's pretty well off. He owns a bunch of buildings. He's got a big old house. He's like my house is big. He's like, I can't get a connection in like two thirds of my house. And I said, yeah. Then you definitely want one of these the way this works in the second generation Eero is even better. They have these things called beacons, and they plug into an outlet but. Because of the way that era was designed it's not extending the range, it, that's actually, another little base station, creating this mesh network that covers in blankets, your whole house, your whole office, so that you're gonna get really really fast connection in every part of your house. And what's really cool. The little beacons actually have little night, lights, you can turn it off. But when it's dark that little night, late turns on. But the thing is that the second gen Eero has a five gigahertz radio. It's got try band. It's twice as fast as the predecessor and in my old office, I was on there, crappy wifi, which was so bad that had to get wired connections for all the computers in there. And I just figured, you know, I'll probably need to have wired connections in the new place, too. And I started out with just plugging in the aero and I just started using machines they weren't connected to each other, and I thought, I'll do a little speed tests. I'll transfer you know, one of these big video files that I use from one place to another. You know in a final a fucker profile is very. A big. So I try I transferred the phone. It went faster than the hardline did in the old office, and it was all thanks. The Eero real life example of how great this stuff is you really, really need to check these out for yourself. They've got great customer support, if you ever have a problem, the app that it comes with is really awesome. But the thing that makes ERO really awesome is there. Ero premium service, which does so much really cool stuff behind the scenes to make your network Safed, or it makes it better. It's called Eero plus and it has so many great features advanced security, in their content locking. So you don't want your kids to see stuff you can do that. It's got built in ad blocking, it's got a VPN protection from encrypt dot me. It's God password management from one password. It's got antivirus stuff like it's all built in to that service. And it's awesome. Here's a special deal for our listeners, one hundred bucks off the aero base unit, and two beacons. That's the package at most people use in their house. It's, it's the most typical scenario. So that's the one they're giving a discount a hundred bucks off that bud you get one year of Eero plus. Included in that package. We get one hundred bucks off of that. And the place to go as Eero. E E, R O, Eero dot com slash back to work and use the promo code back to work, and you'll get one hundred bucks off that base unit to beacons and in a year of Euro, Plus, so thanks very much to Eero that you are all again. Eero dot com slash back to work, promo code to us back to work on word banks for much too. Euro. Thank you go. Oh. Hit with my spoon. That's what you do. Now. You hit it with spoon spoon. So I rushed to work. Now, let me describe this Merlimau sky. Guy is a quick on quick, quick, quick context. I live in a far flung western neighbor to San Francisco. We're not much happens. Much like heaven in the talking heads song heaven is a place where nothing ever happens very little happens here heaven is a place on earth happy's place on earth. Love comes first, but have in place. Love comes love comes to town is another talk minutes on. I'm nervous and I can't relax. You know what I mean? So, so, so dances, give me a minute. I gotta do some stuff, and then we'll start recording. And here's me because the wrong thing down on the calendar. I think he give me ten minutes. You were a gentleman about jump on the segue head down. I get to the opposite right at the office. And this is what is waiting for me outside the door of my office, and it, it's kind of, it's a super interesting little crime scene. Oh, sorry. Not pictured here, a couple articles of clothing, and we'll look at draftsman's ruler. Please continue home of that. Dow's are important clues. I think to solving this. You do it for a Scooby snack? Okay. So let me describe what Merlin is sent to me. First of all, it's, it's dingy and dirty and the, all the well, let's get a little bit hurtful. My landlord comes in sleep sweeps at once once a week, but you know they're all the time. It's the ground. You're looking at the ground outside the door. There are a lot of white hairs. Jesus, which I don't know if their cat hair. I don't know if their dog hair. It's tough to say, there's some crumpled dried leaves there is. Really? Really, really burying the lead on this issues that are there. There is a. You tell you photos, like John Syracuse tells jokes there is a man eared weird bullets. There is a band aid still in its rapper. Foil. And then there is a Lumina m- foil, which I'm not experienced in the in the ways of methamphetamines, but it looks to me like these were used in the process of freebasing. And I'm going to guess it's math because I don't think people freebase coke is much anymore. All the tiny bag. Okay. So look home just above center. Okay. Yes. Oh, that's that looks like that looks like a drug. It's like a gla- class seen. It's like it's like kinda like my pill bags but tiny tiny tiny, right. And has some kind of branding on it, that looks to me, like something that iced tea would find it a crime scene that used drugs in it. Yeah. And it looks like you put little drugs in their little, little little, little crumbs rows of the drug or something to occur. Then there are one two three four five at least five used. Pieces of tin foil or aluminum foil. Is he say, and they have the little what appear to be burn more skid marks in them? Oh, no marks on my men. But there are two other things that are there that I want to one of them. Is it looks like a tin that I would have guessed would have had chewing tobacco in it? But it looks in foul school like a school can open. There's nothing in it. But then you see the lid and in with Chinese characters and graphic Dan. What used to be a lightening cable, or something cable cable. So I didn't know you could buy one hundred twenty centimeter DIKO lightning cables in the ten. No. Yeah, but you can't. Let's let's what's one. What's the Lou what is the blue there, there's two would appear to be disused and by the way, please don't post this. Okay. I will not. I mean on way you should, but it's a little bit identifying the are those like hot. Hypodermic or a solution. It looks like a solution. Looks like a solution. It looks like there was liquid in the sense that like it has liquid. And you pop the end off this thing. And then. Right, right. Right. Right. I can see one of them seems to have been used where the end is broken off. And this is obviously one use thing. And I guess, Julie dropped droppers. It'd be the way and why does it see what it says, on your hold on sterile? Don't, don't don't don't into much not for injection. Steal something sailing bet sailing. I bet it is sailing to as is that what you use to cook up. Do you cook, do you do? Take the math. No, I'm thinking of the meth in the winnebago with just the cushion do know because I know I've seen in movies where they have this is what we need John for where they have a boon, and then they the heroine photos from health class, they always got a spoon. They got a spoon, and then you're putting the. Rock in the spoon with liquid. And then you heat it with the thing underneath, and then you use a then you put a cotton ball or something in it. And then you put the needle, and you suck the liquid through the cotton ball or something. Is that? Yeah, that sounds like that sounds like a thing when I for injection, and they were they were shooting smoking this. Let me ask you this Watson. There are two things missing from this photograph. Yeah, I'll give you one of them is the person that did it. Also missing. They are missing. There's another thing missing from this photograph that is implied by what we're looking at here. A means of igniting, the Ryan the lighter, earn minium. Yeah. Yeah. So this could be I I'm no clery Starling. But this if I were to get all Scott Glen on this, I might, I might say, well, this seems like somebody who's at least a little bit organized, does if I were on a budget, I would be using matches. And if I used matches it is reasonable to believe there would be matched Knicks. Yes, yes. Eighty to eighty to eighty two I think this person how to lighter so they're well organized, they plan ahead. They probably live with their mother. They own a the own a PlayStation, but not an intendo. It's a man between probably eighteen and twenty five. He has red hair. Oh, he recently served in the army enough ghanistan. He. And they've said about that. Well, here's what I wonder about this is Dan date the band aid. Well the band aid was because I'm confused about things. Dan, it's not a bandaid. It's abandoned that still in the romper. Okay. Wait a minute. I just had I just had an idea here. Okay. Okay. Okay. Hang on bear with me. When I first looked at this. I thought that the aluminium foil was being used to. Contain the math that you were then not you personally was inhaling through the, the straw tube or whatever they're doing. But what if this is actually a heroin situation where they were using the Lumina m- foil because they didn't have a spoon, and they needed the saline and all the other stuff to, to pull the and they actually were injecting. And that's why we're not seeing matches because there, there was a lighter used to d and that would be I don't know a lot about heroin. But winning a lot of heroin. Only one two three four five spent cookers the other question I have is always kept in the ten minute, maybe, maybe the blue stuff is a disinfectant because you're a tidy shooter, maybe you disinfect the area you use a band-aid and you leave all your drugs, but band aid wrapper with you. I was thinking when you smoke it, maybe you smoke the band-aid, rob. What do you need a band aid for if you're freebasing math, what do you need a band aid for that? You don't. But you do if you're in gem, maybe you want to look like the rapper Nelly. Just put the band aid on as a. Yeah. Don't you bandaid over was he the hot here guy? He had a band aid shore. It's hot in here hot in here flow. Right. And so wait. Okay. Okay. But according to what I know from health, you need a way to pup vein is what they call it. So what do you do you take out of Chinese syringe syringe? You got Chinese lightening cable. You wrap it around your arm until you pop a vein. You put the heroin into the disinfectant shooter. They don't know what's happening. Yeah. Dan, says, more people. Tune in for anyway. See why I want to get to the bottom. But don't no way too. So, so if I want to clean this up like this is going to have my fingerprints all over it. And wouldn't that be twist? Now is that considered a fairplay mystery if it turns out that I'm the cooker? Well, there's whatever was forgot Hobo. Oh, no. Oh, no. Maybe this is a memento. And did it. Holy crap. I use I use lightning cables every day. Do you get them? In a ten. Neighbors chinese. See the little bags left. I mean, I don't have this kind of branded drug bag. Now my question is though many any nine hundreds in here. Do you, do you think does this imply that? The person doing this was spending was doing this outside of your office. Like or was this draw like discarded here in a moment of panic? I'm not comfortable. She's comfortable saying too much more of anything on this. And this should probably entirely be cut out. But I think somebody came and visited for a little while. Probably overnight. Yeah. They did not trigger my alarm, right? There was no sign of forced entry as we say in the business. But I am going to eat when we're done here and I've done show notes, and upload at my side here on this beautiful, Tuesday morning, I am going to need to go entirely this up. That's fine. Hope the vox, the box is kind of cool. I would, you know the box where did the box hold did the box. What did the box hold? But the hairs is would really throws me off. There's gotta be dog. Here's this places chockablock with dogs were there before, or are they associated with you take a photo every day I should do that? I should do that. I should do that. But that is the lead on the ground. I don't. I bet but it's heroin juice. I bet spilled heroin juice, being juice. Must investigate further. Oh, god. I can't even do roszak do. Roszak doodoo roszak. I can't shock. No yours. I can't step on your toes. They're not do that. Toddy and Selma. Must investigate further. Whereas you guys you with the tackle box, and the Connie Chung calendar speaking of gruff voices. I just rewatch d- the true grit with, with the Haley Stanfield. Yes, that's such a good movie. Really enjoyed it again. I hadn't seen performances delightful cute. So I mean she's great and pitch perfect. Two. But but but, but true. Great is a terrific movie. And it looks beautiful. This cinematography of it is unbelievable. That's timothy. That guy we like is up now Roger de chickens Haskell Wexler. What's the guy's name? Who's the Cohn brothers famous? Is it Roger, or no brain fart? Who's the guy? I am looking at up because I can't really is going to cook cook kill me, Roger de look this, this is. God, Roger Deakins? Yes, there, we dodged. A bullet there. Good movie. I recommend it. Jeff bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin. Josh Brolin, boy. Boiled? What I really like whatever it is. You're about to tell our listeners about, oh, yeah. You like that. You kidding me? Big fan. Which one was I going to talk about. Do you do? Yeah. I think I'd do which one we check the envelope. Okay. Let's see. I was trying to Karnak bit. But I can't remember halo. Does he today? And we'll tell you about back plays back blaze plays. Do you use that for your backups? Do I have to say? Yeah. Yes. I have a private encryption key. And I, I enjoy block place. I use it. I use it. I use it because it I don't know if it's sitting my but today but I knew it will save my but someday, and it is also just super, you should tell people what this thing is. But like it's also just useful because like there's a thing I know got thrown away. And now I can go get it from from the block blaze. Yes, Backley's is gimmick, free. Unlimited cloud backup for max and PC's. And it starts at just six dollars a month per computer. It backs up documents backs up music photos. Course we gotta have our photos backed up videos drawings projects, everything that you do. And this is the best part is that they occur automatically because anytime that we are expected to manually. Back something up. We won't do it. I mean, I spent so many years in IT, I've seen every single possible scenario of someone saying, oh, I meant to do it. I bought a spare drive Ford. And I never I just never ran it. Oh, it was supposed to be automated, but I shut my computer down every night. So it didn't get automated or the hard drive went bad. The one that was supposed to be the backup and then down. I don't know what to do. Don't don't do that. Don't worry about that. Do it with back blaze because these happen automatically, and they stay out of your way, there's a little application that runs. And when your computer is idle, it goes and starts backing things up if it's idle for eight hours, great. He'll back up everything if it's idle for five minutes, it'll backup whatever can in five minutes when you start getting busy on your computer Gan, it goes in the background and, and stops. And it's just it's really have my I have mine on a unaccustomed schedule where it starts doing it out of time after which I'm usually done doing this kind of stuff. So I don't even have to have to worry about or anything. Yeah, we'll smart. And I mean there's but they have. Of so many really cool things. Like a lot of the time, you might say, well, that's a lot of data that's going to get backed up. What happens if I need to restore it? We'll check this out. They had this thing called the restore return refund program. You buy a hard drive or store you send the drive back within thirty days. And you get a full refund because they know that, like having it locally, sometimes that that's important you can do that. And the best part, and you already alluded to this is that you don't it's not like restoring a full backup. You can restore just one file or all of your files, whatever you want. It's your choice. So it's like you said, oh, oh, no, I just lead that one file or I want that file the way it was before you can do all of that with back plays restore by mail. If you have a total system, failure, you can purchase a hard drive or a flash drive on it overnight at via FedEx, and like I said, you can return the drive and get a full refund. It's so cool. They have over seven hundred fifty Pedder bytes of data. Let me break that down for you seven hundred and fifty thousand terabytes or seven hundred and fifty million gigabytes worth of data that they're that they are backing up forty billion files restored. That is a lot of saved memories. Right. Tara. I'll tell you what. And this is they have a special deal back blazed dot com slash back to work. That's how they'll know where you came from that will support the show, but you're going to get a fifteen day no risk free trial. Again, the URL to go to, to get that is back plays dot com slash back to work. Go there mess around with it star protecting yourself from potential bad times and one last thing, I'll mention it's not in the in the notes here. They've say six bucks for computer, but you can manage all of your computers under one account. So, you know, so you can have your home, computer. You can have your laptop, or your work computer, or your kids, computer, whatever it is. They're all going to be backed up in one place. You. Can manage them? You can see when they were all backed up. But the nice thing is hard drive is not a computer so yes, that's cool. But, like if you believe if you have a like I have an external hard backs up everything. But, like in that case, I think that's a yeah. That's included under my part of the same computer. Yes. But yeah. I didn't know you could do that. That's really cool. Let's see there's so many places that don't plan for stuff like that. That seems so obvious gas Miami's on voice thinkest is so confused about having. Echo units in different places, but, but not back blaze, it got you covered. I you covered so thanks very much back. Lays your L, again is back. Blaze dot com slash back to work. Go try it out. See if you like it. Thank you will. Thanks back plays. We're beloved Cohen brothers cinematographer, Roger Deakins. Let's talk about Roger Deakins something important, Roger Deakins was born in Turkey, talkie. And to tell you what, what, what, you know, talk talk from is that, that book that is the seaside resort community. We're Fawlty towers is based Fawlty towers. In fact, reading here in the role of Torquay in English culture to it was while staying in Turkey at Gleneagles hotel with the python team in nineteen seventy-one that John Cleese found inspiration for Fawlty towers. So he based his character on an actual hotel, owner in talkie. I'm very cool talk. He has produced a lot of interesting people Agatha Christie the wonderful actor and comedian, Peter Cook the cinematographer, Roger Deakins. These are all people who, who are from talk talk, now now it says here for Nathan. Twenty-one Richard Burton, the exploring linguist, don't get tripped up because I saw that. And I was all because I thought Richard Burton was from Wales. But this is a different Richard. This is a service should Burton is different. The other Richard burn, Sarah, Sarah, sir Burton this Richard Burton born aching twenty one is different from the Richard Burton, who was in fact, born in Wales. And you could tell his Welsh because the city was born in cannot be pronounced with my mouth. And so we've all learned a little bit about Turkey and Richards Britain. I am a huge fan of Roger deacons without you knowing that I was a big fan of as you look at his movies. He's I was just looking at at what he's done. So much of it is with the Coen brothers. He did Barton Fink blood simple, raising Arizona Miller's crossing. But he's done a he did The Shawshank Redemption, I had no idea Fargo Kundan. Oh, Brother, Where Art thou the Man Who Wasn't there. And so, so many more Sicario. Yeah. Think about blade blade runner, twenty forty nine whatever you think of the movie boy. Wooh boy that movie look good. But, you know, it's so e I'm always impressed by people who can watch a movie and at the end of it. They're like, well, listen them. And Taga fee was often. Awesome. Because for me, it's like I get so caught up in the story of a good film that it's easy for me to not see the cinematography at all. And it just sort of and I guess, that's maybe a sign of good cinematography. But then when I re-watch it that second, or third time you notice so much, like in true grit. There's this one scene where it shows them riding across. And it's just it shows, the, the, the horse riding, and it's this sort of silhouetted shot and it's just amazing. I'm like. You know. And then there was this little extra with, with this movie when you buy their extras and I, I'm not sure if they will get them in with, I tunes or not. But you. You can you can watch him talking about some of it, and he talks about how, you know, they he wanted to capture this. We're looking for a certain place to have. I'm not spoiling anything but there's a scene where there's a body hanging very high up. And that's in the path of where our protagonists are going, and he talked about all we were looking for a certain kind of a thing and now it's just I was going by this forest and I thought maybe we could do something in there. And so I went into the fires, and I thought, oh we could have the thing hanging from here, whatever. And it's like you don't even understand as a viewer. How much thought goes into every scene. Every shot of this movie every how many times the shot has? Right. It's actually thinking it's just mind blowing like they don't just go in there with a super eight and get one, good one and leave. It's, it's mind boggling, when you when you think about all those factors just just the lighting alone and then the lenses, and it's yeah. Yeah, you're right. It's funny. We watched we did watch captain marvel last night. I had not persuaded my kid to come and see it in the theater with me. I liked it. Everybody else shot up. I really liked it. I don't want argue about it. I loved it. It was a true superhero. Movie don't like an actual movie with a super hero superman level superhero. Right. Which I think, is all the unique these days. Yes, it is. And I loved it. But I. Funny thing this is not indicative of my wife and I it's not indicative of my wife is super intelligent. But she had just gotten home from work, and she was kind of mostly looking at her phone. She was looking at Twitter on our phone and. Eleanor, and I were like can you believe can you believe that's Samuel L Jackson because it takes place in nineteen ninety five they use the FX two age him down? Astonishingly well to wear because he's seventy seventy one years old. Maybe I don't know. I mean but he, here's what's crazy is down his face his hairline. He looks like he looked around the time of Pulp Fiction. Ryan Lee, right. And, and the social part, one crazy is like, well did a great job, partout crazy. You stop noticing you stop thinking about it. You like you. You stop thinking about what you're seeing in every frame, right? It becomes invisible. And just it's just the, the, the person in the rural it's ironically enough for the people who love to talk about how CGI is ruining movies, and isn't it kind of funny that like this is not, not. I mean, this is a slam that movie has a lot of, you know, had a lot of production problems. But it is kind of wild that, like CGI job on or the. Job on similar Jackson was, I think, basically exquisite whereas like the wonderful actor playing the scroll is he seems like he's kind of struggling everybody with the rubber masks struggling to not sound like they're in a rubber mask, oh, you know, protocols books are always better. But then at one point she was like I was like, isn't that crazy the aging down job? They did on him, and she's like, well, why didn't they just get a younger actor and Eleanor? They looked each other like when he what do you mean? And she's like, well, why wouldn't they just get somebody that's like the would have been like, that's, that's Nick fury? And she's like, oh, of course, obviously that's curious. Because you forget about your Houston. Nick fury being a guy in probably his sixties with an eye patch, brain, not being that young Samuel L Jackson. Did you ever hear the story? Tell me it's this is a true story. I'll Google it in a minute and probably feel stupid. But if you ever heard the story about Ben, and ultimate avengers, Nick fury. This story. And I would like to find out if it's true. I don't know that I don't the story that I heard was, I think ultimate wasn't ultimate avengers like the for one of his first, like major marvel comics. I think so. Yeah, I think he was up there with, like. When the wonderful ultimate comics ultimate meddled McCormack's ultimate spider, man. But anyhow, basically, I guess, I guess it was his idea. Some are all find a story about this. There must be a full folklore dot org for marvel but supposedly Benda's had wanted to when he did the alternate universe, so ultimate comics the vendors that you see on screen listener. And this is not going to be a become story, I promise, but the it's interesting that a lot of the avenger stuff that you see in the movies is base pretty heavily on what's called the ultimate universe, which is different from the six hundred sixty universe that most comics are based in right when you agree. Uh-huh. Definitely. Yeah. Yeah. So like one of the features. So the idea is that they wanted to kind of freshen up a bunch of these fairly old comics, just like restart numbering. So they brought in a particular Benda's to say, look like what if you took all the kind of the coolest best most interesting stuff about these very rich characters and kept a lot of it the same. But, like what if you had, like cart blocked? But what if you had some creative freedom? To do different things with like what would you do differently if there were an alternate universe, this is I think, how it goes and they were actually really good. The I think they are actually called the ultimate s-, right? Yeah. But that's where we get a lot of the even like the uniforms and stuff that you see. But this is the story, the story, I heard was that he wanted Nick fury to be a black guy to not be the Nick fury with the cigar from the sixties with the ipad, right? But to be to be, that's one of the things he wanted to. I don't know the exact order events. But the story I heard was that he wanted to do that. And I guess it was okay with marble for him to do that. And he had exactly we're talking around two thousand I think when this happened like seven eight years before, iron man and the movie and he had a very clear idea in mind for who he thought Nick fury should look like. And that was the actor Samuel L Jackson, and the story goes that he went to the actor Samuel Jackson and said, I wanted, I don't know how much you like comics and stuff like that. But I, I really want to make this character called Nick fury, except he's going to be the same cool, tough character. But a black guy, and I'd really like to base him, heavily on the way that you look in the story, I've heard goes that Samuel Jackson said, we'll of course. Nick your hits. I've loved these comics for years, and it would be amazing. If you wanted to do that. And so supported -ly. That's how the character in the comics looked like Samuel L Jackson flesh forward a few years. They need to get a care. They need to get an actor to play Nick movies. I hope it's true. I wanted to be let's call it true. You know what can you favor, could you tell us something you like, and I will try to trace this down? I will do some real time fact checking to discover if I'm off my nut about this. I will tell you about the lunar display display. Luna displays the only harbour solution that turns your I band into a wireless display for your MAC. We've talked about it here before, and I talked to all kinds of people about it all the time because it feels like magic and I love things that feel like magic, and that work like magic and the way this works is you get a tiny little little little plug. I don't know what to call because we decided last episode that we shouldn't call it Odongo because it's way, smaller than that. It's tiny and it plugs into USB port. Now, if you've got USB see they make a USB see one. And if you've got a regular old school USB, they can make one of those two and this thing plugged into the back of your MAC, and then there's an application that you put there. And there's an application you run on your ipad and what? This does it turns your ipad into a super portable second display for your MAC. You get stunning image quality. You get virtually zero lag and you can take this little thing, and he can go wherever you feel like going with it. You can do that a coffee. Shop a co working space, obviously, in the take it in the bedroom, or the living room wherever you want to go. You can take this even on an airplane, because it gives you the freedom to bring your workspace with you, wherever you go, it works over your existing WI fi, or it'll work over USB, if you don't have WI fi they've thought of everything, but it lets you seamlessly move windows from one screen to the next screen. That's really cool. But you can also make it your primary screen, and then you grab it, you take it with you into the room. Why would you do this? While you may be one have access to your MAC, anywhere that you go. That's kind of cool, but it also responds to touch events. So it supports touch interactions. It literally turns your MAC into a touchable device. It also works with the apple pencil. And as support for, for external keyboards, too, so you really can get real work done on this thing. It's not just for fun is not just a toy even though it is fun. And our listeners are going to get an exclusive ten percent. Discount on the linen display by going to Luna display. L U, N, A, Luna, display dot com and under the promo code back to work. One word at checkout. And there you go. That's all there is to it. Go check this thing out. I love mine. I use it all the time. It's really awesome. If you're trying to sneak in getting a little bit of work done, and maybe the applications and stuff then set up that you need on your MAC and you wanna look like you're just browsing on your ipad or something. I'm not saying you should do that because people might get angry. If you're trying to do it during dinner, but you can do what you wanna do. Luna display dot com, enter promo code back to work at checkout. And we sure do appreciate the support of Linda, despite thanks guys. Thanks luna. The bad news is I got a huge fact about this ROY. Wrong. The good news is, it's a fact that almost no one, except for extreme comic nerds will care about. But that's me tell me okay? The original, it was Mark Millar not Brown. Michael bennett. The original Nick fury that, it the one from the main six sixteen to versus right? And but an ultimate universe continuity, which launched in two thousand so I feel doesn't bend is involved in my rhyme, I could've sworn he was maybe we're thinking of ultimate spider man's admitted series Millar did, I guess he was white knee regional ones? And in the ultimate universe continuity, which launched in two thousand he's a black man who looks just like Samuel Jackson. This wasn't initially the case. But when Mark Millar began pending the ultimate limited series in two thousand two he decided to model fury after Jackson, who was his favourite actor as Millar toll T HR. He had no idea that Jackson was a comic book fan and after seeing his likeness alongside these more for here is the actor called up his agents who got in touch with marvel the company apologized and promised to include Jackson future movie, adaptations ever, even even be made the rest of they say is history. Yeah. So not quite as good as I told it was still pretty pretty good. Yeah. Yeah. So what was my point? My point was Nick fury things you notice torquing. I feel like I missed a big point anyway. Yeah. Boy, it's gonna drive me crazy. It's early in my memory is really not, not, not clicking. Just now but I'm sure we've got other things to talk about. I'm sure we sure we'll come up with some hardware. We're so far in. We've we've covered a lot. I guess we talked a lot about what calendars and truth. Risking inconvenience the beast in a fish just seeing the trees, little drugs, little trucks. Oh, yeah. We did talking about drugs. Things you stop noticing in the movie's, cinematography hunt. You know what I was remembering remembering that in this is a story that somebody like. Our listeners that can tell me how many times, I've told this story, a different way. But I didn't purchase a lot of VHS tapes, after I had the dough to get I think the first one, I ever bought, I believe, was the collection of REM videos in maybe like the cutting edge MTV VHS, but I feel like I at least amongst the early ones I bought new as opposed to taping off HBO, right. I did have Glengarry Glen Ross eventually, and I feel like one of the first ones I got there was Hudsucker proxy which at the time like that's what it was movies like you. Don't hear about it so much as like a favorite, I guess, among super fans, but I loved it. I just thought it was. So it was still beautiful for how weird it was. You know what I mean? Yeah. It was so true to a certain kind of like a forty screwball comedy in some ways the way it just looked so much. Thanks in part to Roger Deakins, right? Like how, how good that movie looked. Pay. I just remember. I don't know why this six in my memory, and I again, I could be remembering wrong and might have been Mark Millar. But this scene were Norval has to deliver the blue letter to sid. You know, so you got a blue letter and he's got to go upstairs and give it to Musburger short, like go up to his office and sits on the phone and he's all agitated. Remember the stock tickers ticking, and eventually Norval tries to put out a fire with the bottle of water and all of that. Do you remember that yet and SIDS massive massive massive office? I don't know if I remember right? But, like, I feel like I remember like just I would just drink in, like, like every square inch of, how that movie looked as weird and does that movie was, I remember like when Norval I feel like I remember when Norval walks into the office, like everything is so exquisite like you can actually see like the footsteps that he's making in the carpeting as he's walking. But there's only fifteen cents a footsteps, like you would see on a beach like they were like resetting so many things commission. How many times they had to reset like the garbage can and the fire and the giant bottle of water? Like we got to dry out this area before we gotta change clothes, you all right? We got frigging Paul Newman in this scene. Like how. Times. I'm sure I've heard he's a great guy. But, like how many times are we gonna shoot this scene with so much to reset and each one and like, you know, and then you come up with something that just feels so of a piece like it's just what a crazy business. Making movies is hard. No. Thank you, making movies on location. Dire straits. That was a good man. What else we got? We do have some when's do feedback is that what you're thinking. Let's see. We could do a feedback. Okay. So I will let you choose. We got to that are easy because they're hard. We've got two that are easy because we're just gonna be able to say, I have no idea. We have one we might be able to help with in more detail. I'm let you pick. There's listener Josh on ways to deal with task resistance the resistance to doing task and trying to find a system that helps remove that resistance. We have listened to Brian who has a kid going to college soon and has questions about the best way to do note, taking we have listened to Brad on adjusting to having a new baby in your life. I would do them if I was picking an order, I would do, Josh, I, I would do the baby second, and I wouldn't do the other one, because I can't give you any advice about no taking, I'd I'm the wrong 'cause we can I, I have so little offer. Listen to Brian on no taking just quickly. I don't know. I don't know anymore. I breath Swain, because it's a great question that I don't know the answer to, but also brought it in, because I feel utterly disconnected not simply from how a modern student would take modern notes, but I just don't even I don't even understand how college works anymore. Like, I have my own idea. That's like admittedly thirty years old about how going to college works, but, like do people record lectures. A lot of people I imagined still go to lectures. Bringing computers and typing, typing it as they go. Well, there's those apps out there one, I use in the past was pair was a pair was a really interesting one of those like awesome wackadoo. Two thousand APs where it could you could choose to record. So your lap you sitting on your laptop, and you can record audio for whatever's happening as you're typing, and it doesn't transcribe it like it probably would today. But if you click at any point in the knows that you've taken it plays you the audio that you were hearing on cool. That's really cool. Now today you could probably get that stuff transcribing, but is that even the best way, are you better off going with the Cornell notes style? Like I, I don't know. I mean, the other part was with there's so many reasons I don't know the answer. This the other one was I was I was pretty bad. At taking notes. I don't think I ever took good notes. We look at my friends who were successful in school. And I was just be amazed at the kind of notes. Maybe we get through this to the audience, I would love to hear. I would love to hear what they do. I've heard all things about like bullet journaling and all these other techniques that people use I don't, I don't subscribe to any of those, and, but I will say this about no, taking for me. And I've, I've taken lots of notes on a computer in the theory. Me is my handwriting isn't great. It's, it's great. When I take time to do it, but I know people who can write quickly and also very, very legibly. I am not one of those people my, my handwriting. When I try to write quickly, it's so bad. I realized early on does not even worth taking notes because I will not be able to read them later. I won't want to read them later, and I won't be able to read them later. So I just never took notes, and I got really, really good at remembering what the teacher said, of course, I would write down my sign sinement, but I got really good at just remembering because I was compensating for the weakness that I had of not being able to take very good note. So I'm the wrong guy to ask about it's really it's all kinds of wrong because I agree with you. My I feel you in the sense that, like my handwriting is also a bad, but to me, that's even not even getting to the for me, personally, the bigger problem of like I'm not sure what to take note of. About and I will space what the person is now saying if I'm trying to write down what I thought they were saying if you seconds ago, my gut, my gut is that like then this is really just my gut. But my gut is that. I mean, if you want to do something like that Cornell system, because Google Cornell note, taking method that Cornell not met that makes tons of sense. Intellectually to me, like if you saw like a formatted Cornell notes page, you any sensible person would look at and go. Wow. That makes a ton of sense. Here's these four different regions where I'm going to do different kinds of notes about things. What I don't know if that actually works for most people. Right. Because it's an intellectually, satisfying model doesn't mean it's going to be useful in practice doesn't mean it's not. But I could see myself getting even deeper into a different set of wheat, if I went with a system like that, Mike. My gut is that something like a mind map might be a real good way recorded, what was happening in the class and did a mind map as he went, because it was something like a mind map, and you can do this with stuff like bullets not bullet journal. But like classic markdown style bullets is. I think it's really useful sometimes to know. Well, the United States works this way, we have these this one really big document called the constitution, that's important. And now what you need to know. Is that there are three branches of government? Here's the three brench. Government, but over here on this other branch from the constitution, we see that there's these things called amendments, and these first ten amendments, there's ten of these. Here's what those are, you know what I mean. Like because because to me, a big part of a big part of knowledge or a big part of learning is, is having sort of a meta concept about it, like if you just remember random facts that you've read Alvin almanac, does not make you a particularly learn at person. See also me, but people who understand, like the shape of information have an insight that people who don't see information in shapes. Kind of lack. Do you know what I mean? Like to, to have heavy mental mental model of, like how this all fits together. Because like I feel like we're practically hardwired for certain kinds of things. But there's a reason the rule of three exists in comedy, and you can all look that up. But you've heard it you've certainly seen it many, many times, there's the thing another thing, and then the thing that's different. That's funny. And that's what makes a joke like there's the, the rule of three is just everywhere. In comedy, there's the rule of ten you've got the camera and you got the ten commandments. You got ten like there's so many things, but, like if I if I said, I needed to talk to you, if I said, you'll horrible, Texas that we need to talk. And like I said there were ten things we need to talk about. I would rather get an alad rather get a message from somebody that says there's ten things to talk about. I was so rather have that message than one that says, there's two things we need to talk about. Because you know what the entire time we're talking about the first thing, I'm gonna be obsessing over what the second thing was. And why you didn't say that. I isn't that horrible way to think, but the difference between knowing there's one thing to things ten things or a thousand things you need a container for that kind of information that was very wise. It wasn't useful to, to our listeners question. But it was very wise. The Essner is, if you, if you have, like, don't just give me a record in Wicky link. But if you're somebody who has recently studied, something, and serious answers, only if you if you have a way of taking that you want to tell us about that you thought was really useful. Let us know. We'll talk about on the show. You tell us on the internet. One thing I'll add to that is that for me the act of writing something down. Makes it more real and makes it more permanent. I'm not writing it down to remember it later. I'm writing it down to remember now NIA, and so there is something a all Caufield. Yes. And there is something about that, that I find to be true. And I think no taking is valuable. And don't do what I did. They'll do what I did. Really? That's the whole. I mean you could put that on our. It's like you got the north remembers you got the Lancasters paid their debts. And you got our, our house, motto don't do what we did. Yeah. Don't do we have a guy? She will are single is, as a middle aged man. Shrugging. Do you want to you want me to tell you about the last thing and then we can do the maybe the last feedback? Yes. Let me tell about grammar it is a communication tool that helps people improve their writing to be mistake, free clear and effective. They encouraged everyone even the best students even top professionals to use Graham early to do your best work and accomplish. Even more of your goals. It is a writing assistant that makes you look and sound smarter. It's that simple. That's the way you think of eight it's gonna help you improve your communication at school at work, pretty much anywhere. And the way Graham early works at it. It helps you show your best self through writing, and it's available across platforms like browser. So it'd be works as a browser extension. There's a desktop editor that you can use and for your mobile devices. There is a keyboard checker. And this is this is just such a nice way to do it. Because as you're doing what? What you normally do that is sitting down to write Gramm really will make suggestions. It's not just the stuff that might be built into operating system, where is a little squiggle in it says, you know, this words, spelled wrong, it's much more in depth than that. And if you wanna get really serious about this, the really great thing is Grindley premium. This looks out for this spelling in the grammar just like the regular version, plus advanced punctuation structure style within context. It'll make vocabulary suggestions deal with conciseness it understands the importance of readability and can help you with readability for different occasions. Whether you're doing a, an essay or writing a, you know, like a like a paper for school or a business proposal or just a blog post in understands those understands the differences, and can make really, really good suggestions, that'll make you into an awesome writer that's their whole purpose. They have a special deal for our listeners, grammar dot com slash back to work. You'll get. Twenty percent off grammar Lee premium right away. That's an amazing deal. I wish that I had had this back when I was doing my consulting business, and I was writing proposals all the time it would have been so nice and save me so much time having this. I wish they had existed back, then you guys don't have to wish. It, it is here. Now grammar dot com slash back to work. Twenty percent off your grammar Lee premium account, go check it out. And we would like to thank Ramle for making this show possible. Then Benjamin, if you will it, it is no dream. You will it it is. No dream. Didn't the Doug shoes, invite invited beer? Yeah. The I Lenin how how old do you think my son has to be to see this moving? That's an excellent question. Not the language is not a thing. He he curses like, that's that was going to be number one. That's one Iran's that. Okay. Well, okay, what do you got boobs? There's boobs boobs in the her, her artists been committed are hardly vaginal. Yeah. But I don't know if Beuckelaer coitus quick you mean coitus draws a lot of what? Chugging tree hoard. There is the, the, the most troubling. He's not old enough. He should be. He should be thirteen or four dodgers. He should be more broken by life. Don't think I haven't thought of it, don't think I haven't thought of it. I have no shame. Mommy to Mike. You know, every time seen selected pre re pre viewed things from the actual game of thrones. Actual according to Hoyle show. Always previewed in time limited. So she, she's spoilers, but, but, but, but she did see a point when a certain Lancaster monarch, she's to Lancaster, people run into trouble but yeah, there was one that at wedding event. She seeing that, you know, I think not yet buddy. I mean, you know what it is a phrase that use that seems like we say, this movie is rated PG PG thirteen this movie is rated PG for language and adult situations. Don't situations can sometimes be the thing. You know what I mean? Even if your kid is okay with something like three hundred twenty f words lebowski. There's also there's like a fair amount of adult situations. I think in that movie I'm trying to remember them. You know the there's the scene with bunny. That's the toughest one by the pool. Oh, yeah. Those are those are words with meaning to the it's one thing to just hear the F word and EV you body. Okay. Big deal, who cares? Like that's nothing. But this has the, the sexy content. So, yeah, let's I call it. Adult kissing time. Yeah. Yeah. Do we have time to do a question. We're running extent long. Let's, let's table it. Sorry. Josh? We'll get to you next week, John. Okay. Josh confidential to Josh, your problems with resistance in some way. They're completely understandable. Your problem is you can probably guess I'm gonna say is not going to necessarily come from a new system. You'll eventually probably want a different system if you're feeling resistance to the tasks in your life, you need to find you need to find the part where you stopped caring. Because any kind of resistance about what we're trying to do not any kind of resistance, but a lot of the resistance in a well-thought-out system from a professional man like you, the resistance that you're feeling to tasks has a basis somewhere in either like an emotional disconnection or simply not caring. So like, if it is it that you're are you unaware of a big picture, that you should be more aware of while you're over focusing on tiny stuff that doesn't really matter. Maybe not. Are you writing stuff down that you don't really need to do? Are you writing things down in a way that doesn't fully unpack the work behind the work because that will lead to procrastination, if you have you fully formed a tour list of tasks that you need to do? But you're resisting doing them all credit to David Allen, ask your brain. If you've stopped, caring or wanting carrying about wanting or needing to do any of those things in which case this things don't need to be on your list. In the meantime, I would I would pop up one level, not a huge level. But I would pop up one level to, like, look at an area where you're feeling. Of resistance, and perhaps, for Creston, -ation, and ask yourself if this went really well, in the next three months, how would that look? Right. So that could be something like you're going to be teaching fourth grade in the fall. I'm quoting real fast here. If you're going to be in fourth grade in the fall, we'll break that into a unit that makes sense to you a really good unit. If you're starting teaching fourth grade in the fall is thinking about what kind of stuff, do you need to do to have a great year in the next year or even have them passable year? But but start with, like one or two load bearing tasks that are extremely important and doable. But right that's really important. I'm sorry. I'm doing the thing where you use the word to talk about a word. Make sure that you are focusing on the stuff that is actually important, and that you do care about if you don't care about your task you need a different job if you do care about your task, but they're not getting done, you probably need to frame them differently. It's not your out that you have a problem with. It's not your system. You have a problem with that is that is like a I don't know what's beyond tertiary do -ciary. That's your quota, -ciary problem terrible word, like just at your quite drew -ciary, quite douche. But that's your thing trace back in the stack, and like, don't we're not all tasks are created equal. They're not all important. They're not all good. They're not even still alive, all of them. So it's going to take the on the one hand, you do need to pop up to what is important, not interests of tasks. What is important in terms of outcomes, had a slightly higher level? And then when you get down into the weeds of your tasks look for some really small and very accomplishable tasks, and then notice yourself like find yourself getting those things accomplished and then noticing, what's different about the things that did get accomplished. And at that point when you're getting to now you're getting to the quad, do Sherry level, eventually like what system enables me to be this kind of person, in worker that I'd like to be and then embrace that with baby steps. Thank you, to listen to Josh for a question on task resist. And sorry, Josh, we couldn't get to you today, but we couldn't get to you Josh mom trying, actually. Speaking. What are they going to get to the fireworks factory? Button this up. I love you Merlin, man. You. Wheels up.

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