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Cedar in, Cyprus. You gotta go ahead and try method man I mentioned last week. My wife loves it before first time I got the bottle before even put on. She's like method men. How'd you get this? Save fifteen percent with code feast when you buy online at method, men DOT com. That's M. E., T., H., o., d. m. e.. N.. DOT, com, visit method men DOT COM and get fresh. Make sure you use the code Feast Fancy Points Feast. Is the code well for the second weekend around maybe third week in a row I think I lost track. At this point. We have an absolute rock star from fantasy. points dot com this time Graham. Barfield, who is known for the yards, created metric that he has founded, and I want to get into that because that was interesting, Joe was telling me before the show. How you grind to get that. He is one of the do debt. Fantasy points DOT COM I. Don't know that we've ever met Graham. But just looking at your twitter profile I really don't like you very much because you have awesome hair like you've amazing hair, dude. Thank you so much Ross. Yeah I, don't I? Don't think I think this is our maiden voyage. It's nice to nice to meet you. Thanks for having me on Yeah, yards created has been. It's definitely a grind. That's certainly one way to put it Yeah, it's been this project I've undertaken now in the last five off seasons where? I basically chart any college running back coming into the NFL and. Try to find out some some fun things about how they how they went as players and excited. Talk to you guys about it today. Okay so let me dive a little bit deeper into that. Because, I've heard of this before but I want to have people understand what you actually do like. What does yard created mean? And how do you go about identifying for each player? Sheriff, yards created is the amount of yards running back gets on his own after the offensive line has or has not done its job, so the way to think of it is. On every play, the offensive line is opening up or not opening up holes in gaps for running back to get through in after the running back gets through the initial whole or creates behind the line of scrimmage to to get past the initial wave of the defense. Those are the yards that weren't back is creating on his own in the NFL when every player is. Super Athletic Superfast the margin, fair and the whole out small, even college football. There's something to be said. For players that are constantly creating on their own constantly you know making yards making moves on their own and enforcing the tackle, so I'm literally charting every every single play every single snap for six seven games pretty much half the season for usually about ten to twelve, running backs at the top of the Classen. It's. It's been a fun process. That's yielded some some good results so far. So. I'm sorry, Joe, yeah was just say how. How subjective! Is it. In other words, what's what sort of the margin of error and if Joe was like? You know what I'm. GonNa do a new stat called. Yards created two point. Oh and I'm going to do exact same thing gram does, but I'm going to what I'm just curious. How much of a difference you think that there would be. Probably a little bit. Football in in sports in general is an inherently subjective game I mean. If you just think about all the descriptive stats that we all talk about yards, receptions touched. Everybody agrees on those. But even a stat like yards after contact has drawn a lot of. Debate throughout the years simply because it's a subjective stat moral, using our is to measure it I'm sure if joe or anybody else yards credit a. Will probably would get some different results. The guys over at play, player profile or a chart yards gratitude, but they I think they do it a little bit different way. They treated as like any time running back Basically yards anytime runningback crates after they force tackle, so there's different different generations of yards created even out there and I, I think it's cool I think it's. A good a good learning tool for to think of running back in a different way. So? Graham I'm sorry. Rossa jumped all over you so excited to ask this question Graham. I think what one thing that's really important for people to understand is or for people to to know. You do this for college. Running backs coming into the NFL like you said there are differences, but my question is. Have you studied how predictive yards created has been for transitioning college player to the NFL, which obviously would have massive fantasy impact, or have you decided? It's been more descriptive, and and it hasn't really paid off for fantasy I. Know what the answer is, but I I WANNA make sure people understand what your process is here in how useful it is for fantasy football. Sure I think you know I went into this five years ago. Fully expecting it to be more of a descriptive thing like just basically scouting essentially. which players are creating more yards above? Expectation which players are forcing more miss tackles above expectation, and I think you know now that we have a five or sample I think we can say it's. It's fairly predictive. If you go to fantasy points dot com right now, click the research tab hit the yards created, but we have all the. All of the yards created on numbers up on site right now if you soar by yards, credit pretend to be look near the top of the the coffers here I mean it's it's a. who's who of the most talented backs other have come out the last couple of years Joe Mixed. Kenyan Drake Saquon Barkley Zeki will elliott all are in the top five of yards, creative tents. Alvin Kamara cream high Christian McCaffrey all near the top same with Dobbin Cook. I think done a pretty good job at not only identifying some of the top end rushers as clear cut best players in their class like saquon an like Zeke, but it's also illuminated some lower end. Guys Album Chimera cream on Christian McCaffrey. To a lesser extent, you know going deeper. Guys like Sony Michelle before he got hurt, were or good players that really popped in yards, created and You know there's definitely been some Mrs. In we can get into that too, but. By and large I think it's done a pretty decent job of illuminating. The most talented runners in the runners that are forcing the most miss tackles. Get into it for this year for the rookies. Who who's the WHO's the king? WHO's the guy from this year's group that set out to you in terms of? Yards, created. Yeah the number. One guy in the class was probably no one that you would expect Ross. Who was actually Anthony McFarland he? He led the class yards. Critic pretend at five point nine. That's actually right behind what Zeke did. We we can talk about Mcfarland a little bit. Wool will kind of transition flip back to the top five of this class in I'll start with with Jonathan Taylor for. Running back for the colts now he was fantastic at Wisconsin I. know that's not necessarily a bold take at all, but are doing my study I kind of went into it with. Guess a an idea that Wisconsin, offensive line the badgers kind of you know opened up more yards than you would expect in. You know. Taylor was a little bit of a product product of his office of line at scheme there but I kind of wasn't the case. Wisconsin actually opened up way. Fewer yards blocked per attempt in pretty much every back in this class like aged Dylan de Andrea, swift jk Dobbins Collider Brazil all had better off into blinds Taylor. In Taylor was dominant yards created. Fantastic. I, think he he's an underrated. Guy In terms of the not necessarily like a make. You miss type runner like lead over layer of. Christian McCaffrey was coming out, but certainly is strong in this tackles forced and. His credit metrics were fantastic. I mean huge, actually more efficient with out full back on the field, even though Wisconsin at afl back on the field on like a third of his carries an in this class, Taylor ranked third in yards, critter attempt shotgun, and he was first when Wisconsin had a quarterback under center so I I thought Jonathan Taylor was clear rb one coming into this class. Excuse me coming into the draft I expected him to be. One of the first two running backs off the board obviously play out that way, but I still went super early still went to a great landing spot. He is my number two running back in this class for for rookie dynasty drafts. Well let's get to the guy who I think's number. One gram and that's got to be quite Edwards Allaire and now play behind a really good offensive line I, think the LSU offensive line might be near the top ten. In terms of what you've ever charted, but even though his yards created metric is is mediocre, compared to some of the other guys I think according to your charging. He did a lot of things really well. That project exceptionally well to the Kansas City offense. So how do you feel about him from fantasy perspective? Absolutely. Not only charting every running play, also charting every passing play in Clyde Edwards layers pretty easily. The the best receiving back in this class in I'll take step further. He's one of the top three or four receivers that I've seen come out of college in. The five years that I've been doing this. I think he's. He's not in the Christian McCaffrey echelon, because no one else's Anne McCaffrey's in tier of his own as a receiver man ever delays really good I think he's under quickly. Talk about his running ability, because I think he's an underrated inside runner. In fact, he created more yards per attempt on his inside carries. DEANDRE SWIFT AJ, Dylan and Zach. Moss and all those guys are kind of. Expected to be strong inside runner so I. Think Edwards Brasileira has an underrated on inside running ability, even though he's, he's undersized, but. Man Like the what we want to see from him. This is catching passes out of the backfield and. I I. Frankly, I struggled to think of many backs out of McCaffrey. Who are better route runners than Edwards layer I mean. He was constantly creating separation for Joe. Borough making throws easy. Getting open at will against some of the best linebackers and safeties in the SEC. I absolutely loved Edwards Receipt Edwards `alerts are receiving ability and thought he had just a super super high floor coming into the drafts, simply because I knew he'd be heavily involved in the pass again, but now joe a we have this dream scenario where he gets drafted as a first running back drafted in the first round, pick goes to Andy Reid. Goes to the chiefs gets to play with Cuba God himself and Patrick, Mahomes and It's it's pretty much. It's pretty much exactly what you would want for fantasy in pretty much. Every back that we've seen in Kansas City play significant snaps. As been a topic running back, Jamaal Charles was. Top eight points per game back from back in two thousand and thirteen. Two Thousand Fifteen spins aware. A Nice little season to twenty sixteen when when Charles got hurt and kind of was nearing the end of his career and. Kareem Hunt was a topic. We're in Iraq. Two, thousand, seventeen, thousand, eighteen. We've all seen what Damian Williams has been able to produce healthy, so I'm very excited to see. How Edwards Allaire performs early into this year and I think. As the season progresses into twenty twenty, I think we'll see Edwards Allaire. Become a very very strong rb one simply because he will be just another mismatch nightmare fifth achieves to use underneath a pass catcher. So, here's a question. Graham that I'm understanding. So. I'm looking at your article. Fantasy points dot com I. Talk about all the time. Use The code feast. You sign up. You got the tier one. You call the Big Five. We've talked about Jonathan. Taylor you mentioned. Swift and Dobbins, but really dove into him yet. We got Edwards Hilar- you said earlier that the number. One guy in your metric was Anthony Mcfarland at five point, nine yards created per attempt I in the class yet. He's our B seven for you so I guess if I'm reading this article I'm saying. What am I missing like? You said it's predictive. The guy's number one. WHY IS HE R B seven if he's number one on yards created? Yeah those are I mean those are my I ranks so i. kind of you know I try to add in additional layers of context. Yes Anthony Macfarlane was very explosive on his touches. was a good runner in in terms of. Only yards created, but US I think fourth or fifth in the class and miss tackles forced, but. Rossi was never featured runner. At Maryland and coming in and watching his tape by I have the same questions I I, didn't know if he would be a guy that you kind of sent to your often surrounded in shovel, fifteen eighteen touches per game. I thought he might be a little bit of a change of pace back, so there's definitely a little bit of. Not only like. USAGE, usage kind of going into evaluations, but it's also like subjectivity to like how players profile and. You know I think having Anthony. McFarland seven pre-draft was kind of a bowl. Take I didn't really see McFarland anywhere near People's top tens and. I still have McFarland. RB seven now. These landed in a nice spot there in Pittsburgh to. Ramlet? Let's let's talk about some of your process. In terms of offensive line's vis-a-vis yards created so when you've done this and I'm sure this is something you've thought about quite a bit when you've done this process. Have you found that guy to play behind bad offensive lines or getting? More rewarded by your process and have you found that guys who played behind? Good offensive lines are getting more kind of dinged by your process and and my. My question would be here with Florida state because you know you and I both know both Alvin. Cooking camakers have had two of the worst offensive lines. We've seen for a major college program in the last number of years. Meanwhile, somebody like Derrick. Henry play behind an awesome offensive line and didn't rank so high on your metric. How do you deal with that? When you're when you're breaking down yards created and have you found? There's anything predictive in terms of. A guy playing behind a bad or good offensive line when it comes to the metric. Yes definitely I mean Obviously it's unlucky. That can makers and Tau Cook had to play behind just terrible often blinds or automate. If you again, if you pull up the research, TAB and fantasy points dot com I mean cam makers and talent cooker literally. Last and third from last in yards blocked. Pretend I'm so we. We know they struggle behind. Bad offensive lines and I think this yards created process kind of illuminates that are really gives good context to just how bad and it kind of gives a baseline to college football offensive line play one guy. In particular that I think is really interesting. Debate on this subject Joe is not clear from this classes last year's class. It's Durell Henderson. He was absolutely dominant behind a Memphis offense of line at Memphis scheme that that really opened up just massive running lanes for him, but he was still very explosive on his touches. I think this is this is a kind of an idea. I guess subject matter. I really haven't fully wrap my head around yet. Just balancing. Great offensive lines behind creative runners because. Josh Jacob's and Jacob Dobbins both had. Fantastic offensive lines like the top of my yards blocked metrics I mean both bags are highly creative in. Ranked really highly in terms of. Forcing this tackles on their own. Both were good receiver so I think it's one of those things with with offensive line. Play gotTA take. On a team by team basis in in really understand the team level context that went in behind that because. Sometimes, there's certainly teams where. Players have great off into plans and they still create yards above expected. And then there's times where you have a in Aj. Dylan Redeeming Harris type where they're behind a great offensive line, but they're less creative than you would expect. Yeah I. Guess That's that's what I wanted to know. I'd love to know any out liars. Particularly interested in Keyshawn Vaughn just going to the bucks with Brady and what you thought of him. I think everybody's interested in in Vaughan and what's GonNa? What's going to happen with this backfield? I liked what Keyshawn von was was. One of those guys were like I watched the first four or five games, and I was Kinda just like yeah I mean he can do everything pretty well. A, but he doesn't have really wants standout trait in the more that I watched. Actually went back and watched a few more games after I finished has yards credit sample just because they're landing spot? He got drafted a little bit earlier than I expected I kind of started liking him a little bit more. Simply because he played Kinda like camakers, he played on a really bad offensive line. Of there over there, Vanderbilt. Last year twenty two percent of his carries were stuffed pinal scrimmage for a loss that was like way low in college. Football is like one hundred tenth in the in the in the in college football in. He was contacted behind the line of scrimmage on a twenty seven percent of his carries a came makers. Was the most in the class. Use context behind long scrimmage on nearly. A third of carries, but keyshawn von was still very creative granted. It was kind of an boom bust way sort of similar to Tevin Coleman. But he was second in class yards, critic attempts, and the the thing I come back to with Vaughn the Ross in one of the things that I think Ronald Jones has a little bit of an edge over him. Is Is. Joe Is definitely more a laterally allusive. Eighty four percent of keyshawn vons missed tackles came from either just running past a defender or going through them with power. He just doesn't have a ton of wiggle. And ton of agility I think Ronald. Jones is certainly better in that sense, but. Manam Yvonne is. He's got the size. He's got the speed and attacking running style to be a feature back in the NFL and I think. You Know Bruce Arians. Heavily investing in Vaughan, kind of shows you. where he wants to go with his running game. Graham one of the more surprising picks of the NFL draft was of the Green Bay packers well other than than drafting a quarterback in the first round, it was then going back in the second round in the deepest wide receiver draft that we've seen in years and taking a power running back when you can make the argument that the running back position with Aaron Jones and Jamaal, Williams was the strongest on the entire team last year of the strongest position. Position on the packers roster I mean, and then they come in, and they take. Aj Dylan, in the second round out of Boston College, and I know he's a player that you personally struggled with when you were watching him. Matter of fact, you would think that Matt. LEFLORE would probably views him as a Derrick Henry type of runner and looking at their yards created metrics. Graham shockingly similar between AJ Dylan in two thousand and twenty and Derrick Henry Twenty. Number One, can you make sense of the packers Jay Dillon pick, and did you learn any lessons from charting Derrick Henry when it came to watching Aj Dylan trying to rationalize what the packers did with that pick. Yeah so all of the packers picks in. This draft were surprising. Very surprising. Yeah I aged Dylan definitely got some buzz in quite a few Derrick Henry comparisons in the pre-draft process simply because he ran four five at like two hundred fifty pounds i. mean he's got just freakish size speed ability, but I mean you mentioned is yards credit profile? Was not very good. It's not good to be a aback. That doesn't create many yards on his own in his reliant on his offense of line, and that's sort of what Dylan ends. I mean he was number. One in this class Boston college was number. One in this class and yards blocked pretend. In Dylan was near the bottom second from last in the yards, creative pretend he was also last in this tackles forced per attempts You know I really struggled with Dylan because to me. He seemed he just seems like a guy who is always going to get the yards that blocks for him, but not much else. I did not see anything remotely close to what we saw from Derrick Henry on tape at Alabama. I thought I thought Henry had better burst I thought Henry had just enough wiggle to get past. Guys and we've seen that in the NFL. I don't know Dylan has that. Certainly very fast and straight line. Certainly powerful runner can grind out hard yards in between the tackles, but yeah I did not expect to see Taylor go off the board in the second round of the NFL draft and. Definitely a little bit of a perplexing pick because. Jones. Every time we've seen him. He's been. Ripping off strong plays in it's been one of the best. And most talented runners. In the NFL since he's bleak, so I'm not really sure what Dylan's role it's. GonNa be. It's GonNa. Be Interesting it'll be. It'll be interesting to see how many carries. He doesn't actually taking away from her Jones. Our last one for you Graham and again encourage everybody to check out graeme on twitter at Graham Barfield. He is part of the fantasy points crew, and there's a lot of them and we love 'em. You have no Benjamin as our be ten. You have them at the top of tier three right after the aforementioned keyshawn Vaughn I headed. Guys like Antonio Gibson Aj Dylan Josh Kelley, etc.. Yet. Benjamin was dead last in the class at less than three point, five yards created per attempt. How do you? How does that happen? How's IT happened that a guy is so bad at your metric yet you have them ranked higher than these other guys. Yeah I mean I had. I've had so in that article that was before the draft item and rb. Ten I've got away lower now. And I had him in that here with Antonio, Gibson and AJ Dylan. I thought they were kind of. In the same boat in terms of draft, capital obviously didn't play out that way Benjamin, Wynn. In the seventh round I like to Benjamin as a pass Catcher, though and I thought he might go a little bit earlier drafts simply because he was a great pass Catcher, a super inconsistent as runner very sized. But I thought he would go a little bit earlier in today's modern fell. A lot of teams are looking for these satellite back, so you can catch passes out of the backfield and and compete in. Benjamin is look I mean he's not a highly creative runner. The met my metrics Kinda show that but. He certainly is highly competitive runner. A He always was trying to turn out extra yards on his own always trying to fight for a few extra. A few extra yards and he was a great pass. Catcher me. He was third the third in this class in targets per game, a number one in routes run per game, and he was running more routes more nuanced around sometimes inclined Edwards Larry Than definitely went super late in the kind of berries for fantasy and our purposes, but for that article I did have them at rb ten simply because I thought he'd go a little bit earlier. And I liked his pass, catching ability above AJ Dylan's and a I love Antonio Gibson's tape. But. We've just seen such a saul small sample from him. MEMPHIS that I, it definitely left meal little bit just not only wanting morning more wanting to see more of it also I think it kind of opens up a little bit more. Variants in his, you know range of outcomes as pertains, NFL, and how successful Hopi. Graham, really appreciate the time. Thank you so much for coming on the show us. Thanks for having me Joe appreciating them about the time that he puts into the Joe Graham is. Money. 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Kings dot com slash sportsbook for details gambling problem, call one, eight, hundred gambler, or Indiana one, eight, hundred nine with it speaking of with it. Get with it. That is Greg Cosell. You gotTA. Check him out on tomorrow's Ross. Tucker football podcast. Also works for fancy points I mean who doesn't work for fancy points at this point. Wow, they got a lot of dudes over there. They got a pretty star-studded class. You guys already know those of you listen to the Ross Tucker football podcast. HOW MUCH WE LOVE G! See the original Greg cosell tomorrow on the Ross Tucker Football podcast. Thanks again to Graham and Joe you can also listen to yesterday's RTF if you'd like as well and hopefully, you're already following us on social I'm at Ross Tucker NFL. All of the shows can be found at Ross Tucker pod. Other than that totally stuff. That was a feast Don. Thanks for listening to the fantasy feast podcast make sure to also subscribe to their Ross Tucker Football podcast. 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