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California Ammo Background Checks Stopped, and Started; FN Rebates, New Guns; 9mm Pocket Carry : Gun Talk Radio | 4.26.20 Hour 1


Crimson trace offers a full line of protection oriented products including red laser sights. Green laser sights and tactical weapon lights to elevate your confidence in moments that matter learn more at Crimson trace dot com. Well all right Tom Gresham. We're going to be talking about guns because he just landed on gun talk. Yes the we call this. Show gun talk because we talk about gun since shooting in new guns. Ammo bullets equipment scopes optics pretty much anything. Honestly that has guns being the good guys and gals responsible ones. So we own guns safely we shoot guns responsibly. If you're part of that are want to be. Give me a call. We can talk about eight six talk gun. A lot of people have been buying guns for the last two months now the Kobe. Nineteen pandemic has made a lot of people uneasy understandably and when people get uneasy they take our whole look around they do a reassessment of their situation and many people have looked rounding up I'm not sure we're really equipped to take care of ourselves. Completely if if they're civil unrest if there's something going on you know it's interesting happens in for the strangest of reasons. I remember. We had the same thing happened with nine eleven attack and we had the same thing happened with Hurricane Katrina where people got to watch on. Tv entire populations cities multiple cities. Where there were. No police around and people were on their own. Now the reality is you're pretty much on your own anyway all the time help. We'll generally arrive. It will be there after the attack is over but it will show up but until it happens you really are still on your own regardless of pandemic or hurricane or terrorist attack or whatever else it's up to you and so most people go through life not paying attention to that and actually denying it because it makes them feel so much better to not have to admit that. Oh my gosh. The world is in fact a scary place. Because when you decide you're going to take responsibility for your own safety you have to admit that there is risk and some people don't WanNa admit that and so that choose not to even look at it. We're just pretend it's not there we've had all these people over the last couple of months buying guns because they looked at it went off. Honey we better go get a gun. So if you're one of those four say welcome congratulations on doing a sound analysis of the situation and now when you start the process because buying a gun no more prepares you to take care of yourself then buying a car. When you've never driven a car you need to learn a number of things and you know just as with driving your you drive. But you've forgotten all the things you had to learn not just operating the tool but also the rules involved and the judgment involved and the subtleties that are required. And we can help you with that too if you are new to guns if you bought a gun recently by all means give me a call. We'll kind of walk you through the process. Find out what you bought and if you haven't bought a gun but you think about it. Well certainly we'll talk about that. Also tell you what when we come back Jim Don't go anywhere. I'm going to get to you. I'll give you the report on the new python. It's pretty cool in also better. You've got your hands on one But also we'll have the report out of California crazy goings on this week. Where a judge not down the background check requirement on buying AMMO and I. We're on twitter and said bye. Bye Bye bye. It's not gonNA last long. Yeah it was like twenty four thirty six hours for it got pun done but the decision is a work of art and this thing is not over by LONGCHAMPS. I'll give you that update as well. Eight six six talk gun. I'm Tom Gresham. And this gun talk easy monitoring of your Personal Gun Safe Hotel Room Safe. Toolbox storage unit luggage and more is now an option. With the lockdown puck you need is a Wifi connection to receive notifications from the puck on your phone about an open door. Any detected motion and even temperature and humidity readings secure. What matters most with the lockdown puck visit lockdown PUCK DOT COM to learn more and to preorder your puck today since nineteen thirty seven? 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Calvin em seven hundred trigger plus two first prize winners received the lockdown puck and in plain sight hidden storage shelf and the Tim. Knee TRIGGERS IMPACT. A are trigger multiple chances to enter through eighteenth at gun talk dot com slash win means. Welcome back. Tom Gresham here. Our number is eight six six. Talk Gun or just call me at Tom. Talk Got Jim we got. We got room for youths like to join us right now. Let's go to Jim. I at Texas. Hey Jim you're on gun talk what you got there. Well I couldn't help myself I saw that thing come out American rifleman about the twenty twenty five on so eh by just hadn't had a chance to shoot it yet. Okay so you bought the brand new reintroduce Colt Python. You haven't shot it yet. Let me save yourself from yourself okay. It's really it's very sub-standard gun. You're not gonNA like it. It's not very good but but but but I will give it a good home for you if you'd like. Yeah I'll bet no it's delightful and I'll tell you this. I mean we have an old one and a new and we took him out to the ranch and shot him. We acted nice video on it. This is GONNA Sound Weird. Almost sounds like heresy. I liked the new and better. I think it I think the trigger pull is better which is unbelievable and it is different design inside the inside different. I think you're GonNa love this thing manner. Are you a? Are you a revolver guy? My little bit of everything you know. I'd go from from a kimber. Xt You know spring. So you're all over you. Go by polymer you steal your well. What barreling did you get? I got the seven cage. Good Yeah that you're GonNa have so much fun with that. I would say surprised wobbly. Shoot thirty eight almost all the time and then occasionally magnums but I would shoot thirty eight thousand that thing just for having fun. Yeah we're do me a favor to ask you to do me something after you go out and shoot it. Call us back and give us a range report on it. Okay okay I think also at one that you know they came out with With the deal on am one from the Sabine Marksmanship Program here number of months ago and I was able to pick one of those up and that's a sweet shoot ripe. Oh Two oh gosh yes I guess so good on You. The maximum ship program Moving from those. That's terrific. Well so here's your homework assignment. You gotta go to Python then call us a later show in those networks out for you. I guess we end Guy. Hey. Gm Look I appreciate. I gotTA keep moving here. I got Donna in billings. Montana. Three column in. Hey Donna what you're looking for again. I I have been looking for something. I can put my gene pocket from front to back and I've lived Telhami is across shales and Cabela's here in town men. I'm finding that the luck. The bodyguard size is what I want. But I can't find anything in a nine millimeter at that size and I just and I I seems like I looked at the easy but it was still bigger than the body got. Is that correct or am I know you're right? And I have two thoughts for two choices for you to consider one is. We're about to announce it in about fifteen minutes but I'll give it away. It's a new one from F. N. Called the fan five zero three. It is a little thing. It is five inches tall with a metal pistol and striker fired a very nice. Of course. F- makes quality stuff the other one and I think it says here you really would like to have a thumb safety external thumb safety. Is that correct? Well I'd like to have some kind of safety on it. Yeah of course myself in the leg where that's a good idea. Well I have two thoughts on that one. Is that the ones that come now. Without an external safety have safety built into the trigger. So that if you drop it doesn't go off but having said that. Here's the most important thing. I'm GonNa tell you today if you're no matter what you carry. If you're going to carry it in a pocket you need a pocket or holster. Need a holster that slides into the pocket and the gun goes into the holster. The really yeah. Here's the reason is otherwise when you reach into your pocket and grab that gun. The tendency is for your trigger finger to wrap inside the trigger guard and rest against the trigger. And now you yank it out of your pocket and you know exactly what's going to happen. Yes if you if you have it in a little slim pocket holster that whole thing was slide into your pocket when you reach in with your hand. You're like last three fingers. Pecorino and middle finger. We'll go over the grip. Your trigger finger will stay outside the holster. You pull it out and you can keep that trigger finger along the side of the frame and you're a lot less likely to have an accident but I would say take a look at the FBI in five or three. But here's the other one. You ought to take a look at six six hour. They make nine twenty eight the P. Nine Twenty eight did you look at that I think I might have. Yes like in the six hundred dollar price range. Yes they are expensive yes. That's the one really really well made. It's really nice. It's a crazy British new one. That's coming out. You know what they are so different. It's flip a coin personal choice if the SIG has a different trigger. Pull it has what's called a single action trigger poll and you actually cock the hammer and you leave the hammer cocked. And you have the safety on so when you pull the gun out. You have to flip off the safety. And he pulled the trigger and that's pretty light trigger. Pull FOR POCKET Carey. I might tend. Tend to lean a little bit more toward the F. N. but this is really going to be one of those if you could in the deal right now. It's kind of hard to get into gun stores. It's Kinda hard to find things every buying guns but if you could find them and get your hands on them. There's such a personal thing and you pick it up and go like that one. Don't like that one that just good reasons any honestly to buy one versus the other. Both of them are. I'm looking at the FBI IN MS RPM. It is about five fifty and I think you're right on the SIG. I WANNA say it's six hundred dollars. Not a huge difference but both of them are you know they're not cheap guns there. Well may down and good. Guns are tell people who my common joke on as people say. Well I want this one that cost less I said Oh yeah you're the one I watch the cheap parachute love it because after all life saving device. Okay well I s like Frank Nancy F and I haven't even frankly it's the FBI has been around for one hundred twenty years. They are the largest manufacturer of military firearms in the world. These guys have been around forever and they make good good stuff house their warranties sick and FM and taking care of their product if it breaks fifty years from now. They'll take care of it the same way. Oh Yeah Yeah no actually all the major gun makers the same way now. They're just it's not an issue. You're not going to have a problem with the warranty with any of them honestly. Okay well sweet. What do you think about the little bodyguard? I mean and I went the thing that can't be remind bodyguard was the three eighty and I did do an ammo price comparison today and it's quite a bit different three times more costly for three eighty nine millimeter. This of one of those. Yes but thing. Okay if you're going to consider it that I would say yes. Look hard at bodyguard. It's a great little pistol. Three Eighty ammo is much better than it used to be. It's actually a pretty good defensive around but here's the deal ammo pricing. How much are you going to shoot a tiny pocket pistol almost none? You're going to go out and shoot fifty or one hundred round and the difference in price is not gonNA matter and you're going to buy that gun for three hundred dollars. Yup and it's a really good pistols. So if you like it and you can. You can live with the three eighty and there's really good and by good defensive ammo for the three eighty. You gotta get the good stuff you could. Cheap stuff practice Almost everybody's making good defensive Ammo Sigma Really Good Offensive. Ammo now black hills does what you want is basically anybody's hollow point ammo or there's a really cool when you're gonNA love the name of it from Black Hills ammo they call it the honey badger. It's a completely different design and it works like a champ. It is really good stuff if you can get honey. Badger AMMO for that. Now you got your three eighty two to really performance for so if you can live with a three eighty I think it can. Don't worry about the cost difference. 'cause you're just shoot him that much honestly this is not a gun you got the range and shoot all afternoon just not then. I would look heart. No you're not. No I mean you're bigger goes you're going to shoot him about you're GONNA burn about GMO so take a look if you've already looked at bodyguard. Anything other than the three eighty. It's cool go back and take a look at it and don't worry about the three eighty okay. Okay and I have one last question. The I have trouble with my Glock Glock then. I couldn't even rack it so pulling those back and then somebody showed me how to correctly do that. You know push the gun lover Blah. We'll all those guns be the same with regards to the the. What do you see how much yes? How much worse than take small nine millimeters hearted Iraq? Three eighty is going to be a easier to rack the slide on it because the strings. Not as strong but yes. We'll go. Let me go over that real quick for those. Who Don't know you hold a gun in your right hand. You keep your trigger finger outside the trigger guard and then you take your left hand. Hold it in front of you. Palm Down Thumb pointing back at you and you wrap your left hand. Right over the top of the slide keeping all close to your your chest and then in one motion you shove forward with your right hand and with your left hand you try to rip the slide off and throw it over your left your right shoulder. You're pushing rip and you'll find that you can actually work any slide like that and you're going. Oh it's technique thing not a strength thing. Okay and that's what. I'm starting starting to learn. I mean I've I've handled the you know rifles all my life and killed and hunted but a handgun is in other been a pistol or revolver. I not accustomed to but I do want to have one for a while. So one more thing. Please please please please find a good instructor to teach you some stuff about self defense with pistol does not about shooting. And it's not about marksmanship it's about manipulation and choices and moving and options and avoidance and a one day self defense class. You first of all you love it. But you'd be amazed how much okay I am so grateful for all your help and your information. Thank you so much for the service you provide all right. Take Care Donna. Thank you for the call Greg in Reno on to talk to me. Look for shotgun which you're looking at. Hey Greg there well. Greg walked way to get sandwich. All right. Here's the deal. He's he's looking at two different Shotguns I think shotgun for self-defence. Let's talk about that for a second. If Greg comes back we'll put him on but I'll go ahead and discuss this shot gun for self defense or defense that great tool if you know what you're doing with it and if you're not sucked in to the myths a shotgun at home will not spread out and cover a whole room. You can't just stick the gun into the room pull the trigger and cleared. All out doesn't work that way even with an open choke. You're going to be shooting at room distances. At best a pattern the size of a dinner plate. Okay probably smaller than that. That can work to your advantage. The trick here is one. You gotTA shoot it enough to know where it shoots. You have to know how big the patterns are different distances but number one on all of this is to have sites on your defensive shotgun because you're going to be shooting a rifle. It's not a big wide pattern. You're going to have a probably a pattern. Roughly the size of your fist which is not a bad thing. Because let me tell you. Shotguns stop attackers. They just do you hit him in the right place and you simply stop them. So if you have a red dot optic which I think is ideal but at the very least go string sites or regular iron sights notch and blade iron sights. Put Him on your shotgun and then people say well semi automatic or pump honestly. It doesn't matter. I mean yeah. The semi autos are cooler. They're also twice as expensive. You can get a really fine good Mossberg or Remington or some other brand pump for two hundred and fifty three hundred bucks ballpark. You could spend a thousand bucks on shotgun and and that's cool too. If you want to. The main thing is to have sites on it. I am personally well. Let's say this. I prefer a shotgun with a regular stock on it. Okay just a regular stock you got to move in once again getting training go take shotgun defensive class. It's not intuitive. The question I always ask is if you move into your home in the shotgun do you move with the barrel up or the barrel down. If you don't know the difference you need to take a class. The answer really quickly as down. If you have the barrel up you go around a corner under somebody there they can grab the barrel of your shotgun and hold it up in the air and you can't get it down to shoot them if barrels down and they reached in and grabbed the barrel. You can drop to your knees all of a sudden barrels pointing out there and he pulled the trigger and you now have control the situation. That's what training for you. Okay all right. Don't go anywhere you can give us a call. Eight six six Topgun. Also we come back. We're going to talk about some new guns cool Gonzalez. You need to hear about right here. I'm Tom Gresham. This is gun talk. I know I know I know your local gun stores either not open or you can't get in there too much and they they've been picked over and we don't you know but we can't feed our addiction gun by addiction but we can't talk about what's new. What's cool things are going on? Because there are new guns being introduced in fact some of them were going to be introduced at the NRA's annual meetings and they had cancelled that in Nashville. So we're missing out on on all of that so there was a lot of cool things going on there. But don't worry because we're going to bring you all the news okay. We'll have a lot of that four year joining me right now to talk about that and coop program. That's going well actually sorta be a few more days. You've got to take advantage of Tom. Victim joins us from F- In America. Hey Tom how are you pretty good? How about yourself? We're all good. We missed out on in array. But you know there you go not much you can do about it. I got the in front of me to pretend like that in front of you okay. We're now in the booth at the NRA's annual meetings at times. The guns laid out in front of him. So just pick one up and hold it up to the microphone for a long night Downing Street in in Nashville Nashville. There you go okay. So what do you got there So let's let's first start out in on what we talk about with you a lot with the FM. Ivo Three so. We launched that about Two weeks ago or it was gonna be about a week before all right so we could this display that in for the guys can't see what's in my hands right now. Obviously it is offense. First Entry into that Lin swimmer nine millimeter subcompact. Okay We just had a lady college right for you got on asking about. Won't they pocket gun but she really wanted to nine millimeter and I said well we're going to talk about one in just a few minutes. But I went ahead and told her about five. Oh three I may have made one mistake so I gotta ask you this. Is this a metal gun? Or is it a polymer gun? This is a poem it okay. I didn't make a mistake there so it because I'm just looking at the picture online and it looks like when you're mill gun but to Palmer gun but you know what I looked at it and it does have a metal trigger which kind of threw me off. So that's pretty cool. Yeah what we tried to do with The little young as you guys know the Kinda limb nine millimeters very very popular segment a Lotta Fair that small and that they can conceal carry a little bit better that a lot of the little guns are rather heart. She so the goal with five three was to make it the most shoot -able easy to use subcompact nine. Melania out there okay and I'm looking at the specs thing is not even five inches tall. Yeah it's it's it's pretty. It's pretty scene. I get a little bit bigger hands but it pretty much berries in the palm of my hand but what's really nice about it And that's hard to see on. The Internet is the concealed carrying a gun. Whether you know it's on your body or in a bag. The width is very important. Driver to help conceal the much better. So you don't see it on you know. And obviously F N makes a whole range of great pistols duty guns four belt Kerry and everything else this one I'm thinking that category for it is for deep concealment Ankle Kerry backup gun or for those times when you just can't carry a big gun and but still carry something exactly and For for the guys that really know fan like you're talking about. Fm is about you know really building those duty pistols and that just when you absolutely need the gender perform and perform well where they are but as you were alluding to sometimes you can't carry it but you're John. No this is really to address that segment. Where in almost all the time? You're going to be carrying inside the waistband trying to steal the gun so that nobody knows you're carrying it like you were mentioning on your ankle attend. X. Or three o'clock right and it's I'm looking at it at five to seven pound trigger. Pull this thing weighs twenty one ounces. Either six or eight round MAG capacity. This is first of all those who don't know. Fm been making guns for more than a century and is equipped pretty much almost every military army or military unit in the world over the last century. So I mean it's like you guys make Raleigh a lot of guns but at the same time it's a product you can well. A lot of people have two years of better lives on. Fm Product. So same thing here exactly exactly. And that's what we tried to do this. We tried to take you know where where traditionally not for those bigger guns but we want to make a lot of that performance and usability and move it to a smaller package. Something that you when you can't carry that bigger on. How can you get all that Houston suction in in a smaller package? And that's really what Sms Ivan. Three's without you know what I like about it and that's looking at it. It's got real sites on it. You could actually shoot this gonna hit stuff exactly and and you kind of mentioned on the trigger. You know I personally feel like it's one of the best then plasters on that. But in order to hit in order to hit your target you gotta be able to have Good fight picture ventolin sites and the other thing he probably from the picture is the slide. Stop You. It's got a big functional easy to use slide stops. Three's all about you know if there's one thing to have a small yard concealed carry right. You're very well. It's not gonNA help you out spending. We've all we've all seen small guns where the slide stop is really more of a suggestion than an actual feature so yeah this is nice all right so the Bible three Ms Rpm. It's five forty nine. Looks like is that available now going out to gun stores that is shipping now. We've been shipping that for now. Okay cool deal all right and we got some other stuff going on. I'm GonNa take a quick break. We'll come back because I know we got some more new products and also a promo to talk about from. Fm got a lot of cool things going on and frankly it's just fun to talk about new gun so tom hanging with us. We'll be right back with you. I'm Tom Gresham. It's gun talk if you want to join us. Eight six six talk gun for twenty five years Crimson. Trace has led the industry in laser and light technology and customer service now Crimson traces proud to offer electronic sites and rifles scopes for tactical target and hunting applications with the same crimson trace offer of free batteries for life on all products. The new rifle scope line is also backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty from the brand that you have trusted for over two decades find out more. At CRIMSON TRACE DOT com. You got your carry permit. And that's good but you know you could use for training hit the DVD's which would you need springfield armory presents concealed carry one and concealed carry two with Batta Grope learn specific concealed. Carry skills from top gun fighting trainers get trained be prepared this really is life and death shop gun dot com. That's shop gun. Talk Dot Com thirty six years the US sportsmen's Alliance has been fighting to protect hunting fishing and trapping for sportsmen from coast to coast today. We are under constant attack from extremist animal rights groups who want to end your ability to hunt in. Us join us to protect our sporting heritage and our way of life outdoors to join or for more information on how you can help go to US sportsman. Dot Org that's US Sportsman. Dot Org when the US military's elite units and law enforcement agencies across the globe demanded innovation and reliability. They didn't settle. They chose SIG. When world champion professional shooters demanded precision accuracy? They didn't settle. They chose six hour. So it's no surprise more and more civilian gun owners are refusing to settle for anything less. They're choosing SIG SAUER firearms ammunition. Electro optics suppressors air guns and training. Sig Sauer never settle down Tom. Gresham yes. Cancel the NRA's annual meetings in Nashville? So we're not there. Are there. Virtually we're actually virtually in the F. N. booth there visiting with Tom Victim from F- in America and show a new guns Tom. Before we talk about The other new things you got going we at least mention this promotion. It's going to be going. You GotTa rebate deals going and it's only until the end of the month. Yeah we've got four more days so he's like let's hit that in right now So something's bars. Yeah so they let the shop. So as as you're saying The the rebates April thirtieth But what we have going on right now the seventy five dollar man like Ebay for the five seven. So that's that twenty around to pass me pistol Two thousand feet per second out of a handgun right deep around and we are also running rebate on that five nine tactical which is our optics. Ready threaded barrel high-capacity again. You get a Taylor's like you are seven. It's about a two hundred twenty five dollars flashlight with me. And for those. Who Don't know if you've never shot the five nine. There's something the word that comes to mind is weird about that pistol wonderfully weird but the first time you go out and shoot it and this happened to me you walk down range. You know you loaded up. Can you shoot it the first time you pull surgery go? Well that was different. What what was that and shoot into two or three more times. You go what that feels different. There's a I don't know if you'd call it a softness or what it is. It's the economic design but it's also the mechanism that is a great pistol. Man is a lot of time really trying to optimize the system and he and he gave a chance like you were talking she regular five or nine and where I think it really shines as well I mean moved down down size to five or nine midsize. A little bit shorter grip running around gun especially in the twelve around cyber nine contact when when you shoot that little. Yeah what's really great about it? Is that you feel like you're shooting big so you know that all the accuracy all the recoil or less recoil That you're used to. The bigger towns still have the ability to mount all of the optics and flashlights. That you want. You're getting begun capability in smaller packages. Exactly it is a serious package from a really an airline gun company. People make you not just about weapons for military everywhere okay. Speaking of which you guys are known I mean everybody who's really into guns knows. Fm They think probably the first thing I think of is scarred like the aspirational semiautomatic rifle for a lot of people. Because it's a lot of gun and it's not inexpensive but you never get the best without pay a lot of money but now you've done something else to this car. So you got another new caliber. Yes so a lot of people Especially in the kind of the laundering shooting three hundred eight Rick Stars shines but people want to stretch it out a little bit farther so now we're looking at what you see now. Is The star twenty precision version on scar and create more? It's expired creed more. So you're we're pushing past a thousand yards with these All Day every day. I love here year. Just give me one of those with a really good optic on in this. Get Out of the way. Just keep loading bags for. Because I'm GONNA shoot this thing forever. I mean I. What's great about that guy? You got the fully adjustable stock. It's a little bit heavier and then a standard scar but with that helps you do is really keep that rifle stable. We've got a local rain. Should only eight hundred but especially six? Five? It comes right through wind. No problem all I can bang the gun all day. This isn't that fun and it just when you're shooting for those who don't know it's a It's a gas operates not direct gas. Impingement gun is a Would you call it a piston? And it's very similar star platform. We just stretched it out. But it's Agai- system has that one piece. Upper receiver rail down all the optics lasers Beijing. Whatever you need On one continuous rail. And I'll run in with that. Gas has been which makes it super reliable. Especially when you're in you know in adverse conditions will call right exactly so yeah units using this thing all over the world for in conditions that we wouldn't even we would not get out of bed for those but they gotta go fight and take care of stuff. So that's what they do so all right so what else you guys been up to. Well I wanted to talk to you a little bit just quake on at an expansion two thousand nine line so like you said a lot of people know star and when most people think about the star they think Brown with on the tool except threes and everything and we have something similar but that with the five nine tactical but what happened very recently last month we extended the line so now we have the five. Oh nine available in Fte to be in optics ready and vote just seventeen rounds with the four and a half barrel fifteen round of its size and the twelve compact and like I was saying before. What's great about that is he? Get that begun. She'd ability in a small package and people that love. Fm LOVE THE SCAR and they love it nasty so we had to have it as long as you're talking colors. I gotta ask you about this when I'm just flipping over around on your website. What is the F. A. R. Competition this thing? It's a blue laminate simion rifle. What is that so what that is a lot of people might not know this? Ethin- actually owns Browning and winchester firearms as well right now. The F. A. R. is really our adaptation as a it's kind of like Browning the air. Oh Okay I can see. They didn't know all right. Yes exactly this is an awesome looking rifle man. So what's really cool about that is Kind of it's more sport or is state but you get a semiautomatic three away and that you can just down the scope on ready to go. Now the I think the one you're probably looking at has a laminated stock. Which looks really nice. It's gorgeous it is that is cool very cool if ends up to all sorts of stuff for folks who want to see more about as F- in America Dot Com right. Yeah and what I tell you that you can learn all about against America dot com but something as well check out is the third phone. It's on social on Instagram facebook. You might see some cool stuff coming in the next couple weeks and okay all right when it comes out. Give me a Holler. We'll get you back on. We're talking about okay. Thanks appreciate so much Tom. Becka America you bet you too. I hope lines for you now. Eight six six talk Gun Gun. You WanNa tell me about one that you want to ask about shoot. I'll answer any question. I'm often wrong but I never in doubt by the way long. We're talking promotions We gotta give away going on. Yeah we love. He's trying to do one month for the one we're doing right. Now it's good 'til you made the eighteen gun talk dot com slash win. You can enter for chance to win and I love this first prize. The Grand Prize is the Daniel Defense Delta five bolt action rifle in six five creed more seriously good bolt action rifle from I mean. Obviously data defense makes excellent a ours but when they got into the bolt actually world they made a really good one. It comes with the chimney elite hunter trigger user configuration stock. I mean this thing is set up sweet other prize packages Crimson trace optics. Pack a whole bunch of Staff. Colwell range pack and there. There's a timmy. Triggers Calvin elite trigger a lockdown security? Pack you're giving stuff away man. It's crazy all the stuff that's in there. You can look at the whole line. Just go to gun talk dot com slash when you can eat up for a chance to win. Somebody's GonNa get all this stuff might as well be you Then you go hever week. Heck of a week and California and California. They've had Had A referendum. That passed is two years ago and to buy ammunition you have to go through a background check and they banned the importation of. Ammo can't go out in Nevada by and bring it back in. You can't order it online. You got to go to a gun store. You have to say mother. May I have to pay a dollar to buy an extra to buy ammo and the pass a background check? Well of course we sued gun rights groups sued and a judge three days ago. Three years ago I guess it is now issued an opinion he says yeah he issued an immediate injunction a temporary injunction to stop it and said no this is this violates the Second Amendment is not even close and the whole decision was hundred twenty pages long and when you read it you think. You're reading Justice Antonin Scalia. In when he wrote the important decisions of the day for us it was wonderful and I went on twitter. And said here's the deal. This just happened right now in California you can go buy ammo right now in California. You can order AMMO online and they will ship it to you but do it quickly because somebody's going to come in the state's going to come in and get this thing stopped and I was thinking it would take a week. It took about a day and a half and that was the window that was open but a bunch of people were smart and they ordered and these companies are doing online ammo. Sales are shipping at him. It could go to the gun stores because the gun stores are closed most of California. So what happens now? Well it went to the ninth circuit in at nine fifty four pm on Friday the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued their. Stay emergency stay of this and put the background. Check requirement back into effect. But that's just a temporary deal. This is going to continue and I think if you if you read this and I know you're thinking why would I wanna read a judge's opinions get a hold of it read? It will follow me on twitter. I'm at gun talk. I had linked to it. You can download it. You can read it you know. Just pour yourself a Colin and sit down and start reading. You'RE GONNA go holy cow. This is brilliant. The Judge Benitez. I'm thinking I would really like for him. To Become Justice Benitez that would be huge also the New York rifling New York state rifle and Pistol Association case versus New York. It's in the Supreme Court Little Birdie said that It's either Cavanaugh or Thomas. Writing that decision. That means it's probably going to be a good one. If it's Thomas that's even better. Because Justice Thomas would be the strongest of all the justices on the Second Amendment right now. Of course. That's assuming all of this stuff we're hearing is true. We don't know for sure but I'll keep on that. Follow me on twitter. I am at gun talk. Okay you like to join us. Eight six talk gun when we come back. We're going to have more guests. We're going to have your calls. We'll have some more news from the gun rights for us because a lot of stuff going on here yeah I went out and shot some my sheen guns and I'll have that range report when we come back.

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