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Hi, I'm Brad milkey from ABC news and want to tell you about another podcast that I host called start here. It's every weekday morning and in twenty minutes, we will get you teed up for the stories driving your day with context from experts with on the ground access so start smart and subscribe to start here. From the outside looking in. You're having an affair with this man. The wife inexplicably dies, you show up to refuse roll it looks like you've come into claim your prize when my father turned fifty he started acting very strangely. Your dad decided that your mom should get a facelift out of the blue doctrine, McNeil plan to take care of his personally. What could go wrong? She started to cry. He said, if anything happens to me, make sure it wasn't your dad. And I was just screaming just screaming killed. That was my first instinct killed her. We've come to find out that my dad had been dating gypsy before you crashed for futile. He wanted to make it know that it was either gypsy, or children. He chose the nanny. So will you the nanny or were you the girlfriend doing? You think it's a little funny that he goes from saying, I love Michelle, too. She died move in, let's continue sleeping together, what you take care of my kids, I think, in a bad way they were perfect for each other is wife was dead. And now the young children needed to be gone. Mama. My didn't work today. Trivia. She's just beautiful on the inside and out. He's very graceful and, and classy, and loving she was a dream of a big sister. Mm-hmm. Just popular. She was athletic. She was great in school. She also loved music. And she played the violin. And we're all very proud of her. Michelle summers, she's gorgeous. She was voted miss concord. Homecoming twain, cheerleader, two straight a student, she enjoyed acting and drama. She did a lot of modeling. Michelle summers is very, very involved in her church, the Mormon church and she is at an event for young singles. And it is there she meets Martin McNeill. He caught her eye. She was what offer feet would be a word for Michelle was just twenty one years old when she met Martin McNeill, and within months of meeting Martin the two of them, eloped and were married and began a family very quickly. In all she cared about family in helping us all credibly empathetic to anyone's problems or situation, and she would take anyone in and just genuinely love them for dream was to someday. The a wife and a mother and her dream seemingly come true. She had four kids on five years. So we're just. That was not enough for Michelle and Martin. Mcneill. They decided to give children that did not have homes a home. So they proceeded to adopt children from Ukraine. In the distance. Here's one of our drivers. So you were the first adopted. Yes. So what did you think when you were brought down Michelle Martin I like them right away. Like mom seem to be really sweet and the family grew to not just four children. But. Growing up by I had a wonderful childhood. I mean, my mom was always there and just the best person gover could ever ask. To have as a mother, she doted on all of us really emotionally for every little thing. And my father, I was very close with my father as well. Our and I. It's a really good relationship with both of them. So from the outside looking in, it sounds like the perfect family. She was very quiet. It was always very pretty and very well kept. All the girls were just dressed perfect, like a tea party. If Martin was ever around. It was him that, that always dominated every conversation. Martin McNeill was appointed by the governor of Utah to be to head up a very large medical facility. It was very big job for someone who by all accounts had a very big ego. He just made sure to say that who's a doctor and a lawyer. He walked in the room, sort of took it over, like look at me like he was above everybody. The summers family had a long history with Martin. They did not like him with Michelle and thought that he was controlling manipulative. I never liked. He seemed era that to me. He seemed all about himself wasn't anybody that you'd ever wanna be around everybody hated him everyone. I, I was constantly trying to explain my father when he come home is a completely different person. So we thought we knew the real the real person. My sister seemed to grow more distant like he would pull her away from the family. She just seemed to be more withdrawn. Did any of you ever feel like you could say Michelle, there's something about this guy that we don't like we did try to warn her? And there was no talking to it was like he had his grips around, or he had total control. I, I met Alexis and Rachel back in two thousand ten when I was doing a story on their father Martin McNeill for twenty twenty when my father turned fifty. He started acting very strangely. I thought he was just going through a midlife crisis at first became just very obsessed with losing weight and his appearance. Go go into tanning. Salons he lost weight. He lost the weight. He'd start exercising all the time. Just in the middle of a conversation, jumping doing pushups things really bizarre really strange out of the word Mary, one hundred your mom react to all this behavioral of a sudden, this focus on physicality Q suspicious. She thought that her husband was having an affair, Michelle confronted Mark. Macneil with allegations of an affair and ever, they manipulator. He turned the tables on her and told her that she should make some changes to. Martin McNeil convinced her. She needed a full on facelift memo never talked about that before anything should never been into plastic surgery. Are we talking like just a little I tuck? No, it was a full facelift. So how much convincing did it take quite a bit actually? She saw my dad, tanning getting all in shape. And so, I think, you know, my mom was just a little concern to a will maybe I should do a couple of things, you know, maybe that will help she was a freight that she was losing her husband, I actually went to the consultations with her to meet this Pasig surgeon, and she told him all of her concerns, and maybe a wait till the summer. Yeah. It'd be home from medical school for my summer break. And so I could be there and can help with the recovery. And my dad said, no Alexis you have spring break coming up in a week. Let's do it, then my dad was very pushy. I said, what's the rush? Oh, we have everything set up. We have the, you know, the anesthesiologist is reserved. We need to do it. Martin found a plastic surgeon and Martin came in with a list of things that he wanted Michelle to have that he said, would help her, Michelle ended up being prescribed Percocet, Laura tab, valium. Ambien Finnigan, these were all central nervous system. Depressants. And they were never meant to be taken at the same time. And the surgeon agreed. He knew my dad was a physician. So he thought he knew you know how dose different medications. It would just bizarre because. Yeah, my mom was very sensitive to medication anyway. Martin insisted his why go home with prescriptions for lots of senators and painkillers that normally would not have been prescribed following plastic surgery. But the surge of defer to Martin McNeill, because Dr McNeill, plan to take care of his one personally. What? Alexis had been there, the week that Michelle had had her plastic surgery, when she came out of surgery. How did she look too bad? She was very kind of groggy. And in a lot of pain after the first night of having my mom home. My dad told me to leave he said, I'll take care of her her medicines tonight. He said that the next morning, when you saw your mom, she was heavily Medicated. She was completely sedated and out of it, and I went right to my dad, and he said, oh, I think I gave her too much. And he said, oh, your mother threw up. So then I gave her more medicine. I said dad don't give her any more medicine. I'm I'm going to take over. And at that time she had eye patch on. So she couldn't see you know what he was giving her. And she said, Alexis your dad, who's just kept giving me medicines. And so she told me she said, give me the pill. So I can feel it with my fingers. So if he tries to give me something else, all know what he's giving me. And so I did that I let her feel all the different types of medicines. One night, while Alexis was washing Michelle's hair, Michelle, all of a sudden drops a bombshell. She started to cry. She said, if anything happens to me, make sure it wasn't your dad. And I said, mom, I kinda got upset. The night before Alexis went back to medical school Alexis center. Mom looked great. She looked happy. She was recovering. And so it was fine to get back on an airplane and go back to medical school. Dropped me off the airport. I just remember looking back and see my mom and waving. On April eleventh Martin went into work as normal. Picked up eight from school and arrived at the house around eleven thirty five. Eight hundred my dad told her to go check on your mother. And so she ran and just calling, mommy. Mommy. My dad stayed in the kitchen while she went into the bathroom and founder. And then she screamed for my dad. Okay. Is she conscious? It was really hard to understand casinos yelling very hysterically at me uncomfortable. Okay. Water. Is she breathing at all? Tried to come down and try to get information from him. But he didn't wanna stay on the line with me, and he hung up. So we got the phone number. We're able to call him back and he did answer. Okay, serve the ambulance has been page on their way. Okay. Do not. Their way is your wife breathing? He yelled, I'm a physician, I have initiated, CPR and disconnected the again. He seemed very irritated at me and bothered that I was even asking him questions. Okay. Okay. PR. Okay. Do not. Was about eleven forty eight AM or so. I got a medical call female who hid possible drowning about so naturally. Go license to the call. Couldn't miffed her out of the tub. So he said that he had ADA run next to the neighbors to get help. My dad needs some help Iran in and followed his voice into the bathroom, and he says, I've already called nine one one I need help. Morin was kinda standing over her head Michelle was in the tub, and I just immediately went straight to her her legs and dragged her legs lifted her out of the Taliban onto the floor. Went into the bathroom observed to mill individuals performing CPR on a female victim. He would commonly be doing there. And then he would suddenly have an outburst of yelling why why he actually was pulled aside into another room. So EMS kadewe their job, and, and try to revive her by could hear him in the background yelling. I couldn't tell was upset with himself at her or at us. He was he was upset. That's when Martin McNeill decides to call his daughter Alexis who he reaches medical school. He said your mom, she's in the tub, she's not breathing of called an ambulance. And then he hung up. Started driving the airport, and I was just screaming just screaming kilter was my first instinct killed her. Before you left. Your mom said, anything happens to me, make sure it wasn't your dad who killed me. My dad had no idea had confided, and I knew I was the only one that knew this. So I needed to start figuring out what had happened and protect the rest of my family. Because my dad was a killer. She said, Rachel dad murdered mom. I know I know he did. Alexis knew right away that there was something off. And this was not just normal death. Whereas the Madison and he said, I don't know where it is. Check in the garage. When Alexis arrived at the house, the very first thing she wanted to do was count, how much medication was left, see how much Michelle had taken an what had possibly lead to her death, but Alexis gets home too late. By the time she gets home. Martin has had somebody flush all of Michelle's medication down the toilet. Make my to sad to look at to see this medication immune as soon as I heard that things were just starting to add up. Everything was adding on my mom was concerned because rather than spending more time at home, spending more and more time away at the office. Michelle became very suspicious and confided in her daughter Alexis that she thought that her husband was having an affair. While he was sleeping logged onto his phone and printed out all of his phone records. And we found this number that he'd been calling a lot, the name of the person hopped out gypsy, Jillian Willis. We thought it was maybe some like, strippers something who's named gypsy. Gypsy. Jillian Willis was a woman that Martin McNeill had met online. He sent me a message. He asked me what I knew about quantum physics Uganda over quantum physics. There was just instant chemistry. He was tall. He was handsome. He was very well-spoken. Did you know he was married and that didn't ring any alarm bells for you on the ethics friend? Not at that point. I wasn't looking for a serious relationship, and he told me that he had a perfect life. He had a perfect white Martin. Mcneill was about to take a flame thrower to his perfect life and his perfect way. It was all about to be destroyed. 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It was a doctor at the who was directing things. Fifty year old Michelle McNeill had undergone a full facelift, pretty much at the insistence of her husband, doctor Martin McNeill, they healthy fifty year old woman doesn't just I. Police didn't really conduct much of an investigation at all. They didn't collect any of the evidence. This case and ruled it and natural death. I thought that if this is a, a healthy woman that died that there would be some sort of big police investigation third police report onto my mother's death is about two and a half paragraphs. I thought the police were going to be doing investigation. I was waiting for the autopsy to come back and what did the autopsy fine when it came in the autopsy said she died due to natural causes national 'cause she's not an old woman, she that she just turned fifty years old. I mean she had a few issues. She had a little bit of high cholesterol, some high blood pressure. Martin seem really ready to boom on right away. He wanted this closure. My father demanded that we have a funeral within just a couple of days and we were all still devastating reeling from the shock of my mother passing away. My dad, we need to have the funeral on Saturday. That would have been three days after her death. Martin was just adamant things. We're going to be done his way her own brothers and sisters weren't allowed to attend the funeral. Martin threatens the summers family of anyone showed up he was going to call police and having the scored it from the funeral. Certain members of the family were told if they showed up that he'd have the escorted by police. Among the crowd of Michelle's, friends and neighbors was one mysterious dark haired woman who was not invited funeral who had never met Michelle, and that was gypsy, Jillian, Willis. Why would you go to her funeral who invited you? I know invited me I just found out where crashed her funeral. I, I had felt sorry that I had been involved with Martin and appropriately. I felt I thought it was already to show that sorrow was to go to her funeral. No one knew who I was Martin knew who you are. New was. And that's why I was there. I knew it would be a hard time for him. Gypsy was very concerned about staying connected with Martin after Michelle's death. She was almost desperate to stay involved in Martin's life. Now that Michelle was gone. You did send him to suggestive pictures of your naked back. Why did you do that? I wanted to keep his attention. It's, it's cold. It sounds heartless. I'm sorry. But I, I knew that he would be having a hard time. Not thinking of, of me and that was selfish. You understand that from the outside looking in your having an affair with this man? The wife inexplicably dies, you show up to refuse rural sent him text messages during the funeral. It looks like you've come into claim your prize. I did not look at it like that. We've come to find out that my dad had been dating gypsy for several years before us. Both Alexis and Rachel volunteered right away that they would take care of the younger children. But Martin had a set plan right away. He was going to hire a nanny, and he said, oh, I found the perfect nanny, and I said, what's her name? And he said, oh, I think it's I think it's Jillian. I said, dad gypsy, Jillian Willis? I said, I know that woman, I know mom was worried. You were having a fair with her, and you're not to bring her in the home. And said there is going to be an interview for a nanny, and there was only one candidate and that was gypsy. Match that. Yeah, she got the job. She didn't cook. She didn't clean shouldn't take care of the children. Anyway. Why did you move into the home Martin told me that he needed help with younger? Children were you still sleeping with them? So were you the nanny, or were you the girlfriend, I moved into help with the kids. I when we had opportunity, I still slept with him. So you were both. It's going to look at it like that she walked into the house, like she owned the place and then I'm gonna question my dad and said what's going on? He said, oh, she's a guest in our home. And how dare you question me? I was told that I need to leave the home because I, I wasn't nice to gypsy, so we were basically, we were pushed out of the house. With didn't even have shoes on a phone. He wanted to make it known that it was either gypsy, or children. And he chose the nanny the nanny. A few months after Michelle's death. Gypsy wanted to introduce Martin to her family. And so they took a trip to Wyoming, where gypsy energy smarten for the first time to her parents. He said, I never love Michelle, but I loved, and I said, but you had a family with Michelle says, actually, I loved her as a friend. I loved her as a sister, but I never loved her like I'd love gypsy. He give grant speech about how he loved her, and how he loved her from the moment, he saw her he knelt and proposed to register cried. It was very fairy tale. His wife has not been in the grave over ninety days when he proposes marriage to his mistress. This was the man who had been telling you just a couple months earlier that he had the perfect life in the perfect wife. So you must have been shocked when three months after she died. He proposed marriage to you. I wasn't shocked. I I it just like I said, it seemed very natural seemed like a natural progression. I believe he loved his wife. He did sincerely mourn Michelle, but she was gone. And I, I didn't I didn't suspect anything unusual doing you think it's a little funny that he goes from saying, I love Michelle, too. She died move in let's continue sleeping together while you take care of my kids, and will you marry me? I realize that looks it looks pretty cold on the outside. Gypsy had a strange relationship with her parents, had many fallings out at one point, they had gotten into a physical fight would consider to be a deceptive malevolent malicious calculating person. I was bruised from head to toe. I had a sprain, to me, I had marks around my neck. She lynched forward and she. Bitney upper left biceps. A bad bite you could count every single tooth, Mark. She doesn't care who gets hurt. She doesn't care what circumstances are ruined. If she sees something she wants she will rationalize it to herself to the point where she will get that. And it doesn't matter who sends in her way her family. I know they think that you're capable of murder. They are horrible, and they are hateful. It is appalling that my family was such things, and I think it is completely unfounded and unjust. In a bad way. They were perfect for each other together, I believe that they are perfectly capable of killing Michelle. They're like a pack of dogs, one dog alone night, malicious might take Nipah things, but two dogs together hunting or lethal. Michelle's daughters were absolutely outraged that the police closed the case so quickly. I'm Michelle death and Alexis and Rachel and Michelle sister began their own investigation, and they spent months gathering evidence of what they felt was Martin's suspicious behavior in the days and months leading up to Michelle staff, and certainly after she was found dead. We went to the pleasant girl police we said, you know, we have this new information. We know about a girlfriend now. They took no notes. They didn't even listen. They acted like we were out of Online's not only would they not listen. They were mocking us. They were saying you ridiculous. You guys are just upset that your dad has had an affair. Lots of people have affairs talking with the investigator there pleasant grow. They felt like this was all a natural caused kind of thing. Could they have done more? They could have but I think the initial response was appropriate. He said, we're closing the case. Sorry, I know it's kinda shocked. She because she was young have a heart attack. Just wake up and you try to do what you can. It is living nightmare. I'd try to go to the thirties, and go to the governor's office, I went to every single newspaper in Utah. I cannot understand why no one would listen. My mother was murdered and no one cares. The fifth line down states. Military records were brought in it was and to adults. I went to the governor's office. I had a Manila envelope with all the documents we had. Only fifty inches long time. We don't think she can drill. Doug Whitney, and Jeff Robinson were to investigators with the Utah county prosecutor's office. And these were people that were assigned just to work, special cases. They were put on this case to dig into it, and that's exactly what they did. Investigations this winning. So I got information from the daughters, and I got enough to get investigate subpoena. Doug Whitney went all the way back to Martin McNeill and college where he began investigating everything he did and uncovered a life of lies Martin, McNeill was not who he claimed to be. If you take appear men, and you built it with the bricks and you pull those Dacian Burks out, you have nothing it crumbles. I found that the transcript used for Martin appeal to get into medical school was totally falsified. Instead of taking his transcript and alternate he got somebody else's the transcript was completely fake. So this man who proclaimed loudly to anybody who would listen that he was a doctor. You're telling me wasn't his entire career is based on falsified transcripts from different colleges. So then how did he go about practicing medicine, the guy's brilliant? I'm not saying that he's not smart. He just didn't take the necessary classes, and he lies. Martin had briefly served in the military, but had been discharged because he had claimed that he was schizophrenic hearing voices. So he went on to collect medical disability throughout the next thirty something years. Meanwhile, practicing as a successful doctor and lawyer, how much money we talking about three thousand dollars a month. He was getting three thousand dollars a month from the army from the decades after he served less than two years. Their best. Gators also discovered that when he was in his early twenties. He went to jail for check kiting he'd cited to open a checking account take the checks and go on a shopping spree rented a house he needed to furnish. It also themselves jewelry diamond rings watches about, like sixty pairs of socks twenty or thirty pairs of shoes. He bought a years supply of chocolate covered cherries. He was a convicted felon. He was charged with for jury fraud when I remember him because he was bright. And he was caught and console centrist at the bottom line was. Here's a man who went to jail for hundred eighty days was put on parole for three years was on felony parole. When you went into medical school, it's possible to served one hundred eighty days and prison and beyond felony probation, and keep that a secret from schools or. Employers apparently, so. It happened. We basically found out that our entire lives had been based in surrounded on lies that everything about our experience with our father was a lie. You've played a part in destroying our whole family. Canyoning. If I think, really hard, I can't even think of that. Mother. One. Now any minute in the temple? I don't. Thing to do. When you. I've done nothing wrong laugh done. Alexis and Rachel started looking into what was going on and actually discovered that Martin was actually looking to have the younger children adopted by this other family to get them out of the house. Who's going to get my sister's away? To adopt. He sent us all lengthy text message saying that he's given away. He found a family in California. He was going to foist them off on this family, without the knowledge of any of his older children, and without any explanation. Really, he just decided to jettison every single aspect of his old life. His wife was dead. And now the young children needed to be gone. And not is when I said, there's no way you're going to do that. I'm going to fight tooth and nail. He said, if you fight me, I'm gonna get you thrown out of medical school in call your dean he started threatening. I'm gonna take you down. I said, I'm calling. I'm. I'm reading is that there's no way you're taking my sisters. There's no way. Martin's plans for his daughter, Giselle, or even more. Sinister just a few months after Michelle's debt Martin decided to send Zell back to new crane for the summer for what was supposed to be a very brief trip. He sent to sell that come to the crying for just two months. But then those two months began stretching into almost a year the rest of the family couldn't understand. Why just sell didn't come home? Little did they know that McNeil and gypsy. Willis had taken. She sells social security and created an entirely new identity gypsy. Willis assumed g sells identity. What Martin and gypsy had planned for Giselle was almost incomprehensible. They were about to bargain crime, spray, that would have made what Martin had done in his early adult years look like child's play. Michelle McNeill, doubted four girls at thought computer Victorian, any international adoption. And I saw this little girl said are have to have her on computer. She's eight. And I. L ADA, Sabrina and Giselle to sell was the oldest adopted daughter. And she had family members back in the Ukraine, just few months after Machel's death. Martin decided to send Giselle back to the crane for the summer, I got text messages from gypsies saying your father is too L to go to you crane, is there any way you can take her over Ukraine, to be with her sisters for the summer by dad just basically said, we'll get her after the. Morton is Solta says this great chance for Giselle to go back and visit with her sister in Ukraine that was all baloney, Martin gypsy had bigger plans. Once Zell was on that plane headed to the side of the world. They were right at work stealing gels identity. More had actually taken Giselle social security number and created a new identity for gypsy gave his daughter cells identity to his girlfriend. They went into court and change the birthday twenty years. That's called perjury. Gypsy, Willis us, the identity Gillian Zell McNeil and alleged that she was the spouse of Martin McNeill, the investigation also found that on that form, emerged that was listed on that form. So happens to be the funeral date for Martin's former wife, Michelle McNeill April fourteenth two thousand seven. How did this idea come up to take treselle 's identity? When I got together with Martin. I had a lot of tax status probably in the range of fifty or sixty thousand dollars. This was born. This is Martin's idea. This was Martin's bacteria. Why did you do it? I said, I didn't want to. He said that this is the best way to do is temporary. It's not gonna hurt anybody. No one will notice state ID card. You're talking about Bank account, so we're opened up under false names. Martin did a lot of things that were. Not very sensible. So you're saying Martin did all this without your knowledge. He would tell me he was doing things and I'd be like, okay, whatever you got to fake military cards, three joint banking accounts using a fake name. You gotta fake birth certificate. A fake Utah state ID card, and fake social security card, and you're saying, all you did was sort of sign away and not ever ask or wonder how many laws, I broken. How could you be passive participant? Martin was very horrible. He's very influential. I just as soon that he knew what he was doing. He'd been successful all of his life keeps educated person. You bonded over quantum physics. And now you want me an us than authorities to believe that you just check your, your brain at the door, and agreed this, when you love, someone you do things that don't make sense. He had everyone confused. He was his pillar of the community. He'd been Bishop twice. I mean he he had all of the treatments to be convincing to sell had no idea what was going on her identity being stolen, that was his whole Bachchan for abandoning his adopted daughter, Ukraine. Michelle adopted her for a reason, and that reason wasn't just to have a shift back when Michelle sister, Linda, discovery Giselle was still in the Ukraine. She set plans in motion right away to bring her back and sent her daughter, Jill to go the Ukraine once she arrived, she discovered that yoursel had been living in deplorable conditions. There's one room and it has a pull out sofa bed. And it's her her sister, her sister's husband and their two kids. And they all share that bed. There was a little pan on the floor, and I was like, what's this in the bathroom, and she's like, well, that's where that's like our shower or whatever you to stand in there. Her lasting you great. Goodness. She's excited. Have to have such compassion for jizzle. She thought she was going to the crane for a couple of months and change up staying nearly a year. But the family didn't know was that this incredibly compassionate act of going to rescues his L and bring her home would put a total wrench and all of Martin's plans. Because now they're two people that social security number. There's two people with that name. Once the identity theft was uncovered Martin gypsy were both arrested and they were both convicted and sentenced to separate prisons where they serve time for the identity theft. Martin has gone, but not forever. He's only behind bars for four years of four year sentence. So the family knows will be out, eventually and at least them time to basically wonder what else is Martin McNeill capable of doing. He is a predator, and he's going to be roaming, the streets in just a short time, and that to me is very, very scary thing. What is it? You think your dad did your mom, I think he drugged her and then smothered, her own daughters believed he murdered, mommy? Mommy was just buried and suddenly Manila's going to move gypsy into the home people from every network television. Recovering case let me just say, may they rot in hell. I'm hoping that this new story will get some exposure, because I know they're other victims people start coming out of the woodwork who have said he raped me stole from me, threatened me Martin had described how he had the perfect way to kill someone prosecutors often use props and murder trials, but I don't think anybody's ever used a bathtub Russell biven shell. The drugs fixer back gathering tub older head down for a little while those. On the bitches between shell and Jessie, chose Jetson. I am so sorry for any part I play. Anyone's paying gypsy. You played a big pipe Martin story isn't over yet. And he still manages to deliver one more shocked to take one more life. Likes us surprise temp Christmas. It shows a little bit of felt like my father was. We would have done anything for him. And my mom, none of us ever suspected that this person. I knew my father. It was an act, the entire time. Our entire life ally. I really feel like to him just were in a play a part in play. I really scared spin just over a year since he's been in jail. And that was really the first time that we could sleep really well night knowing that he's not going to be around the corner. And now if he gets out of prison for the fraud, then he's like, all right. I got away with the grand opening game. I shit my daughter away. Stoled her identity gave it to the lady, that I had an affair with killed. My wife was able to get rid of my other children. And so he comes out on top, and he comes out, unharmed. Alexis has temporary custody for sisters, but she's afraid that won't last. He come down here, so many times China get access to the kids saying he's going to walk in ADA school, and take a right from school saying he's going to grab the Ellen Sabrina and take them back to you crane drop them off for gnome. We'll find them. Get them. I know you can. That's what I don't want. That's what I wanna find against win. They're fearful of you don't want to seek you. Understand that. One. Now investigators have doctor Martin McNeill, and his lover where they want them behind bars. The McNeil family stunned gypsy, Willis pleaded guilty to four felonies. But they believe she did something much worse than identity theft. They say she conspired with him to murder their mother four years ago. The last sentencing hearing, the only thing he said to me is, I hope you're happy, Alexis. I hope you're happy with what you've done. Investigators became convinced that Martin had killed Michelle because he wanted to be with gypsy. While Martin serving time at the investigators have this very short window to get charges put together to get him on trial for the murder of his wife. All of Michelle McNeil's sisters for mother for daughters believe that Martin McNeill killed her. What do you think the reason we have a homicide, investigational Brennan? We believe that there's probably caused that there's foul play involved here. And we believe one on the right track. The first thing they needed to do was, visit the medical examiner and get her to change the cause of death. The manner of death was listed as natural causes that was a significant report in that it looked like it was just a natural death. And there's no homicide. Sometimes we'd stand toe to toe yelling at each other show, me that this is a murder. Give me kind of any information a challenge. It was a huge challenge because police had gathered very little evidence. The day that Michelle died, so they went back and piece by piece tried to put together the events of what happened in the macneil home. One of the most alarming things in the case was the discrepancy of the positioning Michelle's body in the bathtub, Michelle was originally found by her youngest adopted daughter, ADA Martin McNeill had gone to pick eight up. He brings her home. He told her ADA, go check on mummy. She really remembers vividly in those situations. Sixers. She had to see something very horrible. What did you see when you walk into that? She. His lane down. Was she all way in the bathtub or just hurt way about the scene among letter like that before? Your mom? I can't believe that she was used that way. The thought of her six year old daughter, finding her body, it haunted me that for the rest of her ally. Ada with remember Lami in the bathtub ADA had described fighting her mom's body laying inside the tub with her head above the water, and that was the exact same position that the neighbor who I entered the house, found Michelle's body and Michaud was laying on her back in the tub face up with her head. I don't eat the faucet. Your dad said your mum's head was underwater. Yes. Link face face down. Mean bent over the tub. Yes. Yeah. See link Martin was trying to create an image of his wife, getting into the bathtub, but had fallen in slips on her way into the bathtub does anybody corroborate Martin's version of events that morning. So it's Martin on his own and all the other witnesses on the other side describing pretty much the same thing. Correct, Martin definitely appeared to be up to something at the crime scene. When you call them, one at first, he wouldn't give clear address. It was really hard to understand because he was yelling very hysterically at me. So I kind of had a general area where the call is probably coming from, but not an exact house address. So the ambulance doesn't know where to go and precious. Moments are lost searching for the address where this call originated from. There are a lot of things that Martin had done that day that seemed very suspicious. A neighbor came over, and they tried to lift her out about and put her on the ground and started performing CPR right away more than I did CPR honor for what felt like several minutes he is. A doctor presumably could perform that CPR. There was definitely no response from the show. I do not recall chest ever rising. There was no water aspirated out of her lungs until the paramedics arrived as soon as the AMT's star performing CPR on shell McNeil water begins gushing from her mouth was he really even try is seems as doctor Martin McNeil's doing everything he can to delay saving per life. That's nothing compared to what happens. Next people start coming out of the woodwork people with damaging information about Martin McNeill. During the time that McNeil gypsy Willis behind bars. It's not just the investigators hard at work, but we've the gathering paperwork, whatever we can to help law enforcement s Michelle's, family, and hoping that this new story will get some exposure, because I know there are other victims of they start drumming up media interest and their mom's death Martin. Mcneill the pleasant group, I believe from a Guinea that humor. My sister someone you know may have been victim. The family wants you to contact them. Give up to get the media involved in twenty twenty was huge with keeping that pressure going, and keeping this case alive. Good evening, a family and freefall after a tragedy victims came out of the woodwork. Our office was deluged with calls victims of what sexual molestation rape. Inappropriateness as far as Dr became obvious. As this information was coming in that Martin McNeill was a sexual predator, and he would intimidate these people. And so they wouldn't file charger, there were no reports written, and he would move to the next hospital did explain this nomadic existence this sort of why the family bounced around absolutely think that he moved on after some sort of incident of bad behavior or criminal behavior appears that way. One of the more intriguing tips came from another woman who claimed to be a former mistress her name was Anna Osborne. She describes some of the conversations that she would have with Martin that were very troubling to her. Anna became just a feast of information. It was during pillow talk with and Osborne, that Martin Neil talked about previous murders. He brag to a mistress that he killed his brother Rufus, ROY mcneal because he had become an embarrassment is high on drugs, and he had a searing. So we stuck to searing in the arm and and checked it him. He claimed he tried to kill his mother. And that he had administered several mercy killings at various positions during his medical tenure, he told her he'd killed those that were handicapped in fact, and I believe that he was a serial killer. Requested information on a number of the patience and could never prove anything. She was giving us information that spoke directly to his character and added a piece of the puzzle who Martin. Now with all the evidence of these investigators have managed to compile. They're trying to use it. Hopefully pressure the medical investigator to reopen the case into the manner of death of Michelle McNeil. Investigators believe that Morton had actually manipulated the medical examiner. She had misrepresented a lot of facts about how Machel died where she was the position of the body and so forth. To distract suspicion away from. So very cold very calculating person Martin McNeill. I know. We've got tons of avid Michelle's sister became increasingly disturbed about the truth cause of death, and she pushed and I and pushed until finally authorities agreed to v Machel McNeil's tar scowls report. And when they did they found a toxic drug cocktail oxycodone valium, Ambien tab, if she's feeling better and doesn't, like taking these drugs by she have these drugs in her stomach on a morning when things are going pretty well, good question. Does that race suspicions, of course, on be report investigator for didn't we don't know exactly the state, she was in when she was drowned killed? We just know that she was significantly impaired. The point where she was perhaps, passed out to the point where she was so intoxicated. She would have easily been manipulated. New information raised suspicion combination of drugs in her body could have killed her. She may have been forced to take them, finally success, it was changed natural to undetermined loss or short undetermined opens the door to the possibility of murder. We really good. Now. What is it? You think your dad did your mom, I think he drugged her? And then. Smothered her. I don't know exactly what he did. But I do know he killed her. On Friday McNeil was released from prison after serving three years for fraud this weekend. Mcneil return to the same home where his wife's body was found. He's out but not for long. Prosecutors are ready to pounce almost instantly. I like to talk about this case sort of puzzle. We certainly had some pieces missing, but I believe we had enough. So we made the decision to charge the case. They told me that they rest of my father, five minutes ago, McNeil is now in the Utah county jail a one million dollar cash bond facing murder charges. It's horrible to be happy about your father being arrested. But finally, he's being held accountable for murdering my mother. This is really a bittersweet moment for the macneil shows seeing their father, shackled hair in court something they've been pushing for for years. This case has no smoking gun. It's all circumstantial, evidence, it's all strange behavior and the big question is will be enough will be enough to convict Martin McNeill of murder. This is really a bittersweet moment for the macneil chosen note. If means an opportunity, the murder trial of former Utah county, doctor Martin McNeill, Marin big meal was charged with murder of his wife. Michelle after long years of fighting for Justice for Michelle, there was such tension around finally going to trial that we all had our photos and we held them up, and we wanted to make sure that my dad knew. That he couldn't get away with. And she's all around. By the time this happened. This case was well known it had gotten a lot of national publicity as well as local publicity. And there was intense media interest in it, it was crazy media frenzy. She finds her mom did in the talk people from every network television, recovering this case on a daily basis. Let me just say, may they rot in hell. This case was on Nancy grace, every night, it haunted me to know more. Hundreds of thousands of people from across the country were watching the struggle the record should reflect that. The jury is seated. Martin was represented by his longtime attorney Randall Spencer, and Susan Guston Martin McNeill is innocent, ladies and gentlemen. The defenses position was that Michelle died accidentally the prosecution presented a case that Martin had meticulously plotted Michelle's death. He gave her drugs and sleeping pills to get her to pass out and die. He had taken her to a doctor out of town and gotten way too much medication. Because lex, the anti biotic Fenner again, is the anti nausea medication. Valium is the executive medication Pirka said is the pain medication. Dr Scott Thomsen was the plastic surgeon who performed Michelle's facelift hydra code on liquid as well. So to pain medication prescriptions Dambiyn for the sleeping the river. Mycenae only, and then the metro dose pack. I remember him testifying to administering more drugs than what he would normally do because Martin was going to be carrying for Michelle. Why did you prescribe it here because Martin was a physician? And he asked me for these things. Was it your intention Michelle take all these drugs together? No. Would you prescribe this combination to her? If Martin was not a physician. No. Taking center stage, a model of bathtub today. They brought in a bathtub for jury to see prosecutors often used props in murder trials, but I don't think anybody's ever used a bathtub as a prop until this trial this bath tub ladies and Jomon has an important story to tell there's about an hour to have time where no one really knows where Martin is. Plenty of time Russia will give Michelle the drugs fix her up a bath, get her in the tub hold her head down for a little while Martin described finding Machel in the tub as if she was outside the tub, but bent over with her head down underneath the water, he describes as he saw her face down the wrong way in the tub, and what did he tell you? He said that he found her slumped over into the tub when in reality, she was found entirely inside the top with her head up above the water. Ada had described finding her mom's body laying inside the tub with her head above the water, and that was the exact same position that the neighbor who first entered the house, found Michelle's body. And I saw that Michelle was in the tub and Martin was over the tub, will you show the jury where her head was her head was right here? Here would be above the line. The eyewitness testimony was far different from what Martin was describing. And he asked his son's girlfriend. Her name was, I lean hang and she testified at trial about Martin asking them to flush these drugs. Martin seemed frustrated and he's like I don't wanna do this anymore. And then he asked me to flush the pills down the toilet requesting strange to you at the time. I it did seem strange. Yes. One of the more dramatic moments in the trial was, when former mistress of Martin McNeil's, took the stand right hand and take an oath Anna Osborne. Waffle ended up testifying about how Martin confided some very deep and dark things with her did Martin ever describe to you a process of making someone have a heart attack. Yes. Martin had described how he had the perfect way to kill someone there's something you can give someone that's natural. That's there after they have a heart attack. So that it's not detectable at so you could cause heart attack and the drug would supposed to be there anyway. So you would be able to tell this correct it showed Morton's knowledge about how he can make a murder looked like it was an accident or naturally caused some fashion. You've also written and emails to investigators. You're really excited about the prospect of Martin be off the streets for very long time. Right. Probably martin. Mcneill showed little to no emotion during the entire trial. He sat there stoic stone-faced no expression, which was really something given the high emotion around him. I knew that something bad happened, the extraordinarily of emotional tearful testimony of his own children, who is Morton with meal. Took the stand and testified against him. Smick meal, if you will come forward here to the clerk steps I go and faith my father and to hold them accountable for what he'd done was incredibly difficult. How close would you describe your relationship with your dad growing up grand? Thank best friend Neil daughters, testified about their relationship with their father, how trust was slowly rooted. Gypsy gillian. Willis is on blood relatives were turning against him his own daughter's believed. Hey murdered. Mommy. A jury cannot turn away from that type of evidence. What really made me turn around in initially was Alexis. Walking into that courtroom. I felt a calmness come over me. It was two days worth of testifying, Alexis tixx, STAN and immediately gets a series blow her testimony regarding what her mother told her, she said, if anything happens to me, make sure it wasn't your dad was ruled out as hearsay. But Alexis testimony was gripping. She said lexie, I don't, I don't know why, but your dad kept giving me medication. He kept giving me things time at a swallow, if she still has bandages. Yeah. She described the first incident with her mother was practically Comtesse her story about how her dad overdose sun one day and did it again. I thought, whoa, that's huge. And she said that she didn't want my dad to give her any more medicine. She actually had me take out every single pill from the pill bottles. And she wanted to feel, what the pills felt like in our inner fingers because of that time, she couldn't see, so that, if my dad tried to give her anything she'd know what he was giving her. I wasn't scared of him. And I wasn't intimidated ever since the day, my mom died was concerned that my father killed her. She described it all for the jury, including the arrival of gypsy. Willis was the defendant confronted with suspicions of an affair. Yes. So what would the nanny have to save herself? I thought she was her. Nanny, y she up and doubts room. The nanny, who was clearly also the girlfriend. She was nothing like please racial right hand and take an old people wanted to hear what gypsy say. On the sixth day of testimony in the murder trial of Martin McNeill, there was huge amount of public interest, because that was the day that gypsy, Willis set to take the stand gypsy, Willis, and in the end, the state pulled out the Trump card a mistress. My name is gypsy, Willis people wanted to hear what gypsy on to say. People wanted to see what happened when gypsy and Martin McNeill who had been separated now for quite some time. We're once again together in the same courtroom. How do you know the defendant, we were involved in number of years ago, we met online? Did the relationship become sexual? I did. I think we probably had sex half the time. I mean, sometimes it was just lunch gypsy was very cold on the stand, and she responded without emotion. She didn't really own up to the inappropriate behavior. That was UP to be minimizing your relationship with defendant. I don't believe. So she wasn't telling a full and complete storing difficult person to get to engage on the witness stand, you know, this is two years after she passed away. I don't. I'll ask questions. Thanks or that she was couching her story in terms that were beneficial tomorrow because she still had feelings for Martin. Was one point where she lied out the extent of their relationship after they were both sent to federal prison. So you didn't have a relationship after that, after that he wrote to me, while I was in jail. Okay. So he wrote to you back and forth. Yes. And you refer to each other with terms of endearment and such prisoners lonely place. How does he dress it to you? Sweetheart read this line. He wrote right there. I will work hard to keep your love for me, gypsy Willis was forced to raid her love letters. If front of the jury, I love you miss you more than you can imagine McNeill had sat stoic for a large part of testimony. But when that happened, he had a visible reaction. I wish I could sleep for the next twenty months and do nothing but dream of being with you. I love you with all of my heart and think of nothing but a future the jury was finally seeing the real Martin McNeill during the preliminary hearing when she left the stand after test. Defying when she walked by Martin. She was touching the table and sort of dragging her fingers along the table. So I think that was a clear signal to him that Martin I still love you. I still have feelings for you. It was toward the end of the trial that the prosecution pulled out its big guns. They had a series of witnesses would serve time with Martin McNeill when he was in prison for dented fraud. We've discussed previously that we're going to refer to you as number three is that, okay? Okay. The judge ruled before trial that none of Joe house informants faces or names will be mentioned in court because they could get labeled as a snitch and possibly get repercussions in prison or even be murdered. Did you ever know more McNeil user to have a nickname? Body around them, according to inmates in the prison with Martin McNeill, he got on pretty well with the other prisoners of foods bother me and the you know, gave me by wrong. Did you guys become friendly? How did that happen? I work out a lot. You know, you sass a lot of questions about working out, then sooner or later, we start working out together, which ran everything prior to Michelle's Daf, Martin used to walk around with a limp and a cane and claim that he had a bad foot because their theory was that Martin was basically trying to set an explanation for why he would be physically unable to whole Michelle his wife from the bathtub to be ever walked with a limp that you saw. I didn't see what about use. A cane do a lot of different calisthenic type exercise. Well, the inmates testified that that condition, whatever it was naturally. Disappeared who statement call. It's next witness goes Jason, so Jason Pori by the time trial came around, and he was out of custody and his safety wasn't really jeopardized in testifying. I would have read my poetry, correct it, and give me some advice on how to make it better. Did Martin talk to you at all about the relationship. He had with his wife before she died a little. Yes. Recall what he said that it was going downhill that they're trying to get money. She was not going to him keeps you on her. Allow that while Martin was serving time for identity fraud and a Texas prison inmates learned that he was suspected of killing his wife after watching television show. Someone came to me was, like, come look at the TV real quick, and they said, do you recognize that gown as he your computer class? And I said, yeah, that's D recall what the program was. It was Nancy grace, the next morning. I saw him coming through the breakfast line, and I walked up to, and I said, hey, died, I said, the CB last night, he said, no, he said, don't say anything. Anybody I'll talk to you later about it. He just pretty much opened up about it. He said he gave her some Oxy is sleeping pills and. The. Got her to get in the bathtub. Did you say what he did next later on? He just said he had to help her out. And I said, what that was. He said he held her head underwater full. If they could prove that, you think every sitting in top once you. So I said, what did you do it? He said the best trial. He said, his wife drowned. Yes. And referred to as a bitch. Yes, I'm glad the bitch is dead. I was pretty shocked. I was very happy in large part with how the evidence came out when we filed the case, we weren't aware of the mates. Testimony at all. So it was purely circumstantial. The jury was left trying to determine who was telling the truth doctor Martin McNeill, appointed by the governor to run a huge medical facility or an inmate in the text cana- federal pin. After twenty two days, it's time for closing arguments. The case is about to go to the jury and a judgment. We'll finally be rendered on whether Martin McNeill is guilty of murder. All of the evidence which you here in this case must be filtered through the proof beyond a reasonable doubt, filter. Martin mcneil. Murdered his wife, Michelle. Her death was not the result of an accident, and it was most certainly not the result of a heart condition. Now in the jury's hand to decide jury began to deliberate. It was in the early afternoon of Friday. We'd been in there about five hours, and I honestly fell, I think this is going to be a hung jury, and we're going to have to go with the not guilty. It was about one fifteen in the morning when the jury came into the room and delivered their verdict. Thank you. Be seated eleven hours. That's not a lot for on the site gays especially one that's built on circumstantial evidence. You know. I was worried then. We are on the record in the matter of state of Utah versus Martin. Joseph McNeil I was wondering if they were coming back too early for a conviction streaming meal, if you will stand, please. Visionary. Finding as count. Learn murder. Guilty. I was so overwhelmed. When I heard guilty type bursts deers. I was sobbing so many emotions so much sadness so much loss. But finally, having my dad be held accountable for taking our mother from us. I felt very very. The blessed to sir. Guilty. Some people don't understand. They say are you happy that your father's imprison, but it was not a happy. Sensation horrifying. For six years, we've put everything we have into it, and we can finally take a deep breath and put it. After the verdict I was sitting actually in that room alone. And I heard the shackles being put back on my dad. Vividly. Remember that sound? Kind of took my breath away because they knew. You know new he was going away now for good. And I was very grateful and relieved in it had to happen. It was. Hard. Months later when it came time to sentence Martin McNeill, each one of the at the opportunity to stand up and tell the court the world and mostly their father what he did. Look into the eye of my sisters. Way this. I looked at my father, and I showed him. No, I felt my eyes and that was the time that I was able to look at him. Finally, I remember them talking about the lack of remorse, they could see in their dad. In fact, Morton was joking talking throughout the sentencing with his attorneys showing a complete lack of respect for his own daughters. Judge pull and handed down the harshest punishment fifteen years to life in prison, at least for family can rest assure that Martin McNeill will likely die in prison. Do you think that Martin McNeill underestimated his daughter? Absolutely. And we shall sisters cages thought they would all fade into the woodwork and accept his what's right. Tips. He was never prosecuted, but she's guilty. She's guilty of my mother's murder. I'm sure of it. She was the motive and I know she knows more than she portrayed in court. Gypsy, Willis was never charged with murder, because we couldn't prove she was involved as either a direct participant in Michelle's murder, or even an accessory. We believe she was the motive but we simply did not have the evidence to prove that she murdered Michelle or was an accessory to her death. So many people think that you must have known. Or that you were in on it. As incorrect. I don't believe Martin murdered, Michelle. We have to respect the jury, but I don't I mean, I don't I don't believe that of him. What would you say to Alexis and Rachel, the daughters of Michelle who loved their mother very much. I would say to them, I am so sorry for any part I played in anyone's pain. See you played a big pie realized that and it was completely untended tension. Well, I you knew he was married and had eight children. When you were sleeping with I knew who is wife was, if I'd wanted to disrupt his life, I could have gone and had a conversation with her. I'm so sorry for their pain. I don't feel she has any any remorse. She's a very evil person. She and my father believe we're perfect for each other. Martin story isn't over yet. He's in prison for the rest of his life. And yet, he still manages to take one more life. If you come up here, and you see these weeds wanna just Abreu them. Yeah. This is one of those things that when you're retired come out in the morning and you come out in the evening when it's cool and ice. And. It's a wonderful time to think Doug Whitney, who came out of retirement to investigate Martin. Mcneill is now happily back tending the farm said is fake. This is a wonderful place to retire. And I've seen a lot of ugliness in the world. Now get to see a lot of the beauty. Investigators just mazing disease my hero. My personal heroes and. And in two thousand seventeen Martin McNeill delivered. One more shock to the family Utah doctor who murdered? His wife was found dead today at the state prison. Prison. Sources claim it appears to be a suicide access call me and we both screamed and cried didn't surprise me that he committed suicide he had recently lost his appeal. He was going to remain in prison. And he probably saw it just no life at all. He killed himself, just a couple of days before the ten year anniversary of my mother's murder. Rachel Vanessa and I were standing over his body seeing him in the funeral. I was able to finally sell some peace with my father, my was able to tell my father that I forgave him that I loved him and not feel fear. And not till anger. I able to let go of feeling that hatred and pain and just obsessing over my father's act. Alexis ended up successfully adopting her little sisters, and has raised them with ADA Sabrina and L eight eighteen years old. She graduates this month from high school, full sister L that just had per first baby a month ago. She has a eleven month old little girl. I'm going to school the licensed clinical social worker, so I can help other people with their one day Alexis is now married with children of own. Now I just can't imagine how, how much joy she'd have with, with my children being in our lives. She's, she's missed out on so much. The sisters have done everything they can to erase evidence of Martin in their lives. Alexis is taken her mother's maiden name as her last name. And now works as Dr summer, and I don't wanna be doctorate deal. I don't want any part of my done. The even allowed of all in tier two sand off the words wife of Merton from Michelle Martin's. Tombstone. We celebrate her every January fifteenth balloons cake. And she would have been sixty two. Yeah. You did. An incredible family things for watching I may be Rohbock for David Muir in everyone here at twenty twenty good night. See headlines across your screen all day. But you're busy. What do you need to know what actually shaping your world? I'm Brad milkey from ABC news and every morning, we start here. It was extraordinarily for as watching here in Singapore. This ABC's new daily podcast, a handful of stories just twenty minutes director Comey. Thanks for being with us. Newsmakers smart reporting taking you straight to the heart of the story starting here. Listen for free on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast at.

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