Ep. 549 - Trent365! - Why You Need A 7 Second Story


He's one you need to have a seven second story. I think we all accept that these days, people's attention spans are shorter, especially when they're on social media, and especially when they're absorbing, Ed content. But the interesting thing to me is that whenever you hear people talk about the ideal link link all the ads, especially video ads. They tend to say sort of thirty seconds fifteen to thirty seconds, maybe as much as a minute. But when you watching a video on Facebook oftentimes, what pops up is an ad mid roll through that video. And that ad is only seven seconds long. And so if you can't tell your story, if you can't get your message across if you can't create a compelling reason for people to go that next step within seven seconds. You're gonna lose them. So I think that people should really be focusing on this seven second story. And I think that helps you not only with ads say mid roll on Facebook. It helps you with even your own content. Whether it's a quick tweet. Whether it's something even on linked in for that matter. There's nothing wrong with having a short seven second, promo story that catches people's attention because I think that's just as long as people what attention for within seven seconds. If you haven't got him the order somewhere else or already. That's thanks for tuning will be back again tomorrow. So, yeah. Away.

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