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#01 Is Cannabis Safe? Part One


You're listening to the curious about cannabis. podcast his cannabis really safe. I've seen some close calls. I seen some near misses. And I'm telling you in a perfect storm scenario. Somebody could get harmed in. The reputation of cannabis is a safe. Medication goes out the window. The combined North American canvas market alone is expected to exceed sixteen billion dollars in value in two thousand nineteen alone people. All over the world are are taking notice and becoming more curious than ever about cannabis. The momentum of cannabis legalization across the world does not seem to be slowing down. And as more places is legalized cannabis. Broader demographics of cannabis users are emerging as more and more people are trying cannabis without fear of legal. Repercussions I wanted to understand. Just south safe cannabis products are or perhaps they aren't Everybody this is Jason Wilson with the curious about canvas podcast. Thanks so much for tuning in today. We're GONNA be talking all about cannabis safety and harm reduction and start. Our curious quest will be focusing on three main questions one. Just how toxic is canvas. Just as an aside. What heck is in cannabis anyway? To what are the known. Health risks of cannabis use and three. How how can anyone that chooses to use cannabis canvas products minimize those risks? Now this is a really big topic we could spend hours upon hours exploring it and in effect the topic will end up being woven throughout the podcast as such. There are several aspects of cannabis safety that we we won't be getting into in this initial series of episodes. So if there's a topic we don't end up covering immediately. Don't worry we'll get there now. Let's get started so cannabis contains a lot of different chemicals. Depending on what research paper you read there could be anywhere from four hundred to over five hundred compounds. That have been characterized in cannabis so far but some researchers think they're likely far more chemicals in canvas. You know the idea that there's only four hundred compounds in cannabis. I think a super naive as well. That's Kevin Spelman a molecular biologist and phytochemicals. That's dedicated his entire professional career to try and understand why plants plants affect the body. The way they do and lately he's had his eyes on cannabis corn and you look wheat respectively. There's they've found three thousand the five thousand different compounds in there and these are probably the most studied plants right and so I can tell you with certain clarity that there's at least a thousand compounds in probably early every single plant so despite with scientific literature may say there very well may be thousand or more chemicals found in Erbil canvas alone but when cannabis's burned however smoke is really complex obviously here's thousands and thousands of thousands. That's Justin Fischetti and natural products researcher. That wants burned cannabis joints is to see what was in the smoke. Of course offer science Quite literally would take joints. Burn them with a pump that smoke into solvent somewhat I I mean just fume hood and whatever. We never started a fire but yeah we had students whose job it was basically like the giant and have the pump trump was on a timer and the pump would like imitate somebody inhaling for certain period of time and collect that that's the vapor into the solvent or the smoke into the solvent analyze. That smoke is really complex. Obviously thousands and thousands of compounds smoke. You can't analyze the ball necessarily just using juicy. But Kevin Smoke has been well characterized the past made leader like show how dangerous it could be but Burning any material you make bosses toxic compounds but yet. They're still chirping in cannabis. Smoke Azure there are all kinds of side reactions. That happened with them but we couldn't identify all that stuff was worth our effort but they're also have with candidates to bunch of cyber actions actions. That happened in all kinds of new categories for but for the most part it's still a major ingredient. TAC adenoids like THC or CBD or are by far the most abundant compounds found in the resins that surround the female cannabis flowers which we didn't know that's really what most cannabis users are after her. Those resins now. TCCB D actually appear in the camps plant as slightly different molecules says thc a or CD and when they're heated up they change into to their well-known counterparts TACB so to start our journey of trying to understand just how toxic some of these compounds canvas might be. It makes sense to start with some of these primary active constituents of the canvas plant. THC CD in one now. Pretty much infamous study that was done in one thousand nine hundred seventy three dogs were given. THC early in escalating doses. All the way up to nine brands of THC per kilogram of body weight all in an attempt to try to find a lethal full dose to put that into perspective. It's not uncommon for a lot of dogs to way somewhere between twenty and thirty pounds so in kilograms I'd be like nine signed around fourteen kilograms. Let's go on the low side and assume I nine kilogram dog. This study would administered around eighty grams of THC in a single-dose dose orally to that dog and even at dosages that high they weren't able to get lethal response. Now if you want to think about this. This in terms of cannabis joints or cannabis. Cigarettes consider a joint. Let's assume a joint has around a gram of cannabis in it. And let's say that cannabis cannabis contains twenty percent. THC that'd be two hundred milligrams per gram of THC in the canvas. which would mean that? There'd be two hundred milligrams of THC in the joint. The joint has a full gram of cannabis in it and so to get the same kind of dosage that the dogs were getting you. You know you'd have to consume like four hundred five hundred joints at once and that's still would probably not kill you now. Let's jump forward word from nineteen seventy three to nineteen eighty eight. There was a petition to try to reclassify. The legal status of cannabis now cannabis was and is currently at the time at this recording considered a schedule one drug by the Drug Enforcement Agency or the. Da this category of drugs is reserved for drugs with no accepted medical. I use in a high propensity for abuse other drugs in this category include things like heroin and bath salts well in Eighty S. There was a push to try to schedule cannabis and in administrative law. Judge Francis Young issued a report commenting on the boys in this report. He stated in order to induce death. A marijuana smoker would have to consume twenty thousand to forty thousand times as much marijuana as is contained in one marijuana cigarette a smoker with theoretically have to consume assume nearly fifteen hundred pounds of marijuana within about fifteen minutes to induce response now by that measure if you're trying to consume fifteen hundred pounds of marijuana in fifteen minutes one and we'll think physically ever be able to pull that off But second of that even if he could you're going to have some way more serious issues related to carbon monoxide poisoning and tar exposure Then and you would need to worry about any issues coming from cabinets as far as the lethal response goes but that was. THC What about CBD as recently as this year in two thousand nineteen a report was issued claiming that CB divas identified as being toxic for deliver publications like Forbes orbs promoted headlines Reading CD causes liver damage. So is this something canvas consumers need to be concerned about. I had the chance to talk about safety. CBD WITH DR The eastern Russo a neurologist and cabinet researcher that worked as a medical advisor for the development of two cannabinoid pharmaceuticals save X.. And EPA DIALECTS EPA EPA dialects specifically as a pure. CBD Pharmaceutical there was an article that came out recently it was a rodent study. The doses of can avid Abbott. Dial that they were using purportedly Producing liver damage would be impossible to attain in in a human and somehow this travesty pass peer review and was widely reported by the media. It has no correspondence to reality. I just wish that had been sent to me and I would have done my best to ensure that it didn't deserve publication allocation kind of thing unfortunately is kind of materials often produce the with Tax Payer money and it's more than intellectually dishonest. It's downright dangerous and unethical if you look L. fifty for canal or CD. which in case you don't know L. D. fifty stands for lethal dose fifty percent meaning being? What is the lethal dose? That will kill off. Fifty percent of a target population usually. This is in rodents monkeys dogs. You look up the L D fifty for Connecticut. Dial typically find data reporting intravenous doses of over two hundred milligrams per kilogram breath body weight now it would be extremely difficult to get that much. CBD In your bloodstream. Through typical consumption methods to put this into perspective for an average human that way sixty five kilograms around one hundred and forty four pounds two hundred milligrams per kilogram equates to a dose of cross Manley. Thirteen thousand milligrams grams or thirteen grams of Piercy in this thirteen grams of CBD would have to be in your bloodstream to reach this L. D. Fifty now consider that CBD rich canvas like him contains approximately ten to twenty percent CBD or hundred to two hundred milligrams of CBD per gram of cannabis flower. So if you consume Graham CBD rich cannabis flower. You're ultimately going to be exposed to maybe two hundred milligrams of CBD at best now ignoring the fact that not everything that's in that flowers can actually make it into your body and ignoring the fact that everything that makes it into your body is not necessarily going to make it into your bloodstream or reach any sites of action in your body norring all those facts two hundred milligrams is approximately approximately one and a half percent of the thirteen grams. You would need to get to the lethal dose of seen a lot of people conflate even presentations resin -tations at conferences can flate the side effect profile a pure CBD at high dosage to CBS. In general. And that's it's not a fair comparison. I would say the Connecticut Dial Aw. Despite its many complex mechanisms of of action is an extremely safe drug with very few adverse events now to put this into further context. Let's consider the fifties fifties of some other compounds. You might be familiar with timeout. For many men of medicine usually means just long enough to enjoy a cigarette for nicotine L. D. fifty eight to thirteen milligrams per kilogram of body weight which for most humans equates to something a little over a half a gram. I'm of pure nicotine which equates to about forty cigarettes or so forty cigarettes. That's still a lot but you can see how that that would be actually physically possible to achieve and something that you need to really be careful about you. Can you know die from nicotine poisoning poisoning although it it is pretty rare now. What about caffeine another drug that you know people are commonly exposed to even more so than nicotine the elderly fifty of caffeine is two hundred milligrams per kilogram of body weight through quarrel administration? Now this this is important to take note of this two hundred milligrams per kilogram which sound similar to the C. B. D. L. Fifty two hundred milligrams per kilogram but we're talking talking about oral administration and Caffeine Versus Intravenous Administration in CBD huge differences. Not Everything that you consume zoom orally is GonNa make it to your blood so the fifty for caffeine is actually a lot lower than CBD. meaning that it. It is easier to achieve a lethal dose of caffeine than it is to achieve a lethal dose of CBD now two hundred milligrams per kilogram of body weight for oral. Oh Caffeine that ends up equating to somewhere between seventy five and one hundred cups of coffee back to back as fast as you can drink him once again pretty hard to achieve. Maybe that's possible You'd probably have a number of other issues before you got to that seventy Fifth Cup of coffee but the point is is that reaching the lethal dose for. CBD is even harder much harder than even reaching the lethal dose of Caffeine Gene. Now you may be saying okay. Sure it may be difficult to lethally overdose on THC or CBD but cannabis abysses a lot more than thc or CD. And you'd absolutely be right. So just how many reported deaths are there says. He did with cannabis use while many advocates of cannabis claim that there have been no deaths attributed to cannabis. That's not exactly true however the numbers still extremely greenlee extremely low. There have been a handful of case. Studies reported that have linked fatal heart attacks and lung infections with cannabis use but these reports have been difficult to confirm definitively during autopsies. They tend to try to look for drugs in the system. Canvas tends to stand out in their community member of reasons for that one is can avenue. It's linger in the body longer than a lot of other drugs. But even with that controlled old. There are some cases where it seems like the only thing out of the ordinary that someone encountered right before they died was cannabis and we can't can't just totally rule. Those case studies out now. Consider there have been handful of reports of people that they've had these heart attacks or lung infections that have died supposedly because of their cannabis use. Now let's also consider that there are commit to be approximately one hundred million people in the United States alone that admit to having at least tried cannabis once in well over thirty million people that are classified as regular users in the United States. Now that's just based on how many people are willing to admit their own canvas on a survey the actual numbers. We don't really know but you know we know. There are a lot of cannabis users in the United States. So we're looking at a handful of possible. Fatalities linked candidacies compared to tens of millions of users regular users repeated users. So let's assume one out of ten million users were to die from cannabis use in some way it'll be camel trick conservative here. That would mean that you would have zero point. Zero zero zero zero one percent chance of dying just this from candidacies. Even that's an exaggerated number to put that into context. You'd have a much greater chance of dying by getting into a car crash. Sure getting struck by lightning than you would from using cannabis so okay. It's unlikely anyone's GonNa die from a lethal overdose of cannabis. But what about other health risks without already all the entire family with the next all reefer madness in propaganda side. There are a variety of research papers out there that have summarized common realistic health. Risks of cannabis use one. Common Symptom of cannabis. Use is dry mouth also called zero zero Estonia. It can negatively affect mouth health if not managed properly and can lead to changes to the bacteria and funding that live in our mouths this can potentially lead to things like gum disease tooth decay bad breath even altered sense of taste and is pretty strange now. Many may assume that. The dry mouth effect from cannabis use is related to smoking talking but this does not seem to be the case. The dry mouth affect directly linked to the stimulation of economic receptors in the body. Regardless of how you choose tease cannabis and another thing. Cannabis affects directly blood pressure. Interestingly enough cannabis can lead to lower blood pressure. With repeated use but at high dosages and acutely cannabis can actually elevate blood pressure. Heart rate this can be particularly problematic for users that have a prior history of heart issues such as high blood pressure or previous previous occurrences of heart attacks in this effect of course can be made worse by smoking. Additionally if you're smoking cannabis you also run a greater risk of experiencing chronic bronchitis emphysema. THC Cannabis can cause motor coordination disruption essentially increasing risk of falls home or workplace accidents and car wrecks however. This effect tends to be much more mild. Infrequent users that have built up a tolerance rich cannabis see present several psychological health risks to users including memory disruption anxiety theory and when it comes to the negative psychological effects of cannabis. The newer infrequent users are more likely to experience those effects compared to regular users additionally cannabis can act as a precipitating event for mental health problems to reveal themselves themselves in younger users. But we'll talk more about that later. Although canvases gained popularity for being dental treatment for seizure trimmer conditions like epilepsy. Parkinson's Anson's there has been. Some research has revealed that cannabis could actually exacerbate these conditions but more research is needed in addition to these risks. There's there's also a condition that can develop in chronic users usually in users that have been using high. THC cannabis regularly for two years. Or more called cannabinoid hyper Mesa Syndrome in estates where pot is legal. Doctors are seeing an increase in violent illness. Global doctors are seeing an uptick. In a rare illness caused by chronic cannabis use for unclear reasons. The nausea and vomiting are relieved by hot showers or baths since two thousand nine emergency room visits for C H S in to Colorado hospitals. Nearly doubled good. News is for anyone that may experience this condition. It typically goes away if you simply stop using cannabis for a while. However there are some reported cases where users that stopped using cannabis to recover re-experience the nausea and vomiting symptoms? When they started using canvas again you can have annoyed hyper Mesa? Syndrome is somewhat controversial condition. There are some people out there that claim that it's likely caused by contaminants like pesticides in cannabis products rather than the canaveral. Its founding canvas however this has not been substantiated as of yet. Just don't really know exactly what's going on here. Also states that have legalized cannabis. Use reports of this condition are starting to become more and more prevalent as people become more comfortable talking about their canvas us with their healthcare providers So potentially this conditions actually more widespread than once thought. We just don't really know yet. The next the thing I wanted to explore were drug interactions with cannabis so so canvas indefinitely interact with meds. That's Janice Champagne a registered nurse. Who over the past? Several years has focused focused attention almost exclusively on cannabis and that's one of the big areas we assess with patients in fact we have a list of criteria on our website under the Faq you that it kind of guides patients through a questionnaire You know do you have a cardiac condition. Do you have cancer. You have diabetes. You know as for child or adolescent isn't where they should seek medical oversight of their therapy and pharmaceutical interactions are probably the big one that could potentially cause harm and I know that is such an unpopular message. But I've seen some close calls. I seen some near misses end. I'm telling you in a perfect storm scenario. Somebody could get harmed in the reputation reputation of cannabis as a safe. Medication goes out the window. You know I had an eighty something year old woman with chronic pain in Michigan and she went into a dispensary three which she called the health clinic. She thought she was medical advice. And for chronic pain never used cannabis. She was taking a law which interacts with. THC In a way that can caused somebody to think they're having a heart attack and they end up in the air. This bud tender sold her a three hundred milligram. THC Candy Bar. But don't worry told told her only half. Oh my gosh. Fifty million was hyper days and God. She happened to space it away from her medications or that could have been a real problem. So you know these and that's just a medication interaction but then you have other interactions with like chemotherapies where it's where combined with. CBD can expedite liver failure So I mean there's definitely reasons to seek medical oversight You know when when those conditions are present other healthcare. Oh care professionals. I spoke with said that. They're particularly concerned about interactions with things like blood thinning medications. Chemotherapy drugs epilepsy drugs and immune system therapy drugs like doc ID treatments. It's been long known that certain foods and medications can change the way the body metabolize things like other foods and drugs us. This effect is so well known with grapefruit that some drugs even have an actual grapefruit warning on. If you ever see a grapefruit warning on the medication is referring to this potential interaction that could occur where compounds in the grapefruit down the liver's ability to metabolize a lot of different medications by inhibiting a group of enzymes called the P four fifty times. This inhibition will cause the levels of medications and the blood to rise so for people taking drugs with a narrow safety windows. Ms Can actually be really problematic. Well it turns out that. CBD Exhibits the same effect the grapefruit effect affect the CD markets just exploding race. Where oversights kind of weird it is and CBD has the most interaction? Promise deliver your a friend and you combine it with CBD. It's going to increase the efficacy of the war friend. And you can see where internal bleeding could be peja side effective out of a patients on hypertension medications occasions and they WANNA try. CBD for pain. We still teach. Watch your blood pressure. Take it every day. If it's low you know don't take one or the other documented for your physician and start talking about. I'm taking this. And it's lowering my blood pressure. Can we start to wane off the farmer anyone using CBD particularly high hi doses of CBD along with other medications should be particularly cautious and work with the healthcare professional stay safe. Let's review what we've learned so far the primary constituents of cannabis resins. THC IN CD or to be more accurate. THC A and CD YEA are not toxic in. It's virtually impossible to lethally overdose on canopus canvas products. But there are other health. Risks Risks Associated with cannabis use like risks to lung health mouth health mental health heart health. Many of these risks can be minimized by simply avoiding smoking and using low doses of cannabis can interact with medications and anyone taking drugs with narrow safety windows his or medications that have grapefruit warning on them should make sure to work with the healthcare professional. Stay safe so far. Everything we've explored about the health risks risks of cannabis have ignored a critical element. contaminants join me in part two of this series where we explored contaminants additives and cannabis products until next time. I'm your host Jason Wilson. Thanks and take it easy. It special thanks to our guests. That were so gracious and spending time with me for interviews that helped construct not just this episode but other episodes throughout the season to check out the citations for this episode and there are plenty can check out the show notes by visiting. CAC PODCAST DOT COM to learn more about canvas. You can check out. The curious about this book. Vailable now on Amazon dot com other online book retailers. You like. We're doing here and want to support the show lease considers ordering us by liking and sharing this episode. So your friends and family can also choose to support us on patriotic at patron dot com slash natural learning interprises get access to Arinc guest. Interviews find seems content and a lot more can also connect with curious about cannabis on social media on Instagram facebook twitter and and Youtube the talk.

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