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Ellie Kemper and Michael Koman


And now it's time for inside Conan and important Hollywood podcast. Hey Hi there. Welcome everybody to another episode of inside CONAN unimportant. Hollywood podcast. My name is Mike. Sweeney Jesse Gaskell. She is Jesse GASCOYNE. We're writers Coenen and this podcast about what's going on at Conan behind the scenes and we have a great show for you today. Things are very wacky right now. Because we're doing Conan at home episodes literally the entire show is being done remotely. No two people getting together. Everyone working in their own cubbyhole at home. I actually shot something at home. I shot a commercial and a little Tripod and do it myself and I felt like I was making a student film. That came a great. It was called so mind. Chicken binds chicken. It was an APP that makes well. I don't want to Yeah we we shouldn't give it away as you watch it. Yeah just know that. Every shot was painfully elicited. By me alone at home and then having to go like scroll through all the shots and hating them all because you just don't like looking at yourself on camera came out great. You looked great fine. I'd be more worried about your dog until she she did interrupt a Lotta takes especially the ones where ahead chicken mcnuggets in talking to assist basically dog food. Did you feel like you were going insane sitting at home? Why am I here? This is four it also sort of Nice because I didn't have a whole crew around me like waiting waiting to go to lunch. And they're all looking at me like another sake shooting with the whole crew there. Sometimes we should stuff the call it the old show. Yeah where there's twenty people standing around and if you're shooting it through our control room they literally do have to break for lunch and everyone is just staring counting down the seconds. Why why are you keeping us from our sandwiches? Like if you're like well you maybe even if you're thinking that in your brain you can't say that out loud. Yeah no I learned long ago that the only rule is just act. Like you know what even if you change your mind later. Just be really confident in your decision exactly one I guess. Unexpected positive side effect of everyone being home is that we got to talk to some people this week that don't live in l. a. and we normally wouldn't Greta chat with them very excited about this week's guests. They're actually a couple. A couple met at the old late night with Conan show and we thought it'd be great to talk to them. They're happily married with two beautiful young kids and the talk to us after they put their kids to bed. It's Ellie Kemper and her husband. Mike Coleman both very successful in their own right of course You probably know Ellie. She is the star of unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which she didn't even mention this but there's a new episode out this week on that flex like didn't even promote it which I think just means that she's some kind of angel we've found out after the fact and it's called unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Of course kimmy versus the reverend and it's an interactive episodes. So you get to decide Howard venture goes like she could get married or she could per murdered nation. I can't wait to watch it. Yeah especially interactive show for a pandemic is perfect. You can really that can eat up almost day and a Michael. Cohen is also a successful writer producer. He not only wrote on late night with Conan O'Brien but he co Created Eagle Heart and Nathan for you. And he's working on. It's a secret project with Nathan. Hbo AND HBO. Max that something to look forward to. That should be great. So here's our delightful Combo with Elliott and Michael Lovebirds Sir. We're here with Ellie Kemper and her husband Michael Cohen and Michael Coleman and his wife Ellie Kemper. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for having US my God. It's like five. Am where you are. You're no we're actually in the Mid West. Saint Louis is radio boys saw Senate. It was little later than it was going to be. I think he's really flooded my so proud the rights. Emc no-one abides by mountain type. The St Central Standard Time. Oh yeah the second. There was a hint of virus in the air. We fled to Saint Louis. Wow southsea took the virus there on the CNN. Hot spots could actually see dot crossing. We're here with the super spreader families. Wow so you've been locked down in saint you're based normally in New York City. So that's right. Did you ever imagine you'd be in Saint Louis Law? It's very strange. So the reason we're in St Louis. I grew up in Saint Louis. I'm from here and we're staying at a friend's house but the friends aren't here and it's weird because normally only come back to Louis for holidays or like obviously visit to see my family so it's for me. It's weird because my memories of childhood are colliding with this horrible horrible unreal. Time that we're living in and for you. I don't know what your experience has been. This has been totally positive for me because we have two children and there were some friends of at least family lettuce. Stay in their pool house explicitly when Mike Pence going into more detail is the Pool House. Only complementing what you said. It was your. He was standing. If you're in the Pool House timing you also get control of the pool as well. They're not opening the pool this year. It's it's not covered related. It's just it's it's an old pool and they don't want to open it totally understandable but there will be no pool just deal. I want out of this free situation. Fool House implies working pool Yes yes I never have accepted. This sanctuary had a new known. I'll show you the email pool parties pool house it was consistently referred to as the pool. Slash Cabana why new to you have two small children so it it does seem like kind of the ideal time to be stuck at home. Because then you don't feel like you're missing out on anything out in the world. It's not like you have to say no to all your friends fun parties and right now. Michael. Ellie. Can we rewind a little bit into the past because you two are one of the only successful? Conan couples get there were two other couples another writer. Right Andrew Weinberg and who the other couple were there. Any people people that actually a are still together. O Our head writer Matt. O'brien yeah. Of course he did. Yeah all right good well. We're we're proud to be ranked among and then there's probably a lot of one night stands. Oh many talking about so ellie. You were an intern at Conan. First of all. I was an old intern. I was I mean old. In Years I was twenty. I turned twenty five during my time. There she was older. How did you end up being fired when you hire sister? Carrie Kemper Nee Kemper. Now do in. My younger sister was an intern there. Like when an appropriate aged twenty doing well she got me interview with Aaron Cohen. We all know and then at when Jenny four and I got the unpaid internship. That's why when I mentioned carries younger sister. Own Right not physical. I thought we were there because there are no but no I was living in New York trying to figure out what to do in this and so again interviews cashing casting intern. Yes I was the casting in term. We're you hoping to be an actress at that point. I mean was that yes I was doing on on teams really smart. We'll thinks. In retrospect it was at the time. I feel like if you're an intern. I guess you're learning the ropes. You're seeing how television production happens and I guess because of these aspirations to become an actress. I guess that's why I didn't ever specifically for the casting department. But that's where I was put. Yes I was doing. Improvisation at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and the Peoples Improv theater. And that's what I was doing when I was in New York at that time and I remember there was some Satellite TV channel. That we did that was. I can't imagine that it aired. It was awful. I heard smiling. Smiley was the star of it. How bad this world. It's still a producer on the show. It was called dinner with Al Pinata utterly unfriendly. There's the entire concept for all that he wore undershirts and spoke in a loud voice he through food at the camera. Yeah it got punched by the cameraman. Because he drew he threw a tomato at curt deckers camera. But this was when you had pitched Michael. Yeah but I guess and then I asked I mean. I'm hoping it was frank. Said he was just helping. I think I think it might have been something actually pitched I asked to Celia L. E. could be the daughter suit Gilliam director. It was the casting director. You went and you so you had seen E. around the office. I'd like to take credit. Yes it does. I Bet. They definitely thought she would just look funny on TV. But also kind of hoping that you being overture. Yeah oh I'm like. Hey I got you this big well. This is also something that is. I was the reason we've have a good relationship. Our marriage is we were friends for like two years before we ever went on a date and good friends. We talked a lot and hung out. But we've never even Scintilla of your end known each other for years. Yeah Great Great Long Gone I guess from the office that that you guys were still keeping in touch from the CONAN again from being an intern was just because I was only an interim for how long are the six months probably master yes semester. And well if you're still in college we're not out in the real world not getting paid for their work. And that's that's a that's a disown me not internships. Internships are not paid. That's gross. Yeah in order to get the internship. I've got college credit at the people at the pit. The People's Improv. So that's how I got smart really Dutch but figured it out but we can be friends real scale breath spiring interns out there who are above the age of twenty two so yeah we continue to hang out and then and also. I did see more of you because Cecilia bless her would put me in sketches on your show so that was after that was posed internship yes and then the great thing about actors on late night and I'm the co all the CONAN shows. If you're in something in everyone likes you you start getting used a lot. Yeah which is great because most of the time it was a form of cheating because you knew who cone late and then you would cast them in your piece suit purely to manipulate him into using it in this. That's secret code and I'd see people bring something into rehearsal and the curtain would open rehearsal. I'd be like Oh no they. They cast him. Because I knew someone Conan didn't light wasn't a fan of this performance right because it also works the other way. Where if there's somebody that maybe he's saw one thing that he didn't like well. It's a tough business. You were one of the ones that he liked. I hope so I listen. I you're right so I don't know that ton of sketches. I was in I listen. I really won the lottery. Because maybe we trace it back to Carrie Kemper because getting an internship I get to know ruin their. I've been I got a husband I got you is. It was a very successful husband hunt. It's so weird because Michael. You seemed older than than you do right now. I've said that many because that was the front I would put up is that I was like you have this whole lifetime before I dunno. It's with us all right. Did I was like wow? This guy has absorbed a lot of old man stuff. You just talk about Italian movies from the Early Fifties. Like what did he do? Y All just in this in the search for some kind of personality in La like led this life in La. That seems so I mean you wrote for this mysterious life of writing for mad. Tv hulley was so strange. Because you've got that job. As a young age. I is my life much more eventful than the second. The second half as much happier put. There was a lot of stuff that happened. Is We had good stories for while many great events in the second half of your life as soon as the best event they're the best events the second half so again we ought to cool house did get a job at. Mad. Tv when you were like nineteen yeah. It's well you know there was an interesting job when I was nineteen my first job. I was hired to be a the assistant for a comedian. Barry Sobel doing five minute talk show for comedy central. We ended up with qube ahead of its time aired. I mean they did air. I think at least once. They wanted to do these programs in between other after their movies because they ended it strange times and I think it was the first time Jimmy Fallon was ever on. Tv was he did. Stand up on this Fred. Willard was the sidekick on that and I started the guy who's getting very coffee and stuff but then we got along very well. We ended up writing a lot of the show together. And then Fred Willard just purely out of kindness. I wrote him a letter a couple years later and he came to our house to do a sketch. Show that my roommate Todd glass was one was doing a TV pilot. Fred Willard's agent is the reason I have got the job at Mad TV. So I hadn't really written anything as one. You can write to Fred Willard and come to Your House that I wish. It was more complicated. That he didn't I actually realized when he came to the House. He didn't remember he didn't know know that we'd met before. I just assumed that he would but he got a letter saying Oh. We're trying to shut up saying we're doing a show night. Would you be part? Would you mind doing us? And he came to. This is before email so he responded to the letter said Okay. He said as long as you don't film it or something and showed anywhere and maybe just just to do something for an evening. Wow truly for the love of the craft them right now to mail him. You have to send a letter Michael. When you started at Conan then you must have still been pretty young singles twenty four hours and not really too sure about the same age as Andrew White Work. Right when he started and he just been. An intern guys collaborated a lot together. We just learned. I did not know this that I guess you guys were just friends or maybe gone out in one or two dates and then hadn't talked for awhile and and then it was just yes. This is incredible. No I'll tell you exactly what happened. We were friends for longtime than we sort of started dating a little bit. And I'll be honest. I cut it off. I was like that's enough. Did aided really well. What happened was we went out of one day like actual official date and it was a nice time we like. It was obviously like each other and giggle the bunch. And then you told me want to go out after that and I got really solon and Michael Michael's a little bit You Pitch Yulin. Yes your child like. In that way. You sort of wine and mope and so yes you grew very sour and then you just decided not to. We didn't talk altogether right. It was just I guess you were. You were probably embarrassed right. I mean is that why people get angry but anyway but it's I I read the Gresh weren't talking and then see is all the members of my family. Who did this because we weren't talking for a while my mom email. We email all the time. My mom and I emailed all the talked on phone. My mom sent me an email that said Oh how is Michael Doing? I saw that he's sick. Conan went to his apartment to visit him. I saw it on the show and I had missed that episode. Iv Oil watcher. I looked it up online. I guess right there is the Internet then and I looked up and there you were and it's a very funny sketch I don't know. Do we still have access to? It wasn't a script. Yeah I wasn't a it was a remote or Israeli. They put it up on Youtube. When this Pontiac yes? It's really great. It's grand yeah. Because I realized exaggerating quality of I. I you aren't that and Andrew. I think Andrew Weinberg deserves the credit. He suggested wasn't Cohen. Just come to my apartment and see if I'm really sick. I don't know why it what I was thinking but I like to look like a team player. Ice continued to send in some jokes but they were the no effort into them. They were they were really bad and then he came and read them out loud in my apartment. I and then I feel terrible about the split. The Doorman led him up without calling me and so I think I think what happened. Was George the doorman nervous at the last second and called me right before Conan knocked? And you said you have someone coming up and the coney knocks my answer right away so that which felt bags that makes you look kind of fake within on the way out. I don't think they cut this out of where you at least wearing a bathrobe or something like you just wearing pants. You don't look that sick but I think because you're trying to put on for you. Don't look that sick and I've read some of the comments on Youtube video or wherever I and they are like he's not sick. No people were like this especially shit has a job like that and he's faking sick to get out of it. I mean one comment even said this is why we're going to go to war with Iran just my total lack of character when it air when we left we walk past the Doorman Great Job George Nice Security and then Who said that I think I did or I? I said that I said thanks a lot George and then Conan said he had great security guy here and then my super went crazy and I had this very strict Romanian. Super who four. He said you must edit that out of any rerun must never add this building as late night host. Oh yeah any thief could just come and say they're a late night show. The value of the building would plummet because of this the side of the building and he goes Michael. These are worth more than gold plunged into war with Iran. You so anyway I have nothing but bad memories of that would have a better memory now because my mom side alerted me to your poor state and then I emailed or called you or something to see how you're doing and then we that started his through us. Here's my com. Yeah it is a true Ram calm. The setting is Manhattan. Like everything is. Yeah the movie and then there's a doorman. Oh you Jordan was there and anyway. It opened the communication again. We don't I think the CAN I go back for. Chancellor is there's something. I forgot to mention and I feel like it could upset. Is that the only reason I ever got a job. Account was because when I worked at my TV I worked on TV and there were three of US worked together. I don't think any of US really liked it. There one of them was went on to be a great sound live writer and the other one was a former CONAN writer named Gregg Cohen. Who I became very good friends with Andy he recommended me to you and I don't I think that's the only reason you would have hired me as Bond Greg's recommendation. Greg was Greg's hilarious. The I love. He's my favorite right. I don't think I've ever met anyone. Funnier than him in a he but I think literally just out of spite for Matt like we hated there so much any. He was treated so badly that I think just to undermine the show he was trying to recommend me. Do you would be. I would be taken out of the writer's room there. Will it worked for spite higher? I thought I thought you would let the show before because we didn't ever like to hire anyone who already on another show interesting. I didn't work there. I think I would have left anyway. You didn't work sorry interrupting. I-i'd this romantic story back. Twenty years to I'm going to lake. Mary Love Story. Hello this is Sonum obsess yet. I'm Conan O'Brien's assistant and I have an Instagram TV series. You sound like a robot. Phone affects is your life these days. I'm helping people cope with life in quarantine by answering their questions. Things like how can extroverts cope during quarantine and what are some ways my spouse during all this to be clear? I'm not an expert on cove. Nineteen just wasting time. Keep an eye out whatever. What a great third grade presentation thank you. Even I ask for brand new episodes airing every other Friday on team. Cocoa's instagram. Yeah you get a cookie. That was terrible eight this I also love the Eli's mothers critic. Michaels on acknowledged that radio and fan. She was a huge Michael Fan and I have looked back in emails that I sent her time. And I said I go mom. It's really weird. We are not at all dating. We hang out all of the time and never had a friend like this because we hung out so often but there was no. I'm very moved. Elliot's mother is a brilliant funny woman. She is giving. Everyone should have been made through me a bone like that back then. Credible assist the reason. But I mean maybe we would run into each other otherwise but that's why we started talking when you started talking again. What was different about it for you than La. 'cause you initially thought that that wasn't. I think you were interested Romantically. Yeah I think that we can sing with such. She wasn't interested. I had other considerations. What is this focus on my career? It wasn't that different it was. I think it was still that we were just friends because my glycemic remember as being friends for so long. I think we're friends for two years. At least you were so hard to read. You never discussed your personally. I didn't know anything the dating anybody. I didn't know anything about that. Part of your life and just would walk around a lot and we have the there was a atm. We WORRIED ABOUT MY SON. Developing their three or anything twenty four to thirty two. I remember Oh. Can I say this because I'm so upset about this? Still there was one time. Was We got a big? Does after we were dating. We got into a fight. I had your head this late night. Hoodie from you. It was you gave it to me. I just had it. It wasn't like wearing a letter jacket or over so mad at you and I took the Hoodie. We're GONNA fight you're gone. I took the Hoodie and I ran up the street to housing works and I gave it away to how so housing works shop where you can get and I gave it away and then a week later what we had made up or whatever and I was so mad because it was such a great. Do you know what I was so mad. I donate it to the needing tax receipts. I don't know but then you regret it. You wanted it back. I wanted to back. Not only it was very comfortable but also. I was sentimental about. I'm sad that it. I hope whoever has it now is having fools I mean I'll send you pictures. Maybe you had to get out from I would love to. I bet you have this where more I mean giant redheaded caricature on the Church Evergreen. This lead really turns heads so then things just kind of clicked. After that he started dating again I feel like it was a while I mean how do you make that transition because that's A definite decision. It was like yes it was it was very you remember. We did win. Go from this limbo into suddenly. We were remember. But then there were many. I feel. You don't like acknowledging this that there was a very after we started dating which. I can't remember the timeline exactly that we were friends for so long. I such sick. My mom saved a relationship started becoming friends again. Then whenever the never turn got gravely ill then we then we started eating but then I do remember because we had. We have substantial break-up period. But I think there was that after the writer streak because we were dating during the it was and then there was another period when we were together. But I don't really remember never remember says you you real Sam Diane Energy thanks. Maybe one of my favorite pieces that you did was right after the IPHONE came out and it starts both of you guys you know. Were you the first iphone and you showed all the things it did it. It was like twenty uses and big I. I looked I watched this earlier too. That's how big the IPHONE is. It's so crazy that that the iphone came that there wasn't an iphone. Yeah prime we all knew weird but I remember it could yet. Where were we in our relationship? I don't think we can together in the sky and I never would have taken those kinds of liberties over rotated just wrote a sketch where you were in bed together. I know Mike Classic Comedy Guy. Move. I'm getting is the part that I remember Jesse when you're filming a love scene. It's least romantic thing in the world so technical part. I remember being like Oh boy it was. We was when there are some par a bathroom and we're GONNA blow drying and it looked the way they look. You actually were breath and so in that feel very thrilled. I'm trying to remember where what time of year that once I can't I just remember I think it was. The summer of it was just a month or two after his throat healed thing. I really remembered about that is I remember. There was some shots so terribly shy with Jason. She'll let me where skidding something squirting this is that he was climbing like Iraq. Peace Jot acting as of course yeah. I'm Brian Stack sole thing. That's a really funny sketch. Young I think I know what happened. Though is Eli's mom saw that sketch emailed Elliot. Said you look like a couple. It's possible that you two aren't dating. Just get it over with. This is a commercial for Apple. Tell me you're you're not not Michael Spill look sick. I don't know I got to save him. Remember anything happened. Did you find this? I've was the one bad thing about that. Job was that every single day was spent in the same three places like the your office the studio and that hallway on sex and I ate the same thing. Every single day angered work the same way. I have no idea of like what happened. During which years like I have no. I couldn't tell you what happened in two thousand five or two thousand three legged together. It sounds like preparation for being in lockdown during a pandemic when you're just framing jobs that everyone felt sorry Doing thing every day those just normal life. Not everyone eat the same thing day. If you had burger at the commissary every single day the little the breadcrumbs to my grave will feel Turkey burgers. I must have had never as an internet. Never comes your I wonder why owner what I did like a ten percent discount. There was a lot of the the sometimes when we splurge Weinberg and I would go to Katrina and Co in the concourse but this not why people tune into the young. Have you collaborated on anything since Coenen? No we haven't Michael. I remember at one point again. I don't know if it was when we were friends are dating but you were like. Oh we should write a sitcom together again. It was probably your friends and you're trying to like talks like a sitcom the idea that but no and now we. We've love anything here so I mean when we ever. Can you imagine the time we have together trying to write a very busy? That can be doing know. Who are the couples? Who Do that. I feel like that could be dangerous. It has the potential to be dangerous. I never found becoming rebels. Did that together. It just seems like too much to get competitive. Yeah especially if you didn't start out that way I mean there's that old adage like never higher friends to do you know what I mean right because messing fights so yeah we'll there's a great Old Timing but do you ever see. Have you seen born yesterday? The movie is a great Golden Judy Holliday. And anyway the couple of made that was married. Ruth Gordon and Garson Canaan. Famous else screenwriting. I think works well when both people are in the same profession. I think if they're like two writers to actors who do have asthma Competitive in but anyway. Yeah at the end of the day. Then where do you go? You're both still with each other. So you're oh how can we? I know well I was wondering like to end the day. Can't share stories like Oh this asshole I'm working right away to right there. The joy of being in a relationship is talking should by easy. Michael are listening. Stay positive I just love love trashing. People I trash people to my wife and I can tell it's like oh no. She agrees with them every time made that does she pretend to sign with you or you just see in her eyes yes presuppose it. I always assume I'm the blame for everything so yeah I just looked for evidence all around me to always there. I always find it in. Do you have a monster? I was recently complaining about some job to you and I realized Oh I complain about most jobs I started to think. Oh I think the problem was neat but michaels very patient. Oh this is interesting so you know how each relationship. I thought that my friend Joe came up with this. But I think it's like a well-known again adage. It's every relationship has a gardener in a rose. Yes yeah and it turns out but that there had one person has to be the nurturing and I do think Michael. I think you were a little meatier than I was and then I came on. It became clear that I was the one who is going to be the needy one. And I've noticed. I think that people say people don't think you have. I think there was actually gross online on your engine. You Rose had growth. The rose rose grew in transformed into a human. I'd like to blame it on child because I thought Oh. I don't think any of that. That is true but I was very selfish person. I think it became less. Because of you I wasn't that busy selfish. I think it was just every big tantrums. Needed them that's interesting. 'cause people change. I'm here I'm here to tell you. Well maybe you keep switching back to maybe switch again. Yes not a role for life. Yeah I guarantee you get sick again. You might go through tantrums. I mean not like non trumpy when you have a little hindrance at work. Sometimes well why you used to refer to period. I mean you'd get upset about something. It would just make me laugh. Your voice goes up a bit and it's it's I know it's like a squirrel coming into complaint. Get Out of the office always had a great relationship with Conan. Where you guys. I think whether reasons he went down to your apartment to check on you. He wouldn't normally do that with someone else. It's because you had a great needling relationship. I know I always wished that I had that. I actually had felt better. So you can find. I don't know what that relationship was but I it was. It was from mild. Need Him needling meat and mild needling of each other to physical violence. That's the normal course employer. Chess the brother. You never had relationships so but it was never seen anything like it really because remember one week. We all went to Los Angeles shooting. But we were in the parking lot of Jerry's diner my thing with Conan that I never. I didn't understand limits like so if if there was any sort of mild like pushing from someone I would immediately start like thrashing my arms and grassing them I think. What have I did something? Where made some probably joke about my face and then I grabbed. His can't auditing yanked it? Life very aware very witty thing to do is he yank on someone's pants and then he notices pants torn and then he completely ripped shirt off my body and I had to sit down and Jerry's Deli and and that's the only time I just didn't say what is this relationship. Dominant submissive parody. Strange Michael. It wasn't like we like the two of us. There's always people around. It was just as I was there. Hey Yeah picked up the TAB. Yeah no question. Gee I don't know if you if either of you have anything that you can talk about. But what is your experience right now. Being locked down in Saint Louis. Are you working on anything is there is stuff just kind of on hold? Michael is no was lucky. We've been working on this. Hbo Show. That is mostly a documentary style shutting so we had most of the show and were able to edit over combination of Zoom and one of the program. So actually it's kind of just finishing work like we normally would and it's been like a very nice little scaly. Levian done shooting in all of that. I mean very good timing when side show coming out or I don't know neared hopefully I'm hoping over the summer. It's something working with the Nathan fielder and this daytime you right off every season and then show the best yes incredible and then And this guy Nathan met named John. Wilson who's really talented documentary filmmaker? Who has his own style of completely own child? Making these films are at the sinkhole. John's movies dot com. That's what we've been working on. Well what's happening is Conan doing shows right now. He is yes. We're doing it all remotely every night. So what are you doing today? Zoom Zoom and then. There's comedy every night and it's all being made by individual craftsmen together over the Internet. You know either. Filmed the commercial on a little little mini trial. Have you found? That is helpful in a way to you. It's exciting to have to come up with stuff. I think your house the phone that seems like it could be I e change in your daily schedule initially exciting and the nature two days. It's like Oh yeah. This is good but it's also so much fun. People know that you had to make this at home. I feel like right I appreciate you. And that's what everyone's like at very beginning. I felt like what of just this current condition. I was like what is this. You're seeing insides of everybody's home. What are it's amazing? How quickly it's become normal. We haven't been able to watch that much Watch the today show one morning and I was like home. You like everything is it's normal now. I wonder what will in the fall. I Guess Navy Shows the audience right. I don't know that's I don't know it's that's the big or do have people sitting you know six feet apart so you've got fifty people in but they're spread out there threat right. It's an emphasis Sweden is doing. I think right now. I think if everyone wears their cars. Yeah it'll be a tower all drive in theaters. They're all coming back. Well I have one other last question I think very and I wanted to set Greg Cohen up with with Kerry my sister who got me the I mean years ago would have been. That's how much I love him by your mother's like I love that. Gregg Cohen something for Greg. The year it out all comedy writer son-in-law's. Well we like to ask all of our guests. If you have one piece of advice that you could give to somebody who wants to do what you're doing. You know thinking it could be. It could be anything it could be how to how to get started how to address. I'M GONNA go first because for meat. Michael you're going too far ear buzzer Jerry here. But we ship briefing my vice to aspiring. I guess actors would be. There's nothing funny about this will be create as much of your own content as you can which now it's such a different era it so it feels like there's so many more platforms to create on with that. It's even I duNno. It's more. It feels more accessible now as an actor. You're you're allowed to time. You're waiting for things to come your way a script to land on your doorstep a Eurasian to call I think in order to get going you have to take charge and create as much as you can. I guess how actors are or should be writers but I think it's about taking control so that you feel that also gives you confidence so I would say genuine trying to become an actress in Crete as much of your own kind. Bullets van we. We've never discussed. I'm not like this isn't like I'm setting up bailing. I really don't know but you feel because you did Improv. In were met a lot of people in that world that made a difference in the option. The had the opportunities. Yeah sure are you. Recommending will don't recommend the UC theaters. I know that. What are you trying to dangle and I just I feel the thing I need is kind of like Rub. Elbows with people who have similar interests absolutely. Yes and yes. I literally elbows now because we can't get trying to be responsible day Yeah and you could apply to most industries that yeah. It's always exciting when you first meet people with the same interests in sensibilities it's like. Oh Okay didn't know that they were there right. I think what the theaters did. I didn't even know that was a new about Chicago and everything but then when you know that was a big Improv town when it came to New York like Oh these people do what I'm doing. Yeah it's a great discovery and then you have this kind of natural support system. You don't even realize the support system people. You're doing the same stuff with her. Also become your friends was so funny. 'cause like when we were Coenen so many of the writers cone in were had come from second city in always hung out. Ucb Brian McCann and Jack Laser Brain Stack and Kevin Dorf so that was my whole life social life like I would not have had any socialize if it wasn't for this other that were had no arte Improv. I don't know what I would have done the night. Those those were all the people who what's your advice. GotTa rights successful than I am anyway. Never make that kind of dough if you feel enthusiasm for something. That's a sign that you might be good at it so you should listen to that so whatever. You shouldn't talk yourself out of something you WanNa do because you feel like you're not destined to do it or you feel like too. Many other people will WANNA do that. If you like something it is probably a sign that that's what you should do. That's good advice to don't listen to naysayers. I mean especially once you start creating staff having you know your own personal conviction about your taste and about your comedy. Sensibility is really important. Because you are going to have so many notes from this is a tricky thing now is it even though so many people have come from. Ucla. And I feel like it's improved the world of comedy a lot. I guess the tricky thing is to have your own tastes to stick by it in a not not feel like you need to agree with everybody with. Who's in the same field as you are? That's sometimes is trickier now. Yeah Right Right Right. You think about your favorite things you just love often there from one or two voices as opposed to something being committee it automatically gets one. It's so true and to me like and you notice. Tv shows like in any certain period. We'll all sort of sound like each other all has the same rhythms and yeah but I feel like the things that really really hit home with. You are usually just some one person who when you're young you just like Sit Upright. Can't something about it just graduate attention and you don't really know what it is but I mean. Did you have that when you were young? Reserve somebody that use this year. Yeah you kind of put a lot of eggs in their vast tested and out. Their career goes totally. Yeah well and then later on you end up hearing stories about how they were told no or got all this criticism from people. And you're like what no that person's genius will eat the weirdness of the exhibit. You hear something and assumed like it's a few get into music or any field that you re if it's kind of driven by your light year by needing to do it but it is to come across something when you're like. What is this until they need to absorb all of its constantly? Lucky to have that it is something has sparked at such a young age out. You know wife seems like it's going to be so long you look back and I still feel like Oh my God. My life has been pretty much shaped by. What's happened was fourteen? Let's not Michael. I mean you know you see something you like now. It's crazy like the old days you'd have to if you saw something. Tv You'd have to wait seven months to see that. I just in two hours. Everything that person's ever Yes it's crazy. I don't know how I feel about that but yeah I know it's so true song on your greatest love and weekend next. Well thank you for hanging out with extra material that you can replace while there's really no greater equality you'll be correct. They use so much for talking with us this first of all in addition to enjoying the podcast. It's so nice to talk to. We haven't we've only been together since we got here. So thank you for providing them on glad. The Bar was low it yes conversation. The only say conversation we've had my son talks to my mother every day exclusively about animals and some really. Yeah there's so much to talk to both of you about but we thought since this kind of rare chance to gate to together we don't talk about since you have such a your store on route and your site. I could talk all day long. I recommend the talking you at some point again. Nine years what you tell you both have separate careers that we didn't really cover it all and because we're both were here. We know what in a way? The relationship is our career is. Maybe you're both the Gardner maybe turns out. I do some nurturing that means they're no flowers gardeners it's well. I'll my fear sentiment I am. I am the luckiest man in the world and I said this to Kona I should I tie yes. I think. I made them uncomfortable when I said this. Not the same thing is true with you. Might that So many of the best things in life from you because you hired me on that show and it was the things that ever happened to my life. Yeah and it's the reason. I met Emily and almost all the things to do after that so I really appreciate it. We'll just do it. Greg Cohen tells me to do. We all do work during this time of quarantine. Tears again at the heartstrings. Serious let Elian Michael. Can you let us know when you get to leave? Saint Louis? I'm curious. I'm so curious to know I also I just we. We don't know where we're New York is with small kids not ideal right if you have any suggestions you locate for a year. Yeah right just stayed. Eventually they have to open that pool. I was I was going to say find a new Pool House with a real gamble objective number one but yeah anyway everyone figure out what to do. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you great. And that was our interview with Elian. Michael yes hopefully. They got some sleep after that it was certainly they wanted to keep talking. It was clear that they had not talked to other adults in a while. It's true that's when we strike and I love their love story. It's a lovely Stri- I had no idea about. Eli's mom and her role Michael did if anyone had out. There has any matchmaking requests. They should send them to Eli's that's a great idea. Yeah all right well. That's it for us this week but we'll be back next week. We hope you're all staying sane and safe stay sane and say and stay inside. Thank you Dr Chee. You're welcome. We like you inside Conan and important Hollywood podcast hosted by Mike Sweeney and me Jesse gaskell produced by Gen samples engineered and mixed by will becton. Supervising producers are Kevin bartelt and Aaron Blair executive produced by Adam. Saks and Jeffress at team coco and Colin Anderson. And Chris. Bannon at your Wolf. Thanks to Jimmy. Vino for theme music and interstitial. 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