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Corolla is unprepared live all winter long it for bad with no material go ahead. The mm-hmm Adam Karol is unprepared at the theater. In Milwaukee on January twenty fourth and in Chicago go at Park West on January twenty fifth. Get prepared for Adam Corollas unprepared by getting your tickets at Adam. Corolla Dot com well. Aj Benza hanging out. Cracking wise news coming up always good with age as well. I'm going to beat the Milwaukee Paths Theater hitter. That'll be the twenty four th on Friday. We'll do stand up there and unprepared and then Chicago Park West. which is GONNA sell outs? He got to get going on that. That'll that'll be on Saturday and as well. And then we're going to Cleveland and Indianapolis doing stand up all over the place and if you'd like to check check out but he is finally ready to be seen on chassis DOT COM C. H. A. S. S. Y.. Dot Com Willy Tease actually in town doing a student at doing a publicity for uppity. So we'll keep you guys posted on that A J Benza. in-studio famous a bitch. Aj breaks down the scandals. And tragedies of Hollywood subscribe on Apple podcasts as well mccollum fame find out radar online. Dot Com Can I say this real quick speaking. Aj Benz I know is a good time. I was going through all the drops every year at the end of the year last year. Looking for best drop drop of the year I guess Paul Blah and here's a great the awards are there's too much good stuff to pack in some stuff just like it has no place in here. There's not enough time or whatever and I can awesome drop. It wouldn't have made the drop. His not a proper drop persist a great moment. I every once in a while I'll come across a dropper moment life out loud not stop thirty seconds. I'm like remembering. So here's a moment from Aj last year. That didn't make the ace awards but was one of my personal favorites clips. Aj curious if you have anything on Tori spelling because factor. Yeah Little Bashful Day should have been more open to speaking of droughts. Can I let you guys here. Someone's twenty five seconds. This is my nephews flatulence and he sent me this on the phone. You take this and he sent it. I want somebody to be out during the Guinness Book of Records. Listen that is on. The show has reached a new low time. This time to fight. It's real. He's my nephew is listening to all this. He thirty nine it trying to go back to back and gusty usually that usually he says and seen at the end but it was too emotional ocean. Emotional gastroenterology racing. I've ever I've never ever. That is what but I used to call nerve dance after a long day. The longest part you'll ever lat long. Here's the longest fart you'll ever this is. This is the scenario or the longest far. You'll ever let it. is you go out on first date. You pickup pickup Gal at eight. PM You go to Thai Food Restaurant. Dirk Cuban food or Mexican food right into the restaurant Iran right you then have that hour and a half to our meal you go to movie theater to catch ten ten ten thirty showing then then watched two hour movie. You then end up back like at her place on her sofa for like an extended make out scene. Yeah Yeah not you gotTa Boehner you got a belly full of food. You're not GonNa do the outside of the grab and some rubbing a and some harm pain and at some point when you now it's about two. am You decide a look. I we're not going to have sex. Take my belly's fall and you do that. Move Because you gentlemen or you go. I you know it's the end of the night a get up and you walk back to your car. You're now you have not farted out and six six six hours yeah also you have the adrenaline owner her and patient. And whatever and you get into your car and you shut the door. Her started. Walk back up the path you let a afar go that is essentially. It's the human centipede of data. It is twenty six parts that have turned into one long far train trained. They're all like wait. I got like a train station. Let's join forces you ever. I've been here since one that you ever want to destroy a man's world you make out on your your make out on the Sofa. You walk them out the car he gets a car. He shuts the door. You start walking. Stop turn around and head back. But he'll be looking to go branch broken they'll put his head out of his Co.. Getting out of the car I took let we get out spin around real quick. Listen they'll call it gets worse. Took downtown Julie Brown on a date with nine hundred ninety one. I was crazy about it. We had a great night. The whole thing dinner Flamingo East. Remember took place on fifty Getting back into the car to go someplace else and I dropped her off and of course she comes back and I may believe that to go. Check the trunk McClellan. Something's banging trump as she sits back in my car. I looked out of foreign had for so long. I felt like she's fancy. Hear that Shit Shit myself a little bit listen. I had black Gucci Pants on cost a fortune. I WanNa tell take my stomach kill me. I don't WanNa do this tonight. Your girl it's like rushing the big fag and then she went home and I went back to clean out my pants on. I'd say please just not not not this way Jen. I'm not that kind of guy. Can you guys agree with this. We're very deep progressive or all woke. We understand the have now and they're gonNa make it mandatory in many California restaurants and and public places lactation centers nursing. You're going to have a little photo map for the for the curtain. All right can we have a farting center. We have the place where we just excuse ourselves. We don't WanNa do it at the table. We don't want to go destroy the math Rome. Where's dad this is happening? This is a health crisis I need to go in here and just just get empty that tank humpback and enjoy my meal because you go on that date but you're sitting in the car with the person you're sitting at the table with the person she just sitting in a quiet movie theater with the person. Can't you're back in the car now. You're on there so fun. You're candlelight. Now there's no place too far no so you can have an hour's a nerve gas Thai food that car that isn't longest tomorrow a man will ever let absolutely that. Is the at the airport. You go in there. It's very dynamic too. Far travels to vantage just like they have the terrarium. I mean the air comes up from the bottom up top. Yeah displays or I love the smoking terrarium at LAX. Glass is look at all the losers act. You know my only the only thing I want with the smoking terrarium is some kind of zookeeper in Khakis and desert boots with a piss. Ellett like walk around Kane Tavern emptying ashtrays pointing at Ashby de that Ashtray astray goals smoker. Like when you when you go to the La Zoo and if sometimes when you go to the Reptile pavilion you'll see the person they're they're feeding the smokers you know. Everyone's got their face against the glass. Here's some crickets. Don't glass foyer. Foia scares them. That some of these guys smoke at unfiltered. Be careful if we just had a farting just guarding Kurt. Move when people you know. Somebody's in there. Would it be almost like a glory hole where you just kind of back into it real. Yeah like you sit down on a urinal yeah no not a urine on you. Sit and that's your back into a hole in the wall. Yes England near the four guys around the Post and go pee. Yeah Yeah. Let's talk in their post. I I WANNA hear your nephew thirty nine twenty six and I'll tell you what. How old is he? He's thirty nine. He's just had a baby the baby on the way he said. I'm going to call child. Protective Services is this is a twenty six twenty six center yesterday. Sent me this one. He wants me to compete. I said I don't go more enforce I I gotta you know you know you know it's going to be a worthy adversary form Kennel. Kimmel's good dear. Well we just good knicks Antara Knicks enter records labels them. Let's go racehorse. Let's get words with this sound unlike chainsaw. Yeah he did he did. He does what in gone in sixty seconds ticket of name stole the car we all. Don't you names well. He's a he's a number two. What would you call? This is part of this came in yesterday. Three thirty Pacific Time. Here we go. I have a gas has pointed to stroke. It's at the end. Is Everything all right. Max Learns you find me video of a Yamaha r d four hundred revving okay. It's a two-stroke great game. It sounds like this game dirt bikes on a hill like someplace outside Vegas. Rd four four hundred probably be like a one thousand nine hundred seventy eight nineteen seventy nine but just just a video of a two stroke rd for hundred Yamaha ah-ha and the guy throwing a wrench. I think we made just call this one. Our four hundred. Oh Wow all right police on the line Max. Raise your hand when when you have. It would've known that let's see Paul Forty Four Kentucky. Yes hey guys. Taking my call guys had a good time in Tokyo. Couple months of Gallison. Yeah thanks Sam couldn't hang together But worked out real quick when Moore was under the day talking about Goodfellas Priscilla's and there's some really cool that happened that day When she shoots only his hand hits the glass and he puts his hand so of course eighty and Deniro? Niro listen to the ER and it's usually up to the front desk. They're trying to explain his hand with the nurse freaks out because he still has a squibb's on he has like seven bullet holes seven times. UH-HUH I did not know that really. Yeah that's great. He's told her story H.. Look at cameo ransom all school. Thank you way back. Yeah he's Going no thank you. I don't know if I'm so So Adam so your first movies. The Hammer was about you covered boxing carpentry. And then move hard you cover stand up and carpentry and I was thinking even thinking about your third and kind of have have a pitch here. You're thinking about your third documentary your first narrative feature film you know in my in my pursuit of a variety in my in my life. The as I get older I'm trying to write a spoke to a doctor. Be a stand up. I WanNa do all different things I do sit down with Chris Morgan of fast and furious fame and and hobbs versus Shaw and like. Let's do a big blockbuster action he kind of whatever and we've been kind of going back and forth on on a couple ideas he is a long shot and it's years in the making but for guys made a couple independent films Rom coms and more than a couple documentaries this this would-be way. This would be a whole new animal and I'm in now in the mindset of doing whole new animals so crew something big In that in that Genre Paul you have a pitch playing an actress last racecar driver. Curricular I did the notion of being in front of the camera right now. This doesn't sound alluring or or or practical goal at this point but Writing something creating something directing something but thanks ball we have. We have the sound of an Ardy for Yamaha revving. So let's see if we can they do that so yeah let's see if we can bring it down a little. Let's see if we could match up the page as far are so we're talking more more dungeon door this burns into the argue new. I mean no argument marriage. I tell them I'm designating has ignatz. Four hundred people are really going to know. That mean sounds like some sort of code for what that far too like some sort of radioactive materialised transport. Artie Artie Artie. Four hundred all right. Let C. J. O.. Oh rich banks. We have a rich homeless person song. I'm trying to think I'm time I KINDA WANNA do the news with the age. Aj's because a lot of great on that all right. I'll tell you what I mean. Max will will will get RJ RJ to send you over the I'm sorry. Aj to send a RJ BELL AJ to send you over the Tape of that. We'll see we could mash up the RD eight. Yeah Yeah J. and and we'll see if we can clean job at that I because it's important. Yeah we're doing I Let me hit Ziprecruiter pruder our. It's the New Year perfect opportunity. Take Your Business to the next level by hiring the right people finding qualified candidates can be challenging things ziprecruiter dot com slash. Adam makes it easy. ziprecruiter sends et your job to over one hundred of the Web's leading job boards plots ziprecruiter recruiter scans thousands of resumes to find the people with the right experience and invites them to apply to your job. 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Monthly nut is about to bust this month ship and includes a Mr Burcham tape measure Z. You can remember the horrors of the jungle while marking that two by four a wallet. Ninja credit card multi tool. There will come a time you will save the day with a sack of Ozzy's famous flank. Steak seasoning. You can make your me taste just like Ozzy's and as always a bottle of your choosing the sixty dollar value is yours. Search for only twenty five dollars sign up for one month or keep shipments coming so prep your mail box and get ready for Adams. Monthly nut giving Komo News. Gino break viable. All those crazy trump tweets give grant troubled the Gina Gina The news with gene. CNN released audio of the Awkward Encounter Between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. At the end of Tuesday night's debate. We saw them Chit Chat with each other. But until now it was speculative what they were saying to each other. Tensions between the candidates were brought up during the debate with each of them asked about reports saying that Sanders told Warren Oren in a December twenty eight eighteen conversation that a woman couldn't become President Sanders. Denied saying it. It sounds like they were talking about this on the radio but it was basically then being in cahoots being like well. It's got to be one of us. And then pitching their case at the end of the debate warned Snub Sanders handshake. And then they had this little brief discussion before for Tom. awkwardly interrupts at the end of this Max Pat a look for the person at the debate. Who asked the question? Because it's great phraseology. Where they shea ask Bernie? Did you ever do this. And then he went no and then they said Elizabeth Warren when in Bernie did this. How did you feel heard me clearly very well off couple things? They're trying to get rid of burning. Yeah they're trying to get rid of Bharti just like they tried to get rid of burning four and I got a million things. I I think Scott Dan I when you go out to it dinner with somebody and you have a conversation. I'm sorry that's not meant for pauline some chin. You went to dinner with someone you had a conversation not allowed to fucking drop dimes on UNDEB. You're just not this whole thing. We're living in this world was like oh he was being recorded or they were talking at dinner the mic then have private things that are happening. It's not like the Sony e mail hack. You're not allowed to do that list. And by the way Elizabeth Warren has been caught lying then times behind sucking different things Lila was pregnant. told the hit. You hit the bricks as I was pregnant and alive private schooled line. All the lies all the time. And now she's lying about the Lee sexist guy on the planet but they're having a meal. Yeah maybe they said what do you think. Do you think of people have those meetings would have them all time like they would say twenty years ago. You think a black man can be president. I don't know if we're ready for the country doesn't mean they hate black people. They're asking their opinions. The country do do you think. ADS could be an. Do you think an atheist could be the president. I'm an atheist I'd write go now. I don't think this country is whatever it doesn't mean I hate atheists like do. Do you think the country's ready for people to judge a man to live to sleep in the White House. I don't think so but I love fakes. His long as paints top. I'm okay I'm okay all right so this is this is what actually was said when they're quote unquote shocking hands after you taught me a liar on national TV. Thank you called me a liar on national. Let's let's do it right now. One of the discussion. We'll have that discussion. You call meal you you told me I just WANNA say hybrid good up the fucking always doing now. I lagasse clueless. The point is this. She has this meal with them twenty years ago and then now just drops this bomb. Because she's falling in the ratings it'd be caught lying all the Louis fucking through this making yourself a victim all the way through. She's making a victim. So now she drops this thing that makes Bernie look like an asshole and now she's like you're calling me a liar now. It's not calling when you Aligarh. Somebody said did you say this and you said No. It's not it's not consumption. But that's not calling you a liar. That's answering Alecia. And trump's president the debates turn when trump set to hillary. You know you'd be in jail that whole thing if he would if we would have picked up him saying I you've been doing a great job of being a liar on TV. He he's as he was skyrocketed. She knows what she's doing she's been like. Oh you're both senators that could have very easily hash this out in the Senate right. Speaking of that I thought about Mike Murphy said the other day which was interesting that you know between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie. They're going to be out of commission for a while because they have some impeachment Schmidt hearing so they're not going to be stumping around the country like everybody else is going to have that extra time in that cleared playing field so also footage of Barney from thirty thirty years ago saying a woman could be president. Sure I I mean yeah but I'll see here's my if they went out to private meal and he said that to her her she's not allowed to share that the public twenty years later when she wants to get elected and become a victim again and she is shocking horror and he'd never would've said if she was running for President Twenty years ago. He said that he was just talking about you. Know I get it yeah she. She looks like the bitchy teacher. Who gives you a fucking G? The way she approached him was like the bitchy teach. She's she's just she's zero. Tide turns atoms. Whoever I like her skin but she wash face? Wash your the eight zero. It's anyone who tries to be the victim over and over again. Drives me fucking nuts. And that's what she does. Who Wins over ninety verse? Warn Presidential Race uh-huh job man. Oh he knows your question. Mecca Patta I WANNA be. We're here you're saying that you never told Senator Warren that a woman could not win the election. Boy Senator Warren. What did you think when Senator Sandra Sandra told you woman all my God? I never even look at the wording is not looking you. Were expected to to sanders being a candidate. They don't want him they don't they don't think he's GonNa win too radical you could hers Socialists. Run for president like that. CNN is going after Sanders now. Because they don't want him this by the way it's like CNN broke this story. It didn't break a story. Warrants camp said. He didn't break anything you should and by the way. Did you hear that phraseology. Like all he did he didn't call or liar. I didn't say that I know it's so bad it's bad it's sanders may get a job a second time. He will. He's he's too old. He acts too old and he's too radical and no no but he's going to get a job I think he's GonNa get job by his own party. Fire yes I pinky can beat trump or whomever the biden. month ago. All right so I'm sorry. Happy Phillips was CNN moderator. But why would would you ask why would you. A different answer was poor. It was clearly written ahead of time. Those those are set question was written ahead of time but also written to make her writings wrong just assumed he was going to try to explain himself as opposed to saying no bright and by the way. That's not calling you a liar. That's just saying saying here's what took place that's me. It's dirty pool horrible. I don't know if you saw this little video. I'll show it to New Orleans. Police were granted an arrest warrant. I Beckham Junior over accusations of simple battery after he slapped the butt of an officer following the Lsu's national championship victory over Clemson. So the sound. Good Game Yeah. Oh Yeah bleacher. Report says that police sought charges after the video surfaced of the incident in video. This Beckham. Junior here's a got he's got he was handing out money. MONEY CIGARS HOUSTON. LSU Locker Room. Oh I'm sorry I never I never hear the junior partner Odell tailback. I thought he was a kid on. LSU Odell Beckham was in the locker room celebration here right after. He slaps the COP A he saying. Get the Gat over and over again kind of taunting him. You see him in the back there so watch the guy in the back behind the COP smack. Yeah the fuck you idiot. Tease him Antonio Brown. The officer appeared to speak to back. And we don't know what he said. News outlets let's say police originally wanted a misdemeanor sexual battery charge. That was declined. Simple battery is misdemeanor. That carries up to six months in jail. Find a thousand dollars now. Well this whole member of the bridge incident with the slapping on the ASS. We're getting real serious about everyone's personal space faced by telling you this let me make a plea to my black brethren whether it's dumping water or slapping the ass of key has away even the cops. They're the guys with the guns. I don't do that yes. Things can happen all day for for black football hero Beckham and Antonio Brown shouting from his porch to the COPS punk ASS punk. What an asshole? I mean what. We'll look music video whole lot of money the the Again if that was on. SNL right perfect yes. Try to keep your hands away from cops cops on the other hand slap on the ASS. I feel football players. Get a cultural pass. They spend their whole lives lapping. All they celebrate out. They're so dwayne Johnson's father. Wwe Hall of Famer. Rocky Soul Man Johnson died on Wednesday he was seventy five five because of death. Not immediately released. Do you remember him. Brian Hughes before my time you might remember this often because the WWe WF. It doesn't have the great race relations history in there. Well I get into that briefly. A statement from the WWE released saying quote the physically imposing in wildly charismatic Johnson had several memorable rivalries. Like Greg the Hammer. Valentine and Adrian Donnas. He found his greatest success. When he teamed up with Tony Atlas List as the soul patrol? The two men became the first African American World Tag team champion and WWe history when they defeated the wild Samoans December tenth. Nineteen eighty-three rocky did help his son train to become a wwe star. He retired in ninety. One and I did a little research on him just because because I was curious and a couple of families don't show yeah shock from the first family. I believe the wife was what mum what's Princeton Jehovah's Witness and had. I think I don't know two or three kids and then met the rocks. Mom who her father was on the wwe circuit Kinda got together. And the I. I don't think they he knew about each other. Because the and had a little dwayne the first wife said we have to break up if you don't quit wrestling because our religion doesn't recognize. You know the Blood Ed Sport and he said no problem because he had another thing going. WHO's a very interesting story That wikipedia tells the rock grow up with him. As is Dan. Do Okay the second. The second equipped for her he retired. No he he went. He said no problem and went to the other woman who is the rocks mother and yes the rocks. Okay good well. That's good according to media. And he retired in ninety one. Want no recollection of on. Did you look at it. A little little tiny so man got a lot of girls man. Looks like any black tough guy from detective show in the Seventies. Yeah Yeah and the Rock. Yeah what we're talking about the Rock and work and genetics and all that kind of stuff but I think we got the idea that where the generics are coming from. Well yeah whatever. Works is nice to have a dad with that kind of base exactly. Yeah Pictures Jim Karol showed off. It's not nothing quite a contract expiring Aj Not sure if you have any news on this but we'll see prosecutors. Want to lock up Lindsey Lowe Hands Mother for six months for her. Dwi W I hit and run accident. Dina Lohan appeared Wednesday in a Long Island court where she pled not guilty according to page six assistant. Da Alexandra Wolf said she was seeking a sentence of six months jail. Five years probation. The judge adjourned the case until February. Twenty seventh so here's what happened. Police say she was leaving a parking lot when her Mercedes hit Honda on Saturday night. The driver of the Honda followed her. All the way home tipped off the police. The police showed up to arrester. Police say say a low hand was founded her car with the engine running when she tried to get out slurred speech and prefers face plant. Here's the inside story really. It's not so much that she got a little fender bender that she got drunk at outback steakhouse she wasn't outback. Is I felt for Lindsay. She getting if she got she got pulled over over like kind of I think seven thirty eight o'clock that means you started getting a drink on at five thirty six at outback. That's a different kind of drunk. That's a that's a double vodka cherry. We seven trunk. You know what I mean like what are you doing here you really wanna blooming onion that bed. That's one of my rich man. Poor man's is never eaten at an outback. Steakhouse poor outback was too expensive now. I'm rich and I'm not going out back. I I go there. He GonNa Chop House. I literally financially miss the outback steakhouse. It's like Vietnam War or at my age like Yes yes. Poor people are poor and rich people are too rich for that middle that's a that's a Dina Lohan spot right. There she might do you know. That's a felony. That's a second. Dui so that's a felony. I believe so she might see a little. Maybe knows the weird two weeks. Thirty days really could be well well and as I understand it a DWI worse than a Dui driving while intoxicated boom the end not good. Yeah I was thinking about mad mothers against drunk doc. Driving drunk and I was thinking about clad as well and I realize ironically glad is even more angry than why is he got a little bit of a sense of humor. You guys are Ripley. All the way to a group called man. WHO's not as angry glass? Anyway I don't think about that. That's great I'm more for said. Wow Clarita fucking kill you. They'll come after you claim. Yeah mad they don't like drunk driving not nearly as angry as Latte. Yeah yeah all right. That's good I will go to the next meeting and go. Hey glad you understand. There's a group called man and they're not nearly business spree it down with Roy down right okay. Well a lot of folks WanNa know how Adele achieved her dramatic weight loss and her former trainer said it isn't the gym. She wasn't really into into the gym and the exercising. She just Eight less Come dinnertime so Camilla known to self help self help fans as the Brazilian body audie wizard. She shared details on the British talk. Show lorraine she the L. A. based trainer says quote. I don't believe she liked exercise much and she changed her lifestyle. I believe that ninety ninety percent was dieting so she followed this thing called the cert food diet green juice and a thousand calories a day which according to you know what you should eat. Women I mentioned have about two thousand calories I don't know I'm trying to. I was looking at pictures of her. And I'm I'm I don't know I I mean I like the I like the plumper Dow. Really well she's pretty but I don't know what it is. Here's what it is and you see Adele when she's heavy she's got the beautiful face and you go look at. This is looking looking at beautiful beautiful but if she just lost a we heard Ashby stunning and then she loses the weight. And you go. She's okay. Oh that's a good point. I liked the potential of the fat down. I have this fantasy about when she lost weight. What extending creatures should be like every hundred forty? Try like you're not looking at going on my Gosh fucking hot now. She's still not. It's the potential. Doesn't pretty face. Yeah Yeah I get it. Yeah it was the student where the teacher goes. You're smart you have so much potential for you just study. And then they studying in the way you're talking about her. She made end up on the list of people most discussed to sleep with the years young ladies but you gotta get your hustle on you. GotTa you gotTa work at. It can't just just take a nap. And if on that list on fly yourself right well ah cutlery. Company in England has designed a new line of kitchen knives with square tips for a reason. It's an effort to reduce the rising knife crime that has plagued leg the UK according to the New York Post last October. The BBC reported new figures showing a seven percent rise in knife crime. which is a record? High Meanwhile the company. That's selling skip. Knives says in a statement quote with knife related crime incidents at a record high and a reported two hundred eighty five fatalities in the last year you're the UK government has taken the decision to reclassify kitchen knives as a weapon leading some retailers to remove single knives from sales in stores so this is basically a way just to stay competitive. They're not keeping knives in stores steak knives. Well there's a lot of to hack. They're having they they don't have guns. I mean people don't have access to a gun so folks that are wanting to do the murder in the mayhem and the murdering and the terrorist activity as well so as you know the end up with a lot of knives and a lot of a lot of stabbings so wait so they just so the nine square kidney companies sort of okay don't else that's leading the way because net knives. Apparently they're they're taken off the shelves. What about all the guys who make their living throwing knives gonNA affect them they don't WanNa the traveling carnival show guys are GonNa be with sitting in the unemployment line but the typewriter repair number? One company should keep going like today. We made a new line of shoes where you can run with scissors with safety scissors. Shoot it's okay to run with scissors. But only if you are a line of shoes yeah yeah bishop payroll really working on those things we can come up with throwing darts stars just fidget spinners. Yes throwing stars that are like all right. Let's do Walmart all right. Well we got the part mash up now this is AJ J.'s. My nephew joey this is. Aj versus are yeah. No it's not me. I know like the lead in the JJ JJ RDA. Okay let's see if you can pick out which is which. Oh Wow UH Man One bite needs a tune-up clearing throwing bark and flowers lot. I couldn't couldn't tell ten or to help maybe or greatest super creative contribution to the society and I was thinking. Should I bring this up or not. I know Jesus Christ what a great home for that far to this show. Not even my show which is something that's done but it's it's a little bit more people in the show the mind Saudi Arabia. I predict the rap community. Scott sample that heavily talk about. Let's talk about you. GotTa get ten percent. I broke it here. You kinda do sampled more than Kashmir all right. We got a business. He's GonNa keep trust me. He's fine. Well I'll tell you if if he could send them in if you could it's done and then we've been having a contest. I haven't shitting yet. He's the rocky Johnson. Already like this at home I will find the device that most mimics your nephews harding. And I think we're gonNA come across some chainsaws soon. Yeah even like those gas powered planes. They flew around. Yeah yeah ox motor. You're right about that dungeon door though could be a bit Frankenstein. Oh Oh four nine four nine. That was all around my school yard and we didn't get US kid costs money and brought. I do frisbee stealing shrugs Volvo money. Yeah right down Cox. Oh four nine engine. I think Yeah I think that CO X. Oh four nine engine. Was the PUCK chainsaw company s still that steals. It looks like still but it's a smaller model. Perhaps on some of those folks do deep dive and he may He may ask you. Yeah what do you want to hear. Well I'll tell you what because I'm a purist I don't want you to plant ideas. Do your do your darndest. Yeah we're the cocktail for nine. Engine Wow Talal going into wasps and the big big Hornets flying things. Yeah that's it that's like you know that that lacks garlic that Florida. I WANNA hear ship one more time and the rest of me laugh. Jeff The floor during the shelter nephews aisles. Better than the Yamaha means but it definitely does better the filter off a check for two stroke doc versus Dove four-stroke. Put the oil in with the fuel. Mix it up that sound not clean either by either friendly. No no no no Greg Berg. Not a fan doc or the nephews guilty little go head mash up. We need Greta. Saying how dare you over and over again while the Carvey for nephews farting all right. I'll give you some time. I went to about macari. Dawson got sixty three seconds here. We go car Own New Year's here make a resolution to deal with all the stuff you don't you don't hide it in the closet salad. Everybody all that junk you got all the Pfc. You're not gonNA use this stuff from last year. It's just piling up in your kitchen in your closet in your garage macari. It's an APP that make selling your stuff fast and easy. Just take a few picks add the description to it and get connected with millions potential buyers macari even emails shipping shipping label when it sells no awkward. Meet up five hundred thousand plus reviews on the APP store. Averaging four point eight star Star rating so ring in the new year with less stuff unless junk and less collider and put a little money in your pocket. That's Mercury M. A. R. C. E A R macari. SELLING APP. All right. I'll filibuster little luck. Greg how dare you over Aj Sixty seconds cousin ages nephew farting over there. I'll give Aj some Plugs by the way because he just brings it every time guest. This is the air and not only that it brings out the best and everyone around Fame as a bitch is the name of the podcast. Aj's It gets down on the scandals. Tragic Hollywood you can subscribe an Apple. PODCASTS and fame is the column you can find that on radar online dot COM Is Well Dawson's mash up. Greta and rd four hundred and the Joe Joe his ass right. I know they have to picture her in the room breath how it would you. How would you how dare you? Yeah Oh good sweating all right. Good am dot com for all the live. Show information and My book you can pre-order it. I'm your emotional support animal and you can check that out and pre-order it at Barnes and noble and Amazon Dot Com as well. We're working on that as we were just about done and Check out UPPITY and and Shelby American it's Over over a chassis. H. A. S. Y.. And their stuff's coming up on Netflix. As well so check that out and get the newsletter at Adam Corolla Dot Com until next anchor. Aj Benza and Gina. Grand Ball. Brian saying Mahalo late night. Who usually but I WANNA get laid? Follow the Adam Corolla show on twitter. Adam Corolla show following always on twitter at Adam Corolla voicemail. 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