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On the next Ron burgundy podcast. This is actually exciting. You got Mr Peter Dink Lynch Chang's impersonal poetry, actually. So a lot of people actually find poetry interesting. The same machine away series thrown of games and game of thrones. Ron in any surprises. We can expect from Tylenol Lancaster, curious minister. Iheart radio is number one for podcasts. And it's easy to see. Why? Find the Ron burgundy podcast on the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts. Mrs iheartradio's Pratt past but Vanessa them, all and the handler. Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us on another episode of Pratt cast as always is your host dean angler joined in-studio by. That's gremaldi Vanessa. I don't know what I say when I say, I'm just make up. No. But I'm I'm getting over cold or like, I'm in the middle old. And so it's just been a struggle. I, you know, my my sinuses. Sinuses are all messed up. I thought that it had sinus infection last night at like two AM. And I was thinking about going to urge and care, but I struggled through it. We got we got to talk about the hill today. So I figured you know, I had to get into the studio. But how are you today Vanessa? I'm good. Well, speaking of the hills rebuke as we always do on our favorite podcasts cast at Billy the practice doll. Do do you? Check your DM's on Instagram. Sometimes I do typically a lot of brands will reach out via diem on Instagram. And so it's good to kind of keep up on them. While you ask. Yes. I always check my hidden dams every message if I don't write back to people I'm still reading your messages and this one day in October last year twenty eighteen I get a message from I don't remember what his name was. But I get a message from someone saying, hey, I have to find the message. But it's so vague in my memory, but basically asking me to give them a call for a new not. I don't think they use the word new before a reality TV show that they would be interested in me being a part of the cast. And also like, oh, I wonder what this is some. Obviously my career peaked. And I was like, okay. So here's my number. Call me whenever so they called me. And the only reality show I've been on walked onto the bachelor and on fear factor. But I was ready to try something else other than just a dating show. And so, oh, you know, what rebooting the hills? Okay, interesting. And they said that they're looking for some new faces to be on the hills. And they had asked me if I was still living in LA. And if I was still single and what my work was like. And so basically just like some background information on what I'm doing and where I'm living. And I think the fact that I wasn't living in L A anymore was like, I don't know. Maybe that was the reason or maybe just they just didn't want me. But I was basically asked to be on the hill reboot of the hills. Just to be clear. It wasn't the hills. Montreal it was still the hills. No. In montreal. We have like so so what happened then with the whole process, then you had a couple of conversations with them. You told them that you live in Los Angeles anymore. It was it was one conversation of us on the phone and just going back and forth about like my work, and I live, and I don't think I seem that interested because it was kind of like. I don't know. Like when you when you did a reality TV show. You kinda already know like the back end of what happens behind the scenes and stuff in a little bit nerve racking in. We consider going on the hills. I what I mean at that point. I was single and I'm like, yeah. I'm not dating anyone and they're like, well, you know, you'd be like the single girl coming on the show, and I'm like, but I don't want to be the single me on the show starting between people and relationships. That's the most fun on you know, that would be like your that would be your roll, we'll speak. Hey, come on speaking of being single and being in relationships are good friends. Stephanie Pratt who's been on the hills with us for the past episodes one through six she's been rumored to be dating Derek pay from the bachelor per pay path. I don't know whatever the heck last name is. Cares. All right. Let's talk about the second. So Stephanie again, obviously it was on seasons. One three six of the hills. And we'll be on the reboot as well. She has been I think on one date with Derek who we know we know more about than we know of in the sense where he dated I'm sorry. It was engaged to your one of your best friends Taylor Nolan and a good friend of mine Taylor. No one as well. I mean, granted we talk as much as you guys. But whenever she's in telling me, hang out. So how do you feel about that? Stephanie and Eric. I don't know Stephanie Stephanie personally, but I know a little bit more about Derek. I don't know. I guess like whenever I hear anything like my friends or best friends Xs, I'm like like, you know, I get into defensive mode. Chuck up your initial reaction of hearing this as. Can we can we go on record and strength that as your initial reaction to hearing this news of Derek Stephanie? Question. Mark question. Mark question, Mark, how did that happen? But then I I listen to the episode and wells was the one that that like hook them up and made them go on a blind date, the the dates ended fun. I just don't know if they're the right match. Why do you say that? I don't I feel like let's go. Let's start off by giving because we don't know much about Stephanie, right? I don't know much about half the, but we. But we can't met her once and she's beautiful. She's stunning. She seems very down to earth. And what I loved about her is that she barely like the fact that she had lost her phone, whatever hotel shed left it there. And she's not like always on her phone doesn't seem like that much into social media. I love. Now, let's now it's onto that half. You tell me. And now, you tell me what you feel about Derek. Why went to a football game with Stephanie since we're we'll share opinions of Stephanie. I went to a football game with Steffi. No, no, no. It was me, and Peter actually, you know, Peter, of course. Amy, our producer. And then Stephanie and we went to a ran. It was like the Rams eagles game week sixteen of the regular season or something like that. Yeah. Like, you said, she was great. The nearly seemed to be on her phone too much fun to talk to. Definitely wasn't date by any stretch of the imagination. But she seems like a nice girl again. I don't really know her very well. You know, we spent a couple of hours together with a group at the football game. She seems very nice anyways, we know more about the other side of that relationship. So let's let's share our feelings on dare you go first. I don't like being put on the spot. A what do you think about Derek? I again, I, you know, him better than I do all of the Dow. Well, I met there. I'm no I met Derek maybe twice when Taylor and him were dating Sar when they were engaged, obviously, there's always like three stores three sides so story, right? So I know Taylor side. I don't know Derek side. I don't know like what what isn't between of that? That's a struggle for both of us is because both of us know Taylor better than we know Derek, right? And so it's like how much can you really speak about someone that you only know through someone else. With an objective with an objective stance. At least. Absolutely. So I I can't I can't sit here and judge. I can sit here and say anything, but all I know is that if you know like. But this I just know that. I don't know how to put my words into a sentence right now, we'll say your hesitation to speak on. It speaks volumes. Well, I. Well, then it's someone came and said something about you. I would like want to punch them in the face. 'cause like my loyalty lies to you. And so as much as you know, I want to say my loyalty lies to tailor one hundred percent does. But I also don't want to come off as someone who is ignorant or is immature because they're taking their best friend side when they obviously don't know what the other side of the story is. But I do know that you know, it was it was a loving relationship. And it hurt me to see how sad she was when it ended, and especially, you know, I guess like. Just want to end off on good terms. Sure. Yeah. You want to be as bipartisan as you possibly can be. Yeah. And so this is like, yeah. And so I don't I I don't know Derek that well at all, and I guess it kind of makes me sad that we never got to that point. Because Taylor was one of my best friends. Granted we've got a lot closer after the break-up because it was something that we connected on. And it was something that we both went through a an ending of engagement in the public is so yeah, I mean, I don't know. I guess it was an interesting. It was interesting for Eric to fly in for a blind date. Is very interesting. Right. Yeah. Especially from New York, you can't really get much further from New York to LA like that's basically the maximum distance in the United States that you're allowed outside of Hawaii and made perhaps. And again like it was his best friend wells, set them up. So if I if I were to set you up with someone now what I don't know. I just think that the the setup was a bit of a gimmick, right? And then took all through on. I mean, again, I have no idea. I listen to a little bit of wells was able to share on his Instagram story. But it seems like it's a big it's going out of your way a lot to fly six hours to go on one date with someone granted wells lives out here. Derek fan. So I'm sure they blew out here to hang out with him and love wells, obviously. And it was better than any of them. And if he can vouch for Derek than it's really like how you know. That's kind of how I look at. It is if someone that we really appreciate out for him. That's the thing. So if I were to set you up with someone and they were to fly from like, I don't know Ontario. You would probably be like, okay. Well, Vanessa setting me up with this person must be a good person. So never know Vanessa so in studio, Brian Jordan, I assume yes, how are you guys? I know. I don't look like Stephanie not quite well as lovely. Orwell's is lovely looking as either different. But how are you guys? We're good, man. We're good. We're happy to be here and talk to you guys. Hey, we're happy to have yet Vanessa's very excited. Actually, she was just asked to be on the season in the hills. And as we understand that what not just asked. I was asked like months ago. Sure, that's fine. But. But dole. OG season of the hills right season one, actually, okay. And you're one of you was roommates with the guy who was the main. Both roommates. So you guys were roommates with each other. And then one of you was dating. I I was. Exactly. Right. Okay. Gotcha. And so are you guys going to be on this reboot as well? You never know. Never know we could get all we're still friends with all of them like Frankie's one of our best friends. Okay. And so we will say nice. Yeah. Yeah. With reality television. You never know which I'm sure my gosh, absolutely last-second all reality was a little different than your reality. Because ours was a little bit. Like, you guys are still living your life regularly. Right. And then sometimes cameras would come around and film, everything that's going on. Yeah. I it's all reality. Was we're going to send you over to Switzerland for a week. Actually, he started filming the show, and I didn't wanna do it. I was apprehensive. And next thing I know MTV's in my living room every day for like months, and they're like come on. Do it do it. So I was like all right. It's invading my life. How does well sign on? And I mean, no looking back since I would imagine. Right. Little did. I know that for the rest of my life. My last name would be from the hills. Ryan from the it's like so then what happened after season one? Did you guys should not have any interest in returning or? I mean, Heidi broke up with me. And so that was kind of an okay. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, it was crazy that whole experience happened for us. Our I like week out in LA, just both we were both acting on TV show for for MTV actually in work. And so then we road trip all the way out to California together. And I'd say within like two weeks we met at the time. It was the cast of Laguna beach. And with Kristen on it. Right. Yeah. Our connection to that was in New York. We happened to run into Lindsay Lohan, like pre Lindsay Lohan, crazy, right? Right. Two thousand six Lindsay Lohan. Yes. And we kept in touch with her and all her friends Jason s Jess Schulman and those guys in when it came time, we're Brian and I wanted to move to California and we'd use road trip out here. And I think Lindsay was dating dating. She was dating talent was on the good be right? Okay. And so our day one in L A was like. Harris Hilton, welcome all these. We were living in like a guest house in BelAir in like some rich estate of. I think he liked Bruns Warner Brothers or something. He was like the head. Yes. Something with it was a surreal start to Los Angeles. Do you guys? Are you glad that's kind of how it started for you guys because especially as actors, right? And then you kind of move into a little bit of a reality world was more challenging or did it kind of opened some doors for you. You think it definitely opened doors Davis opportunity? I mean, we've made three films together. Okay. Hi, definitely gave us the availability to make those films it def. Yeah. It definitely gave us like actually one of the film's. We made. We were able to do it. Because since we were on a show like we got locations and favors. And so it definitely it was it gave it was like hitting the turbo button. When I got to town. So it was interested in it. Interesting as you're taking off from the runway, essentially. Yeah. Yeah. It was little we didn't really know, you know, little do we know become this like Iconex show. So. So yeah. The whole thing it's still kind of surreal. I mean, I was filling up my gas tank yesterday. And like some girl pulled the next man. I was like man goes kinda cute. She's like weren't you on the hill? All the time. It's even this day. Even though years later the union to this and that's from being on one season one season. It's bland, and they're constantly reentering that one. Yeah. So it's like the rebuilding and people are gonna like watch season once he's in ticket ticket cut up. So like we were on the bachelor wasn't staged at to the point. Because the last episode season six finale of the hills. You see like there's a backdrop of Hollywood sign that gets there basically on a set. So I was so confused on like what is actually leaving for Europe is she staying at all fake story. The relationship because it happened pretty fast. Right. She's like, I think I'm going to move to Europe. And then the next episode. They're having the same episode. They're like having a going away party for her going to your. I think it was a giant troll. They just. Yeah. Audience. Let's addicts use the world. One of the biggest questions you always get is. Was it scripted was it real, right? And so they just like why why not in the show now? I mean, it was like it was like you put us in a room like this. And they say we'll talk about what are you going to get Heidi? Kristen right. And it's prompted and we will talk about it. And then we would drift like normal people will have normal conversations. And they would be like, oh, can we? Let's go back and start talking about that Christmas thing again until they get what they want. And then you move on. Right. That's kind of how it was sounds very similar direct, non direct, right? Of course. So when the season reboots, are you guys going to be watching? Absolutely. We want to support our friend. Yeah. And the show and will definitely definitely be tuning into it out. And actually the film that we just made Frankie is in it as well. And in this movie we actually play versions of ourselves. And we make fun of being on the hill. We make jokes about like being. Elevator with somebody and it's like awkwardly silent. And then omitted, and they go weren't you on the hills? Why did you crash Lawrence party on episode one? Yeah. Which happens, and so that movie is called be like trees, and you can check out information. It'd be like trees dot com. That's coming on YouTube Premiera. Yeah. We're gonna premiered on YouTube. It's coming out the thirtieth of this Monica. And we're going to be having a having a screening you guys premier. Yeah. You guys are both if you're in Los Angeles on April thirtieth. Okay. And so beyond that. So let's let's go back to the hills in a little bit and obviously plug that a little bit at the end as well. Is there anything that happened on that first season of the hills? That's maybe like didn't get aired or that you kind of wish got air because obviously they have hours and hours and hours of footage. Yes. Is there anything that? You were like Ryan to stand up. He did laugh factory stand up. Now. I stand up comedy for the first time ever at the laugh factory. There was more people there than ever for an open, Mike. Let me tell you first time I and the Drennan was pumped, and it's actually on the bonus features of the. Season one DVD and actually to this day. I was in a restaurant like a fifty year old Indian man came up to me. I thought I was being punked, and he was just like I love to stint upset in the phone. It's not your side of the only person. Amazing thing. My father was on the show of like the whole pre like, where's your mind at and that all got cut from the season realize heartbreaking, they filmed our own storylines. We had our own thing. Like they were doing and stuff and ultimately came because when we first set out to do the show, we didn't know it was about four girls. Yeah. Yeah. Told us it was about all of us all of us individually. And how how we were just coming together. I don't like what Laguna was right everybody had their own storyline. I don't know if you were there for this. I actually had a part in a movie, which was lying a drag Queen, and they came in they filmed onset, and film, this whole thing. And it all got cut which I was like two. We're coming came to the side of the hills. While you were no the hills James set at a movie to film that mistake. Yes. Because that was part of the reason I didn't wanna do it was because I was scared as an actor like, oh, I'm going to be labeled just reality. And there were like, no, no, we're going to show you doing all this stuff. And and then they cut it all. You were labeled reality. Yeah. That's the question. So as actors and your comedian, as well, do you feel like that hindered your growth in the industry as an actor run around actually because what I learned was that especially like in the indie film world people loved like you have the fan base of being on a huge. So so I actually like to think I'm a pretty good if I ought dishes and stuff. So I think as long as you could say the lines, and you were good good at the job. They were like, oh great. Let's get that guy with the show million audience already. So I actually did like fifteen independent movies like just like crazy just because of that. So I actually think it helped and it can hurt you. But I think it only hurts you if you're just awful at whatever it is. You're trying to do like, you're not a good person. Which there's too many of those I feel like nowadays. Right. Yeah. Yeah. So and this was by the way, guys very jealous with both of you. Because when we were on the show, there wasn't social media at the date ourselves. Right. We didn't get. We didn't we didn't get five hundred thousand followers. Yeah. Like that. It's crazy. How the landscape is definitely changed or the past like even six years or so I would say, but hey, like, you like you said there's a reboot coming you guys might or might not be on it. Exactly relationships. I am nice. I'm in a relationship and actually, yeah. I am. We'll come on. And actually what. These in. I'm in love. But her n I interviewed several times with the hills. Okay. This this last time. So who knows you never know what the future will. I'm looking forward to I've been single forever. From the rat. Get your fault. I literally I literally thought about writing in like on your behalf and submit in wants me to go around. Actually, my friend was on your season out. I think about it Brian Abessolo you wanna see. No, he went to college together. Name fraternity when I saw was on the show. I'm like, I got to watch this thing. I couldn't believe it. And I have a friend that was on Nick Peterson played college baseball with him. And I think he won like bachelor in paradise or something, Nick. Oh, I thinking twice. He's won two shows. I think he lives in Florida. Is that right now he lives in Philly and Philly. Okay. I think I know Nick Peterson. I think I know who that is. I think he's on my season a paradise, but he might have him here. Excuse me. I'll jump in. He was a condition of the seven season the bachelorette a week five. He later appeared on one the third season of bachelor pad had then he returned again and won the flyers. You just show it win twice him. Is he happily married? Probably not. Guys, we wanna play word association game word association game with you real quick. So I'm gonna give you four names. I just want you to think of one word to describe these four people. Okay. Okay. And Jordan, I'm sorry. But I got asked the first name is Heidi. Oh, you're going to give the word just one word to describe Heidi. Also, okay with that breath, and Dan bear, no resentment. It sounds like. Can rate like fifteen years like lovely. Okay. Wonderful. What can I ask you? How did you? And how'd you meet it was through the show? Yeah. Through through with Lindsay and talent. Okay. So they were all coming up. I think Heidi had just I think Heidi and Lauren met each other in San Francisco, and like some college that they were going to up there, and then Heidi moved back to L A or to Laguna for a period of time in her Larmer light roommates. And that's how I lumped in with him. Gotcha. Okay. Easy. How about Adrianna? Great. I was gonna say awesome. But you said that for issues with beautiful. Okay. See it Stein. Yes. She is beautiful. Gorgeous. All right. I mean, these are all going to be complementary way come on. And he wants them to. But what about Lauren wars? Is always. So so nice. Yeah. Down where like so sincere? You know, she really she really is a great purse. All right. That was like sixteen where it's fine. That's fine. Fourth and last is Whitney and why. She went gosh. I feel so boring. I want you. I'm sure that wanna give you something better than these. I never really I didn't really know her that will I think she came on towards the in the I guess the first season, but we never really our world's never really collide smart that okay? Good enough. I appreciate it. I feel bad that we like I mean, I get it to especially like you guys said it's been a while. You gave me the dudes that could have. Frankie, man. See that's why I don't think we made for good drama on that show. We just love everybody. We're just too nice. Surely, it's funny too. Because you can see how some people get caught up in like, okay? Like crazy. I am like the more screen. I'm going to get the more controversy. I'm going to stir up if you're just gonna stick with your own base values and morals. It's like what what really do you have to offer? In terms of their reality. Like dramatic of it, all I guess, we're going to ask you guys hills trivia questions again, I know it's been a while. No this I answer. So who sang that being song of the hills? Tasha vetting. Really surprised you got that. I love that song anytime bar, buddy. Like. Okay. Let's see if Jordan you can remember this one. Actually, it's Brian can get this one. What did Jordan get Heidi further? Six anniversary a Chihuahua. Six month number. Yeah. Is it not a chore our Christmas? I think. I don't even remember six months versus. Was it on the show? Yeah. Necklace. Piece of jewelry piece of jewelry. I remember where I got it too. Yeah. What was the pair of your innings his a fruit? Yeah banana I think she's a misspelling in that answer. Could it be? Could have been a pair of earrings. Really love pears. Off relationship didn't work out. Hills season one trivia, and it really did say pair. I thought that was Jordan here. Jordan favorite fruit is pairs. What did I know idea Pearl Pearl Airways? I got the L. I don't know if I'm getting Pearl. I think you got a Pearl earrings. I recall, I definitely remember earings. Berlin. No, we're gonna call. Confuse on. I saw Roger getting that. Like, oh, thanks. I know. Easy. But can you guys name? Well, it's there's a lot of answers. I guess this one goes named Brody jenner's, former three step sisters and two half sisters, and they're all just huge aims now. So it's like, it's pretty Kim. Khloe courtney. Yup. Kylie and KENDALL. Yeah. What about can you guys name the show that Brody and Spencer did on FOX on FOX differences of Malibu and Malibu? So what was that show 'cause I didn't want no idea I actually saw and it was about them living in Malibu. I think they lived with his dad. Dad what you mean? I'm saying the Brody. Okay. What about let's see did Adrina data musician. And if so which musician did she date? Yes. Because they came into my comedy show. Chris, right. Was no lip synching back there. A huge group, isn't it? The guy plays the jokers Jerry Leto, thirty to Mars, thirty seconds of Mars her brother. No, they dated for sure. Yeah. I think his name was Bobby. Are you thinking of just a mob? No, no, no, no. It's right. Yes. Good. Speaking of musicians, and there, Shannon Leto. That was during the Shannon Leto ever on our seas. The comedy, the Shannon Leto is Jared Leto, brother. But the drummer for thirty second the Mars or he was interesting. I don't know how to brother she just likes to musicians. I guess it's gotta be annoying for him. Right. Aren't you? Jerry Leto whole life. Yes. Yes. Joan. Okay. While we're on the topic of musicians true or false lady. Gaga was once on the hills true. That was pretty gonna lead you into the answer. And that we wouldn't ask you. It was. On the hill. That's a great question. I don't have any further. So now, if I ever meet her I'm gonna but hey. Season was later Doug on doing investigate that right now. While they tell us all about the products, currently working washy she lady Gaga at the time. I think she was lady Gaga. Okay. She was like she was lady Gaga, and she was like wearing all her like crazy sunglasses. You had a trunk full of sunglasses as she brought to the show and her zipper broke. And I think I don't know fixed thousand eight and yes was lady Gaga. Plug which organised you said you have a movie coming out. It's called be like trees, a love letter to art and artists and kind of follows us story revolves around myself and all my friends, including Jordan co-director couldn't be here today is name is Chris Livingston. He's a talented singer songwriter. And really the film is giving you a behind the scenes look of what it's like to be living in Los Angeles, and pursuing your dreams in the creative arts in the movie. I am battling with the idea of is time to give up is just too hard to make it as an artist nationally. And the message of the movie is to never give up until always go for your dreams. And don't let fear in your way. And you guys can check that out. You can go to our Instagram at trees, go to the website trees dot com, and it'll be premiering for free on YouTube, April thirtieth hell, yeah. Nice. That's amazing guys. It was all filmed on an iphone true shot on an why the whole reasoning. So as we said we've made other films in the system so to speak raising million dollars half a million. Yeah. And I had to scripts that were optioned by two different production companies for like four years, basically, carrot dangling in front of my face. Like, okay. We're about to go into production. No about going to know. And Finally, I got fed up waiting for money. And just the idea came one day. What if you just shot a movie on an iphone and shot all around, Los Angeles us, all your friends? How could anybody know you're filming a movie if you're just using an iphone, right? And then I said, oh, let me look has anybody ever done this. And there was a movie that one Sundance called tangerine. Okay. And the whole thing was shot on an iphone four solid. That was the moment. I gotta ten now. Exactly. Exactly, I was like we're way ahead shot it on what the seven. I was like. Three generations ahead of these guys. And it was more of dislike one of the themes of the movie is don't get a perfect get it going and as an artist filmmaker you always waiting for somebody who approve. Yes, you have the job. Here's the budget. So it was like we don't need anybody's approval. Grab iphone grab our friends who are actors and comedians, and I wrote the story to be shot this way, and we shot in arenas bars. Cafes all over the place. Totally incognito. The production value looks huge and everybody that watches it. They're like, I can't believe this shot on a seven because if you get creative with the way, you do it. You just never know go any anywhere. We have bluetooth Mike zone and use like an optimal gamble keep it smooth. And never know. That's that's actually, really awesome. That what the movie is about is about as also being utilized behind. Exactly exactly on the reason. It's called trees is in the film. Character says because I love trees in real life. And I'm like you see trees bursting up out of concrete all around the neighborhood. Oh nice. I like it. He knows you knows. But yeah, this idea that trees won't be denied, just whatever you try and put on top of a tree it'll go around it through it. And that's the metaphor for making this film. Okay. We couldn't get a million bucks to make it. But that wouldn't stop us. Anyway. So yeah, I love it. Yeah. Well, so April thirtieth be like trees dropping on YouTube checkup at be like trees what about guys personal answering pitches. So mine is at Brian Drolet. That's B R A N D R E. Yep. Mine is at Jordan Eubanks, and that's Eubanks E U B A N K S two three and just reminder philos- out there Jordan is in love. Brian. DM got so much for coming in. We appreciate it. We're excited for the movie and the premier's. We'll definitely want to be there for awesome awesome. We'll do. Thank you. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome back to the Bob left's. That's podcast. That's right. I have all new episode with your favourite musicians, comedians promoters, and behind the scenes people if you wanna know how the entertainment industry, really works. This is the place to tune in for those unfamiliar with my act, I've been writing a newsletter for thirty years a who's who of industry people subscribe to my newsletter? Why are they tuning in? Because I make sense out of the chaos. I interview people in the music and entertainment industry to find out how they got to where they are what it's like to be in the belly of the beast. These are the stories you want to hear this is not puff pieces. I guarantee you'll be riveted. So every Thursday. Tune into the Bob left's that's podcast on the iheartradio app. Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcast. All right. And we are back with Emily, Marcus from us weekly magazine to give us some more insight on the hills reboot. Hire you with us. I'm only how are you? Hi, our new house. Great. Thanks so much for having me on today. Gosh, thanks for calling it. How's it going over there? It's going great. You know, typical Monday all good. How are you guys? I'm currently colder now, but Vanessa's always doing great. No, actually, just had another Stein. My left is. So just can't keep having size in different is. But lifers grade the reboot is coming out the hills. Do you have any juicy gossip for us? Oh my God. It's going to be dope. Great. We can hardly wait for it to happen. We have so many old paths member coming back. We have some really fun new additions. It's going to be really. Like me who, you know. She really feels like this show is a great new start for her after she didn't really get much of a childhood and much of a private life. When she was on the east not. So she's coming back. You're going to great. It's kind of her do over opportunity. And she's a good addition to the cast we've been hearing. Yeah. Well, I've seen like a bunch of interviews with her and the rest of the girls, and she seems like she just really fits in with everybody. I think he really does we've seen her out of that. Then there's a lot of girls like Audrey nonsensically kind of taking her under her wing. So I think they're really doing everything they can to make her feel comfortable, welcome. So what's gonna be different about this season? Obviously, you know, their people are married, Heidi and Spencer been married for ten years. You have a baby Whitney had to baby Stephania believe is still single. Well, first of all when they already filmed this or are they still in the process of filming still filming it should be coming out later this year. They haven't exactly released a date yet. But they're still getting content and. So that means it's not too late for you to jump on board and join the season. I think they wanted me as a single girl. So now, I'm in a relationship. So I'm getting people are on following me on Instagram. Just like life. I'm just listening. Have you been a fan of the hill since the beginning? Of course, what about before that with Laguna? Way back in those days. It's been so fun to see the franchise kind of progress. And then to see you where it's gonna kick off. Now, let me ask you then when they announced the reboot of the hills. What was what did you feel on the inside absolute freak out? Crazy. I mean, you can only hope with all these coming back that they would bring back show conic as the hill. So for this to happen. Just anyone dream rare for especially reality television show to define a generation, but I feel like between Laguna and the hills. It really did a good job of compass in the two thousands. And so for for for them to bring it back in essentially what's going to be twenty twenty. I wonder if it's going to redefine our era, or if it's going to be the show that the then the now sixteen year olds are going to look back on ten years and be like dang. That was a show that really like exemplified us as teenagers. You know what I mean? Asian people pursuing fashion careers driving BMW's hang out of Kim as it's going to be going to be so much fun. Because I remember as a kid because what the show came out in two thousand and six I think doesn't seven. So I was I was sixteen at the time. And you know, you're going up in Colorado. And I keep seeing the the show of these beautiful people just live in absolute life in southern California. And I'm like, wow. That's that's pretty nice. That's when you know, you made it is when you're doing that. And so now to see like rebooted, it's just I don't know to me. And I'm sure to to millions of other people's out there that watching love the show it's going to be great to not only see it again. But to see kind of how their lives have evolved as Vanessa said, Heidi and Spencer, married. Obviously a lot of the relationships have kind of evolved and grown. And so it's going to be so interesting to see especially with the ten year gap. What seven eight year gap. Whatever it is how much their life has changed. But how much of it also is going to stay the same. Right. I mean. Yeah. During the daughter now, she's been I think we're gonna be really for a little bit. It's going to be really interesting to see everybody who were used to seeing these dramatic relationships and break up in front by family people. So it's gonna be really fun to pick up with them. And see what they've been doing. Right. How did you get into? Oh my God. I mean, I grew up in Los Angeles. You know, always been around here always obsessive that lifestyle, and I've always followed down every journey. We had Stephanie in London for while. And it's been fun doing over there. I actually am an avid tasked listeners. Hurt. Honored to talk to the two hosts of the Pratt cast. Oh honored. And I would speak up anyway on the whole Eric Jewish in. So it's very fun to. On the situation. How do you feel about Stephanie Derrick? Okay. Well, as an avid fan and an avid fan and somebody who really shifts crossover couples, especially in the reality world, I here for it. Okay. Just because just feed your appetite for the crossovers, or is there anything specific that you actually really appreciate from it. No. I actually think Barrick is a great guy. And it's fun to see people who read it on the show got their happy endings outside of the show because so often it doesn't work out. But then they find somebody on paradise or they decide somebody totally random like we have been seems like he's been a great relationship now with somebody. He met totally outside of the bachelor world, and Derek, you know, somebody you wanna root for seems like a totally wholesome guy. Totally from office. I see that. And you know deficit the fund great girl. I think they've ounce to their out. Well, I'm really supporting it. I don't know how the long distance relationship workout between the in Los Angeles. But. People menu tickets, maybe maybe it could work out a little bit more seventy great conversation piece to have on the Pratt cast. But let's hope that it can be something more than just a little gimmick for the for the podcast. I guess upwardly. No, I agree. And it's funny too. Because especially lot of bachelor alum you see? It's just an incestuous franchise. Right. And so it's I'm sure fun as a fan to see the crossover between bachelor shows in other reality shows like the hills rather than just the double dipping that happens within bachelor or or hills or whatever's going on it's kind of like a fun joining of world melding world if you will. Are you ever gonna are? We ever gonna see you on a bachelor show. Gosh, one can only hope when only I would try so hard to like beat the producers at their own game. But I think it'd be so fun. I think we've seen it work before. I think you, okay. L the opportunity arose. No, absolutely. Okay. So partying. Where's emily? What do you have your very involved right with all of this stuff? So give us something that you are maybe hoping to see on this review of the hills. That maybe if you don't see it you're going to be very sadly disappointed. I think that when you have another had a big reality show. I look to like the courtesy, and and it's really fun generation of kids kind of running around, and we're kind of introduce their lives on like I started out with just the five girls. And rob I think it's going to be really interesting to see if the kids are heavily feature like hiding fencers, I think during sent her daughter likely won't appear, but maybe she wrote down the line. I think it's going to be really interesting to people and roles that are like moms and dads and their marriages. It's going to be interesting to see them drug with more. Dull tissues, rather that, you know, by the clubs or bars, and it's gonna be it's gonna be fun to kind of grow up with them more. So I'm excited to see how they Hackel the role kit, and how they tackle, you know, you know, some of them have been divorced in marriages and be excited to see how real they are with Dan because they've always been so real fast. It's definitely something look forward to and actually Emily while you're going through that we actually had wells and Stephanie walk into the studio here, and they want to say you and have a conversation with real quick. You're only. Fan. You're only. April first. You can't trust anybody today. So when you a sandwich in the happen where the hell of you guys been banana podcast for the past hour half. How did it go? It's been horrible. That's kind of what we do here though. That's what the show six your absolute worst case scenario, and double it. And that's what how it's gone so. We did a good job. Emily. Hi. Where are you right now? What city? Hey. You know, it's like eighty five degrees out. What do you? Wearing being it's being weather. Do this. This is a puck. Nc? No, I'm gonna who's Emily on the phone. I. That's my second one today. Yes. Okay. So my mom's favorite holidays, April Fools, like she's a total sicko who's favorite holiday is April Fool's, right considered a holiday, but. Yeah, my mom guys. She's masked with my family since I was like three years old like it is. She's so good at it. And now like yesterday I was like excited for tomorrow. And she goes, no, the internet ruins everything now. And I was like, oh, my God, you really take this seriously. So this morning when I was at the hair salon. I was like what do you? What can I do because she's never been got? So I was like, I know I'm driving her car. So I googled searched all these images of Lexus broken side mirror. Chew photos and like the carves navy. So I like darkened and everything. So it looked black. It was so legit. Like, I wish I could show even so I sent to photos, not just one to make it even more real. And I said, oh my God. I just walked out of my hair point. You get what's read the text messages. I'm like so proud of it. So, but did she get you? But she didn't get you. Because the internet ruins everything. Now. Nobody helps forget my brother. Okay. I don't understand how the internet ruins April, folks. Yeah. Because like if she was like. Because you could family. Not mormon. Whole day. April fools. He's getting hers out. Do you want me to tell you? I've got here so David Spade. And I don't want to name drop Spade. Did I mention it was. Did I mention it was David Spade. Said, and you know, how like you. I just see it on the front of your phone. So all I see is why isn't naked pick on your story. My heart like. I. Ludd or some poisons going to my body. And then I was like, and then I open it, and then you scroll down, and he goes just kidding in case, your heart fools, and I was like. What you wanna hitting about that? It's just don't take pictures of yourself. Yeah. So what that means is what we've found out about eighty. Got some naked picks don't have a story. So that was the part like Instagram. So that I was like seems weird. Have I been like what? I I swear words are going the way you do have Instagram. It's just secretive. And by the way, she does take newbies. Yes. Yes. Draw a line. Okay. Read what you said to your mom. Okay. So I did it to my mom and dad really get them. Both. So I sent her that you photos, and I said, oh my God. I just walked out of my hair appointment, my car was parked in the lot next door. There's no note or anything wounds shirts cover this question. Are there? Any cameras anywhere. I'm dropping off max. Now, can I use your car today to get to work? I use extra car. I don't have it DOD does Mercedes at the shop. I need you to need to give you a check for it. And I was like I'm gonna ask fade luck's if they have if there's cameras in this lot. She was. Yeah. Look at their footage of root of that person. I know that bottom piece is barely hanging on. And then I go April. Mad to set. I know they're never mad even mad such such a small thing. But it's small enough to be believable. But not big enough to be really freaked out by, you know, come on agree. It's a Grammy photo issues. Stood. My dad wrote best prank in the century. You got her. I want to know what your mom did dispenser. Oh, no. I just told her to tell him that because they rely on Alba are cleaner like three or four days a week. So I. If you ask them, they'll be like, no, we do everything ourselves. So I told heard tell them that Dora's coming Giora Dora Joris sister who does not speak English drops and breaks. Everything is hilarious. It's literally like. Like, she ruins hours. So my mom is like Dora just showed up she said Alba's not coming this week. And I can't understand our English. But she said Alba's pregnant, I think I don't want to brag. But I think David spades was a lot visit. But I what I love about. My brother would be livid. If door was coming. But this is the richest. Ranking Alexis Dora the cleaning lady comes more times a week. A little bit from things rich people. You know, what this girl actually the girl that Justin Bobby might meet on the hills. She told me she was like she spent a few days with me. And she goes you are white girl problems on. I do have them goes. No the book you need to read this book white girl problems. So I lie audiobook debt 'cause I listened. I listen to it when I'm hiking. Runyon canyon. The palestinians. Anyways, I highly recommend the book, which really mapping out loud. I had so many things in common with her and the like twelve pages I one on Instagram. I I wrote her I've never done this before I wrote the author direct message being like, hey, can I take you out? I think we're the same person. She never got back. Somber maybe doors should send her damn Dora. Can't write or speak. In english. Doors the best on my God. I give. I'm not best. She's the cutest Guatemala, by the way. God. I never thought about. -taining? This is the my weight, really, really great family. Did you guys have is their office antics for April Fools? I wish we're actually headquartered in New York. So I'm I'm in LA my house right now. But but yeah. Shins for Stephanie since you're here. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Hi, hey, I love and update on UN Garrick. And then also just what can you tease about you know, you really Spencer, and then, you know, your your single life. Maybe the hills. My God all things love to talk about a lot of time talking about you. And Derek really a lot of times that all you guys time got great actually talk to Brian Jordan. I don't know who the way on it was that weird because Vanessa's good friends of Derek's. Yeah. Yeah. Taylor is my best friend. Yep. Did he get weird wouldn't let it get as weird breakout? Tell me everything Taylor. No, no time for this. Let's see like in bad horrible is our they broke up. Oh my God. That's it. Oh, well, I have no idea what their what their sex life was like, I don't know. And where did the ring come from? Did it come from ABC mule lanes came from ABC, and where is it? Now back at ABC shedding back. I have to give back to back contractually. If you don't stay with the person for two years you have to give it back right now. What it is. So yeah, I think that's what it is. I heard Colton does not have to follow that. Because he did not actually this is rumor. From some good sources because he did not get his his ring on the show. He got it on Kimmel. So he doesn't have to follow the same rule. Loophole. Vanessa. Are you seeing anyone now I am silver, FOX? But you don't want to. Oh, yeah. Darren okay. You could really get a better understand him through her right now. I putting me on the spot for also feel bad because Emily's on the phone right now. Question. She wants to know some things asked the question. Okay. I'm Lisa Derek. I don't know if you heard wells and is podcasts last week. Oh my God. I love you. Okay. So off to rocky start, but we've been texting and he's actually flying in this weekend's. Yeah. Because well as one of your best, friends, right? Yeah. Doesn't get to hang out with him. This is going to be a man to weekend. The dates dislike follow the dialogue the model. So this is. Here piece. I would actually be really fun. I would do that. So Emily to answer your question there in love, and we're going to get out a mountain top and have seventeen children. Oh my God. Yes. Exactly. Had side. And this is like when I stop believing in them. She said I was gonna marry a mountain, man. And that she saw me in mud. Literally wore psychic opposite, very often. Like you see me standing in mud. I do therapeutic exploited mud my bath for sure, but I don't know about some mountain man like bringing in FOX and what world Derek does kind of look mountain Manny, he's got the beard, and the fact that he was Amish for Halloween by that is just like he's the one. That's it. That's all you. Let me see if I have any recent dates or are you calling him the one? Oh, okay. So I made it back with him for this weekend. He was I by the way, I was just I was just thinking about your disappearing phone act. Okay. Let it grow this Saturday. Come on, let go Derek what's the disappearing phone act? Nothing. About your disappearing phone act and that I'm going to do that next weekend just with airplane mode. I tend to do that on trips because I don't want distractions on like all bet you right now that never happens. So I what should we bet on? We haven't made our terms yet. Because I know he's going to we're going to Napa Valley like he's always going to be all over his Instagram like why not valleys, you know. No way. There's no way he won't have his phone on. So the betting him that he's gonna put on airplane mode as soon as he lands and not turn it off the entire time. He's in opposite. Okay. Okay. He's saying he's going to do. But you don't think you'll be able to do that you put some money on it just money. Yeah. Because he's got a lot of it. I say you wager. Alba Alba is very. She's actually at my house right now. That's why I'm late. Probably could consent to that say money. I go money. There's nothing more fun. I think whoever should I run a lap naked. I think over loses should have visit that person in their respective city. So yeah, you lose you go to New York as you come. He goes back to be so nice. If I didn't have a crazy schedule in LA. Well, don't lose weight. Yeah. I know I'm not going to lose. Okay. All right. Well, he's already here. Anyways. That'll do it for another. As always this has been your host. Think. Later on. I'll answer your other questions. Room of all boy. So wait is coming to the charity event. Yes. Oh, we're going to be hanging out together. Oh my God. You're going to be there. There's going to be so awkward. It's going to be there. I have nothing against Eric. That's not what I'm going to tell them. Whoa. Just met the nessa. He's I think he's already like nervous about it to be honest with you. Real nervous about way. Why think he was just like is it going to be weird because Vanessa and Taylor are such good friends. And I was like, I don't think. So I would it be weird. I don't know. That'd be weird. It's Tanner dating someone. He's going to be dating because she's Taylor's aiding someone we are because he's going to be on a date and rhyming. Oh, whatever I mean. Well, idols we're just going to here you in the back going, boom. Actually, I was just over some sandwich. Thank them for that vegans vegetarians gluten free meat lovers. They've got you covered sandwiches on Instagram and Facebook and download the app for more credible information from my sandwiches all done. Can I get one of those? What? Okay. Well, now, we can say goodbye on another incredible episode of Pratt cast wells so much for joining us in studio as always dealer and Vanessa hosting this incredible podcasts looking forward to the season premiere coming soon. Anything else? You goes wanna say parting words, I hope that the podcast was great. You just to listen. I guess. We're gonna take notes, and we listen, y'all know how you. Yeah. I wonder how you really how you guys are successful in this. Guys podcast, by the way. Thanks death. You host ours. She has no idea. That was a boldface lies. Emily. No clear bed. Blurry on this. Hey, let's close out the show. Like, we always the okay hills. Yeah. Shows over follow proud casts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Eighty. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome back to the Bob left sets podcast. That's right. We're back with all new episodes with your favourite musicians, comedians promoters, and behind the scenes people just like my newsletter where I analyse the issues I'm gonna go deep with the guests. So if you wanna know what's going on in the entertainment industry, you've got a tune into the Bob left sets podcast on the iheartradio app. Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcast.

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