Kingpins Daily: Stephanie St. Clair


This is kingpins. Apar- cast original. I'm Alistair and I'm kate every day in May we're featuring a quote by an iconic crime figure us in their own words what it takes to survive in the underworld. Today's quote is from Nineteen Twenties and thirties. Underworld boss Stephanie Sinclair. During that time she was engaged in a fierce rivalry with Simon. Flynn Heimer more commonly known as mobster Dutch Schultz. Eventually Saint Clair came out on top as Schultz lay dying. She sent him this final message as ye sell. So shall you reap the Seeds Stephanie? Saint Clair sewed allowed her to become one of the most powerful women in New York City. According to her biographer Shirley Stewart Saint Clair immigrated to New York from Guadeloupe in one thousand nine hundred eleven at only thirteen old but despite her young age and the unfamiliar surroundings she hit the ground running over the next twelve years. Some report suggest. Saint Clair was already establishing herself in. New York's world specifically in Harlem. It wasn't long before she was the leader of a local gang called the forty thieves by nineteen twenty-three had saved up ten thousand dollars around one hundred fifty thousand dollars in today's money but rather than sitting on this nest egg twenty-six-year-old Saint Clair used it to grow her empire to even greater heights. She established a numbers racket. Assaultive underground lottery for black family struggling to make a living betting just a few sense on the numbers could lead to a jackpot worth hundreds of dollars. And for Stephanie. Saint Clair all. Those pennies accumulated into a vast fortune but rather than use her money. Solely for personal gain. Saint Clair funneled it back into her community. She supported local businesses provided loans. And did what she could to help. Harlem flourish thanks to her investments. Harlem's black families didn't have to rely on the numbers for cash. This success didn't go unnoticed. Jewish boss Dutch Schultz was on the lookout for a new racket. And Stephanie Sinclair's operation was the perfect target Schultz had deep pockets and use that money to buy off. New York's police officers and politicians beginning in the fall of nineteen twenty eight. They started cracking down on Stephanie. Saint Clair's business sinclair had allies of her own but she couldn't match Schultz's firepower by the Mid Nineteen Thirties. He had taken over most of her empire but she refused to give up and eventually Schultz made a mistake. Stephanie Saint Clair wasn't Dutch Schultz's only enemy. There were some people he just couldn't buy including district attorney. Thomas Dewey Schultz didn't take kindly to do his crusade against organized crime so he decided to take out the meddlesome. Da However there were even big efficient the mope than Dutch Schultz namely Charles Lucky Luciano the self-proclaimed head of New York's five families. He thought that killing dewey would cause too many problems and refused to authorize. The hit Schultz decided to go ahead with it anyway but when Luchino got word that his underling was disobeying him. He sent his own men after him on October. Twenty Third Nineteen thirty five. They cornered Schultz and shot him in the Gut. Although he was mortally wounded Schultz managed to hang on for another day. Just long enough for Stephanie Sinclair to get the last laugh. As he lay dying she sent him a telegram from the Bible verse. Galatian six seven as ye so so shall Ye Reap Dutch. Schultz may have taken over saint. Clair's business but in the end. She emerged victorious after a brief jail. Ston in the nineteen forties for shooting her husband. She lived the rest of her life in crime. Louis anonymity she passed away on December eleventh. Nineteen sixty nine at seventy one years old as the saying goes living well is the best revenge. Thanks for listening. We'll be back tomorrow. With another quote you can find more episodes of kingpins for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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