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AP One Minute Headlines Oct 30 2018 14:00 (EDT)


Bolger's death. I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute. Boston gangster James Whitey Bulger has died at a prison in West Virginia. He was eighty nine Bolger rule south Boston alleged are people, you know, growing up. He's cool. He's he's I, but Tommy Donahue had a different view scumbag, actually is what he is. He's a mass murderer and he's a destroyer of family Bolger is alleged to kill Donahue's father Whitey Bolger led the mob in south Boston and also became an FBI informant. He was on the run since one thousand nine hundred four but was apprehended sixteen years later, Sean mcgonagall recalled it Bolger sentencing a call he received when he was twelve years old. We just call my house Christmas time and said, you guys aren't coming home. And ask was you said it was soon James Whitey Bolger was the model for Jack Nicholson's ruthless crime boss in the two thousand six Martin Scorsese movie. The departed Bolger had just been transferred to the West Virginia prison and was declared dead shortly after his arrival, I'm Ed Donahue.

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