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105: My Two Dads


The class of two thousand twenty deserves a proper sendoff, which is why Iheartradio and Doritos brings you commencement, the podcast, featuring speeches and dedications from icons. We admire most here from Halsey. Lot of things we will never injury pit bull guys a generation. Go change the world, Becky, G, cashew, and many many more check out commencement the podcast out now on the iheartradio, APP or wherever you get podcasts with a special. Doritos Valedictorian episode where doritos takes graduation speeches to another level by naming five Valedictorians giving them each fifty thousand dollars in tuition assistance in sharing their speeches with the world. Hey Classic Twenty twenty. We know things have been kind of out of the ordinary lately. You're not going to get a graduation ceremony so I heart radio bouncing people to write commencement speeches just for you. John Legend. Hillary Clinton she's into over twenty of your favorites from Dj College to coach Kevin Abby Wambach to Halsey listen to iheartradio's new podcast commencement out now on the iheartradio APP the ever you get your podcasts. But I always liked calling you soon. Because I feel about nicknames when I love someone that Oh, I'm on the inside I I have the inside scoop. If you love him and you're in, you're in. If you're in the cool kids, group you to call him Hsun Right, but you created your own nickname, and all of a sudden I became chocolate bear sleep, Jaakko fee bare, see bear, does anyone. There does anyone else from scrubs ever call you soon? Did anyone else? Build US Lawrence Cultures soon. Yeah I can't picture Sarah ever saying Hsun now, but bill bill to this day still does well. You know you and bill probably have spent more time with my family than anyone else in the cast. And I remember when you your brothers set up a little sound studio in your house wants and you called it off. What did you call audio? She Audio Hsun Audio Show I. Bet you wish you had that audio booth right now I do wish. I had his now. I do that'd be awesome. That'd be awesome audio soon. Anyway, we should get into. Did you down US IN DONALD? Duck's nurses. Natural. Here. We're getting a lot of love on our theme song. It makes Google before we forget. Would you mind just laying down because we never got it and I, think the song at the very end should have you doing that, so we got gotta get the key and all that stuff and condense temporary one and Dan will lay it on for us Yeah, it's going to be out of key and. then. The no so Dan now what I want you to do in the editors replay the theme song now with the addition of Donald. Here's some stories. About. Doctors and nurses. Canada. Des. Here. ODDS. Donald. This is a very special episode scrubs because it has so much in it, and it has your favorite thing in the world, which is go ahead, Star Wars Holy Shit. I got so excited about two things one when I realized it was the Aspen episode, so much jumped for joy so much in this episode the box right the as box the things that. That people have actually stuck up there, but you know you might think that those were fake, but some of them were fake, but the problem with the lightbulb. When you stick it up your, but is, you'll never get it out without breaking the light bulb now. That's a different episode. The way when when the light bulb is up someone's ass and Johnny see says. Either this guy has a light bulb of his ass or his colon has a great idea. I thought that was this episode, but it's actually a different episode. We're back to that room. That could be used again, but I want you the audience to know that this is a real thing. We learned when we were making this. That hospitals have of collections of things they've pulled out of people who stick stuff in in their assholes. Right, yeah. As real thing, an ask box is a real thing. Unfortunately, it's sacred heart. There's no lost and found, but there's an ask. Nothing funny about the word ass when you attached to anything you allow. I laughed every time someone said ask box I. laughed when I think it was Judy said as pin right, not only I laugh. When people call, other people ask face I think. Every time someone says as head or ask fees Asshole, those are those are funny words. Yeah, ask next to anything. I'm wearing these big rain boots today. Donald I want to show you. Let me see. What do you do or you gardening? It's pissing rain in in Los Angeles and our British now well. Yeah, and the British wearing off on me. I say the British is contagious, because I'm wearing like my big gardening boots. and. We have probably like impeded in a Peter Rabbit movie. We have a puppy, so I have to be out in the rain. trying to potty train a puppy and these are my puppy training. Rain boots all right. Let's get into this episode before we do. When I was on the phone with you and Casey and I'm sorry to the audience I know I told you that I was going to refrain from talking to Donald because I wanted to save all contact for for the PODCAST, but Casey was chiming in on the speaker phone on your cell phone, and she said that you are not even letting. The children walk around the block. Donald I think he got an air. Those kids out. You know we go on walks every now and then like yeah, but. Down that's not I think is. I mean I'm not a parent and I understand why you would be terrified I. Think here. I know Bro I. Think if you're nowhere near anyone you can have. The kids go around the block. I think that's you're allowed to do that. You got to air them out right. Unfortunately, it's been raining so I haven't been able to do that I. I hear that message, loud and clear. Clear listen. I have cabin fever for Salmon, no position to give parenting advice, but I am I am the godfather of these children, and as Godfather I would like them to walk around. The block wants a fucking week. Wow, okay, thank yes, write that down notes Listen there, my kids I love. The Casey was in the background like he won't even let him walk around the block. All right, so we get in the episode I've been trying to do that for lying, but there is a catch of phase Donald Okay. Section one is Zach Donald Catch Up, and you're rushing just because you're so excited about star wars. You're excited about Star Wars. I'm excited about the Aspen I'm excited about the title of the show my two dads I love. Love the Craig's disc directed. This episode. Exist is a very fine fine TV director, and this was his first episode force, and also written by a writing team. Garrick Neil Goldman. Two of our favorite writers, some writers work in the writer's room as an individual and some writers are writing teams, and this is the first I think this is the only. Am I correct all this was the only writing team season one. I believe so. And also not just that they went on to do other things they came from family guy. and they started the did scrubs. Community yes. They ran unity. And then went on to do other projects after that guys started. These guys start I would love to say humble beginnings, but while they started with family guy, and then went right into scrubs, and then after that community, a string of hits to work on I would. They were very funny, and they are very funny and they were very different. I always thought it was interesting that they were partners because they were the two of them were were were just such different people yeah, but wrote such funny scripts. Yeah, they were the perfect partnership. This episode is Jam packed and has more fantasies than a lot of episodes. Speaking of that, I used to get an I. Don't think I ever told you this, but I used to get jealous and it all comes to a head at the end of this episode, but you used to do some of the coolest fantasies throughout the show. You know what I mean. And this was the first time where a fantasy came up, and I read up on bill, and I was like bill. You GotTa put me in his fucking fantasy man. You gotTA. You gotTA. Put me in his fantasies star wars dude and I don't know if you know this, but I love Star Wars. He's like well. Who would you be now? It's like. Han Solo, just make me Han Solo and I'm there and it happens and and he was like. Are you fine and not only? Do? You weren't originally in it? No, it was just you and it was just jd Cox and Kelso okay. Bill was like bill was probably like Oh. We gotta add the others if we're GONNA and we've got if we add Donald, we gotta add everybody else which created a great joke united for those e to we and the fucking Janet her for those of you. Don't know this and I'm guessing you're getting a sense. Donald Phase on is the biggest star wars fan that I have ever met in my life and Gary Brothers to know your by far the most, and now you voice a character on what tell everyone on Star Wars, resistance hype phase onto character was named after me. Day Felony named the character after me. That's a big deal. Donald up now only now you all but Donald Hobby is stop motion animation, and with legos he has made several star wars animated Lego films that you can check out on Youtube and they're called black stormtrooper. Right so D-. I realized how my stop motion. How I got into stop motion and it was because of star. Was I always thought that it was? The ads in the empire strikes back when they're attacking the rebel on the planet. Hof, but it turns out. There was a a video that came out around the same time. Return of the Jedi came out called Star Wars from Star Wars to jet I and it was like the behind the scenes and. All the special effects that. That Went into making star wars and like. The, documentary is about an hour and a half. Thirty minutes of the documentary is all based on is all dedicated to stop motion animation and I watched this as a kid, and I had it on video as a kid, and it wasn't until like the behind the scenes specials that came out with it, and with that from Star Wars to Jeddah I was in that package, and I realized right then and there after watching it and of. This was this was the this was the plug and you combine. Your Love Star Wars with your love of Stop Motion Animation. Now you're not gonna say this because it would be too controversial, but I'm going to say that when J.j Abrams made the new movie and there was a black stormtrooper I went come on, buddy. Somebody saw Donald's Lega movies on getting. Lean back in your chair and don't say a word I'm saying is a fan of your stop motion movies, the hero of which was the first black stormtrooper and the ZILLION dollar movie comes out I said to myself come on buddy. Don't speak. Don't speak I. Don't want to get you in trouble with all your your star wars. Friends! What's his name? The guy with the cowboy hat is the super superstar Loney Dave Baloney. That's demand right there. I WANNA be on on. George Lucas George Lucas Pretty. Much gave him the keys to the Corvette Man Day felony Yemen and he's. He's the keeper of the Lore Right and when they go into other things. He's involved in stuff like that, but you know his his stuff like the clone wars, rebels is evolved demand lorries. He is the executive producer man to Laurie, and I really liked him when he's involved when they have him involved I'm telling you man really really good stuff I, you know. Dave Baloney should be if you ask me, you know. He be always asked well. What do you think of this Dave and let him I think he is right, isn't he? The keeper of the lower if you will. I don't know if that's always the way it goes I don't know how they say I'm not a big as biggest star wars gigs. You but I really am enjoying demand Laurean great I know baby. Yoda is like the biggest marketing a cash grab merchandise cash grab has ever been done but I. I WANNA. Baby Yoda who doesn't WANNA BE I. WANNA BE I. WanNa real-life Yoda. Can we get to the episode? Donald for God's sake okay. Let's go at twenty one seconds in. There's a reference to the rock now. This is two thousand and one. The Rock is a very famous wrestler. Made films yet we. She does say he's a film star. He says she says he's a movie star, but he's not Dirac that he is now no right. It wasn't like he was. That's a good question. Joel. Can you look up? What films had? The Rock made in two thousand and one I don't know how many it is, but he obviously enough for Sarah to say he's a filmstar well. Look. I'll say this right now. Yes, the Scorpion King I think was the first bit. Is that art wells cracking up? What are you? Big, Rockwell's wells outfit today. She's all matching. She's yellow. She's got on. Yellow look good you will. What's the rocks credits in two thousand and one thus far in his career, just the highlights. We don't need like the little indie he did. You always go to. The mummy returns. Scorpion King then rundown than walking tall hasn't really hit it off in two thousand and five be cool okay. Cool. What was be coup? I imagine rocks running around. Be Cool. It's a comedy with Hutu all Kevin Hart. It's John Travolta Enuma, Thurman and Vince Vaughn all right is to get shorty. Sequel. Right all right well. He was a movie star. Then we were wrong, but it wasn't the level of global. I mean he's like the biggest movie star in the world. Now I am well. There's him Kevin. Hart Will Smith Still Harrison Ford. Will Smith! I! Don't think is on the level of of the rock these days. His Iraq rarely Iraq. Rare last movie was bad boys for life and works really well. I'm just saying I love will. Smith don't think I'm anything away from I just think that the rock doesn't really have bombs. He's there used to be made does. Does. Rock has a bomb. Yeah, Oh, the beach one the the watch. They wash I sound like my dad, the Bay what my dad saw dreamgirls, and he goes, and he had never heard beyond say anybody saw dreamgirls and he goes. I gotTa tell you this, beyonce. something. and. I just always call. My Dad Ch-. was just he was so taken by her, understandably like the rest of earth, but he was like this bands she. Can we get to the episode? DONAL re Bendini episode Alright Alright so the Rock, and then the family feud fantasy I remember going to real family feud set, and that was exciting. I'd never been on a game show set before, and I thought it was very funny that the the breakdown is boobs ninety-three. Seeing the rock four. Beers sandwiches to. World Peace. One, so when they did when they when they pulled one hundred people to different people in this scenario, said beer sandwiches well. Know. It's crazy that it says the rock is one of them all so because I feel like the rock is kind of the. I. Mean I'm sure it's been said before, but he's like male Oprah. You know what I mean. How do you mean like the Rock says this is what we're doing, and it seems like a whole community of people are like. Yeah, this is what we're doing that so I know but I. Don't think the Rock was that level of of Mega fandom. The was actually, but right now it's it's speaks volumes of of of how. Steady his career has been and how he is amazing dude. Okay Donald loves the Rock. WHO DOESN'T HAVE THE ROCK? Exactly, that's my point. Like somebody saying something bad about Bruno Mars. You like what I feel like. There's probably. Know, I I'm sure there's people who don't like Bruno. Mars. There's probably a few people on anything. I once saw this video on youtube and it was sweet. It brought tears to my eyes. It was literally a a dad seeing duet with his little. Daughter on Guitar. And it brought tears minds. It was the sweetest thing in the world, and then I looked on Youtube, and there were like thousands of thumbs down's like people were like. No, no this. How dare you sing with that little daughter to fucking adorable I hate it you. You can find people to hate anything Donald Yeah. Do you WanNa Sing Taylor? SWIFT HATERS GONNA. Hate right now. I mean she's the one that taught me that she's the one that taught you. The haters going to hate hate hate hate hate yeah! She said it. It was like you're right. One thirty, two. I wrote down Matt Winston Returns Now Matt Winston. Who Plays Dr Stedman and who humps Kelso's leg here? I think I decided I'm starting. We're early in this podcast, but he is my vote so far for most underused funny. Supporting character agreed I think bill had a thing with him. I don't know what happened, but every time I see him. I crack up and I. Don't know why this guy was not like one of the go-to regulars he could have been. He should have been around for a really long time. I'm sure he found a way to annoy bill or something, because it doesn't make any sense it doesn't. We're GONNA have to ask you know what Joel Remember. When Bill said we could ask him things. ASK WILL INSERT BILL here. Why did you stop using Matt Winston Bill? Come on well, you guys. I should've used Matt Winston. Maury was really funny, but when we were that early on the show. We were always shooting episodes that were five, six, seven, sometimes, even a lever, twelve minutes long, and I was still trying to find room for my Pals Rob Maggio. Was a buddy of mine and I wanted to get him all the time Neil. Flynn wasn't even a regular and we wanted to get him in. We were essentially doing an a story obese story, a C story and of their runner which if you're wondering is too much so We kept using Matt Winston over the years and he kept working us and about Schmidt and he was in your movies Zach. Should he used a more? He's super super funny. Cool Trivia. Do you guys know who met Winstons Dad is? Saying Miss Miss You, guys. Why am I not back already with you, see you. And I love the Kelso. Didn't know your name for the first few this whole time the reason why he's been calling you sport and everything like that because he still doesn't know your name. I literally laughed out loud. When when he said when I said that's a the manufacturer of the clipboards. Now, it's very funny, very very funny. I just thought he's a funny funny guy and. Yeah that seems really funny. And by the way a little trivia I saw the interrupts because I did research today on the INTERWEBS. You know there's all this talk that the janitor didn't acknowledge anyone else. In season him one but me, but there's a little debate. Because he passes the janitor and says smells like ammonia pungent today he might just be saying that out to the universe style. He might not be acknowledging the janitor, but no I think he's I honestly do believe he's acknowledging the janitor at that's not helping the scrubs lower that he knew. What it doesn't track some things just don't track. He might have just come into the hallway. Donald and gun ammonia pungent today. Listen just because we're on the show, and we're best friends with the creator of the show doesn't mean that everything has to track. Do all right. This didn't try I. Want that to track. It didn't the okay somebody fucked up I. Love the fact that Carla and Turk's relationship is moving to the next level. Now bumping uglies, or they're about to bump uglies, and what does Zach? What is a J. D. DO? He comes in and he ruins. It yes, blocks. You see block for real and I. Always I always thought you know. Call it totally mind fucks Turkmen like she even says to him. Do you want me to take you into the room? Right now, and we can have sex. And when you come out, you'll be walking sideways because I'll use I will have used all your ups and downs. It's very aggressive. What person in their right mind is going to say Nada, what the? She Might Fox him so hard that he's like no. I like that she's such a strong woman. She's like going to bang you so hard. You won't be able to move. Do you want to and you're like Oh, but it's bullshit though that you would be like. I'm sorry, but it's. would be like. That I panic panic, I know. Funny that was funny I. Wanted to talk about my nipples real. Quick the bands on the nipples right now. Have you ever been on sets where your nipples? The air conditionings on and and your nipples are so hard. It looks like you're smuggling raisins, and and you're. You're saying I can't wear this shirt because I, I've got rock hard nipples. Absolutely so on on my last show. I did that was it was really bad so I start embarrassing but I wore pasties. Because the the wardrobe truck has pasties for women. And I said I. Yeah but they're mostly for women, but men in this case because I I was like I can't do the scene enlisted. His shirt looks ridiculous because it's freezing in here. My Nips her rock-hard, bring out the pasties, so they became a running joke with the word of the department. They'd be like Okay Zach. You're going to be in this shirt today and do you think you'll need you pasties? Do Remember what you used to call my nipples. You don't remember. Oh melted Hershey's kisses. They look like. They do next time you guys see Donald Topless onscreen zoom in, and they look like little cute melted Hershey's kisses. I can't believe I remembered that. I, so this is a perfect example. How we were talking with bill on the episode a few days ago when we were talking about how Kelso is all about insurance and Cox. Is All about you know breaking the rules so that he can get patients taken care of because he's one of those doctors at actually cares obvious couldn't be more relevant than anything today. This debate that was we've been having in this country forever and having on this. This show I mean you couldn't make this show and not start off early on and discuss the problem of of health insurance, and how doctors have to deal with this huge crisis when patients don't have health insurance. Yeah, and you know me personally. I would prefer Doctor Cox, but I can see how a hospital can go broke. If you have a bunch of doctors, you know what I mean well. This is the debate of a of our. Our Time Donald and we won't begin. We won't even begin to to weighed into the debate because we're not nearly smart enough but I did think that this was very well articulated this I mean before I. Remember this. Was The star wars? Episode I said to myself Oh. It's a it's a battle of good versus evil, and and they're fighting over the soul of jd on the golf. Course absolutely and you think you honestly believe because. Because of how emotional you get when you're mentor, kind of washes his hand when he washes his hands with you, you almost fall to the dark side, and it's really easy to fall to the dark side. This is this is why I love this. This is why I love. This I can talk about star now. Do I have a feeling. You're gonNA find a way. Maybe feeling you're GONNA start a side project side hustle. About Star Wars. There's probably nine thousand star wars podcast. Oh I'm sure there. Rose sitting around talking about the jeopardize. What's your favorite? Let's digress for moment. What's your favorite? You have to pick one star wars, film or There's a gun to your head go. The empire strikes back. That's the that's everyone says that right if you're a mega fan. For me, it was the Christmas special. The. Chew on the beach. Drills one is my favorite star wars movie. It's rolled one really. Premier and partially because it's the everything I love about the animated star, wars brought to the live action screen the first time ever every really scary. It was looking bats well I'll tell you. I'll tell you one thing that part. If that didn't make the movie that would have been people would have been pissed off okay weeks before release date. I'm sorry. That's sets. Mega Fan, maybe you can be. Donald Co host in Star Wars Plug. Leader I think. We should shoot one thing. I've always wanted to ask you. How come in the E walk song at the end of return the Djeddai? They say you knob it shaky. Y, Y, they celebrate the life. Does that mean that there's no easy walkies for celebrate? The life I'm going to have to say yes, okay, so it just doesn't translate you're. Right Yup. How? Not! Dan Is telling me that Joel is the most knowledgeable person on star. Wars Marvel watchmen, literally a million mega fan things well. This is the SCRUBS podcast. Donald let's get back to the knowledgeable in scrubs. Yes, she is, but apparently. We're learning something about Joel that. She is Mega Mega Mega Star Wars Geek like you well. We're GONNA have to trigger later all right Donald. Our show, so we were talking about Cox breaking the rules and put in one of the funniest things that we almost saw an eagle yes. You spend you. That's eight hundred. Yeah, I laughed so hard and you losing your balance after two revolutions I, think I really think that was genuine. There were two episodes two places in this episode. I genuinely fell one after Johnny cease spawned me in that sort of wonder years that was shot on super eight film, the look like old school and then when I'm in the water hazard that what you call a water hazard. When I'm in the water hazard. Golfing I remember I-. legit fell in that moment in wasn't supposed to I slipped while. Golf that's professional. Donald kept going as you should. Speaking of Golf Dancing McGinley I think has been trying to hustle me because I picked up golf well after we finished scrubs, I picked up golf. As a matter of fact, my standing on SCRUBS DNA Gordon. Yes. When scrubs was all said and done, he was the one that took me out to the golf course and it was like you know because my wife had told me you need to stop playing basketball. You getting hurt all the time I'm sick and tired and you were playing tennis. You were getting really good at tennis. I was getting good at tennis, but I was hurting myself a lot, right. She was like you gotta get you gotTa, start, and also tennis at very expensive. Let's just be honest. Tennis expensive to play. You're paying the court feet. What do you mean lessons lessons? All of that stuff to get good. You have to get lessons. Okay now it's like well. What do I want to play that I can play for the rest of my life, and I said you know. I picked up Golfing Deontay took me to the golf course and we practice playing golf quite a bit, and then finally you know we went out and we play and we play a lot now. We play golf together John. C Mcginley I. Expressed to him that I love golf and he's like. Oh Wow, dude. I picked up golf also I. Just got into it. I'm really excited as well. This was the last time we saw him. Bills Birthday Party. And I was like Oh. Wow was like we should go out. Now you know in my mind. I'm thinking I'm about to bust. John C McGinley's ask and golf. And then we watched this episode. Yeah, and he's got a really good golf swing and dude. He really hit that I mean no one was and he did that. Walk away. That was all real. They thought okay. We don't have time to sit here all day long. We'll cut it up if we need to. He literally hit the ball and then walked away, and it went in, and he was so fucking happy. I've never seen that man so happy in my whole life. I'm GONNA just put it out there. I think he was trying to hustle me. He's really good. He was good then he was good twenty. Twenty years ago. He's saying he's not good. No, no, but that's what I'm trying to say. Golf is one of those games. The longer you play at the better you are at. Maybe he was saying he was rusty or something. Rusty my ass. He belongs to a country club I. Think Ken really hit that ball of yeah and Ken. CANS frigging swing. Amazing Mine was not good and I remember really feeling nervous and. That the whole crew was watching me and there was clearly going to be a joke like Oh, here comes. The guy's not good at sports and we're going to be here all day trying to make him look good. And Yeah. It was very uncomfortable and you look good. Bill bill cut it together for me to make me look decent it. It's definitely clear that you don't play golf all the time. The character didn't Donald Right sure but I was I'm very I'm actually I should have told the audience actually excellent, but jd needed shit he's. Really good at now, though is tennis men. I'm very impressed with you. I don't know if I'm really good, but I really love it. I'm having I never was into sports, and I finally found something that I genuinely love doing in tennis. I other than badminton I can't play badminton but I. I do love to throw Frisbee. I, but I love tennis and we have the same tennis instructor Chris. Crab he's yes. Give them, Chris crab a shoutout, even though you can't even get an appointment with the darn guy. He's very he. He works a lot. Also an actor, also an actor. He was on a show. Do you know the name of his Canadian series when he was a child? something. Bay, Danger Bay danger, Bay Yeah Chris are far danger, art tennis coach is an actor, but was on a Canadian series when he was a kid, and it was called Danger Bay, so you don't your bed all go watch. Danger Bay clips right now on youtube not right now. After this podcast, a podcast is over weight. I wrote down something. So I'm going backwards a bit, but there's a reference to. He calls me, are you? There God me? Margaret and That's Judy blume book now. Coincidentally, when I was a child, I was I had to do a book report and I just randomly chose a judy blume book because I liked Judy Bloom and I chose to do my book report on. Are you there God? It's me Margaret, not realizing at the time that it's a story about a young girl getting her period for the first time and I remember the teacher saying to my parents like you know he did a nice. Job With the book report, but it's. Curious that, he chose a story about a young woman getting period. To vote. He's an odd ball. Kid I was like okay. That's the Book Report Today Well Blew My, God it's me Margaret it, but it's paid off man. You know what it made me very as a young child I empathised with with what the girls were going through because I learned about it through. Direct you should direct and write a movie. That's not about dudes and write a movie about women I. Actually the thing I'm writing right now is about a woman that's She's the lead and a child, and and not it's not the story of a young girl getting her period. It could change I. Don't know I didn't say child I said women yeah, I am the protagonist of my thing I'm writing right now is a is a a woman in her mid twenties. And on that note, we're going to go to commercial right now. Someone's going to sell you something. Go someone. 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Mute the next minute, but spiking the lenses when an actor accidentally looks into the Lens of the camera, and not on purpose, you know sometimes the person's looking right into the camera like Ferris Bueller. Because he's talking to you. But spite lenses by accident and it kind of breaks down that fourth wall. Of Hey, we're doing this imaginary play for you. You'll see it all the time with people accurate in. In the background because they're kind of looking when the cameras coming near them, and they look directly into the Lens and actors all the time I accident, but it's usually edited out, but I noticed that this little boy who should be looking at Sarah's breasts looks at the camera directly into the Lens when it passes so I don't think Sarah really showed him as breasts, and no of course not lend. A Beige. Gone or something and That was his moment of like I thought I would go titties. So he sang in protest the Lens. You've ruined. Ruined the shot and I was told when I got this part. It'd be seeing Sarah Express. I just wanted to do a little. Good to give people a little some some filmmaking jargon as we go so now you know the term spiking or breaking the fourth wall. Yes, I love the fact that in that scene Turkish talking about what gift am I? GonNa. Get my new girlfriend and he thinks flowers. He thinks chocolate, and those those are very cliche especially for A. Beginning the beginning of a relationship later on flowers like the little things, and if you bring flowers to the table at any point, does your wife. Flowers from your. Loves flowers. She thinks but not necessarily for anniversaries and stuff like that. They're great gifts, but if you can just brighten the house with some flowers, right she likes. About, just not just women men, kids anyone, it really does brighten up a room when you walk into a room, and there's some form of flour growth in of course lower growth. Now you're saying so when you do you ever come home before we were in isolation and just surprise your wife with flowers. I did that a couple of times a couple of times couple times. When done correctly, but you know you can't do it all the time. All the time, but married a long time. You might want to crank it up more than a couple I. DO listen after isolation I'm telling you right now? You what you're going to get us? It's like it's like isolation has been like. You know I'm a workout tomorrow after tomorrow will be working out. Every day was isolated over I'm gonNA. Do Everything. I possibly can make my wife happy, but right now, right? Do you guys, go and have like time apart other than doing the pie guests in your closet. You guys find a way to be separated because once. Told Me Bill told me that Krista setup a guest bedroom in the house and said that's your office and you're gonNA. Be there nine to five. That'd be awesome. I would love one of those. Guys you're just together. Yeah, well. We have two very young children. You have to be together Casey posted the cutest I've ever seen in my entire life, which was a while? They're doing yoga. She's real about. She was in her like meditative state doing. Yoga that was I've ever seen him. She's all about that Yoga I. Need Children because I'm like I I look at your kids. And I I needed kid doing yoga. That's the cutest thing I've ever seen in the break. Yeah, Turks talking about what type of gift he's going to get. Ernie finally decides he's GonNa to get a pin. And I remember right then and there I was like Oh my God. This is the Aspen episode. Oh, my God. I love the Aspen Concept Yeah so much so I literally the smile on my face when I when I realized this was the Aspen episode was huge. It was like Guy Smiley big, but then it got even bigger. When after Turk realizes. He's given caller and Aspen Todd notices that he has a ask chain around his neck. and. Not only does he smell it. Does he smell it? Yeah, but he also is like Oh wow this. Been in another person's. Now? Very happy the thing about todd is already getting filtered in is that he's? He's very, you know he's the todd of course, but I think we learn kind of on that. He's down for anything like anything. He is open to win a obviously men and women. He's a fluid in that sense, but also we learn later. He's very attractive to seniors. I think eventually we learned that also and monkees. He's not an aide. Just end monkeys, monkeys, where is said Monkey. Anyway, we're jumping ahead. We're jumping ahead, but I think one of the funniest times I never laughed. Nine years was when we're in the break room. And Rob is is a nose in the hallways and the whole. It's working. We're in the room where we would sleep. Doctors would sleep and I think Saturday night were hooking up I forgot what the what the story was. We'll get to that episode, but robbed comes down, and he goes sometimes when I'm banging this mattress I imagine I'm banging that one. So dirty for a half hour. TV, comedy were very dirty, so rob I guess establishing that he someone gave him the chain from the box and he likes the no. He took the chain from the box the. That's your analysis. Because why surprised? Then no, so todd and Turk thought they found the lost and found. In the lost and found were a bunch of items, and they were like Holy Shit and talk like there's a gold chain here. Go Chain I. DIDN'T TURNS OUT WAS. Buyer Watch real quick because I happened to be there. I WANNA. See actually sniffs it. Please I hope he sniffs. Please sniff it rob. Please sniffing. Okay. He's looking. He sees the pain in the ASS. He takes it out. Now. He just looks and smiles. SNECK all fucking lie, but. I bet you he did it take where he sniffed bill. No bills like no way. That's not gonNA show. But still very funny. When when Stedman were jumping around, but instead Dr Stutman says I'm woozy on the golf course and made me think of you because we want wins to Kabul. From my birthday and you were day drinking. Donald is a lot like a like a puppy in that cocoa, super, hard, super, hard, super hard, and then he needs a nap. And we were in Kabul for my birthday, and he's like we're raging in day, drinking and just pool, and then he's like down for the count up in our sweet and I I was like where's Donald I up there and I try and try wake you up and you go I'm woozy. Your, what your brother to your? Brother thought it was the funniest bucket, and he talks about all the time like Merlin Donald said he was woosie who says they're woozy? Veasley said Brown tired. I'll be on a little bit. You like I'm losing I'm Dallas drunk as can be yeah, that's funny. Though I laughed too many migrants I heard I heard stem in San. mouzina instantly, remembering my brother and I laughing for fucking months about you yelling that you were. One of my favorite one of my favorite stories of you and your brothers are you guys sneaking and we still use this to this day. You guys sneaking into the House late at night. Right drunk out of your mind, I think we might have had some of God's. Let us as well. Okay, so you might have had some of the green lettuce that God grows on this earth, God's favorite lettuce. Yeah, and your brother, taking his pointer finger, and sticking it up your but. Go ahead. Yeah, you guys are walking up the stairs and he's behind you and he sticks up your butt and you turn around and go to too deep. They were trying to be quiet and. Very and GIGGLING and we're walking up the stairs. He didn't WANNA. Wait on my parents, and he you know. He put his finger like had close on. It wasn't like he went in my, but but he like tried to jab my my pool and And I turned around and went dude too deep. And we laughed about that. We laughed about that forever, because it wasn't like it wasn't like i. was saying Bro Fucking. Stop I was like no. Not that far. Too deep has been a very long running joke in my family. rever too deep. That's one of my favorites. I wanted to talk about in this episode. They introduced the fact that Turk is a man of faith. Yes, and it's. Right and the crosses out and everything like that and I remember bill coming up to me and saying you know what we want to establish that you're a man of faith so that when the Christmas episode comes up we have this whole story line for you in the Christmas episode comes up. And while watching this, this is also this all goes away. After the Christmas episode, so they lead up to this. They did all we do all of this stuff where Turkey is a man of faith for the next couple of episodes until we get to the Christmas episode. TODAY OFF! Did, you notice when you when you when you do get to the scene with Carla setting up candles in the House sixteen fifty four. It's a lot lot of candles. I mean she's really. It's kind of a fire hazard. The woman has set up far too many candles yet. Have you ever been in a room with candles like that in real life not? Only like I I mean. I've been in rooms where you set up a few candles because you're trying to be romantic, but never, Judy. It looked like a music video said for boys to men. I'll make love to you. Like you on me, too, and how do you? That's such a record day. Be All through the night. I. May the, but you guys can't see a but. Joel is is swaying a fan girl in the front row like she's just shy of holding up a lighter. They don't hold up lighters anymore. They hold up cellphone. Oh, their phones! They audience there now cell phones. So I just thought that was funny. Like first of all Kennels are very expensive, right? So, where does she get all Carlos? Handles. This is before Amazon Carla when candle shopping. Until like Yankee doodle, whatever you ever, those was a candle shop name I. Don't know if it's still around Yankee doodle. Is that it? I don't know the centered candles I don't know, but she went nuts and frankly i. just don't think it's very safe I. Mean if you guys are GonNa go yes. Dan Saying. It's Yankee, candle. It's Yankee Candle Yankee Candle, so you guys are going to get busy and I'm just worried. Just safety wise. You're going to go in the other room and and bump uglies, and then we're going to be left. I'm going to be left in. In a fire hazard of an apartment because there's nine hundred candles lit. I imagine there's also candles in the other room. Listen if you're listening to this I, don't want your house to burn down. Let's say you like candles room, and you're romancing your partner before you go. Do it in your in your bedroom. Please blow out all your candles in the main room. This has been a public service announcement from Zach donal. Only you the. At Seventeen, twenty nine. There's that super dark fantasy. I mean so. Appropriate for the healthcare debate that's going on in our country now, but that's super dark fantasy of Kelso manning the the the supermarket cash register, and just checking out a charging old people, and then I whip out the body bag. I love the bill did that. It's really amazing. Just satire, but it was so dark especially now just like this is, this is so smart and also so fucked up and true. Yeah, it's very true. Did you notice eighteen six. That rowdy has a food bowl I never knew that rowdy how to bowl in the background of the scene with Judy in the Corner Noel Easter Egg for you guys. There's rowdy has a bowl, but he has food. We bought food for the dead dog. That's crazy. What's wrong with us? That's telling you. That's the oddest story line. Throughout the whole series, the rowdy story line is just so frigging, weird dude like we put a dead dog food, yeah! And we and we make the dead dog. Hump. Did you know that he had? I didn't know that I forgot all about that. Also before we go that far I wanted to talk about the bar. Yeah that bars only there for the first season. If I'm correct, yeah, now, I think you're right, and that is not an urgent care, either that's also that was actual an actual bar that we used to film in. Yeah, and it was a big pain in the ass to go there because you know when you leave. When we left the hospital, we were a big footprint with A. A very large crew in an always going to locations was a big deal like I think we spent the full day on that golf course, but going to the bar, they wanted to use the bar so much and going there was such a pain in the ass. That's why I believe it was second season they. They built the bar set into the hospital into the hospital so this. This is one of the one of the bar scenes that was in an actual bar. Also a little scrubs. Trivia go on I. Don't have the answer for it. What Country Club was it that you guys were playing golf at? I am no idea exactly. I have no idea things that I would be very interested in right now because I love playing golf, so as a golfer. Did you go? Who Nice course I'd like to play it right away as soon as I saw it I was like what Country Club is that? What golf courses that I want to play? They're okay well. I'll bet. Bet You can find out. We'll do I've been very lucky to play on some really cool off course. I got to play Sherwood once I think they're kind of noxious. If I can I I I. Guess is controversial to say to a Golfer but Los Angeles is filled with so many damn golf clubs. Yeah but I'M GONNA. Tell you right now. There is this. Beautiful Land with that. She shared with the people. I'm just saying sometimes I'm driving around town and I go. Wow, and there's a hole in the in the in the chain link fence and I go. Oh, my God look how beautiful it is in there and we're not allowed to use it. I'm just pissed. I'm the complete opposite of you. I'll drive around town and I'll see an field. Is that of course? Yeah, because you. You like to play you and you get invited because you're you play on fancy courses. I'll bet I love playing golf. Let's talk about the star wars fantasy because I think that. It's a very special moment. This is a tricky thing because when you're gonNA, you're allowed to parody. Something laws in copyrights if it's called fair use if you're if you're truly doing a power, you. That's how snl is is allowed to do whatever they want. And other things that that are doing parody, but I remember. There were lots of weird rules like. You know like it had to be medically inspired. That's why when you see twenty twenty six, and you cut to the the girls with the bones in their hair. There had to be like medical supplies in their hair. I didn't really think that made sense, but but the lawyers had found a way to tiptoe around it and be able to do it if we were doing a quote, unquote medical parody of Star Wars. You know what I mean. I didn't understand that I didn't understand why they had all of those things in their hand scrubs enough was. The US? Being scrubs was enough for it to be. You know what I mean like I had a vest. And a a shirt underneath, and you know I thought that was a if you notice, all of our outfits were scrubs base so I thought that would be enough for we'll the girls the girls like they're in. In Real scrubs, whereas your outfit and minor are altered, I'm I'm. I've got like the Cross in whatever you call. It have been altered and. I don't think that's my hair. That must be a wig. Right that's. Yeah. That's definitely not my here. Really is his ears looks like it's yours. You wish you had that hair. You look so good with that hair I mean I. Land I'm telling you. Billy Dee Williams out baby, if I had that here, we. Are you telling me Solo Orlando I'm supposed to be Hans Solo, but Erica strata each your heart out when I got here like that. You do that here, you know. We did US chips of photo. Shoot that you. Can you see on the interwebs? If you're curious, I was for some magazine entertainment, weekly or something and they. They had a wig on you and you looked glorious I'd love to look like Bruno Mars and Eric, strata yeah. I like this I haven't frozen on. On your on your wig. You Look Great. I couldn't remember if you were supposed to be Landau or is supposed to be on Solo but now I was solo. That's why the easy chewy line, but also this year we went to the playboy mansion for Halloween and war that same wig 'cause I tried to be Han Solo at the playboy mansion and I. Remember People Walking Up to me like you. Who are you supposed to be and I was like I'm Han Solo. Like remember I barely remember I remember we went to the playboy mansion new dressed up, as as a vampire was very creative and I was Han Solo. Did you roll liking all I? Mentioned, or do you remember thinking? Oh, it's not exactly what I daydream it would be. It was not what I imagined. It would yeah me, too. I remember thinking it was. It was a little bit a long in the tooth. It didn't it didn't. I! It's one of those things where it's like. It's better to just imagine what it would be like in your in your dreams. The fantasy was definitely better than the reality. Yeah. There were lots of benefits on the show, and you could be like hey, can I get a go to the hair makeup? Hey, can I get a haircut. You gotTA carry. Hey, can I get a Halloween costume or hey, I'm going to be on a show this week. Can you give me a outfit to wear when I walk out? The Look at you, look at your background. You have no shortage of outfits back there. Donald, this is all my wife's clothes. Believe it or not well really yeah what you're seeing behind me. Is Actually my wife stuff? The stuff over here is mind on the left side. And those are golf shirts a lot of PX G Golf Shirt Oh my God with young extreme. iheartradio and state farm know that the graduation stage is the first of many, and while grads may not be walking across one this year. They can get the off. They've always dreamed of with our new podcast commencement, featuring inspiring speeches from the biggest names like John Legend I'm honored to have the chance to speak to you to share in this special moment Katie couric, you'll need some very important life skills to move forward. The most important one is resilience. Chelsea handler to do things that scare you if you can embrace the unknown. Unknown and fully jump into what life has to offer you? There will be much to celebrate and much to enjoy, and Kesse reflect on the work you've done and celebrate moving into your new face. These iconic names all coming together to celebrate you. The class of twenty twenty listened iheartradio's new podcast commencement brought to you by state farm speeches are now available on iheartradio. APP or wherever you get your podcast and remember state farm will be there for this stage and every stage after like a good neighbor. State farm is there. Jordan. Magic Bird Barkley some of the greatest players to ever grace? The court played all together as a team only once as the nineteen ninety two Olympic gold medal, winning team I'm. Jack McCallum sports illustrated writer, best-selling author, and now host of new podcast, the Dream Team tapes, the real story of the greatest team and NBA history for decades I've been reading about basketball, and I was lucky enough to follow these players from the earliest days in the NBA all the way to Olympic gold in nineteen, ninety two. At team was together another two weeks with a lot of problems I interviewed every player, and now you can hear those voices along with the whole story of the greatest Olympic for maybe just the greatest basketball team ever the Dream Team. Tapes from diversion podcasts listened to the Dream Team tapes on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. Okay caller lary. Hi, I'm sorry. No, you're perfect. You're just in time. We almost ended. The show almost ended the show Lori. We almost ended the show without you without Lori. Lori Hi Lori. Where are you from? Where are you calling from Trinidad beyond? Daddy on the show select comedown Donald. The show is officially international. Now it really is stay. Are you wearing scrubs? I show her. How are you? What are you a doctor nurse? I'm dog. If Oh, you just love just wore scripts warm for the podcast I was thinking. Nobody's going to see that you know that right. We'll see we'll we saw. They're green to I. Appreciate You, yes. Thank, you for coming on the podcast and tell us what your question is so in the series I think I you'll always balance between super heavy things as well as really light, but there were two or truly like super heavy episodes. My fallen idol where Cox lost three fish off the giants loans from Jill Tracy on my screw up with big, just ending spoilers where? Ben Dying at the end. I was just wondering. One was your favorite. Because let's go to choose I. Say Wow, I'm going to be really lame and admit that I got goosebumps when you said that because I. I I have to go to Ben. Dying because I I think one of the most talked about things in scrubs history. was that moment the funeral with? Where do you think we are? and. Where do you think we are and then Josh Reagan's Song Winter Coming on I just think that that was just so moving, and Cox, who's always such a strong Alpha on top of it all finally getting, see him grieve and feel pain and I think Johnny's performance in that was was incredibly moving. What about you? Donald I do like the episode where where Cox Loses Three patients. Because at first he's trying to pitch a no hitter, and that's what we all think is going to happen is that he's GonNa? You know you. Even use the reference in the show where. You know you don't talk to him about what's going on. Because he's in zone and then at the end of the episode, he loses I. Am I, correct. Lorie I'm correct about this right, Laurie. Offering, but he is in zone and he does feel like he's going to save all three of them to right before it all goes down. Right right right he saw. The to. The on anyone who's his actual friend? He gets the page a nine. That's why he's like losing that I. Mean I'm a super frequent comes describes the dots right off to the episode chooser of Super Freak when it comes to. SCRUBS that's right. After the episode Jill Tracy dies on themselves because he's like I could've saved her on Cox John says. If you let your salad feel like stocks. That's the end and Jason John Cox dot and he's like he help you know more about the Sean I love. I love Super Fans Like I. Love it I i. think it's so cool than I. Do not know nearly that it's a good thing. Though because an action now it's amazing. It's amazing and I love your accent. It's amazing warmer. I, you know I. I gotTa be honest with you anytime. Johnson McGinley has the opportunity. Do Sad drama. It's always good, and so you know when Ben Dies and win the three patients die, and you see him wig out and lose it. It's always good, so if you asking me if you're asking me which one I liked better. I, do I'm going to be honest with you. I do like the one brinton frazier in it. One because Brendon Frazier was, wasn't it and to? Because this is cox so far off the rails, you know what I mean that he's hallucinating and he's imagining things, and he loved this man so much, and this is the only person you know that we ever see him love that much where it breaks his heart and breaks them down, so that definitely is one of the episodes that I feel is our most as it hits. You know so well done just done so perfectly. Yeah, that one and went glint Herman was on a show. S. I forgot his character name, but he's the one that as the older black man that Donald and I are trying to keep alive, and we sit by side Yeah George God. You're good. He's a wonderful actor and he That's one of my favorite episodes. Actually yeah. Aren't you have another question? I have my friend. WHO's real reason that I even got through to do this? It should be honored because. She would question I. Don't know where she is. I I know. Their. Audience. Do you want us a lifeline? Full. Could link in the. Case, you missed. This is the question. If you don't have another legendary Donald Phase on. Anything wow. What I actually wanted to really hockey. I don't instagram in people's stories. They have those templates whereas like this or that. Yeah? Have a ton of that scrubs. Let's go just go. Let's don't prefer my pilots on my finale the finale he's. My pilot. That was the jump off the my pilots. Who is the moment that our lives change so I think will always have a soft spot in our heart for that. Do. You prefer Mommy Moore's characters. Friendships bunks as Janesville, fries. Tough One I love them both, but since manny was my real life girlfriend at the time I'll say Mandy, because that was really cool to was very well. It was also really cool ever on at the time because. It was fun to act with my girlfriend at the time, and she mandate a great job, also I I also love Mandy on the show, but I really liked Elizabeth banks also on the show I was a huge fan, a forty year, old, virgin and the character she played in forty year, old, Virgin, and I thought that was. I thought it was cool that. You know she was on the show. All right go ahead last one Lori, because we know to get to more to. overruled. Okay Oh. This is so difficult. G prefer to St Martins ups hence. Armor Click Top guy I love deliriously nervously. clicky clerk, clicky top and. Really, Donna, but did you prefer your Neil diamond impression or your era novel of Russia Neil Diamond Because I. Love Neil diamond us a little. When I was a kid, I used to listen to inbetween watching voltron transformers on WPRO in New, York City, they would always play the best of Neil diamond, and that's how I learned about who neil diamond was I. don't know any of his songs full all the way through I only know snippets giving like every wear around new world. They come into America and then. Love on the rocks. Halo surprise and then? What was the other one turn on your hard light? Did you ever see the movie he made? It. He's in black face in that movie. Dude at one point. He's in black face in that movie. Neil diamond is in black face moving. Okay I didn't know. Don't yell at me. I didn't make them. I'm just putting it out there, not only. wrote it. Here's a great. Here's something great that I loved about doing scrubs and my love, for Neil, diamond the transformers. More than meets the eye. Keep on the transfer transform. Robots in disguise. So if you've ever asked if you ever anyone ever asks you, have you ever heard of impression of Neil diamond seeing? Pots face their bad suit to destroy the evil forces of the deceptive cons. More than me. Right all right all right I ranch right addition. Lori, thank you. You're the best and thanks for being such a big fan of ours. We been begging for wearing scrubs. And, thank you for the scrubs being green. Donald I think that's the episode. That is the episode as or anything after Star Wars. Let's scrolling janitor pushes me over. No well actually. Let's talk about the reveal. You finally realize Dr Cox this go on for the next few episodes Dr Cox figures out a way to come back to the hospital and and work, even though he suspended, and he uses I if I'm correct. He Uses J. D. as his liaison. Remind but nice pronunciation of liaison and like you put a little French on it. No doubt listen I miss you so much. I totally miss you. And the words of tenacious D Dude I totally miss you. Tenacious, D absolutely Gino. How is it a song? Yet, Dude? I totally miss. You Dude I totally miss you. Do I totally miss you. I miss you and and it's Friday night here in Los Angeles and Man do I wish that we were headed to a fun restaurant to have drinks with our gals, and and have long hugs and chess and fun and laughter, Fun and Laughter Casey. COBB DONALD's wife coined that phrase. She said well she didn't get paid. When people say no, that's copyrighted, but she was always like y'all Wanna get together for fun and laughter. That is that is her saying. Donald D want to lead us in gratitude and thanks this week. I am so thankful for. So many things right now one the healthcare community out there and the doctors and the nurses and orderlies, and all the people that the EMT's the men MTV's everyone that works in the hospital, but not just them. Also the people that work at the grocery stores bus driver, the people that take our trash out. Kobe nineteen is hitting really hard in the African American. American community right now, and that's because a lot of African Americans. Be Have the jobs that people are calling essential and don't necessarily have the best healthcare out there and I just want to shine a light on that and shine a light on our community, and make sure that we all have each other's backs right now because that is very very very important. And so I just you know I, just want to thank all of the healthcare workers I want to thank everybody out there, but I especially want to reach out to all of my brothers and sisters out there and say to you guys you know one stay in this is not a game to. Check on your people for Real and Hopefully. If you're lucky, you'll have a doctor like Dr. Cox or something like that. WHO's willing to you know? Insurance is a big issue right now. It's such a huge issue right now, and we need to figure that out. I'm just you know I don't want to you know. Get controversial and say you know people aren't doing enough, but that's something that needs to be addressed. We need to address on the next episode. We're going to solve the healthcare problem in the United States. We're not going to solve the health care I know. I'm just kidding, but we're going to but I definitely wanted to say you know. Watch each other's backs out there. Yeah, well said and Thank you everybody for listening and thank you for tuning in, and we're having so much fun doing this and we're so happy to to know that so many of you across the globe. Our our listening so now Donald will count us into our final song this time now with the new. Five? On Stories? About a budget. Canada's. Natural shoot. Here. GPS OPS. Ou. Gordon Magic Bird Barkley. Some of the greatest players to ever grace, the court play together as a team. Only once the nineteen ninety two Olympic Dream, team Com Jack McCallum sports illustrated writer, best-selling author, and now host of a new podcast. The Dream Team tapes the real story of the greatest team in NBA history here the whole story straight from the voices of the legends themselves from diversion podcasts listened to the Dream Team tapes on the iheartradio. APP ON APPLE PODCASTS or wherever you get your podcast. Hey Class at twenty twenty. We know things have been kind of out of the ordinary lately. You'RE NOT GONNA. Get a graduation ceremony, so iheartradio found some people to write commencement speeches just for you. John Legend Skin. Hillary Clinton she's into over twenty of your favorites from Dj College to coach Kenny Abby Wambach to Halsey, listen to iheartradio new podcast commencement out now on iheartradio APP. Ever you get your podcasts.

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